The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1947
Page 15
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i'OXKSDAY, AY'Mi, ao, ItViV BIA'THEVILU? (CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION M*f 3 ? me U8t UD * l01 COUS6COIIY.I Ifl- MIuMuiiiiii oti»rc« . ,_ toa I t!m« yer lluo ]~ IOC * times yor Hue iJBr diy _._ 1-c -i Uui'M jiar iluo poc day 9c <j tiliiCs \n-r Hue ycr da/ 70 J^ tines per ]i:t« i-or dt.y &c "''U 1 ti [JOT lino. ... V30c C AH tit, fjvo av^ra/i words 1o the 11 in. 1 . A'i oidi'nM jor *!ircu or a!x times and F "' J I'ud Let ore uxt'i ration v f ill bo clurg* «-'J fin tf.« number of times the ad aij- l'*-jr,-il r.uil ailinsliiiPtit ot bill uiAda. ^''^'i^Llird AdvorlisljiK cojiy But)•sons residing ir.itsido i>f tlio - . acc!iui!i3iileil V)y cash. Hates i:v b«: c.ivlly comimted from ttu aljuvo Atlvcittsliix order for Irr.-guUr i''-:s takus the yuc llino raie. J'O ir:;|io!is Mil lit y will bo Ukon for toro iLau nut) iucutreri Insertion o( aiiy For Sale ItAKY CHICKS V'iH'hnplr. A .flil.75 Her kunilrcil. Jlri For So/e HC \Vnnlitiit: Mnclinu\ Ifir^o » as in'tv, ^ illi lul.s liculv t< .North SocuiiiL Sln.-l. I ^.s-pk ;. M KUCHA XT* Ciin civ.. >.ni iiiimrilbl.- il.-livi-n- ill Als,. JiRYr liKVi-riibV *'«>«'l«*r>. »•.•!!* in ].-(rix^';>tnr.s ;ui.t il.-.-j' fn •.-/.!• .-.ilii IK ts. Hul.'In r AU» Mill- l'..iM] f ri'ssiir.<. 1'tin n.- Dell .Si-.-lt. J^.'.'i, All UM.]< roi I irk l.'lik' l . ill K,,ILiM.n's Mill. \V. : ,.r i'r.;. ' v ow I-:R LA w N jio \\ v, us, See <lie hist word in ;i power lawn mower — Ihc I'alh- fimlcr — (he one (hill cuts to any height and uiKfur any conditions, lilylla'sillc Miichinu Shop. -t-ri-i-k-U" I'lfYKKS St. Haisrd in hroort- e'r. Ahraliaiu's Ponllry House, rear Abraham's Cafe, next (*> Anu'nciin tx'K'ion Field on S. Hwy. 01 *'". <! : i liAHY CHICKS I'l .'ilifi. .1 fl.1,-1. . ]••;!.I cr.iwilli; anil , 1 l.ll.r. Cu^.i!ll ll:.trhlll- tlr.l.-r l'.!..!.-.-l. ll:is I Hi 'liwui For Rent 'W. 10 ,V: 52 Riillon Nnrgc electric iiealers arc now availuhlc at I'lanters Hard- wave Co. Ask for installed prices. ICk'inents are avail- alMe for any iiower lines. '1-21-ck-U' iuV M. ('. panel Invly with rte>?*inoliii-. rj;(iod lires. One international !/j Ion wilh new Klako lioily, cond tires. Male He/o Wonted (liiii'l; sale, call day phone L'CfiO. nififhl phone :',, r >!)l. ISM.KSMAX - MAN WITH AMIMTIIIN ^I/;IO pk 5/15 One Job You Can't Do! N't) maltrr how spic »iul span yon ki'O]. your car, or how handy you are \vilh a tool ihcst, you can't 5, r 'v<! j'our motor anil chassis professional care. Holler drive in for a chock-up hel'ore wanner weather. I L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Elytheville, Ark.—Tel. <ir>3—H715 s-i. vin... i'!n "<* .,,..,. - fM.-i Mr^ M. i-V Cnn- S,... rr.'.l Hr.iilli r.r rill II'.HI. .r->|.