Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 15
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 15

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 15
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New York Has Newspapers Again MASSAPEQUA, L. I., N. Y.: Bertram Powers, pros-. ident of ITU Local 6, and his family enjoy the first New York City newspaper they have seen in 114 days Sunday. Powers was one of the key negotiators in the longest and costliest newspaper strike in city history. The.last holdout union approved a new contract Sunday 'ending, the blackout.:;Wilh Powers at his home are liis wife, P a t r i c i a , ' a n d ' h i s sons, Brian, 12, and Kevin, 17. (UPI Telephoto) NEW YORK: The 114 - day - old New York City newspaper strike ended Sunday and all around the town paper-starved citizens bought copies as soon as thc-y were delivered. (UL) People clustered around a newsstand cheer the first arrival of papers. (UR) The beatniks in Greenwich Village put aside their musical instruments to find out what all the hubbub is about. (LL) The subway ride doesn't seem half as long anymore. (LR) Pressman at the N. Y. Times gets a beat on other New Yorkers. Military Tightens Guatemala Control Help Rushed As Iran Hit By 2 Quakes TEHRAN, Iran ( U P I ) - Two earthquakes have struck remote )arts of Iran in Ihe past two days, causing several deaths and vidcsprcad destruction, it was re- )orled today. Tile Red Lion and Sun Society, a relief organization on the order of the Red Cross, said one quake lit the village of Hendojan in lorthcaslcrn Iran Sunday morn- ng. The society said first unofficial 'eporls from Hendojan indicated at least four persons were killed, wo others were injured and more han 100 houses were destroyed. Radio Tehran said a new earthquake shook the Esfarayen region n northern Iran this morning. There were no details. Communications with botli (lie slricken areas, in rugged country, \'ure poor. The Red Lion and Sun Society iaid food, medical supplies and doctors were rushed to the scenes if Ihc quakes. A small earthquake was report- I in western Iran last week, but 10 deaths resulted. A quake described as the worst in Iran's his- ory rocked the northwestern region last Sept. 1, with the estimated death loll ranging up to' 12,000. GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala ( U P I ) -- M i l i t a r y leaders who ousted President Miguel Ydigoras Fuenles to prevent what they termed a threatened Communist takeover maintained light control today of this smaP Central American republic. . . Ydigoras and his wife were flown to exile in Managua, Nicaragua, in a Guatemalan airliner Sunday following a bloodless Saturday night coup d'elnl. The deposed president (old newsmen there that "Ihc change is good for Guatemala and for Central Amor- icn." The military installed Col.' En- rquie Pcralla Aairdia, defense minister in Ilio ousted government, us chief executive with power lo rule by decree, Pcralla, 54, suspended Ihc constitution, dismissed the National Assembly and banned activities o( political parlies. Tanks and troops were posted in strategic spots throughout the capital and air force planes circled the city. A dusk-lo-dawn curfew, already announced by Ydigoras because of political unrest, was put inlo cf feet Sunday night. The capital appeared calm and there were mi reports of trouble elsewhere. The military action was be. lievcd set off by announced plans of former President Juan Jose Arcvalo, a leflist but self-pro, claimed anti-Communist, to rally support us n candidate in the presidential elections next November. Tlie army announced Ihnt A valo had succeeded in slippingjconsidorcd one of the most ardcnl inlo tlie country from Mexico lasl week. Arovalo's administration from 19-M to 11)51 preceded Ihe pro. Communist regime of Col. .lacobo Arbcnz which was overthrown by an invasion of exiles in 1!)54. Arc- valo had been an exile in Mexico until last week. Accused of Cdniplaconcy In an nnnminccmcnt, the military accused Ihc Ydigorns government of complacency In its dealing with Communists and charged Ihc Reds have taken advantage of ihe democratic constitution lo "infiltrate the government and political parlies, splitting Ihc democratic forces and, nt Ihc same time, unifying Ihcir own." Ydigoras generally had been N. Y, Newspapers (Continued from Page 1) slraint, confined its enthusiasm lo a four-column head summing up: '114-day newspaper strike ends as engravers ratify contract; loss is in excess of $190,000,000." Some estimates of Ihe economic losses to the city due to the shutdown ranged up to $450 mil- ion. Another Happy Development Now that the other papers have settled their differences with the unions, Ihe Post is expected to ilart soon on ils own negotiations with unions which have been working under old contracts. The Post resumed publication March 4 after breaking away from tlie publishers association. Another- happy