The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1936
Page 2
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—\VERKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL' USSSON= Gli r is Li an ily Spread by Persecution InkriultojMl I'jiiConn • • Suniliiy Srlipol I.c.<son for July 20. 1'rxl; Acts 1:59-8:4; 1 I'ctcr 4:1219. ' (Conliimpd Frpin Page 1) of "four nnnmcs nnfl one bills ' at Hie county prison faint drank jhf, cn(lrc dally pioductlon of milk, received $7o s\ moutli and -room and board, aixl controlled a block of \otes. Judge pook' declined Hint lie tinned the Pulaiki cuutv i>rkon faiirTfrom a heirtlly losing viio|)o- .sitloii Into n injing, eolng busl ue'ij am! that lie »ns making the pcop)c of tlie slnlc'flie snnic i»o- posil ii| to the slate prison farms that he <Ild ;Pulaskl county citizens as to theli county /nun He £hld if he did not turn llii: slate fninis from losing lo pajlng businesses he ;\voiild not accept a dime for his services as .governor He \varned his listeners to be waia of piombcs of fit'e text- bopks, the lifting of tollb on cu- iam hitdges, free auto nnd other 'idle begging promises":, that could not .be fulfilled lie said he would continue the old age pension plaiii but would' lettuce expenses of government bs getting ltd of 4 tlie "chali «.um- crs, 8<m milkers and political jers" \\lio ha\c domlnnled the .yers .who iiiivc Mminated the list,'who pilfered for (lie new perMiiittc ourselves that we arc religious movement of Milch .lic'sufrcriiie for conscience 1 rake and was Ihe fore run neiv . i . • . v l!.v H'M. K. GILKOV, ». I). I'dltor of Adriince The sajlng "The blood of the Here In the early days of the Clmrcli, \ve have the .story of |Sli'jilien', a June nnd noble tHs- ciulc of Ihn iiew faith, witness ma it} is Is Church," • is (he seed of the a lino saying concerning Christian history, Jesus Himself was liic first martyr, unless we Ililnk of John Hie ISap- Pemiscot Singers Will Name Officers Sunday The I'cmiscot Comity Singing Convention will meet Sunday, July 20, at Vickcbiirg, sis mill's northeast of Slcele, it Is announced by n. E. L, Smith, presidcnl. The puljlie. IK Invited to attend the affair, which will lust' :ill day. There will be n basket dinner at noon. Officers of the convention for the coming year will be elected at tilts meeting. Australias" Exports Elm Loaf Tobacco 1 for our convictions. H. Is one thing to suflcr tis n Christian, and qiillc another thing to Buffer iis u ncrvcrsc itnan of liiB to Hip Ueanly of Us teaching ™ tlon or » self-opinionated fool, forgiveness " c must, In Stephen not •only his willingness to sulfcr, Init the beauty and purity of lib life concrrnlng love in the very hour of being stoned to What ninde these cncintcs of 50 , ____ _ s ' good 11 man, and of (lie religion t. tllat he professed, .so violent, iltjnlrisl him? 'Jf wo knew that, we should un- dcrslancl the nature of bigotry, prejudice, and persecution us (hey iinc lipcii cmptKi!