The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 14, 1934
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Served by the United frets VtU DOMINANT OF - AKKA NHA8 AN1> VOL. XXXI-NO. 49 -^ * -M-J TW k_7 ' *f^ qiythevlllc Daily Newi Blythevllle Crurler . •f Ilsslsslppl Vnlley Leader Blythevllle Herald HI.YTIIKV1U,K, AKKAXSAS. MONDAY, MAY M, 19IM SINGLE COP1BH PIVR CENTS HOLD .riREE FOR TWO PEMISCOT MURDERS Intermediary .Becomes Frightened by Pursuing Automobiles l.OS ANGELES, May 14 (UP) — William F. Gettle. Beverly 11111 millionaire, remained in the hands of kidnapers today after a plan to deliver SUO.COO ransom failed. An unnamed intermediary, following instiuetions for the delivery of .the money, became "frightened when he noticed three cars trailing his automobile. He caller! police on a short wave radio and when the squad tars huiried into the area the three dipped away. trailing cars The intermediary believed the cars contained hi-jackers. A suspect later was arrested at May-wood. Police said they found him studying a map of the section, u gun lying In his lap. The attempt to effect Getlle's release came 1? hours ahead ol schedule after two midnight, telephone calls directed Ernest E. Noon, originally designated as the family intermediary, to proceed to an unnamed address in Laurel Canyon, in North Hollywood. Apparently by pre-arrangement, Noon yielded Iris place to another mediator, who drove to the designated address. There he was instructed by nule to proceed east to Downey. At Downey the intermediary I found a second note directing him to drive south to a spot near May wood, where he would find a third note. Before reaching the designated spot, however, he noticed he was being trailed. Police said he heard - thrc'e pistol shots, apparently fired from some outside source. But the intermediary, believing he was followed by hijackers, appealed for officers to join him. Rome Goal of Effort to Span Ocean NEW YOliK, May H (UP) — T li e monoplane Leonardo d Vinci,-bearing Commander (Jeoitt- R. Pond and Ce.sure Kabelli. EIK.-U eastward from Floyd BPHJUMI '' ; -' today, IXJUIH] across the Allaiuic ocean to Rome. IX'parture uj Uic |il;ine inaugur- 1-oiKl and S;ibe|] who had planned Hie lllvhi lor more than a year but mei with repeated de- iays. expected to make the 4.001) mile Hlght without a stop. Their big plane wan wheeled onto the runway shortly before C A. M., maneuvered into place, and after wurming u|> the ijiotoi'j they lock off at S:M A. M., ea.'.tein standard time. The ukeofl of the plane was perfect. The flight, from New York to Rome wus expected to require around 10 hours, putting the flyers in (he Italian capital about midnight, eastern standard lljne.!i. m ,, ih i Tuesday, if all goes wJl. Urges Rein lo Speed Reemployment. Improve Living Conditions WASHINfiTON, May H lUI'i- I'lcslileni FUoseveli tndav sent to ff)n"]T-ss LI me.ssace uiiiinw a na- Mon-wlde home mndernl7.atlo]i and •»"||- program. The mc^ident said llio program would consul of four major inter- •r-i-n.;»i divisions: • • I.—Ttfoclr-rnlwitlon. repair -ami •!'•'•• construction. 'I —M"oitf>at!e insurance. 3.—Mortaace as-sociallons. d Rul)dLn£ and loan Insurance. 'The nurixise of the n t -o(*ram K '"•o fold." Mr. Roosevelt said, "frsr. to return many of the 1111- cmnloved to us»ful and gainful lions: second, to prorluec, useful wealth in a form Inr whlrh there l« a great social nnd economic need." T''" nrestdenl said that many Ainciican homes are "mil fit for iinb'tntlnii." Rebuilding and should be done nuickly. /«l • •»__. it i • • •» ---jiuv:"mv Mioinn oe none nmcKiy. ci (ivrD v i r n i" sni(i -'° nr ° tc< * tbe iinnui > ; " id - ill HIT li l\ I I I I ll' rfrtv °r the iieoolc. To obtain ULIIi Lll IV I L L L U Ihis spt'-'l Die government Fr»r Robin Child D«d TUCSON, Ariz., May 14 <UP>A growing conviction that Jurn Robles, 6, is dead, was shared by her anguished -parents today after continual efforts to contact hei kidnapers had failed. Officers and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Robles said the family had received no reply to their second public appeal to the kidnapers to accept 510.000 ra-)- ?om for their daughter's freedom. 