The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1939
Page 8
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EIGHT, BLYTHEVILLE, fARK.) COUEIBR Tcrpsicliorcan Prelude to a Touchdown r-i -il-M ™.^.i, rlf _ ^^ Chicks Face Big Unknown In Fleming; 01 h ei s Open Schedule ^ Helena Russellvllle iimner- up to the 1 Chicks in high scoier last week, plays, ho-t to Gur^o" a dovn slate team Catholic High of Little Rock another tribal opponent, tests Hot 'Springs, winner over Texarkana to rather convincing fashion Foy Hammons Hope Bobcats may experience another tartar in Smackover The remainder of the scheoulo finds Nashville at Camden, Heavener, okla, at Ft Smith. Fordyce at Homer, ,La and El Dorado at Haynesvtlle, La ( | jj.f Few llpsels Most of tlie conference members ran true to form in their first games but there i\ere two who bit the dust and one held to i tie Forrest City found Humes High of^ Memphis a shade rough and lost, 6-0 Fordjce got off to an inauspicious start under their new coach George Grant formerly at Corning, by dropping a 13 0 contest at Montlcello Benton. another sch ol boasting a nev, coach, James Ahlf, who led the Osceola Indians tq a Ncrtheast Arkansas Conference title last year, was held (o n.6-5 tie by Beebe, Hopes thrilling- 13-6 victory o\pr the strong Haynesvllle (La ) u was one of the highlights or the weeks plaj Our oivn Chicks retained reputation as the leading conference 11 by scoring 58 points against Prescott The chicks not only led the circuit in tallies but the entire state as ^ell in 1938 Fans at Jonesboro appear quite encouraged ovei the showing of Jonesboro in beat mg Newport 2G 0 Tlie fleet Hurricane backs out-scampered Ihe speedy visitors waring 20 points in the first half othei results RussellviUe scored 61 points on hltle Ozarks but saiv their gml line crossed, Hoi Springs 2l,'Tc\- arkana 0, Camden 20 Smackmer 6, El Dorado 26 Crosselt 0, Fort Smith 27, Van Buren 7 BASEBALL STANDINGS , Southern League (Shaughnessj Playoff Final) Atlanta Nashville W 1 1 1 1 Pet .500 .500 National League W L Cincinnati 85 53 St Louis 82 56 Chicago 18 g;, Brooklyn 74 63 New York 68 68 Pittsburgh 63 7b Boston 58 77 Philadelphia 43 34 American leijue \V L. New York 9g 43 Boston Chicago Cleveland Detroit Washington Philadelphia St. Louis Pet. .021 ,591 ,545 .540 .500 .453 .430 .314 .095 . 82 59 582 80 62 78 62 61 82 .421 The Dope Bucket MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 3939 Cracks Up With Air Castles Cincinnati Splits Two Bu So Do St. houis Card inals By J. ]'. FRIEND Thh weekend finds everj member jCf the Arkansas High School Big ,15 in action, with opposition stlf fenlng ? bit The UtUe Rock Tigers, defending champions, take on a confer ence foe James Ahlfs Bento-i ag gregatlon one of the weak sisters in the loop at Ihe slale capitol Pine Bluff (he Chicks foe luo neeks hence tackles (he MiGohee p»fs in Ns opener Bob Con ins touted North Little Rock wildcats, chose Mftliern for victory No l Clarksvllle, the other circuit member who delajed starling -\ week clashes »ilh Mon-lllon Coach Joe Dilds •! Blytlieville ChickasaMs, fresh from their sma 1 -!]- ing 58 0 defeat of tlie Prescolt Curlv Wolies, matches skill wilh an cut-ot-state foe, the unknown Fleming Ky, crew Clarence Gels' surprising Jonesboro Golden Hurricane faces stiffer competition against Beebe, at Jonesboro Beaten b> a single touchdown by Humes, - - .. , m ,,,,»v, ^ -,^ h^cTt c^Tlucf^h S Url , V((f001b ?" er f CXmilC "' c dalirc 0/ ' tllc ««"-« "mctt.lng.-as Russ m^l. nan MeMahon, * v u,r* «.,„. C D,*!1!!,,.?,.J UC «._?™ Hte«Wt ind NIc, Basca left to right Vlnmnov ibackneld men «,«, l),h melhod lo perfect ii. } u>m Imally -knocking hlnfout In the nnd timing m earlj season drills 1 ninth. Jack Kramer was the wln- ining pitcher, allowing 11 hits. Myril Hoag's single drove in two runs and By anoh«E KIRKSEY tlnllcil Vresa Staff Correspondent NEW YORK. sept. iS.