The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 14, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOU1 BLYIfHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY/ MAY II, 10IM THE BLYTI1EVILLE COUIUKR NEWS COURlEft NE\VS CO., PDBUBHiKa 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, AdveiUsing Manner Sole National Advertising nopnHntatlves: Arknnsas Dalllw, Inc., New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Xavws City.Memphis. Published Every Alternnnn Sunday. LTilcrcd as .second clr.Rs mailer nl llii- liosl uflkc ill lliytliovlllc, Ar- k:uis:is. under act of Congress, Oc - (olxir a, 1311. Scrvcn DV me uniici: Frr.w SUBSCRIPTION HATKS By farrier In Ihe City or .ilYtwvlll.i, 15c per week or JC.SO y-' nr '" By nmll within n radius o( 60 mllM. $3 00 IHT year H W tor six moiillw. «5; fcr ll.rce moiillis; by lirail In poMai zones Iwo to blx. inclusive, 5G.50 per ye-ai. in zones seven fine 1 clRltl. $10.00 per year, payable In advance. U. S. Greatness Lies Within Its Borders It is ralliiT sliMiitfi 1 , wlien yon :•!"]> to think alioiil il. Uiiif n""'' 1 - alten- lion WHS lint paid to tlie puss;ii;e ol the Philippine independence l)i!l. This ineiiKinv, recently lu-cepted i" Manilu, due- more Ihnn bind tiic United Stall's lo give ils ishitul wards the freedom il promised tlifin so le'iii; HKO. If murks the close of an i.'ixn'li— Hie. linal abandonniunl of a dream llial was lifted hik'h agiiinsl Ihe wesl- ern sky a Kewnilion ago. Who can reineiiiliev that lurlmleia and excited Spanish War era now? II H'om.s very remole, almosi as far away from us as the Civil War period. It was the signal of our eominn of age, (he violent and erratic annoimce- nienl l»y a giant (hal IK: had attained his jfi'uwlli iincl meant to do great things in tlie world. f » * Doing great tilings in Uic world meant, in those days, lieconiing an empire, planting Ihe Hag overseas, taking up the while man's Imrden, and all llial .sort of lliing; il meant looking with pride at new spots on the map, anil learning strange names like .Mindanao and the Sulu Sea, and meditating on the pride and glory of a great nation. So we took over the Philippines, not knowing precisely what we wanl- cil of llieni, l)iil sure Hint, taking them was a good tiling. Now, a generation later, we turn them loose again, giving them I he independence they wanted in the first place; and in I lie time between .something has happened lo our dream, something has taken our i-oni-eplion of greatness and turned il inside oul. The truth of the matter probably is that we have learned that we have problems enough at home. We have become great and strong, just as we told ourselves we should, back in '(13. Hut we have begun to realb.e that greatness and strength don't rest on lonely garrisons in far- off seas, or on grim squadrons at anchor In tropical bays; they need as a foundation prosperity and happiness and freedom among the people al home, and if they laek those tilings (liey lack everything. Our outposts of empire are no Iniig- er places like hn/on and Cavile; they are Ihe bread-lines in our own