The Lafayette Advertiser from Vermilionville, Louisiana on December 28, 1909 · Page 1
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The Lafayette Advertiser from Vermilionville, Louisiana · Page 1

Vermilionville, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1909
Page 1
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PUBLISHED TWICE-A-WEEK, Tuesday and Friday Mornings, ONLY $1.OO A YEAR IN ADV ANCE. VOLUME XLV. LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1909. NUMBER 41. LEAN"" L T M E I E Y YOUR TAILO HATS CLEANED Ph Phone 239 REPAIRING SUITS $15.00 UP J AS . P • B U Q U O R . PANTS $4.50 UP AND BL iTEMS TAKEN FROM THE WORLD'S NEWS, The Ballinger-Pinchot controversy which has been in progress for some time has at last reached the congressional investigation stage and Senator Nelson will head a committee to probe land affairs, composed of six Senators and six representatives. The death of Senator McLaurin, of Mississippi, has precipitated a political crisis in that State. The Legislature will be called upon to elect his successor and the indications point to a long and bitter struggle. The resignation of President Zelaya ºL, Ja not stopped the revolution in Nicaragra. Estrada, the insurgent leader, refuses to accept Madriz, who has been elected to succeed Zelaya, sad is pushing the fight successfully. The data sent by Dr. Cook to Copenhagen to substantiate his claim to lave reaced the North pole, has been deelared by the. Swedish scientists insSdlent The verdict has alienated Dr. O@o's friends except Admiral Schily, who is still faithful and has a bi sensatison by demand4lzt iUif er Peary's data be ,t he same tribunal for mine horror has ocat sarrin, Ill. y engaeer cant. afor elegprepg it a a Cin"go r 1r was quite Of s r the ,"~Tj a` _ `~ Mara wine ·r i ~her cebluet q;9 the mlxtry, cs*kre1d of atvliia, Iaubism th. 3. ete mm U led N.T.,Inth *dp b7 hro*-. - w 't the d.4 ga the i%9ie errhuI'6 `' . . r i ' Is fi' brao~tbe, Dr. i cretae tow~ produced lene em Ihb' in At-Abe Gemaw Hie. ~eft.shm*x pr~i-iaceQ ba6 4 CITY COUNCIL Lafayette, La., December 23, 1909. A special,meeting of the City Council was held this day with Mayor G. A. Martin presiding, and Messrs. Caffery, Pefferkorn, Broussard, Cunning_ ham, Doucet, and Montgomery present. The Mayor stated that the purpose of this meeting was to consider the calling of an election to fill the vacancy on the Council caused by the resignation of Dr. H. L. Ducrocq. And in accordance with said statement the following resolution was offered and adopted: Be it resolved by the City Council of the City of Lafayette, La., in special session assembled, that an election be called to fill the vacancy on the Council occasioned by the resignation of Dr. H. L. Ducrocq, in accordance with section 6 of the charter of the City of Lafayette,La.; Be it further resolved that the date of said election is hereby fixed for Tuesday, January 11, 1910, and that Messrs. J. M. Cunningham and F. O. Broussard, members of this Council, be appointed to supervise said election, and due return thereof make to this body. There being no further business Council adjourned. G. A. MARTIN, Mayor. DAN DEBAILLON, Secretary. Make a New Years resolution to keep always well dressed during the year 1910 by wearing Kahn's quality clothing. 'The Church Point Democrat issued a handsome Christmas edition of eight pages with a lithographed cover. It contained excellent writeups of Church Point business men and some Interesting information as to the towR's present and future. The Democrat deserves a large-comnpliment upon its enterprise. Lost A white dog with brown spots. Finder please return to this office and receive reward. Stolen. From in front of Gondoor Joseph's store Thursday night, a bay mare about 1$ years old, with saddle and bridle, branded on left hip. Reward If returned to Leon Lawrence, care of Pual Breaux, Broussard, La., or to SheriffL Lacoste. Closed Down. The moving ppictures at the Jeffer. son Theatre closed down on Thristmas night and will not be resumed until about the Arst of April, when a good vaudeville show will be put on in connection with the pictilres. rhe. Cane Crop. Lousinaa Planter. A hard freesz occurred throughout