The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 2, 1979 · Page 22
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 22

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1979
Page 22
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GB Tuesday. Oct. 2.1979 Philadelphia inquirer Little River Band cdmes back, with new and better beat By Edgar Koshatka S(tl U TH inquirer It has been nine months since the Little River Band's last area appearance, and within that time, it has changed its entire rhythm section. Such maneuvers within a group that is so eminently rhythmic and musically coordinated could easily spell musical disaster, but the band's Sunday appearance at the Academy of Music found that the musicians were more assured than ever. Usually, the listener at a pop music event hears a sound that does not approach in quality the recordings made by the artist or group. The Little River Band, from Australia, is an exception. The group has the ability to use a concert hall like a recording studio. Their acoustical artistry in live sound is almost unrivaled among present-day electric bands. The Little River Band's regular drummer Derek Pellicci has returned, recovered from burns in an accident; former bassist George McArdle has been replaced by Barry Sullivan, and a new keyboard player has joined the ranks. The band has absorbed all of the changes not only without a blink, but also with improved sound. The presentation is, as it has been for some time, a nonstop, no-gimmick, song-oriented affair; it seems hard to believe that any one band could pen so many high quality songs 'Legacy's' legacy: More and more gore in just a few years. The Little River Band's musicians have highly developed pop-music sensibilities. Versatility is another strong point; the group seems equally at home with ballads, rock or semi-disco rhythms. From the oldest tunes, such as "It's a Long Way There" or "Happy Anniversai," to such new songs as "Hard Life," "Reminiscing" and "Lady." the septet left its fans wanting for nothing. Opening artist Carlene Carter appears to be trying just a bit too hard to imitate Linda Ronstadt. She styles her hair as Ms. Ronstadt does, moves like her, dresses like her and even has a few tunes that sound like the popular singer's hits. Ms. Carter, a member of the famous country music Carter family, is a good singer and she has considerable stage savvy. Although she has turned away from the music she was raised on. she is not yet completely comfortable as a high-voltage rocker. rT0NITEAT8P.M. wnnnv i 11 & GUTHRIE HAYS ft FLAYERS THIATRE 1714 Ootoncay Stt-Mt TICKETS & INFORMATION 546-7254 CHARGIT 5-8051 16J MKON! AVI H V mum N IMa. i mm traro lad In-1 aao.a ahd OLIVER GMAIiSI MUSKA1 f VHP SUKH DMNII WtKDAVS 1 1 1 SO GtfAI SHOW I4 M H6$ RES: Wl 7-6Q00 GROUP RATES Live . . .0 Rated Nude Show 11 BeautrM Urt Nudt O. dang N f a m lyW burtewjua Cortfaiwout anow from 1? 5 afl noon lo 12 rrWcght a, fn 4 Sal W 2 20 AM Adults only Aorrassion $1 Monoy back it not drtgntcd frat parking Also mam adult books, films. ?x peep snos. 2 location n NJsey Take Ben Frankkn Bndge to 3000 Admiral HVHson Blvd One Mot tram Airport C'CH or take lac Pal Bridge to fit 73 not to Penrrsauken Oar ALAN ALDA BARBARA HARRIS mpov, THE SEDUCTION streep OF JOE TYNAN iiiiiiiiiim trtz foes - 2:15. 4:15, 1:15, 1:15. 