cilies, the farms thai drain the blood from Ihe men who work (hum, Ihe shim areas that need to be rebuilt, the induslrii-s lliat prolil neither seller nor buyer, the injnslice.s llial await seltlemenl. No longiT will we prove our gival- IK-S.S by sending khaki-clad patrols into steaming jungles to die far from Inuue. We have bigger job>, closer home. We are giving up our island empire because we have I'onnil a new one in our own fronI yard. — Hi lice Cation. SIDE GLANCES By George Clarkf |l ; ^t' i f.^'v,:.;^;.v-'" • v «v.\^\ .1' > s ^ \ \; '•>,'. />•} W \;'/$ m 3 '"•"' futility oj Annanmil I'Velk-h newspapers are worried neiw by re]Kirls that Cierinany is construri- ing a chain of rocket bases i-.lonjr tin; I ronlier, ready to show; 1 a vast ber of explosive rocki-ls all Franee. One newspaper .says projectiles capable of traveling 125 miles have been iievelu|K.'d, and it is estimaled thai with a large chain of rocket bases lii'i'- matiy could dump 50,0111) Ions nf high explosives on French soil in one night. The French t 1 ronlier forU may hi: invulnerable; but what, asks a 1'ai'is paper, is the use of llial, if all of France may lie dead and burned lie- hind them'.' The question is a pu/.x.ler. Indeed, one might go tarlher. What is the use of preparing for war at all, if weapons against which llicre is no defense can be used against you? Or, for that matter, why try to keep civili'/.ation alive, if we are all set lo blow it oul of existence overnight? ^••*tew BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO (he BlM of the Dally Courier 1 THIS CURIOUS WORLD 1C< am Ferguson iay 13. iitt-1. Mis. J. J. Lcdnetlcr. wile of ilic rtjiiiH-i 1 mayor of BSythyviKu, iH-nnslit In !i(i trying sia> clm-keus Tui'seliiy :"i<l ™l<t limn to tin. 1 Wisely Store :il n cents :i xiiiiul, llw bunch Helling her 5U;!. Kinployi-.s of ilic Hall CoiittriK- .io:t compiuiy bi-^aii puurint; roti- ,Lcl(' em Ihe norlli untl .south hard ruad, to-.iay. now tit lie known «•* I!,L- I'ikL'-Uk'Uiinit lilglnvay. Mr;;. C. II. Wilson of Keirer re- Lui'iii'tl to hci" hoint 1 ' 'I'Lii'Sdiiy aftor .-xvcial c:;iys visit hrro us the (ii jf M ]-.->. I). 11. Ulackwotl. Miivu:- Fiank C. Donylas t:orts a ll'j\v .son at liis hoin-j M riaLunlay. wci^inu^ CJ 1-^ pounds. Ilic hiayjr nu\v has "lv/o pau;i" and Ivi-is hi 1 will have iinipic a^s]M;,in;(! in nis law offitu LULU aonu 1 in a iVv; yc'ars. Wcclncsilav, May II, 1041 l r ratik U. Underwood ol Ulylhc- villu, candidate fur fttate liigl ccininisiionei 1 in llie August pri- inniy, is rL-t\-ivin^ [ho most favorable reports Iroin every .section ot the Ktate. Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Smart Blythevillc suiiioiince the ciiBUKe- ineiit. and approaching marriage ill their diuiyhlcr, Lillian Miinrine, lo U. W. Miillms jr.. the wcddin;; I otahe ylai-u Juno 12. High Cost of 'Junl?' An odd litlle foolnoie to the automobile age was furnished al \Vobuni, Mass., the oilier day, when a man bought a used car for *•">, drove il out on the highvvay, and a few hours later gol iuln a Irafl'k' accident that did $100 worth of damage. The incident