The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1953 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1953
Page 7
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'tRIDAt, JANTJARt 9, 19B8 BtTTHBVtLLE (AR1C.T COURIER NEWS FARM NEW REVIEW; Drouth Something of Blessing'; Importance of Land-Building LITTLE ROCK (AP)'_ The long summer drouth apparently wu t blessinu In dis'gulse for Arkansas' totton producers. iv,, . Wh "! ? th ,l r °T» 8e ' lerally were "*"* !aid low "y lack of moisture, cotton was thriving. Pickers were to get in the Md. throughout the harvestlngKason. The hot we. ther kept down- .meet*. These le ' >e other factors resulted In * good, clean crop. .'That it apparently Is a good crop * vis born out the first of this month when the U. S. Department o( Agri' culture' predicted a 1952 harvest of 1,325,000 bales, compared to last year's production of 1,249,000 bales The average (firmer is interested primarily In producing good and bountiful crops and building up his land. Despite this Innate desire to better himself, it still doesn't hurt H.D.CLUBMEMOS •j ' Mra. Gertrad* B. Holinuui (Rom* Demonatratioi Aftiti Plan 1955 Program A program planning meeting was held recently to work out the 1953 program of work for the home demonstration clubs in North Mississippi County. Because of the world situation flSjat is causing a mental strain on individuals and the rush and hurry from one Job to the- next, and • Iso because of i the high cost of living, the committee recommended that mental health projects have an Important part in the program. Self Improvement projects were also listed io have prominent parts in the program since that phase would not only be a.morale lifter for the individual but the entire family. ' Conservation of household articles and food, food production and home beaut if ication .are also included in the program. Community Improvement is a county-wide project that U to be continued this year. Some of the special event* for the year are as follows: 1. National Home Demonstration Week celebration. 2. Garden and Poultry Tour. 3. Home Industries Work Shop. 4. Self Improvement Jamboree. ' 5. County-wicie Clean-up Campaign. - •- - Those attending ' this planning meeting were as follows: ' ••.:•• Name and Club Mrs. Forrest 'Moore, Lone Oak Mrs'. Lee Stiles, Yarbro Mrs. B. A. Bugg, Yarbro _' Mrs. W. .W. Caery, Blackwater r ' Mr.v Alonzo Fleeman, Blackwater - Mrs. H. M. Perez. Lcachville Mrs. Roy B. Diwson. teachville Mrs. W. p. Anderson, Amerole Mrs. Roy Thomas, Leachville Mrs. Chris Pierce, Leachville Mrs. Hollis Thurmond, Leachvltle Mrs. Otto Bradberry. Lost Cane Mrs. Bob Veach; Lost Cane ••Mrs. Ferrell Harris. Lost Cane Mrs. Mary Scrape, Dogwood Mrs/Aaron Williams, Lost Cane .' Bobbjc Byrd Sues* you remember Bobbye Byrd. that outstanding 4-H member who won a trip to Ireland? She is now attending the University of Arkansas in .Fayetteville. She Is stay- Ing In the 4-H House and Just loves We had a letter from Bobbye recently stating how well she is getting along in school and how nanny she is with her-work. Recently Bobbye has been given quite a few honors in achool. She was on« of 'eight girls to be selected to act. as.Secretary to the A. W. 8. Committee. Bobbye is also mem bershlp chairman for the Home Economics Club, which has 182 girls. She was selected to act as big sis- jjer to a,'foreign student, which Is ^ulte an honor, too. '". We »re >ll proud of Bobbye Jean and know she will do well wherever •he goes. By the way, did you know she plans to be a home demonstration agent? 4-Hers Honored About 150 4-H winners^ officers *nd leaders will be honored at the Annual 4-H Banquet tonight at thaj Noble HoteL The banquet la sponsored by the Farm Bureau. Jo Alice McGuire, president of the County '4-H Council, will preside over the meeting. It's Time To— 1. Mulch the valuable ornamental ihruba, such u azalea, cammelia, gardenia and photinta." 2. Apply peach dormant spray. 3. Find n special storage place for the gifta.thst children-received—a place that each child can call his very own. When your cold jtts inlo your throat and chest and cough develops, work fast. Crcomulsioo relieves quickly be- 'cause it: >t. Soothes raw >on throat and chert < membranes. ~ 2. Loosens tat helps expel germy phlegm, 3. Mildly retain systemic tension. 4. Aids nature fight the cause of irritation. 