The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1936
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BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER VOL. XXXIII—NO. 109 JTHK DOMINANT NEWSPAl'Kll OK NOUTRBiST AHKAMa^8 ANU 8OUTHBA81 1 Illythertlli Courter Ulythevtllo Dally Nei»i lil Bertld Mjjumippi y R u eT MISSOURI S liLVTIlblVII,!,! 1 ?. AKKANSAS. THUKSIMY, JULY •>«" U)!',(! SJWJIJ-1 COPIKS 1«'1VJB CflNT3 CLAIMS iskf " Bastille Day--Wlicn .Paris Held lis Breath Endorses President's Mod-! ,i(ied Mcril System forj Poslmaslers TOPPIKA. Kan., J,,|i- 23 (UP>- Goveuor Alf M. L'liidon. who in , .a few .liours will accept Republican .nomination for president o! HID United Stales, today endors-d President Roosevelt's order placing all postmasters under a mo-lined merit system and expressed the op nlon that the New Deal hail been driven to that action bv his own civil service stan:I. . Receiving iiewspaiierinen in his I oilicc the governor parried all other questions, including this one-' • "Governor, will you , )ilme ,;, ly j Democrat lo your cabinet?" "Hear my acceptance speech. You will find a pretty good idea there" lie replied. Told of Mr. Roosevelt's order winch nstvsniipjrs-niif.-fi'.is way cautioned a few postal deal, Landon Killed and said hs had read the story. ,." 1 '"} slru ' tn scc Hie president no it,' lie said-, "(he fact' that he ."as done jt shoKS UK advanta'-ss ( . "I hope now that he has made such a good start, he v-V. extend Uie merit system lo the Worf« Prosress Auministration." Tbr. President's Order WASHINGTON. - President Roosevelt made public last night an executive order directln» u, e Eradual absorption of nil post- mastereliin appoinlinenls into the civil, service. The document ordered that as quickly as vacancies occur appointments shall be subject to civil service examination. For reapijointmcni, It rcquircil that an incumbent, upon the ex- . -. .,,. by the civil service com- .•mlssion through a non-competitive examination. 1 ,,...>.'J- Wli ^ , - Orrit-provJded' thai' a clviT' service employe in (he posioffice in question might take a non-com- pelilivc examinallon for promotion (o Hie ppslmastership '.-Otherwise, it empowered the I postmaster general to direct the ciwl service commission to con-1 duet an open competitive'exam- ination to test the fitness of any and all applicants, with the postmaster general directed to "submit to the president for appoint- Qemili When Officers Seek to AITCS! Orgnni/.ci- . Jiincls of Polilical Lawyers, He Urges Voter.-; 'nLLADEOA, Ala.. July 2;) (UP) —rive textile union men lotluy viere chnrgvd wlih the murder "of IX-puty siieriff John J »n M.iln lii-re last ni^ht In an ' bleak at labor violence that t:- i Milled in (|,c mobilization of na- thg LK , lloual giiiirdsmen aflor more (ban (tovernoi a, score of oHlccrs, textile workers and citizens had been wounded. ns u Apprehensive Ie«l the capital's political animcsiti,.- ll,.re r. 3 a.n into di.oraei, "ranchmen unite aTto'iVccuntiVVe', 0 ***"* ^ ""^'""^ ^-»:'»» *^^ W»u"lo,a ri ic ccuiiij. Hcie Is the colorful .scene made by Hie psirjulc of-500,003 troops and Leftist F..ns,-a force that Premier Blum hinted was ready to tight for the new regime. Conductors" and Firemen Arc Victims of Collision Near Do\ f er ' ^ DOVER, Ga.,' July B:' '(UP)-' Four ti-ainmeir-Averc. killed- and bc- 'tw'eeri t»ir and • fli'teen" passengers were injured: when livo trains of the central Railway of Georgia collided near here today. ..