development on Ihe newspaper scene Sunday occurred in Cleveland, where the Press and Plain Dealer have been shut down in a 124-day-olc strike. One of tlie last major pb slacles to ending that walkou was overcome when striking printers came lo Icrms with man agemenl. This left only the ma chinists without an agreement. The New York dailies sloppet publication of their editions in the city when printers struck the Times. News. World-Telegram Sun and Journal-American. The formula proposed by Wagner whicli eventually settled the winters' strike, Ihen the other union disputes, was a $12.63 per week package over a two-year contract period. The increase was reflected in new prices for the Times and Herald Tribune today, jp a nickel to ten cents. Part Of Solulion But the money increase was only a part of llie solulion. A 'ommon expiration dale for con- racls of all 10 newspaper unions was one of the main points won iy the printers, as well as job security in (he face of automated :ypcsetting. The strike by photoengravers legan earlier this month just when Ihe printers' settlement stirred hope tlie end was at hand. Seeking the 35-hour work week al- ·cady won by printers, Ihe photoengravers turned down the first contract proposed by union leaders. Sunday they accepted a mod- ficd version which dropped three days of personal leave, added an extra ?1.63 in wages but left Ihe vork week provisions unchanged. Melting Snow Raises Mad River Melting snow and heavy rains have surged upper portions of Mad River to high levels. Ernest Walund of Eureka checks damage Sunday to his swimming hole at Mac-Tur-Wa, between Maple Creek and Three Cabins Ranch. The IT. S. Weather Bureau said this morning that the river, did not reach flood stage and was "definitely on its way down." EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif.: Edward J. Dwight, 29, (R) the first Negro to be selected for possible participation -in future manned space flights, poses with his family. Photographed at their home at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., after the announcement, the happy family are, wife Sue, (L) son Eddie age 6, Capt. Dwight and daughter Tina age 7. (UPI Telephoto) Weather Summary inti-Comninnisl leaders in Lalin America. Ho. had provided (raining areas for tlie American-hacked Bay of Pigs invasion -of Cuba in IfXH and had since been one of :hc s|ccial targets of Lalin American Communist propaganda. FIVK DAY FOKKCAST SAN FRANCISCO (UPl)-Fivc- day weather forecasts: Northern California: No rain except possibility in extreme north tale in period; below normal temperatures early in period; normd low-high Sacramento 47- Rcd Bluff 47-00, Tahoc 2.MII. Santa Rosa 40-(D. 6 Die En Norcal Weekend Traffic SAN FRANCISCO ( U P I ) - At icast six persons died in Northern California traffic accidents during Ihe weekend. Two (if Ihc victims died in a single accident in San .Joaquin Valley. In oilier accidents: Mrs. Effi Brown, 55. Haywnrd. was killed Sunday when a car driven by her husband was hit broadside by another as he attempted In turn off U.S. 50 near Santa Rila. Thomas P. Palmer. 24. Pinole, was killed Sunday when his mo- lorcycle shuck Ihc rear of a car on Easlshore Freeway near Richmond and he was thrown inlo (he pnlh of another automobile. Karen Irene Kinsclla, 4, San Rafael, was killed Sunday when she ran inlo Ihc path of a Greyhound bus in front of the Soda Springs Hotel on U.S. 40. Mrs. Calliryn Mntrangn, 63, Sacramento, was killed Sunday when the cor In whicli she was riding wns struck head on by another near iincrmnciHo, SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)--California weather summary: Most of Northern California will lave fair weather Tuesday. It vill be colder tonight with local 'rost. A low pressure center devel- ped in Nevada Sunday and moved into Utah this morning. ·forth winds aloft over California ought very .' cold air · into the slate and the upper air sounding iver Oakland' this morning indicated tlie freezing level at 3,100 'ect. A high pressure system was charted off the' West Coast. Small craft warnings were osted along the Southern Califor- lia coast this morning. Occasion- ti snow fell in the mountains of lalifornia Sunday night and this morning. Snow was reported in he Tchachapi Mountains between Bakersfield a n d L o s Angeles. Showers brought .21 of an inch if rain to Merced while Bakers- ield had .04, Sacramento and Red Bluff .02, Eureka .4:!, San "rniicisco .01; and Blue Canyon .24. Low temperatures this morn- ng were generally 3fi-4G but Sanan Rosa reported 33, Los Angeles 1, and Needles CO. Masked Bandits Hold Up Market OAKLAND ( U i ' I I -- Two men wearing Navy helmet liners for musks robbed two supermarket employes here Sunday and escaped with an estimated $1.000. Frank Silva, 33, Oakland, a clerk, told police lie arrived lo check the produce at Ihc store and was confronted by two carrying guns. They ordered him to open the