The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1930
Page 6
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SIX liLY'l'IIFVII, !,!•",. (AUK.) NKWri Vl'KSiJAV, OCTOCKji 21 ,JWO ALL mm ON »E ! S1I11E Will OF : McPhail Explains Different Systems and Modifications Now in Use, 1'rlncclon. VandfrblH and :i'xl«u M Illinois nnd ( .no In slnr(> contrnsi. Tin-.! sciiprally nso vni-lutlui)^ of il.. I puiil forumlion, ulm in di-volop :i I [wiiml defense, stress lino klckmp,' ;play for iXKlllon. and dike uclMiu- \ i'.iiKP of the breaks. Tlir-y im> nor •M much Interested In 1)1*1 iluirii* • " . „ and prefer lo hid Ihelr oiU-nso mi-1 ({ji/oi'bflCKS Ulld 1 CXSS Jill in Hie scoring ione. iVtrplum; • and the forward [KISS me iclii-.l j upwi for a scoring pum-li. Tlie modified punt fcimuion (Diagram 4). used also wlili siray [ luk or v,llh Hanking tacks In i mutton. Is a continual tlireai nnd | BRUSHING IIP SPORTS Renew Hostilities on e Rock Grid Oct. 25 By L. S. (Larry) Mad'llAH, I National Football Rrftret HWrilfcn for NEA Service! | Wherever football. Is discuss?:!.; intewst centers aroiaid the iuiack. i And because Warner and Rix'kiie '. are leading exponents of an ay- i gresslve ajid successful style of or- ! fenslve play, the impression exists •that spnte mysterious meiliod In the Warner system, some musical mechanics in the Notre Dame shift, eets the results. ' As a -matter of fact, there U more bunk handed around about football systems, nnd about miracle coaches, than mast anything else connected with the (fame. The modem attack Is based upon, one of three fuiidan.entu! formations: the wing back, originated by Warner at .Carlisle in 1906; the shift. Invented ut Minnesota about 1903, nnd the tradi- DIAGRAM NQ1 DOUBLE WINGBflCK FOWA1ION TRIPLE PASS REVERSE TOE BW.L COMES FROM CINTO3 TO NO.1 BftCK. [HE STARTS TO us ucFT.PRtaao HE PASSES TO NO.-5 WING BACK COMING AIXDUNDATCA") NO.3 PASSESTOMC ATCB> KO.4 BACK SVEEPS AROUND THE LEFT SIDE _ . _ _ DIAGRAM NO.5 NOTQttttMt SHIFT A)OgO £)OO®OOO FAYr.TTEVII.I.E. Ark.—All grid ,'ts in ilic- st.iu- will be centered Ideal for the kicking and p.vislns i«» I''" 1 ' 1 [lodc " l ' xt Salurduy wh:-n ' the L'nlVM^'.y ul ArkunsuK Inrki hold llu'ir .sixlh clash wlili ihi' Ti-xax Attics at Knvaniiugh FK-lil. A huMclay llirong Of some 10,000 Is i-xpevK-d to pain- Inlo^ Iho capl- tul diy irom cwrjr conier o[ Ar- kuib-iis and iiorliiwe-sL HCcnnllni; lo a.lvinice ropovt.^ from lioyil cypcrt anil Clark' ."Crip" Hall. ArkiuvsiiN-eiu-s who a ' I i curing the Suulliwest '', conference I! till. ! t in addition lo the- thousands of I vlsilors *'ho answered ''presen't" on | tlie Ilazorback roll rail years ano, I a "FiaMrback special"" j<lll be char- lered from the Oiark hilts with several hundred students nnd Hie Arkan.vis forty-]ilece pep band. A resume of Hie records rcvcpls lhai the Ifcizorfoncks first met the Annies back in 1910. Arkansas look to 0 di'Clsioii in (lie initial 0"- 000*000 (C) offense. The formation liasn't much flank strength and Is weak on bucks straight ahead. Adhc-r- ents of Uie more aggressive systems of offense describe this kln:l of football as ''a punt, ft piiss. anil are essential, II isn't Hip syslein, however jlhat counts. There Is lluli< In ihe I records to prove that, the lech- jnlqiic of this or lhat. system Is the determining factor In wlnnln,' games. The shift. Isn't responsible for the . unasual success at Notre Dame 'Hockne has u varsity squad of 120. They are .soundly coached in fundamentals by a great inslprallonn' leader. If there was nny material advantage In the shift, all good coaches would use it. As a matter of fact, lew leading coaches employ the shift so tlmt Uie majority of outstanding teams over a period of years liavo not been shifting teams. No-*- let's take a look at the War- tionul pUnt fommllon. All the so- »« s1!rslcl "V,, ^"'""ii • *!, Ul 7°^" called systems are modifications 01 [Wm-wlf at the helm has or variations of formaltons iiMdi? 