•'. The dead were Engineer li. n. Hooks, of train number one. ami Engineer P. F..slarr, train number two, and t-f6 negro firemen. iflth trains left their terminals at 7:40 a.m. today, one heading from Savannah to Augusta and the other in the opposite direction. Leon Sternberger, Si-., '67 Dies At " ' " " • his subordinates seeking promotion in lhe preferred position of a non-competitive <"' left the — cl that an open examination be conducted . The order was made applicable taking ination MEMPHIS, July 23. (UP)—Leon exam- stcrnb ~ r § C1 ' sr., pioneer in southern „ postmaster' farnl diversification work and sen- general free (o direct that an :o ' r P arlllcl ' <^ Stornbcrgcr-McKec and company, second oldesl cotton firm in Memphis, died of a sudden e to Iirst, second and third-class postmastcr.sliips. Fomth-cla.-a posU masters, (hose in the smallest , heart altack at 3:-IO a.m. today at his home here. He was 07. yesterday Stcrnberger'mo- • •'•" ««• niu Mint]i(.5Ir Ol-'i [ —«!.••«•**.•£,*:i ui\j~ ficcs. already were - under thai nooul the Memphis farm ler- Clvll Service. • i rilory, Admiring' lhe fine cotioii | crop and making plans for the | coming season. He played bridge with friends last night and retired early. He awakened, complained of being ill and n doctor and nurse Closing Slock Prices NEW YORK. Julv 23 (UP) - j were" summoned. He had suffered Shorts covered moderntrly in tin- \ previous heart attacks Inst.half of todays session on the exchange mid stock .ccvcry following cwiir," in Ihe early A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper ' Beth, steel Chrysler '.. Cilies Service Coca coia Ocn. Am. Tank .. Gen. Eicclric Gen. Motors Int. Harvester ... • McKesson-Robbins Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central .... Packard . 1'ViiHips Pet. Radio St. L-S. F Simmons Beds Standard of N. j!' Texas Co . U. S. Smelting . U. S. Steel Warner Bros. Zoniic .... re- aided further trading .... 170 5-8 .... 39 .... 55 5-8 .... 110 3-4 C 7-8 .... 112 .... 53 .... 42 1-2 .... 70 1-8 .... 83 .... 9 1-8 ... 44 1-2 .... .10 1-2 .... 11 1-8 .... 45 1-8 .... 12 1-4 .... 21-2 35 3-8 .... 633-4 .... 40 .... SO .... G4 3-4 ..... II • -.. 73-8 Livestock Cliicdf/o Wheat open high low close Jill. 104 1-4 105 5-8 104 105 3?p 103 1-2 105 1-4 103 1-8 105 1-8 Chicago Corn July open 02 7-8 high 95 I-l 01 1-2 low close 92 7-8 93 1-2 80 - 90 1-2 New York Cotton NEW YORK, July 23. (UP)—Cotton closed steady. open high low close 1310 1331 1303 -1312 1224 1239 1223 1229 1220 1235 1220 1222 July Ocl. Dec. Jan. Mar. May Lancloii iii.':'4;Ox60-Foot' Pose . The murder warrnnls, sworn by Sheriff, gain .uuriis alter quiet had been re.slorcd .16 tills Ilttl 0: city named iiemsj' welch; of Blrmlns- liani, organizer for Ihe unlled 're.s- lile Workers' of Aaiericji. .1 A pann. Eugene Thornlon, Red Morrison and Fred Hurst, union members. . - . Oami. Thornton, Morri.viu nud Hmsl arc in Talliidegu county Jail here along with about 30 "others, held for Investigation. Wclt'ji, whom Bijnnt "was sent lo anvst last niglit, lia s not teen apprehended. Welch. IJyrns said In sivesirlnq oiil the wnrrnnu. was the man who "ordered The pickets to lire on officers when Iliey went to Llic mill to place him under arrest," Coming of