The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1931
Page 6
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PAGI; six :K.I BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laiifoi LEfl IN m Soldiers Take Dive; Surprise With Fight Against Dixie Fliers ' The Gas Hounds sained HIP un-j disputed leadership of (he ruyj Caje kague last iil§h! at the t.\-( nicry by bumping off the sc-lriicrj boys of Company M In decisive! fashion, 23 f 13. The Militia ami I Gas five were tied for UK- league I !?adcishlp with four victories and! n defeat apiece until they cliishrd I in the final eami 1 on last night's I card. I The tie for first place broken, four teams now shared the second place b?rth, llv> Hl-Jackers have sixih positt'ii all to themsehvs find the Aues and Merchants ,m occupying the cellar berth toyetli- rr. Apes Furnish Surprise By iar the bigRCSt surprise of the evening was furnished in the opening contest ivhon the lotvty Au^s brought the fans to llielr fCvt with a flue performance asaim! (he Dixie Flinrs, win nt one time led the league. The Fliers finally emer^od victorious 21 t:j 20 but only by (he nianiln of a foul goal which broke n tie sroir in the last seccml of the extra pcr- .Jod. Tlie Ap:s, who hnd-becii floundering around without much success to last night, made the stands pasp by jumulng out In front at the st.irl nnd holding their imr- Rin until their ace forward. Wc-jl- PV. was removed on fouls in tlv> (lilrd |>erlort. Wolcy was easily the. outstanding star of the game totalling 15 points to l;.-id the scorers. At the half way mark the Aprs led 14 te C. when the fourth period whistle blew the gamp was frndlocked. 20 t- 20. A foul corn- milted just as the whirtb t,l<".i- pnve the Fliers a chance for vic- torv nnd they look it. Ganskc with nine poln^ lead the Flvrs. . Frisco, Jlubbard win The Frisco quintet with Holland and Osborne turnlne tn some 1 fcinllllatfiin poal sli-otiiiR swept to a 20 to 16 liiunnih over (he Hijackers. Holland found the basket with uncanny abilltv to score six field soak. Tlie Hl-Jtickcrs. \vlu\ showed good fcrm last week, pcver got started aealnst tlie Frisco and were forced to piny defensive ball most nf tlic wav. Rooster Warrins:- tf.n. forward, led the Hi-Jackers with eiirtit noints. At the lialf the led 12 to 7. Hubbard's quintet, early season favorite to cop the leauue race, functioned In old time form last night to subdue he Merchants Five . with p-om lo spare. Tl^ score found the hardware boys on top 29 to 19 at the finish. Abe Kcnninsham with It paints and Tatam ulth nine points showed the way to the scorers and proved the dvnnmite in tlie Hubbard attack. Van San, crnck Merchant forward, was stopped cold in the first half but managed to garner eight poinls before tiie final .whistle. The Merchants' of- fenr,? picked up steam in the last half but Hubbard held its lead all the v,*ay. . Sctdlcrs On Down What was expected to prove tlic feature contest of tho ni?ht turned out t^ be a one-sided triumph. Tlie Gas Hounds and Coninanv M went into (heir panic sharing tlic league Mad but the militia saw their chances of ending en top go term*? as the Hounds steadily piled up the points for a 23 to 13 tri- umDh. Ellis, the six fact and several plus center ol the pas quintet.'his running mate, the lanky Chistlan at forward and Von Alman at guard turned in Mine nifty work for the Hounds. Ellis led the scorers with 11 points. Wright of the soldiers was $.3c^nd with cipht. At the half the game was fairly close with the Hounds in frcnt. 