The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1945
Page 3
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ONDAY, JANUARY s, 10-15 Finds Captured Nazis Different Not Fundamentally Changed But Not So Haughty As In'41 NEW YORK, Jim. 8. (UP)—The •untisli radio quotes a Canadian radio correspondent, Matthew Holton, as saying u ln t German prison- U) ors, captured recently on the Ar- rtenncs front, are less arrogant but • fundamentally much like thc pris- I oners he interviewed back In 1041. Most of the prisoners were about 18, picked young men of an SS formation, chosen for a great offensive which was to Have broken •through to Brussels and Antwerp Says Correspondent Holton: "As I listened to some of them talk, I thought how different they were from the first German prisoners I have seen in tills war. That wns near Tobruk, In thc British dwell offensive of November, 1911. The first German prisoners I saw, young elite troops of the Africa Corps, were almost choking with arrogance. They were so haughty that they would not even accept cigarettes from us. "Since then, 1 have seen tens of thousands of German prisoners und talked to hundreds. They become less and less arrogant. But fundamentally, I'd say, even now, they are still the same. I emphasize thai I am speaking now of the elite troops." Holton looked at them this time with fascination, as one does look at enemy troops. Some o! them were typical Germans in one way, with the Him cruel mouth and thc sharp nose. Now, ..some were typical in another way: Handsome young men intellieent-looklni; and well-built' They might have been.a credit to any country, had they not been reared and nourished on murder " Holton goes on: •"A young sergeant from Leipzig said: -The night before we at• tacked last month, somo of us were addressed by our divisional commander, ne told us that we were chosen lor one of the great deeds of history. He said our task is to ' break (lie power of tho western Allies for the winter, so that Germany could hold up Russia am prepare for the spring. He said- It -is a beautiful thing you do; you may be killed, you probably will bs killed. But our lives are nothing The important tilings are- Germany and Europe, the mother of civilization.'" Three prisoners lold Holt thej thought thai when Germany was beaten, the country would be taken over by the Communists. Some thought Britain and America would see lo it that Germany had a government such as that of the Weimar-Republic,'after the last war borne said quite frankly they expected an Allied military government for 50 years after the war, and ?£- IC , ra 7ul¥ UBlU ' -°C Pretended to think, that Geiniaiiywas not going to be beaten after all. A German officer told him- "Russia and the western Allies will be at each other's throat before this year ends." He added: "We think that .if you win, you nre going (o Break Germany as a nation for ever And that's why we fight so well' When we heard the other day of Churchill's statement 'that East , Prussia was to go to Poland and that the entire population was to je transported, it boosted 1 our will to fight.: It was a hideous thing to " 'Why so hideous?' He was asked. You Germans have been doiiiL' things like that, not only removing whole populations but murdering whole populations.' The German stared at Holdon and asked: "Whom have we killed except a few Poles and Jews?" 1945 Income Tax Primer Treasury Offers To Compute Tax Returns Because Law Is Still Too Complicated BLYTIIEV1LLE COURIER NEWS yet a Here is the first of 10 authoritative, casy-lo-follow articles lolling the wage-earning taxpayer how to prepare his income tnx return. Readers. should clip and save each Installment of the ic - II) S .mjltl'ON HEATH NBA Staff Writer More Americans n ic paying income tax