'i"st take (he Initiative and co- iryratp w'th private capital and iv'i'strv. Mr. RoosevXit explained. He ra""'l "••> »""-iam "real ~ nil ertv conservation." T>'o nrcsident «i|d that the en- fc'onni mn[le-nl7nt!on of commercial a'Hl industrial structures Iso. but that he believed the «ov- ijuriput, should confine its assistance largely to home improvement. New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 14 (OP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close 1114 1114 1114 1114 May July Oct Dei; Jan March 1122 1127 1114 1124 1136 1142 1128 1H6 1154 1141 1130 1152 1153 1160 1148 1157 1164 1170 1157 1168 Spots closed steady at 1140. off 5 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 14 (UP) — Cotlon futures, partially recovering early losses, closed on the local exchange today with declines exceeding 25 cents a bale. open high low close 1105 1105 1105 1108b 1122 1126 lllf) 1121 1135 1140 1126 1134 1145 1153 im 1147 Il52a I153b 1166 llGfi I16S 1163b May July Oct Dec Jan Ma rch Spots closed quiet at 1131. off 7 California Kidnap Viclini and I'amily Rains Break Drouth in Wheat and Corn Belt CI1KIAC10. May I-I i llu.liquid milt's UP) •- Amiss !T:ihi? and plvins plows lilt lulu! I'mnp 1'iirlh liilnv mid a imllion I linin yi-Mciduy trnki' u -ifi-day I drimlh. In Isulnu-d homes ol (lie I limit «hi-:n nnd corn lUlds ol | CITI HE HIRED flS KILLER ruin. Tumbling tlnindi'rhnids III- c-rutly hud |;ouicd <lol!in 1 s over l'" hum bell. Whole fiimlllis luined lulu 111.' fh-lcls tc:dny ut dinvn. Himill chii- iln-ii us well as Kiandpiiicnts »vn- drafted to. take Instant mlvanlrvv of the (list dny .since--curly A;:r,i while men anil one ni'jjro ure lielil wlien soilalnul Ix-i-n workable, jlirjnll ui :• Caru'l^ersville' : loilaj Wealthy and retired. William F. Cietile's liHcri-sls cenieit-d In his him from Ills newly acquired eitcili- m -:u Arcndia.Cnllf., lo hold him for family when kldiui|iers iiliiluclcd man Is .shown here in a recent runsoiu. The kldiiii|icd ol Who Had Threatened His Alleged Employer HV MAX STKDM SlH'cljl <.'orn-s|K>riili-iit HAYTt, Mn.. May 14. — Two Id itDlWEB! Youth Tells Story ol 1m- with Mrs Gettie. whom he nmiricd IG years ago, ami their Observations L I.T r,. R. B.= Sheriff Clarence H. Wilson Is :allin2 to the altenlion of Jvfiss- 'sipui rountv voters a change i') he Ifl'i 1 w-hirh renuires (hat (Kill nves be pild by June 15 by all who to <'ast ballots in the Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. May 14 (UP> The stock market staged a whirlwind rally In late dealings today pnd clo^d Irreeulari" higher after <*nln£ through n shake out tha brought the industrial ivemec to e new low since early November. A. T. and T 112 3-4 Anaconda Conner 13 pnthlehem Steel 333-8 Chrysler 3fl 1-8 Cities Service 25-8 coca Cola 115 1-2 fieneral American Tank 35 5-8 ficneral Electric 193-8 General Motors 313-8 International Hnrvesler 31 1-2 Mlddlewest Utilities .... 