The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, May 1, 1947
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BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST MIKAN8AB AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI YOU XI,IV—NO. 34 Blythevllle Dallj Newr Blythevllle Courier rjlylhcvillc Herald Mississippi Valley I',l,YTHKVli,!,!•;, ARKANSAS, TIJUKKDAY, MAY 1, 1!M7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ONE KILLED, 12 HURT IN STORM NEAR STEELE & ~ " ~~ • •—*> ___ ^^ i Union Officials See Early End of Telephone Strike Company Wage Offer Anticipated During Day by Labor Leader North ii«/c Rock Stores To Discount All Sales 70 Per Cent tor Week LITFLE HOCK. Ark., Mny 1 (UP)—A lotal of DO Nurlli l.iuli 1 liock firms sl|;ncil an aUvorlisc- incnt in today's Ark;ins;is Cia/i'tle. plrdijliii,' a 10 pur c;'nl price leclue- tion during a yveii-day trial period. Tile ad said thiit the linns will make (he reduction on "e:icli easli or credit purt'lutse of si or more cxci'tH, 'fair trade items' from May 1 to May 7." Arabs Accuse US Of Pouring Oil on Fires in Palestine American 'Friends' Severely Criticized By Delegate to UN New refused in the thmiprh (crilsiy Il.v < HAKI,i;S M. IIKIIKOLII I'niled Tress SlaiT Corn-spun'lent WASHINGTON. May 1.--Union officials confidently predir:'cd a cotn- psuiy wanu ofFer today in imisti'v ne^oliations hoic thai will lead to settlement of tlie 25-day-oid nulioii- wide telephone strike. The break In the strike was expected ut or shortly a Her 4 p.m. EST. Both here and in New York union officials said thc bresik wa.-> expected at that time In the key talks between the American Telephone Ar Telegraph Co., and Ion.; distance operators. Henry Mayer, a union ttUorncy, said Jie beHevcd the company would fcivo in to union demands for a SO weekly wa^c increase. ^1 Msiyer, an attorney for five :n- dt'ixmdent unions and 10 rlfilial- cd witli the National Federation of Telephone Workers said thai when the "coiniruiy seer. Ihnt their abortive attrrinp u to end tlv; strike in New Yov,; with a 54 increase has failed, they will capitulate; ' York li;l ?|>huni* wnvkcrs In return to work today Mali nn's largest city nl- Itii'ir lead ITS igrcicd jt/s- ti> a SI \vc-:kly inorr.usc for four independent unions. Robert Creascy, chief r.o[jolia tor for thc key Ion;; dlstanc workers, also ivpnrted that : break in tlic loir.; deadlocks negotiations was possible soni time after 4 p.m. EST. Negotiations with the America Te Ic pi) cm e & Tclcfi r& [>h Co. \ye r adjourned to that hour when Mi parent Bell linn tailed yostcrda to como through with anticipate cash of fen. "I would say that shortly Jifte 44 -.p.m., A T & T will make substantial wage oirnr," cicase told a reporter. "If they dot 1 , jt'c will h a vc some news ou r.sel v c ** The union's "new. 1 ;," it was i <hcatcd. would ta'tc the form ol' charge that A T & T hurt, failed to bargain and a warning mat affiliates of the NM'.onal Fedei\i- lioti of Telephon; Workers were digging * in for a loivj slriko. Tlic Jong Unos workcf? nnd 38 otiier striking- ;it'f!lmlcs of the NFTW arc rlc)n:tn<nfi<f a $G ly increase ovcrc lel?phono worker's avccrayu weekly vvaijc of $43.19. They first njk"d 312. Sonic Settlements Made Several wage wltlor.ionts, principally with indrpfeiicjcn', unions, have now been reachird In different parts ol the country. But- it was gcnecrally vcliebed-Jbat no i'-ciln try-wide agTCitiMOils wtr-: likely until thc long distance dispute was settled here. Strike developments elsewhere included these: 111 Wisconsin 7.LOO member;; of the Wisconsin Tel? phone Guild voted on a,/ offer to boost wages S3 to 55 weekly. H"sults of . the ballot were to be tabulated to- f night. In Pennsylvania, G.OCO plant ami mainlcnanrc workers were returning (o Uu: : r jobs under :>('4j;ment pnnidiirj; wage boosts Of $3 fCH' thCMiC M'l'^ilif UP If a week nnd $-1 for o:lu-e:-s. The New York Tplep]'o:ic Co. at Albany said it hnd reached an workers—not, on :it;-ik'j —calling for agreement witli t),ODO ' upstate raisc.s of $3 to .