18:15 Kirn nrnKKte xr IV Wtm CJCMCITf . TONIGHT 8 P.M. IAST S IVtNMGS Hn SAT. LAST MATS. W0. A SAT. 1 f.M. "OH, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SHOW!" SEATS NOW! ticmtro' outlets also mfCHMCE 12151 MS 1450 FORREST LAST b DAYS ttim OCT. 6 tit mii st iphiu i pmm mil in ists By Al Haas Inquirer Entertainment Writer Roger Daltrey, lead singer for a popular Britsh rock group called The Who, does not do any singing in "The Legacy." He is called upon to do a little vocalizing, however, when the music mogul he plays in this occult horror film chokes to death on a chicken bone. Daltrey's choking scene is performed approximately in the key of C. One's first impulse is to suspect that he is introducing a new music form like "chicken rock," for example. But no. The people who have bestowed "The Legacy" upon us are using the chicken bone emergency to set the stage for the next round of novel gore: An explicit and futile tracheotomy. Gratuitous gore is something "The Legacy" relies on heavily, especially in the later going, after its efforts to build suspense and a sense of dread have met with only modest success. The film, directed by Richard Marquand from a committee script by Jimmy Sangster, Patrick Tilley and Paul Wheeler, is set on a beautiful English country estate. Katherine Ross and Paul Elliott play an American couple who are brought to the manor house by its mysterious owner, ostensibly for a brief rest after their motorcycle crashes. After their arrival, they are joined by five guests (including Daltrey), who are introduced as business associates of the owner. Miss Ross and Elliott soon perceive that something very strange is happening here, especially when the guests start dying horribly and no one seems to Want to let them leave. They do escape in the owner's Rolls Royce at one point, only to find that all the roads they Namath plays a photographer Associated Press HOLLYWOOD Joe Namath, Judd Hirsch and Jack Albertson star in the NBC movie "Marriage Is Alive and Well." Namath plays a wedding photographer, who gets a close-up look at the insitution of marriage. Hirsch stars as an oft-married writer seeking to reconcile with the woman he married and divorced twice. Albertson plays a famous, aging comedian determined to wed his young secretary. Russ Mayberry is directing for Lorimar Productions from a screenplay by Les Kalcheim. take lead back to the manor house. They then trudge, defeated, back into the house for the occult and gory finale. "The Legacy" is, in many ways, a well crafted, interesting horror film. It develops too slowly, however, and the sense of dread and suspense it might have engendered is diminished by the rather passive performances by Miss Ross and Elliott, who seem to sleepwalk through much of it. DANCE DOWN THE AISLES WITH tyNNETTE CARROLL'S ; JJoURARMS Too5HpRTToB0X OPENS TONITE 8 P.M. THRU OCT. 21 Ttaa. tan Sat. mm. I PJL, Saa. 1:10, Ban. tat. i, Saa. t Tiakats at lei Otfiaa. aH TKKETRON raeetiom ar CHARGIT 665-8051 NEW LOCUST Sl',&r" OPENS jf TOMORROW - -W ff AT 8:30 I & Ml i TEDDY PENDERGRASS Wed ,T hurt Fri Sat (8 30 p m .). Sun. (7:30 p m ). 