The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1939
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To r Attern! Mimriwippi County Fair Sept. 26-Oct. 1 BUTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' THR DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST WeANft*« *«« P™™,».»- .„„»„..„. "^ f f ^-^ - I **• J '•', if' J VOLUME XXXVI— NO. Blylhevlile Courier le HmUd BJylhcylllo Daily News NBWBMPBR.OP MOBTOafo.WySAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI J^^™^^^ Do Nol Forget To Pay Your'Poll. Tax Refore October I '^ Says Congress Should Remain In Session Throughout Crisis JJDHJTLERISM' TO CONTTNUE ' t » "' ' ' ' ' - , - '. ' .... . ••••'* •! _ ^ . ^ ^ ^ „ ^ . ^^^^^ ^^^^^B OJCIilDSO^ >,, . ~ L ' . *****w •» i -w- -j- i -, ' ' : . ^- ' nil IUI II.i II n I* I Iu IK • • L '—• _-._ 1 T » '••^•i « .--., ~~,... i-x,. v «, ,—Alf .SI. London, 1936 pKftsidential nominee, who will head tlie G. 0. J . gi'oiip nt President Booscvoll's national unity conference Uus afternoon said today congress should > remain continuously in session during the crisis because tho country has more confidence in combined legislative judgment than in that of any one man. London refused lo commit him-* self on repeal of the arms em irai'go. But associates said he fn vored scrapping a n limitations 0 export of American goods, Includ ing arms and- munitions and 1m plenients of war on a stiictly cast and eany basis. -Senate Republican Leade Charles L. McNary. who also ar .. rived today, told reporters Uia polities is out the .window" bu announced his opposition to th Roosevelt program for repeal o the arms embargo. j tandon saici there had been a definite shift of opinion in 'tin past couple of weeks from belle that we would be drawn into a European war toward confidence that we could stay out of it. Excluding the question of arms munitions and implements of -,var T "• "**l^i 1*11 ll-'ilVO Ul rt ill London said he helteved the Middle West favored cash and carry policies which would prevent exports from going abroad in American ships. While McNary and Landon wre ex-pressing- thelv opinions M- Roosevelt secluded himself in his white House study to draft tomorrow's message to congress and to prepare for this afternoon's conference with Republican and Dem ocratie leaders. Senator Worth D. Clark (Dem, Ida.,), reported that shoved a; majority: agf „ .„,„..„ Of^llie arins embaigo and he'said that he still opposed (elision of the neululity acl f ~ Seiifltor^shermaii Mintoa (Dent, Tnd) administration whip in the senate,'' said his state endorsed repeal which lie termed an essential step to halt dictator .powers. •New York Cotton .NEW YORK, Sept, 20. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high low close 898 879 803 854 835 Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar May July 21. 817 911 891 STI 8G5 844. 830 low 898 877 8G8 854 833 810 QD2 882 872n 883 842 824 Spots closed nominal at 0n, ftp New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept, 20 (UP) —General trade buying and less hedging caused collon futures to climb 15 to 85 cents a bale today in steady trading, open .. 909 Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 88G 879 866 842 824 high 923 899 low 809 874 852 879 866 8-12 824 close 914 892 885 872' 852 834 Spots closed steady at 913, up 10 Stock Prices United Slates Government Approves Sale Of Private Vessels Recover |2,47(| Claim Woman Has Admitted Osccola Theft CRISTOBAL, Cannl Zone, Sept, 2D. (UP)—The United States gov- Former Distvicl Office Mearl Here Is Accuser Of Forgery H. B. Rlehardson, senior fic-k assistant of (lie AAA In charge of (lit? Blythevillc office until .several weeks ago, is In lhc county inll here'after having been charged with