$5. Unions involved in thc New j YoYrk and Pci»iis.vlvat;iR. ?nl tic- men ts are indepe lannl. They arc not affiliated with the NI-TW, : our Persons Die n Train Mishap Steel Slips on Freight Car Ripping Open Side Of Passenger Couches (UP Mexican President, Addressing J. S. Congress, Stresses Unity WASHINGTON, RMy I. (1I.1M —I'trslilcul Airman .<>( Mi'Vlro tulil rilMtf IT. S. I'onKrrssmcn imluy tlmi lliis nmnlry imtl his must ilc- tl Anu'iirjm (U-nuu'raoy not only utlli mllltiiry ml^hl hut \vllh "our IV N lllMl tS.'' Tlu- •l3-yi';ir-i)ltl vlsUur aililri'ssttl LIM historic juint Krsslnn nf t\w House ami Si-iialr. He was i: I veil u lliumli-nms million us lie i-nlcrt-O lur Iliiusv rhamlM'r »»ri wan aiiplaittlcd and rhcrml h. u lung ili-mi "A One Dairy Selling In BlytheviHe Cuts Milk Price Jim English, lilytlicvillc rnlail :mcnl- for tlic Mcndowbrook Dairy o( Mriniiliis. annoiincctl a onc- rmt ricrrrnsc in tlic retail price of sweet milk in tlic IJlylhcviiic area otfnctivc lorlny. Ilrlail pric-c of Me.iriowbrnoh milk in Klytlicvillc i s now 20 • crnt-s a quart, Mr. English sl«trd. The |:rirc drop tlocs not effect tlic price of buttermilk, he said I1UNTINGTON. Pa , May —Inch-thick steel plule.s ver tlie side of u freight car and I teed open two passenger coaches f a Pennsylvania rnilroatlv express rain near licit; today. Four pet sons were killed. The passenger train, the Anieri- •ati bound from Hew York lo St. jouis, was passing tlie freight when he steel slid from its moorings. It scraped the; passenger locomo- ive. gouged Into a mail cat 1 , an express car nnd a combination jaggage and passenger coach- Then it ripped the steel .sides from two passenger couches The "deluxe" coaches were ripped into shambles before • the emergency hrcakes brought the train io : » •hiding halt. In thc early morning darkness, another freight piled into the wreckage and its locomotive -and ten tier were overturned. Vrkaiisaii Tells of Crash ball of fire like hot coals seenu'ti lo float hy our car," "Red" 1 Powell, of OasviHe, Ark., a. passenger in a following couch .said, describing the crash of 51 eel and train. "It seemed like a meteor." Doyle stnwn. a sailor from Hooks. Tex,, said Jiu \vas_ asleep , in his seat when he felt a heavy jolt. "Fortunately I wns hunched down." "People screamed. It seemed just like a long metal arm .reached into the passenger coaches, he sai f '/ Railroad officials o.uic:kly cleared the wreckage from three of tlic four tracks of the right-or-way Main East-West line nf the Pennsylvania Railroad. The smashup occurred «l 2:47 am. <EST>. It was five hours before normal traffic was restored. The accident was (he third serious one on the Pennsylvania's line In thc treacherous Pennsylvania mountains in recent months. On Feb. 18. the line's crack He<| Arrow express, running from New York to St. Louis ran off Bcnnhig- ton Curve, near Altnr.m:i, kiT-'-" 24 persons and injuring mor e than 125. Must «f I'assrngcrs Wrrc A^Icfp Ten days later, the last I'ullman of the Sunshine L.imi'.ed broke away from the rest of the train and ran down the mountain lor three miles before it jumped thc tracks and crashed into an embaiikment. Thc porter was killed and n passengers Injured i" the accident. Most of the dead and injured today were riding in ear 41HD. Its" entire left side was ripped olf Among those injured was an nn- identificd baby, abciut five munthr, old. Those who escaped injury huddled in the darkness awniffn"-; n ivlief trnin. Mniiy went to tfie nearby community hall in the little town of Petersburg. Rescue workers used acelylcnn torches to cut a'Any the Iwislcd steci of one of tiu? jnssenger coache.'i to rescue the injured. Most of thc passengers in tbe coaches were nslcrp when llu: crash occurred. Try were awakened first by the brilliant flash of Hrc from Ihe grinding :iteel." Then they were tossed froni thi'ir scats. atory Winner Guest Kiwanis Luncheon Ex port-! mi port Bank to Okay Mexican Loan UNITKIJ NATIONS 1|ALL, Ml i!. N. Y, May 1. <ur>— The Aral nalions, carrying lo the floor o- the assembly .