tills year than ever before. Most of them nre paying a higher /tax than ever before Ami jas^majoiily will not pre,pare any formal return,. or figure for themselvc. what they owe to thc federal treasury. •The Increased number of taxpayers, the generally larger tax and the welcome esqapc from preparing returns « n d computing 'lie amount ' 01 iicath result from fk-ation" ci Spring. It would the Co " BrCES las ' be unfair and inaccu- tax law ?o J ntaim ( " C " ew lllcomc cation. In a few respects progress «as made. But the improvement for the, most part was.patchwork be simphtication was 'much less tiian Congress r.nd the Treasmv would have you believe and new injustices were written into the law in at least nai-l.ini offset to were mad tax Fundamentally the Income Rotations At Steels Hear Tank Corps Man STEELE, Mo., Jail. 8. — Green, home on furlough' after 32 months overseas service in tlip European theater of war, was guest speaker at the Rotary Club meeting here last week. A member of the Tank Corps he participated in many important j campaigns. "' Ladies Night will bo observed by Uhc club at the next meeting. F r inin ' about Fo,m 040 had so little confidence he r simplification of the law that they provided a lot of compromise labor-saving devices. Of raper! S. Hurlmi Hcalli consults will, ,,ffi, i:lls ,,f ,| lc York Dislncl of (he Internal llcvmue Dim-ail. Ml („ John c. McTiguc, assislani chief, Audit ISnrci.ii of |] IL > hu-un "cafli, Jolui A. iMoiiiiltin, chief »f (| u . [, lcl mi c -r>i\ -1,1 anil, seated, Capl. William J. I'ulrU-l:, fdlretur of inicriul Jlcvci thc district (n-Iilvli Includes Wall Hired). . ' „',', ,,t *" J «»»; ater than January 31; niall (lie receipt to your Collector of internal Revenue, nn d wait, until he wtifics you how much tax you owe Sam or ho\v ' much refund Uncle' owes you. TJioi-c wlio meet the first lest — they choose. B 3 " y ICal Iclurn - lf j "loir tax M ''^'"'^ tC com|nlte MTl '. easur y stands ready to USE TAiifES the income tax of anv np™,, or lax family «,„„, that mep I iu tests: ' ' meGt5 Uo 1. I! the entire income last v ei" came from wages or salary inter" and dividends and the -.,, „„, .« v »*uii, iinu me tot£11 i-ecipts from these sources were no more than $4,999.99; and 2. If income from interest dividends, and salary or wage from not If they choose, they can list llieir income and dependents, and then look up the amount of (heir tax in a table. This saves the arduous an d often puzzling task of figuring deductions and credits. The (able allows approximately lo per cent of income as a standard deduction id computes the tax due. Some lose money by using the (able- but also ix. The table nt even this Bioup is given one Yarbro News Members of the Yarbro Parent leaciier Association met Friday arternoo.1 at the school, with Mrs. ° nicm avor-savln B licrs can, if they choose, take s nntlara $500 flat deduction s end of llBurtnu llons and credits for mh n^' S ' mo " lciU miscellnncous items. I" n series of articles of which this is the first 1 shall try to help , 1 'ii TO r-i rtl!C:1<lc wnclll c |- vou can gally file you,- Withholding Receipt as an iiu-ome tax return 2.T(j declrtc whether, ir you cicise'i't ' , their own dcduc- laxeB. Inter- MUenscs iintl 3. If you must use Form 1040 lo deride whether lo lake the lax InWels average 10 per cent credits, 01 'to figure your own. i. If you do use your own dedue- «b and credits. 1 0 figure a n t l cn- nmf" C01 ''' cclh '' «»'" then to Compute your tax svithoiit confus- ^^ n ^^'^^, •'.S/cZi^u.i^-;,£«'-.1. x^ 0 " 1 ***™-*^™ ..... Pilot Thankful His Was 'Luckiest' Outfit (Continued from Van 1) - ..-.'Imiided." Timt wns t he way com'l'ii !f> Vlclor '". Mtllw «'"A scribed Ilipin. Tlie squadron liml its shakedown ciulso lo 'ivinldnd, I), w. I., Inst March, cud | ( , „,,„ llcrc (lllll L| wv,?, m i "," 1 ' (cs(lillc ™» '"lo one of icicnil home town officers )»> rts" l F !