the national guard restored peace and order. The guardsmen quickly deployed over the downtown area, stopping all cars enter- ins and leaving the city and oiics- ticmiiij their passengers. I A squadron of slate 'highway pa- trohiien has been ordered here and Robert R. Moore, slate commissioner of labor, was expected to ar- Hve Inter today. - " Clmriiclri'lzhif; himself "business man" and his mis as "si'von polllinil lawyers," , R. A. "Hob" Cirak, Pulitskl county udgo, said lie stood on his morel 'f; in usklug for crallc nomination for Instead of promises of iituro accomplishments, In 'n •pccch at Ihc courthouse ' here Paroled Forger Again Held on Check Chrrgc I\»?I!EST CITY. Art:, Julv 2!), (01')—Knmsl 'c.iivy, of lioiir Wynne, paroled from the state Ik'iiltcnllaiy i mouth nun. f lc ed ehnrnes of forscry here today for iilk'Kcdly pnsslng ^orl'iik-M cheek i In SI,' Francis, cmmty. /Carey, was aiiosted last nlijht ncnr .Ihurisbinif bj Pollou chlpf Frank cljde, of v/jnnu, «hn ^ald Ills prisoner hud tioeu eniu'lclcd of forncrj- in 153.1. Cly;lo aho still Cuev is nnnbd Hi Cross and I'oluwtt tonnt'cs cm ' hi-cks last night. Preceding Judge. Cook's ,..„ two other candidates "for office 1 spoke and the representative pr another addressed an appeal to the ralhcr small assembly of listeners. : O. T. Ward, Rector attorney, Introduced by c. j. Little, made an appeal In behalf of h| s own candidacy and In turn Introduced, the other speakers. Waid promised .reduction In expense? of criminal courts of lhe Second n ">mv.v Judicial district, If olodcd prose-1 " Scc ' nl '^1 Called Roobi-vell "Liiu" in "Heal of Ri(T|ifeous An- [>,er" Says Piicsi DETROIT. Julj >1 (UP) -An corn letin of npolo'v b Falliei Cl-ai-lcs c Ooiishlln foi a n'>- SlilleilU'llt lint Plfojrlrail Horaevclt wa', and llai" will b' In thn 'double-rir-vr pi hlMic.l to- rrU^t'j paper. cullng attorney, and asked Una Cliiy county be nlvcn (he prosecuting attorney's office for a change, for lhe first lime In 53 years. He £n ld Mississippi countv lawyers had held the office for about H of (he | ns l o( years He made no reference to niiy of his three opnoncnls. Hull Wins Applause Rufus Maker appealed for slip- port of Charles Pa'.kcr, runntnx for the nomination for n second lerm as slate auditor on the Democratic theory that a "man who has made good In office is entitled to a second : lerm" He was hitler in denunciation of Parker's opponent ;>for ' forclna Parker to make a race'fbr'n'sec ond lerm. • '.- ,' O. G. "Crip" Hall .spoke briefly in,.Behalf : of Ids candidacy:for the nomination for - secretaiy of'.stale 1 He was greeted with a .flurry of Hand clapping from a small group as he walked lo the public address H , was the of nny kind Guilty Vferclicl Returned in North Carolina Torch Murder Case WINSTON-SALEM, ft. c., July 23. (UP)—Sadie Ltuvson, 35-year- old tobacco factory worker, stood unemotionally h, superior-court today and heard a juryof nine husbands and three single,-men dc- J 1011 " 1 *' ! '»d asked for'Thelr support clarc her guilty of second decree ln lnc coming election, if he whis! murder in the "torch slaying" oft 11 wi " bc h| s "rsl public ofilce of her 58-ycar-CT-J invalid mofiier. [ "'')' kind. syslcm microphone. only demonstration durliiK the entire . Hall said he received 105.0'JO vot-s n 1034 in Ills race'asainst Ed McDonald, who 1.5 now a candidate for governor, and that nl any of these votes were from Mississippi coiintv He thanked the p( , D))ll , of Father Cnui-hlin's letter will npr.