emphasizes our need of some kind of .strict regulation to cover (be use of aged and decrepit machines. You can doubtless imagine the kind of car llial can be bought for $u; not much thought, is needed to convince one thai such a car must be inherently unsafe, lo ils driver and lo others. Why shouldn't we get busy and rule all such wrecks oil' the road? The. highways are dangerous enough even when all cars are well equipped and in period condition. To permit ^T) cars from the junkyard lo operate is sheer folly. "Now, driver, don't take yemr eyes off my liftle Mary lielle." Doctors Find Other Ailments in What Is Often Called Colitis 600 OF THE 8OO , KINOi OF TREE<i SHRUBS AND VINES OF NEW ZE/UAKD ARE FOUND NOWHERE ELSE IN THE C, VJAS AFRAID OF CATS/ DISEASE WHICH CAUSES PEOPLE TO BECOA\E RROR STRICKEN AT THE SIGHT OF A CAT. PETER JEFFERSON, FATHER- OF THOMAS, BOUGHT 20O ACRF.S OF VIRGINIA LAND FOR A BOWJ. HV UK. MdKKlS FISHlllIlN | what l"e- future will ijrLiiej. nnel J'ditiir, .diurnal nf Uic Anii-vii a" : KCI riel of all I'xeni stimulation. Assnrliileiin. .'11111 "f , :-ncli as comrs from Ion. roller, Mj'svia, Ihr llrollli J!:i;:mm- ' lobatto and alcohol. The lale^l k'mlcticy. emil'-i , Ri-siibl-.- \-oiu- life with eiermiu- wlik'li 1 hope you haven't. l:il- ! iK-rioils u! rest mill exercise. Walk Icn lias hrai lo group all ilislueh- e'lioiiijli. Walking is nol only n ane-cs ol llH 1 towels unelei 1 tin-' i:i:ixe. mild exercise?, hill :il™ will lu-m ol i-ulills. | kcrp >'»» oni in Uic open nh-. •I'liis is (Uic jMillculnrly lo '.lu- i 1" ollu-i- wemls, Ircatment o; el th;e! aiose- sonic years n^ei for.iliLs cuiulilion clemaiieis less :ii- asliiii" mil Hie- hewi-ls wiih ailjli'iilinn lo llie colon and morn :'-'- nils nf auwiatii.s. Colon \osh- • U'lilim: lo the boely as a whole. I- h'i'an lo Ix' i;.tpluile:<l :i* i : M<:s; innplc witli colitis make il:i- icans ol turiiis; ainobl any tinii . roiiilitloii worse by inking lare-i: [ I|J SL .. ISC j iiinoiiiils of lira:i, psylliiim .sen!. „ yon-i,' ,ook «p your ius^.1'"!^'-,.™;;?'^ to lrfilalu owuvL-r. yen I in el slran = . ,j ; &SS ^''r'-J,'---^ te , ,,on 1Jl , „_ , ., ,,,,,'wlil: e-i:!i[is is onn will: mil'.;. As !e>.,,' uso us ,7 A. I)., tin , r ,.,, il= „„„ .,,. K .,,, alr(i ant| pllr( .,, (i AfetT Uic use of a Glastonbury Fiiemen Extinguished Wrong Fire GLASTONBURY, Conn. (UPI — 'Ihe ck'iilisr, wjio ]H;lle(t ih f j UTOII^ lootli wun't Rcl ."u bnil after rnul- ii this one. Tlie South Glastonbury tire de- rlnnnt. re^i.-onding 1.0 an alarm. speeded lo it farm (in Ehe on'. .skirts of the town, unlimbrved i-iuitabi and extinguished a lively malices arc nol maiiu lo oreler. 1 Mill Uc- in llu'in. however. One may uverlnki; me nl any lime. —Mine. Ciuniiii Walsku. lieve Ul'lUill Ij Thev The e-111'ioei.s i\i:euse of ailu:-ei|'!iu':-:a will e-an:;c struiii,' men ;:a<l worn 1 1 lo faiiu al Ihe -siu-lu. ot :e ial....eveii .1 taiall killcn. Sonic ]>sr.sf | are cluov.n iiuu i.-onvulsioius. Tilt: itsi/re- in'jnlion of a <.';n io :nont;li Lilvike: Icur nuei Ihc I'.i'nvi (>l :iomi- ^iilR-Li-i^. The malady i^ noL i '. comit'.ein. NLXT: \Vlr.