The Seattle Star from Seattle, Washington on November 2, 1918 · Page 2
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The Seattle Star from Seattle, Washington · Page 2

Seattle, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE 2 OFFICIALS ARE BOOZE SELLERS, SAYS DR. BROWN A Joy-rldlna Kraft rlns In Ifln* county thai buxs land. oloOit, RUlfm mtd home# with money stolen from the taxpayer*. hm combined tortw with a county whisky ring and I* ftK><tlr«)C ««*iu*t the election of Dr J. Itn>wn, democratic kMIMiiM for prosecuting attorney, Brown declare* In a statement I* •ucd Saturday. Kefutln : the charge that a den tut can know nothing of law. Brown ex plain*. "I graduated In law from the Kansas City School of l»«w . of ISS», I practiced Uw in Seattle with John 11. I**rker under the name of Parker & Brown, from 1»0« to IHJ. Now I am a inemtier of the law firm of Smith, Cheater. Brown and Worthlngton " Brown rhargv* that a numlier of Klnc county and Seattle official* are In league with blind pigger* and bootlegger*. and that contraband boose la stolen from the Justice court* and police department with proceed* divided between the alter. Iffa pfflee. the prosecuting attorney's office and Justice* of the peace. The whlaky and graft ring* will he pltlleaaly prosecuted under hla administration. Brow n *ay*. and declare* hi* Intention of combining dentistry and legal practice In mak In* alt crook* "feel the teeth of the Yankee Artillery Smothering Bodies WITH Tins AMKHICANB IN FRANCE. Nov. •! The American renter la continuing exploiting it* train* In the Fraya line. While the wing* pushed ahead and widened the gap In theee last organtaed fortification* thi* side of the Oerman boriler The Yank artillery la fairly amotherlng the Oermann, facilitating the movements of our Infantry with the lighttwt taaaea. Tha fighting la growing In Intensity all along the Una. Coffee —Important "The Food Administration la dealroua that everyone economise In the consumption of cof. fee. In order to decrease the demands on shipping. and free aa much tonnage as poaalble for the transportation of the American Army The extent to which the American public, by conforming to this request, can assist l»l th» transportation of our army to France may be reallie4 when we consider that the cuatomary lmporta of coffee into the I'mted States per annum exceed five hundred thousand tons "Rationing the people 1* not contemplated. the Food AJmlnlstrntlon preferring to depend up«n tha voluntary action of our people to reduce consumption by caraful avoidance of all waste and overindulgence, and by raraful preparation of coffee for the table." * rn IMB Onffea but use noon. FRF*H Coffer CiOIJJ SIIIKIJI COFFKK in VACTt'M ri\fl U "ALWAW" GOOD and "ALWAYS" FRKSH. ftCHWABACHKR BROS. * CO.. INC. Seattle's OMret Bualneaa House. EataMiahed 1M» (Paid Advertisement) ADVISORY BALLOT WiIBUinTOI WATT. CKUKHiTIO* OK I. A noil REPRESENTATIVE IN rOKORMS Ist CONQRBHSIONAI, DISTRICT Vote for One J. M. HA*T»IOH>F. !>*■• REPRESENTATIVE IN 2nd CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Vote for One f. r. M.OA* Pern. STATE SENATOR 14th SENATORIAL DISTRICT Vote for On'- IIOBKRT BRIIMJKa • n, ». STATE SENATOR SENATORIAL DISTRICT Vote for One I. ft. WH AWW A " f " STATK SENATOR ilnd SEN AT' 'lll Al ■ DISTRICT Vote for On<- i . J. WITH I>A*l*:L i.tJioo* Mr *- STATK SENATOR JJrd SENATORIAL DISTRICT Vote for One _ A. r~ STATE SENATOR 24th SENATORIAL DISTRICT Vote for One IIOBBRT (i. I.AITHOIIt Hem. STATE SENATOR' IJth SENATORIAL DISTRICT Vote for One "I. W. TAVI.WR "em. etTATK SENATOR Jtth SENATORIAL DISTRICT Vote for < >ne JHKRPII YAII.aON ItA*GF. l)ew. STATK SENATOR 37th SENATORIAL DISTRICT Vote for On< •; MORWAI.IJ SIBOFRIKD He**. P. E.AMPINU "ep. STATE REPRESENTATIVE h REPRESENTATIVE district Vi>le for Three i :-fh Mfsi.own Hem. .1.11 N I IE»MII*«. Deaa. i:i;*NETT O. »WAH lira. STATK REP RES KNT A TIV E 4 1 ,t REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT Vote for Two * I.rHKD K. KILUIH I»em. K« A.