The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1944
Page 7
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[TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 10-14 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate p«r line for consecutive 50o 160 120 :.... 9o 7o 6c 90o Minimum charge 1 time per line 2 times p«r line per day.. 3 times per line per day,, 6 Ames per line per day, fWimes per line per day 1 Month per line,,,„ Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged lor the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment ol bill made, All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the aopve table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Sale For Sale Furniture for two room apartment. Apt. 9 over Relmnlller's Cafe. 0-10-pk-14 Renewed pre-war bicycles, Guaranteed. Chlsum's Dike Shop, 2020 W. Cherry. Phone 580. Ci5-pk-7i5 Help Wanted For Rtent Rooms and apartments. 401 E. Ash & Lily Sis. 0-12-pk-15 Clerks for hardwire slori', Good jobs wilh good pay for experienced men—or will (rain beginner. Jobs nr« uunmmeiit. 'Reference required. See Mr. Terry at Hublmrd Himlwnru Co. 0-10-ck-H Bedroom, convenient to bath, or will share home. Phone 2180, 0-13-pk-16 Bedroom, connecting bnth; Hot water dally. Private enlrnnce. 124 Dougan. CjlS-pk-lC 3 room furnished apartment. Stateline. Mrs. C. E., I'honc 112. C[13-ck-lC edi-oom. 515 West Walnut. Phone 2327. C-10-pk-14 00 head of white faced steers, weighing about 300 pounds. Leo Swift, Blytheville. G|8-i>k-16 Small factory build Plione 2545. house trailer. C-12-pk-15 Baby stroller. Nearly new. $7.50. 808 S. Lake. C-10-pk-14 Electric Range, table top, deep well, with wiring; good ns new. Call Thompson, 3301 before 0. s G]13-pk-10 Have everything iti rough lumber at right price, at lumber yard, South 21st St., Pride Addition. O. S. Rol- llson. Night phone call 3309. G|13-ck-27 Two room furnished house. 638 So 1942 Royal house trailer. Good condition. Inspect after 7:30 p.m. Doc Dean's Trailer Park. Bil3-pk-lG 325 MISSOURI 514 LA SALLE j^sc are two nice 4 room homes in ^pleasing neighborhood. Inspect and take your choice for $2100, on ejisy terms. Sec S. Jiedel, 224 Main Street. G-12-pk-12 One Sorghum Mill and Cooking Pan. H. F. Ohlendoif, phone SP2, Oscc- ^ola, Ark. C-10-ck-17 Mixed lumber, 2"—$40 per thousand. Phone 3309, So. 21st St. Pride Addition. O. S. Rolllsoii 5129-ck-t See the new General Electric food dehydrators at Plant crs Hardware, formerlj Tom Little Hardware Co 5-31-ck-31 FOR QUICK GALE list your prop erly with: H. C. CAMPBELL. Pho 440. Office 120 S. 2nd, with Lucien ., E. Coleman. C|2-pk-1 rwo room furnished apartment. Couple only. 901 Lilly street. 0-12-pk-15 Three room unfurnished house. 2Vj miles south of town. Plione 184. fi-12-pk-lB 00 acres good pasture land, natural water supply. South Osceola. H. P. Ohlcndorf, Phone »P2, Osceola, Ark. C-10-ck-17 arge bedroom, clean and comfortable, with or without kitchen priv ileges. Corner of 9th, 817 Chlcka sawba. C-9-pk-16 'urnlslied bedroom. 111C Hcarn St Phone 2094. C-9-pk-lfi Lake. 0-10-pk-14 Women—Have opening for Avon Representative In Hlytheville. For full particulars write—Avon Cosmetics, 1535 Walnut, Kansas City, Missouri. 'fi-12-pk-15 Practical mires to en re. for elderly woman. No heavy work. Write liox UKP, Courier News. G|7-pk-14 Experienced prcssers and Hucl- seamstressifi. Apply sou Tailor Shop. G-17-ck-17 Experlenccd cooks and waitresses Apply Hotel Noble. IG-ck-tl Wanted to Buy Will pay cash for JIO.OOO worth of good used furnl (ure. Wade Furniture Co Will pay 200 per aoz. for wire coal hangers. Hudson Cleaners. Wanted To Kent 4 or 5 room house, or 3 or 4 rocm apartment, unfurnlslied. Pevma ucnt. Mabel Hugun, telephone 519 0-12-ck-l 1 Pictured screen actress. VF.RTICAI, 1 Conductor 2 Vcpolnble 3 Electrical term 4 Arllcle 11 Half-cm .