The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1949
Page 8
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EIGHT WATHEVTLLE (ARK.V COURIER NTIWS ' FRIDAY, MAY 13, 15 Interest a fniers April Production Costs to Continue High , County Agent Sees Little Chance for Big Change This Year Mississippi County farmers are being squeezed by continuing high production costs while prices o i most farm-produced commodities have dropped substantially. Moreover, there ts little chance, that the price-cost situation will get better this year, according County Agent Kcitli Bilbrey. Since their peak In July of 1941) farm prices have dropped steadily reaching their low point in February, 1349. And. while they picked up slightly in Marc!) and Apri no major Roneral price recovery | can be expected. i Hardest hit b.v the price decline- are the farmers who were careless in keeping down production costs during the period of hid) prices. Least affected are livestock producers, whose position is generally better than that of Hie cash crop farmers. Tiiere tuny be n general decline . in the cost of ngrtcuUurtil nrocluc- - tion items. But it won't be a rapid j drop, the county agent said. Chief •' reasons for this are. 1. Organized labors power lo hold wages at n fairly high level. i and 2. Cost of many living pro- dllction items depends to a large : extent on fixed costs, such as in- clely. - terest on borrow money, deprccia- ' tion of equipment, and taxes. Better Planning Dreed Lowering farm production costs, while maintaining the same volume. ' Is .seen by Mr. Bilbrey as the most i likely way to relieve the price- cost squeeze. More efficient production can be obtained by using • the right kinds and amounts of fertilizer, planning better feeding and pasture programs for livestock. . organizing production so that labor " will be used throughout the year. | rind keeping farm equipment In good j condition to reduce maintenance - costs. On cotton farms, eross-cnt- : ttvation Is a good labor.saving practice. He also recommended the use of rotary hoes and of section har- ,- rows at a 45-degrcc angle to rows In cultivation as well a.s the inech- • anical cotton choppers to help :.?e| ' down the cost, of cultivation. '. . Good land use ts always Important, he stressed, lie suggested plant- Under the Price Line 1948 1949 Junt August October December Februocy I July | S«pl«mbw 1 November I Jomjory ) Morch Rice Bran Oils May Become Big Business NRW ORLEANS. May IX (A**— Chemists think extraction of edible oils from rice bran may become a million dollar industry in Arkansas. Textis aurt Louisiana. Dr. W. D, I la rris. p roTessor o f cliemieni engineering at Texas A- atid M. College, said so here Wednesday at the 40th annual meeting of the American Oil Chemists' So- H pir to Tore .the bran has been used chiefly as livestock feed. A large plant now is operating In Houston. Tex., and other smaller plants have Ijcen const iiu-trd elsewhere in the three-stale area. Use of Cryolite Urged to Control Insects in Garden Option Renewed /or Site r Big Chemical Plant CAMDEN, Ark.. May 13. liT> — The Tennessee Eastman corporation ms renewed for six months Its options on a proposed -site for a plant here. Cumden is one of the cities under consiriemlion for localion of the new plant to manufacture chemicals needed in o|>eration of the Kiugsport, Tenn.. plant. Cryolite, when nscrl properly. Is n very effective insecticide for use in the control of ninny home garden Impels, according lo Mrs. Gertrude R. Holiman, home demonstration agent, Cryolite has ut'en fount! an effec- tlvo Insecticide for chewing insects Hint cnnnol be controlled with calcium or lead nrsenale. For example, | cryolite cnn lie useci sufely on beans, whereas arseniculs may burn the foliaRC, she pointed out. Mrs, Hnllman nddrd Mint cryolite, 1 is also Rood for t-on trolling encumber beetles, which attack cucumbers, watermelons, cantaloupes, .• and pumpkins, Theve nrc two types o[ cttcumber beetles. One is yellow with blfu-k stripes and I he other Is yellowish green with 12 black .spots. Both are small and can be controlled with Die same Insecticide. Mrs. Holimari also en lied attention to the bean leaf bertle which is small with blac-k mark ings. This insect cats holes In the leaves of beans, cowpens aivt soybeans and sometimes scars the ports. A li r -;ht dusting with cryolite will control the beau leaf beetle. Uniform Method Of Assessing in Arkansas Asked lA'ri'MK ROCK, May 13. (/Pj — Adoption of a uniform method ot personal property wu,t recommended today by Arkansas Tax Commissioner Ernie Wright. The plan, which Wright .sale! would standard!