-Tiie Ne Y^rk Yankees were 801110(111110 le than tcri-ilic In their first%tii. mcc clinching, the Amcricai ifngw pemiant. i nicy lost twice yesterday to tH< lowly SI, Louis Broaiis, 8-4 nut 1-1. In 19 previous starts they had kit only once lo the Browns I Their two top-notch pitchers, Red Huffing and Lefty Gomez, were on (lie mound aiid they didn't have a tcun of second-stringers behind Ihein. Big- Red \v«s after victory No. 22, a mark he lias never al- talnod In ic years in the majors dome/, was, after No. j-j and the right lo get the pitching assignment for the second World Scries imc followin Ex-Yankees roles in the Rutting. played Important twin SI. Louis tri- umplis. Don Heffner's two singles nnd sacrifice drove In three runs in the opener and Joe Gallagher hit Today's Sport Parade By HENKV McLEMOKE Play Hard For Softball Sceptre —— NEW YORK Sept 18 7uP>— Bobbj Elggs the cockj little Chl- cagoin with the Chnrlle Chaplin walk today had achlcicd the goal of every tennis -player— No. l In world ranking He gained undisputed clnlm to that high post jesterdaj \\hcn he routed Welby Van Horn Los Angeles youngster, In straight sots In the final ivund of the national championship. He had staked but his claim to ranking amateur In June «ith n victory in the All- England championship at Wimbledon and his v,in at Jorest Hills gave him full title. Riggs was every inch n champion hi turning back Van Horn 6 4 G-2 6 4 He had all the shots nnd whit Is nrre Important, In, had the. knowledge. of how best to em- plo> them ngilnst the savage lill line California!! who )md swept aside Elwood Co^ke, Wajnc Sabln and John Bromwich in a. sensational ninrch to Die final (Joe Glenn's h:mev accounted for the other to make ex-Yanks responsible for. all the Browns' tallies in the nlgtilcnp. Howard Mills bested Gomez in a left-handed duel, giving up only six hits to El Gtofy's nine. Tlie Reds moved nearer the National League pennant when they held their 3* game advantage by dividing a doiibleheader with the Bees. Despite six errors the Heds won tlie opener, G-5, when Harry I Craft doubled home the Winning | tally with two out in the seventh. Paul Derringer, although allowing 11 hits; stuck -it not to win his 22nd victory. The Bees snapped a six **y Ji I* »'»i > ijmis MAPPED—The program of Coaches Joe Dlldy and Mitchell Best for their 'Blylhcvlllc Chicks h oil mapped,out for (he week. Based on the showing of the li-lljc Friday night the following Weaknesses were uncovered.- (i) pm's defense"; (2) Pass offense; (3) blocking; (4) Points after touchdown. The Curly Wolves completed six, out of 10 liei-lal attempts. Three others could have easily been completed as the receiver was back of the defensive back. While iriie, most of the basket type to the ponderous Robert, Baker—a mere fl fcot^7-lnch lad who is quite ball player—and they are- extreme ly hard to break up. But, two iver nol (o him. One especially thn caught (he Chicks fiat-footed am :he receiver nearly got away for n touchdown'. Boasting unusually gcod passer .n Norman "Monk" Mosley ah Sonny Uoyd, and three ends wh> •ire adept st catching passes, Cap am Danny -•- • Baxter and , , „„ Chicks wore able to complete bu, one pass, goad' for a gain of 2S, -ards and a touchdown. One pass vns thrown behind (he receiver Another was too long, two were liort by several yards of Iheir Warrington, Build; Jack Jenkins, the tnnrk, aiid the- other ilain wild. was just nightcap, one cf (hem aiding the ' Infield iradc 'three errors 'in the Bees in their three run rally in the v,,.,, „„„,.