5. Hit ttood ttM teit of million tt Vou must be pleased or yonr druggist will refund your money. £?!PB!ffi?ioii to encourage a farmer to build up his Inncl. Such Is the commendable Job being done by the Arkansas Balanced Farming Contest and other similar 'enterprises. Tied In with the contest was »t least one example of cooperation between landlord and tenant. One of the last things 26 - year - old Thomas an<j Willie Mae Wewers of Craighead County, told judges was the splendid cooperation they received from landlord BID Parker, Jonesboro druggist. The Wewe'rsi who farm In Craighead County, won second In the tenant division. .Landlord Helped They said Parker furnished construction materials so they could build a modern home on his place. Parker bought. one-third Interest In 12 cows which Wewers had, then put up another third so the farmer could Increase his herd. One-third of the sale price goes to Parker when the cattle is marketed. A similar example was cited in the case of Jay and Matilda Richmond of the Coffman Community in Greene County. .Rtchmond.,said he broached the Idea of getting, into livestock production to his landlord, Ralph Rafton, Paragould businessman. Ratton responded with half the money necessary to get a herd. They now own 39 head of beef and dairy cattle on a partnership basis. Other examples .-probably are more the rule than the excepticji i — Spraying of crops by plane Is decreasing. .The State Plant Board reports that 12,000 acres were nd na sprayed by plane In 1S5J, compared with 23,000 acres last year.. Some 19,000 acres were sprayed' by ground equipment this year. Seed Production • An associate agronomist with the Agriculture Extension Service says Arkansas farmers are fortunate In that land facilities and climatic conditions are favorable for production of most of the seeds used in the state's crop and pasture program W. H. Freyaldenhoven says Arkansas does produce a large volume of the state's seed needs. He adds, however, that the seed is not always marketed to trie best advantages because adequate seed cleaning and processing facilities are not sufficient .in some areas. Seed production and processing 'will be one of the major phases of (he 1953 Extension agronomy program, says Freyaldenhomen. SIDELIGHTS: Pink boll worms were found recently In Hughes County, Oklahoma, about 80 miles west of Ft. Smith •:.. A study shows that many southern families need more milk, vegetables and fruits to mate late winter and early spring diets satisfactory -... Strawberry acreage in winter and early spring diets satisfactory ... Strawberry acreage in White County is expected to be down in 1053 ... Corn suffered from the drouth more than any other crop in Randolph County this year, reports County Agent J B. Ferguson. On Missco Farms County A (ent Keith J. BQbre; Toniirht'i a Bl( Night The Farm Bureau is sponsoring the Annual 4-H Club .Winner Banquet for 125'North Mississippi'Coun- ty 4-H Club' boys and girls tonight at the Hotel Noble. In addition to the 1953 officers from each club, there were 42 winners invited from ten clubs In the county. . . ''.Misery Loves Company , ; • Maybe you are aware of the fact that our,cotton fertilizer tests In 1952 did not. correspond with the results of'most previous years. Last year there was somewhat less profit from high nitrogen and more profit from higher potash. Now I am find- Ing that the University-supervised tests are showing about the same thing. In other words. In addition to knowing your soil deficiencies, the fertilizer needs of different kinds of crops, you also need to know whether you are going to have a wet or dry year. Complicated, Isn't It?. It backs up my theory that V would ertillze every year but I would make somewhat moderate applications, . — because plant food deficiencies are not always the limit- ing factor In higher crop production. ( Cotton Variety Test ; The results from cotton variety tests are variable every year, too. For instance, I can say that Delta Pine 15 is one of the very best cottons grown in-tms country but I'can seldom' say 'that"if leads the test"'or It is always In the top three." . • As a very Important bsTjroduct of COLDS' MISERIES? WHY DON T YOU TRY • £ ££ CL nou |D ° R ooo« It's different, ll s tim.-- (i-sted. Even if olhor-. l - failed you. try *.oG. ' OLIVER Row Crop "77' ...favor/re /or Diversified Operations J of Row Cro» trM toaatera «M " •• ._ handl. th. mu[ ,i,ud, of job7«r*.T£6~ ET^X dual, amgfe or «Jju»tabI« front ul. wheel aa»nblie*. And all are interchangeable. """i!* J"7 2 " J P 10 * " 77 " P«>vid«« • «« matched. Ita tmmth, 6-eylinder engine ^liver* extra pulling po^e, in ^ h o ^ ;„ §i|t Take-Off incnaae, the tlKatncr of PTO- driven machinea ... and'tb« new rubber •pnng seat provides more genuine comfort thaa you'v* ever before ttpetienced. Bt nin to aw it .