The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Felclman Relieves Reed In Seventh; W d i t c Sox Make 11 Errors BATESV1U,E, Ark., May 19 {Special to the Courier News)— Taking advantage of 11 Bntesvllle errors, coupled with lillless hurling by Clyde "Spot" Reed for tlic fust four Innings or the game and strong relief- hurling by Harry Feldinan, the Blytlievllle Giants defeated the Batesvllle White Sox, 5 to 4, here last night. Reed hurled hltless ball for the first four innings bill the White Sox got to him in the fifth and sixth and Manager Herschel Bobo, left n hospital bed here to Hold Every thine;! TO! 1M M.P1 I'tlillo, 1935 Winner, Sees Record at Least Miles Faster 1'ive 11V The cars inny be smaller Spectators at thl-s race ill in ::itdi;cl I.os AtweU iiulomobile i'li-jinj?, but the ii held Ihclr b u;t!i while ju.-.l as yea! us hi blu-lline. direct the team .sent In Blytheville's ace, Felclman, to slnit OIL seventh. Blytlieville scored early, taking 1 , ! 5 °'° ! ° r °?";!. e , l ,': i , advantage of Batcsvillc mlscties. The Giants sent one runner across the plate In the first, two In the llltlon ' second, one iu the third and their Hiibtell attributes iho Glunts 1 final tally In the eighth. Aragon ' sprlnu Illness lo their animal Imi'ii- catcher. led the visitors with three storming Irninliij; tour will) Ihe of the six hits the Giants secured! Cleveland Indians, one of the maiKHivtr nbeire. He siilfcml no KCIKIIK Injury, .'lovrar. Mi-unwliile, imiTtnvly mta'M a cullisUn, bi:t rot!.? blithc'l Ihc up aerial obtained the jump on Die iTinniiidcr of thft Held because Ilicy started In teller con- off : Basil Franchettl, 18-year-old Florida youth, who made his mound debut for the White Sox. Franchettl was a victim of his own team males' "comedy of errors" and was removed. In the-seventh, being replaced by Young. Every member of the Batesvllle team with the exception of Zarllla, right fielder, innde at leasl one bobble with Krltch making three. On the other hand Blytlieville played errorless ball, behind the pitching of Reed aiid Pcldmnn. Re^d fanned eight men and FcUI- muh whiffed three. ' The PAYOFF BY HARKY GRAYSON Sports Editor, NBA Service Carl 'Hubbell fears that the liuv of averages may catch up with the Giants this season. If it does not, he suspects that it will overtake the Ynnkees in the world' series. • • "We ought to be able to win one series out of three," lie says. Hubbel! admits thai the Giants . are so sound at all positions that' they appear the best club in the National League. Johnny .McCarthy .nt first base has been hitting long balls and fielding well. Dick Bartell, one of the game's great shortstops, has been tatting above .300. Mel OH avoided Ui; early season slump he suffered a year ago. He is a good enough third baseman, despite the fact thai he played right field for so many years. "But even n well-balanced outfit like Ihe Giants can't beat too much misfortune such as the loss of Burgess Whltehead," confides Hubbell. The nifty second baseman was sent home suffering from .1 nervous breakdown. It followed complications which were the outgrowth of his appendectomy. "Fortunately," explains Hubbell, "Lou Chiozza has been going great guns in Whitehead's place. We've been extremely lucky." 