11 si", tlinos "^ "jA twice in ,the for years i' ast " uec >'*ois. Tlic majority of a prayer" nilack. Smnri leader- j ellme . Two yeurs later, Texus A. . ship, fine kicking and good, pn.w-,,,( countm-d with a decisive. 20 lo win. There, arc only 'three ways lo attack in football— straight ahead. around the flank, or tiirough the atr. Most football coaches .wilt tel' }-ou t'lut' any system or formation hcvs great strength in one of these il\ree ways, moderate strength in ! another, and is sure to be weak i in at least one manner in wlildi j the ball may be advanced, ; * * * i In -the double wing , back forum- j tion- (Warner), which is, the vjgue j at present, the^wlnj? backs ate plac- | ed on each side a yard back an;! ' KenenUy Just outside the olfenslve j ends. Tlic formation obviously lj idi-il for reverses and imilttp! ' pass : plays (Diagram l) : in. which' the wing backs. Nos.. 3 -and 4 carry \ the. bill on flaiiklng plays; sweep? • iihd -'cut baclcs. Tills fovmaltoii is also ideal for ''spinners (Diagram 21 j providing a tfo. 1 back of the po'w- i er type like' ."But 1 - Hofi man of Stanford ' or!- Riiss Berghenn o( I NprlhveAlem-.fanie is.availaile. | Oii the oiher, hind, plays from ; double .wing. back formnUo'iis re-' quire.accurate tluilnj-.Tiic handllivj | of. the ball /is compUcale.d aim thlrigs. (km't. go. well with poor field conditions or a sllpiwiy ball. a team has backs wit.\i setbacks have, n- nt. 1 . the BACKS NOS.5 AWAKP ENP.tiCLt ARE DECOYS ^ • : ••'-.•>. PROTECTIVE PASSER, BSCKNO, ; 2.' ALSO CLOCKS. . . ; BALI K PASSIP FPCW C£ NTER TO TO NP.1 BACK; WtO POOPS': • BA£K AND TVRCWS A rORVARD ' great pou'er.ln the No. -1 and No. 2 positions, the atlwk is likely l-> :DI*GO/>MNQ2 VWSWCKH SPINNER n.n ~m BAU. COMES reoM atnm "TO NO.l BACU,HE TURNS TO ' FAKES APASSTO t-iO.1 AFTER SUGHT CtLAV HALF SP1HS BETWEEN CENTER bs weak. Inside the 10-yard line; \Vlto aU four backs groujwd clos behind th* line of scrimmage, th passing or a kicking game. Win- back (earns may make a lot ot firs downs and lack a scoring <punc' n gainst strong opposition. The Rocfcn* system, as follower" by the entire. Notre Dame schoo' of football, uses a backfleld an- end shift. The. basic Idea Is to de velop speed with rhjtlim and co- ordliuttlon, and to secure the ac< v»nU«eous angles for blocking de Tensive players. The value of the shift Is largel- in deception and stralc«lc possibilities. Whellier the shift hi" any material advantage over th' set offense in which players ar shifted as they come oul of Ui hands of shifting.teams. .The Warner system made a lot of firs downs at .Minnesota, but couldh' score.- . . , Colonel Dnn McOugin took Van dcrbUt to Minneapolis Uie \vee' before, au'd rolled up 33 point, oil the Gophers wilh the old "pun jpass and pray" system. In vie*- o i the abundance of fine mnterlc ! at. Stanford, maybe they .shoul liave liislalled the Notre Dam shift years ngo. If It's the system that wins, wh did it take Jlmmlo Phelan six o l seven years lo win with Ihe Notr Dame shift at Purdue? Boo Ne; land didii't have much success '.Tennessee lor years and then n lit & sudden he forgot how lo los!He didn't cliange his system. ' | Bob Zuppkc used Uie same sy I tern In winning a number of U •Ten championships as In the yea (when lie didn't win a e&nic. Tl iHaughlon system was a knocko at Harvard and a bust at Colun bia.' j One of the llrst rules In tl book is that football Is played bv Uwo teams of 11 men each. Tlie coaches are. not eligible. It's the ;eam with ihe most physical ability, mental alertness and nxinge. and the one test caictml in fundamentals that wins football games. That kind of team will win with any system. Following a lij->-eav break, the giea humbled Uic Cnrdll'iil ruid liilo eleven,"handing them u 40 lacing. That was in 1921. The llowlng . year, ihe 'Hiaorbacks encd Uic-count when tliey .turn- Ihc TKX.ans kick 27 to'12. Last, saason. still Iresh In tlio emory of . Kazorback-laml. saw rknusas slagn IL brllhnt comc- ck. with -Dandy Dick" Miller llr- long range passes lo his nl\- nerican mate, Wear Sclioouovc-r. r u. 14 to 13 decision. Confidence- Yc.ii crm lniy liL'i'O willi tl:<; uun.