<1 '° " lCCl < " l '''" B hls tlliv " tnnl lime WHS stiitlonwl at Trinidad Were he wns flying „ ••^ "'imp for the Navy. Sull I'm ran;,,,,,, Jijirksiliilc mid Ills group return. "r.,i? " nllctl Hlnles *)>''" 10. ireiing very experienced mill sniiy. After brief visits home Ihe airmen returned to Oiclr currier ""(I tu-aded for Ihe l>a,.mim Cniuil. in due lime ihc-y cleared a West Coast port for Pwirl Harbor, anil kiM l 'n" Jl>S ' ln8 " E00li sulm «<• Will- KIM they went lo ,Mmit. ii cro another IMythevlllc officer, Lieut, B ) uotimnj. Fmwlit, wns host lo Lientenant liarksdalc before lie and his B""ij> left for Enlwclok ivlicre tliev oceanic a part,of Task Force 511 ' taxl'c' St f° f . " 1C KTO " I> ""' " lo11 ' fl ' rsl s NIC b!(?Bivjl find most rciii'istlc uiin they'd CVC r experienced, Hiey pliislcrcd Hvo Island with 3d o»s of bombs. A few days Inter loimil tliem .striking Ouniu In sup. --- of the Amerlcnn invasion ilicr then moved over lo ralau, h Illng rndio stations, K un positions »n<l other land tni-gels Here aBi.lti thc luck of Clroup 13 "is with Ltculcnant Darksdiile ihose oil llii c \vnjj riddled by untl- •I'-craft five over Koror. In 1'orced Iiinullii),' "My b'Bgest worry wns whcthci' iny molor would last long ctioiiBh o curry us out.slde tlic bis reef cx- L ei>(lli) 8 iill ui-oiiiirt the Island," tho filer reculled. "I knew II we could mm on tho wnlcc outside we could be picked up by on c O f our resc'ic ijnils. bill if forced (town inside lie reef they could not reneli us, Fortuiiiilcly, the niolor ran just 'Hying Windmills' for the Army ' PAGE THREE Quanlily producllon ot "Hying jyimlmills" for (lie U S Armv is now undc,' way al Nash-Kdvlnnlor's Detroit, Mich nl'niU The iim«uiil photo nbovo .how a Irlo of the K-fl he eoptos dull, ,- ilcmoiitlrnllon for military otacvvm aiul hiUurtry on'clol 5 nl ll/e pltml nirpoi't. too for us lo clear and My all-crewman „ enough "ml on the „„ tj lul ,.,,.„ nncl f Inflated our rubber raft and got.aboard while mil- disabled plane settled to the bottom. We dl ( not mve long to wait, lor our rescue •j .(V, ls °" tllc fab luu ' Picked us Early |,, August Lieutenant Barksclntc and his fellow filers again struck in llic Nonius where hey hammered Clilcliljlma with 'Ifl oads of bombs, "We certainly B0 t a hot rcccp- .ioii there," Barksdalo ' related, llic ack-ack was llilckcr than I ever want to see neain." - Diii'lng September the group re- Jcatcdly attackpj i»o, Ynp nnd fl- lally Pnlnu again where they sup- wrted llio Mnrljic.? «lio -luntlctl. A nip to the Admiralty Islands to re- Ijrovlsloji follon-ctl and Here Burks- M,ni Vr"- ™ Inm 'Wee, announced •Hal all pupils had been weighed WbuTed r d D °H ca " ls Wcrc dis - tnbuted, and that this project chool year. itf hcomhliUce ?vas,appointed Jo in .the'i-iuricfi 'room, i ".'i" ! A'' i - ! ?-.- K , The president's message was read Mrs. Dec Bunch, and Miss Alice Mane Ross, program chairman then presented Mr s . c. O. Redman executive secretary of. the Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association, as guest speaker for the af ernoon. L ea f| cts concerning home care and the importance of mass tuberculin tcsis were distributed by Mrs. Redman. Miss ROSS' room received the $5 bond for having pur- largest amount of tu- berculosis seals during the rcc(!nt , seal sale drive, and plans were ,„ . r ..... *-' """ iJi.uis - mcmb «'-s to altciul Choclt Full of (he Teachers to be held Armorel School. Jan, 19 at °/ °'Jt'gas Army Hospital lal Zone, recent Charles Roy Lutes Jr. Charles Roy Lutes Jr., h,,s been elected president of Ihe Blythcvill" chapter, of the Future Farmers "i nca, succeeding J. L. Johnson tier . of f icers rirc •. Jimniic Stnf- VOC a- in the c ovc !' s ' and practically nil of them sh1 P"«t to the Uniicd States Freeman . Robinson, local Read Courier News Want Ads. Piles May Lead to Associated Ailments FREE iiOOK Explains Canses, Effods ;iiid 'rrealmcnl If you have Piles, Fistula, recta iibscess or any rectal or colon disorder—here is good news. Write today lo Ihe McCleary Clinic, D 122 Elms Blvd.. Excelsior Springs, Mo.