forgery and uttering In four counts which may l )e increased after further Investigation*;, It announced today. The 24-yonr-uiu former resident Manning, s. C, gave himself up to Mississippi county authorities Monday after Sheriff ,r. E. Gamble of Clarendon County had been asked to'heId him for officers of this county. It is said that he has confessed to forgery of four totaling §600. checks . Accompanied by his father, H B nidmrdson Sr., and Mrs. Richard-' en, the defendant relumed lo Bly- u ..,^^. u uiiitva guv- *>nij um uinemKijit relunind In Tiiw eminent was understood author!- theville followingVcoferencc w h alive y today to have consented the South Carolina shcrTfr Uniferi i?L t 'f'™ 161 *; , °«''' e<1 Hc mil * temporary bond of $1500 United states freight ships to -and had been at liberty since 'Mon- The move wns considered an expression of-the United States'de- „, .,„,,.. VJ uj«jt,v 1V4UH- day until last night when his three bondsmen asked to be released from thc bond after further in- Americas as nt the Impending _ — „_ i. tl , ***iiJi;iiuuig meeting of the American republics at Panama City. this deal was . It wns believed merely the first of a series in . , , "* " atiito ill which the United States would demonstrate Us willingness to act « well as Ifilfc about .solidarity iii lie western hemisphere, ,obout economic coopeialion. and bulldin" up trade Denies Rumor Day WillJRepIace Alford LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 20 (OP)- 1 fov. Bailey, returning to" ! h{s office xiday, after a week's absence, de- iled minors Ural T\ H. Alfonl, stale commissioner of education, would^' be removed .and succeeded by Joe' Day, president of Henderson State Teachers College 1 at Arkadelplifa. " of the preliminary had not been set at noou' today follcwiiif announcement of his nrres't which had not been made public until today. . i Mr. Richardson is charged with .having forged signatures of farmers in North Mississippi conntv to checks paid by the fedora! government for 1838 cicp- (production participation Officers ' declined lo say whether other charges would be filed but Investigation •OJE, records of the local jAAA ,omc5' coritimiecf asdfd studj of a private ' ]6ati*ap-" plication. , j-H was questions regarding au- Ihenticity of signatures involved in the personal loan transaction that originally launched the Investigation of Miy Richardson's somewhat abrupt departure for the home ol his father. An audit of (lie AAA records In Mrs. Oliostci- I>al(p|. s(m lircllmlnary hParlnjr Ijefb Istruln. (i. l,. \Vaihlell iit' ola this .•ifi/Tiicoii nnd wa !« circuit court, Ijouil nf liad nut iiocn imuln ; it. i-s. Clieslcr Piuterson, old I lioiLsekceiier of Mv s; , Urlckcy of Osceoln, wns slated Ix) DC glvon a.prcllimnary hcnrlng tl'ifi) afternoon oa a charge of Brand larceny following her .arrest •""(§ ycslcnlny In romieclion with tlio tlieft of several thousand dollars; from Mrs. lirlckey. :Certain llml n part of (he mono! s s ill nii.ssing, olllceis nV6.;rtcn. llnulng Ilicli- search after having' recovered $2410 which Mrs'.-'liu terson had alle£re<liy secreted If, d ' Palterson 'was nrresWd ai Mo " i m 1 " ( ''f'lr W Blyllicvllo last, nleht by ,%erlff Hale Jackson Chief Deputy Siiefiff John p. •neimnlller nnd Dejiiit v; Raymond Ucmnr after they Had womftu Jintl loll 5lle h,,, < coiise but insuted that she only spent between ten and twelve 'dollars of the -money she stoic July, 3 from i small )>;x hidden in Mrs." jjrtckey'.