1-4 Montgomery Ward 23 3-4 New York Central 26 3-4 Packard 4 Phillips Petroleum n 1-8 liadlo Corp 71-8 Simmons Beds 15 1-2 St. Louis-San Francisco 3 Standard of N. J 42 1-4 Texas Co 22 3-8 U. S. Steel 41 U. S. Smelttnt H7 Youth Also Identified as Kennett Robl>er Shot Down at St. Louis ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Doync Vinyard, 21 years old, who was killed Salurday evening by police who sought to arrest him for the murder of Night Marshal Clarence Orfen in Campbell, Mo., March 28. had also been tentatively Identified" by his picture as one of Die robbers who held up the First National Bank at Kemielt. Mo., Nov. id, 1933, police said yesterday. Vinyard's mother al whose home he was hiding, and his brother, John, 19. and sister. Janice, 17, are held for the coroner's inquest. Had Hidden at Arkansas Vinyard had hidden out in Hector, Ark., since the killing of Green. Police had sought him several limes at his mother's home, and Saturday, shortly before 6 P. M., they got an anonymous telephone call that he had returned home an hour before. Police Lieutenant. Oliver Kinsey "d Special Officers James Howard and Fred Holiman searched the lome. Hollman saw Vinyard step nto a clothes closet In the second loor front, room and called 'Don't run, you're under orr";i Vinyard climbed out the window nevertheless, and Hullmnn fhcu 0 ... shot at tiim. Vinyard jumped to the front porch roof and then to the flat gravel roof of the one-story weld- ng shop next door. Hallmnn fol- owing and emptying his revolver at him. Hollman thought some ol he shots hit him. Vinyard slit down the sloping tin roof of a gar- jge to an alley. Struck by Sis Bullets There Palrolmcn Edward WalsV ind Lawrence Highly fired twi shots each at him and he fell mortally wounded. Six bullets had entered his body. Vinyard was unwashed and un- rhaven. and appeared to have beei riding on freight trains. His smai bundle, still packed, with a loadec evolver and 32 extra shells, wa found In the Vinyard home, and a half-eaten meal was on the kll- =hen table. Night Marshal Green was shot, '.nd killed when lie and two oilier' Public operation of certain cs sentlal public services has undoubted advantages, but it also has disadvantages. Here is a case tn point: Last Wednesday, yny 9, . four children: Billy and IJelty, 8-yem-o!d twins; licbtlc-, 5; uml Jimmy, 4. Ancient City on Galilee Demolished by Storm murder, charges as the. re- sfill of two killlncs In Ptmbeot county Saturday. :; :..' : : |El)ncr DrriMll,', 2fj|Murnmry' rind Wllllnm McPheraJiW farmer,- both ; : of. thr-.nrne'j; City'.vicinity, are al with thc;-|kniins of Lum Mills, 45, fishei-manr.p'fi the Floodway northwest of-JBragg clly. Ail three were ninrrled'"and the Iwada of families. lo Dr. ,r. W. Rhodes, I'einlscol coroner, stated that lie did the acliial shooting mid tlmL McPhcrsnn hired him to do It with a promise of "tjfc-ASY COVK. Ark.. May H 2W bushels of corn, u team of- I'l'i — Oul nf Ihe Ounchitn lillls • millcs - nnrn( ' s; >. wagon ami 40 iiuntrv. where rrrckx form hcad- lnclTS of '™ (l to ll -' nt - •II'TS of Ihe Mule Missouri liver,! Claims He Was "Framed" i-»ir>v com" n shriiwi- story of lin-1 ' IVsllm "ny "'t tile Inquest reveal- imin slaverv. kldnnnini;. religious cd . tlmt lllxj " t two weeks ago Mills terrorism nnd nnssllile murder by R " l 'i!« !| y discovered McPhcrson In a mmininlneer booties; Bang. |" n ''itlmiitc iiosition wltli his wife. A brother of Jabo Fox id re- Al thc f 0 ' 111 of " shotgun, It- was turned l">re loilav from the 'hills l)roll & lu o »t. M'»s (liove McPlier- son from his home and made him by Ouachita Hills Bootleggers iirmn n — - ... -• ---r--.. „,„, tol( , Pros( , cllt , 1U! Attorney,™" from his home and made him 1 MUL II JERUSALEM. May H (UP)-A I Tlllfl nfllTIIP "°"-'>' r "i Kinorv n siorv of srwnd-1 1 '," 1 " 1 ovur " aum of mon »'- " Mr NT I toi-renilnl rainstorm demolished n M 111 11 (•(IHS '"" ' s '"' rrnt w "* s ln "'c '"""Is of sllo '« u " ai "> Promise to give him UI IILUU t , lon i ,,-,,-t O f the ancient city III I IIU ULnlllU 11 "' """ K - ' Inbo Fox '' missing. n tt?nra °' mlllcs - """less, wason ,ol Tiberias on the sea of ualllee i The fectlnn was de.scrlbed bv n " rt fc ™ for lhe tenm ' Af( . 