512 50.511 50 av pi tees include taxes A parking mmt INFO: (21 S) 644-9000 CHARGE ON VISA or MC: 647-7870 "om.nti service cnvo y oone otat UaHey Forge U. Wane Fair mmm t. ao2. oevon exit -Devon, pa mmmm Dinner Theatre ..i. ..........,. t.,'J DELAWARE RIVER AT POPLAR STREET, PHI LA., PA. IT'S DINNER! IT'S THEATRE! IT'S WONDERFUL! s7 N0W PAYING LIVE! "Hit Musical! A Sunerb Dinner & Shnw! ... OK Tues., Wed., Thurs. Nite Fri. & Sun. $15.95 Sat. Nite $18.95 Mats. $12.50 FREE PARKING A TABAS ENTERPRISE (215)975-7000 SPECIAL GROUP DISCOUNTS 6e, 'ffe'f HORSES & LIVESTOCK or uat $4 99 da and Sunday INQUIRER THflFTY WANT AO r put you m touch w 440.000 mora adurta than you raach with Umaar BuMn Want Ad (nrlvata partial only). Cat an Ad Vraor LO3-5000 IB ViaaanaMMavpvTVvaj Thi .i iiaallBMaiaTi l&lh ft CHESTNUTS! L07 44I3 tCMlMlM 1:10, 10, 11 BAUGE LEE 11, 1:10 1:20, 1:30 "BHUCE LEE HIS LAST DS" W.III.'.ll?lliM.HIiMll!UlMiWj!IJj'l.ll-4MlJ HIYOrl MO, HO Mt, WM "ANOTHER PRYOR" FILMED UVE IN CONCERT STABBIHfi GL0W11 lEOHtRD CHESTNUT 8HO0 LO 7 7031 HISMH4VIII" 1:W,4:4, VM, 10:35 HMOWHt" 1t:15. t:ll, 0:20, 5:15 3 J JDUIMIIuJ"! IMAGINE) H.G. WELLS STALKS JACK THE RIPPER ACROSS TIME Starring malcolm Mcdowell david warner MARY STEENBURGEN awaknerorosowo.-t PC'UWbWltA!,! thm WARNER BROS. O REGENCY TIMES 12: tO, 2:10, 4:20, 6:25, 1:30, 10:35 I v-;. J 16(h S CHES TNL'T Si LC 7 2310 j iSI ...satisfaction guaranteed REGENCY TIMES 12:35, 2:20, 4:10, 6:45, 7:30, 9:10, 10:55 BUOCO BARN 5 R1.511,Doiltttotfi BUDC00RLEfthS4 Cotrma BalHttM BUDCO 303 TWIN CINEMA NEW JERSEY BUOCO CITY LINE TWIN ntt.lCrrrLm.i.t. BUDCO PLYMOUTH BUDCO EXTON TWIN CINEMA "it OaHar Rti. 10 100, Elton BUDCO GATEWAY 3 Rt. M2, fialnay Strap. Clr. BUDCO SPRINGFIELD TWIN taltinan Saraal M. MflatgoiiMrrrrtla FOX LEVITTOWN Rl, 1 L ,horn WOODHAVEN MALL 4 CaravaUt Haittt BUOCO ElllSBURC TWIN CINEMA Rt. 10 1 41, Ca.rrr Hill GCC DEPTfORO MALI 4 Dapttar4 Clr. to., (0pp. Saan late.) THE AMITWILLE ORROR Market ib. I6tk St. 10 4-U6I Se 7 Feotur "AMnYvim Honor 1:10,4:00,10:00 "DAMKNOUIII" 12:20,4:11,1:10 PLUS AT MILGRAM ONLY DMlEN OMEN U Rj ""ZiTJT CASTOR CCC CLIFTON HEIGHTS PREMIERE TWIN (Jte-iM) 6631 Castor Ave. Balto. Pk. at the Bazaar Neshammy Mall at Sears COLONIAL (CC NORTHEAST ROOSEVELT DRIVE M 1 1 th 4 Ritner St. Roosevelt Blvd i Welsh Rd Route 1. Langhorne CCC BAE0ERW000 BCC PLYMOUTH MTC (So. m runpynn i rmcui r m. a n. T i. invnnr.i. viiiltcn , 2 Wks E ot Wanamaker's Germ. Pk & Pa. Trnrjk Ssodiroctory for t hewtimet NEW JERSEY GCC DEPTFORO MALL Oepttord.NJ TACONY PALMYRA BRIDGE 01 Rt 73.Palmvra.NJ STARLITl 01 Thorndale Shop Ctr., Rt. 30 Rt. 130 Exit, WW Bridge RGmnUPSONiT! GmnUPSOrftT! Ill COUaTWl SUBk IB SKMGWS PIUS SECOND EROTIC HIT EXPENSIVE CONTINUOUS FROM 11 A.N. i"A raunchy romp from start to s i frantic finish, clever TV. ! .Vkv ' -ADAMfILM WORLD TASTE Y7 USTfEATURE 10:45 P.N. SAMANTHA FOX JACK WRANGLER IN irrrrrrei as. ii'-hiuui sti to t-mi BUCKS MALL COLONIAL ERIC 3 MONTGOMERYVILLE Fox Times 12:20,3:30,4:30,6:15, 8:15, lOrOS ltlllrt lStrIRd. BUDCO 20? 01. IN ItTUAtiltl CHELTENHAM TWIN CMtidMiSIno Ctr. CCC NORTHEAST iMimrtlWtHk ERIC KING TWIN VanFtrtSc Ctr. Its 301. 202 1 4(3 ERIC TWIN BARCLAY SQUARE Bardn St) t EaTrtlt RO. ERIC TWIN BROOKHAVEN hut! Skof . Plui ERIC TWIN FAIRLESS HILLS letm Its. 11 13 ERIC TWIN FERN ROCK MOO N.StiSt. EIICTWINW.GOSHLN lt.2VtPNaPk. ERIC TWIN HORSHAM 0ttlt.6UlllMHIM ERIC TWIN IVY RIDGE )IKHt. ERIC TWIN MkDAOE mall MxDiaT Pi4 1 SMtb Avt W000HAVEN4iiH) l95lWondkiv(iMj NEW JERSEY ERIC 3 PENNSAUKEN ltn.73t IUm lK(fBC. SCC OEPTFORD MALI ttfttarl GCC ECHELON EckcM MaN.rl. L Saa Drrwtory For Shewtlnwa ., J She was programmed to i accomplish the impossible I? TAVCO EMBASSY PICTURES Roleaa Stag Door Timos 12:30,2:50,5:10 N 7:30, 9:45 StattDoor Shepptrt Mat. Mon. H Fri. t1 60 Till 4 P.N nM.ll.i:W:TlITT?W'aijiH;ilH:i BUDCO BARNS t.dll.ltarlaUaM.M. GCC Cllf TON HEIGHTS aatto. aii.atrriaaataar BUOCO 30! TWIN CINEMA CCC PLYMOUTH MEETING at 63 rwor and 309 E ipwf. 0rrMMor Ft a. Irnat. 