(heir fight to Imct Ihe United Nalions (o act now Palestine, jiccusi.'tl the United State of "addiiif; petrol to the lire" b> advocating I lie immigration of Jew into Pales)Inc. "Part of our home Is on fire, l-'adhil Jamah c:f Ira:; said in impassioned speech to the full sembly. "That lire Is spreading Immigration is petrol added to th fire. And 1 uddrcss Ibis to American friends." Jamali and Paris EI-Kbomi Syria opened the Arab light, apparently hope-less one. as soon : Ihe iissembly convent-el toilny I consider Ihe adoption of an agend recommended by the steering con- mitlee The agenda had only one ili-in—Ihn British proposal for establishing a fact-finding commission In sludy thc entire Palestine problem. An Arab attempt to force the assembly \jn consider the termination of the British mandate and immediatn independence f°r Palcstine was dclcatcd by the com- inillr-e. 8 to one. Assembly President Oswaldo Aranha of Brazil Iricd to settle bolh Jamali and Kl-Khouri, accusing them of goinu far outside the discussion of Ihe agenda ill their speeches. Viitc Is Decisive With a decisiveness thai assured a similar ruling in Ihc full assembly, the powerful slcerhiK committee voted eight lo one shortly before midnight nt<ainst Ihe Arab campaign to mnkc thc assemplv discuss termination of Brllain's mandate nnd a flcclaralion of independence for the Holy Land- The commitlee urged the assembly to limit itself to -.Brl.lajn's one pro,- i posal forin'ntlon of a Palestine ' fact-finding committee. Like the Arab proposal, the bids of Ihc Jewish Agency mul Ihc les- srr-knou'ii Hebrew committee ol national liberation for voices in Ihc current Palestine debate seemed destined for rejection. The United Stales and Britain have campaigned against giving any non-govcrmcnta! agency a part in the assembly debate on the Holy L-itid. However, American Deputy Delegate Her- schcl V. Johnson told thc Steering Commi:tee thai (hey "must pet their dny in court" before Ihc UN finishes its attempt to solve the Piilesline problem The long day mid night argument of the H-nation steering com- millee raged until 12:15 a.m. EOT today and when it ended the delegates still had plenty of controversy facing Ihem. Must Decide rolicy I-'irst They agreed lo meet again on the Jewish bids ns soon as Ihe as- seoibly adopted the agenda, but scrapped even over that decision before Oswaldo Aramha of Bra/.il. assembly president and committee chairoian. was able to turn off the speechuiaking- Most of the debate centered on Ihe Arab proposal lor expandin 1 .: Ihe assembly agenda and ^.vpt's Mimewhat confused nl tempt lo drop the whole matter once defeat Jiernme apparent. Aranha insisted on a vote, however, after Ambassador Mahmond Hassan Pasha of Egypl. speaking for Kyri;i, Lebanon. Iraq and Saudi Arabia as well as his own gov-ern- incni. said he would be willing to let, the Arab proposal He but would not withdraw it. Syria chipped in a compromise offer that the assembly could debate independence for Palestine without necessarily taking a decision on it this session—but Die Arabs would not put it on paper. The refusal to do so lost them thc support of Russia and Cvjschos- iovakia. bolh of whom would have supporter! Ihe Arab ilem if it had been modified to rule an immediate showdown. They abstained from voting, along with Brazil, India and Poland. Egypt wns thc sole supporter of Ihe Arab proposal Thc United Slates. Britain. France, china. Canada. Ecuador, Honduras and Sweden voted against it. nit ion i\ hen lie conrlurii'd. < HrpcateUly In the coni'ii! of his IH-niinute address, Aletniui was In- niptrd with applause ar.d chetMs mil shouts cif "Viva, Viva!" * 'he s|icreh was Ihe hi^ii pofiit in •in an's Ihrc'e-dny visit Hero. It was oni 1 of Ihe few times that th: 1 i tiead nf another AUVJUCJU stule had addres-si-d a Joint session ot Ihe U. y. Congress. The yalleriert were jammed. M email spoke in Sp.mish, luil congressmen were able l«t lollow his words fi'om copies of tin.' a(klro:-s printed in I'Jnglish" and distributed iti advance. "We have learned thut- isolalinu is not a good formula for living; that It is not good tactics for security." the Mexican leader told "We have learned '.hat [solution is luit a good furtmiLt for Uv- iiL-; (bat II Is nut KIMM! t.utits for MTIII ity," tin- hiiiKlsotiK 1 -13-yirar- dld MexU'aii leader Miiit in nn address which climaxed his Itirrr- day "good iicightior" visit Io "We have learned that demo crary. if not hacked by force, whets the appetite of dictators, and that the most powerful force tanks and ordnances, but in the to uphold democracy lies not in conviction of the men who. when con (hct finally breaks out. will di ivc the tanks and tire I be cannon," he said. After leaving Ihr capito!. Alemati mnlorrd to the Presidential Yacht Will lam. 1 -burg foi- lunch enn with Mr. Truman. A vist to Mount Vcr- non, a late afternoon press conference? and House dinne; "sinreiciy griitrlul lor tin- honoi ot t-cing received in I his Con HITS wlim 1 demorraey holds sway." And as in the" past, lie said. Hi United St-iitcs and Mexln> imr-t cm it in ue lo sot an example fin I lie rrst of the world----"the cxain- ;!U' nf two countries however dtl- Irient in si/.e and wealth, roojier- ;itin« nn u plane of jurisdictions :M|tialily above sn^plfion, and wlioii telations are not b;ised ot\ lorn 4 .' "We live in a region of tin earth that we oill Ihe new world, lie went on, "Desliny chiillenct'.s u tn inuke it new Lndercl by virlu of it:; generosity under doti breadth of its conc*'|)1 of man kind and Its undi'VlntinH res])i:c for the stunilards of law." Alcinan was host lo Preside r i\n<i Mrs, Truiuun lust- niuht at dinner and veccpMou at flu*. Me> Scan embassy. Also pi enenl wet cjibinr', members. comnt leaders nnd members of the dipl< inntic corp.s. The festive alfair x^'iis tuutreu 1 1 a torrential ruin whh'h Ibp arrival of many KH<"Us. nnd i wet pnint. Tlie dinner chit In; h; Iji-iMi freshly glided and sever mirstj; lelt- 'IMP p:irlv with the dinner clolhi's slrrnked ^old. Amo th< m were Senate President A thur H. VandenburK, Sen. Tom C'onually. n., Tex . and .Secretary (if Labor Lewis iIJ Si'hwellenliach. Alenian offered a toast to the "health and happiness" of Mr. 'iVnnum and Iho people of the United States. After dinner he and Mr. and Mrs. Trumun retired to )emocrat Offers 4ew Tax Bill to JenateCommittee Lucas of Illinois Opposes Reduction But Will Compromise jmlio to lu'ur snlccllous by an infonna] Whltn uniiy :iitlrctl Mexk-nn orehcslrn. also \vero richntlnlctl ( Yc.stetxluy tht^ Mexicnu jm'Sldo Ijcrorc AU'iniin'.T drixirliirc for New placed u wro:illi at, Ihp lonib Ywk :U midnight. | Hie unknown suldlri- nut! f|>okc In ncldrr.ssitig Senate iind Ho\]su u ccrcnionv at the Pi-.n Anicrlc members. Alcinan .suiil he WTS Union JUiildins. 3dr nuotialion Ifiie Explosion Holds State Meet Many from Blythcvillc Attend Sessions; Reid is President WASHINGTON, May 1. I U.I President Tiuman and pre. L -i<Jent Misuel Atoman of M"xi.-o :innoui-,( cd jointly today that thc U. S. Kxport- Ini|x>rl Bank will approve .in julrii- tional loan lo Mexico. President. 1 ; said both countries desired to siiin a new agreement stabilizing the rale of exchange be-1 Amer Tobacco twcen the peso and the dollar. [ Anaconda Copper N. Y. Stocks Quotations A T 2 p.m. T Miss nitth Seay. BlytheviHe High School senior, delivered the oration, "The Rights We Defend," with which she won first place, in Ihe district and area and third pbrp in the state Leg ion-sponsored oralorial contest, at the weekly meeting of the Kiwanis Club yesterday noon at thc Noble. Ouesjs were Guy Dollahunty ol Jonesboro and Ray Norris. Robert Colemnn nnd EuReue Still, all of Blythcvllle. -. Additional plans for economic cooperation between the two countries are being studied, thc statement said. Thc comrmmlniij was issued shortly before Alcinan went to Capitol Hill to address a joint r-<s5ioii of Congress. Mexico has been negotiating for a $150.000X00 loan, it was reported. It was believed [;'.-.'.