/;cil nil IhiongU 1)0 year. Tlic pitiful thini: about persecution Is Ibat so often It Is carried on by those who are fanatically In earnest. have a MKLHOUI1NK (UP)—When large riimn'Ullcs of fallen- elm leaves were brought in the Austrian town of lincchus Marsh for shipment to Germany, a rumor spread state toi jeais lie rhaigcd that!"? a. mjsteilous new explosive l>e every one of his .seven l.iwjci op- Ins rxtiactcd fiorii leaves, poiieuts ckniucd a helping hand in the planning and enactment of icfimding legislation but it"was Gov rutiell's \vorl, the onb liait his opponents had plugs like tobacco in It was In Helping create tlie' " ' muddle tlml iiequircd such ij pio- A'ofcs '1 hen tame the explanation, T«o customs officers saw Hie that loaves being nut .through, 'n liy- tvml drmillc press nnil .converted Into ny lestcd llih new "smoke 1 jiml found it quite palatable find smooth, UiougU somewhat damn. Ho It seems tlml Ocnnan sinok- ci^ In thcie dajs of currency dif- ticullu's, mo to be conceited to (lie new elm leaf "lobaceo." }Mr and Mrs Chiilev Alextimlci iiijd son, Lynn Alevintl"i, and the lattcr's small son, of Osceohi, \isSted Mr and Mrs M R Bailey Sujulay nftcinoon Mi and Mrs &am Woikman spent Thursdiv nnd nidnr In Cooler with Mis Tlielma 'lltomp- £on ami d.uighlci, Beth, tMiss Mildicd FdvvnuH lin? returned fiom n visit with Misi Maiy Lorcne Co<, of Lcnclivillc Mi and Mrs J. B Gns£om .vero: in Kcnnett on business Sat- llfday 'Archie Riclnrd and Ihc Misses , s 4!i ," 102 , Nina Bioos and Lula Jcffiies, ami Mrs Rubs Hushing, of Cooler/ iclurned Friday morning fiom Indianapolis and New York City, where they spent their vacation Mr and Mrs W. A Dates Ji and daughter, Marilynn vvcic in Memphis Monday. Mrs Gus Wade and small son are spending n few davs in St. Louis with relatives Latci they will go Ip Jerjjcjvlltc. Ill, foi n \ls1t with'Mrs. WacltJs Eistci, Mrs, Hoy 1 olhs. Latest Survey Makes Pennoylvania Larger MARRISBURG, Pa. <UP'-Ge:)- einphlcnl surveys made dining the ]):i:;t . SCVRIIII inonllis reveal Pennsylvania to b3 Inrycr by fili- .33 Eqimrc miles Mian pmvlous- ly crcdllcd. •'I lie lom; nicsplrd figure .jnvr t!io Keystone slate's area as 1-[J squuc miles. mile:, is about one-half Philadelphia, Actual The i.jc Hie sii- Realty Transfers W.urantj Di-cds American Building and Loan AKcciintton of little I^ock, by Mar- icn AVisson, (.late bank comiiiis-- slcnrr, to Earl Snider, lot 7, block J, Maisli addition to Blytiicvillo. Amcrlc.inj Scciut\ Company, lo Samuel Manning, lot 30, blocks ••!, I origlr-' - ' mistaken notion of truth and Hint makes lliein supiwse tliey can do Clod .service by trculing (heir fellow men violently nnd basely. . t • 'I 5 * + • ' Perhaps (hero is nothing so "e-ll cessary ninoni; men of fallh nnd i | finceiity us that they should he conslm'illy l]i'lni;lii[; diclr lhoii(jhls, | iniitlvcs, nnd actions under the, lest, of nlllmatc Ideas of klntlll- and goodness. If vengeful and linlcful fccl- Inss. arise in our hearls iigatusl Ilkise with whom we disagree, wo limy be. sure lliat we ourselves (ire wrong; if not in our ideas, | at least In our sitliliutcs. There can lie no devollon lo Jesus That' iliies not follow the example of Ills love. Here', nl