The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. \XV11—NO. 231 mgteja Slppl^y^aW, "J.YTHKVll,I.K. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY. FKBUUAKY M, 1911 SINGLE COPIES .FIVE CENTS' Sc.nonta Kor Panama on Cotton Consumptiin I WASHINGTON. Feb. 14 Uumcstlu consumpllon uf lint, col- ui In January 1931 was estimated 11! 454,188 running bales by tho United Slate:) crnsiis bmeau lu- dny against «ti.2in bales in December and 570.100 ball's in Jatm- iiry 1P30. Tolnl consumption for I ho si* C - SOU Blytlicville District Heavi-: fit Sufferer Through; Fadtv.'c of Lislitiihoii. ' i TJlytlieville special school dislrlcl j No. 5 sustained the hcavi.-st in-1 dividual lo;s of any sclicol district; or county fund In th: Mississippi; coimly treasurer's funds which were f>:i deposit In (he First state; bank at Osceola. it has been r=vcat-1 ed lu a statement prepared by I'atil' Cooley. coi'.nly auditor. When the bntik closed on No- • vemher 15. 5'J5.!G!.fit was on d?- r.n-it with the bull: of Mississippi' county funds. O.' this amount 47.132.35 u'cs crediud to th; Bl.- ihcviils fchocl Uisulc' fund. County GemM'.'ll I.osn.-i 'the co:tn'V Eonera! fund was the; nex; heaviest loser with f3.03fi.12; cf tlie treasurer's funds to Its credit on deposit. The general school fund of the cci-'Eity, '.vhic'i provides for the- op- crating e:rpc-nsCo of the county • superintendent's office, lied S1.C62.-. 52 on deposit in th; inptllulion. Tile total deposits in the First; n*:ue bai:^: represented 1G.43 -;KT cent of the total. funds of the county at that tim? and th; less Cllib Mcmbei'S Are Taking months ending January 31 nmount- U A i' \' \¥/'il R/I „ rd to 2.460.432 bales raniiisl 3.314.- r. Activities Willi More ... 1S Vies m till , * oricsl)0n( i[ nB Than Usual Vigor. '< i )tno<l a > cnl " ™°- OSCEOLA, Feb. 14.—If the drouth discouraged adult farmers there is in indication that it had a slml- , ! 1: r cfT.'ct or. -1-11 club bovs .and • • trJilf. nnd prospects fcr club work j , in sculli Mississippi county this j 'year are cr.lremely piomlshig, ac-1 ! coring to Ccnnt.y Agent S. D. Car-1 nrntcr of Osceoln and Miss Corn of Assembly to Dnifl New Conslitution Is Predicted. MADK1U. r-'cb. H. IUP)—Klnfil Altoriso today asked the Couul Ito- manoncs. llv? Liberal leader, to sue-; cecd General D.imas-v Bercnguor u:!j premier. Uomancnes decllr:d. ] ' UI1JILI I>1 ^y.-L.UHl tlllu l.tit.I w. .. i ^ f ,^ i Leo Coleman, hon-c drmonsltiitlon j p ]ne tJLUll 'KeSldciltS jtlll Alarmed Over Nocturnal Visilor. agent. Clubs, many .if which formerly, [inferred organization until late in j February or March, were all or- rnntzed of Ihcir own volition dur- MADfllD. Feb. 14. (UP)-After ; yenrs of dictatorship, martial law j nnd rebellion Spain appealed today; to be moving toward a nopubll-; can form of government with such' A^f'P'W fe^:;:;M&;-:lE, It fit EXPECTED Means Farmers Can/ Bov- ro wFrom Government lot Purchase of Food. "•' WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 .IUP>~ Tlie senate today approved the $20,000.000 drouth relltt compromise. '••:.•'- ; The senate volcd to adopt the conference icport on the Inferior department bill and the report no*' BUCS lo the house where speedy adoption is expected. ':^.The compromise is _ln the form of an nintndincnt to" the. Interior department bill. "'".-' The vote on the adoption of ,lhe report was: for 'adoption. .07, agalnil adoption, 15. '-' ; Action Expected. _.•\ .The house took up the Interior i department bill conference report • v.