-j bedroom closet while Mrs:-Brlckejr' «a Ly for lhc ,, ny ' Mrs. Hrlckcy, who had ' liceii box for •wenii months nnd who doutlnticii to work for n w until i ast , wcc kcnd imd bmn one of scvcriirimispccls under surveillance slncn lln»'j'ol)bf- Mw. I'utlcrs'oii tool;' her daugh'leu wit of school »t Osccolii, priwiiiia- •Uirs '- 0 K ° '° WUI " Hwk '' Illslc(u! eleven and nine yeara,, wont to Mo., by niiloiiioblle, officers upon (itiostloning nclgli- The sheriff's oltlcn had previously Ifiuncii llmt tilia Imd relatives MnttliewK, Mo., south of Slkes- , ' . Jackson nnd the oilier two ofUeers drove lo Mnlthews yestcr- )' nii<l found |i, c woman mul her iiehlcrs nt a relative's home. Sejirclilng hci- suitcase, th w ltol to find any money, but, alter further questioning, Jollowili" her relurn | 0 Blythcvllle, she confessed taking tlio money nud loltl officers where It .>vns hidden. Ihcy declared. : Jlicy found It In tho suit case, hidden n small botlle which I , — • "<m.,. i^uvLit; HJIICII Untl been wrapped In n piece o( Wnck stocking nnd concealed in- ne a fruit Jar of dark Jelly. The niHiey consisted of one $1000 bill, six sioo bills ami $1140 In ?<!0 bills. At the lime tho money was,stolen, Mrs. Brlckey,,who owns considerable property, told 'officers she was not certain of the amount as she Imd ndeiecl to tho ne DOK fnv pniim it i, — .»." ...M.yn i W n (u Hiuii iroiii ^ W e ^"anioS SI % 1^^™* ^ W*» lleved It lo be nt least $5000 •: ^' Jl" 0 '™ 1 ' wl!0 1'w'becn PGEIPOST Jl money out.-. ..:Officers said Chester Patterson, — Claims Czech, Slovak Unrest Is Growing 10 PW PJLLIJIX Bailey Frankly S;vys Me Wants Them To Be Able To Vole LONDON (UP) _ The the office at the court house fol- r don't knov, 1 anything about lowed. : •^r^^x^^ss .s^-^-r iittei - oh of running thc government anil not giving me a voice in it." -egion, Guard Company mem on each count. Tree Refuses lo Hit CEDARIIILU O. (UP)— Charles -» J . —". ". vw* /—\yll Plan Booth At Fair ST^.,^^ American Legion die. National This of here that refuses to YORK, Sept. 20 (UP)— Uncertainty over, congressional action on the neutrality law brought a reaction inlo the stock market today after prices had driven forward one to more than three points. An early advance was based on British and French rejection of Hitler's peace terms. AT&T 160 1-2 Anaconda Copper 34 Associated D G 83-3 Beth Steel 92 1-4 Boeing Air 27 1-4 Chrysler '.. 87 3 . 4 General Electric • 41 1-2 .General Motors ...- 405-8 Int Harvest [] gg j.j Montgomery Ward ......" 541-4 N Y" Central 201-4 Packard 4 Phillips Pet '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 45 1-2 Radio ' i; Schenley Dlst ....'.'.'.'.'.'.','.'. 127-8 Simmons \[ 22 1-2 Socony Vac 14 Standard Oil N J ,..]!,., 51 1.4 Texas Corp ," 47 j.g U] S Smelt ' eg i r, U S Steel .'] 77 3.3 Clticaffo Wheat Sent 8°'*" R7 ig " «i°, W o ClCSE "t?pv. o: ol 847-8 847 8 Dec. 883-4 877-8 851-4 853^ Chicago Corn open high low' close Sept. 557-8 583-8 55S-8 555-3 Dec. 555-8 557-8 543-4 547-8 >«ard at, the Mississippi county air were discussed last night at a icellng of the Dud Cason post of he Legion at the Hut last nl«ht Sargeant Clarence Kolwick was >laced in charge of nrrnngcincnts or the booth. It was announced that the invi- ation issued to the Mississippi Drum nnd Bugle Corps for Hindi Friday imd been accepted Thc Corps will pass through here lit icon lo tlie Nnlional American Legfon convention at Chicago" Members present last night authorized the building of a kitchen on the the Hut in order to facilitate the'preparing and serving cf meals. Work 1ms already begun on the annex. AH attendance contest was Inaugurated at last night's meeting, ivy W. Crawford's name was announced its the winner but because he was not there to receive the prize, an American Legion cap or official white shirt, no award was made. Tlie first in a series of 20 talks "Experiences While Serving in the Army During the World War" will be matte Tuesday night by Norman H. Moore. Kerrriit. Roosevelt Would Forsake.American