The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1931
Page 5
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13. 1931 (ARK.)' COURIER NEvVS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word .'or first Insertion and one cent a word for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement l-iki'ii for less than 50c. Count llio words and send the cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOB SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, Blyftevlllo. M-CK-TF Biggest Values Wej Have Ever Offered These Cars Musi He Seen To Be Appreciated. 1D27 CHEVROLET COUPE ., S GO 1928 CHEVROLET COACH ,. SliU 1828 CHEVROLET SEDAN .. S17S 1929 CHEVROLET COACH ...$2;5 1335 FORD TOURING S 25 1020 FORD COUPE S 50 1029 FORD SPOUT COUPE .. $200 For Economical Transportation Buy Your 0. K. Used Cars From W.LDenton Chevrolet Co. BLYTHEYILLE. , , ©/I950 TflEBQBBS- MERRILL £0,^?-O am! everybody, she was entirely wllllug |o do nnylliliiK Iliat of hor nud accept aiiyliniljr (lie shy dellglit of Benny nud llic "I ndoro iireacliors exclleiucnt of iila wlfo, pressed wllii llio way ho turned It ader wliicli slio wnnlcil to kilcbeu to meet tbe cbof at close Pletro rejoiced nt tliclr coming. It It seemed advisable, as Kildy maluialncd, for licr lo accept tba Tills, now, was llio sort uf yvoman unnllllug iiuenlloits of , 1'iilty did not comi'laln It became Increasingly whispered. Hl lio\v to drlm 1 ;?" lie could understand. Glnncr was nil rlslit. wiipy. iireiiy "i" 1 " Illcc I'ictro, give him slim Kdily rail a nervous linger mound vloiu Ihul S[ii'Cd's Inlcrost was c:t Well, 1 iliitilt I can ur of clsarols, and a round lie Slid. "Tlio girls don'l PAGE FIVE OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern TGIi RENT FOR RENT—Sliane apartment and . five room house. Best of nlumu- ini; n.xtures, light fixtures cud heating plants. Bolh kept in perfect condition. Telephones 1ST and 571. cklO IIKGIN HEIIE TOUA* VU.l.A 'I'OI.MVKII. r II mtnlsUr nud • Irn- ihiilEiilcr «' il" wrollbl- «" J ."": Uu Ice 1.1 fi'Tliirr I'llll. ^A.^ IHIUH.V, orxualied a Junior Country Club in Ihe tnMn of llrd Thriuli, lima. Jn»i lo krr|t "" IIITIQIIK (hi- >OUHRT net rrmn lir- I'liwlnj; Ion Onkl. .'.crurjhii;'.;-, utic puri'linM'il mi olil (nrm hnu*c nml MAM!) HOI.l.OTVAV, I . nrtisE whn ivna boljoliiir nroiiiiil I!LC country, •luuurd I Tliriuh. Allrnelca IIJT KliiR". lie n^rprJ lo ntny nml v.-ilnl iiorlr:il[* He i:rivr lln> nnint- "Juli-> ill- Vlvrr'' In Ibr chill. nnd bf *upKfii(r<l >riiilijiir t.i Chlenltn tar NKJUI.O rAl.l.i:.VO, \vlin cuuhl cuok find Him: nriu •Iruin n Kultnr. Mm Mcnlii vnuld nut riitnr. In 1:1, plan- lUcri- nrrlv.'il tbwer "< i mii-li-hm: i'l'l-rrllll i-DUl.i couli, nnil JIIAITO cinild xltiK. GIlJRfr limk Ihi-in (in. Nrud iK-nnii 10 realize he «n« In lovr %*llli filnprr. H*-' KUKF,rM,-<l Ir.ivlnc. Mill I'll". klicixlliK <:l«- ircr, |lrr«imdr»l Mm lo TC-innln l.innfr Hi. Itic Tiilllvrri. 1 BUI-"!. ""I far Chinr.V Konil »lit- nr.Hf I" .Hl'i:r:i) UOXKY, n formi-r frlrnil or UlnciT 1 .. mill InvKvil 111 vlxll Idem. Blif fi'H *« won III K'>I- lluij soint I'linnirltllon. C.ti'Ki r Imlli-il I'A'ri'Y sr.AUS to lulu- onr,' or Xvrnl. Hen IMMr MC.UlJn'l rnuir. plr<illl»(r llljpll) III i:ill)V JACKSON. VVhwliinin <:l!i;ri-r \\enl In I'tltl? nbiiul It, bollt HiTily nnd *'.ll(7 l» conic 1 . Anil !'ddy drelilcd in Tjnll lliln^K m, Ity milking ll* 1 " mlsrrrildc rnr filler. JlrlinnMlv II.