^ the value of cadi item of person nl properly will l>c di.scus.sed at the Arkansas Assessors Association meet ing next On- comber. Wilxht said the plan calls for personal properly Bs.scs.smRn! schedule similar lo the code now used in all counties for automobile a>xse.sMiient.s. Adoption of a standardised sohed ule would not necessarily raise .segment 5, bill would crealn mor uniformity in Ihe method of as IR, Wristlil .snld. He estimated llial Arkansas' per son:il properly assessment would b increased by about $100,000.000 an nually. The schedule would Hst the vali for each Hern bused on ils age mak model, e\x?&, capacity or type. By using tin's method. Wrigl said. Ihe owner of a 1936 refrigcra tor would he assessed tor the san vnluc in Arkansas CouiUy a. Yell County. Committee Okays Administration's lousing Program WASHINGTON, May 13. M 1 ) — ie House Bunking CommiUee ap- oved 14 lo 7 yesterday Ihc adrnin- ratlon's proposal for a multi- lion dollar program of slums caraiicc, low-rent housing and nn housing aids. The hill provides for construction 1,050.000 low rent housing units seven years, as President Trn- an requested. The Senate recently M! a housing bill cutting the nnbcr of these units to 810,000 .six years. Arkansas Insurance Agents to Hear M'Math HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. May 11. Iff) —The two-day convention of the Arkansas Association of Insurance Agent, begins here today with Governor McMath scheduled to be on the opening program. Other speakers will Include Ernest L. Clark, assistant treasurer of Ihc J, C. rejmcy Co., and O. Shaw Johnson, Clarksdale. Miss., vice- president of the National Association of Insurance agents. S. T. Frank. Dumas, president of the Arkansas organization, will preside. Hidalgo county, Texas, produces nore grapefruit, much of it the red variety, than any other county n the United States. The Indians and early setllen believed thai no poisonous serpents would be found in the sat^M area with the Oregon ash tret. ' America's bakeries turn out mor Banking Chairman yi said the legislation will come showdown vote In the House cxt, week and "it will puss beyond >y doubt." The committee voted in closed esslon, but some members said all he H for the measure were De- locrnls aii^ »'l seven against it vcre Republicans. Six members were Spence <D- thiln $100.000.000 worth o[ pies ever absent. Re|). Wok-otl (R-Mich), senior Banking committee Republican, has called the House bill "socialism." Rep. Cole (R-KasI said it would cost the Rnvernment $19,000,01)0.000 In the next 40 years. lot: only Ihp more prortui-tive land to crops and utilizing Hie remainder as pasture, meadow, and woodland. AMAZING MAYCO COTTON CHOPPER SLASHES FIRST CHOPPING COST AS MUCH AS 70%! Yes, it's amazing . . . but true! This simple inexpensive cotlim chopper will save you a tremendous amount of money. Sec for yourself . . . caii any time for a free demonstration. A few in stock for immediate delivery. Control of Internal Parasites in Cattle Means High Gains Promotion Exercises Scheduled in Wilson WILSON, Ark., May 1.1—Prom tion exerrise.s for the kintlorgart class in the Wilson School will conducted at. 7:30 p.m. on May it wn s announced today. The pu|> will present a cowboy play "Home , the Range." and the cxcrcisw ' will IIP followed with a party. Phillip J. Deer, school superintendent, will pl-esenl certificates of award lo the following children; James Aljbnlt. Jolin Beall, Jimmy Bowcn. Freddie Byeis. Jimmy Crook. Robert Camper, Karen Crn- vcn, Chris Denlon, Ronny Enochs, Jeri-y Hodjjes, Alice Henderson. Patsy Jones. Clayton Kilbnrn. Enrique Lemon. Joe Lynch. Toni McAfee. James Nash, Patsy Phillips. Jimmy Pyland, Johnnie Pollard. Mnry Virginia Pilkerton. Terry Smith. Jack Swindle. Gary Stephens, Mnry Jane. Teal. Joe Vadcn. Alice WaririHl. Elaine Yoilns. Jimmy Halle. Nat Graves Jr., anil Sally Den to]). AMMONIUM NITRATE I will hnvr a r»r here next week for local distribution. Call TUP if Interested. Paul D. Foster Phonos MIS or :!15.'S lilydieville, Ark. SAVES UP W7Q%\ ON COST OF CHOPPING \ gniriance such mcB of the veterinarian on SAVE $ 174.50 on this Coolerator Freezer This 15 cubic fool "Family Si/.c" Cnolciiitor Freezer has been used less than 30 d;iys and is really as Rood as new. The regular price, S-189.50—now only SH25. It's your clumce lo pick up a bargain. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Phone 551 Blytheville So wonderful are the results which armers are getting from the Mayco Cotton Chopper, it it almoit unbelievable. Here, at last, Is a sound, simple, and ECONOMICAL answer to high labor cost. Mounts on cultivator frame m leu than 10 minutes. Chops any desired space from B" to I.I" leaving 2 to 4 stalks per hill. Works I, 2 Of 4 rows in one operation on tractor or horse-drawn cultivators. SIMPLE AS A WHEEL! SPRINGS—GADGETS—MOVING PARTS rk your or d cove«s 61 IMPLEMENT CO. North Highway 61 Phone 2342 U'lTLE ROCK. Ark., May 13.— Seven steps to control internal parasite*, to help insure healthy livestock c a ins and high production this spring and summer, were offered farmers yesterday by the American PoundaUon for Animal Health. 'Pnra.sito invasions cut livestock profits by millions of dollars, cmrs- iiiR Joss of weight, anemia, un- thriftiness and .-sometime,-; fatal dis* ease," the Foundation warned. To curb losses !n 1JM9, fanners were advised a.s follows: "If a check-up shows Ihe presence of parasites, have animals treated with an anti-parasitic compound before turning them out to summer pasture." ", clean pastures, and practice pasture rotation if possible. A clean pasture Is not, Erra?ed I isi year b.v the species of livestock that will occupy it this year." 'Dispose of refuse piles that may harbor parasite. 1 ;." "Fence off or drain low swan areas where young stork are especially likely to pick up parasites." 'Provide a clean water supply Avoid overstocking pastures. Kcci a close watch for such symptoms P. sconrine. weakness, and slow gains If thc.^e symptoms appear, obtain a diacna^is to determine \vhethr parasites or I uteri ions disease ar causing the trouble, find start the j proper treatment - as promptly as * possible. It is wise lo follow the W^^^HMMK^* JMlH^^^M^^^^Hi^B^BMMMi^H^^H^^^MM^^^ Simply adjust for depth and length of cut — then work y like you would with a cultivator. Chops evenly in low spots, At exact depth desired. As easy to operate, an cov« 4i many acres per day as cultivator. Remember, money iav*o* •» chopping costs is cash in your pocVeh Don't miss seeing 1bi» Ubor, Have, and money saving implement on display BOW ^ • Limited Quantity — Please Order Early • JACK ROBINSON IMPLEMENT CO. 500 F-ast Main Blythevine Fhon* 2371 A SECURE FAMILY FARMERS BEFORE YOU BUY Be Sure to See the New Soybeans For Sale State Certified Ogden Soybeans - - - bu. $3.50 (Blue Tag) Burdelte 19 Soybeans bu. $3.25 (Improved Arksoy Variety, Red Tag) BURDETTE PLANTATION BURDETTE, ARK. Phone: Blytheville 782 I J John Deere Rotary Hoe Attachments MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. South Hiway 61 Phone 4434 IS A SAVING FAMILY And the only way lo achieve financial security is lo s»vc regularly ... to put aside a little money every week, every month, every year. As this amount builds up you'll begin lo feel iililc to cope with emergency situations as well as lo \>laii for lhat new borne, dial new car, that coIleRC education for your children. Make life happier for yourself and your family . . . begin a regular savings plan this week. FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Only National Bank In Mississippi County D.P.L, No. 15 COTTON SEED Delimeci. Treated And Sacked 857o Germination 1 Year from Station A TON OR A CARLOAD Also Good ALFALFA HAY For Sale Magcrs & Gill Illfll Ark. Phone I Have At All Times For Sale several (radon, anu equipment bolh new and used 1 have John Dccrc. Flirmall Knrd and other make* I now have new Fort tractors and equipmi-nl read> lot deliver? at dealer! prtre I will irarte rnr most anjtliinK TOO have. Terms can o« airanjeo- See f. C. CROWE l mile south ol BraKjadocto. ««• ATTENTION Soybean Growers! DORTCHSOY NO. 2 SEBO SOYBEANS Re- cleaned, Tested and Tagged. PRICE 52.75 I'cr Bushel. 191!) Soybean Support Price 907o Parity. Produce more soybeans per acre by planllne Oortchsoj No. X> highest ytcldcr in 1018 yield contest. Seed For Saic By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION 1800 West Main Phone 8Sfi-857

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