Citizenship TVJoin British LONDON,. Sept. 20. (UP)_ K cr- init.Roosevelt was rep:rtcd today to sve offered-Ms.service's to (he eruish government and expressed willingness lo become a natu'rai- ZCH British subject in order to take an .official war,'- lime -post Iii It was reported that Winston ?»Tf'i ll , firal -' oV<1 of thc n"mlr- niiy, Imd found an official j»5l for Rcoscvclt—son. of Theodore Roosevelt—in one of the wnr iimo ,»^i. Istrles. "'" e m(l1 ' Roosevelt served willi the flrltish r> tn '. v l"' *-« \\Ji-f 1IH« British ministry of Infcinmtlon Issued an official statement tonight saylng,lt-wns "l.Cjtme<l li( uuthorl/ taloivc circles" tliat u revolutionnw movement hau broken oul against Germany in ih D former Czechoslovakia territory and wns continuing with courage and determination" despite the execution of hundreds cf. persons. The revolutionary movement was •U'lTLB HOCK, Sftftl. 20 (UP) — Icn )otter.t io tle'iinrtmcnlnl' Iicciils nnd mcmbcrB of all honorary boards reminding ll ( i!in of llio new state Inw which makes poll tax pn.vmentu due before Oct. I, - Sure," he snld, "I wrote letlors lo all my friends asking them to xv, S ,"'', 0 '" ' b " y 1)0 " tax iwelpts, What Is more r want all voters In ho state lo have receipts 'BO I cini persuade Iliem lo vole the way I -"ant them to. "A man In public office wllh Mends who do not hold poll lax receipts Is In nn awful shape I 5x-pei-leiiccd, that In 1031 hi u, 0 'onalorlal election and i want lo avoid it In 1040." Bailey denied llmt hln sliileinctU ^so. i can persuade Ihem lo vole •he way i wnnt Ihem to" coirtd be taken lo mean that ho would R eek » third term next j'cnr. / Bnlley deiilcil vcpovt.s Ihnt Blale employees were being -put-under vessuro to buy: pel! tux receipts. He said ho would confer wllh Or. draysou concornlnij lin'nllegcfl 'iiccllim yeslcivlay In wlilch em- ployes were told to pay poll tuxes. "I nm s\nc Dr, Grnysou's niccl- "IT was a routine 0110 find without joiltlcnl filgiilflcflncc,' (he aovcrnor said. LITTLE ROOK, Ark, Sept. 20 — Nenily 300 oluplojes of tho slate Health ncpallmenl, nttcndlng n series of conferences, regaidlng budget mnttcK and fi'dvrc, planft at the capital ycStciday,-*erc direct- ed'to'see lo-ir ihht ritnonnei or 'heir mills,' mends nnd icladvcs obtain poll tax iccclpti hefoio the deadline of mldillghl, Septeiiiber 30, the. Arkansas.Onzetlc snld -to(Inv The confercnce.i Involved tho du- 110 Chamberlain Pledges Unyielding Efforts To Destroy Nazism ton (Icstl'Oycil the cr scvm thnl , hi.« Mussolini Spokesman In. sists Furtlicr Conflict Is Now Useless HOME, sept, 20 (UP)-Virglllo OayiKi, flnlinu cditoi, efonc lo llu, foreign office nnd «„„ n i t | me , had.noted as Picmlci Denllo Mussolini's spoke.siiim), today otpresscc belief that tlio moment foi pcaci Is at hand. -Asscvllng lhat It l s ,i,elesn to extend the Ocrtimii-Pollsli conlllc and that It Is up to u, B voles whether even a smnll new Pollsl •* Adolf iiltlcr'a sptceh nt Dtoole offering pence on hh own terms or years of war will not change llio (Ictcimlnallon of the allied POWCIS lo crush nuicil«n, Cham- licilnhi told tho House of Commoni The nehlevemcnls of the British imvy and the loyal nlr force against U-boaU wan dcscilbcd by the prime minister nH exceeding anything slnlo bo nllowcd to cxisl ~~~ ••... UX j ituum'U iu (>j Qayda wroto In his newspaper: "Kr,wluit purpose, \\lth the conclusion of win enstein Europe should there lie a tmeio outbreak of western \\ar which up lo Die piesent lime hns been limited lo minor episodes" Election Probe May Be _Next In Louisiana NEW ORLEANS /Sent. 20 (UP —redoinl hncUl^nllons of till bln elections rlnco Die denth of Huey . able nml Momvln with "consider•" and to have spread .. state. staff. nnd about GO mem- of Ihe to Western Slovakia where uuu «o 15,000 Siovnklan Iroops 'revelled and were disarmed. iosslblllty In tlic Louisiana scan- W With tho depmtme of Assistant u S Attoinc) Geuetnt O John after yc men tried In thc ^..