-nllu ha.l >iiiu!r n trl|> lo ClilraBu >mi) rt- tlirnril utlh tl |ilnn 10 klilnai) l,ln- Kcr. Knowing npr x-.r[iinnlli(-r h:i-« n let or mmier. In- plan* in hntd ijcr for hfuvy ran^mi. Stlci'U null nlH nHtcr nrrlvp. Her nnuie l» COTTO-V. nntl N!IP IH i^-it nt nil Illic Ihr irlrl Clnupr v\- lirrli'il lo «rr. Cirt^cr ivn.^ u lllllc fi-nrrnl liinl Collim would urnvr \crv ntlr:iotUr lo Unril. Cdily nrriiii^vx for Jlarii anil CulUin 10 he (Dtullier. NOW GO OX WITH T?ItK STORY CHAPTER XXVII /^INGBR "'as houost enough to yen- very ROOM & BOAKD—SG.OO per week. Mrs. John Smith. 115 West Cherry. 11P-K1B FOR RENT—7 room lions?, newly decorated. Good residential section. 1030 W. Walnut. Call 527. 11P-K18 admit that Cr,tlon was uiiiely nice, very cordial, friendly, most amusing. drink, of course." "No, but \\>j do, don't \ve do, bill can we?" "1 tblnk wo can. I'll seo what 1 can (Jo." He winked at I'lctro who joyously lulniflted tbein lo lil^ private rclrt-at lielilnil the lilj; kilchuu dour, and lillcd their glasses from n IniKe viuegar jar. "Not bail." said Cotlon approvingly. "We'd better have another slain away, because ll Isn't easy thinking up excuses to coma to tlic kitchen more than once. It lake* nvo lo Ret clear down to my toes | and improve my dancing." | N'oi without fionic inner iiualtiis, Edily bad two with her and led her •ack to ttie table where Hard, who Imd himself been initiated Into the kltchc-ti mysteries, viewed their flushed faces with some suspicion. "If anybody else wants lo yo on a tour of the premises—especially the kitchen—1 proclaim myself ofit- cial guldo from henceforth," he said solemnly. It was Cotlon who, as Ihey were dancing lo the newer anil more iwpular airs, suddenly heisclf burst Into song, llio others juitiitit; gaily, until the old bouse rang with the rhythm. "It's the nicest thing I ever heard of, Ginger." she declared. "I just ndoro It. I wish I lind one of iu> OWD." I'LL SEE UrlA-T I CM TOR (S To GETTrlE, BACK IM puAce —yes ~ A KEEM eve \ooilL-P ticrftce. -THAT WAS TrlE RESULT OiF NUMEROUS The night was all ups and downs for Ulnaer, momentary exaltations followed by quick depressions. When Ihcy wcro KCltlus; Into the cart fur Iho rulurn lo town after the d.ince, Uuril crobseil lo stand n momeiil by her side and whisper: "I was tolufi to siiy I would iry to ImauliiD you arc right beside luu goius in, Cllnpcr. Hut 1 c;ui'l Imag- ino liiich a tliiiiK. l-'or no one hut yon could possibly bo you. I don't even want lo Imagine it." Otnscr laid her flngera lightly across his hand that retted on llic luor. She stnlted. Rt tho same," fiho ndmittcd ruefully, "I'm no Cotton, utitl no- loily knows It any heller than J do. There's only one. •nil!! - 1 - yo young men, with a fair apportionment of good looks, wit and s-cx ar»pe:A; every hour of every day 'FOR. RENT -- 6 room house, lie Cherry. Newly decorated. Garden Phone 614. 12P-K17 FOR RENT—Furnished room with bath and furnace heat. NO. 1110 ', Chickasawba Ave., Phone No. 615. \ FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, for couple. Hot & Cold Water. $25.00 per month. Frank C. Douglas " ' Phorib 383 or M4." •• '- WANTED WANTED — Family Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TP Also Giiifier KJS just conceited enough to be pleased because Cotton, iu spile of licr Greenwich studio, her New York life, am! her artistic i>rofc?sion, was gaily delighted with Joic (Ie Tivre. She could scarcely take her eyes oft Bonito booming in the corner. She declared the spaghetti vras the best Blie had ever eaten. And when Ginger toM her about Een and Jcnky— sitting moi!c3tly apart at a Email table in the bay window, Bcnito having insisted that they make part of the party and isave the work entirely to him and Ills compauions — she wanted to be taken over immediately tor ai trodu'ction, an office winch Eddy *wflS.dc.ft)y_. commissioned : tct,.