^l ciinddi'iio! of knowing thitl you ;iiv iriilliiitf iilisulnltly (he iii!tt-:.-U i.-i- ;in<l ;it llu' 1'iwt-sL prin-s. It's mijrlity ; ID know thai \viu-ii you nuikc ;i !>un-li!i*i> ill is ilio"liiU-sl stylo :iml Hi; lii...<l valiu: oblaiiii.bk.' for l he money. Good Looking, All Wool SUITS A Ijeai'.tiful i-anjrc of smart looking ijatlai'Jis in ijrcys, browns and blui's . . . well tailoru:! of linn wrjDlon lalji'ics. We invite you to coni|ian- thi- suit with lii(<ti:r pi-iced irarmenls in ollior KtoK-.s. Interactional Claims Among the claims lor iiilcrEcc- onnl honors, Iho South has pre- sntctl a slrong case this year. And h;n the name o! the learn lo piny ii Ihe Pacific const in the Tom- amenl oi Ro:es game Is nmioimc- d, don't full. over If a southern enm gels the call. Southern football established n lAhn for considerution n few years jo when the Crimson Tide of AJa- nnm beat Washington in the Rose lov.1. Then came isia Tech'.s ler didn't even net close to the fisl). Having always is a bit borosonv. but I like the fight lhal Oeorgu ' team allowed. The team lhat comr<: from bcliiiiil is (he team to walch Al - anil McEvcr room Ihe chalklint 1 .;. defeat has not Ir.eii known in klu- last'33 starts, and only four opponents have tied the Vols. I; , Vol Star, Under Des Moines Woman Knife; Out for Season j Driving Coal Track MEMPHIS, Oct. 21. lUpi—Eu- ' . DES MOINES. lUPl—Mrs. Edttr Rene McEver. .star halfback of the Murray grew tired of sitting a' University of Tennessee will be lost lioine most of the day. She wiuue:' lo the Vols for the remainder of a goad job. a heavy one. she sait 1 She gol 11. Now she drives a coal truck or u ' !nlc - the slreels of Des Mollies, rivallin; 1 McEvcr will undergo an opera- Iho men by hn- strength with th- tion on his injured knee at ten c-oal snovei. IHmcai!, nuvL- uutt ..I.L- vois,. u ^^ • „ ( akes a great, team o go for more tack has 110 , par|lc ,^ t€ tf e ^ Ihan three y.iars wilhout a defeat. G;lm( , tnis scasol , even th"iigli all of Tcntietsce'< ' ' rorjiiulu. which, left. Notre Dume nd CallPnim gasping for air. This year, along comes Dan Mc- Qusin'r. VanderblU eleven to roll up score, of.-'J3 to! Bgaliisi Minm- ou Vandcrbilt .might liave mnde veil liibrc' points-, hut for bad ireaks which called the ball back roin sirring terrltovy, Tlie full Igniflcarire of the. .Vniidy victory viuruot- pippreclatcil until Uie Oo- ihqr . hosts- smucki-d . Stanford .ri'ilit Ktween Ihe eyes \vlth a scoreless ie.' -.;.-•'';.'.. '. "Ugh Panics are played wilhin Its own Sciilhern Conference. It is (I'lcaiu many fans through the north an:! -nsl \voiild like to sec in nclicm \\. Hit Army or nnoljic-r eleven will) a.go:d inlers°iHUml repulalion Wallace W,ide. hn.vlng his h^t year at Alnbnina Wore moving; oil io nuke next f.:nsoii, is pint In; a team on the field tlmt rivals nny in the country for- power and p^e. Sinston and Clements, nt the tackle posts, nr;?. ns gooil as you will find on any team In the country. The Soulh is'ui longer n "con-.Pt 1 " iu football. Soulhcrn tennis luivc estaliliihcd their nbility. Tbr cumin'n fox is credited with « siwed oi 2t> wiles an hour Columbia University is tli3 largest in rcsi>«t lo enrollment In the United Sin Its. fn 1829 more than 36.000 sludenis were enrolled a. Columbia. Mens Topcoats & O'Coats The sba.son.-i newest models, all wool materials, in grey and brown tweutl*, hcrriiijfbones in brown and blue mix- tm-;8,. in the new half belted backs. Mens Shirts Collar allnchcd whirls, values toi^l.SS, gfood pal- terns and fast colors 98c f That 'Then, Georgia'beat Yal?, scoring one of the major' upsets o'f the reason. -"Georgia" Vas not given" a tumble-by most of the nandlcap- £,. wltb Albic Booth lending the *\-hi• against the.southern eleven The balance, poise and speed displayed LV Georgia .was outdone only by the fighting qualifies o( the team. Georgia had to crowd a lot of football Into a few minutes lo nip the Bulldog. Yale had a l;ad of 14 