The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1949
Page 11
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FRIDAY, MAY 13, 1!)4<> BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams AH/ AN OASIS IN TH16 AWFUL DESERTOF STEEL.' AH, LITTLE PINK RO6BBUP. HOW I'VE WAITED AND WATCHED FOB. THIS RAPTUROUS MOMENT/ AN LOOK: A NATURE soy. A WOOD WYMPH ATOUCH OF NATURE AND MAM Our Boarding Hous* with Ma j. Hoople USUALLY TALUS A.80CT SOT AFTER AVOECK. hfe HIMSELF A4 BA*/ TO FlrJO AS AO #f— ACW;^ TOOTH.' $K VA5SOM, SOCWt 1 PUT* THS SPA8*i fr KRKCKM5S AND HIS FRIENDS HY MKRRILL BLOS8KB' H« Llkw It , SCARCWFO'MlSTAVA 1 ALLUS eWPLOVS OLD MAXlMOMtCOOtOAV, HOTEL Loa*Y ' V, PARK BCrsiCHA *Treat Your Watch To A New Check-Up ' • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices OGERTHE LODGER By Elizabeth R. Roberts CO*HEIGHT |Y GIUH4OO PUt4.tW«t CHiT*IIUT»0 IY H£A KRVKI. H4C Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! DHEIFLS Mp.el llrml'us . . . Wear Diamond] 1 \i\i\ si IT««U III mUlHII. lilTMIVIUI IID All Work Guaranteed You Are Cordially Invited to Visit The Accessory Shop Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogan Jessie Srilc Hotel Noble Blilg. Blytheville, Ark. XXXVI I MADE it clear to Roger thai I expected him to take hold and do his pail with his family. Rob, rioting Roger's apparent ticjtigc of heart, said it was as unnatural as a kitten with insomnia nnd we could expect it to last about as long as flavoring extract [n a sheep-shearing camp. However, Koger became every inch a wage-earner and surprised us all. 1 believe he rather fancied himself in Ihis new role; certainly he'd worn all of the others mighty (Jim. When Ihe etitire houseful gave al the «aiTie time, the walls billowed like an accord ion. I concluded il was plumbing that saved llic dny. Given enough inlets and outlets, people can live together in more or less civilized fashion. Instead of taking every other turn in the kitchen. Claudia and Mary and I each took one in three; it was like going to a parly two nights iii sir. cession. \ V-.J Day found us living a community life of domesticity, con- lentmenl, ;md moderation. "It's funny." Mickey observed, "I've always thought I'd gel drunk when today .came. Seemed like the way to celebrate. But now it's here. I don't wan! to. Going lo church seems more like Ihe deal," "1 wnnl to play Tschaikowsky's 1812 Overture." 1 said. "I want to hear bells peal and music swel! nnd loud noises of rejoicing." (We'd had an airmail letter from Rtll tinted four days before, anci Ihere had been no subscquen news of action in his seclor; I hac reason to believe he was safe.) "I feel like crying," the usually blithe Claudia surprised "Somehow, it isn't like winning at all. It's like a new, terrible responsibility we have to shoulder.' "No one wins wars," Robbie joined in the discussion. "All yoi win is the right to hit yoursell over the head instead of having to let the other guy do it. for hi over the head is what you surety UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Gel Our Trices DRIVERS UNIFORMS TAXi and TRUCK All Colors — (Jaliiiriline $12.95 HUDSON Cleaner-Clothier-Tailor Ret. Taxes arc going lo get Urt- somc." i * • * "| ET'S RO to church," Mary pro"* posed. "C o u I d n't we gel someone in, jusl this once, to slay with all Ihe children?" "I'll slay," Nancy ofTered, overhearing the conversation. "Thanks," Roger suid, "but 1 don't want'to go to church. I'll