10 to 7 but the militia found the basket for onlv four noints in the last half. Incidentally the guards- rron's scoring was. confined to Wright and Kramer. First Gamp iipes (20) Pis. Dixie Filers 21 Stevens 2 F Bible 3 WoDley 15 F KinniiiQhani ^ing O Cox 2 r<elscn 2 G Gar.ske-St Smith G Lewis 7 Substitutions—Anes. King. TVahl 1. Dixto Fliers, Kettinger. Second Game Hi-Jacfcers (16) Pos. Frisco <2G> F-eatherstone 4 F Sccoy 3 Warringtcn 3 F Holland 12 Medlin 1 c Carman 3 Stewart G Osborne 1 Cavitt G Santy 1 Substitutlins—Hi-Jackers, Docp 3. Wilson. logan. Frisco, Mas'.oy. Third Game Hubbard (23) Pos. Merchants 19 Talum 9 F van San 8 Burgc 5 F Wilson Kenningham.A. lie Wright 7 i Return i Bout with Jack Preston 5 lii'.'Iioy Ulaiidiurd.elcnijated Hly- -ll!e hcavywclglu, who knc:-ke:l •Mountaineer" Jack t'restcn a; Tcnji.. i:,st •«••:<, will : Pre c tcn in a nHum ij-^nt a 1 . 'Ic!ines5c? capita! to:j!;;!r.. ! niiiiaifuabieliH ivllli t!:? ! fan.s ami .sp-.rts '.vritcr•• i ^.cvk ai-.i Hiirlivilie promctf.v, | .ii-hcil the p.ur :-j ny It all i ;rj:nn. I'rc«to:i had Rlanrhard i i.-- ciiiivr.-s onco and I'fc-.l3.\' iit<- iwin f.vite Iji'fore the iiijji'. iU-d in t!io liltli round. RITZ THEATER f-Viuay and SahirAiy ASEBALL'S jlG6EST (ONERS PITCHERS OFTEN ask tho umpire for a new baseball because the one given them is marred or does not suit them in some way. In a close game with Detroit, Clarence "Shovel" Hodge, pitching for the White Sox, once- decided he needed a fresh "apple," so without a word lie turned and tossed the ball into the Detroit dugout. Runners on second anci third camo in and the umpires ruled that "Shovel" had made an overthrow which gave the runners two bases. Fortunately for Hodge,'however, the White Sox won the game, six to fiye, which saved his ears the v punishment of a manager's uproar. Gns Hcnuds Company M Hublrard Fri?co Dixie Filers Hi-Jackcrs Apes Merchants W L. PC!. 2 2 3 1 4 1 4 .SCO .000 .GOO .600 .WO .400 .^00 .200 begun that led to the outlawing of :'i:6h tiii'ks. After Ertdl.; had whiffed Iwiti' lie walked up to the p'.alo for i\:e third time, leaned nil hi-, 1ml as though it, were n can?, nnd watched Ihice o( the silly tv.lstors sail across tlic iier.rt of the plate. To Battle Kcrtlsng liiicln't bothered to . ti'.c urccaiillnn Ford had use;!, ami Tlie Bl.vthevllle high Sir's' basketball loams after he had pitched the fccomll'he baskelesrs of Wilson 1 strlk'j acrcss m the laconical Col- school at tlic Armory tcni-ht The llns. the umpire rt:slied out to in-! fust flame will Hart at 7:31 n'e!<--t fi-'iiet his glove. Keating cmililn'ii Thi; Blythevllie ix-ys «,• (,e.t rid cf t!:e emery in his glove i featcd by the Uulldoss in In time to avoid discovery. | cent Invitation tomnamc; 1 :Dave Danfoiill,'another ef tiieil'eiv and later the Wilson tricksters, htid a thumbnail like a'fought Its \vay to Ihc fiivil.s saw with which he rated the . bsing to Steele, Mo. scam cf the ball. Sometimes pitchers used safety razor blades to lifl the ream, but Dave's thumb was like a knlfc nnd he had tremendous strength in his hands. ija of Broadwaq" Hiaiicc for Cheaters Umpires In the major leagues '.his year will receive Instructions to keep bulls In piny unless [Ivy ivo marred seriously. With the new ratal scam, heavier thread Jail to b: used, this mny (jive the :hr.iicrs n break. The hnbit of dcctorlng balls was •urfcrl heretofore partly by tlic indiscriminate removal from the,,,- ,, , ^me of bar.-balK that sir™" ^ i CHy high school on the Lake City the slishteM Imprrlcctlciis Then i COU , rL llle lAKm bo " (lid nct tco, It has been hard for nUclie's'' ° " vcry Kootl showi "S >» lb = to cheat with the b'lll that had Enmc as thcy wcrc wom oul with -^ams countersunk, t.^cniLsc maiiy' lll ° lo " B calcl l1rlvc to Lnke cit >' trick deliveries of an earlier day nml wcrc dl!t(!at(!