„ , u IIIG UI11U Jim Slrtuisbnugh Ohio Stale Inlfback loais into third base but de ^Rlggs had Van Horn s game peg- spite his speedy baserunnin<" CoUnglon Kj lenm defeited CoHini ed Tilden ncier mKed up his shots or capitalized on an opponents e\crv -weakness bettei than Rlggs did yesterday He kept the jotmg ster guessing all the was He fed him speed and Ihen "slow balled I him He pulled him in with slrit shots and pinned him to Ihc baseline with deep ililves lie used flat' drives ind drives with spin Hp>' kepi him everlastingly on the run. never nllov-lng him lo get scl nnd utilize his teiriflr power Van Horn underitamllngly nervous before his first bl? croVd. slvlj went to pieces His timing was the first thing to depart and his confidence soon followed. The youngster need not feel ashamed, however. He made the tournament with his Ihree mighty victories over higher ranked players, and he showed enough stroke equipment to causa Ihe critics to Ing him as the man who'll be champion of the world within two years. Let him work at his game during - the winter—his backhand needs revision— and next summer will find him a terror. He has the flair for the game, the touch, and he has the power. A tea- refinements here and there nnd even Rtggs couldn't be sure of stopping him. Rlggs says he 1ms no thought of turning professional—that he will v> FI mt """""g yiuiessionni—inai newul fit s? iiS p!ay in n tcw California toiirna- ments. visit his family out tliere, v> BQ «o ""•"">• "»'<• J " s lanmy out mere, 40 M MR anft then retunl to hls work wllh _^ yj •»» an advertising company in Chicago. We'd hate l> bet, however, that a fat guarantee from the pros wouldn't break down his amateur resls- tance. Yesierday's Results Southern League (Shauglmessj Plaioff Final) Nashville 7 Atlanta 2 % Nalioml League J-ltiW .XQTK *""J| St. LOUlS 1-2 I"—"•*" "M'«»»i£ vuu mav 5UYIJ11 VJ3H1CS Philadelphia 7-1, Pittsburgh 3-10. of hcr match her game broke down Brooklyn in 1 OH.^.*.* ,i *, ' n ("run!. Af Miep T ft *rtv.~, _...» Brooklyn 10 3, Chicago 4-s Cincmhali 6 3, Boston 5 5 American League Philadelphia 4 5, Cleveland 2-18 Chicago 6-7, Boston 1 11 St Louis 8-3, New York 4 1 Detroit 3 Washington 2 11 Inn ings Alice Marble is no superwoman of the courts. That was proved by her narrow vlckry over the veteran Helen Jacobs In Ihe women's final. Afler winning the first seven games Is Rated 6 To 1 Poi His Dance With Pastoi Wednesday Night DETROIT, Sept. 18 (UP) — In 'excellent condition", heavywcig/.t champion Joe Louis today became a C-t favorite over "Bicycle Bob' Paslor in their return match at Briggs Stadium Wednesday nlgiu Dr. Chester Ames, the Bomber's personal physician, and Dr. B. W. Clark of the boxing commission agreed that jolting Joe had recovered completely from his cold of last week and that he was In shape to deliver a kayo rather than occupy a hospital cot. These two reports should be reassuring to the thousands of fight fans who heard rumors over Ihe weekend lhat; (l) Champion Joe was In an oxygen tent .like Tony Oalento last autumn; (2) He had a higher fever than a victim of one of those Amazon malaria mosquttos: and (3) That the fight was called. The dynamiter was go:ng through his last sparring sessltn of four rounds today ' at the Jforlhville fair grounds, determined to score a quick knockout over Pastor, who fled from him for 10 rounds two years ago at Madison Square Gar- n front of Miss Jacobs' game and clever challenge, and she found icrself trailing 1-3 n nd then 3-4 In the final set. At that p-.lnt she Tooay*! Games Southern League (Shauglmessj Playoff Final) Nashville at Atlanta National League Brook!) n at Chicago Philadelphia at Pittsburgh Boston at Cincinnati New York at St Louis IRQ den Louis and his trainer. Jack Blackburn, and his co-managers Jchn Roxborongh can't forget that that night mtide Louis look like n Fnloofia sixth. eight innings was the winner. Ihc Giants helped