nearly all of the sugar district durlng the past week, but it found little standing cane, and was generally welcomed as being likely to beneft the land and, also, to destroy to a conuserable extent the pestiferous ease borer whieh has been 6so m)*la evidepoe this ease. There are now very few sugar factories still operation and the erep of iNx aasi large/ gone into history It was disaplootags by reason of the blight ifllcted on the brillant prolpect existing early in the sesme bt the Septaenter haut. cane, but there "iems to be a ceh spicwoum absence of any serious co mplsint and apparently or epp grow ers sugmr maneuaturr have had a hfarly useuessfl sene, and we ha Hi1er that in wishing them all a Merr Christmas, as ke sow do; we Wll hat meot of their hearth reposa ve 'an most of them in mood to ejoyr the pood bwr'lsideut to the season. A merry Christmas! there have been merrier ones; bt there have been many w.hes aerri nt was harder 1t fiad, -ad jor' mre e.alve asd heapi snr as d 4eeper under the chaos of huR, sa ltur t, mech cal, meamasr icSl ad ftasWal evens. And sew instl meL atra a but e`o at e Sar ". Y + . it P .. , ,. -ý : h 'r ý T ELECTION CARRIED. Abbeville and Fourth Ward of Vermilion Vote Tax for the E. L. & A. Railroad. Abbeville Meridional. The election held. here Monday, submitting'to the votets of the town the proposition of a 4_mill tax for ten years to aid in the building of a railrood from Eunice to Abbeville by way of Lafayette, resulted largely in favor of the tax. One hundred and fifty-one votes cast with 140 cast for the railroad tax, representing taxable property valuation of $286,848; one vote was cast against representing $2,000 worth of property. A great many voters who favored the tax were denied the privilege of voting on account of failure to register. A similar election was held in the Fourth ward of the parish. In the Fourth ward the tax carried easy by a vote of 85 for and one against. Property value $76,480 for tax, and $240 against, this should ensure the building of the road. Favorable expressions are heard on every side for the new road, and the day that the first train reaches Abbeville over this road is looked forward to with absorbing interest. Birthday Party. A delightful birthday party was given Christmas day at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. N. Trahan on the occasion of little Eli's sixth . birthday. The little folks all had a most delightful 4ime and were served with ler-onade, cakes.'.ts and ruits-in the diuing room, which. was appropriately and tastefully decorated for Christmas. Those present were: Esther Pefferkorn, Stella Gianelloni, Vernest Lebau, Melo Lester, Loney Gianelloni, Madeline Mays, Gracie Suarez, Eli Trahbn, Lester Morvant, Robert Broussard, Olley Trahan, Neri Trahan, Dewey Gianelloni, Ray Lester. HOW SCANDALS ARE STARTE3 Foundation Stone Need Only Be One Busy Person Bent on the Making of Mischief. "Who was that pretty girl I saw sitting on your porch this morngag?" "Why. let me see? It must have been Miss Wallis. She is tutoring our little boy. His health was poor last winter. you know, and he couldn't go to school at all. We want him to be prepared to go into his proper grade when the school opens." "How long has she been tutoring him?' "About six weeks, I think." "Aren't you afraid to have such a good-looking young person in the House?' .Why?" "Your husband,.you know. There's so much of this afnity foolishness gding on.' "0, I am not in the least worried about Lucius." "I wouldn't trust any man." "But I'm sure Miss Wallis wouldn't put up with any foolishness. She Isn't that kind of a girL" "Any girl Is likely to have her bead t~rned by a man who knows hew to S&tter-especially if he is a man who has salned prominence or has plenty t mosey." ".'m sorry to hear you say that. I cao't believe you are right. If all girls were as weak or as bad as you think them, what chances would our sons to set good wives?" "That's just it. They haes't apy hanoe i nthe world. Ye wait tll yor son Is a few years elder, and lul agree with me My boy has to call on young women. T.hy're all a wretched, wicked lot, Jst waiting for chances to break up h.plr hemaes." "You mustn't get such an absurd In your head. There are as many god girls In the world as there over were. Id be perfeetly delightae to have Miss Wallis for my daugh. t..