-llh the drouth relict compromise Gl in Cotton Clubs Th? clHhs of Etowah, Stlllman. did v.'es; Rictus Hatcher, Burddtte and i ev.»ry precaution .had been taken i RC'"-' hjvc nt present n total en-i anr it was generally believed he rr'l'.rcnl of 182 members- The conn- ' cnuld not evade 111? extensive trap governed, tv's cash crop continues to attract (hat police had laid for Ills cap. the majority of 4-H boys and girls, uin-. -due in a large measure to the val- The Inactivity of'the ghost bnrg- todnv expressed dUno- ' Tho r '- :a lo s |l:al development ; 7ha th ' n fery ma P n P™rs lo bo the convocation of a K clal set. continue his activities as constitutional assembly to draft. _a leader of the repubc's younger King Alfonso beg-m limrj'dlalely after the cablnst'r, res- wllh lenders of the Liber- al farm loans In tho drouth areas, All appropriation o: $ij.i.iX),lM>0 for . I . and seed leans' is already in I effect. , " ' ""; , _.,j 550,000,000 provided by the I bill which passed the senate today will bo available for all Crop production and agrlcutural rehabilitation, purposes, find Secretary ; | of Agriculture Hyde, .whose . putment wilt administer It, has .:. I ! said-- that .loans lor'tood >111 be ..I lie yan mad*. ., . . - : -.-• Ulrrkuiavl H?rvey." Couch; Arkansas' utility,- $ I tyffWajr m«&«-...wrt^ia'nn.m ,^tM&l -.,...^.,...<, .-(^^^laH^rTer-eottiinittrf,-:^'- 1 r Osceoia bank. Dividend Exprclrd It is IP- orally anticipated thnl the receivsr for tlie First Scato bank will >:C)CK? a dividend about ' first cf Msrch. Although no of- ICOMMMIDEIIIY ill ir:.^ liist, i-i ^n LI - IJ - "*viiwt*»,.» • •" — ^ _ m ^ B. M M^B «. R i • A • i ficial statement has been made it fl [H RT DnCTHR fiC \\ is understood that the dividend mil M- S U H H PJ H H K> be aaorcximately 25 per cent. . U LU fl i U UU I Ula! flU ife approx Funds on (iep^it In the Firs'. State tank by Roland Grccvc, for-- liier" treasurer, were co surety bonds of the. HO ance company of Little Reck. Ir. addition to the dividends from th p^ultrv. with."'23 members carlns' Weber said he came here from for family flocks, and Burden and; North Dakota and denied he was n'nninK projects come third withi in snv way Implicated, Police say rr eirls enrolled. Other club pro-1 jje failed to answer-Ihe description iccts are divided among the mem- | O f the mystery man. - h?rs in the Tder named, corn 21, iii-i 18, Irish potatoes-12, sweet po- north of here from be to 000,000 fcr generally credited with havln'j ompromise, ««ev tag with the' S20,- tatoes 1. cookery 1, clothing 8, rn!m Improvement 12. home man. t7cm:nt 3. and peanuts 1. West Itldne His. nizalion is members Children at Little Rock iveted uy,Gnneval Edwards, WlioLed,Held Under $2,000 Bond TI-.E i&mst, cii* organi n-j Irsur- M ' . . . } , .,, i TI , at West Ride.:; where 3G ,,,<;m U c.a „ , H - • — |\j e ., v Singland Division in. lor Alleged threats• i,- V c mr.-iied. the numb;r inciud- \ "™ •'• '"'" " r C L I \ • i \l in? Irne R^dburn. whose-1928 cot-: f,PP e f l0 -;" rrancc, buccumbs. Against iNcgroes. . lo - n club ,. Kcrd v .-as conceded ti-a 1! " l " v ™^". Pemiscot County i highway^ Resident Dies, Aged 94 secured this month, according to WHM"" i" «=™ "7'V^.Trt^uth -. ' - P H Daniels of Slkeston, high- most pressing needs of the drouth . STEELE, Mo.-Sam A. Crawford.! wny division engineer. The state areas will be,sa tBs '°" 0 ™^ el " :• m. one of the oldest resents of; highvay -JP^n^ has.a^une-j A ™J° mo(io by RcpuHllcBn :let in May and will be of con- \ Naders revealed today Institute Seek Homes Crawford, at 11 o'clock ._ ' [night. I A complete survey of tno newicerm. w p Dnrris district superln-l Funerftl services were conducted i road has been completed and the Mono the Arkansas Children's .by Tlev. W. M. Duncan at th cl plans thus shown leave Holcomb voic ;pita!, has issued rin home of Charles Crawford at two. and White Oak completely oft. spue ' county farnl-'o'clock