- , t , ,u t|i|; IJIUII - H IfH lit (IIU scnmtali) It whs learned th«t tlic ,, T . -------- ..... — • • i s earne «t tic I have no comment," Dr. W. B. • elections werfl.cxpccled to be In- I'ftVSCn. A'(nlr hnnUli nf?t™i> nnt.f nltirtn.l I.. ««^jj-i- ____ ,- ...... ni-n««r s» In9truc Louis Is 17 Pounds Heavier Than Pastor In Rodo's conferences with General Tinnk Murphy. Townscml Clubs Total 12,000 MADISON, Wis. (trp)— There are 12,000 Townsend clubs In the United States today and the next method of advertising the old age pens!:n movement will be by means of nation-wide radio broadcast?, an executive spokesman told Town- scndllcs here at an annual rally. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Sept. 20. <UP)-H03s: 6,500 Top, 7.95 170-230 Ins., 7.80-7.00 HO-160 Ibs., 5,50-7.10 Bulk sons, 6.75-7.25 Cattle: 3,300 Steers, 9.25-10.75. Slaughter steers, 6.50-11.25 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 800-1025 Slaughter hellers, 6.25-11.00 Beef cows, 4.15-6.25 Cutters and low cutters. 3.50-4.50 DETROIT, Scut. 20. (UP)-Chnm army and later with thc American . plon Joe Louis held n army during; (he World War and chopped down, miathe grew In Its place and It was de- United Stales Lines A storm blew down HID uotit fn Brlggs stadium at 8:30 pm II mi''believed ho might be given third growth, but the fourth sprang up and Is thrivim?. pounds and (he challenger at 183. Where Russia Moves In LITHUANIA EAST PRUSSIA WHITE RUSSIAN UKRAINIAN SOVIET KAMBNETS i'ODOLSK SLOVAKIA RUMANIA HUNGARY The map shows how Poland, overwhelmed lions regarding'poll Uixes received ^ri^asu, d,™io r j Se 'vant House i* were willing to express their feelings nfter leaving tho meeting. They asked (hat their names not Damaged By Blaze be nsed, tearing l^ir icbTwouW A^^"^* 1 ,^ be endangered, .. . Trtehmnnn \-esYdonc. 607 Welt All those Interviewed agreed they Walnut street, ycsteulay afternoon had been advised when first em- it four o'clock. Ployed they were "to keep out ol Dnninge wns estimated at less nniiiw. -r,,».. „,., ..... . than j 100 by Fire Clhlcf Hoy Head. Examinations For Teachers Slated Tlie quarterly teachers' examinations will be given nl Hid county examiner's office in the court house tomorrow nnd. Friday, Mrs 1 , T. H. Ivy. examiner, announced today. politics." They said they hn<! "never bean advised how to vote 1 cr asked'whether they had paid their poll taxes.' Yesterday's .meeting followed closely the distribution of written statements (o employes of another department. Tlie employes were asked- to sign the statements, which rend: , "I understand the Inw regulating (he dnte of assessment, payment of poll tux and (he eligibility of voters, I have explained these changes lo mj' friends nnd relatives and am listing below names of relatives and close Olends who have paid their poll tax this year nrlor to October 1, 1939." the Invasion was "pro^ ,, -'' - r e nvason was pro- Ukrainian -minorities In Poland. Approximate areas these two groups occupy are Indicated by cross.