% TIIOMA* Rep. STAT K RKPRKS K NT A TIV K 4_rfd REI'RKSENTATIVK DISTRICT Vote fi.r Two > 10M..E N. MOIIIiDOK Deal. 11. C. IIOIII.KF. lira. IIINRV J. I'llll.l.lPM Hep. I l!A>h V.. IIOYI.F. Hep. STATE R BPH KS KNTA Tl V E 4 i REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT Vote for Two M i RTI* WAI.I. Dem. I:A Mi <-• Ml EH* Itep. STATK lIEPKEHKNTATIVE 4 H REPRESENTATIVE DJSTRICT Vote for Two 4 IIAS. <i. HEIFSI.H Hem. RANK A. ItII*T Den. STATK RKI'RKSKNTATIVE 4 ■ h REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT Vote for Two II .RRY KlMlirr Deai. -Oil* C. m('K Hem. (I'aid for by YVaffhlngton o t.ite Federation of Labor) Take this Uallot with you when you go to the Poll* Turaday. 0. S. MEN NET NINE VILLAGES ON VERDON LINE WASHINGTON. Nov. ; rapture by American form of nine village* on the Verdun front, thr »tta,k con tlnuinit with Kranch Aid. wa* report I ed by o#n IVrshlng today. "The First American army contln ! tied the attack on the weal Kink of the MeUae. In conjunction with th». Fourth French army on It* left," aitld Friday evening'* communique. "The perfect co-ojierrtllon of all arm* Infantry, artillery. airplane* and lank" succeeded In overcoming and disorganising the ctie-ny'a te*l*t ance an«l breaking up counter at tack* tlnemy division*. rapidly brought up. were put with troop* al ready In line, and vain utumpt* made to atop our troop* "l'p to the present J.OOJ prisoner* have been counted, of whom 151 are officer*." 1,400 More Taken on Aitne Front in Switzerland PARIS, Nov. I,— The Franco Amerlonn attack on the Al*ne front, which I* being carried out In con Junction with the American drive we*t of the Metiae. was resumed this morning, the Trench war office an nounced Fourteen hundred prls oner* have Iwn taken Government Will Check on Women On procf of Immoral conduct, women of famlllea now receiving go% eminent allotmenta. will tllaoon tlnue recelxlng them. Mcordlnr to a new ruling of the bureau of risk Insurance recently received by Mr* Blanche H. Maaon. superintend ent of the woman's protective ill vlalon of the Seattle pollt-e depart ment Early Invaatlgatlon will be made of auch caaee reported. STATE REPRESENTATIVE 4»t», RKPRESENTATTVK DISTRICT Vote for Two FIIA % K COTTF.HII.I Ileal. (.'HAS. D. Ft'LLF.* Hem. STATE REPRESENTATIVE 47th REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT Vote for Two J. M. Ilea.. J. W. lira. cot "NTT ASSESSOR nvno KRixrr Qe*. COUNTY PHOSETTINO ATTORNEY I'-nKH r. IIIIIIU N Itep. COCNTY CI.KRK Vote for One CI. AH FT* CK 1.. liKRK Hem. I'KIH t K. Tll'lllh Itep. COUNTY TREASFRER W. A. fiAIHK* Rep. COCNTY SHERIFF P. .». Met OIKIII K Hen. COCNTY SI'PKRINTENDENT OF . COMMON SCHOOLS *I*A O. 111. IIA \ A.\ Ilem. «. a. 11l It HO l\ » ... .... Rep. COCNTY CORONER C. C. TIFEI* Hep. COCNTY COMMISSIONER 2nd COMMISSIONER DISTRICT HERMAN NKLSF.N Ileal. COUNTY COMMISSIONER 3rd < OMMISKK iNER DISTRICT JOHN K. Ml I.I.AMF. Hem. Ji;STTCE OF TIIE PEACE SEATTLE PRECINCT Vote for Five lIII.MAN I'. .MI>EH Dem. J«lll\ H. ».<IHII<>\ Hep. (IT I a W. Hit IN K 111 Hep. Jlllld H. WHKiIIT Hrp. CONSTABLES SEATTI.K PRECINCT Vote for Five JAMi:« F- a||/*\MON Rep. .Mill N 11. HOII.K Itep. .1A MEll M. I.AMIIKHT Vllep. T«IM MI U.K. A N Hep. NON-PARTISAN JUDICIARY TK'KfTP Judaft of atate Supreme C«ort *l*-¥e«r Terra Vale for Three W11.1.1 A M 11. PKMIII'".HTO.f JOII\ 11. MIT( IIEI.I. W. (I. ( HAI'HAN J.idae of aiale aupreme Court I'our-Year Term 4 ale for tine KKNNIiTII MACKINTOSH Two- Year Term Vate far One WARRKN «. TOI.MAN Judicee of (he auperlar Court Vote far Two (.RAWIOItH K. WIIITU ( 41.V1N n. HAM. This Seattle Dog Wear* Flu Mask Yam-la la one of Seattle's beat ca nine flu observing cltlxens. She la the property of Mrs llarvey 11. Car roll, of Carroll's Darning academy, and as heartily approves of the e* Uietlc art as *he does of flu preoau Uonary measures. Yanoli understands the mm ill ng of the world "walla," ami provca It Having on advanced nlucatlon (or a .