The Virginia Enterprise from Virginia, Minnesota on October 24, 1913 · Page 2
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The Virginia Enterprise from Virginia, Minnesota · Page 2

Virginia, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1913
Page 2
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4' Track Near Passenger Station Must Be Taken Up Says City Council. Also Ordered to RetainFlagmen at Poplar and Sprvee •Street Crossings. The Canadian Northern railway will not comply with an order of the city council to remove the spur track near its passenger depot on Lake Boule­ vard without a fight. Its contention is that it is within the rights of its franchise in maintaining the spur track at its present location and the order of the council will probably re­ ceive no attention. The removal of the spur track was ordered on the representation of Lake boulevard property owners who de­ clared it a nuisance because switch engines were allowed to stand on it all night and the smoke from them be­ grimed adjoining residence property and for the further reason, that the noise of escaping steam and carmen making repairs rudely disturbed their slumbers. The track has been used to park pri vate cars, by switch engines from the West Virginia yards during the switchmen's lunch hours and in mak­ ing switches on passenger trains. The Canadian Northern holds that its franchise does not give it the right to construct spur tracks for freight service but that it has a right to maintain the spur to facilitate the handling of its passenger trains. In the meantime orders have been issued that switch engines must not stand near the depot. There were rumors of injunction proceedings Tuesday, but local officials were non-committal fur­ ther than to say that the removal of the spur track would considerably in­ convenience them. The Canadian Northern was also ordered to keep crossing watchmen at the Poplar and Spruce street cross­ ings at Tuesday night's meeting. It is held that the unguarded condition of these crossings is a menace to the public safety. ALDERMEN RETURN FROM ST. PAUL MEETING Aldermen Boylan and Moilan re­ turned Saturday evening from St. Paul, where they had been to attend the meeting of the state municipal league, its first annual convention. There was a large attendance and an interesting discussion of the public utilities bill. Both. Mr. Boylan and Mr. Moilan are of the belief that the new organization is going to be a big aid to the economical and efficient gov- erament of Minnesota towns and cities if the advantages it offers in the way of information covering practically every pluuie of municipal affairs are taken advantage of. ALL LIGHT SERVICE WILL GO ON METER At a meeting of the water and light board Monday afternoon it was decided to put all .the light service from the municipal lighting plant on meters hereafter. Meters will be in­ stalled as soon as possible where they are not already in place. How to han­ dle the peak load at the electric light plant was another problem before the board. Extensions of the lighting service are going on at the rate of about 30 meters a month and during the winter months the local plant will be taxed to its capacity. Arrange­ ments will probably be made with the Vir ginia & Rainy Lake company or the St. Louis Power company to carry the extra load. BUILDING PUMPING STATION NEAR MARBLE Axel Carlson, formerly desk ser­ geant at police headquarters, but who resigned his position a short time ago, was in the city Monday from Marble for a visit with his family. Mr. Carlon has the contract for building anew pumping station at the Hill annex mine at Marble. Four boilers will make up the equipment of the plant, It will be used as a pumping station for the present, until the development of the annex begins. It will be work ed in all probability as an open cut but it is not yet definitely decided when it will be stripped. The erec­ tion of the pumping station is regard ed as a move toward its early develop­ ment by the Great Northern Ore Prop erties company. LEASES LAND FOR FOX FARM. Tower News: H. W. Engstrom mention of whose intention it was to start a fox ranch in this vicinity was made in these columns several weeks ago, was a caller in the city Monday Mr. Engstrom has leased a tract of land near Vermilion Dam and is now engaged in putting up the buildings necessary for carrying on the business Mr. Engstrom's brother will be as sociated with .him in the enterprise and he is expected here within a short time. The brothers now own eight foxes, two of which are silver greys and the other cross fox. These will be brought here soon as the needed en closures are completed. "VASCO" "VASCO" HIS sudden and unusual cold snap is likely to cause you to think of the Heating Stove that you are going' to buy. DON'T FORGET THE IMPERIAL CORALS Wonderful at Heating Saying of Fuel Made to give long service Handsome to look at Other Stoves at $1.35 and upward MONARCH MALLEABLE RANGES •THE BEST- OUR GROCERY DEPARTMENT offers the best of everything in the way of PROVISIONS We H. R. H., Are by Special Appointment to! The General Provisioners I Public FURNITURE on Second Floor VDIDRAWJBRY FOR CTTY COURT One Hundred Names to Be Selected for Service in Municipal Tribunal in Virginia City Clerk Bickford, Judge Carey of {he Municipal court and Mayor Mur­ phy will next week select 100 names from which will be drawn as the oc­ casion demands names of jurors to serve in the municipal court of Vir­ ginia for the next six months. This system of drawing municipal court juries is made necessary and provided for by a law passed at the last session of the Minnesota legisla­ ture. It had been quite overlooked in Virginia until Attorney Joseph Austin demanded a jury trial for ex-Game Warden Wood, when he was arrested for interfering with an officer a short time ago. Wood demanded a jury trial and it was then developed that no jury had been drawn and it was necessary to dismiss the case against him. Jurors so drawn must serve for a term, of six months. Only those actu­ ally serving on a jury are entitled to receive compensation. O'DEA BELIEVES HE HAS WON AN AUTOMOBILE Deputy Sheriff Artie O'Dea firmly believes he is going to be riding around in his own automobile before many more weeks, the result of his aptitude at solving riddles. The Chi­ cago American has offered an automo­ bile to the first ten people sending to it the correct answer to the riddle "What Does a Lawyer Do When He Dies?" O'Dea is sure he has the right anwer pegged and that he will be among the fortunate ones. "What does a lawyer do when he dies?" "That's easy," said O'Dea. "He lies still." Artie is confident he is right be­ cause he says its the truth and you can't beat that for any price. JEREISSATI STYLE WEEK TO OPEN TUESDAY WITH A FASHION RECEPTION Next Tuesday will mark the open­ ing of the Jereissati "style week," during which time some of the most handsome creations of the fashion world are to be shown. The occasion will be fittingly celebrated with a fashion reception next Tuesday and Wednesday, at 2:30 and 3:30 o'clock, at the Lyric theatre. This reception or style show is to be somewhat of a novelty. Styles worn in the past century by great grandmother down to -l thejnssent d|| i^SW|N»rtnywi^.n a tenthousattd dollar moving picture film, three thousand feet in length. Tickets may be obtained'free at the Jerei?sati Brothers jftore. Sittce the announcement last week hundreds of women have availed themselves of the opportunity to, see the wonderful picture and Indications point to a packed house atall four shows. BETTER METHODS IN POTATO GROWING In 1912 the area panted -to potatoes in Minnesota was 245,000 bushels, with Ian average yield of 135 bushels per acre, «t aft average cost of about $25 per acre. The profits in potato grow­ ing could be increased by the introduc­ tion of better varieties, the control $25.00 Suit SPECIAL SALE on Ladies' $35. Suits for $25.00 price and style for any type. A Collection that for Style, PerfectFit and Variety is unmatchable at the The Suits are made of Wool Poplins, Boyaderes, Broadcloth, Bedford Cords, Serges, Eponge.. .There's an extremely good assortment which we just received from the Printzess Shops, the Best Made garment in the world. The .Suits .are mostly Wonderful values foi $25.00 Come and see them and try them on. Be Sure To Attend Our Printzess Fashion Reception At the Lyric Theatre next Tuesday and Wednesday, October 28 and 29 Tickets Are Free. Call at our store as soon as possible as tickets will be given out only until capacity of theatre is ex­ hausted. and elimination of disease, the selec-lthem to the best advantage. tion of seed, and improved methods of culture, according to Farmers' Library Bulletin 38, by A. R. Kohler, recently publishedby the Extension Division, Minnesota College of Agriculture. In his bulletin Mr. Kohler discusses the kind of soil best adapted to potato growing, the use of fertilizers of vari­ ous kinds, and the preparation of the soil. The ground should be plowed in the fall, especially if sod is used, and plowed deeply, seven or eight inches if the soil will stand it, and then disked once or twice. The methods of cutting potatoes for seed, the use of potato planters, and the cultivation of the growing crop are described, followed by a discussion of sprays and how and when to apply We Are Prepared For Your Visit NOW that the cold days of winter are approaching we believe you are firmly con­ vinced that it is time to choose those long wished for furs. WE have anticipated this weather and your visit and are now prepared to meet your inspection with a beautiful exhibit of fashionable furs that is the equal of any shown in the northwest In style, quality of pelts and efficiency of workmanship it is Digging, storing stad marketing afe, taken up in a comprehensive way and a list of the varities best adapted, is Minnesota is given. "v c~" If you have pot already received1* copy of this bulletin, write to the Office of Publications, University Farm, St Paql, and one will be sent, to you by return mail. BENEFIT PLAY IS LARGELY ATTENDED A benefit play given by the dramatic club of the Virginia Finnish Temper­ ance society at the Socialist opera 'house Sunday evening was largely at­ tended. The play presented was "Sylvia," a pastoral from the Finnish. Its presentation was very capable and Coats That Will Turn the Edge of Winter's Chill—and Yet That Are Stylish dary consideration. You know it is easy to make a coat that is warm, but it is not so easy to make a coat warm and have it stylish as well.. .You've seen many a friend of yours bundled up in a coat that looked cozy and warm, but did not by any means look stylish. Exclusive Store for Women's and Misses' Good Goods Only S The Home of Printzess Garments was.much enjoyed by ihehigcrowd. The funds received will .go for the re­ lief of John Koskilla of Gilbert, who has Jteen ill and unable to care for himself for some time. WESTERN UNION TO INSTALL CLOCK SYSTEM R. P. Shackelford, time service solicitor, tor the Western Union Tele­ graph company, is in Virginia this week arranging to install a system of Western Union clocks here. Thirty had been ordered installed Monday evening. The Western Union fur­ nishes the clocks and corrects the time daily for a small sum and the service has become very popular with busi­ ness people the country over. A simi­ lar service has recently been installed at Hibbing. PRINTZESS has solved the problem of tailoring heavy looking materials so that they retain the slim, slender silhouette that this season's fashions so earnestly demands, and the wide range of ma­ terials of even light weight up to the most heavy give you such a range of selection that we know you will find just the coat you want —and then the prices are moderate, which is by no means a secon­ All we want you to do is to visit our department—use your own eyes in critically examining and intrying on a PRINTZESS—the mirror will tell the story of whether they fit or not, and your own good judgment of values will tell you that a PRINT­ ZESS is the garment for you to buy, especially when you kuow that they are guaranteed for two full seasons satisfactory wear. FURS beyond criticism. IT would be impossible to adequately describe the beauty of our furs—the grace­ ful lines, the dependability of the skins and the fine workmanship—a close inspection can only show off their fine points. We invite you to see them then judge for yourself whether they are not the finest in the land. FURTHERMORE, we offer them at prices that can but meet with your approval. •f.

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