|iii-r,:B Wonted to Buy Cash for wrcclced or junk automobiles. \V;ulfc Anlo Salvage, North .lliway (11. Phone :!785. '\ 27 pk 5 27 Wanted SAMT Vl'IdX -- \Vi< nr,- tiinivrP,! t' AII,.ii. Grti. Or!.. ]U\'tlivvi]l.-. I,|I,,IK ' Wanted to Rent [Silvcrtone radio, table nuidel. In fair condition. Stfi. .'Ufl . -I 2S ilh If i—.", compai'liiu'iil 100 ijjil. oi! tank \vai;mi lank. Also lit I!) i-fon International I ruck with .'!!"> >jiil. 2 cnm- nj'vtmcnl tank \v a jj; o n tank. In iioiitl condilion. PliinH'iv. Oil C'o.. phone (I.-.. Manila. - <l!2Si-k-5!5 I or 5 room unftirnishct' house, rlione .'iSOD. I I (i-fotif meat case, FriRi- diiire. In i;oinl condilion. SI 7."i. Call T. F. DC liakcy, I'ne 192. i-Hccle. Mo. i. ::i;:,!i .ir '•!! •i ::-'-i'i. Job Wonted luiil.liiiu- i-V i.i.p'.iriiiLr 'ir "I"' In 1 ., fi'i O't-ar W. Kinf. I'. •>. 1>»- r.r.a. Ciiriiili.'rs«:|li>. M... .I'L'K,,!. Personal Watch for Ing liinjto narl> Wednesday, Slay V. Spoil soreri by ladies Altar So ciety of Hie Imniaculaf. C'onccplion Church. •I 30 clc 5 ' i I;-..I!I.T - rhnu,. *.i:; .i,.- i-i..r. • 1'in.ii,, :r,i.-! .,:, Wilhllllls .\fru.-y. •i •:•! >ik -.'-• ^ll< Svr We arc tnkiur; orders Tor Attic Fan to Tic installed lie-Core hot weather. Call us Cor estimates MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. 1'hnna 415 |.\'o liavn several cash buyers Jut failed to i;* 1 ! located ;! -l fall. \ViU hny now, tthicrt !o iiosscssion .Ian. f \mi want to sell in- trade I yimv farm, see, write, or call: [Jiales I,and Company riionc- :).'522 |)ffice acro-s from Cily Hall in Halo l!ld;c. Hlylhcvillo, Ark, Kussell K. Hialea —Salesmen— lien.D. Hamner & U. M. M pk lo 'ltlKU N'KWS Services PAGE FIFTEEN N'CY TO LOAN Do yon IUT«| « loiin tn repair or rfniiiitrl7 Nu down o.-iy- meni, nt\ nuirln.Tj'i-, no red I«!H. I'HA ,,|i L Hovfd rate (">'•''. Ask fn.- iletiiilH. Mur. LoKxn, Ura(tor, jihone 20IU. 1-yncli l(| ( | K ., lilylticTUl y-2H-cl<-tC Special p r i n g Sc-(t us fin- an osliniale bi-- forc vim have your trarlor in sU-:iiM <-K-aniiij; noil pain lint;. Klintrif mid m-i'l- ylcnc wcli|iii|r. Itussoll l'liilli[H Tiactor Co. tliwuy (il Sniilti. I'liono 2171. Business Opportunity Famous Neolito heels by Goodyear ro:l! olil sin SMVl! II I, f rii-inl ... if ynu \v:inl T;ir conirdrl fritm s. llrin); tlirin In M L : anil ' pi U'r i)C u now ;i.ur nt ri'.sl HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main Kt. "IIc;iHll Is your {jrralrst nsw-l. Cluru|>r:u:li(r Ls the surest roail Ir, Hralth. An iiivi'slnicnt in a Chiropractic Health Service will add to your wealth of health." Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Ncurpcalometcr Ssrvicc Dr. Torsten Lindquist ..Guard Hld K . Hlytheville, Ark. RAY WORTH INGTON Tone In Prudential ProRrara ynnday al 4 p.m. over WREC Serving This Section for 21 Ycart 115 So. 3rd Blythevllle, Ark. Lauf/Nlon-Wrolcn now lias the bcsl choice in clean, well runnhir/ used car ft offered in many, many months! BUY FROM U Our cars ore truthfully represented to you for what they really arc! GUT A RKTTER USKI) CAR FROM LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL l.i'l us sharpen Mini ropair your l;nvii nio\vvr. ro;>'ard- K-ss iif Mm) i >r si/e. Cot; yiiurs ready now, and . iivoid tlu' rush. \Vi> iiicl< up ; and deliver. lilvl hoviili- j ;\Iacliim- Simp, 211 S. 2nd' St., phone 2S2S. .