-ll is l.'Ctkl- fn Iniiilinr; an wlu-n an i:afe fanner controlled fued lie 1;} Imtl ntiisheil llicii 1 wurl: tlie firemen and ''b.r.vled thci:i \vaitetl .several nunr.Sis for it oul" for smoiheriis.; the \s - roiiij liry. As a sesull he had lo e. fnc. The pile of bru^h. he ex- the saturated brush to a swaij plained in v,pll-cho?ni words, was [some uisl.iticc away. BEULAH <oiiian liuilunnii, I'lniy, told \\u\\ he Ei;\;jl]ai!i used lo wash their In exactly tlie same: way lial tin- method is exuloited in im> miKlL'rn times. Ay.iiu in the lG;li >o\vel wn.shin^ hud osne and the French .onis Hit l-'uiirtecnlh. Is o have laketl several sueh intestinal washin tvsitury. ii'irilie supposed ttlulisall'l Tlinnk Ihu Lord tor ih:- i:ev,:,l|i In "llie litlln lowius. —Dr. Paul It. Voelker, Michigan blalc Miiweinlcuilenl, of ichools. * + * r:urn|:e h;i; lueet e>f mnluaS comprtM'.cu.sloei or IL is hcucling fur ito iwili^hi. —I'remier Muvolini. OUT OUR WA\ By Williams A I M MOT SUPPOSED TO TELL THIS, BUT- MV BREAD L ; IS RUINED? WELL- 1 KMOW VOU'D NEVER 'VE GOT BREAD 1W THE OVEN .TOO ' 8QRKL1HLRT.V VEARS130 If yuii khou!ri yo to LI doctor with llu- anKOlineL'liR'iii lint you h:iVL- i-DlUis, Ihc (tot-tor is likely lo ^aspL'Ct chfcnir lipik-titiK'iiL 1 ;, inllaiiuiuition ol" ihc yall l::ad- dtr ov nii]io:i[ uny ollu-r ui^'asc. A iv»l cuiitis incaiLs i\\; i:ifcc- Liuit :nid inlLumnntiuLi ol iln- in- irMhio. ;incl Una l.y]ic of fuiuii- Uon is really rare. There art', Ijowcvcr, nunit'i'i cnscs ol severe i"on^U|uim:i ;itso- cliili'd \vilh iii'iUitiuti o! tin.- how- el. Thi 1 ) 1 . 1 iirtj aUo Cit.^i 1 ^ 1:1 \vhicl: pt-opli' have raton loo inuci Ottu-r.s c]c-vt.'10|> habil:- ii.volv- inn the (tally UAL- of atroii'.: tei:hnr llC.S. Mllfll Of tlllS aiiiUj'U.j; 1H (l<,lihl I.T IKvrifKUcd WL'Jl li'.! 1 ^[>CC< \\i\i\ drivt- of modern liu. Those who h;ivo falu-i: :.;:;; an ol llu-se- evils cl'.'iiKitul ;i ci'i.plrL ol I'H'iy <it-t,i;l <>: :hoi lives iioui a hygienic \r,-,:-.\. c vie\v. li:tvi" tht 1 c.i'.ii.iri;'. ::ubit, ^i nd (.1 ji :i.-, ;i-. po.-^iUIf-. H i.-. Ut il iu ivj OK .c.oiis tif [):r l.u.i-. L tl; 1:1 to :.-• i'V: rcji! cioiis. 'lit,- it-, t ncJvice Oui I (.-.:. j;iv. !'J :i ]!'. I. (ill 11) itlH t'jl,':i - i-rtt J to .itsijt liuiryiir,*. ;.tt)|) o-.s-i-j/ori;- ma. .->!;i;> ijLMng nnxioiK .,bout Iniui .iiLd s-.if! diet, harder maler- may gradually be added un- il son iia\e re'.unud to a nor- lal Lliet. ii« r>crlu i-lltit- r: rul Isi t h r r' (-!! IMIVA'l T-J [ih-r\M- hi CHURCH EXCUSES ttcu:x HEUI:T«IIAT {picture that Mimic the ijcart of the ! tho *om!i»T" fee in^ttvroa. "Dun"| I>O:\:»;A «,\ti»ii*t. ni'ii 31 Am:- [young farmer watcliing her con- yort know ilir.t? God bclp ns l ^['vr-, -Th"'V:'j,TiH«r su'iin.'' 1 "'.'.'^ ! tract sivilOy. I love yo:i! 1're lovctl you s ,. Yi-nr. catiu-r floium smiled as-slic read 0 fj L!lod ay I first szvr you. 1 ctidnl imiy rrum , Madeline's happlnesa. f ro w ncd ! mfinT1 lo tc:i >' olt - j t 11 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 wn ] i» inlnrei^ in n , ovcr llie ( i nn?crs O f t i, e auima! ; >' lVj to hno'.v. ami I've, .hoped Lh and llicn tore the Idler into pieces. [ >' ou wonhlii'T carp anylhhiK fur n 1 leltlng tlie wtntl flutter Diem about i - nGL U' r -t ^ay-but I know y ( , her licad. That wns tlie end of i do antl l !CQOW l ' m Burlier! :^ the Galriel Eiders' act. Perhaps I w '^a there's notions on Gt.'