*» year old Boston bulldog, she li well varscd in ih* art of modern ■lnnclng. So enthusiastic In *h* aliout It. that whllo Mr. Cnrroll Is busy In the rouline of an artny prl vnte, Yanca nsslsta her mln'rrni In many way* anil guurda the hull at night Wednesday she appeared with her mistress on tha streeta of Seattle wearing a flu titaak "Sometimes, ■aid Mrs. Carroll. "I catch her wear Ing It aa a chiil protector, but all In all, ahe haa made tha beat of It In good aplrtt. aa we all hava." GERMANY SEEMS NEARIN6 REVOLT BV Kl) I. KKEN (Vnlled Frees Oorresponilentl L«'N"TX>N, Nov. !—Oermany la the remaining groat question mark against the war'a political background. aa the result of (ha Austio- Hungarian ca tact yam. Fr«m various neutral source* it In aa the result of an Internal explosion, predicted (hat tha solution, perhaps la not (ar distant Stockholm dispatches any that conditions In Oermany closely parallel those In Huaala before the revolution There is dl«*ail«f»rtion thruout lie country, even among the lel'm claiiaag. t'hillp scheldemnnn. majority so rUllat leailcr, who was made a menu lier of the new cabinet, la unpopular, and thera la no chance of the roail tlon ministry lasting. Million* of revolutionary piunphlerte are being distributed In the streets A dlapoti-h from Tha Hague say* the batp*>s*r Zeltung announced that the Bavarian premier had noil fled Verlta that tha Bavarian royal family win claim the fSerm*n throne In the event of tha kaiser's abdication. The condition of the poorer 'luuwi In Berlin la deer-crate, ac-ordltig to Copenhagen ndvlcca lieaertlona from the army are rnpldly growing. The streets ar* full of war cripples. Mtny womrn who were f»»r*neT?y wealthy have been wdum! to working «.« conductorcttc® on th« tram way«. Serbians Reach Outer Defenses of Old Capital PARIS. Nov. 2. —Th» Serbian* hava rwichfd the outer Jefnmra of Ilelffrttde. their rapliAl. according to offlclnl announcement by the I'ranch war office. "The S»rti|»n First army halt approached K< m< nilrui and luu reach e>d the advance defenaea of Pel jsrnde." la»t night'* ftnlontkl com munlque cutd. The Becond army ha* occunlotl Pojega, 40 kilometer* (25 mltaa) from the ltoanUui frontier," Boche War Office Reports New Loss liKHLIN. via Ixjndon. Nov. I.— (Night.!—' South of Drynw. we yielded ground toward the H< heldt." thn German statement announced tonight. "South of VoJenclenneg, English attack* broke down. "Itetweon the Argonne and the Meu*o a powerful struggle In going on. "On the Al*na halght*, French at tacka down northwent of Chateau PorHen and on lioth aide* of VouyJera, except where our lino* were broken Into at local point*. ' American attnikii were held up on tha Champlnnleiille-iiaronvlllr Ancrevllla line." Arrest Donaldson on Larceny Charge I>r. F. C. DonnM.ion, former Intern ftt the old courthoime nm«*rjf«»nry ho«- pltal, wa* nrroiiterl Fridny In Port land. He will be returned to Seattle, where he a ehnrp?* of prnod larceny. T>onaMson In al!»*fc* v <l to have approprl.'ited nion»»y from the clothing of Influenza putjent*. Hwiw committee plam in prenent to Prculdent Wilson a medal >»!*:nlfy- Inff for food MtipplW-N tlnlt ed State* haa went to Switzerland If you value your watch, let flaynea rer>air It. Near liberty t heatre.