The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1936
Page 6
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-., . "jOsccbla Holds- L'e a g u e .. ""h 1 Lead;Gingham Good in '"''' ; '^ Bjr J. r. FRIEND OSCBQLA, tjuly* 22—Thc Osce- >! ~- iir ns held top position In By Harry Gray son thc the 'Northeast Arkansas League ' betaking Mie sci les opener from b)Q( i e /the Jonesboro Giants, 8-5, here s]de '>esterdav, tlia'nks to two big scor-, Not sil]ce NEW YORK— Golf originated In Scotland, despite unfounded Dutch claims, but every - mechanical Impiovement since the turn of the century hns been^con- tilbuted by Amerlcahs. ') ,,\ The lubber core ball, the steel shaft, the sand Iron, the.'.Woalen tee, the centra shafted putter, and, slotted, 01, coimgated \\e\e Inrodiiced on f (hls Fng |i s h Ing Innings and some fine iellef.] mi , lltcd lhe glll t a pcrcha/ibaH pitching bv Ernest Blngbam | nll( | ; With but one day's lest after folmd „ Scottish harnessniaker to Sl0) , !t flom duclc « - subduing the Newport Cardin-vls ll)g b , ) lnmmc ,ing the cover with 3-1, bunday, Bingham stepped tO|,, clli c e i j,m C our, cousins of- 'the mound in the fourth Inning j r cl ed an Impoitant meclianlppl **m^m^mmmt The Standings SoiUurn . i Atlanl.i , . Nashville . Ulfmlhgriani' W.-L. Pet Orlennsi,;, ,. . e Rock ,...,; Memphis 1 ,,,i , Knojfvllle, ; '«,, , XT-Night i gam? • t , ,i^ t j Hf»U«D»! Chicago i . '. St , Louis ,, , G2 30 50 42 50 47 47 45 45 50 42 50 40 55 3D 55 .033 .571 .515 .511 ,47-i 457 ,421 .415 New tvorli ''to relieve the falteilng Jim Mc' Lean Tliere was one doiui, one <; run had been foiccd In with a base on balls, the sacks were Jammed with, anxious Glnnts, and - Tliad Campbell, thc NBA enemy * NdJl,.»'«s nl .but; -.With two bulls and no strikes, Campbell jumped ^or. a "cilpplu' but. lifted weakly! 'to second W. Vandenbuig, clem- up hitter, missed n fast thiid tlrike., retiring the side • The Giants combined uccesslve hits by Male? nnd Hall ami a fly to Ballard to scoie their last run, " In the fifth, but atlcr Dial it was ' Katj Ell Hie Dooi " No visitor advanced further than second base, and Blngham s-ent seven would-be hitters back to the wa- , ter can after churning the o^onc, „ He Is credited with the vlcloi>, ' hts fourteenth of the season ,iFive hits off Bob Storj, combined with thice Jonesboio crrois, gave the Indians six runs In the first inning Tliej got two more off 'Smith Campbell in the sec- ond—fortunat'elj plenty to win, x as Campbell tightened up nnd - had , tilings his own way from then on R H E Jonesboro 210 liq 000—^ 8 3 * Osccola G20..-. 000 00-8 '. 8 1 Story, S Campbell nnd I'ortei, McLean, Blnghnm and Ruokcr Newport, I'araeoulil Win t Playing befoie n Newpoit audience foi the first time in moie than a week, the Nevipoit Cnidl- iiab; defeated the Caruthersville ! Pilots, 9 to 0 RelchcH went the ronle for the Caidlnals and Spcer • did the same foi Caiuthcrsvillc, though he was hamineied foi 18 hits f At Parngould thc Rebels crashed the offerings of two Batesvlllc pitchers to win a 9 to G decision Three of Batesvtlles runs wcru scored in the last two inning-; Improvement in the ancient came. > > l It Is doubtful If golf ever would have become a really* popular spoil had not Coburn Haskcll ;.pf Clcvelai d intioduced the two- piece rubbei core .jvliich, icvolu- tlonlxcd thc pastime. 