• would :cccivo _ a'oout S50.ODO.OOo in credits to assotj Standard of N J her in economic projects ,he coun- Texas Corp try has planned. |U S Steel ,.,. Beth Steel Chrysler Joint: oen Electric } Gen Motors Montgomery Ward . N Y Central Tnt Harvester North Am. Aviation Republic Steel Socony Vacuum .. Studebakcr ir,5 3 4 66 5-8 35 1-2 85 1-2 03 34 1-2 58 S3 7-R 15 5-8 82 R 3-4 25 7-P. I! 7-3 20 in :i-8 co r>-8 70 i-2 Biythcvillp and Mississippi County were well represented in Little Rock loday as the Arkansas Bar Association opened a threc-dny convention wilh Max II. Reid. Blythe- viHe, presiding. Also on today's program was Occar Fendler, Blylhcvillc, who spoke at thc initial session. Among thc many attending from here wns H, G. Partlow. deputy prosecuting attorney for North Mississippi County. Today's convention program was divided Into two sections, an Innovation in the program planned by Mr. Reid and thc program committee:. The morning session was devoted to a discussion of taxation, and in the afternoon thc Junior Unr met as a separate group while the other members continued the taxation discussions. Bolon H Turner, forme]- Little Hock attorney and at present pro- siding judKo of the United .States Tax Court in Washington was thc irst to address the attorneys dur- UB thp taxation discussion session. Itlylhrvillo AtUirnry Speaks Oscar Fendler. Illythrvillc atlor- :iey, addressed the group In this morning's .session. He used ns the .opie "Corporation Dividend.'; and Section 102" In his address. Mr. Fendler discussed the decisions of the United Stales Circuit Cf-urU; of Appeal and" the United States Tax Court which have Interpreted section 102 of the Internal Revenue Code. He pointed out thc methods hy which corporations can accumulate surp fl£ legitimately. Tho convention is scheduled lo run for thrre days with the rlec- lion fl officers for the coming year to lie hold in tomorrow's session. An address by Mr. Held will precede thc r>'tion. Hnlton W. Summers, Fonnnr Texas Con pressman will andrrss the group In the concluding session Saturday. Other Blythcville attorneys v-lio will attend Ihc convention im-hule U. O- Partlow. James Hoy. Frank nouqlas. Jesse Taylor. Giiiham Eudbury, C- ^f- Buck nnd Claude F- Cooper, Kills Eight Men Crew Had Entered Shoft to Install Ventilating System TERRK HAUTE. Tint.. May I WASHINGTON .May I. iUP> - -t-ii, Si-oil W. Lucas. lY, HI., urged n Con lite;;-) loday nn rxeinptloii- ni'leasing t:ix rediu-Uon hill us u .ubili'.utf lor the CiOp measure tt; •lit- most iiersonul Ini'ome levies '*(. >i'r cent. Lm-nii lold I lie Henale l-'inan.'t 1 "oimnUlee—whose UepubHean inn- 1 :orlly was certain lo rej-.'ct his )L'0|)Osul--lhat he ^Ukd ivtlh President Trunian against MX redur- liiui now. l!ut the Ue]nu)licans are tie term in I'd to cut taxes anyway, .itl'as snid he Ea\'0]-i'd rcduellon lor •mull earners through an Inci-eiru 1 In personu| exeiuj)'.icnvi Twti torjner 1 ri'u.sury of f Li'liils gave thc commit lee rnnflidini: lestlmonj. lloswell MURlil, nniloi.siTL-etiiry ->t treasury in 1D3T-H8, approved -the ClOl* bill. Randolph K. I'aul, lo;-- ini'r Irea.Miry general counsel. opposed it, It was JL diiy of pro nnd COLI iir- mi tin-L its aljouL a lol of things, as Indicated by Ihese other congLrs- s Ion nl development;:: Itciits—The Mouse neatrd u votr oti u Democratic nnttlnn -to SIMM) l*;u k to tiiiminll Irr for revision a rent iiimlrol MM thitt Crw con- cn ssTiicn llk*-d In nil rrsprrts. •Labor Son, James K. Muriuy, O- .lotil., denouniTil the fienalc lub'" till a s i» measurit lo "wipe out o xisleni'o labnr's vital saffguai'ds.' Senate republicans, however, ne- leved they would lie able to ;('.' In: bill through, with some tough' nlnp cimendmenls, kiy a margin n ibout U lo 1. World Trnde — Rrir ,lohn,s((in Jtesidenl ot Ihe Motion Plcluvi A,s,sncldlion. ur^ed rxpanslon o he rt'clprornl trade program. Sulivetslve:;—While IL Mouse Un Amcri'Jiin Activities Hiibcoiiunltte s lnve::tluatlng iiommunlsm In noi .ywoyd. iL iilhn probably will loo Inlo I-'ustilRin hi the Stin Fraiictsc nrcfi. a member said. Flip Ni*un:li—Tht* Sena I o War nvestlRrttlni: <'imnnlllrr illscloscil that rrt'sldi-nt 'I'mman lias rr- ruscd It nnllinr'iiUoii In scun-Tt Ihr hite rresldcnt ItuuM-vell's flics for ilurunienls On* rumriilltcr wants. •r-'tirei-n Policy—Hen. Arthur 1 Vandenh'>rg. It, Mich., told n. in ? chool dciin that you don't maV Kurnpean peare treatie:; Iti a cla.s; Three Suffer Injurie: In Osceola Area; Property Damaged Wind of gitta-liko velocity swept over Northoiinlcni, Arkansas and South east urn Missouri hetwcon 5 mul G it. ni. today killing ono man and injuring more than a <tu/Mi persons. Ton ol' Iho injured are' members of one | t'uinity living near SU'ok-, Mo. Tho one I'alnlily for this area wa.s Dave 'Foisylhe, atfi'tl (>r>, who lived on tlie Shon Pollard *ann near Tyler, Mo. He lived in a small )HHIHO which was destroyed. Three ponsoiijj were reported in- I Jurcil In the Osceolti area, and rc- IJort.