.l now that Madeline was mnrrtcd to; earth that means so much to n| tho man slio loved she would wanl as >' our I'nrpiuOKS. it's been a^o Donna lo announce her real iOunU- " ot t(> **° lllitL Before, to take ycl ly arms and kiss you and tcl tlint as Ions >is I nv o thcrc'ij vr wiili 1111,1. MltlJ.M., .MuJe- » n.ii'.iu, .inr] llintiuli *bc ^ ,,i,,l ..f ilrn tvin^ ItiU tintt ulIuIlKT -!n- H air:i[J lo (ell i HK- irtilh. .•ritii* liilir M^ilrllnr n» n r r i <• » O.\\IU, :ii-im:il tr^iinrr with cirvii^. lie- tctl-, hrr iu- 1> -r lo iritl IUT in lii- .1..imnl .^l. rliiif i» li-rrliiia of the linni ly and she, Madeline, would get la , touch wilL her grandfather. Donna was thinking of this last, j ', never ba anotlier woman but you haven't By Gco. ^V- X'ar Am;'.: •cry luni'li Yon fonjdi ilant then: :loc:ns tln'y o ace llu- n! 1 both ill. ink ycui >r il:i llouer M-< <i. n t*H lu. !'.o\v tu ;i:i{i il-.e khul o! .i\r. Aveliibukl uent u I 7. JAUKI.INE'S terror was curious- I J -^-'- ly liJie iitago frighL Siio was | quivering In the l;nces and sick In the pit of lier stomach ns Con led ^ ;;er across the arena, but w]:en she j -, ' JJai ' scr;11 ' 3 of pnp ° r ' ' No - not l into Ibc cnyn and licanl tlie ( ; I've been mi^cvable. tliiuliin^ yi ?" lie wkcil abruptly. I lliS ]i kol i n , 0 an(1 m =ybe —lovi : somebody cl^e. iias it. been pri( ! —or Ix-ctuisc t ivas with the ci| cus— 'I" Madeline. My partner ! married nud has decided lo ticcome r^t ol applaus ic from the autli- \ an n tralnpr. tlial'3 all." ANNOUNCEMENTS " Co'incr Nc*i hrr, b-rn ,\u- iir.noueici- Uic (Blowing a 1 - <.<i.'ii[i;nc3 [or i«il>he; o:ii-.i\ ,sub- Jtcl ici ti'e Democratic [>:imari ntxl'.: Tounly .Teiil-c ii. HAHiu-so:: \V. UAHHAM IT Moiilbfr nf Con;irss CLINTON L k him :ill iibn'.n them hut iid not Ket iniieli infoiiii.uiun so I l!v)',li;hl I iintl !;i-.~l write you. lie tiild the inur. you h.'ici .srnl us .sntii" !lowi-i M-I-C! ninikeil spinacli .inii Hsj-.cil l:jin ahouL 1 they would blcom. The m;i:i 1 Lirlrc' uulnlly ii^'ly. he JUKI looked j al Airrhibnld atid ci:d r.ot say any- | thin;;. \Vci] the r.-:;v p:i-acijeL ^ Li:id ilir Miisei-.; qoi heir all risht | n: 1 .U ue l:e,ir they did :md j thry >,r. ;!.f :],,m r-nmrr v.hiT'.lt-.^ I a I* 1 .' i:£':i : IIL l'-r ririrc]; hoii'-.e.l A:Th:hP.M mys he Hunks that l-S ! ;i lc>!. VVO:.M- lh.ii: h.ivin.; a pl^no Ytm --':i'\y (htiu'l kncv. :ii;nul hi;. wli]-'.l-.ir4 ur you v. nulii nol have letoini:-.' Ki.- ij tiinj lu hi ;iiiy. We lta\e i/:-:i t;nl;itv.: :n/jui :^nii\^ .•.II:L..' in 'h: unci ;;ik'' .Ji.nior bt;l ;v:e l;!-e:i lold lii.u the rcoi .IIKL like ;i:. not i hi.- u.shrr vculd ;iii sis iul-,1 uiuicr tlie eai; iirxi .hniior \ui-.:!d ^ •! all \vet. That L:^ :f u h.ippT.rd in riiiu. ihich. like n.