'The Haskcll hall had Just conie on the market when^l begun play- Ing,' sass Ellis Knovkici, n' me'in- ber of the United States Coif. clncrhnatj' .,,,, aifd'' pl ' l1a<leh > ll| j',. r.t Brooklyn^, \j v W. L. Pet 5<i 31 .633 53 3-1 « 51 40 42 43 41 41 47 33 53 30 M New York Cleveland x l)etio\t , . Boston l<»ltue W. Wnshliigtbh St. Louis Association bull and Implement 1>w l«dolphla committee, who -has been 'active In tournaments since 1905. It responded .so much nioic agieenbly to the ^uch, flew so much farther, and required so much effort to hit that the solid gutty became obsolete" within a few years. It took a real artist and a.robust athlete to obtain results with the sluggish gut- ball." • • * Steel Shafts Cat Cost Steel shafii mado golf less et- 58 31 GO 30 48 40 48 42 4G 41 4li 4'i 28 59 I.. Pet. .852 .50 .54! .533 .529 52 I i2S ,.J22 BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS, Hughra. Phillips Motor,, company, Ark-Mo Power and East'., .Arkan- Clash' in First Game Tonight; Clothiers •• on Builders. Take By J. I'. KKIKNI) Thc Commercial 'Softball will go s into the "home stretch tonight with Ark-Mo Powcv-Ildt- polnts, dcfendini} champions, facing Robinson '-Drug In the first game, and-Hughes .meciIng East Arkansas liiillders Supply. , ] Two-thirds ot the 21-gameschc<l- ulu has been completed, with the exception' .of two ralnprt out contests. Ea6h team 'lias'Jpliiycil 'the and other, sc'yen .twice,. East -Arkansas and .Hughes"were Washed: out,in thc llret gnine of'thc*season, while R. D. Hughes and Famous Store, were (orccd to postpone • a game last vreck ' - . Pastime Robinson I3mu are deadlocked : for first place with eleven victories and three defeats. Famous Store Is but n game behind hi third place, having VTOIV iilne while dropping " four. MeMullln's Cash Grocery has seven nnd seven to because of rain. Billiard Parloi' . . sas are in the lower bratkcl in that order. " -. ' , I'lay will begin at 8 pnv'. -•" Pilots And/:Giants' ' ; In First Playoff •• Ganu: Monday Night ,, Baseball Results Southern I eajnie Night games Memphis 3 Nashville 'l Llltle Rock at Chattanooga A(lanla 4, Birmingham 2 Only games National league Cincinnati 3 Boston 2 Chicago 5, Brooklvn 3 New York 2, SI Louis 1 (10 In- nlng-;) Pittsburgh n, Philadelphia a American .Leacne Cleveland C, Boston 5 Washington 6, Chicago 5 Deceit 8 9, Philadelphia 0-8 S Louis 5. New York 4 Northeast Arkansas I-rapje Paragould 9, Batesvllle 0 Osceola 8, Jonesboro 5 New poit 9, Caruthersville 0 R«ad Courier News Want Ads t tilt ^ST.CHARLES Mo,, July 22—Wicl Matthews, .secretary : . of the Ciirnthersvllle ' Baseball.'- n'ssb- ciation, today stated that the first jitny-olf name between Jonesboro mid Canithersvlllc, to decide the winner of first half In the North- oust Arkansas League, .would be lii'ld i>l l.rglon Pnri: here Monday night, July 27, beginning -~.nt 8:15 o'eloc'k. It vvl'l be a best (w.o games out of (line series, thc second game to be played at Jonciboio Monday night, August 3,' nnd if-'neccs- sary for the third' game, the toss ot a coin Will decide in whicli town It will be played; It was decided . at Jonesboro Tuesday afternoon .that the first gnmu would be played lit Ca- elate Iti each game, no honve- town officials ; to : be:iiscj In either ' towii,' Matthews' -said. '!':' Pilots Decline Offer From Cardinal Club CARUTflKRSVILLB, Mo.-! — It was disclosed here today that the Canithersvlllc Baseball Association had declined an offer of the'St. I.ouls Cardinals for two ' of : the Caruthcrsvllle Pilots. Wid O. Matthews, secretary, said the ''•- local 'orgiinlzrit'loi'i h'aU been contacted by Cardinal officials who expressed Interest in t Peach Festival, Manager Royce kins, Bruce Fisher, C L urmin.,,^ ~t ti,.. T_.II _- r^_.' ~ ' Williams ,of the Indians nounccd here today. Just an- Dale Bracy. wlio will oppose him has not been revealed by Lonnle Ethcrldge, Pale Hose pilot, 'bill'it. Is •likely 1 that either Carl "Jabbo 1 ; New,,'an. Arkansas product, who recently fanned!'17 Newport: Cardinals•• in a night ; game, " although' he lost, 2 to 1, or Thomas HarKey, will get -the call.