|-:i-i'U-ir lousi- iiiovint;, lOundalir'ii ro- pairs. I'lxprrifiicfrl. Have all ci|iiipiiiiMit. Call 1!I2 or soc Fnmli frorliett, .'iDII S. Kilii. -1-S-pU-ri-S S Hc/() Wanted Man I'or nssis'ani nianai'er's joli and supervise sales persunnrl. l.arj.'.v a n I o dealer. I'Xperinu-? lu-lplnl lilt! nol re(jiiirc(l. Kxcelk'nl worliiii!; ninditions and salary. Write l!ox X. '.:. Courii-r News. I 2!) ck ."> 12 One of Ilio. I'iiicsl );i'inips you'll sec. iModoru slyies, licautil'iil pnMerii:; lo solei I from, lii-rrltc Iriins. Sixes Tor all miilies anil models of ears. All are made ,>!' durable,- liinit-lastiii)'; niiilerial. Come, in loday ami m:il;e your sclcelion I'm- romp'"'" sal i;;lac- lion al. IMOAI. SAVlNtIS! were $21.95 to $27.95 As Low CIS Press up your far for Cool Summer Driviiij: . . . SI;AT COVERS Installed Promptly CO. Wo Never Close . . . Sales 301 W. WALNUT ST. Department Open Until 8 p'.m. PHONE 578* ,dal ion required. I'ennan- uul position wilh well es- lah!i(:lii'd local r inn. \Vrile Ho\ \N, '• t'onriev News. •1 :ill ck 5 7 Kvon 'i 1 !!!-:! :n:nV (if trii7rn . l ::ll; wall 1 !', i-i l :r i::.'; c-,iiil:uil iiltlr '-.ill. Thi 1 .s;il! '.('i:;n':ilf-, fvotn llH' water a:v il [ivi'/tv;. IT yall lived (in Ihri luniui, you'd see cli(!_ ciirlh .10 Hull's lirlfililri 1 ' Fresh Slock (Juaraiileed liesl 1'ricen Kh'by Drug Stores DON EDWARDS » "Tltn 'I'j |tv\rrllcr ftlun" IU)YAIi, SMITH, CORONA mill ItKMINCTON I'Oltl AIH.K IIP N. SECOND KT. I'llONM 'J'M2 (K'jv.ry Tniasnctlou MUST nE SATISl'ACTOllY) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (AI) I'j'pcs K\ c*:pt Ciinrtr) DRS. NIES& MIES Clinic, 511 Main, lll.vll.iivlllc, Ark., >Mioiio 2a^l , Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone. '101 and your order will be on It's wny in record llnic. Our Floral AmnicciiH.'nls tell u cninitlete .story ^L FLOWER SHOP F.T.I). Service We Deliver Anjwliero I'll. 491 Mrs. .1. HI. (M;irt WIMlnms, owner Glfiirnc I1M(. Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 ATTENTION FARMERS!! Wo have received our shipment of Hoosier-Crost and Super-Crost Hybrids for immediate delivery. Arrange now to call for f rie corn you ordered. We suggesl you purchase a sufficient quantity of seed corn as the supply is limited. ' SEE US AT ONCE. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 856 or 857 liul Not Knonjili (Lucky Mrs. fr-Multy! Hei\ Husband's bringing her) roses ring roses to you, too. Hazel. On/y-et' they'd suffer so , by compgrison /v - Y iVa/do! That's \ jivfully sweet 1 j t&l Gy AT, VRRMFEIV

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