the Reds' ( cause when they divided two with j tlie Cards. Carl Hubbell conquered Morion cooper In a pitcher's battle j lo win the cpener, 2-1, and cud the Cards' five game winning streak } Alex Kampourls drove in the winning run with a double in ,the •seventh, the Cards won the nightcap, 2-1, when Fiddler Bill McGec, with- some ninth inning aid from Bob Bosnian, pitched a four hitter Brooklyn became a definite contender for third place, smacking the Cubs down twice, 10-1 and 3-2. Tlie cits mid uncle Mike punctated n'M , tm< ; c ' 1{M all(i 3-2. Tlie this heartening paiagnph b™d U^i , ^^ f ° Ur Cub P»^rs, »>B the fight w,ll grow cow to'h,', 10 '""I??"* >' c11 ™ ball, for 13 $500000 If that happens ,[ this " S as "'^ Cilscy lvo " Ms 13 * nght goe, ove, half » million o ffj pLuke " am « n ouipitched may ,est assmed that the bl' S^ e .??%™** 1 ™ " >c D r^ champion fl.m next ir ,?, y ,"' ' ?. SCCMld ,8»'«c, lifting June will be staged In this u to , f" ,,° wl " lln . one - nme ° c "« mobile cih UiHc Mile « a ,n ,<!" 1 '" 1 - p ' a . cc ^ ruuls Big John Gee's debut was spoiled mobile cih Unrlc Mile "aid is| much vesteidBj when he mfoimed fight lh 'Detrclt has become tie v r «c' ^ 1C " "' C PlrlUes «**> <*&<• er> Ight center of the world Him M ISlr , all(<1 (hc $70 ' 000 so » l "r«w lest ti n.\4i.n r -. n ^». .1 i.. Ills IICSt intlinr IpmriiA cfort *n. i\, r. and the moncj > first major league start ,„ ^.^ Phillies, 7-2.' Tlie Pirates grabbed yie afterpiece,' 10-1, as Bob Klinger hurled a four hitter. In the American U'aguc the third-place White Sox held their half-game lead over the Indians by breaking even with the Red Sox. Lelly Lee, allowing cnly three hits won the first game, 0-1. The Rtd' So\ hammered out is hits to grab Ihc nightcap. 10-8. The Indians made five errors to help stall nob Feller in his quest of victory N;. 22. Joe Gantenbein's single in the eighth drove in the two winning runs in a 4-2 victory. Tlie Indians won tlie second game, Grccnberg-s homer in the Move Over To Allanta For Third Game Of Series NASHVILLE, Tenn.. Sept. 13 (UP)—The_Naslull!e Vcls ind Av i - ...^ ^.^imuigs nomcr in the lama Cracker, finalists in the ' nth gave Detroit a 2-1 victory over Southern Associition Slnughnessj I Washington. Pli) off moied lo AtlinK foi I ' • • their third game today after the' Yesterday's hero — Kins- Cnrl Vols evened the count at one all' I Hnbbell, one-lime Giant great who Prolnble pilchcrs lonlpht «lll be "lied on his heart imd head to Orlin Collier for Naslulllc nnd make up for the deficiencies of his Uirry Miller for Atlanta, according' asms arm as he beat the rarrti to the managers i" ' ^auii, Sam Naliem pitched the Vols hit; even position with the Crack- I ers Sunday. He allowed only five- hits while bh mates, notibly char- ' Icy Gilbert, rapped the offerings of Jinx Poindcxlcr and Frnnk Gabler for 11 hits nnd a 7 to 2 victory. Gilbert, playing despite nn in- iu »u» cu-i!L>iii!\gi-i:>, , "—• !"".>•"& Mi-dimt: all m- igh and Julian Black. [ Jur<xl bnclc i smacked two homers :hat Pastor's retreat antl drove in four tallies to hog .,_ ,. ,. ..... _ t), e Nashville attack. Htis* peters socked a homer for Atlanta In the u c:nracs she signed on'! rom c dismal small-gal the strength of being national I On! enlo-Novft butchery—was smll- champion, appeared headed for Uic' ln S a " over the hotel. Uncle Mike, waste basket. But Miss Jacobs ! wlth lh 's br( :ad grin, risked a drop- runner-up In the tournament as'l'^e of llls ch »ln store teeth, belong ngo as 1928, tired badly, lost i CJ111S <= his box office men informed her touch and ability to cover- lllm th »t the advance ticket sale court,, and Miss Marble pulled oul the match. But she didn't look like a Moody or a Lenglen in dolm it ° already had excelled $300,000, Tills wns twice ns much money ns this particular engagement AaKricin St Lculs »t New York CltrejWKi ,»t Philadelphia ,Drtwtt it Washington • '- « *.