™ r. on Ihc trcoi'd pipe of llic fiiunll tabloid i-hr-H rrldiy "In Ihe heal of chh huer- cst," the BtntniKiit v!ll und 'In the alinlr; of nw co' 'ilij fid In righteous align at tho develop menl Ihpt II h m> com Hum you have ronlilbulul laigcly to iviml in the- midst of plcuU, 1 ndtlrcssc'd to lhc pit.,id'nt ,if the United States on a st <[• at CIc\e- liuul. " 'liar.' "For that, uctinn I now otlcr lo Ihc president of the United Stales my sinceie apology" ,-Coughlln's statement said that liis charge was not mace uuo'i personal gioumls bi> bsscd upon hie, Interpretation of ths president'!, icccrd 'Incr hts in- au.fural spcecli In O., Julj lo lh c W01 ,t CHILD IS ED If li!I er. The verdict carried a sentence of Ip 30 years In prison. Solicitor lln11 is spending- two days in the s n prson. Solicitor I ""'^ '"^ expects to ma!:? a re- Allen H. Givyii bad demanded the " im tri l' llDrc u cf °re Ihe election death penally. I He went jjg . pscepln n r..-j ol'ncr The state cliarge'd In final ariii- 1 !'°" lts '" tlic witUlici-n end 'this r>f- - ' . Struck by Cai Driven hy N c g r o Physician on Franklin Sheet Mary' BivJi, llve-year-old This gignnlic. photo of Gov: Alf M. Landon is one of the most striking decorations of. the gala pirb which TopckaV tlnn., has dunned fcr lhe nolincalion ceremonies of HID Republican jire-idenlial candidate July 23. Placed on the side of a'downtown oif ice building the picture measures 40 by GO feet. Rites at Caruthersville for Benjamin A. McKay Court Refuses Order to Enforce Milk Pact - ~ b«-" "1 llllill 1IIVI1- that Sadie poured gasoline on the bed of 'her Invalid mother Wrs. Lizzie lawson. and set fire to it because of a quarrel. The gir] contended (hat gasoline nacl'beeu poured on the bed to kill vermin and had caught, lire, throipli accident. ' ° CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — Funeral services were held here , mcri (ied Tuesday afternoon for Benjamin '"" l """' A. McKay, Gl, who :llnd at the family home'hero Monday morn- right to regulate products in intra- ing following a paralytic stroke state commerce, Federal Jurt-'e Eit- whlch occurred late Saturday Ehn H Br rwstpr rmeci lodiv'in Ih- mghl. Mr. McKay had suffered a .„.,„„," Boston rank -.» BOSTON, July 23, (UP)— The AAA does not confer on l-fcc secretary of agriculture t'hc Lindbergh Points Change Aviation Means in War . 'BERLIN. July 23. (UP)-Col' Cimrlss A. Lindbergh, visitinjr G»r- ni . niany. ])lcad«l for today in previous stroke " early in the spring. . Mr. • McKay, a well known attorney, was horn in Ihis county In 1872. With his parents he later moved to. Stoddard and then to Dunklin county, where he resided for several years. , He was married in 1898 to Miss Lillian Mizell, of Hornevsvllle, and lo them was born one son, By-| ron A, who resides In Ihis city. ! He was an aclive member of Jirlge Brewstcr made this ruling in dismissing the federal government's petition for an injunction to compel dealer. 1 ! to comply wilh the noslon milk •marketing agreement. He based 'his decision on the now famous Hoosac Mills case, which originated'In. his court an:l , 1220 1234 1220 1222 I the Methodist church, and also 1221 1233 1218 1220 look an active part in various 1220 1233 1219 1220 FAST ST. LOUIS. 