—for your FREE copy ot their 122-page, illustrated book. Visit Us In Oar NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E. MainSf. T.I. SE AY MOTOR CO. Clirjslcr Dealer - Parts & Service 121 E. Main Phone 2122 FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SI/ES Cheaper Tiun Bridge Lumber Osccola Tife & Culvert Co. Phone 691 Osccola, Ark. MADAM ROSS Palmist and Advisor Gives true advice on all affairs of life. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED TRAILER LOCATED ON CITY LIMITS ON HWY. 18 SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS FLOWER SHOP F.T.I). Service wns pleasantly surprised to ilnd another home toivn Naval officer, Lieut. Comdr. Oscar Pendler with whom he hail a visit. Fendlcr was serving ns jud B c advocate there. • , " ft Memorable Month .Members of Group 13 will never foi-Bct October, 1914. To bcein with. "icy sailed right up under the nose of Japan itself and on the 10th Elrdck at Okinawa at Nansci Shoto small island on the southern lip or Hie Jup mainland. A couple of days lalcr they moved on to the Formosa area, blasting airfields ships and Installations. Here they met antl-ali'crafl. flic even . murderous tlnin iismil and (I plunes were kept busy km 1 down Zeroes (lint, vwiliwed' 11CIU'. Tlien . from Oct. is (o thu lath Ilicy "took u deep breath" mid Hew Mo Hie Jnp hot-lK-d on Luzon In Ihe Northern l'h!llpp|iu<!i. They were forced (o dod|;e antl-airerall and lo but olf ciifmy ])|nnn llko fllivi. Duiini; (his lltne thu pllol.i Ha ( i cause (u bu Ihiinkful for the (fond inilnlnit (heir aiicrewmcn had received for ilu'j' had plenty O t J5crop,s to knock down In spitu nf hlrjhly olfeellve M B lilcr cover, ihenw 'backseat boys" were ulven l>lenty of credit by their pilots. The uroui) WHS now a pavt uf Halscy's Tusk Force 'M unit the whole force wns striking together and (jlvljiR llic Nipponese plenty «f Iroiililc. Bhlps were sunk In Mn- nlla Ilnrbar, mie of them by Moll- tenant Unrkstlnlc, and the airfields of Clark, Nlelson, Lc-ifiispl and Nichols were practlciilly being "blown ofr (lie map." These operations, of course, were lircparnlory to MncArtlmr's Invasion of l.cyte which followed. Not ionj; after (he historic vlclory over the Jnp Heel Ilomblnij amuul- ron !,? wns on .lls way back 'o Pearl Harbor with a to'tal of i:wa sorties (o Its credit. 50 ships sunk numerous aircrnft destroyed on llu> B™" 1 "' "»il hi the air and nearly 110,000 miles of liavelinr; IOSKC<| liv the "mutlicr" ship. n<!ad Courier News Want Ail/i Masons and Eastern Star Hold Joint Installation MANILA, Ark., Jim.' 8,— The newly elected officers ol the Order of Iho Kiwlcni Slur wero Inslallcil at i> Joint Installallon sci'vlco fci ^fusolls and Stars at n pnuiio mony held Wednesday at the llal Chnrch. .. Eii.slciii Slur officers Installed were: Mrs. Kff| 0 LVjivont, worthy mutron: Hliinley Pradenberg, worthy patron; Mrs. Nellie Slatler, as- cere- socloto matron; Monroe Hln*sly,i associate patron; Mrs. Bessie Grtf-' fin, ., BCcretary; Mrs. jRuth^ Fox,, treasurer; Ml« Hilda Davh,' conductress; Mrs. Leslie-Stutts, associate conductress; Mrs, Bailie Hln- wly, cimplaln; Mrs. Mary Nell loach,-organist; Mrs. Jean Anna-' brainier, Ada; Mrs Ruth mack, Esther; Mrs Delia Lancaster, Martha; Mrs. Nora Fran- denberg, Electa; Hcrbeit Griffin warder; Robert Statlcr, sentinel. ' Newly