- . :••-.. Caruthersville Will. Have Day at Sportsman's Park . , . . - CARUTFiMSVILLE, Mo.' -Tile - ________ ..... , . wo of the Pilots following a tour Junior Chamber of Commerce has over the league by Joe Shultz.i decided to aid In sponsoring a - •• • • "Caruthersville Day" at -Sports? man's Park, St. Louis, Monday, Cardinal scout. Matthews, however, said the club had declined to go into iic- BOllatlons with the Cardinals at August 10, when a delegation of Caruthersvilllans will be guests at tills lime but might do so nl'.tlie. n 'B amc between the Cardinals end of the season. A! Kclley Is Named Peach Festival Hurler and Chicago Cubs. It is expected about 150 will make the trip by specially chartered coaches. Committees which handle rullu'isvllle, various Junior C. of C. activities Imv'o been named as follows by Bob Mchrlc, prcsEtlcnt, OSCEOLA, July 22.—Alfred Kcl- Sports—Leonard Limbaugh, Hobley, the Parkin Kid II, and-broth-1 in Pierce, Peck Hayden, Fred Cal- cr of colorful Harry, erstwhile' llhan. Ing the toss of the coin to de-j Chick, now with the. Athletics, will cide the town. Caiulhorsville wmn-1 vnnndale milkman and Mcmnhk Publicity—James Clyde Harper, Al Xander, Bciinclt Bernard. „ .. ... . , i fncc ll 'c Batcsvllle White Sox to- Finance—J. Thomas Markey, V. Cam he svlllc and Joncsboio morrow in Forrest City In a' n. Fletcher, John Ellis, Elzlc finished the fust half in a tie. B ame arranccc! as n feature of Musgravc Four league umpires will off!- 1 the Eighth Annual Crowlev Ridge : City impiovtmcnl-Jiu Haw- Welfare—Dr, C. C. Castles, Fran- '4 els Koupels, Paul Richards, i ScouU-Jere Kingsbury,-. - D r . ; P. J. Aquino, ; '•; •', ' '• Entcitalnmcin—Ben iiogei-s, .Leon Scott,'; Roy; Harpe'iv Clayton Schultz. , -..: " , Civic Service—Earl Long, Jack Thweatt, Z. W. Qroonu. , ' Membmiil|>—Fred! - Henley,, R, ' W. Hawkins, Harold Jones, John Sawyer jr. ' ; Educational—Rev. Wayne -Dray, Oeorge Brown, Dr. R', W. Farmer, A. J. Day. Attendance—for. Hanel Bishop, Paul Mchrle, nyron Ward, Felix Kyle. Luncheon—Clelus Dohogne. Courier News classlllcd Ads Pay, NEW FALL TERMS ON FURNITURE /illy now. Pay only a small payment down nnd thc balance this .Fall. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. lilythevllle, Ark. jcnslve, inking nnd standardized on- a mass 'They have been a boon !o the vernge cmper,' nmn's pockctbbok asserts , Knowle.s, yout ho Tastefully furnished rooms Beautyrest mattresses ; Simmons beds Comfortable chairs Restful bed lights , Well lighted bath rooms These comforts are yours whether you occupy an expensive suite or a minimum 1 priced room And the saiiTe friendly and efficient service foes lo EVERY guest Direct low , DINKIER HOTELS CO. IHCOPPCPATEO CAM.ING DINKLtR rBESlDE«t ^GENERAL HHUOEK The hole} ATLANTA 1 The Sttturies NEW ORLEANS The Smnah SAVANNAH fcffenM Bans MONTCOMWY NASHVILLE Northeast Arkansas League disks he coukl jab the'spike end of-lhc'shaft Into the ground an<J balance a golf ball on thc Hat end of the spool his fingers from contact will sand, and appealed to his golfing friends They wanted dental floss market 'for wooden a manufacturing concern to make Improved gas mileage of Tord V 8 15 now shown by •rs in public test runs— increases of 1074 to 15% over tiic economic il nulc-igcs prev lously enjoj cii by Ford V 8 owners Stock cars are used, fitted vMth sec for-yourself glass gallon jugs You are in.itcc) to join us ouone of these test rides. YOUR FORD DEALER more