'today and 11 was believed many . .. . ~ l"ie Wlckcrslmm commission TW .. Lntcr - ll w " s M - Mllls llB<1 'r Utll»-rvir ,,. . . '[..Ill H JV . 1 I .. ... . Illl-*>nlnl1ilrl H* nt]l.*m.n.i>r. 11 r-. n. Supreme Court Affirms'!i,r &. Decision in Case of Poison Slayer of Four ™ecu streets were washed Democratic primarv election in IUIIM <i-"l In the general election Novpml>er. In former years citizens could onnlifv for participation In UM? :iioi« by pivine their \yt\\ ta\- lioffi'-p a d^sif^miert date in .hilv. This wns changed by '"isWme. and this year the sheriff will turn in lii.s ixtlt tax re- nM;il books immedialelv afler June 15 and afler that due none bill emer^enrv receinls. xvliicli do noi nunllfv Ihe holder lo vote, will be avalbb!e. tin to dnlc only ahoul 1.BOO Mirsissinnl counlv resident. 1 ; have paid their poll taxes which indi- rntes a lieht vote this year unless sale of receipts picks up sharply (he rcmalnine 30 days. Pol! lax les In some election years hove exceeded 10.000 in this rotintv. With a number of important conlests looming In the primary it "•mild .seem tlmt citizens would re- "nire little urging to invrst a dollar In a poll tax receipt. To any who don't recard the rlffht of frnnciiise as worth the price, however. It may be rmlnted out, thai nil of the proceeds of the tax en to the school districts, which need the money badlv. and thnl anvone who drives an automobile.'engages in a business licensed bv the slate, or enjoys public employment of anv kind, is required to have a poll (ax receipt. oOo ' LITTt.B ROCK, May 14 (UP) — The .supreme court loday alTlnneil Ihe verdict of a Saline county jury, imposing the death penalty upon Mark H. Shank, 42, Ohio at- toni'jy, who confessed (he polion murder of four persons. The court held that Shank must die in (he electric: chair on n date to be selected by Ciov. J. Marlon Futrell, for Ihe alleged l.-oison murder of Mrs. l!thel Colu.'y. of Akron, O. Mrs. Colley, her husband. Alvln Colley, and two of Iheir children were found dead In a wrecked last July neai MaJ- miniites after drmk- ug poisoned grape juice ut a io:ulside picnic lunch. Shank, In a written confession, said he intended to destroy ilw enlire Colley family because Colley "knew too much" aboul a criminal case in Akron. (inlisled Men at Hi Springs Hospital Die; Police Start Inquiry jilie Wickersham commission ( "uinoii'! the obuuriiip bootleanlng oiii'MPts of Ibc nation." "They made us wash their clothes, work thnlr fields, ami help them make whisky," snid the hundred troops were called out lo assist police in searching the ruins f'orbodtes. ; , Shortly nfti-r the disaster 20 HOT-SPRINGS. Alk., May 14 (U .... .., bodies had been rec'ovcrcd. P>—A medical boaid of luauiiy llir- prorecullni; altoiney. "They Tiberius, also known by Ihe ""' nj ' attributed the deaths of came after us and draesed us modern name of Tabarlyeh. is al- , '""Hs'ed men at Army and i from a church. Tliey ran their most entirely populated by Jews, i N ^ y nos l )llnl to poison liquor. |cnr up the church st Later, It was said, Mills had threatened McPherson's life different limes. McPhcrson, behind the bars, claims he is being "framed." It was stated nt the Inquest that .Mills' wife had de- yoi.i'i. who cwaperl It am the band | clalc<l llmt M11!s wns J enloU5 wlth ' "We escmva one time." ho told ou ' ™" s , 0 ' , .,-,.. BILL • FILLS IPlEBtt Three other soldiers are seriously 111. police reveahd. of the two deaths was steps and shot «ir. the church during » religious service. "We escaped again and swore determined by posl moriems per- out