*WMJ V i u. oengieii in dome It llua purucuiiir engagement. Tlie final score was 6-0 810,°6 4 W P U W have drawn in nny'outer THOMAS TRAINMAN NEW YORK, Sept. !2. -Harry' Thomas former heavyweight fighter, works underground soen hours a day as a locomotive engineer on the New York viaduct Read Courier News wrml ads. TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS EXTERT ELECTRIC WIRING BEAUTIFUL LINE OP ELECTRIC FIXTURES Elcclric n.ingcs and Water Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 So. ^ml J-hone'SlS WRESTLING Special match between wrestlers and boxers. Boxers: Garabaldi, Welch and Wisbar vs, Wrestlers: Marcuo, Fcroni and Taylor 3 Additional Wrestling Matches ^AMERICAN LKfilQN ARENA. MONDAY 8 P.M. PAIR—The blocking, while fair n spots, wasn't anything lo write icme to mother about. It wasn't s hard aiid vicious as previous Ilythcville teams have boasled. In lie open Ihe blockcivs were leaving heir feet too, quickly and often lissed entirely. But there were oc- aslohs when they clicked well Especially was "Wild Bill" Godwin terror down field. Willis Ford, 'an Wnrrington and Aivin Justice Iso did pretty fair jobs. But as whole it can be improved—and mst—before "Pine Bluff, Little ock, Hope, North Little Rock, nd.cvcn Jonesboro are met. It lay be needed Friday night gainst the unknown Fleming, Ky., utfit. Pour out of nine attempts after . 2d four oul of seven, a fair aver- John Piiulk and^ Dan War- i4i kiii.jj wnfu luii iiijty in IIIG —si-- —— , —"— Dick Errickson, who went "" ston missed Dne aplccc ' Last ... ' •'••" l.^llt ,. Q _.. f n .. l\,f, fiv-c.) M.nn 1.*. rnnr.....^ year, for the first time in seasons, those extra points were needed. It would have at least earned a tie at-Pine Bluff and would have -.von it North Little Rock. And, unless t miss my guess, they will come 'n handy this year, too, . and 'gainst those very same teams and ?thcrs. I expect scores as close ;<s 'hat. ' * * * IMPRESSIVE—There are many Ine features of. the Chicks play. For one, the offense can be depended on to be adequate. With he touchdown twins, Sonny and 'jvfonk", clicking as they did, and thyy «re due to improve with every >amc, the locals can depend on much yardage. Then much help can be depended on- from Hugh -Tex" Harbert, as soon as he gets back Paul "Bucky" Blackwood, Willis Ford, John Paulk, Elliott Eaiiba and Henry Mtiery. Tlie fine showing of the second string line should have brought smiles lo Messrs. Diidy and Best. While lacking in offensive lech- .oique, the No. 2 group actually cutptayed the first stringers on the defense. That assertion is based on tlie fact that the Curly Wolves always did their most damage against the varsity forwards. In [act, they were in when the visitors carried the ball to the five, yard line. But the Chicks rose to (he occasion and showed :he$ could put out when they Irled. For in four attempts the Wolves lost 11 yards. ' -* * * BOUQUETS—It would be grossly unfair to overlook the fine work of the first string guards, Pat Chilmon and Raymond Bicker- stall, and Long John Paulk. Chilmon and Bickerstaff were as busy as beavers all evening. One time they burrowed; the next they Lou New believed lie couldn't, miss being heavvwelEht chamtrton ml Tony OaleiUo knock* Idea out of his h m ,i ro C ' ia ' nPlQn ' at least. Here is badly beaten California 81 . opl ' n ; ' f , krep's legs Just before Heferee George Blake' Intervened in Hth sliced; then mixed up their tactics. If (heir showing is a sample of the work' they will do all season then the mentors can quit worrying about the guards, if they have been losing sleep. George "Bulled' PruiU and John "Tuffy" Cramer more than