^ nol i: wo-.ild. then J:uu:u '.vouUi inayi:,' Ji.ive tiic c:v.i[i c- .".'ji cncc licr fc:ir vaiiislieil. j'.Jsl as I si:i^c fri^lil vanishes nflcr ilic first! Cow wortls are s;>ol;cei. I Ktic- lolt rnlm. rnllicr clalcel. neiil ] fflennl hovsclt cnloying llio rcni-n- | linn of nlvin.; llirills lo a nnilll- ! lenlo. To I>P ?eirc. all Flic t\'u\ sva? lo slriiul witli licr linck n^aleiRl Ihc ! ilrint ailfl wntcb (ho c:Us vliroi!'.;'! illcir i>aces. "Docs that rmke yon unhappy? j Hill's voice lliickciicel. "I wns riirlu when I Faie 1 . yoei svoulOa'L bo salisf:ctl here." "I iveisn'l lliinkins of inysoif." | llmi:ir\ answered. *'I'lii lliruli^h : wilh llio circus unless you fine! j Grunilftillier dcciile yo:i lioee'l wanl | ll:y w ;( c _" u ! nic lic-vc. I'm i"ilc slrong cuoiiKli ! her l,uM«n.l I"'t j- nolv i 0 , ah! , a fc , v i c r, so .is l:i man-| TTOW ,., I nsi'llicnl ot llio Ian:i rvnel ur.loss : I'J. rc - ljn ilul ihc amronrc wm v.'oll nwaro j j. oll -,,.„ too busy lo elve lliea lo :!:ri: lices was liio srcr.lcr (langer. | J, 1C i'j ij| :c | O star I.' She mrricil no pro'.cclin:i. Of He'l. "As lor ina^r.oc—? i|..||i.. 0 . i->ur.-» Ilic rcvnlvrr ri:i i:?ri! oc- "I d,m"i linoiv. csaclly. You f;il'l | ^,1 ,.,' ra?!m:nily hcM o'i!v Wanks mid [ K .i^ iicoelcil !ic:c n:nl H 1 w,->r. fnr'l norr- f^r cfi v f: Elian n:iy- : j ia ^ iK;t:i al home you cculel have lliln- e!.-o —Init tew o! l!eo opccln-1 co[ , ( ] ]lu[ .,i vv i'.li your n.o:licnl eo:s hucv.- lliis. | course. Well. I'm lr':n* lo f'r.? J«=i al l!i-' c:i-l ot Ihc nrl Cnn l anil you cci:i go tac« In rvleo-'. ihi.- UlMll'il.- swi i>l M.lrlclillO lillO Ills f;ell." arri^ a:i'l l,:.-.'C'l licr. The .vj<li- i ^Vc.'." "We're cousins. this p;irt of the country we mii; as well bo brother and sislor. far a5 marriage Is concernc | ilerilato aiul nil the rcct of t!in: I b^salKras iu«!i .'loDisns to IMC. ln|J [ cuuhhi't siil.'jrct yon lo Ihe co: ' meiita and ^nsslp nn'l ^rriiirlal thr j won!'! tic Incviiable if yon \\ei| :: a::nin=t his r,!:ou "Do yoa lhi:ik I'll ca:c wh:u arj ,3,. ! one said? Wiiy, wc'eo f>l:a::: rro r.trniigor.i nneil thr'il K'jinirnr. Tlii^ rclnit.^'.^ you U'l Ih il cntric I'm nol nfraii 1 .. / rhi|]—\> on: nvr.-^n n?? you?' 1 til at v.- 'E I;IIT.V. v.-n>il''n't n Pen nol af:.l"'| i'.vays love rn'.'l In l'"r Siicrilt and ("nllrrinr «'l .••••iENCE II. WILSON • •ikcllon for Scco:id Ttrm 1 r.r ( i>unl? Trr.iMiirr i: ;:~. niLi.;\iii':,-i y 1SOI.AKD ORKi:\ ( irt nil I'dllrl ( !--r|- HUGH CRAIG AMUISON S.MIi I! j \vcrc loM, nuil I c-vt'. I !,..p li .O'KS I ounly I'miTl l I.:;. l-'LKEMAS l!i:-I-::cct!iin for 2nj Te,rtn As^cssnr I, (UIMAV- (i.\i:.i • i. c. UKKi iiun:-:'j.N Coiir-UWi rl .jwba To^hNir.p JACK KODEKTSO.; n: Clif- cl'.ccrril. j Eirc.ll at :i |>lou"ii. :nr! yn-i "Vi'i w>:re honey," riO'c.v.'ly lolo 10 or 1- (t.""^!'^..! o ST!I| ciilliu in iirrilly. "You wcrcsi't, morning anel cvcuirm .-ml—' .-.Ir.ii'l. 'Acio yo'i?" i "i eti:i'l mean i!ia'_ 1 c'.nl "Xn: .