1 Giants Start in Better Condition King Carlos doesn't believe that the Giants' flying start is an indi- cafion that they will cop the pen- rant in a walk. He believes CarulhersviUe Ami Paragould Split Two Joncsboro Defeats Ne 1 7 f l^- toughest teams in the American League. Thcro is I'cal rivalry between the clubs. Playing Unit kind of opposition, Ihe New York pitchers bear down, fielders nml hitters hustle, with the result thai when the championship season opens, both arrays are ready lo tackle all comers. The. Tribe usually gets off lo a flying .shirt, too. Hubbell rates the Cincinnati lieds the most Improved club In the National. They have been the hardest for the Giants to bent to dnle tills spring. Aggregations led by Bill McKcchntc are difficult to top, even when Wllklnsbury Will hasn'l too much talent. Ills men uluy sound baseball all the time. Terry Takes a Tip From the Yankees Asked lo nninc the hitters ivho give him the most trouble, Hiibbcll lists .Joe Mcdwlck, Tuny G'ucdnello, Ernie Lombard!, and Gabby Hart- nctl. "Cuccincllo hits me like he owns me," smiles the remarkable left- hander, "though lie doesn't, seem to be able to give other pitchers headaches. While wo were playing In Chicago the other day, I told Hartnclt, 'Gabby, every year" 1 decide Dint, you're getting bigger, uglier, and harder to get out.'" Hubbell at, -34 asserts that he 'never felt Belter.,.Tim gentlemanly Oklahoinah'Hs' beginning lo believe 'thai he is an exception to the rule ihal bull plnyers gel softer with age. In • reply to the question, "What club will bag the National Tiengiii! Hag?" Ihe Giants shout, "If nol us, Uien try lo .select the lenin Hint will finish In front." That Is (uiite n problem, with Diw.y Dean out. oi the Cubs' lineup and old Tony Lasu!erl hittinrj in the clean-np position, with the Pirates finding 11 necessary to rebuild, and with the St. Louis Gas House Gun;; a thing of the past. The Polo Grounders now are swinging wild full power . . . have abandoned the bimlini; game. The pastilles the Giants look .from the Yanks convinced Uill Terry that (his was tho tliimj to (lo, and the added power of Hank Lclber and Harry Dunning gave him the required weapons, A new low-wing cabin plane accommodating six persons is the Pcrcival Q-C. The ship has a maximum speed of 195 miles an hour and cruises at 180 miles an hour with a raiigo of 750 miles. Dr. Pepper Presses Terry Before Losing Terry's service station, leading tenm In the Cily Bowling league, WHS hard pressed to win over the ;urpi (singly formidable nr. Pepper team in :i malcl) at Sudbmy'.s Playhouse last night. Hob Johnson with an individual name score of 290 and a foui'-gnme average of 23;!, highest of leagiu> piny, led Ur. Popper's futile bit! ID upset (hi; leaders. fn another mutch I'alncc cafe took the mcnsurc'of Ilubbard Hardware company. Even if you carry a spare tire, you can sit, ttoop, bend, and walk in HANES Shorti— with- put any choking or chafing. But that's riot all there is to th«M thorti. You get ample* clearance at trie crotch... ieg» long enough and wide enough to (top binding and crawling . . . genuine "La»tex" yarn in the wai»t. . . and fast colors! The only thing that tops HANE3 Shorn in on undershirt made by HANES. Close-knit for a close-fit, it clings snugly under your arms; never bulges or droops . . . lies calm and cool across your clicst. .. tucks Bo far into your shorts that it can't roll up and bunch at your belli See your HANES Denier today. P. H. Hancs Knitting Co., Winston-Salem, North Carolina. FOR MEN AND BOYS EVERY SEASON Jonesboro \venl Into Ihe lend In the inniny *im) never was behind. by innings: R. If. R Newport 010020101 5 8 ft Junesljoro 101 006 01 x 1U 13 'i Hnnrthill, Assclmeier and O'Hrien; Matllicws and Coopcv. Giants and Rebels PJay Saturday Night PAHACiOUI/l), Arl:., May 19. — JONKSDOHO. Ail:., May IS. Tin; Carulhcrsvi]lc Pilots spill two; Jonc.'.buru deltalcd Newport here yanu-s \v!lli the i'uia[>ould Rebels i last night, 12 to 5, In a Northeast hew yesterday and in:ina"cc| lo' ' ' hold their slender lend over Llie Ht'lu'ts in (hi? Northeast Arkansiis league race. ' The pilots won Ihe first name in H inning:;, 7 to U. while tin; Ucbcls took the second, 5 to 0 behind Hie shuloMl j:IU'])i»f! »r Hoberson. Siore by Innings: It. II. 1C. Cvtlll'.. 