Hie slonlng of Stephen, was n young nmn who wns, to leniii the Imth of Ihe.ic Ills name was I'aiil. He did notj parhike In (he sloning, but he watched the gariiicnts of those who did. " ' .The spcctiicle [if nnotlier youiiz man dying in fitltlfful witness lo what he believed, free from all enmity against those who were killing liliu, calling u]inn God lo vrcclve his..spirit, iiiul a deep effect upon Paul. Here must Ims'C been the beginning of [hat conversation on Ihe way to Damiis- cuv, will) which we shall deal in a later lesson. There is one distinction that, perhaps, our lesson should Im-i |)|o:;s on our nihuls. All fiiiircring Is not worthy, and nil that befalls, us Is 'not- persecution. ' I Often we bring sullcrini; .upon' ourselves, ami we. develop n sort nf pei-scculion complex lliough Hie fault Is • Inrgcly our own. Too; often we si(lfer for our • errors, our -indisercllons, nVcl our mls- : lukcn coui'ses, .even though we Pile Suffering Endedjat Last TO lhousn,mU ot nufforera frgin ttio i>a1n ot I'tka, Tlioriiton &. .Mhior I'llu OJnlrjiciiL ha« ttrouKrit. (julck rclk-f. '\'h\n I'flvat<j KurinuU l>r«scrhitloji IKIJI been aevdoppd llirouyn t.C yoara' cxpcrJ^nro :<t lliu worlj'o ol'lcxt ntitt brai'M rcielnl Ins1 Itmion. Ojily jotpHlly itvult.ilila fur liutno uae. Try u imuknKoari'a Moiiey'lJavk Uuaratilcc. l-'ur talgul .1 Robinson Drug Co. FRIDAY HOUR SALE n TO .1 p.. .ni. Pure Silk and Crepe & Satin Slips I ; 'riday aftcntoon for one • huur only, from 3 to •!, we arc placing on sale cur regular Ijnc of Pure Silk Crepe n n d Satin Slips. Slips that will .wpnr and have special features;. Guaranteed seams.-- ijcg- uliir : 52, 1(1 to $X2D val- | UPS and only one'' lo n • customer. i iual survey, of Manila. Why Gulf is the Gas for July "IS IT COOL OUT THERE, OIRIS7" \Vcll, ii 1 s lint most of llic time on shore. July requires a lincih u^imdL 10 i spccul hot- Avcathcr formulil. Otherwise, you tlon 1 ! £Ct the inllc.igc you • pay for . . . part of the fuel c? out the exhaust , tt-Mtaf. Ask for C.tmtGiilf in July—its formula fits the ueith(_r And lice uiscil' "Kept in Step v.'ith the GUcmlur," all of it joe lo u orL, 1101:1. of it f,ocs io teatle. Try :i l.uikful. RITE PRICEG80.&MKT. 111 E. Phone 284 We Deliver; Prkos Arc Gnnd July '2<l,. 25, 27 and 28 GItAl'KS. (.'(iiicoiil O.HC •t-Ql/ Basket ."•'" GHAIT: Fiuiriv nc Ariv.dnn Sicu'illess. Ki\. * ris)). Fresh WATKltMRLONfj" 1C; Swept Cub.'in Q|]ccn. Lb.l Fr,0UKS : J\RV: ADVANCING Take Advnntajre of This OppQrlunity Gold Medal, l^lish Dish I'Voc, ail I,bs. ...-.:... |)5c Sn-p-Whilc, Gnnrantceil, 2.1 l.b.s. Siic; libl. .. §0.25 Our Mc;its Are Kept Fresh nnd Wholesome li y (he Iksl K(;iii])n\oi)t in Town. We Alisoiiilcly Give Yon Hi'«hcr Qmiiity at Kile Prices. A Trial Will Convince You or Ymir jliu\cy Will lie Cheerfiidy' Refunded. Chttse, Wia. Cream, Hi 25 Haeon, Fey. Sli. U). ;-!2c Frt'.sh Dress, Fryers, Ib 33 Koasl lieef, Chuck, II) U.c liacon Skins, LI). .. 7^ 2 c Hccf Liver, Fresh, Ib lf>c Swift Prciu. Heef Slc;ik, Lh. • ..' ...... 32c Sail Meal, HoiliiiR, Ib I! 1 /; Pork Chops, Cenlcr Cuts, Lb ......... 