-.fulQll, For ssvfrGl minules she sat at their tabl«. chitting cheerfully, to|iugs-ou." /HEN' Giueer lohl her that Dr.rd ' had iloue tbe pane! decorations nothing would do but that she be regaled with a private showing at tbe hand of the artist. "I Fuur.ose it never occurred to you to iinuel tlie kitchen, too?" she suggested slyly as they circled the room. "No, it never did," said Dard. "What a shame! Oau of those dedicated to the amusement of the moment; unlimited nnnnclul ro- £ourcc3 lo pay for Iheir pleasure; red automobiles, Ihor- liQrsea, vfoll-keot lenula conrls' and golf links; a place In the country with quiet walks In pleasant forcsls, bin hammocks suspended in leafy dells, canoes oJioiit upon the shady river, music In Iw hail for tho wanliuK and a polished Hoor shining Us invitation to lisht- ly daisrinff feet—In sneh n youth's Utopia. It would seem all lifo must blend in a mcny medley of laughter, soug and love. parly had all lliese and more. Hut there was no laughter among them save what was grimly forced. The only aonr; was that r.f the milling and large-lunged Benilo. As for love nffairs—Inside of tlri-Sy forced, prompted not nt nil ny peiM!ial dcslro but by the clover couvlim of Kildy Jnckson. Never much of an orn:itnent lo Boch'ty In a coiireraullniial way, Spot 1 fell a i»rompl prey 10 ll'o muoily consiralnt of liie OIIHT^ ni:d hlisul Into a menial depri-i^l'jii fruia wlileb ho nmile nn vifuit in arouse hhnspir. To Patty ho was ovcrht.nrtiH',ly, opinessively iioliti 1 , Ro?iuln;< cve:i to i-ii'fi'r iho i.-oniii^iiy of his 'iv.ii slsti-r to her. (h:ui wlilrh :n> 10 fatal ililiiy can lip F:I|I! nf nny woman. To C.ltnxr ho lind tin n|>- [lorUinHy lo Bbow cvou the fnrnnl coui'.csics that illicit !ie cxp*::tid. for she was cjmpSetdy m-iii(i[niU7,-il by tho sudden ngsri'.'slvi'i'.es:! ,,[ Ivhly Jnckson fitnl In a way' Ihrtt brooked no Interference. Spceil was not havhirj a f:o;:il lime on his own account. Thll ]KM| written him Mint HliiKcr was linrnl, hut reir.LMiibprhu; as he did IRT ill- lorty unf|ucnclnble vlvnclty tu Ilia obi days, her almost Inhuman capacity fur adventure nml escite- mt-nt he was not prepared for thl-i silll, soft. Biiffnrlng (iliiFi'i 1 . He milckly made up his initid lh:K ALWAYS R,R-Tri p oPEJi UQAD AM'"1H'' CALL 'Co TAR AulAV J — GEY $35. &£( AM 1 TAK& KAUF ( — SELL. 'ER-To A - scHoou , OR cou-E-ae BaV o?" SPAcS . OM 'ER To wRrfe CRACKS • — W'MIOI-K IMCLdOE I A BOX. OF Cf/AUK IW ~TrT SALE > ^~ SHE'S WORTH $3B.'~~~ wi-lV, I'LL B&TcriA 'TOQLS OU'ER/UOMEt -TeC 1 EMc3IME IS •PERFECT, A BIT TRAFFIC pretty Puritans would make such a nice view behind ttio kitclien door with Pictro." "If you're hinting, I'll take you," hours Ilicy had got their lovo affairs into such a state of confusion tliat It scorned as though they could :iever be rlghlcd world williout end along, growing steadily he said. "Wo can go up lo ECO Ibc T«c Iiarly opened to a false star or.e on the stair landing, nnd then 1 on tho first day and floundered go down the back way. But you clumsily ' ' want to be cartful. There's a kick worse. In that Kalian grape juice. Hcniuai-; her, v:«'re all preachers Ju lovia. I'] and we don't hold with such cy some ways the- uiiofientlin . -i Pally had the worst of-'lt. Fall jvas perfectly asreeablo to anythlu was Jealous. And of wlium'.' 