050 OIIO fllXl 000 01 7 IB 2 l''(!Qlllll 110 Ofrt) 010 (100 00 (i 17 -I Koewiiu;. Kiulcr, ICoopinau nnd Slnniion; Letanosky, McU'iulon nnd Murlin. Senmil Game Store by innings: R. II. M. Ganither.sville 000 COD 0 :i 0 I'nrngoulU 001 01 x s II 0 Fishier and Pilo; Uol)erson and Martiti. Monday's between the scheduled game here BlylhiiviUe GlniiUs and I'arnguuld licbels has been nd- vimtTCl lo Saturday night,, Fred S. S.ilib.i, .secrel.ti'j' of the local baseball club, said today, The game Saturday nighl, will be- Bin nl clabl o'clock. The two teams will meet In Ihe second L'iime of their scries Simelnj' allcrnoon at, three o'clock. Both smrncs will bir played at Walker park. liKliNAIll) CHANDKIX l.'nileil 1'ns.s Staff ('oinsiiomlnit IKDIANAl'OUS <UP) —Stocky I illt 1 Kelly Pcllllu, winner of Ihe fMdi:ii>;i|)<ill:> .%U-ini!e .speedway nice in lOllTj, cxj)octi> gi'cnt tilings Iiiiin hlu lily red fonr-cyliniler ii.:u-lmic Ihis j'eaj'. I Tin; former l.os Angelc;; fmll truck driver has not .spun a web i.l dreams for his appamit oplim- ii in. lie l-.ns taken the car thai Kiurvil under the cheeked flay ilnei; years ayo, pin a new molar in il :niil added several inside ine- i-lianlcal (jaclueLs which he jealously I'llards Irian rival meehanlc.s. One ol them, he explained. Is n Inel piiinj) whieh antojimllcally i,i«:r-s more gasoline into Ihe car] limvior. Otlii-r cars lutve some type i.l pump, bill iviillo declares ex- j M I'lineiUs have convinced him Ihal fur speed this type Is best. Another I improved (jadgct is Ihc fuel mixture. (iii'es Mini of Klrale^y The little racing driver guvc n l.inl of the strategy lie intends lo follow in the Memorial Day Classic He said: "My race won't bo as lender. I'll liaiii; back in the field nnd let Ihc heavy-footed boys burn out." Pettllo expecls u new record for Ihe 500-mile grind. "Wo should add nt le:ist fire miles an horn 1 lo Ihe uvcinuo speed this year wild a choice of mi.x- lines." Pelillo said. la tests during the winter on Hie not enough to bother with." In three trlfil starts during Ihc last few days the s<|iiat, shovel- ' nosed racer htu> thundered laps at' , 123 and 125 miles an hour. Only one other, Hex Mays, pusted : u belter speed durlni; trial runs, i Kelly asserts that the ones to vviitcti this year are Mays, Jimmy fjnyder, Louis Meyc-r and Honny Housriiolder. Ilia iie doe::n'l uncler- rale Wilbur Bhaw, who roared to a new rt-cord last your, averaging lia.sso miles an hour for COD mllea. He said fa'hav; had too much pH/.e money left to "drive her lo the limit." T.'.e confident IRlIc speed-maker needs llui money tills year—lie spent 51,COO during the v/iuttr perfecting bl.s rncing fin 1 — mxiir, inoiny tor his pivUy-diirk-halred wife, "f;ouit; ci'Licktrs and a littlt. 1 v.lne," THURSDAY, MAY 19, 1938 Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas League CarulhersviUe 7-0, I'ameoiikl 0-5. Jutir.'iboro 12, Newport 5. lilylheville 5, HntpsvHl« 1. Simtlirrn l,fat; Memphis D. Atlanta 4 (11 in- Today's Games Northeast Arkansas Jonesboro at llulesvlllo. PamgouJcl at. Carullirrsvllle. lilylheville at Nc-wi^rt. 'luwille 11, •Birmingham 10 1)2 innings). v.!:ui'.;incovn 4, mile Rock 2. New Orleans 10, Nashville 1. National league Chicago 4, New York 2. Boston 2, Pittsburgh 1 (14 In- nlnj!!;). it. Lenls 12, Brooklyn 4. CInU:,:ml at I'hiliidelphla, rain. American I.eafcue Washington 5. Detroit 1. Cleveland •(, phllndelphia' 2. York 11, St. Louis 7. en at Chicago, rain. Ntw Nm-llirnst Ailcinsus l.oacue W. I,. CMnithersvlllc n 5 I'araeould '.'.'.'.'.'. II (i UUheville lialesville Jonesl/oro Newport . 