2")C Vc.-il Steak Chops, Ib 20c Neck Hones, Mealy, Ib 't\'i While Uibbpn Shorlcning •I Lbs. 50e; S Lbs. Doc [J Muplc LeafSSc Cerlilied, sk SI EXTRA VALUES I'l'ltU I.A'RD 'I Ibs Slit'; 8 Ibs §> 25 Ibs S3.50; 5R lbs_|MT> C FIG HAKS I-Lb. Ccilo IJags •10' I'INHAPI'LH Sliced, lii-ox. Can I.'ICKLKS, l{read'& Htiltcr. Jar " ' - liLACK 15YK PKAS QIC Calif. Lb. / 2 IMCKLKS, Sour or Hill. Quart Iff LMKNTOMS .1-0?;. .. lie Dromedary 7-oz. . . Oc "Grade A Milk Pint .. oc (iiiarnnlecd ()L ... <Sc COFl'KK, Canova or <)n( JFav. House. Lb. L\ Sotips or Spaghetti 0 ( ' Till! Cans ^ J TKUH VALUES Calsiip, j'lire, I l-ox. lOc Mu.slard, l-'iill Ql'. .. Klc Spnuthclti or Miic, box :!c iMalches, True Am. box .'!c Oals, NuSpccily, box 8c Vinegar, Hulk, Gal. .. 1 Ic Deans, Campbell's, can 7c Crackers, 2-Lb. Hox 15c Salad Dressing, Q[. .. 23c Oals, Cryslal Wcd,,lgc21c Uronms, •! Sfrinjr, ca. 1!lc iMops, .Serviceable, ca. Ku- Ginger A!c, Quart .. 10? Salinon, Chum. Can .. lOc . Kvap. Pencbcs. 2 Ibs 2w : Put-c Coffco, Bill!;, 2 Ib 2f, Tea, Peerless, ilo?. box :il Mnr.sbmallo\\s, ',', Ib .. i)c Candy liars, I) fnr .. lOc Cosmetics, lOc values 7!';c LIBERTY CASH GROCERc I.(HV1!ST MI.ICKS IN TOWN '. • •' ' 3H IV.'MAI>T|^ I', Anit SPECIALS FOR' FRIDAY AND SATURDAY FLOUR, Fluffy Ruffles 5-lli. Clolli liaj> Sugiir Kli With'20-1,b. S;iclv At Meal liesl 'Cream 21-1,1). Suck 55c Matches Greens -Antlior .Mus(ar(l or Tiirnjp liiineh 3c Tomatoes Butter Frcslr I'tiund Process i'oiinil 33c Pound 5c Shoe Polish (lay While ' Hi'g, 25c Bol. 13c Snov/ While OiMi|)uiiiii| 1'oiind Bacon fancy Sliced I'oinul Hens Full Dressed Pound Picnic Hams < ound Salt Meat Vur Moiling Pound 13£ Greeii llt'iids Pound 3c EggPiant Corn Fresh Pimnd 5c Slokely's Ctumlry Gcnl. No. 2 Ciin lOc M I I Rk • Alcmphu A A Salad Pressing 22c Peanut Butter Qt. 24c Lye, large Can 5c Tomatoes ijKG, Pnund 22J/2C FQKKQUAHTEH, ['ouiKi I7i/, c Grouiid Beef Beef Stew Beef Roast AH Merit Pnund Brisket or Hib Pound THICK RIH, 'Lb. JS'/,c ShUlcr Clod, Lb. Round Steak K. C. lieef I'ound Head liunch SPAGHETTI "'«*.'«,$? MACARONI ^'>.2'. c ' TOMATO MSI| ' E & KKANS ' : C.C Van {Jiimp. Casi <J Siiuare Box *11C Eacli "2 White or Yd- ' sow. Lb. SHELLED PEAS u. 15 ( liullerbcans Lb. OKRA I'resh Ifl^ Lb. 11) EAT'c, n 2i c VIENNA SAUSAGE 5° SALMON Chum 'Vail Call Tall Can 8 C Can «>' O/. OC Can 0 OVAITINE .„..:., 1NE ,, ( :,, rr Waldorf Roil HAMBURGER SPARE RM Fr 1i 15° PIG EARS Frc-sli Lb. PIG LIVER.. ^V,]? T \'f Slnkelv's 'ryC '* Lge. Can HOMINY- ' s 'gL B AKING'('OWOKIt Claliber nK; Girl. 10-07. Can it BROOMS ^L h YT BINSO ^'S/:::::. 7 ^ LUX FLA|§^lf : LUX SOAP SCv\P Life liuov- liar [) Crystiil White OfTC (i liars !) Lgc. It'ir DOG FOOD V! n, n 5 C •PRUNES re • Evap. w Lb. FLOUR ""V^ 6f whiie s j2-i.ii. sk. 4i) ss Liberty erty IflC ,;,,. Ju? \wm Lb. M I? ... * ^WR !{e(1 Rosc Jfsix. Hrni-e LI i. Conipound QflC S-Lb. Cln. tf J Kptllti_jJ^ I'ure Cnnc P9(' 10 Lbs. tJ : w SYRUP ' S;mCr ?a IO n4f DOG FOOD Alert Gin u CALUillT '^gjf SELOX Small Libby's •>.\>i Can Libby's LEP. Cnn

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