Friday afternoon. Inter-1 the new hishway. These two towns ; preyed oy ~- TVeasury ' iTeas ,-ide homes for children men in Mount Zlon ccmjtcry. . \ have been 'located on Highway 25; Mellon. Daceased is survived by Charles, thus far thei highway'bending at On y liauiriatcd institution what additional" funds may be realized en tnri 1 "« , , „ n«t now ln tllc home al Ll " le Kock ' " '^.'I 5 _ a , ?"S The h-:me, he says in a com- a third of the house is i defeat It under thls.pror cqulrea two thirds the canvas today sufficient opposing - .uzens, Republican, . ..„ .._ tho senate today 'he White"Oat'one nilhTtc" the "west understood administration lenders and Holcomb about three miles In the house were planning . p to Hi" west "° ld "P tne veteran's loan bill Holcomb, by virtue of the new until all appropriation measures . : trial period, if it Is found that mere -j. T. bytie and Hazen nan weic nrr angement. will yet be on High- «.^^ pr.ssed. •••-hearing before Justice lnc F . M. Crump Cotton contest; „ mutlm] I OVQ betweon foster par- arrested by city police this mom-; „ bl]t lt u not known where Such a procedure would remove " ' ' • •fyiinsr r n charges of petit larceny. ' ^ lnt = r sectlon of 25 and 53 will all threats of an extra session, pnd . The two youths ar,? alleged to b " accor( u n t- to the re-roulmg If » bonus bill were, passed alter furniture which; ^'^^.Zv b» moved directly Feb. 23 President Hoover could it with a pocket veto. . , uzens expressed hope the senr "--urc^c to-nth" co'.wi.-'ssionel district, which j anniversary h^t New Ye.irs day ' 1 ' <J ' 3 "' ""'"""i ""' i~" •;••-"" ccmpriiss sis'.;en southeast Missou- Hr Oi1 ; ;r!!d lhe i, OS pital one month I on thc dcor ° l IK " rocs "°"' c ': j-l -.-.iint'.es. -arc, tociciy and immediately under-' The notice found on the negro• Wood, a lifcirng resident of tlv.S; ft . clU ap _ cmcrgtn ..j. opfra i; 0 n. 3c- !srin-r'5 cfocr bore the inscription: I have stolen some furniture which; ]ans , ( mny bs lr:ovl: ^ directly Feb. 23 to i I- Ml been stored In a house on an , ^^ j Qr tnrce m n cs . dUowing only kill it wi „ ., • , ccrainimiciuL- »m, .^.. w. .. —-Is-; »"»' back of the Frank Webb res!-, ^-^ m(lM od(m , onal maintenance Couzen . Davidson, spon-1 tlM) m(cndclU o( the homo. i'.nc: on Tenth street. :: for 53 but , cavln? mMe Oak ate would pass the ve trans com- i'ag- Thre:' i 18H West Ninth street, LUl'e Rock.' The furniture was recovered. j wm , oul n Highway at all, or it may promise bill before all approprm- ... ." _... -- - — — hje. moved south to a point beyond ;ion bills arc cut of the was. ... Rolling; Rollins Over lhe Western Sands former teacher. Fcr . his advanced age it was'. "Kcarocs move before Monday ' u:i' i t:-,uihiiuii, n<ji>u>.4. in; •- -i-i— "wcort v:a, circled by acclimation faito! to roily, claps'.nj into a ; cupied shortly thereaaer, it Is re- as were ST-VHO! of the other ofn- con-. fro:n '.-.hirh he never fully i ported. cers of the organiznticn. Henry Dcpping cf Kansas v.'ss c'.:c::d^ of the as.".cciation. en H^ro Selis Two Edwr.-ds uas torn in Cleveland.' \VJj e O t pornlfir Mayor O., January 1. 1860. Ho passed: thtou^i the rriries nf 1st Lieuten-j ant. Cr.p!3in. Lieutenant Co!ciwl| of Steele-Died Thursday _. , ar,(l Bncrr.ier General b;fo:e his STEELE. Mo.—Ella Robinson, 41, On"! H?3- t-3vaticn t.-> I'M post of Jifajor; wife of S. T.. Robiiibcn. associate .General during the World War/ iud?c of the County Court and 'i_'Durln» the Philippine campaign, former mayor of Steelc, died at ATBUQUERQUE. N. M. .-- , .- Two/ medals of honor thai he re-i Edwards was cited four times for- hov hoir: here Thursday afternoon ,»i,-~< "fr- hevcic work in a r.