9 (i Ii 9 B 9 •S Ki Pel. .088 .641 .fiOO .400 .•ItlO Koulhcrji I HAD THE BEST MEAL ON A FRISCO SNACK CAR-IT WAS SO CHEAP. TOO! Boiled water la.sles flat be oiling removes Hie dissolved I':iir Hoyenll Tlireatcneil i ORLAND, Cal. I UP)—The Or- 1 land grange lias just put San| I'rnncisco on the spot. Tt lias voted agninst Ihc use of nny county! Hinds for an exhibit at the Golden' Oale and Vnternational Exposition in IB.tfl unless Sun Prnncisco and I neiyhhorhn; bay cilics sliow a bel-i (IT spirit^ of cooperation in check- In;; nllcgctr labor rnckeleerlng. dry bed of Muroc lake, )0» miles (Hitslde Los Angeles. Pclillo ftii;l his mechanic, Carl Ileppereh zoomed Ihc heavy Innd-bnlltt over the flats at 155 miles an hour. They used n special mixture fuel. "It made the motor turn over like an earthquake .... Ulster j than I've ever run before." ASlati'sDkt' elnoin shrdlu einfwyz year, iviDi a 318 cubic inch fislon displaeement. Ihe connecting Kids In his motor over-heated and went out n trifle past the lialf- waymark. Now lie's cut it down lo 2TO. four under the maximum al- Inwcd, nnd bus escaped Ihe heat which he formerly had to combat. I'usses Up Slrcamlining What about streamlining? "Might add u mile or two, but KnilUimi l.r.ixuc. Cliallanoojja at Memphis (night ja/ne). Nashville at Birmingham. Atlanta nt Little Koek. Knoxville at New Orleans. National I.eajrue Pittsburgh at Boston. St. Louis at Brooklyn. Chicago at New York. Cincinnati nt Philadelphia. American League lioston nt Clilcaijo, New York at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Detroit. Washington nt Cleveland. Read Courier News Want Ads. New York Chicago .. 1'itl.sbitrgh Citicitmali SI. Louis lioston ,. lirooklyn .. Philadelphia American League W. L. Hoslon is g Cleveland 17 g New York 15 9 Washington 17 12 Chicago g H Detroit. 10 M Philadelphia 7 10 St. Louis 718 Pet. .661 .051 .C25 -53U .421 .417 .304 .280 The latest German air liner built for trans-Atlantic .nights is capable of speeds above 1H5 miles an hour. The ship is mi all-metal job with a wingspread of 87 feet. FRISCO LINES BUY NOW AND SAVE! U. S. Oifers You Three Great Tires THR ROYAL MASTKK A Deluxe Premium Tire 2. THE U. S. KOYAI, More New Cnrs come equlp- pccl with this famous Tire than with any other kind. 3. A NEW U. S. TIRB (Guard Standard). You will have to see this new tire to appreciate the rugged construction, the beauty, the extra mileage . . . and the price is so low you will be astonished. ALL THREE ARE BACKED BY THE NEW U. S. LIFETIME GUARANTEE (without limit as to time or mileage). Ask us about it. This Is National Tire Safety Month . . . Special prices on complete sets. Station Never Closes TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Since 1935 Australia has Imported American all-emit worth $1.150,000. Delivery of nt least four more planes is expected within the next six months. The United Stales consumes more than 80,01)0,000' Ions of coal annually. NEWIOWMCE You'll Say iJ's SPECIAL At The PRICE V still more thousands cnn enjoy Ilic whisky tamed for "double vnluc." Yes, ilc tlic ay, which takes more limo on<I grai,,. Tiiat's Bottoms Upl A special treat nn\v since Krowini; dcmniul has mnJc possible its lowest price since repeal. ame or oue vnuc. quality Kentucky whisky oml niail "Slow Mnsli" way, which takes more SLOW MASH" . A Complete Line of HANES UNDERWEAR JOE ISAACS, Inc. 90 PROOF M "SLOW MASH" Mm Up KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY • E80WN fORMMI DlStlllESY CO.. INCORPOSMfD AIIOUISVIUE IN KENIUCXr . .. SINCE 1870 i Trade in those otd," risky tires on sufc new GOODYEARS! Thousands of' stop tests prove that Coodyears are the safest tires. 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