11).. July (UP)—Itoss: receipts GSQO Tou 170-2M Ibs. inFO-1! 00 140-ICO His. S1.2;-.-IO.C5 Bulk sows 8.2.T-8.75 O.iHle: receipts. 3.000 Pleers 7.09-8.50 Plaiiglitev Klccrs 5.35-n.OO Mixed voarlings and heifers 0.00-800 ^launJiirr heifers ir>0-8.7. r i 'ieef rows 4.?5-r>.00 ,».„.. Cutters and low cutlers 3.0J-3.75 May S]iols closed quiet at 1312, off 2. New Orleans Cotton i | NEW ORLEANS, July 23 (UP) — ' Reports of large sales of govcrn- ment pool cotton ance of the drouth continu- in Oklahoma Judge Brewsler slated: "Inasmuch as 1'iie court is without jurisdiction to entertain the ............. v,v., u ,,.,,v ... .,.,,„„, l civic and social activities. He held bl " ln equity the court is without several offices, serving as prose- l >0 wcr to grant the mandatory In- filing attorney antV lalcr as an icy general. In firm of McKay, Junction prayed for and the motion Is denied," 1023, lhe law Iliilchinsdn and and in Peal 1024 v.ero bullish faclors on lhe col- 1 w Ion mai'ket today and prices uiov-i ortc od ahead lo close wilh sains 1 ranging to five »"Tntr open high low close .July .' 1270 1270 1265 1275b Oct )221 1235 1221 1226 Uec. 1217 1232 1216 1221 Jan 1219 1219 1210 1219 Mar 1225 1227 121fi 1218 1219 1229 1219 1219 withdrew- to attend lo his land interests., the firm' continuing as McKay and Peal. was orffan-jrv • T n r> Hutchinsoii unver leiis Kotanans --• JJ...-..V, Luuiiy in an address at an Aero Club luncheon in 'm's honor. Peace is needed, he said, "because of t>:e situation which confronts us Security js needed, Lindberch said—"one which rests In intelligence and not in force." He said "it | s no longer jrassible 1° shield the tart of a country with Its army because aviation has .created the most fundamental change ever made In warfare." - .- .- ,.,,.... ,^,,, k .im 11 us i>j - ernoon following conferences here last night and this niornhig. Urges Hiisincss Itcjime ' Judge Cook described himself ns or lhe schools and churches of the state "first," He said tho financial affairs of the state would be secondary as the educational and religious well being or Ihe state's citizenship was con- Eirl, was struck .by fa In lly car negro injured when drh'en hv Ur ccrned, If he elected gov- cconomics in B. E. Roberts, on South rraiiklin street, yrs tcrday. The 'accident was said In have teen unavoidable. The negro girl hail been' standing at the rear of an ico truck. atlemptln» to secure a small piece of Ice. and ran nut from behind lhe truck into the path of Dr, Roberts' ar.tomcbile, ncctirciin^ to ropbrls. No charge had been filed in municipal court in connection with Hie accident today. Tire in Road Lures Victim of Robbery crnor, but promised state administration. He said that the state's tolal bonded Indebtedness of $103000000 had been saddled on the citizenship in lhe | a . ;t 40 years by "political" lawyers" and that 'It was time their domination or ,„ IIK ron ,, a' :1 ''b,,l'r' inlSlnlli ' n ' 1 'f ,T IC<i " ml Cit >' lcc '™»' '™ s llpU1 «P a »' 1 L,S, i " >ans [ulnll " ls "-»l'o"" fobbed of $38 by three men 1«- mauguralcd. lmm Ho!conll , „,„, clarkton early ,' Ir - i ±°°. k ; S ;!l ,.] c ' ?, » ot ..»