-law. She is as lovely as she I- beaututrrL" the other woman began to move s.-o, keeplng her gase nxed steadily fhe lady who would not entertain riletem. Aat when she was oute o the danger line, she smd: "Thee is smething in that wrn8a1 ills that she IS afralA to. have cnome ou to so e ac these e cat~P4~i Yet who . i't vlt - o j $miiaent to tell -'we tts $te pare of talk. I COL. BEACH HEHE, Inspects Government Dredgebcat in Vermilion and is Much P;eased. With Its Work. Lieutenant Colonel Beach, of the United States Engineering Department of Louisiana. returned Thursday night from an inspection of Vermilion Bayou and the new dredge boat now coming up stream cleaning the bayou of logs, sand bars, and and overhanging trees. Sec. Mouton of the Progressive League, Dr. F. E. Girard and Jos. P. Colomb met Col. Beach at Milton and proceeded with him to the dredge boat where it was at work about three miles above Milton. The entire party was much pleased with the work of the boat and are confident it will give a depth of four feet at the lowest stage up to the railroad bridge at Lafayette, to which point Col. Beach has issued orders for the boat to go. To the Public. I wish to announce to my patrons and the public generally that I will close my branch store next to the Pelican Furniture Co., on Dec. 31. I will continue as usual at my store near the depot on Lincoln avenue, and solicit a continuance of your patronage. Respectfully, C. T. LAURENT. COAL. The Compress delivers coal at $7.00 per ton. Terms strictly cash. - Success. Success doesn't depend so much ou doing big things now and then, but on doing little things well. A big assortment of Christmas and New Year cards at the Mess Pharmacy. Tungsten Light in Class by itself. The tungsten incandescent lamp is the nrst artificial light by which all colors can be distinguished. We have three or four makes of safety razors, Gillette, for $5.00; Keen Kutter, for $3.50; Ever Ready, for $2.50 and $1.00. A'iof these are sold with a positive guarantee at the Mos. Pharmacy. Damascus Electric Tramway. Damascus has an electric tramway the daily receipts of which everag~ $176. Just ...uunted pie tures. Many of these are equal to 50, and $1.00 pictures. Our price, 10c. See them in our show window. Moss Pharmacy. Worth Knowing. One who can use technical Itr.,: - discussing art or music has a b.. advantage in society. The Ever Ready Safety Razor with twelve blades, guaranteed by us, for $1.00. Moss Pharmacy. Seldom Uttss The average skinflint's mantle t charity is considerably moth-eaten from hanging in a cleast as lM . Just received-a shipplent of fine candy; a 2-pound box of mixed chocOlate and creams, $1.25. This is equal to any candy on the market at $1.00 per pound. Moss Pharmacy. Sam Going, of Washington, spent the day Christmas with .relatives in Lafayette. A fancy pound box of candy 35e at the Moss Pharmacy For Rent. Six room house on Compress street, lartre yard. wood and chicken house. Apply to Dr. Thos. B. Hopkins. An Ever-eady Safety Razor with 12 blades for $1.00 at the Moss Pharmacy. Pocket diaries for 1910 at the Moss Pharmacy. Mi-s. Traben, of Kaplan, spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Ursin Blanchard. Childrais toy, linen, picture and story books at the Moss Pharmacy. Prof .agod Mrs. Irving P. Foote, of Martinvale, came over Friday to spend the hlidays with Mr. and Mrs. J. k. Trahan. An Ever Ready, twelve bladed safety rasor, $1.00 at the Moss Pharmacy. Pocket diaries for 1910 at the Moms Pharsmacy. I ~--.g*· DOUBLE TRAGEDY. Ozeme Roy and Wade Higginbotham Shoot Each Other to" Death Near Arnaudville. Special t thR Piea tune. St. Martim\ille, La., Dec. 26.