•«-— that' OLIVER LOOK AT THIS PRICE! Compare prices and performance . . . you'll choos« •n. OLIVER! The "77" with 11-38 Rice and .Cain Tires and Mechanical Power Lift sells for the prices listed at the right. GAS $2475.00 DIESEL $3061.00 Phis Silrj T»I FARMER'S IMPLEMENT CO. 515 E. Main Phon. 8166 THIS IS (NO) BULL - Bully, three-week-old Bull calf of L. L. Wigginton of the Lost Cane Community, was born with but three legs. The calf has caused quite a few visitors to drop by Mr. Wlgglnton's (arm. It Is the third calf from a cow: bought from a neighbor, Eldridge Bowcn. (Courier NEWS I'hoto) by the University, at Osceola, we get the results each year of a variety test. These tests' include total seed cotton and lint yields, staple length, gin turnout, bolls per pound of seed cotton, earliness, and total dollar valu? per acre. i You think Delta p 1 rie Fox Is early? Seven varieties out ot the sixteen at Osceola showed more earliness than Fox. (There might be some reason; however, why vou might prefer Fox to any one offthe seven.) ' George Kale's DPL 33 was on the top of the list this year In dollar perace value. ' If you are-interested in the details of this test, write for them, call us. or better yet, corno to sec us. Fair Warnine I hear of one farmer who saved 35,000 bushels of 'soybeans for seed sales and they are germinating 40 per cent. There is some rumor to me indicating that some of the 1952 soybeans may not germinate well enough for seed purposes.) If I were you. I would send a pound ot my soybean seed to the State Plant Board and have 'them germinated so ! would know for sure what kind of seed I had. Office Callers : What do people ask in a county agent's office at (his time of Itic year? Well, let's see. D.'S. LANTRIP, Stale 4-H Club Agent from. Little Rock, spent several days on His tarm In this county and h* wanted to study some of the house plans before .building a new house with Conway Duncan, his renter. •< PAUL HUGHES, Farmers Soybean Corporation, wanted to study Experiment station recommenda- TTEisurer, wanted Experiment Station recommendations on & lawn gras«. • H. o. WEATHERS, New Liberty BILL 6TOVAL1,, JR", Blythevillc- 3TERL BANDY,' Carpenter Farm' JAME« ROSE, Popuar Corner- and H. C. KNAPPENBEROER, Blythe- vllle; all have asked for instructions on taking soil samples. BYRON MOORE, Blythevllle asked where to buy goslings this spring. M. o. BAKER. Leachvllle, asked for our recommendations on best ways to eliminate Johnson grass, how many geese to use per acre, etc. Lemon Find's Double Egg MIDDLE LAKE, Canada (/7>) — When Art Lemon opened a boiled egg at the breakfast table he found In addition to the usual yolk, another complete egg with a hard shell and a yolk of Its own tions for fertilizing wheat. KEMP WHISENHUNT. Blythc- ville, wanted to know If he should sow lespedeza or some other cron In' his wheat. , : ' FRANK WHITWOilTH, County Greatest January Clearance How in Progress at Kelley's Your Friendly Shoe Store Farmers' Share In Spending Falls WASHINGTON «V-Th« farmers' share of consumer (pending for food has dropped to the lowegt mint since the nar, the Agriculture I>- partment has reported. The report,ssid charge, for M. sembltng, processing and distributing farm-produced foods have climbed to a record level, while tho farmer-producer's share of the food dollar slipped to an average of W cents. This figure compares with 49 cents a year ago and 50 cent* for the 1951 average. During the war, the farm share climbed to 54 oents. Frances Perkins, secretary of labor from 1933 to 1945, was the only woman cabinet member In :th« United States. For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries We Deliver Call In 2043 Come In 1044 Chick. Meat Curing . . . Processing For Home Freezer* LOCKERS FOR RENT BLAYLOCK'S Baby Chicks — Custom Hatching — Wholesale Egg* Highway 61 No. BIjthevllle Rim *m Don't Buy Any 2-Plow Tractor Till You YC Seen This One! We're sorry.-. . it's just a little too early to show you the brand new JOHN DEERE "40" Series Tractor complete. We can tell you it's a wonderful 2-I'low Tractor with a 3-I'oint Hook Up and available in Standard or Tri-Cycle Tread, When you see il, w« know you'U bt as happy over U u w« ar*l , We cordially Invite you Jo come in and meet this great new 2-Plow General Purpose face to face, with its mask removed. Mark Ihis dale on your calendar! Th« official'"unwrapping" will be ... SATURDAY, JANUARY 17th Missco Implement Co. South Highway 61 YOUR JOHN DEERE DEALER Phone 4434

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