elected officers /or the Masonic Lodge are: Willlo Thom- nwon, worshipful master; -Osborna Bowers, senior warden; John Statler, Junior warden; Jalnes Bell rcnstircr; Bijel Gatlln, secretary;' TV ,' 1U ° 1 "' cll "n ta 'n; Stanley Framlcnbcrg, sentoi deacon;.Pioyd 15!h5inore, Junior deacon- T A Bourland, Robcit Statlci. master.? Of ceremony; W. A Statler, tiler Manila News Miss Jo Abbott Crniiford lias ic- tiirned to Hnrdln College, Searcy i.fej- spending the itolldays here with her mother, Mrs. Viola Cran- tonI. En route back to school, she N ' t" Ionucr room nwt 9' lu J. P, Downing has returned to nls home in Detroit, Mich after Miendlnis the Ohilstmns holidays with relatives lieic. Mr. and Mrs: Mamlco Howell d dauehtei- have icturned to their home In Corlntii, ,\!i ss ., after 11 visit here with his paients Mr nnd Mrs. F. 8 Howell. Mrs. com Dallon is rccuperat- |>B .after n severe illness at the Kinie of her sister, Mis. Ida Aslia- urnniicr. Nine hundred eighty communities expended a total of $38513194 for recreation in the United States nnd Canada in 1930, CHEST COLD TIGHTNESS r-or ? ],ll4ro n quickly loosened up V l'«™tro-Crni,dmn'a old. 1'ans i-Cola Cempahi/, Long Island Citit,\ 1'cpsi-Coln ItoUlirig Co'/oMUylheville- .. CALL... or WRITE me for your STONEVILLE COTTON SEED Swift's Red Steer nnd Nitrate Fcrtlliurs . . . Also Seed Socks J. L TERRELL HI S. Bl| \\. 10,000,000 -war" telephone program for i Arkansas Planters Hdw. Co., Inc. home of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS U. S. BELTING and PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE Phone 515, BlythevHle, Ark. J. LOUIS CHERRY Reprwtnllnr NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO, BlytheTtUe, Art If It's HARDWARE We Have It or Can Get It If It's At All Obtainablel BARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years' Continuous Service' DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEQPATHIC PHYSICIAHS Rectal Diseases a Specialty (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main Blyllicvlllc, Ark. Phone 2921 THE BELL SYSTEM is preparing to spend more than a billion dollars after the war for tho telephono equipment needed to give tho nation tho communications facilities it wants and expects. In Arkansas, thc telephone company, as its part of the undertaking, plans an expenditure of 10 million dollars in thc communities it serves. This . would be in addition to thc money regularly spent for the normal growth of the business. Thc program will be started as soon as possible after man power, materials, and investment funds arc available. Several years will be required for its comnletion. What will this mean to the people of Arkansas? As rapidly as conditions permit, thc. thousands waiting for telephones will be provided service. They now arc doing without so that the army and navy can have all the communications equipment needed lo win the war. And they have been patient about it, too, Thc farmers will be offered more and better service. Lines will be extended to many areas not now served; and the service will be improved for those who already have telephones. Longdistance lines will bcextendcd^ and new techniques will be used to complete calls faster. This program will mean more work within the telephone industry—while the construction is in progress and afterwards. Outside the industry it will mean work for copper miners, manufacturers, builders, and all the other folks who supply the industry. It is as important to the people of Arkansas as it is to this company that thc Bell System be able to obtain from the investing public the necessary money to build, to expand, to make jobs, and to give better service. SOUTHWESTERN BELL^sa^TEIiEPHONE COMPANY

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