1)1 whom, Indeed, liut Culton, forced uninvited into the party by Ills own unthinking act. For her part, Cotlon found bnr- self eflcclually sjiueslciTil In llio Hiullclrap wllir llavil llulinuay most of Iho time, and the BltiiMli-n •as neither of her doing nor to l:er king. 13ard did not Inlcrcst C»(on. Sl;e knew a linudred voting icu very much like him on (ho vholc, and his type hr.d no charm r novelty for her. But take Eddy Jacksoti uow! There was a typo thai Cotton htiil lover before encountered, nud sho vas merrily liitrlgiictl. A farmer, a rich youtiy farmer—an agrlcultur- si. rather!—looked up !<i by old exi>erlenccd men—tho sort who could make Pay Dirt out of a common Iowa farm—one who knew lib) way about In the world—good-looking, too, in a powerful way. Ho aa a constant spur to her laughter and to her wit, nnd a keen observer could almost hear the mental click of their verbal contact. (Tu Ilo Oftnliniir-il) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES .-. A HAD OMEN By Martiu 0,\, FIVE •— M'nt KWV ME r\ Ci^jM •V\Wt>6hW) VW5.tE w TOR III 1 ': W6 ?lNt "BijT : st ,ftoo\*j •••-'• ; JtR 9 Rot 'ffX to ' liR^ TO TAVLt j ^ i vteU. ,\VV TE\X FlNAMCt- , hu. VNOVO AWB MhOE (X WlfA a^*"« %> r- U ^' If fO ^ 'i Coats Rclined— Drosses Remodeled— Everything Cleaned. RE-NU CLEANERS Phone 170 POULTRY WANTED - - Market! morning to be at the teds:d; of Fiirney, a seaman. prices paid at C. I.. Bennett Co. j their sister, Mrs. S. L. Robinson. | l-'urncy was born on January 13, Feed Slorc, 21Q N. Railroad SI., I who Is seriously ill aL her home I there are 13 letters In his name west of courthouse. J. E. Fisher. I here. I" 1 " 1 13 letters in the name ol the 4C-KlGi Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Beckham cf! town where lie was born, Astoria. I Cooler were Slcelu visitors Monday., Oregon. He was Hie 13th man to POULTRY WANTED—Market prl- Mrs _ O !a Spencer returned M::i-! register in the World War draft and ces, any quantity, fvfarilyn Hat- (((ay ( ' nm j onl( , r Ark ffn , rc s i lc 'he has just finished his 13th trip chery, S10 S. Fourth Si. 8C-TF |ha5 bcen visning Hel . J011| p au i £u-j to Alaska. WANTED — To buy nice second hand furniture cheap—for cnsh. Phone 492-YV. FOH RENT 5 room bimsalov.' with garage. Will decorate to suit tenant. L. FOWUCU . Phone 888 ! Raymon(i „, WANTED — Housekeeper, at, the faiiey and small son, Citruthersvillc, spent Frisco Rooming Frisco S! at ion. House, opposite! business. several days here this week while! Mr. Hailey was in Portageville 0:1 3P-K13 VMNTED — GOOD USED CAR— CHEAP. Coupe or Coach preferred. Willing to take up payments on car. Interested in only a good bargain. See E. T. Wraight a! Courier News between -i and 4:39 any evening. day afternoon. Vanderbilt Renews Demand for Retraction BEVERLY HILLS, Cal., Feb. 13. lUIM—Cornelius VanderbtU. Jr.. to- New "survey! Wcdnes- j da 5' "iterale'J his intenlion of til- The Slccle Bridge club the home of Mrs. J. W . met at McCui- I ing suit against Major Gencrr.1 ISmedley D. Buller unless retraction ! is forthcoming on Butler's state• ment of the now famous Butler- SEATTLE. Wash., Feb. 13. (UPi Mussolini "hit ami run" incidnu -.vhicii Van:3crbilt said "misquoted" AUTOGfiEASING QWCK SERVICE j Gulf Service Station j Bryant Stewart, Mgr. ^lain it Uivisinn I New York Cotton NEW YORK. Feb. 11 (UD-Col- tni e!n=ed steady. Open High Low Clo;-? . 