-i imhciitc that thc wind struck with Ki'ciilcr velocity to the North*! mul Sougi of BlythevlUe than it did hero, | Property dninngc here will run • Into inntiy hundreds of dollars. 'Reports lo thc United Press from other counties lo tlie West disclo^- -•' thut several persons were lujur*/' (UP) — The bodies uf eight rniriorn silled by :\i\ underground oxpJo- sinn sis tlicy prcpnrcil Ihr r.innl Spring Hill coal mini! nc:ir lion for fcdcrul tci^pccLttin. \vi;rc ifi'ov ercri and brought, lo the surltici early today. The lives of the t'if;ht wt:ro Miuf d out yesterday afternoon wlici <']i»ryc .set off a in:0r* explosion which rrcketr-tl ihrouyl Uio 2,OC(Mnot p;is.siiKirwny. with drndly carbon iitid smoke. Three other members of the J r pair crew, working on a veiitihilir. system 60 feet benciilh the .surfLIU had left their companions ;»t th fnr end of thc corridor and wer ncEIr the clcv.-Uor shad. ''We heard .the, and it v.;ir>-| n't very loud," Adam Harm tin, one of the survivors said. "Tin 1 sinokr miner rolling down the tunnel and wo ran for thc elevator. The 11 mimics nsm entered the digf-Tiugs earlier in Min t^ay In rc- mir and improve thr vontihilniK y.steni. Tlie minr had been closed incc the general safety .shutdown of April 1. ll failed (o pas. s the Fedrral nspeclioji and under an agreement between thc U. S, Hurnrni ot Mines \ owner Jhirry Keitms. the men were permitted to rrUor Ihc tunnel and correct conditions. Thc rescue crows, some members of which took jwt in Lhr dr;im:ili." efforts to .save (he 1 ] 1 miners kilted at- Central in. III. .March -15. said thc lull In i dynmnit? diar^r wa.s \set off lo loosen rork asui <'(>a for Hi p. venlilatitiK system pipe:It apparently ignited roal rius the mine corridor and the multiple OEplo.>inn killed the rtelit- man crew working at thc head 01 thc diggings. The mine, four miles South o: here, normally employed fit) tnei and produced about 400 tons •>' coal daily. This was (he fourth serious mine accident to occur (his year. ncsides Ihc CentrAlia disaster. 1 miners were killed April 10 in • gas explosion at Exeter. Pa.; and on Jan. 15, fifteen were killed at Plymouth, Pa. ro'nn atmosphere. Instead yc; wrangle v.ilh Russians for days o end. VandenberR defended fonm Secretary ol Slate Jame.s F. Tlyni' n urii list criticism hy Pun] Sliipm- 1 rtrnwn, do;m of the Syracuse Un verity Law School. Drown Hyrncs a^rerd t<i heavy I'ejianiUoi from current 1 lalian product ion Irr a if; Mint; that Italy could stand such a .'.I ruin. Inlrliwrcr—-1,1. (it'll. Hoyt V<i nrli'iibrr^. ret Lr.inj? MS ronlral IP! licence (I i reel or, told OOIIKIVSSI tlint the Unit I'd Stule.s must lmvr| a strong intelligence system "if we sire If) be armed against cUsasUrr In ;ui em of atomic warfare." He ur^ed nj'proval of a bill lo rival u a pt-rmaiusnl Intel licence agency. ornadoes Strike n Many Areas 25 Persons Killed, Hundreds Homeless; Five States Suffer ocl In polnsiitl iinit Crulghcad coun- lies, uml tlmt Greene County, too'/ Miffnrecl]-in tlninngc. , 7. rl Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Marrs nrnr Slfclc and (heir plehl drcii arc In Will's Hospital t uiulcrgolng treatment for injurt^^ | rri'riwrt wlicn their home on Uii'f JIUIIKR W. Parrj- fiirm wns ilem- nllshrcl |jy (111! wind ami / ruin I storm. ' Mr.. MnrrA. 3D, Ills wife. 31 nw\ Ihclr .oldnst dmiRhtcr, Jewel, 18, nrej | bejlrvori tlie mosl seriously Injured." While hosjiltal rceoi'ils this (Hj Unllril 1'rc'ss) 'Al lensl. twenty-five inxiillc! wero nd and hundreds were led liomo- ss today in the \vaXe of tornadoes hlL-li Blrnck In the Mtdtllo \Vc-,t, ^ and Sonthunst.. Onu twister fiiri-ilied nUr> u hill ;eur Dallas, Tex., and another nled uwny Ihn cdim of a North ;aL()llna t{)l):\eco mnrkclhiK town .'