(l D J' a score of 28 were based upon raising of the.' 0 ls - Tho """ip wns: | earn at FOKIP point, and this was' TlAIX ° rn T °'- } -^ c ci 'S' " Jo!in;lon The Bulldogs have a well ci'.sd cane squad ccntsriiiR its rr.ncl:: airund Mnssoy. center. The Chieh- asii«-s have hit their stride larsly Luxora Boj's in Loss To Lake City Quintet ^ LUXORA, Ark—Wednesday ni<jht. the boys basketball te;im of Luxora high school met the team of Lako nncl cx|>ect to give ill? vL-.itr-s n real battle. The Wilson five fnmdi the cclng lough spahist tlie I[i:d-' sonmcn in tlie invitation tour:i?y Crr.ii; ,Sb:ni. CiiriMinn. <-\ nil to innko lliu rccEpli'!! tr>:n;ht' n laniior one. The Blyi.llin'iile ghTs ;iro jn -tllv e::pvc'.c,i to offer much «]);ic ;r:on for the visitors. The Wihnn :'. :n- n'os have a no~ri quintet \vl:i!.'> ,1]? If.'Cal Insoles hive s:u'iit ir.o: o! the s:» on :h« dc-feii<c. STA n re I N o INA CLA!R£ fREDRIC MARCH With Gteinauir) MAUY BRIAN and Henriettii C rosin an ilatinec-—2 & 3:30 P.vJI. Nighl—Two Complete Sho\vs Admission—li> and <!0c. , hard t-: do with ti-,; threads conn- tersum;. Korcl Father of Fakers The peat gratidaddy of nil thcj ?!ie.T.ers v.'as Rusell Ford of the Var.Soes .hi the days tcfore the. World War. Ford used a sieve! •v:th a hoic cm in the center. !le wore n ring to which was attach-' •c: a b:t 't cn\?ry paper, which he : :JCd tc, rcuehen a rpot on the ball.' Fastened to the riii; was a string! )." rubtcr band? which extended: •m the s'oc-ve of his sweatshirt. I When an umpire would demand IAIXO ™ Ij : ;ilch ; Billingsly : Gardener Seaton Friday and Saturday LP c KG Smith Fuller M.'G.irritv and Divide Cage Program inspection of his glove hand. Ford I - '"ith the Holland, Ma., Tlie Coo'.er girls won th.clr 12th victory by defeating the visltinc 1 losses. 27 to 22. I. Micnle woii, •v-uld remove the' ring n, he "(ooki hi « h ^1°7 wi ° l 10 P°''«s , ;ff his clove, and the vnbb-r b-nds' , ter '' : fcoys lofl b >' lh:> '«rrow woi:!t! snap tl-.- cvid e rhllt noi margln Ol '? to 1V '" a lwr(I his sleeve Ford. literallv;" had' 10 ™ ht ^" d "'tercsiin^ 5 anie. -omclhlng u;i his sle:ve" in everv 1 ° Cooler E 1rls W 'H Parlicip.T.e Tame he worked I 'J 1 ll> - annual tournament at Isaacs, F Biankenship . G , Grimes 2 G Isascs. C Substitutions— Hubbard. J. Ken ninjham 2. Henry. f,fcrchanls Harris 4, Westbrook. Fourth Game Gas Hounds (23) Pos. Co. M (13 Christian 7 p Wrlcht Elkins F Kramer Ellis 11 C Newson Vcn Alman 3 G cral P»vder 2 G Substitutions— Company M Me Henry, Kmtz. Rjferee of games one and two- Qlen Durham, games three nn lour — Crawford Greene. Time keeper, Kyle. Scorers, Ivy an Sudbury, Portaecville on Feb. i veil the championship last Le.-.n K.irls of Steele was of last night's contests. They 5Iore Th»n One nivorce a i).iy Tl-: roujhcnr-il •ive it nn ur.niinral buak. It! h«! wcr, delivered ourhand: with the rcushencd f|»l to thei eft. it would break sharply to tfc; i?hl. If the spot was held on op. the ball would break down. I r'ord Erhieveti a "rise ball" by! BRIDGEPORT. Conn. iliPi-rl);- '.cldiug the spot on the bottom i-.Vvcrces were cranlcS in J-'airfieM 11' gripped it to deliver. Tf the : County Superior court a: ;lic- r.u-j ipot was held to the rkht. the ball of more than one a diy for t'-o vcuM wil thaiply to the left as it first month of 1931. The' t-.vo -pr,-- irarctl the batter. . tiding judges had granted K h, Di I) VOU KNOW Til AT— Merle Hulford. the University of Washington's flashy ball c.-.v- rler. totes n key ar"ur.d t!i:se! days after sclro!" hniirs . . .; iie is part-thr.? jiiiler in iiic! King county prison nt Sr,;ii!e^ . . . he hasn't had to s;;;:; r-:iv' of the interference en an ::d : run sis yet. but you niL'!-.- , .il! | him (he key mall of tr • t!