to 6 In -the third period, and the game looked to be safe. The turn- ; ni? point came when Quarterback Downs of. .Georgia pulled a most unexpected play on Yale's 35-yard line. It was fourth downiwtth five yards to go and n. punt seemed ob- RITZ THEATRE Monday and Tuesday Typhc.siis, In mytliulcjy. was n hundred-headed m^as'.cr who made Tar against Ihe cod.i, nnrt was liu- irlsoned ui-.der Mout Aema. WARNING OKDKll -iHANCERY COURT. CHICKA SAWBA DISTRICT. NilSSISSIP PI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. huddl* Is a mailer upjn which | ' oll » Hancock Mutual t,ife In great coaches violently disagree After their shift, a typical Notr« Dune formation resembles tn- single wing back attack (Dlagw 3), 'although pltys are run fron- formation* i, b and c and count less variations. The running play Is Ihe back bone of th* Notre Dame oftensr The pus U a threat. The kick I' used ocly M a last resorl. On th? tn*oc7 Uat a good offense U th' b*tt defeue, .they try to gel th- bill and. keep It. This ls, an a? greMlve ; system of- attack. U re qulr«8 plenty of material. There' - *-*>•—• for the shock troops. •( Michigan, unuico Company, et nl. Plaintiff No. 4B30 :. Fowlkes, et al.. Defendant The defendants. Black M. Powlke nd S. L. Vowlkes. ate warned I opear wltliln thlMy driys in Ih ourt named In the caption hereo nd answer the complaint of th •lalntlff Jolin Hnucock Mutual Ll: "nturance Company, ci al Dated Sep'.. 30.' 1630 W. W. HOLLIPBTER, Cler By Honey Morris. D. C. Church A: Q&nn^wav. Attorneys tor P'oiniifls Memphis, Term. E. M. Terry, Atty. ad llleni. M-7-U-21 r»ck up your t r o vblrs! T ' Ji o s t TIRED comedy, men are here OOOD ANAESTHESIA RECORD 1X3NDON. (UPJ—Anvomnn. Doctor Agnes O'Divyer Kennedy, is slated to have glvim 15.800 anaes- thetics with only sevr-n fnial cases, most of iheso being emergency ones. "OME THEATRE Monday and Tuesday A WINNER! The laughs and loves of golt'|| n a grand comedy with J music by the writers of "I j an't Give You Anything Hut \ Love." with Robert .Montgomery, Dorothy Jordan, Benny Rubin, J. C. Nugent. IHE TWO BUCKOTOW I Q Qarajnawu I Comedy—Cai-Uwii :iiul Matineo 2:.QO. Atlm. 10-,>0c. N?ght—0:45—8:-l5— 15-IOc. Election Proclamation Notice is hereby j;iven that on Tuesday, November lilt, lOM, an election-will be held at .the various votiiiff precincts of Mississippi county, Arkansas, for the purpose of electing (he following officers: • STATE AND DISTRICT • One United Stales Senator. One Governor. One Lieutenant Governor. One Attorney General. One Secretary State. One Slate Auditor. One Stale Treasurer. One Commissioner of Mines, Manufactures and Agriculture. One Commissioner State Lands. One Slate Superintendent "of Public Instruction. Two Associate Justices of the Supreme Court. One Railroad Commissioner. One Congressman, 1st. District. Two Circuit Judges. One Chancellor. • One I'mst-cuting Attorney. For or Against Proposed Constitutional Amendment No, 19. For or Against Act. No. 118. Foi: or Against Initialed Act. No. J. For or Against Amendment No. 20. For or Against Amendment No. 21. For or Against Amendment No. 22. For or Against Amendment No. 21). For or Against Amendment No. 2-1. .' . For or Against Amendment No. 25. for or Against Amendment No. 2(5. For or Against Amendment No. 27. COl'NTY ' One County and Froliale Judge. One Representative. One Sheriff and Collector. One Circuit Court Clerk. .One County and Probate Clerk. One County Treasurer. One Tax Assessor. One Surveyor. One Coroner. • TOWNSHIP Two Justices of (he Peace. One Constable. Witness my hand a- Sheriff and Collector of Mississippi County. Arkansas, on this 20th day of October. 1030. W. W. SHAVKR, Slu-riff and Collector Mississippi County, Ark. Mens Sweaters Office coats of woolen worsted, a good value at $1.95 Mens Sweaters Heavy .shake.-.- knit, coat style-;, rol i d colors_aml if coil rtimliinations $3.95 MensUnionsuits Heavy IG-pound rihlicJ unionEUit.- Mens Trousers Shiek irousei-.s with \vicl;. 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