—Advertlnement REAL PAINLESS DENTISTS Id oHff to Introduce our new (wtU«- bor»»*> plate, which la the llirbt*jit and ■irJXXIMa plat* known, (.over* very llt- TUTIi tli of tha roof of tha mouth; you 04a TTW/T t'' l n oorn uff *he co * > - If All wnrk fruaranteed for II yeara \ A / A lmpr*a»lon taknn In tha morninjf J I in'l ifHh aaioe day. UxAminauoß Call mm 4 Sea Satlfa «f Oar Flat* a»d BHdff Work. Wa llaal tha Teat af Tim. Moat or our pr*annt patronage la rarommendad by our early ruatom+rn, whoae work la atlll rlvlnc good aatlafactlon. Aak our cuatomara who have t*ated our work Wh«n romlni to our offloe. be aura you are la the right place. firing thla ad with you. Open Sunday a From 0 la IS for Working People OHIO CUT-RATE DENTISTS til VNIVIUUUn BT. Oiimll* Krucr l'iUrwa C* THE SEATTLE STAT! F,ATT'UPAY. NOVEMBER 2. 191*. ALLIED POLICE MAY KEEP ORDER THRU GERMANY Dispatch From Raymond Clapper I Hv I/kI'M I'tctM /,«•<! H'lfd iMrrct to Th« Hlur WAMIIINOTON, Now. 2 Allied troopa will h*vw In pitlh* Amtrii lluiiK'iry and poaatbly li»rmany at U>«> villi of ItoallllUra. I" Hi" view nf Imdlntf kIIuhI diplomat* mid military atturhr* ln>rx today. Thry |niiiil i*il |i. Ili« provision f«i jMtllrim: Arinonlm vltayein, In I' • Turkinli armlMU-*, a» Indicating what would U« m < riwury In tho i-iv of the Central r.n»l>lr*a. SrUuro of food. pTOTUI"n«, oil unit other rtrti-itHlllwt haa b*iun In I varlnuH |uirta of Auatrln. according to unofficial lIUIMUI hrn hrre livei > Indication la that rl% »l faction* will icrah everything Ihoy ran lay their | hand* on and that complete i onom lo rhnoa will maiilt. eapeclally In , Auatrla Hungary. Nrulnh Would Muffrr Neutral tixl allied counlrlca altka would auffcr from a reign of an archy In either Auatrla or Ormnny diplomat* aay, and the nrcoaity for Intervention lo re*tor» order would be even greater than In the r«ao of laolated Huaalu Plplomat* were opllmliitlt today, UUI everywhere Ihf fiTllnn w«* Uial llie of UIH W#r 1* at hand. In quarter* where at lea«t another year of fighting haa Mi lookr<l for. the view ha* now changed and th« end I* *ee n «• very Neutral diplomat* we Germany faring a hoprlea* fight. Nnirlnc War". Knd "It la the end," one neutral dlpl» mot in eloe* touch with Oermany'g ■ltuaUon declared when the new* wan received that Au»tn« hail a*ked for an armUtlie The pro*i>c<t of a twcfc iVx>r Invturton of Germany will force derma" mllltarlat* at last to acknowledge Inevitable defeat. Hwedwh diplomat# representing Austrian Inlereat* here are |>u*xled aa to which of tit* many faction* they will regard aa In authority. Kmperur Chart** haa turne.l affair* o» »r to the national council at Vienna, according to pre*# report*, but no official Instruction* had been received at the Kwediah legation thin morning. IHxpatchr* report Au*trl«n troop* fighting among then, .elvea pre aumahly unit* of Varlou* rare* It la believed the nrmlatlc* term* will Include *trlct disarmament provlalon* no that the** horde. of deeperate soldier* cannot go liome to epread terror and murder. Allied diplomata here today e* precw d great concern over the dan grr of *u<-h disorder* Million* of Innocent* would be mw red if a wild ecmmble for food once etarted. lifiey «ay. ttrlkf ln»a»l'>o It would be a world tragedy which the alliea would be In honor twund to avert If bumanly poaalbl*. and. with the release of irnop* In Turkey and releua* of Italian troop* In event of an armistice, available torvaa would be at band to im>d4 Into Auntrla. Diplomat* *e« grrmti «r poealbtllUM in nm< such irmr of rvlltf than In on outright military Invasion, which would only t»M to the hardahip* of the millions of friendly CaecU*. Jugo Slav* »ri'l l'ole* In the dual mori archy. Christian Scientists Fight City Order Closing Churches I/IS ANOKUSB. Nov. S —City health authority* on on* side and the Los Angeles Christian Science churches ou Ihe other, today mad" ready for a tent of the t>oard <.f health uritor rlmnun church*-* during