^ 12 Forms 13 Area measure 14 Female i servant '.\ l 16 Short jacket 17 State (Fr.) ' 19 Worship 21 Transpose (Pbbr.) 22 Harvests 23 Number 24 Insect 27 Meadow 28 Symbol for erbium 20 Wild 30 Tree 32 Senior (abur.) 33 Emmet 34 Route (nbbr.) 35 Railroad (abbr.) *•!&&> side at a sl)ip 7 Lciiglng f"~-- (slnng) A".!'' SHonc '•"*'(* 9 Hid^ilioii sen- port 10 Vine/mils ' 14 1'aroeiiny tea l 1B Czor 1- ••*•>'. ^ Allevlalion 20 B '«U variety ;!3 Core , lT rubber 10 Uodt nt 22 Replace p :, ;( v, 42 Orlenlal Rultar 25Plncs ' ""•'.' 43 The cnrth 26 nomlorcd fat 45 I'rom of hous . . 47 Vircinia 29 \Vlcked '•*"'" (iibbr.) 15 Doctor (nbbr.) 31 - pictures 51 Ncnr 17 Early English are popular 52 Exists 37 Roman god of (he under- ' world ^.rt^ 38 Smell ~ i 30 Credit <nbbr.) 41 Bronze 43 Beverage 44 Volplane 40 Occurrence 48 Locality 40 Crafts ; 50 Babylonian deity 53 Music note 54Chf\jQ. Back To Our JANUARY PRICE LEVEL You can trade with us NOW jusf as cheap as you can after July 10th Parker's Rooms for men. Unfurnished bedroom. Phone CG7. 018-pk-15 5|30-pk-S130 OHlce In In«ram Building. Inquire at the Parkhunit Co. 11-30-ck-tt Services Experienced bookkeeper wants part time bookkeeping work. Phone 2808, G!5-pk-in All sizes of good used galvanize cotton and cotton seed piping, el bows, bands, cheap. Ohlendorf Gin Co., Phone 8P2, Oscnola, Ark. ~ 6-10-ck-n Bath tubs, Sinks ?9, pipe 8c ft., Commodes, special price $15.95. Must sell, 605 Chlckasawba. 5[2G-p!c-6|2G WANT TO SELL OR TRADE YOUR FARM Right Now! See Riales Land Co. RUSSELL E. RIALES Goff Hotel Phone 2028 or 2020 Kesidence I'hone 2330 CiS-pk-10 Table model electric radios. Cheaper at Radio Hospital. 204 W. Ash. (j| S]29-pk-6|29 Table and Console RADIOS. Electric and battery. HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Phone 2071. 7-ek-7 One 40 HP Dixie Hammer Mill, complete, like new. H. P. Ohlendorf, I'hone 8F2, Osceola, Ark. 6-10-ck-n One 1-fi HP Electric Water Pump.' H. P. Ohlendorf, phone 8F2, Osceola, Ark. G-10-ck-17 One Dclco Plat Iron in good condition. H. P. Ohlendorf, phone 8F2, Osceola, Ark. C-lO-ck-17 PEED—Hay, oats, sweet feed, shorts, poultry and dairy feeds. Custom feed grinding. Blytheville Grain Elevator Co. 6-10-ck-tf For farm bargains In Southeast Missouri write or see W. E. GUST A F- SON, Farm Sales, Clarkton, Mo. G-8-pk-8 EXPERT RADIO' SERVICE Auto and home electri sets repaired. LOY EICH CHEVROLET Co. 5-22-ch-2! 'urulsbed apartment or small house. Permanent family. Plione 2789. 6-10-pk-17 Lost Glasses in green Cull 2114. frame. Reward. C-12-pk-l!) A new process for drying patnl m Army tanks docs the work In 'our minutes wlille the operator .Irives the tank through the "oven." 8PTICHL STORE Let Us Help SAVE YOUR EYES! 209 W. Main St. Phone 291: Attic fnns, custom built, installed Weidman Bros. Phone 4GO. 5-18-pk-6-10 Have Fan & Refrigerator Motors Cleaned For Summer. New Location 116 N 1 st j. T. (Charlie) Stalcnp Phone 2993 or 2598 3 olitical Announcements he Courier Newa JIBS bt«n »u- liorlzed to announce the following candidacies, subject to th» Dcmo- :rotlo primary In August: STATE REPHESKNTATIVB ALENE WORD (for rc-elecllon, Tost No. 3) w. j. WVNDERLICH (for re-election, Post No. 1) J. LEE BEARDEN (for re-clecllon, Post No. 3) LUOIEN E. COLEMAN E. O. "QENE" FLEEMAN , (Post No. 4) PROSECUTING ATTORNEY IVIE O. SPENDER SHKBIFF AND COLLKOTOB i HALE JACKSON (for re-eleetlon) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNTY TREA8IJKKB R. B. (SKEET) 6TOUT MISS DS'jLA. PUlfl'tB COUNTY JUDGE ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) CIRCUIT COURT CLEEK * HARVEY MORRIS (For re-election) COUNTY CLERK T. W. POTTER (for re-election) tio mud skipper, a fish found In East Africa, lives on laud, but must keep Us tall moist since 11 brcallies through It. Elmer Cunningham VULCAIUZinG Tire & Tube Repair Cotton Belt R.R, A B, n*r, II (I'ormerlj wlili Cn(!er AB. rU.) PRISCRIPTIONS , Freihnt Stock 'Guaranteed Best frltta Kirby Drag Stores No. jModol | •lit A' 1!M1 50 | 1011 OGA | 1011 7-JA 1 I (Ml i;i« ] i Mi) ]!U) 1.1 !M1 1!