...terclay addlnn three more per-1 Ma"noi, names of all th ons to the death I ml htKiin ; | dren and their respx-livc Injures. when a Western Missouri j those Identified own iinil an Arkansas villtit;c were io ; Cit-nildlne -•ve'.cd. Tfie slonns conLLDiiccl Ln lliu Smilliwcst todny. wit]] hli:li winds unl licuvy ruins lashlni; Alliuitn, till. U. S- incleniolo^isi.s ,siiM ypstcr- Itiy'r. Iwl.slci'Ji »vo:\i "iiiuiruml" in luil. tiioy slrnrk such widely .sc|>ar- ital inoas. • The loll might hnvc jccn fiu- L;icntcr. ntilli tornudoos tnfssnd sli'lklnj. the iieurl ol leuvlly iiupuliitMl towns. The Norlli Oir-nllun twlslcr wlilu- ied tlironuli Un: <-d(.p nt I^ilrtiuinU killing u foiir-yi'itr-olil, NI.RVO Rlrl n»d dcstroylnt! more 1 Hum 5U s. c. U. HUilloril. sccrotnry "1 l-'alnnonL Chfiniber o( Com- tnoiTc, o,»lltnulc(l Unit 3CO ' ixirsoii-s ux'ie left In Ihn Mlsinnrl and .^rkiuisiu; Iwistr 1 ]-;; Tlic.stlay 13 (M^i'sons were killed at Worth, Mo., rind nine wore killed I" tlie hamlets and Itirrn^ near Holers, Ark. Another W:I K killed iirwr Rolhi, Mo. 'l]ie tornado cut u 50-mile IKiUl ol (Ic.slriu^llon through the lunfls. Hlalford rstlniiile tiamiige Fit $1,000.001), nnd siild the dentil toll wn.s mlniinb.ccl by t!io fuel resltU'iiLs were working In the tfloncco llelds. Tlie olhel funnel dropj^d down from th..: clouds on thc Eastern oidsViirls of Hallos and licaited for wcre Hetty Pay, 7; mid Bcrtu Jean, Dotty Fay w« s pinned beneath a collaiiscd wa!l. The fcimliy was awake when th c storm struck niitl iilU-inpted lo reach shelter hi a storm cellar, it wns reported, when (heir home wns smashed by the wllld, they finally reached tile ccl- liir of n noldlibor and were brrniRh!, lo Iho hospitid iiero. Mr. Mnrr*'.L I homo was rcixirtcd scattered by i)»e! heavy Tn wind. sRi-inns condition at Walls.; 1 person . . Hospltnl today as a result of. slqnn ' l(iJurWs-- weVc a ' Mrs* HodSc'nnd?*". Rfra. Lynch, bolh of Stcelo. No A- ' li'orls of how they were injured were nvnllable this morning. \'' ' Telephone I.lnp.s Dnim H :: ._ A Negro from Steele was treated ,•' for ii rnictured nrm tins morning at a hospital here and dismissed. Mr. Fornylhc lived alone in his smnll liousi! on lh c Pollard farm. His body was found in thc wreck- t "Be of the house, which ivns de- farm- nioll slic<l. He was pinned under the igc at ''^'ris. Only known relative wns a sister in Crinilhersvllle, who wns notified this morning. 'Hie. list of Injured In Mississippi County stood nt three hy noon today. They arc Mrs. AHa Crowley of Etownh and two Negro children, Garland, a suburb of 0.000 popula- n "c and a half, unri three years old, tlon. It -suddenly veered, struck !nl on the outskirts «f lioekland. i 3 :! miler. frnin Dallas, bounced back Into tin,' sky and disappeared. Music festival Delayed Because of Wet Grounds The Music Festival lo have been presented this afternoon by lh< music department, "f rily school* lu.s been posponrd, W B. Nicbolson. Mipcrinlendeni of schools, announced. He said (he field at the stadium, where thc festival lo he held, was too wot for performance. c armcr Kills.Sctt FAYKTrKVlU,K. Ark.. Miiy 1. UJI'i Final ille.'i weiv [ilmnerl lo- lay lor , r >H-yriir-o!d Cliarlcy -I'iy*' ( 'p v;>Ukse body was found near his linine In the Dnirii Mills conmiuni- near here yeslcrdny. Hr had been shot wilh a hiv rllle, and died before aid could reach him. me. Livestock N. Y. Cotton N. Y. May 1. (UP)— Collon closed ST. T.OUI.S NAT10NM, ^TOCK- YAKDK. May 1. (Ul'l-- < USPA) — livestock. HriKs: 1200fl: rai'-il):< I15TO. Flow. Barrmvs and i:ill.-i 50 l«i 7rir low- ci' Oian Wednes<l iy''i avi'in^e. mcif-llv Site lower. Smvi ?r> I" .',()•• lower. Hulk Kood and elio;"L- I'.li lo 210 His a:i lo a:fj[); lop i:].'r>. .vparitiftly. Most ::70 1:) Wt ills to 2'JW; 10(1 t" 121 In P•:"'• IB-'ifl In 20.00; Rood 21.) to rrtlt-h> f.ows. UP.00 lo SO.flO; h.MVirr \v( i|!hl.s 1B.OO to 18.SO; stii"; m"Slly 1S.OJ to 1B.M. Gallic -1.200; Wlili!)].' 'J.fiOO. r:.lves l.tfiO. sail .salahl.-: ..]i",i actlv to sli-mii: In mievrntly hii:lier unt'.cr lii;lit leeeipls wri-:!i Inclndi'.l liberal percentage •>< ln'.cii"r y>ar- lin£s and <:ows. I..