the Itifluenra epidemic. The Christian 8< ience church*a ; late yesterday iwrved notice on Health CotnmUalonar I>r. U M I'ow er*. Mayor \V<*»lman and City I'idmcutor Wldney, thai they would hold services tomorrow, and would con tlnue to open their churches every Sunday and Wednesday, Tho noth «• was served by attorney* for the Ixm Angeles Christian Moietf" tl*t chtirc lire acting together, and waa In writing. It waa bo/wsi large ly on the con*tltut!on of the I'nlted StftlM, guaranteeing religion* free ilnm. and declared the authorities had overstepped their power* "Chief Hutler will *ea that the law I* enforced," waa the answer of May-1 or Woodman. March Identifies Yankees in Italy WASHINGTON, Nov. IV The fl r »l complete Identification of Amer lean unit* in Italy wo* given today by Oen March a* follow* I'nlted State* Ambulance service. Fifth. Hlith, tlth. 12th and ISth battalion*; 3.12 nd Infantry; 102 nd base hoopltal: lSlst field hospital, and air service training unit*. 700 Wisconsin Men Will Vote in Camps William It. Naylor. n*«l*tant *e<re tary of *tate for Wlgoonwln, who |* * topping at the New Washlnnton, annottnro* that 780 Wl*nnn*ln men In I'ugct aourid naval and military camp* will have special polling l*x>th* at which to cast their vote* | n the election. St. Paul Stove Repair ft Plumbing Co I Fire back*. lining* nn<! repairs for all kind* of ator#>*, ranges and furnace*. Water ha* k* and rolla put l D and ronn«H«tf>d. 608 PIKK ST. Main 875 NORTHWESTERN SHIPBUILDERS SAY: VOTE "YES" AND BUY CAR LINES Seattle, Washington, November 1,1918. Honorable Ole Hanson, Seattle, Washington. Dear Mr. Mayor: It is perfectly evident to us that some solution of the transportation difficulties of this city must be reached promptly. Without giving any analytical consideration to the problem—as to whether the city would make or lose money on the purchase of the traction facilities—we are convinced that the service required cannot be complied with by the present Traction Company at its franchise rates, and the larger and controlling factor is the necessity of adequate service, not only now, but in the future development of the city. There is also no doubt in our minds that the price proposed to pay the Traction Company is as reasonable as an adjustment of this kind could be under the circumstances, and it is not to be disputed either that it is undoubtedly a good bargain for the Traction Company, considering the comparatively short life of their franchise. We agree with you further that the citizens can afford to pay for commensurate service and this will promote prosperity in their behalf, in preference to continued dickering and restricted service, which will evidently be compulsory under the operation of the traction facilities by its present owners. May we be permitted to compliment you on your diligence in behalf of the municipality in effecting this arrangement? The facts, as stated to us, of the transaction are evidently mutually equitable. We are also convinced that in the future development of the city, the physical value and potential earning capacity warrant the assumption that the price of fifteen million dollars is not exorbitant for the value received. Our association, which is composed of the following members in Seattle: Ames Shipbuilding & Drydock Company, Commercial Boiler Works, J. F. Duthie & Company, Seattle North Pacific Shipbuilding Co., Skinner & Eddy Corporation, Todd Dry Docks, Inc., wish to go on record as approving the purchase of the street car system by the city upon the. terms and at the price agreed upon. Yours very truly, ASSOCIATION OF NORTHWESTERN SHIPBUILDERS, By C. H. Hamilton, chh-hmm President. Paid for by the Association of Northwestern Shipbuilders.

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