>2A ] I'M I 105 • | Kill 201 \ filll) 2l)(i | 11)11 2(7? | 1 (Mi Millie CllKV, 5 I'ASS COUl'K \Vi\s 1 Now 141)5.00 CilllVSUM SEDAN j J59r>.(K)' KOUD 2 IJOOK ] 1295.00 FO»I) COUI'K 1 1105.00 CIIEV. -1 DOOR DODOK 2 DOOR TORI) 'i DOOU nOlKM'J 2 DOOR 795.00 i'itlfi.On Tililufir MD5.00 1'LYMOUTH CODI'E •] lOilS.QO [ C11KVSLER -I HOOK | i'i.YMOUTH CODI'E L[5j)5.0U^ 2U8A.) li)-ll I CHUVKOLET 'i DOOU | Hilfi.OO 2i:t | 1!MI 217 JJHII 21S 'j.liMI 21(1 [ Hill ! I'ONTIAC SEDAN 1 5!) 5. 00 i.m.oo 1395.00 1095.00 1095.00 61)5,00 1.195.00 l!i!)5,OT) 1395.00 1)95.00 1 495.00 "895.00 1295.00 MO 5. 00 | FOUD SEDAN 1 j 595.01) | 1395,00 j CHEVItOLET 2 IXKJK ' I'SiHi.W' i FORD 2 D(X)R | 15115.00 "l.'MG.OO ' 144 5.00 | CHEVROLET COUI'E, 5 I'ASS. | 15115.00 | H9B.OO '129Ii.O() Many Other Cars — All Makes, All Models LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY Blythevillo OPEN DAY & NITE Phono 578 Sarc 50% On TRUSSES Steel rmd Elastic STEWART'S Drug Stare Main & Lake Phone 2822 SUMMER CLASSES in ' i PIANO - ORGAN and VOICE 1—Schedules nov being arranged Mrs, DALTON 0. POWLSTON, B.A., M.S.M. runner New Vnrk Orgimlsl nncl Toucher Write Mi.1. Foivlalofi HO] ChlckflsaivJm or I'llonc" WANTED Bring Your Leftover SOYBEANS to Us. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main riiones 85G—857 if F-O-R-D 0-W-N-E-R-S ECONOMY SPECIAL Clean and Carbl ' rclor Distributor Spark Plugs Fuel Pump Gasoline Motor Oil Wear and Tear Time ami Money Only 4.30 Save! Adjust Save FOREMOST SERVICE for FORD OWNERS Come In Today PHILLIPS MOTOR CO: DON EDWARDS The ROTA!, «MITH, COBONA, AND REMINQTOH TYFIWRITKK* HI n. asm BTRiarr raotn na (Erery Transaction Hurt B« Batlif artery) Tel. 453 Authorized Ford Dealer 5th & Walnut NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call me f<h. check-up withrmt cost or obligation. ' . RATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP 509 E. Kentucky The Best Gift of All For Dad Is YOUR PHOTOGRAPH All Work Positively Guaranteed O'STEEN'S STUDIO 105 W. Main MEMBER OF WE'VE A GOOD LINE OF IjJSED CARS and TRUCKS Will Pay TOP CASH PRICES For Used Cars and Trucks—See Us Before You BUY or SELL! BUFORD MARTIN Showrooms 114 W. Main Phone 565 • SERVING NATION-WIDE GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 DRS. NIES & N1ES OSTfOPATH/C PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 614 Main Blylherllle, Ark. Phone 2921 «y v, T. HAMLIN Toiiso Moment OKAY, 05 IF ^OU FAIL.OOP / RIGHT WII-LUORK/NOW ON OUT SOME (SOUR SCHEME FOR. SOUR ESCAPE NOW LOCK. DOC, t*? USE BOTH SETTING CAUSHT.' YOOSO FIR6T AND IF YOU GET NABBED I'LL STILL BE rcee TO HELP.' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Tnklnir No ClmncoH IF we SF.E THAT KID AND SOUND THE SIRENi HE MIGHT DROP THE BOTTLE/ Mo IF HE DROPS IT; VEAM THEM BETTER. SHOOT AT HIM FROM A , DISTANCE.' OKAY,/ I'M GAME/ CAN YOUP. VOICE CARRY TWO MILES* HOUTING MIGHT STARTLE HIM, AND HE'D BE SURE ID DROP THE STUFF/ OH, BROTHER / WAYBe WE jusr BETTER, siiour AT HIM AND TELL HIM WHAT'S IN THE BOTTLE.' j< By FRED BARMAN WU FINISHED FUN, LITTLE J RUSTLERS HAVE STRUCK AT RED'S , HERD/ :-,• BY LESLIE TURNER WASH TUBES WHEW.' HE £OT HER OUTA THAT SPIN! SOME HAMDLIW6! BLAZES! THAT'S TOLANDONTHE6FACH THAT'S HELP By THE tJTHE (3LIPER u PLUNSES DOWNWARD, MOMENT- ARH.VOUTOF COMTROL... I!Y EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES AMBULANCES • Equipped Will Oxygen Units For Your Belter Protection HOLT FUNERAL HOME I'honc 571 for Details

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