11)87 .'GDI 1085 10DO .. 1115 112S 1111 1118 . IHO 1141) 1137 11-IOb .. 11C3 1117 11CS 11CD ... 1186 1104 1131 1190 .. 1195 1201 1192 1200 quiet and unchanged at Mar. ... Nfay ... Jnl ... Oct ... Dec .. Jan ... Spots 1100. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. OVJM WOtreV, TPWt Mft ov' CVKCU. Ri6«V To \X to COMt •••- THUHTCEKtH WM'T Bf,o vwrx, \<vww A KCXJOOO FWKE op \ WANTED—Position as housekeeper. Experienced in practical nursing also. Address 'C", Courier News. 13P-KH rhone Red I?;»ll Earlier Shop 318 W. Main Williams & Damon, l-rop. Felix Kyle, Fred Hoyelt, Guy Uogr-rs. Virgil Williams, Earl Damon. Sleeic Society—Personal FAY O.DAVIS I'hoiics 2HI or «1 Local and long dislancc riaulin^. Sixrial rales on carload lots. Team for local liaulinj. V. R. \VASHAM TRANSFER 1400 CliirkasawlvT. Phone 851 JACK DELK Padl.ilor Fxpcr!, is now!i us. New and Used Radiators For All Cars Jackson Aulo 1'avfs • 2020 W. Main—Vlione C3 HAY One bale or a train load. EAR CORN, sliuck oil, 88c bu Shuck oft, M= P" bu.. in car lots. Cotlon SLitcs Sales Co., Inc. Blytlicvillo, Avk. Phone 114 or LL> IS06. The Methodist Mifsionarj- socie- ' ty met Monday afternoon at the I home of Mrs. Lon Moore v/i'.h r. '.good attendance atul one nc\v meni- Ibcr. Mr.=. R. C. Stcelc let! the d;- volional anil Uwsc taking part t;. the program V.CTC Mrs. Mar^i. Mrs. Dunavcm ar.d Mrs. Robert Hlcele jr. The liDstcss soiv-:d cointy rc- froslimftil!-. Tlie nc\t mcr'.in^ win be with Mr.'. K. C. Stecle nexl Mcuday attcrr.oru al which time the sliKly c! "LIcthixHsm and Kinj-' (!i;m Eslcsiiion' 1 will begin. liayinonr! ami Frank Hughes !eft TiiurEday on a business trip to St. Louis. Mrs. T. I. Hrccks svho ln$ Ucen seriously ill fcr some time, is improved at this uriting. Mr. and Mrs. George Tinsley o! Joiner, Ark., \vcrc E''-5t sot Mr. and ^!rs. Abner Ashcralt Thursday. Mrs. Emmy Brooks of O.=ccDla, Ark., is the guest cf Mrs. j. n. Emllh. Mr. and Mrs. Wevir. Greet of Harrisbnrs, Ail:., wiil .;pon:l this wcek-cnrt with Mrs. Grcer's par- cntf. Mr. ami Mrs. II. A. Spruce of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Sncncj will go home with them [or a few days visit. Mrs. Tom NS'hilfield and daughter, Irene, an:l Mrs. Abb H wcro the guests c! Mrs. J. L. Ocr- iman Friday afternoon. | Mrs. Fannie Freeman and chil- ; tircn of Savamnh. Tenu.. and Mr. and Mrs. Waller Prince of C?.iut:i- jcrsvillr -.vero called here Tuesday Col Ion closed slcnriy. Low Cloro 1C85 1031 10B5 1C31 Ull l:2i 1111 1131 IHO 1135 1U5 1167 HIS 1103 1170 1184 1100 1182 1188 1196 — - - - —Friday the UHli means nailtin'; but good luck in tlie life of Herbert rJO...T|JAT DOESM'T Do eooD...6Ee' I IP MS'S OP, LWOY....SET OP.... WIT A MJILLIE ...YOO TAKE 1-toLO OF TVIG EE1US .'.' JUST O^EK THAT ... see UEADS ? 3WS FINALLY GET LIKIDY DOS CUT OF TH SLIDE ..... EO SEE.'AS T° ES . SLeD,TD SEE? IF TMAT LL HELP BATTERS.... THK TIHRTEKXTH! A POOR BLASTS opewi ONE V1KI TO KEEP loses PISTOL, 'BUT DODOES i^f 0 AS 501.01E1S svliXRM WIIVSH IS CAPTBWO 0V AMERiCAWo FORTUNE LOST "MEM TURNS CM THEM. Easy (ind himcelf in lady's bedroom. EVER W>S GA&V FELT SO 6 OF AT«,

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