warrants analnst them for dLs- iormed on Ihe bodies. lurbiiiB thc oence. I think they (UP)-Two enlisted men al Hie A Meim. Ark., waitress reported Army and Navy hospital fell dead | thai liie fang visited a cafe Ihere i today and police and United States; a fc days ugo. ammcnilv with the. the "'I" 1 ™ 1 "'"' a gre LITTLE ROCK. May 14 (UP) — W. L. i Bill i Ward, Mnrlnmu, ftale senntor. fileil his corrupt Ihe secre- Urlsklll'5 confession follows: "I, Elmer Drisklll, of my own free will and accord, state upon oalh above my signature that I was hired by Will J. McPlierson to kill one Lnm Mills. He (McPner- :on) was (o give me 200 bushels of corn and just as good a pair of mules ns he could buy and a !minted to kill Jabo"afer That *i wn B° n "»d harness nnd rent- me HOT SPRINGS, Ark., May 14 don'l know where he Is now" ' 10 ncros of 1nntl • • • "nil! (McPherson) and I wsnt to the Flocxlway lasl Monday night to gel Mills as he went fishing. We miised him Hint nlnbt. Bill and I made Lwo trips previous looking for Mills. Hill hud intended doing the shooting each time we were together. "Bill cnmc to see me Friday night nnd to!d me that I had ,T ny ° ff 'T rs slarlcc! "" " IVMtlgI1- yi> " 111 '" lion to determine if they were frnni Iheir car' shouted rianna Man for Fil'Sl District Coil-i dTm T,5,. 1>0 ' SO " !1<1 ," 0r ' ' "" ' :V; io"\ou w-an'l to see a fox?" The boily of Private Marcus B. She went to the car, she said, greSSllian Roberts. 22. of England. Ark., was | nnd found a "beaten, bleeding found lying grotesquely street. in the and several dollars of otherwise L unnecessary expense, ' and all for i one cent. I Maybe that Is the way to tun Ihe postal But v:liat prl- j practice p!eri"e — — j Inry of sl.ile today :unl announced '•, c ' V p" H A short lime laler Private John L Johnson, S7, of Atkins, Ark died at his post. lef Joe Wakelln raided be a candidate for con- first district, filed were: I.ovlck I', u-iw, Siioain Springs. boy." The men were forcing him to ent. she said. Farmers In the .hills are searching abandoned wells for the body of the missing youth. hideouts, obtaining dozen.'; of C._ • _. „. U/L;». samnlcs of whisky for chemical, """Ces at TTnlllOn analysis. candidate for state senator from' , A , """' f"»-«<«l man. Sergeant ,- „. ^ nlllll ,„.- the 34th district: J. P. Jameson. " cl " **• ™ s 8^'lously 111 at the vale business would follow that Fayeltrville. candidate for prosccut- llos l' 1 " 11 - II|S casc «'as similar lo sort of procedure? Even such sup- ing attorney from the 4th dH-l. ° fallll "! l ' s - officers and posedly hard-l)ol!ed monoix>lles as the telegraph and telephone companies know that lo give tjocd service is their flrsl obligation. 1'licy have lo have rules, just as the postoffice department does, but they doiit split hairs when it means inconvenience lo Iheir customers. Tile trouble with government ii-tcr- i tt \v/>mic iii>, >>*,,*•„ m,% 'government officials said. inn. J. K. ^OUIIS. IIGIllUurg. C3n-, .. ' didate for state senator from the! candidate for slate senator, 27th district. Time for candidates (o file pledges expires Tuesday. ,„ •«- ° for Mrs. Mary Clapp letter get Mills. "I shot Mills with Bill McPher- snn's gun which lie gave me Tuesday or Wednesday of th!s week. The Bun was a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson six shooter revolver. "I left Bragg City about 7 o'clock Saturday morning. May 12, 1934, lo go to Lum Mills' house to buy )ITicers attempted lo question three young men acting suspiciously »t a filling station. Raymond Young and Fred Adams were arrested in the cnse wi|nin the next ^ „„,..