-. b:'.." s!io answered. "Just i er iJo you el). Iho Fa:in. I'ITI :;lnil lo l» on Hie ; sco li'.al l!eo liircel :.;•. j;ouil olfl ^.T.vilu^l a^;i , "XVe'ic f'-'T, "> l>a v c Uic grcal-innil cln:ni :ii:-l c?l act In llio conalry hoforc vvc'rc : i!ir')'.is!i! When yo;i have Lucy cra'.vlm^ lo yo-.i wo won'l take t.ark laili Iron) any ol'.e. We'll It alionl In llis In:. Einrne. otir own price—go In IVJ- in^ lock lo .cc!!*:.i 1,1;,-. t;o anywhere wo want to!" j innch linic. an'l = "I.i:cy!" .Madeline pasr-eil. I elli:rilin:i to b: a c! "Why nol? Slio di)c.=n'l know ••] sec. Arirt yr- Uic oilier tricks. We'll hero oilier. I s':p her with uc'.v one.-. nnke> a ^y acl. While I'm rniulni; Uio Lucy: OH-1. l:ic!;c'I a t.-. i any ;'-* \ n y. pickc:! i: any o! "I'm no; KO- I've lo.= f, lor. .''.•'.•.v I'.ie '.r.- . :i'i v.'.ir.l mo .- ii ;.<>•.: i:iar- bo in li-.e i..v.." n pays I'm :;••::•.- l-i rinvry? 1 ceinirj In Ih'.' fan:;ly. n'r'iifl of \vhiil thi liti?^ of e-r wo wori ii:.:rrio^. ynn i..-. no: rcgrcL H antl hlmnc ir.c." Slic p.Tllod liis check. "Mr;| llein^ and irrtylm son'.o other? •' l:^r calilter woiilil^. but . ; v.o'.iMn'l laind. II yon nhv.v • l r .vf:-l mo I ivoielfla't r.nre wliat nr •.•nc in Ihe worlil Ihoujlit or sr.iil ' "N'ol even Crarrlia'.lior?" ''Yo:i tllinlc lie will object?" ; "I'm sure of it. There's no dov.i !'it llial we're 1113 I'.vo pr-rsons i all tlu worlil lio lovc.i mofl. In . 'ic'il never consent lo a •••••.•.•••n t! oilicrs through llie roe!:i:io you can | w a s : ; , pal Mi.-y throns'.i licr act- It "Aren'l yo:i i; •:;.: i.- gliouM Iw a riot'" | "Xo. I don't i>.--.\ "You've a lot of co::fi<lencc \n j narry i!:n w^.rr ,y. i inr>. h.ivcn'l you Con?" she asked, •don'l want r.r.y i.~c i; licslllas aenln.-l liis r-!iouldcr. | Tlicre w.-io •:: :;-c I. "I'm f^oine; to rmko a teal per- linnna rcTr.rri.l-.-r':, • ;'. turnicr out of you yet," l:o laughed, iher lr.<l • -.: \ ; • * • llwcen I3:'l an 1 ' '•'.:"'. \ T ADEMN'K had been marriC'.l t bcra li:-.)kcn of;, i'.-." 1 . 1 ^ almosl a monlli baforc she' while lin? r.r. s .i-.:;.! l:: wrote llonna Ihc ncw.^. Then lliu j tlio e.\pre...~i-Mi in I:..- klter conlalned moro alir.ut Ihe'. rested 0:1 her I,i"^. acl lhan U did ot .Made-1 Snelrteniy a line's marriage. Donna read Ihn welled up la k'ter tl»e d.iy fhe valkcd wilhoul' lorrcn!. hrr-aki:.^ rhrii ilifi alci of a caae* Staaellns nn- j ills pa.-?:on f.^r tiic drr an apple Irco heavily wclghlcd ! ivtolnicd him ar.'l' crlDjec ppUfhef (e:t h^r."!( i'H.-l rWily- o love l.c.irL Kirl " ; depends nnca il? \Vlion lie lea:i t. lio'.v n)ucli we lovo each olner?" 1 Kvcn .13 vho nlril \villi him P)r ni knew, deep down In her lie*' thai she had no rUhl to nc'r ':..:•''/.> : llilj's love tui'ler f\i;=c colorp, U. 'i iSr t:'j., lictore ^hc liccame hi? wife :!.'! hail wd'ilrt l:av.» lo icll him tiic Ir .• FCC the, Her a:ir.3 achc-1 wilh llift : l:>a nor: las i o cnfo'.d him. Her as Ibcy . t!.rohbnd lo fo'.ir into his ear? : Love she fell for him. I tor hci was his love? Was II EII I.IViu a rnoiih!) lo slam) tho le?l ot il . a d-ir.,; lusion? Ktrong enonfli lo dn!y oM man be ailoieil? It 8t-.e io It:ll Ihe Iruth woiilfl he lurn Trr upoi bcr copper cu:!=, she j'.r*;'i bi k - btaii.. "Tou're j <To

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