toll you what I think would be the icket. Mary and I could lake Hob and Lee lo llic Club to dinner— hcre'tl be doings up there—nnd hen I'll stay with the children while Ihe rest of you go lo church." "And I'll ke«p you company," :>b s;nd. "With a cribbajjc board. Jon'l wanl you to leave town with so much of my money. And what's more, I'll brenk out with :he lasl of the Highland Nectar for all of you when you !»el home." Nol in the spirit of hilarity nearly as much as of rendering unto ~ncsar. we wont lo the Field to dinner. "The convertible?" Roger asked as we stood ready to »o. "Okay, if it means that much to you," Rob agreed. "But I'll drive," We found at the Club that the recent rain had, as always, left bog. "Look," Roger said, "don't make everybody walk through that mud. Drop the xirls o4f at th entrance and I'll park Ihe car. M> boots are used to Hits gumbo." Rob must have had ct new shine or else he was cuught in the Spiri! of the Day,, for he slid out froir behind the wheel and left the car for Roger lo park. We ate dinner hurriedly, OUT minds on going to church, nnd it wns still bright daylight when we left the Club. Roger ran ahead to bring the car around. He reappeared chaufTeuring i lopsided jalopy. Rob groaned as he snw vvha shape his car was in. ''Fifty foe to go and you bust Ihe darn thing wide open!" JJOGER'S usually swarthy face was greenish; he looked like a seasick Mexican. "I didn't do it, $ 25 or more trade in allowance on your old washer, regardless of make or, condition on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance for Real Savings---Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION free <§st images S. J.CX5HEN Contractoi LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK COTTON FARMERS Chemically ilclinled cotlon teed terminate iiuirkfr, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopplnc expense and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AY MI.AKI.K D. J> P. L. No. 14, per 5« Lb. Bag I1U.IHI D. * P. U No. 15, Per Sfl Lb. Bai 1D.W SUnevlUe 'I B, Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Sloneville 2 C, Ttt 50 l,b B»» 10.IMI Rowden tl-B, Per o» Lb. Bax H.OO Half * Hulr iHibrril). Per M Lb. Bit 10.M Coker's 100 WIU Resistant. Per SO Lb. .../.... 10.DO P»nl». Per SO I.h K., K 1«.M Empire, Per 50 Lb. Bac I6.M C0HW in tnd nlace Tour order or get TOOT- supply BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP 4 Blrthcfilk. Ark. Phunc Be heft: Lcachrille, Ark., Hnrncr^vlllc, M*. and Senalh. M#. .STUDEBAKER RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES I All Types Except Cancer) fllnlr 511 Alain, Blvlhrvtllc, Ark. rhonr 29JJ I'hnne 8SS Now Is The Time! • See These Trucks • 15)47 Sludebakcr I'/j-Tnn with gouri body. 19-12 Dodge l r /2-Ton with army body. Ideal for hauling hands. 1939 Chevrolet 1 Vi-'l'on, has new motor. A good low n priced (ruck. 1!)J6 Slndebaker '/j-Ton • . . in excellent condition > ; throughout. ' See the 1!))9 Studcbakcr Trucks . . . noted for low 1 cost operation . . . available in all whetlb; and tizea. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer* Railroad & Ash Phone 888 •STUDEIAKEfc we ve oor K> 6er RIO OF THAT 01OICUI.OUS VALCT--- TDOAY/ WHEN 6tES TIDED Of HONEY/ "I'm glad vacation is coming-—it's sure going to be good for Ml«j Dixon mid me both to get away from each other for a white!" I'KISClhLA'S I'OI HY Al, VKRMKER 1 MADE SOME NEW FRIENDS WHILE I WAS WORKINS IN MV GARDEN.' SEE? YOU'RE REAPING A \ HARVEST ALREADY'/ TAKE THEM UP Ti ROOM? Or COURSE YOU MAY/ AND YOU CAM TAKE A COOWE TOR EACH OF THE CHILDREN; /THEY'RE NOT CHILDREN 1'ri.soncr in Her Home BY M1CHAKU O'MAT.LKY and RALPH LANE Aieatiwhile. in J«*n Pond's home... NEVER AMMD CALLING HIM. JUST GIVE A\6 HIS ROOM NUMBER DON'T 6tT UP A HEAD Of STEAM. DO AS I JAY AND NOBODY G NOW SIT DOWN IN THE OLD DAYS WH£N JIGGER JACMON OWHED 1HIS PlACE, MRS. POND, A lOTOf SCHJEALERS YELLED THEIR HEADi OFF IN THIS ROOM, BUT NOBOOV EVFK HIAKO TWEM.'JISShR DID A NICE JOB 3F SCtUND- PROOFIMG HY I.K.SIJK TDltNKR WELL. JU5T WHEW HtD GIUEU UP HOPE AND W»5 ABOU7 TOGO UMKR. » RAFT WITH OTHEE SUCWVORG SAVED HIM! WOW.lHfVEE HEUPINO HIM GET STROMO irs AMAZIWG-. GIG! "Y VES... i HAP TO CALL ON 15 ALREADY i BEU AGMKI LIV&T NKSMT. m TEARING DOWN IWe TOOk ME WITH HH* V WX WCX3DV, DEFEWSWE WW.L\ TO A PAIHETkT CAS*. VCJU'D BUILT AROUND YOURSELF! BUT 1IME TO L06e»LL DAELIUG. AM .L BE VE-RV LONESOME AROUWP HtCE IT'S V RFTCB VOUE PADDV JUST A MADE-UP STOR.V THIUfC WE HELPtD IT HEiPtD ME PJtU MCWE WV PWPY KIW 6HIPWRECKER Mi&S OI6SHJ6! HUC.'S BUNNY Honor's All \ ours HIYA, ELMER/ YER JUST TH 1 GUY WE WANTA SEE.' DECIDED T MAKE YA CAPTAtN O' TH' BALL v, - • s-, TEAM' I APPWECIfcTE THE HONOR ^ CAN YOU HAVE /TH'SPEECH BCSTOWECW AN 1 PUT >WMO'S 60NNA PAV WINDOW.' HOW WONDERFUL/ Too Many Purls BY V. T. HAMLIJS CM, lV='i.L 1WMASE-- WHAT WE CAN'T TAh-S IW TH' CAZ . WE'LL SHIP/ I,VELL,I &JESS THAT TAKES op I'LL LOCK WE'LL TA.Xc OFF-/ MY 5T.J25, WE'LL HAV5 ZOOM IM THE CAK FOfJ. ALL THE55 -, CCC--IVS BETTER ,\OT BOTHER WITH ALL THAT 5TJPP Y'GOT BY EDGAR MARTIN J BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIKS he ex|K>sUilat«d. "That's found it," "Where had you narked il?" Mary asked In her practical nanncr. "llchind that row ot cars," Uo«er aid, pointing lo a .space U'lnch icld cars parked parulle) to each ither. "You mean you iwfcod il broad- idc behind thai low?" Roger nodded, susj>ectin^, no loubt, n suggestion of criticism. '1 was al least thirty feet from hem. Any goof ought to he ah o back up and turn in that dis- ance." Rob, si rick en into silence, walked into the. mud and around lis car surveying the damage. 'Hie 'endcr, door, and lop on one side wer« crushed. Roger Irolled aloiiR by Kub'i side, half a pace behind. When he lad completed the circle, he moved on again to the damaged side. He stroked the raw edges of the lender, ran his linger in creas* in the smooth plane of the car door, patted live bnshed-in bow of Ihe top. "Must have been a truck," he said admiringly, "to lave done that amounlof damage." Rob looked up sharply. He seemed aboul lo say something. Then, obviously aware »f Ihe futility of mere words to reach » brain geared like Roger's, he buttoned his lips severely. He mn- lioncd us lo climb in the car. Rob drove, 1 noticed, hunched over like > man who'd sufTer«l a mortal wound. Every few minutet he glanced at Ihe crumpled side o( his btloved roadster and then slowly shook his head as though it wer* impossible to believe it. He said nol a word. 1 admired his reslraint under tiie provocation—if I'd wrecked his car, he'd have been talking yet—but 1 wished he'd let off sleam, for tlii.i way I expected nny minute he'd explode into hamburger. The measure of his despair WM that he went to church wilh Mickey and Claudia and Mary and me in- slcad of playing cribbage with Roger. TIIE END

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