-fi •.:•;" for all that. . . . Prim.r.snvra : broke a record at th-- Hi;.;-o-• drcnie In New Ycrk unrui: a; recent week by playing to ftf,- • COD . . . you can't dmy that'. Prlmo has hart ..'nough "'-.n-o-' droming practice to jto -v a big way ... up to P. showing, the Hipp record held by Peaches Brownir. S3l.rx». . . . Before the r mile batlb beliveen Riv irer and Leo Lerr.ioml. (hat Rny would to do better than .1:13 to him . . . Hay cou'd do no tor than 4:13 3-5. but he Loo j-.tst the same See 'Romance Of The West' Sunday and Monday BECAUSE SHE WAS— A FHWAV, FKUiJUAkV ;,;. .-;•;! Bargains for Saturday and Monday | _,.^ •This store will clone promptly at 9:3G p. ;;;, Saturday Feb. i4ik. Also at 6:00 p. m. t.\roi(ffk week days 'uci Fch. Jfifh. This will hf. newt * i LB< Eiih S 5 C A]'I>1,ES Fancy Home ore Hcituty. 4 U«. Lt) CABBAGE POTATOES Fancy Ke<l T.'.-i- utnph!). Peck 15 MJS. 27c *** & •!>'•' I ""& me: I 2 I'IO KIUIIT !. ;n -v;o r Sweet I<'l(iriila. lOa. •) ONIONS KSilf mmimmmm ,z m ^^^^ mim ^ fm ^ m ^ Oranges E x t r a Large Kloridas, Sweet, Juicy—Higner and Better than those Lust ] 2 'K H)s. ^ Fancy Wine OC .Sap. Lb. O f'KUNES Size 40/50 , OCC •i Lbs. CALUMET 1L cL25 c SNOWDRIFF G-Lb. 1'ail 89c BANANAS Golden rC ^ I'Vuit. Lb. <J ^ FLOUR 2 S fSk . Brookfield or Clover Bloom 3 Pound Limit SOUP A11Va TSs25 c WESSON OIL, nqc Pint Can Ut) CORN No. 2 Pride of Illinois. 3 can limit Can lie BEANS Miss Lou, Sfringlcss. No. 2 Gin Guaranteed Fresh From the .Country, Large Select. (These Eggs are not Sold for Resale.) RICE Fancy: Blue Rose OCC • 6 Lbs. M c MUSTARD 51 ar £l3 MACARONI or Spaghetti TC J Box TOMATOES No. 2 Standard Can 6c SUGAR In Clolh Hags 10-Lb. Limit PEACH KS No. KS No. ZVi <jr Courier. 2 Cans w Libbys Sliced or Crushed No. 2\ Can '. in i -vas • al •.-rnt —she wore his pearls but would not surrender her heart. A frank and timely drama of mod- marriage. \l PURE LARD 8-Lb. Pail COFFEK Sunset Gold OP Lb. OJ MILK Pet or Carnation OfTC 3 Large or 6 Small tit) Keliogt^s 3 I'kg. Limit Package 5c PINTO BEANS L,5 C PICKLES Sour or Dill QIC Quart Jar Li PORK & BEANS Camp- 1 f"< boll's. 2 Cans Is) BUTTER Sprinehrook Sprinehrook inc 3 !-)). Limit. Lb. ii Eil Passes If On Ford was wary of his secrpl and '• used it ii'odcrately. He was eon-! tent to cct by with it withrnt any'j 'pcctacuiar demonstratior.. Ed' Swefnoy. ibe caterer, was th» only 11 other man who knew what It WIG'I all about. ' i After Ford passed frcm thr big' ieagucs with a Isme Drm. Swr.->ney -'nfl-led the secret to Hay Ki;at!n<j. : K'atiiif:. however, becan-,? t"o bold with ;he delivery. Jie didn't care who lie fooled with the c7a?y breaks, and us:d It with abandon It was when Keating struck oul'. I Ediiie Colliiw three times in r,iic-|| cession that an investigation was tlie first 23 days. OnSF.UV.VTORY FOU PAP1S. lUPl—Ti'.e (fovrrnmr-n: j hns vcterl credits for the ere.'• ion i of an observatory on tre ed;f o< the crarrr of Mount Prbo. in M.'.r- ;ln'.c;-.:i. T!ID i:b.'j:v3to:-y \v:ll t.- leveled to a nii^y of vclcanr.05 ano i sv.e phy.-:ral characteristics o! the ! s:>.Tfr,c:- cf :h? c;^ix l . Th? Aejrtr.n; ft Jx-i-nc"? F::ec:cJ ti'.c si; ,-: ;h iiis'.itiuc. Special Notice To Tax Payer Neck Bones lb.4c aast lib. 15c \S IN PAVING DISTRICT No . . Until March 1st. you can p;ty your taxes -vilh- oul penalty. After Ilia! cb.te the pcnaltv n-ill bo added. G. G, Caudill, Collector, a Sinner DOROTHY MACKA1LL JOEL iV. c C R E t> JOHN 1 HAUIDAY C. HSNRT CORDON .Alntince & Night— 10 & 25e. Admission — 10 and 25c. Hams Shankless Picnics Ib. Pure Lard lb KB7Z S -'Bit NeW ttlK Barrei Pork Rsbs 1MMBM1HBMIEI StewMea Genuine Black- (fs h;i\vk, SMcul Pound ( I

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