\vS liia'i 20 loads of slcers of I 1 ;'•:: I. A lew lew and avci'age i:ood Me^r.s. 23.03 i<» 21.CO; odd loUs 21.50. Low Iiirdluril .steers around K1CO; (joo-l heifers and mixed'yearliiifi. ar-.M.nri 22.00 lo 23.00; liiKhcr :x;,^r>:s prices delaying trade on these cows. A few Kciod cows, 1'If.O to 18.00; common and nryiiiim beef cows 13.00 to 10.00. State to Hold Livestock Show Oct 6-12 I riTLK ROCK. May 1. (UT 'I'lie ID17 slate livestock show at the permanent site in tilde Hock wilt be held od li-1 1 -', Clyde K, Hyr<l sct:retary-manancr of the stale association, announeetl today. llyrtl said (he dale was sel by Ihe a^siiclnlion's Ixiard of directors. lie said thai four permanent exhibit buildings, authorized by Ihe slate ICBislnlurc, were expected (o lie completed by that dale. IJyrd said Hit! association elected Ihe [olloMii^ new board members: A. H Harper of Fort Smith. F. If. ] n lc Rudolph o[ Arkiidelphla. W. Ii. Fclker of Rogers. Otto P. Oearley of Sheridan. E. M Arnold of Little Rock. .1. Ci Gerard of Henton. C. T. Wells of Kngland, and Tom Slaughter of Camtlcn. July Mar. May Oct. Dec. MM 27M 3555 202fi 2837 MM 2791 3570 2049 28(10 3323 27B3 35-10 2H!)2 2B12 M37 277R rtssi 29t)li 2826 Spots closed nl. .IfiOl; up 17 Weather ARKANSAS -Clearing and cooler; fair Friday. Dell Girl, Born Without !.6gs, Learns to Walk Jean Martin. 14. of liell. t<xA her first steps ibis week on nor- tnal-sl/.ed ICRS- An "Impossible" dreatn will come true for lhc Rralefnl -young girl born willioul legs Iwo weeks from now- when Ihe completed legs, which were unfinished when fitted Tuesday, will be ready for wear: ! Her first pair vf Icijs will make J her five feet, two inches tall and it\\o years later she w r lll receive nn- | other pair to Increase her height to rive feet, five Inches. Jean was accompanied to Memphis by Fiddle Ford, who discovered her condition last Fall, and by her father. She I learned to walk ns Ihe legRs ..: teased in length wilh addition. >n pegs .it Intervals. who reside on Ihe Poy O'Neal tflan- tation near Osceola. Reports this morning slated it was too early lo know the extent of their injuries although nil three are said to be tu serious condition. Many reports of property damage were received but few could be confirmed ns telephone lines suffered extensive daniage in this area and IOIIR distance calls could be placed only lo Memphis. Osceola nnd Little nock. Only two circuits remained in service to Memphis and Ihrec lo Osceola. Lines were down to St. Louis. , Paragonld, ' Joncsboro. and lo Steele, Carulh- etsville, Kennctl, in Missouri and l.i Lcachvillc and Manila to the West. Osccola's telephone service WAS also disrupted and Ions distance circuits lo Memphis. Wilson, and Kciser were reduced lo one for each of those paints with three to Uly- thcville. It was reported that it would be several hours before local .phones would be operating m Osrcola. Jcrrv Poc. Blytbeville manager of Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., said it was "hard to say" when line repairs would be completed, although work on them is underway. Velocity of the winds which hit this area early lodny were estimated variously at from 60 to 73 miles p?r hour. There arc no wind- ' recording instruments in this vicinity to measure actual velocities. Damage was general throughout Northe.isl Arkansas and Southeast Missouri, with repair cesls likely to run high. House and barn roofs were lorn off. plale glass windows broken, signs blown down and trees uprooted. Many buildings were rc- IKirtcd demolished. Hardest hit were Southeast Missouri areas and Osceola where damage wns reported in excess of that in Blythevllle. Osceola was reported to have suffered an estimated SCO.OOO damage. Schools Close at Cooler, Sletle Late reports show that the PciTi- iscot Comity towns and vicinities bore the brunt of the storm. Schools at Cooler anil Steele have been closed because of storm damage and the Blythcvillc Soybean Co. feed and seed warehouse at Holland, Mo., was smashed. An eye-witness. Floyd Pope, employed See STORM on Page 5

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