safe, but he didn't have the key. They waited an hour for Ray Ilolmsmcn, 26, Hnywnrd, assistanl manager. After looting (lie safe, the robbers taped the ankles and wrists of the two store employes and escaped. Surgeons Remove Frostbitten Toes From Girl Crash Survivor By ALLAN EATON United Press International WHITEHORSE, Yukon Territory UP!) - California pilot Ralph Florcs hopes to return soon to he frozen British Columbia wilderness whore he and a Brooklyn coed survived 4il days on liltle nore (iian walcr and raw courage. : Flores. '42, a native of Mexico vho now lives in San Bruno. Calif., was released Sunday night rom the hospital where he had )cen recuperating since llicir rescue a week ago. He left on a pair of crutches, me frostbitten foot still wrapped n bandages. Florcs was taken to be home of friends, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Urayton. who have iccn iiosts to Mrs. Florcs since icr arrival here from California. Flores said he planned to rest it the Uraylon home until at least 'hursday, but hopes to return- to he crash scene "and get my liaries." He plans to write a hook in llie ordeal. Miss Klnben lias bocn flown to N'cw York where hccr five frost lillcn Iocs were removed today t Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. Scene Portrays Courage Both Florcs and Miss Klabcn lave been reticent to discuss de- Year-Long Lumber Strike Is Ended SONORA (UPI) - A nearly year long lum'jormill strike involving I..'(00 men am, ,i peak season monthly payroll of $6.5 million has ended in the small Sierra men foothill community of Sonura. Workers struck Ihc Piekorinp Lumber Co. las. i»iril in, asking nn additional )2.5 cents per hour. The strikers voted Saturday lo accept 10 cents now and another 10 w cents next December to go inlo out Ihe Lumber and Sawmill Workers pension funds, The final contract was tentatively agreed lo lust Tuesday, tails of their experiences, but veteran bush country trappers who toured the crash scene on mountainside jusl south of the Yukon border said they were amazed at the ingenuity and courage of the injured couple. Flores suffered a crushed jaw and oilier injuries, and Miss Kla- :en's arm was broken when their light plane crashed on the remote mountain Feb. 4. They spent seven weeks there until (heir rescue. "It is fantastic what these pco- )Ie have done, especially since :hey obviously were not woods- people," said veteran guide Alex Van Bibber, who led this correspondent and several others lo llie scene Saturday. We flew from Watson Lake near Whilchorse to Aeroplane Lake near the Yukon border in i sky plane. ·The swirling snow had covered anything Florcs might have left :here. We were mcl by a helicopter at that point and flown to the ivrcckngc of Ihe crash. Here, mule evidence of Ihe ordeal was in full display. The injured Florcs had shinnicd up a 50-fooi tree and attached a 15-foot boom lo il with a strip of canvas. He had hoped to fly a "lag from il should rescuers appear. ·fried In Repair Kinlln The plane's radio aerial pro. :rudcd from another Irce. Floras had fought (or days in an unsuccessful altompl lo got Ihe radio lo work. Tlie ancient ynllow aircraft had come in from the northeast in n storm, culling down, pine trees and plowing a swath through Iho forest. Both wings were clipped off. For five weeks, Ihc couple lived in Ihe wreckage of the liny piano. ith ,1 piece of canvas stretched in a lillle awning, Rabbit, wolf and lynx tracks covered tlie area, but Floras mid Miss Klnhcn had not known how lo trap them--although Floros had attempted to kill game with a slingshot. The inside of the aircraft was smashed, and Ihe wheel of tlie controls was badly bent where it bad crushed Florcs' jaw. The four remaining suitcases in the plane contained various tools. Tree stumps in the area indicated lhat Flores had used the tools to chop plenty of wood. However, after five weeks, the couple decided lo move to another campsite two miles down tlie mountain. $10 Mlm For FRESNO (UPI)--Fresno Community Hospital today announced a 10 year, $10 million long-range developmental program for lh« nonprofit instilulion. Leon S. Peters, president of tils luspilal trustees, said Ihe program proposed that the present hospital site be utilized to its maximum potential. Preliminary planning calls for erection of a in to 12-story building west of the present hospital building. A master plan is exacted to be ready in two to three months. Peters said the new structure would provide about 300 new beds, doubling Hie number now available. Salaries Before Salary schedules for U163-C4 for cily schools will come bcforo the Eurokn Board of Education tonight at n regular meeting in the Senior High building at 7:15 o'clock. Also to bo considered arc appointment of a district superintendent and authorization of an application for NDEA funds for Ihc elementary science and mathematics program.

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