„„.,,. ew uays. Vinyard escaped by[ st ate comptroller's office service lhat choice or a con ficiency or graft or both, and a hide-bound civil sen-Ice, which generally means indifference to Others who have filed for con- has been rumored lhal Manlla. for Mrs. Mnrv Ellxabelh Clapp. 7fi, wife of the late William A. Clapp n( Whitlon, who (II? Thurs- roKrllMon became serious three weeks a"o while visiting a daughter at Black Oak. Ark. The dec?ascd, who was a native of Tennessee, came lo Mis- .•.'fslpnl countv when 14 years old and had spent thc remainder of (Ic meeting at the First Christian, her life at Whllton. She Is sur- Funeral services were held at aolllc " sl) - ' met - Mill s on ditch Million. Ark.. Saturday afternoon i 70 :iboul !" 4 mile. west of the Christian Revival Enters Its Final Week The last week of the cvangells- Cotton Bell railroad on thc south side of the ditch. 1 began talking to him. He lold me he was. going to Brngg City to buy .some groceries, l turned nnd started back with him. He grabbed at my gun and started cursing me. I then pulled the gun from my belt and scabbard nnd shot him (Mills'). I emptied the gun. I siiot him once' In front then he turned to nm nnd I shot him four times tn the chiirch began yesterday with large vlved by four children a <on bxk - l tnen wcnt lo Bragg City, audiences at both services. 1 Frank Perkins of Whltion, MrsJ reacllln ! Mr. nnd Mrs. Ezra Jacks, leader, j Osborn of lllnck Onk. Mrs. Eliza- Ihis . jumping out of a freight car at Paragould, Ark., where he and Adams were hiding. Hen Slack to Eggs BROCKTON, Mass. (UP)-While names enveloped the hen house, a tnode Island Red on Fred P. Hop- tins' farm continued to set on the !«gs which were under her. Al- Ihough groggy from smoke and >cat when rescued, she suffered no ill effects. the placed | in the mall at Liltle Rock for the | Courier News a copy of the report of the audit of Mississippi county finances. When on Saturday morning, thc date of its release for publication. It had failed to arrive. \ve got In touch with the comptroller's office by telephone find s|)ciit several dollars In tolls getting a summary of the report. Saturday noon the postoffice produced Ihe copy of d'e rei»rl mailed Ihe previous Wednesday. i They sny the TVA Is Introducing , i i "/i «i •• | a new spirit In public service. For, InCIUOe 1.011011 Markets 1 " mvn 5nk ° ' ° 1)c so ' Burke Mann or Brooks Norflpet. both of Forrest City, would enter iolher talents and Iheir parts on .Mrs Hulli Clapp Muslck of the race, but neither has as yet Hie programs are outstanding, ac-' city. cording lo Ibose who hear them. I The iiev. Mr. McOee. pastor Mrs. Jacks Is also leader of theU'f (lie Whllton Baptist church. cllllclrm - officiated nnd burial was made ig town about 10 a. m. Then went home and later went over . . , , . . za- of song, are also specialists with i belli Hunt of Black Oak. niidl 10 my sislcr <* nd batj i' wl '° in Exchange Control Bill °J ! hc The Kev. J. J. Walker, pailor chinch nt the cemetery there. Ur - A - »'• , of , P° rti '^ a M. Washbiirn. director; WASHINGT( ^~7,..,. ., ...„, !meetin'g'!' 'sVke' 0 lasf^cwm'nV ' O n "°" an <l &d* Escape unity health unit, re- ,,„,,_''„^,'.,,..'5 ' 4 (U ".- "The New Deal fn Religion." He Wk.« A.,. U:i. II county °' Attacks dogs, declares Hint neither ciog owners, police officials, nor Ihe he "„;,» a g ,cu,tu^ Commute; ^ %*^ ^'iKh "is Whc " AulomobiU Upsets voter! tnHnv In wlit/l* ^i.^« sala '" P 31t - llle «nurch Is r voted today to Include cotton markets in hie commodities exchange control bill. II condion. weds a ne'.v t!e:il. Denomination glr ' S ° f H ° Iland nar public, generally Li co-opcrallnR n* 5r '„, "f.L r ''n > " C u ni0rlBlnil11> ' by has done it.s best and failed, only l^' 13 ' f s1ra P e(l Mrlolls Injuiy Satur- witl, the slate health department's,™ ^"""^ "^.b'" P™I»scd to' a , mltcd rhurch can 5avc the day ,,[gh when an automobile in nuarantine order, nnd not inncculated parltufUfa i ,i-lilch rtoijsl,,,?, rabies are commodities exchange h b '' ;vor|t| ,. which they were riding skidded In JIUL ill 11^<^ U Jit ICU UK.tll tt L i ilULtVi •*'*- j t .1 supposed to be k'ept lied up ^ «* m E.