practical model hud a broader base hollowed out for the ball and > sharper ground the Idea - that the unsightly qulcklj iclegated Jand box lo, the limbo, where the utty ball and the red golf jacket, le forgotten Today, uu old- fashioned sand container Is a golf Ing anachronism. You Just-set the rear that ball on a clean wooden peg and sand, lins'conic revolutloimiy Improvements that were' BEAUWUL NEW INTERIORS tN ALL BODY-TYPES! Favors Choice of Balls Sonic feel l\v\\, : It Is Great Britain for no substitute for human skill awed because It did help golfers cause; photographs proved .that It apply stop .spin on Iron shots sometimes hit the : ball twice on the s-ame stroke, but ac'ually Its true virtue as an excnvatoi laj permit, the'use of either the stand lint weighted sole rather than In the'English, bill (162x162) at the lust as effective as option of the plajcf its pudecessor despite thc ab sence of a concave face." I prefer oui largei ball for putting and : fpr, general .play in calm weather,". hut the smaller English-ball 'bores farther Into n Dcnti.-.l Invents Tte dentist hit upon the wooden head wind and Is easier to con- almrnt univeisally trol In ciow currents,' savs used as a tee tcidav veteran who-has a perspective de nled; the younger generation roughened his fingers and American ball rolls more'• truly, on cd their. sensitivity Inlny work. As Knowlcs points out, ' coif is While filling a cavity, he .hap- hard enough-as it Is for the aver pcned to notice • the little wooden age dub without,depriving him of spindle on wnlch dental flobs is meclnnlcal Implements and the wound. It Hashed Into his mind' choice of ball that add to his that bv cutting off one of the pleasure ;ecps In touch with eveiy Inven- .on': bearing "on ' the game. ''Piiie ilckoiy shafts wcie, haid lo find I hey weie alwajs breaking Pre- var •:• professionals iltals to patch vcnpons; Steel shafts arc ndestrucliblc. "They provided brin balance and made nalched .sets of graduated Irons 'The sand blaster, with a heavy- ly loaded irolubcranco JicicnU the blade fiom sltclnglnie away From such trivial things too deeply • • •• - - . saved wasted In libllck artificial aid to skill and want it Jlackllslcd,.but,..personally; I' don't believe In over severe restrictions on club xleslgii, ' The original sand wedge, with its concave face, was. bailed be* dynamiter Roxy Theatre Thursday - Friday, July 23 - 24 See your FORD Dealer today Get the feel of V- 8 Performance Get the facts on V-8 Economy 'THE LIFE OF CHRIST 9 A Singing and Talking Picture' Matinee—2:00 Nighl—7:00 Admission—Matinee & Night—10c & 35c— \\ilh l c Tax FORD V-8 Visit the FORD F.XHIB1T at flic TEXAS CENTENNIAL at Dallas, Jane 6lh-Noveinber 29th V-8 ear below $1645 — 8 with V-8 smoothness and pickup. Only Centerpoise Ride ear below $1275, comfort of springbase almost a foot longer thari wheelbase. Super-Safety Brakes—more braking surface for car weight than any other car below $3195. ' Easy Handling —shockless steering, new ease of braking and gear-shifting. Unique Readability— Torque-tube drive—free action on all 4 wheels (without sacrifice of the strong A MONTH f" '•" down mual low down-payment, boys »ny new Ford V-8 under UCC J4% a monlh finance plans. Alt models are 85 horsepower, 1 1 2-inch wheelbase, 123-inch • springbasc. Safctr Glass throughout at no txtr.i ml.' Prices from $5 10, FOB Detroit; Standard accessor) 1 group extra: front axle)., NOTE: Safety Glass all .around— no extra cost. We Invite You to Call Us Today for a Demonstration-Phone 811 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers

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