--Ozeme Roy and Wade Higginbotham killed each other last night in a fight in Roy's saloon, near Arnaudville, on the dividing line between St. Landry and St. Martin parishes, and S. Hardy and Isaac Thibodaux are in jail as accessories, because they are said to have carried the tales which brought about the double tragedy. Higginbotham was a constable inSt. Landry parish, and he was told yesterday that Roy had denounced him in the presence of a large crowd. Yesterday he paid three visits to Roy's place, but It was not until 8:30 o'clock that he found Roy and protested against the language used about him. Roy denied the statement and called Higginbotham a liar. Both drew their revolvers, Roy shooting six times and Higginbotham five. Roy was shot through the heart, and in falling shot Higginbotham through the head, killing him instantly. On December 24 the Crowley Signal issued a very fine illustrated Buy-atHome" trade edition of 32 pages which was well illustrated and contained much information about Crowley, its business and industries. The edition is a credit to the Signal. Upton has the Pelican feed. RInE, him up a"id ak him dxout i-t. He has fine seed oats, too, try them. Phone 192. Stop Those Leaks. Don't throw away that agate pot or pan; it can be made as good as new. by a child, in five minutes with "Mendet." Nine Mendets in a package for 25c, delivered, if a postal with address is sent to Mrs. J. I. Putnam, 317 Johnston street. Directions on package. You will find sa very nice selection of vest pocket, pocket or desk diaries for 1910 at the Moss Pharmacy. Prices from 15c to $1.00. For Rent. 40 acres of fine farm land, situated about 3 miles from town. Apply to MRS. C. P ALPHA. Thirty-five cents will buy a pound of chocolate and bon bons or assorted. chocolates at the Moss Pharmacy. Notice. The board of directors of the Lafayette Building Association request that you bring or send your pass-books to the office of the association not later than Jan. 1st, 1910, for verification., This is very important and should not be neglected. T. M. BIOSSA', JR., Secretary. Thirty-five cents will buy a pound of chocolate and bon bons or assorted chocolates at the Moss Pharmacy. Remedies and Dieases. Extreme remedies are very appro priate" for extreme diseases.-.Hlppr crates. Good parlor games and entertaining books are always appreciated at Christmas time; we have a good as sortment of the new parlor gamesand also the old games, such as Hei. ma, Parchesi, Lotto, Dominoes and Checkers. Most of these games are sold at the popular price, 26c; a few of them for 50c. Moss Pharmacy. A Good Basiness Location. For rent, $20 a month, twostory frame building, corner Jefferson and Convent streets (near Meaux Bros.' store). Building connected with city water works and has complete saditary conveniences. Second story ba two bed rooms, dining room aad kitchen. Building is centrally located for grocery, or general store. Apply to N. P. Moss, or Andrew McBride ,at Moss Pharmacy. Itotce. All tickets that have been- reserved' for the French Opera Troupe at the Jefferson Theater Thursday, Jan. 6, must be paid for and taken by the let of January, otherwise these tickets will be offered for sale. (Signed) THE MANAGEMENT OF THE JEFFERSON THEAT R. HYPNOTISM AND MAGNETISM Diseases cured and bad habits corrected without medicines or drugs of any kind. Complete and p, manent restoration to health and vigor effected by the new method of mental suggestions now recognized by highest scientific authority. I cure where others fail. Charges moderate. OFFICE HOURS, 9 to 12 a. m. and 1 to 5 p. m. Office above Mouton Sisters'. J. E. MOUTON, LAFAYETTE, LA. Phone 244. ADOLPH CIENQUIEMME MOUTON PAINTER, PAPER HANGER AID DECORATOR. i4cstlmates and Samples Free on Application. Phone 116 P. O. Box 311 %IISSING I NK ig busines with. e o~ dveisirg is adock your barg door wick yarw wife'sharpi. Aderisugisthe key to tbe bor of plenty. We wat to pstyu O. r ad. ra Oar pblcisy WWi the shoey to year de t l U.) c,. Hot Things in a. A UA~"AT~. 1 Dainty 1itt!o scp per. Lunchoos z:r.:;s. A-fternoon teas. oI~t foo!a and drinks say t:rno The succmcfl grey is by ALCOHOL (Denatured) Gneehtnd ,.abtodwver a g tea tr witd io equat utijity. Qisruiingtn took at. Comwodrat iº tn use, f:Cook quokly, tinly , 4 wesfully. Youwmstesbpett bs.poburm Pyro., Its. i ulybot Mmis. applied where yo want You burs only the 3 ofu as .d. ieduces cost o cooking to oem cent an bour. t z { - P H A i A # .r We have ak large~ utl Toys,PGIa aud. Christmas.-Tom. Ornaments, and at B "w . ··· · · · 4a 14 G s iý.. 6US~ ý

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