^n -n- ^ S i h ? r n soll ! n °! Uns evt-niiiB. at 7:45 o'clock, lie som<! 'oosc gravel and turned over all times, under penalty of shot on sight. [commodities. m ' reh « nt » . Times." <?ak on "The Signs ut tlie Chicago Wheat open high low close May 86 1-2 87 3-4 85 3-8 86 7-8 July 84 3-4 85 1-2 83 1-2 84 7-8 ]On It was neatlv stamped. "Re-1 No one wants to shoot his neljh- turned for Insufficient Postage." tor's dog, but with rabies as Chicago Corn May July 48 3-4 49 open high low 1-8 46 5-8 45 close 4C 47 3-8 48 1-4 Somebody In MEXICO. Mo. (UP>-The Sene- the comptroller's prevalent as they have been in ker family li noted for Its longcv- ! I Member oi Graduation known as "Dead Man's Curve." a few miles west of Steele between Denton and New Survey. The girls. Ruby Lynn and Mary Virginia Capehart and Olene office had placed the report in an envelope bearing a two ccnl slamp instead of the required three corner. The postoffice at Little Rock, actln? no doubt on orders from Washington, took no chances on getting the exlra cenl out of us bul sent the reporl back to the comptroller's office, where the lit- Me groen stamp was provided. The Ic frifir-all,, III Booker - were driving toward New WtAlh is viiuiaiiy in survey at an average rate of speed. ick. (Signed) Elmer Drisklll. Witnesses: N. p. Graham Chas. Amos Morgan S. E. Stephens E. A. Blanlon E. R. Krederick." The coroner's inquest delivered a verdict, lhat Mills came to his death from gun shol wounds at the hands of Elmer DrlsMll. An Investigation conducted by Dr. Rhodes. Deputy Sheriff Chas. Amos Morgan and Constable Sam Stephens soon revealed that Drls- kill and McPherson were wanted, and (he arrests were made without resistance. Mills d:cd almost instantly with a wound In his head, WEATHER tins vicinity such action Is (o be ,11V. when Mrs. N. S. Seneker. 87.1 I they said, when, upon roundIn.-the preferred to the risk of exposing idled, she was survived by four Bcntley Crawford, son of Mr.'sharp curve, the sedan driven by rnes family and livestock to the sisters ran-ln? In aje from 76 to and Mrs W. J. Crawford of dos- Ruby Lynn got out o"control • . - . '' tumlul menace of'a deadly disease. A,74 years old. result was delay, Inconvenience, lie generally. dog that Is worth keeping at alii is worth vaccinating. Those tint are permitted lo run at laigc without lliis proleclion should be disposed of for the sake of Ihe iafely of children and of Ihe pub- i-.ell and a member of this year's skidded into a ditch and turned •graduating class of the city high,over on Its top. uctiool. is ciitlcally 111 at the Bly- TMclifr Is I'cn GUM* MOUNDSVH.LE. W. Va. (Op>._|lhevllle hospital. After tcnching 22 years al O.ik! Voimsr Crawford, who was strlck- Dale, near liere, T. L. Jefferson has en Friday, Is II from malarial resigned to become a gmrd in tv.e liemalurla and his condition be- West Virginia SUte Penitentiary, came critical last night. BOISE. Idaho. (UP) — Idaho's chain store tax was declared constitutional by the State Supreme Court. Single stores arc taxed $5, to $500 for groups of 20 or niorc. ARKANSAS — Cooler tonight. Tuesday partly cloudy, thunder- shoflcrs In extreme east portion. Memphis and Vicinity—Shower.) tonight and probably Tuesday. Cooler tonight. The maximum temperature here yesterday was minimum 58, clear, according lo Samuel F. Nor- rls, official weather observer.

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