6CCBAE0ERW0OB 1 bail I al WanKakar't CCC VALLEY FORGE It 363 a litAta Klr of aruuia TOWNE TWIN Itvrliowr, Srwa1 Clr., 1 FOIWILLINGBORO Willingbora Shop, flaia CCC CHERRY Hill l M. Oiarry H Mai. N.J. Sac 4iffctafy fr "Best-humored . . . a nonstop orgy of assaults on the funnybone. Go." Vincent Cunby, N. Y. Times USm THBKE Ritz times 2, 3:40. 5:20, 7, 8:40. 10:20 Ritz bargai matinee Ritz reduced rate 11.50 till 3 P.M. or parking SE corner first show capacity . 2nd and Walnut BUDCO BARN 5 Rt 611, Doytetown. PA BUDCO TWIN BRYN MAWR Lancaster Pike W of Bryn Mawr Ave. BUDCO COMMUNITY Rt. 70, Barclay Farms, NJ BUDCO ORLEANS 4 Cottman & Bustleton 70 MM 6 TRACK STEREO SOUND AT ERIC'S PLACE NO PASSIS ACCIPTtD rew r ijji nvurisv YW;WffWfWV- ERIC'S PLACE TIMES JWiMaHSflLI4-- 12,2,4,6,8,10 1519-1521 CHESTNUT ST . . , 563-3086 j A L I E N SAMERIC TIMES 1:00,2:50,4:40 6:30,8:20,10:10 1908 CHESTNUT ST 567-0604 564-2857 r, G GOKRAl AUWtHCD tZ.L OUXETIES r 11:00,1:10,3:20, 5:30, 7:45, 10:00 1605 CHESTNUT ST 563-9881 LINCOLN PLAZA WOODHAVEN MALL 4 ERIC TWIN ROUTE 38 DELAWARE Lincoln Plozo Moll 1-95 & Bristol Pk Adj to Charry Hill Mall, a) CDIP 1 T9UT1TF Mil I Noamons Rd Cloymont, Del Langhorna, Pa Cornwefls Hghti, Pa NJ SEE DIRECTORY FOR FEATURE TIMES L. t:WTT7ll.WTailliaLfai BSEAKIiG AWAY H ftBthAM AR KITS T S rll 564-6222 II A ni TtiifC Tir-l . ITIHKIV I I IITlb-J I II 1:00,2:50,4:40, 6:20, 8:10, 10:10 RITTiNHOUSE II TIMES 1:00, 3:10, 5:20, 7:35, 9:50 EL rj 1911 WALNUT STREET 567-4986 u'j mi i' f. a t imsssetsm mmm EO'ijaasst. tmwt mmt mm mlm aaaa 1605 CHESTNUT ST '563-9881 3 Ik i ' lka&, DUCHESS TIMES 11KX), 12:50,2:40,4:30, 6.20, 8:10, 10KX) ancmuaMtt lincKWHwlraaalh fKnMCNStaraV CnnnamSltMtrnailLii OstmlM Pi (MtuiTinul StrMRiitBuattaiPi leaslaTr Pl arttrwaaatuui BtarlHIIIiltNnelinlAv Honnii.Pl UK. It rail I Not Sent ion MWHanolPrKuaa (KrMunitcini SptaumHrkaDmai Pi ttIC TffM iarlUI mil GlawMai Pi ainciMncaaitmu iBMSIlii fcbnljioitajrppali, f8 IICrtMIMITNtMa n?iipcwicn f latmPlllUIIIIIInt to WflNrc Stir I mfnmt Pi intrMiUaiiitni 7X(ilir.M Can tm HI ITCIMMal VrMHs PI llrrt AlroNI incrMiMiTKnur US 1 n lnx& Iw I iwmuvil NI tKmPtamiHil Rts;3 IJOra lacBr PKm NI aiKiwaiiuimn laKhPu wntrusiPli fnmnranri W(filOHidr Nrwirt M atnortimnwu Clatmonl M ta Mxatm Km tU FUrUM TMKt . (OAV HOFFMAN PHHA. JOURNAL "RICH KIDS' IS ADORABLE!" "RICH IN HUMAN SPIRIT!" "THE PERFORMANCES ARE UNIFORMLY EXCELLENT!" 1 JOt tMTAKt, HULA. DAILY NtWS fKNFSTSCHIM, phila. tuueriN i707 lrrTlNU TSTREET 1 i'1, WO M 567-0320 n 252 E. LANCASTER AVI 473-3222 649-5252 ERIC TWIM IARCLAV tQ 1500 Gorrtll lid Uppar Darby. Pa ERIC TWIN C0NC0RDVILLE Rt 202 i Jet US 1 4 322 Concoretvilla, o IRtC TWW FRAZER Rt 30 1 Moan Rd frarar. Pa ERIC TWIN PI JERSEY Rt I at Old BW Fairlatt HiHv Po ERIC TWHI PLAZA Rti 202. 363 A (p King ot Rrirtiio Shpg Ploio ERrCTWMtVT RIDGE Domino In A Rutga Ava Ptlihjdalrjrlio, Po NIWJIRSIT FRIC TWIrTLaWRtRCTVILLI USRtlNaorTaioiAva Tranton. NJ ERK RLA2A HOORESTOWR Rt38in Tha Mooraitown Mot, NJ ERK WEtTH0T Cuthbart Rlvd , Waitmont NJ I All DIRECTORY 'OR ALL FIATURI TIMES a rfl

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