-a consi>:cuoiis callan'aT- ' at one o'clocx. ^ fiii-d to appei^e his" : F-.irrra! Ecrvlces were conducted • - .. Clausen " 1J 5 '• Pi c C JU it" 1 Rev. R. O. Eilis a! the Heth. ™, fo", meal j ' 13S1 S-"' 1 " 8 Sunday ; c ^ t dl;!rc ,, „, i,- 0 -dock Friday h - m «,' one of the ha r.,:, • f or Mrs. Nettie Faires ^ noon - Inl9nr " int '" H ° 11V " m " ! She Is survived by her husband STEELE. llo.—Funwa! services nn d two-year-old daughter. the of iv's s - America crew lint ics- i cutsi 'lhe crew of the 3. S. Fl:r!dJ ab-V .1 > c3 Tjr • I'.'.s on:i part in will be conducted Sunday nfternoor. nt 2:30 from t!;c Moihodlst criirrh received two medals, bii 1 for Mrs Ni ,,,. e Holland Feires,: en lhe hi^ht.'ay re- Vilfc „( H M Fahes, who died at. \ cently (^ '^- enough :o buy n b?i and a moil. ^ SAT.EM. Ore. (U?)—In n recclu- llcn to Ve presented in the Or; . „ . , , .. al Ne;§ilDOrs MOVC , M tO NCW ! . . l-.o: home here late Friday nl<?ht. Se.-.'i.-cs wl!l be conducted by Rev. .1. C. Ellis of St?::c. Trie de:cAS?d Is survived by her ht»b.ind. n. M. [from its former qtmiors to tlie nir.tlicr, Mrs. Mary Burns: ' second floor >-f the Dlythevllle Un- Th» Rcyrsl Ncighhors has moved j White Oak. with an additional ; maintenance of 9 miles. The lalt", p t PJ-iL Cnntrol plan would leave White Oak O n-I °CS 0? DJ™ VUnirui • _ Given Senate iieanng plan won a highway. i ' In addition to the changes in ;__ | route of Highway 25 more than 15 WASHINGTON Fib. 14 '(UP)rr I damerous curves will b= removed _ nta o{ b , rth control ma- by the straight line of the new ^ ^^ b;(ore a ..-^ • road. It is possible that the road mmmMK today to urge the will be of 18 foot concrete. feat 0 , propt:s , d legislation which ! The highway department, ac- w ufcsrallze federal laws, .so ]cordln 5 to Mr. Daniels, has made * t h lcians , c n n ics ! arranjcmcnts to coiiWuct nine "' m eaical schools to teach' : brldees south of Kcnnett on 2» ^ cthods ot " contraception. . bullt of J 0 ""^' i p^sa, was ••immoral", would open i,. i ,T M .tlio malls to "indecent literature' ! Hoovers JUSt 1WO Wore , &ni WOU M encourage "free love. j Names in City Directory: LYNN M9S , mm ^^ am ! WACHTvrTON~(OP)-To the'left Ansha sholum synagogue only n ^5 I 5°SLii 0 SUS,S! "srs,'^™ .tK*Si .fldals President and Mrs. Hoover ^ ^\t drTm'sse.n. drove • or a (net- ttt'n TTADrfl TjaniCi. *i"-«-i-~ _._.,_^ __j 1,^,1 i "Hoover, Herbert C. (Lou Henry).. : President the United States; residence, the White House." ; The only concession made was to i ARKANSAS—Fair and colder in put it in bold face type. But there jcmi-.eas'. portion tonSjiit. Sunday are several hundred other In jjj,. ^K^ rising temperature. . , bold face, too, According- to the offlcl.l weather i WASHINGTON. -(UP)—The V)3- \ observer, Charles Phillips, the win- partment of Commerce will bs rep- i immn temperature here' fester- resented at the Leipzig Trade Fair, day was 60 degrees and the mau- " ' - "•• thfi sarce B c"n™. «-.- American l.-.-.,^"^-^ L. "E/'and Enieli tolS^ wmp.ny buildingr where The director has these barefoot maidens literally going uround in circle, as they rehearsed for the ta' the hrter«U ^ ™^* m f |; ^ ycValoThe mmimum tern will b.- urged to hold Us na-. 0 f Slrele nnd Plnkcy Burns nf; It will have weekly meetings onj beoch pagcllrit !n the a!xn \ n? outdoor program of the- winter season at a fashionable Santa Monica, "» ^ r(;h ( About ^ Amer ,_ j peraUlre , w 44 degrees and UK tional e-nvcnticn In rnrtlancl ln ; joiner, also a sist.?r. Mrs. Kilty, M-nday nlghts._ | CB ilf, club. The huge human wheel revolved as the girls rolled over In the same direction. can buyers will attend. ' I maximum. 54 AtfKti. U32. \ Laden of niytheviile. i Visiting members we welcome,

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