|,atch«ham] verllcal shading Potato Irrigation Proves Success In Connecticut STORKS, conn. (UP)—Prof. Albert E. Wilkinson of the University of Connecticut hns prcnouncetl the Irst large scale Irrigation of nota- oes in tfie state as successful and productive of superior crops. Fair farmers In the southern ectlon of the state began to experiment early this year, using overhead sprinklers which deposit he equivalent of on Inch of rainfall every two hours. One farmer used three old au- tcmobile engines lo operate the sprinkler piiinns. Prof. Wilkinson inspected the potatoes before they had. matured and found them "bigger then baseballs" and ready to harvest well in advance of thc regular crops. Rchlevcd , In . much longer pericds (luring IhO World vim: Grows of Oeimnn fiiibmnrlnes have been cnptuicd in some Instances, Clinmbcrlnln aald, nnd the allied bticnglh on Iho sea "strongly sup- povlcd by airplanes— already has made clear that the navy nnd merchant, murfno win bo able to maintain (he How of essential supplies of rnw mnteilals and food "mlssfatemcnts" to aroat Urttaln. Dcnomiclng ns cns vnilom pniN of Hitler's speech nt OMtdg Clwmbcrlnln said that Britain diil not speak with "boastln" or Ihrcnls." He leforrcd to the Ocrmnn ftielnci's Indlicct threat to Icosc the Niwl aerial nrmiida on EiiKlnml If tho British bloukado 'of aermniiy )i conlhitie<l. / Clminlicilnln snld llmt Britain did not seek war b\it was forced mlo the connictby Oernmny'siun. ------- '•- provoked land. i Ho polnlcd out that statement that.Germans against, P 0 - fol- ...,. W _ UI ,,,, 1MI| ^ v>5(C igi- lowlng "humane" methods 16t war- faic could not affect-the /'accounts lU?. m , W "«? . OI °W >w«A -M* mttchlnj op«i ofTr - efii 1 (hat, ' ..... v ...,*^ Y^J.V'WH wiioiUKces inot, have shocked (tfoTv'llole*v.TOfdT'J, f ' Chamberlain said'that the, whole British empire \v«s mobilizing- n<, ' • slr<wg(h and alrcndy was far wore powerful than a( the outbreak of niy pnst -wai. ^ Safety on Docks Raised By Double-Action Winch , . SEATTLE, Wash (UP) — Shipping men expect a- now double- Jctlnn caigo winch Invented by Oupt John P. Qi'unbock, safety engineer of the nccidenl preven- ' lion bureau of tho Pacific Coast' Marine Association, to icilucc-wa- teifiolit hnrnnls and proniotc pf- nclency In thlps. He Makes Tliller Eat Humble Pie Tomaiocs on Potato Vine HUNTJNGTON, Ind. (UP)—When the tomatoes in Maurice H. Sln- neH's lunch box begun to develcp j found h found them r °?! S ° f . were sprouting. „ elvl! life , reason to laugh-for (Hitler has had lo recognto him on the same vinfl "purged" • (liiim 1 ! arc piovided on the new winch, one foi the wlnchfail, or runner, and one for the \vlie lopping lift, which Is permanently secured on tlio drum. A clulch arrangement permits rotation of which ever drum Is to be used, leaving the other stationary, when tlie boom Is in the desired posi- .lon, a brake h set up, a "do»" or ;a«l is engaged on the topping Fi drum. After shifting Hie clutch (lesengnging thc topping lltt diiun ml engaging thc bull-wheel of (he' tli urn holding the ulnchfall, the ob is done. In addition to removing ihe danger of failliig booms, the new winch Is expected to prolong the life of thc wire topping lilt which j is al\\a>s colled on tho drum. Salesman Flies Vast Territory In U. S., Canada CLEVELAND, O. (UP) — E W.- Cleveland, who prefers to be known ni "Pop," is perhaps the c-ountvi's foremost flying salesman. Pop, i\ho sells airplane struts, has a territory that would make, most salesmen hand in then- resignations. Hc covers the United States and Canada—and he c:vers them In a plans which has a top speed of 187 miles an hour-and cruises at. 165. "I've been flying my territory since 1921," the aerial diummer iid. s ; According to "Pop," there are hlteh-hlkers for airways, as well as highways. "There's jast one thing I demand of a passenger when. I give him a lift," he said. "If there's m schedule to meet, and I see a spot that .suggests good trout streams, he has to be willing to land with me and fish for n while. I always carry my tackle with me." WEATHER Arkansas—Fair tonight and Thursday, cooler ;tofilght. Memphis and vicinity—pair tonight and Thursday/ slightly 'cooler Thursday.

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