<«l Tuesday morning. Ballk hip Oklahoma Steams fiom Cheibouig To\vard Bilbao . WASHINGTON. July 21 (UP) — An 11130111 aiiic-il that Amciicnu women and thlldien in lliq p w fc of Ulbao. Sp-iln. 4 Ii3 cuicuatat innncd! ilcly «as wblcrt (o (he si tic dciniliuent today by Cou- •.iil .Will! nn n Chipman at Bilbao. Chninniin, lepoillng nt 10 A M. today; Suanlsh lime, slid th- diy is in vhlniiy n iialo of toitje and tliat the food shoit- ice h acute- He slid lhe food •.lluollon may result | u e xlenbi\o anting and |)ilhgi,, s s . ncc nu . thin HIPS iie- In no position b cnfoice la* and oidci BallU&hiii On U'.ij At lhc same time the ii'iiv/ dt;])aitmrnl Infonnud stale <ic- pailment mithciitics tint the bal- tlcshli) Oklahoma, under md-is lo | nl In nt Bilbao, had completed fueling at Ciicibiru, Fiance, and salted from that, p&it this nirrnlnvT This was 10 hoim caillei than the na;v dcpailment officials had b"he\cd Iho icfuchng could h' co iiplotcd -the Oklahoma, they slid should reach Bilbao abotifc midnight Iilday, (B s T). or M Satuidav, (Span- nbont fl A Mi lime) lincalhio that Ameilcnni have, been umlci file foi two da>s i>\ thfh holds In Madrid, the Amcr- 'ci'i oinlnsiy in llic Spinhh capital lodav advised the slate cle- pi'iimcnt It \ias foiiifjlii'j Itself us a lefuo fcr -ill United States ritirens In thai city • Continues MADRID, July 23 (UP) — .Tho «ov'crnmont announced otlu'lally toctey Hint, 235 were killed m the. limiting at Barcelona and Q13 wounded , Of tlKuckajk HO were ,nnl!'ffttiu'e(Ki"*.« !<!^4f.- *». It uas nnnoinicM '.(hat!' fight- Ing centimes .In the streets of Mcltlla, Morocco and Hint a general rliikc of two rfajs Inil been declared thcic 'Ihe illy is, \\ilh- ont bread An official .iiinounciincnL s ild 11,000 re-euforccnii'iU!, Inti been c ent Into lhe. mountain passe", leading to Madrid, especially Gun.Jairaimi, Somosli>ira, and Nnvncernule. Thirty prlc.-(s 'were mtested In Barcelona. .'Eleven were 'relcasetl' when Iho pioval they tteiu Hot Involved in the uprising; The government announced in a broadcast nt 9:30 A. M. • that the loyal forces were Klill battlln'.' (lie rebels awl reducing their sltoiy>ho!ds. The government be- llovcs Ihe fall of .the southern rebels to' be imminent. 20.COO To 23,000 »Kld HEND AYE, French-Spanish Bor- dci Jtly 2J iUl'1— Unolficlal estimates today placed the. 'dead thicuqhoiit Sialn nt hctneen 20,000 aiU 25,000 The csllTialcs uere based on' fi-aumcnlai-y reports, some of them undoulitedly exaggerated, 'and were cnlirely niiconflnnsd. Urbcls Kxecutetl PART 1 :, July 23 (UP)—A special co: spciulcnt of the ncws- ——• lai co: spcimcnt, of the ncws- CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Stop- paper , .ilraiislgeant arrived today ping lo investigate a lire lyin-' by airplane'and asserted that : af- Haker, Bragg Ihe job to living—that provide htm with .. he could get along As he .stopped his truck men cnmc from (he side .of ,,.,. . ,, «"- »•""£ luvii i:.iuii! nom me sine 01 w hout the governors-salary road. While one covered him o t C )>' anlcd , to pllt l ".c!a pistol the other, unmasked, two Ihc wllh flf Flnnrl 01 riOOti Congressman W. J. Driver of Os- Snrvivinjj arc his wife and son, - v . ^..,^1 v ,. „*- t"ic brother, Ally. John McKay, ccola addressed the Rotary club at s.ams pr Kpnnclti , <|Kl Qnc slslci% Mrs its regular weekly luncheon at the Annie Ham, also of Kenncll. i Nobcl Hotcl here today-. ! Congressman Driver traced the history of flood : conlrol legislation for foe Mississippi river and Its Accidental Shot Fatal to Former Cooler Man COOTER, Mo. - Word arrived here Wednesday of the death of Boss Yiinccy, 47. formerly of here,. at a hospital in Memphis where he was taken after he was accidentally shot by his sou-tn- law near their home sit West Helena. 