carried on, too. So, it loofe ns if Everett Craig won't be missed much after all. For (wo years Big chief Diidy has been trying to find n. spot for John Paulk. Standing well over the six foot mark and scaling in the near vicinity of 200 pounds' Paulk was tried first at tackle, then 10 -locking track, then back to liiie. Willj, the less of Harbert, which lecessitated the shifting of Ford o fullback, Paulk was substituted Irst at blocking back Friday night. Then Djldy.sent in Everett Cross- ow at blocking back and instructed Paulk to move into the No. 4 lot. Thc-ii the fun began. Seven imes the ball was given to Paulk. The result: n net gain of 57 flrds. And the remarkable part Eight Letter Men* Form Basis Of Coach Jones' Squad OSCEOLA-,,Sept. 18.—Tlie Osceola Indians, 1938 Northeast Arkansas champions, open defense of their title here Thursday night against Dyess. Twenty-seven candidates have been in training under Coach Frank Jcnes, former Hendrix star who succeeded Prank Sanders as head coach of the champions, and appear to be rapidly Teaching their physical peak. vas that Paulk gained many'of Elgnt 'ettcrmen and three re- hose yards by literally running s ^ ves fl ' on > '«<• season's champion- aver would-be tacklers. The tall lp aggregation, form a nucleus youngster should help the cause. arou »d which the new mentor will The -other' fullback, "Bucky" !n °uld his current machine. Includ- Blackwood, also looked swell. He an hard, throwing those long legs f his high, and running-' low and Iways forward. Between those two "ord is going to have a hard time Beeping his job. ' , HEAL END—In an ore the game O. H. "Buddy" Storey confided that he'Tiad two tmtstanding players, one was s big tackle, converted to end for Friday's game, by the name of Baker; The other was n 180-pound back, Buck Halsell. 'Both are seniors. "Both are capable of making anybody's ball club," said Buddy. Well, after seeing them in action I am convinced that Coach Storey lidn't'under-estimate his .tirostars. Especially did .Baker, wearing the oig 70 shine. Seldom were the Chicks able to get him on the ground. Time after time lie speared plays. -1)31161-1115 clown interference and making the tackle. He speared passes from angles. He was perhaps the most outstanding flayer on the field. And he appeared lo be having, gobs of fun. Halsell didn't have much of a chance to show his wares against the big Chick line. But twice he broke loose for long gains and showed plenty of speed and drive. He was always dangerous, both as a runner and passer, and almost single handedly kept Prescott in the ball game. —THE- Firestone HIGHSPEED TIRE A real tire. Gum-dipped Cord, Non-Skid Tread, and lOO/o Cotton Construction throughout. The cost to you . . . only §1.75 per week-when you buy on our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. EMIs Sntp«», Budget Mgr. 5th & Walnut • : - -Phone 816 In, England, new-born baby boys have an average life expectation of 50 years, while girls have an average of 63 years. cd are: Bannister, Billy Beale, B. Edringloii, E. Edringlon, and Elmer Ely-ant, linesmen; and Henry Swift Pleas Huckaby, and Sonny Har- risOn.backs. Reserves who are showing up well : are Barbiers, Williams flnd Mears. Amcng the newcomers Ihe most outstanding to date have been Lackner, Phillips, B. J. Edrington, Young, Mitchell, Driver anil Bunn. The Seminoles received a severe blow when Swift, counted on to bear the,brunt of the offense, was injured and likely will he out of action for several weeks. Despite this loss, Coach Jones appeared quite optimistic over tne prospects ana said lie' expected the Seminoles to be-In the •'.'thick- of the nght for the title. The summit of Mount Mckinley, Alaska, Is 20,300 feet above sea level. 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