1 last Friday afternoon. Mr. Yancey for a number of years farmed near Cooler. He Is survived hy his wife and several children, Including one son, Hcrshell Yanccy, who lives on tho Lake Farm. He is also survived by a nephew. Jack Yancey, of Cooler. . ....*„.. „,. -fc lu ; il;gLS- I Inlurc, declaring that." you cant stay at home when lhc legislature! Is In session because I'll keen watch on them and veto any measure that would raho your taxes." Judge Cook counlv owed In County Itconrcl said that Pnlaski three left Invited to Speak at Lutes Park An Invitation to all candidates for county and district offices to ter Ihe rcvolt. was .crushed .Jn Miidrid Ihe. p,-);enAiiei>.t .forces' cxccvtcd 11G army officers ami 200 fascists, whom. ; they shot down with machine Rims and buried In a common grave. t:vnimy OW«] $JUtl.UCO ill OUtSlaild- <USLLV- UI only ,1'J at Ing warrants—"bad checks, if'• you 1 Porfcl follr rallt ' s sollth ° l please"—when he assumed the. of-i lllovillc °" I!l 8hua\ 61, his fice of countv iudni>. u« M <.i'Issued bv a committee consl Insects do most of the cross- fertilizing of flowcra. although j tributaries, such as the St. Francis humming birds and Iwls perform and lolti of Ihe flood ronlrol provi- Ihe. job frequently. Kven snails sioiis of Ihe .so-called Overtoil act, have been known lo carry pollen.passed by the recent congress. an- hi A Cuban syndicate has nounced that it will erect ., floating hotels, 1000 feet long, the Atlantic ocean. 40 miles at sea. Each hotel will he managed ns n clubhouse, and only members will be accommodated there. pi fice of county judge. He said' during Ills administration ha paid off the outstanding warrants, reduced county taxes " 50] per cent and built up a surplus 1 hi the participate in a public of July 30 at Lutes j, , B Mf, ., - --, -- •, been I .. bv a committee ec-nsktin of R. N. Parrar,' secretary, Hy Lutes. Charles Lutes, Ira Kconcc and. D. Garrctt Fknnigan Goes to Trial for Murder of Fate Mock POCAHONTAS, Ark., July 23, (UP) — Testimony was Whig taksn this aftcmoon in the trial of JOEE riannl<jan, \\ho is charge! with the murder of Fntc ifock. / A jury composed' of II men and one woman was selected tills inorn- Ecing defcndsd "" in * FarnsworUi Sale of, Navy Secrets He said this .accomplishment! was due. among other reasons', toj Ills action in removing a woman 1 WASHINGTON, Julv, 23 (UP) who controlled 200 or 300 voles John S. Farnsworth, former naval from the poor ' S200 a indnlli Jackson shot on. him with an ax ' self- WEATHER was home staff at a lieutenant commaiider,"toav was salary aiid board Indicted bv file federal emnd jury room for caring for "six rose on two counts growing out of all". bushes" at lhc home, and "Uncle gallons that h" w'd scads of his " care, government's naval defenses to Ja- Nick," who supervised the (Canttimed On Puse, 2! - p.m. Arkansas—Partly clo:idy tonight and! Friday, somewhat warmer Friday. and vicinity—Local ,_rs tonight or rriJay Slightly warmer tonight. Tile maximum tcmpsrattire here yesterday:;was 88, minimum-70, clear, according lo..samusl F. Morris, oflicial .weather objefvet

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