The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana on May 4, 1989 · Page 18
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The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana · Page 18

Kokomo, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1989
Page 18
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Illinois, USC in Moscow? By Paul Nowell Associated Press writer CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) When Rick Ray visited Moscow last year, he was surprised just how little the Soviet people knew about American football. His mission was to convince high-level sports officials to let his company, Raycom Inc., introduce college football to the Soviet Union. "The first question they asked was, 'How many players are killed in a game?'" said Ray, the chief executive officer of the sports marketing company which is sponsoring the first Glasnost Bowl at Moscow's 50,000-seat Dynamo Stadium. The Sept. 2 contest will pit the USC Trojans against the Fighting Illini of Illinois. Ray learned later the Soviet officials' only exposure to American football was a commercial videotape of crushing tackles and blocks. Clearing up such misconceptions is only a small part of Raycom's enormous task of staging a college football game in the Soviet Union. The first task was to sell the Soviets on the idea five years after the Soviets boycotted the Los Angeles Olympic games. Four years earlier, the United States boycotted the Moscow games. Ray said politics meant little during the preliminary discussions. But there were obstacles. "The Russians are relatively new to the world of capitalism," he said. "We've been through six different sets of negotiators. They move very slowly and it's difficult to determine who makes the decisions." The logistics back here in the states also were complicated. The company bought time on ABC-TV to televise the game live in the United States. The game also will be shown throughout the Soviet Union. Because Raycom is producing the game, it also is selling all of the advertising slots for the broadcast. Raycom anticipates few problems selling all of the slots. "As the game approaches it will get hotter and hotter," Ray said. "The press hasn't really picked up on the social impact of the game." In addition, some American companies might want to get exposure in the Soviet Union by advertising during the game. "We're hoping to convince some companies to run their ads in Russian here in the U.S.," he said. As the organizer of the Glasnost Bowl, Raycom has about a dozen people in Moscow making arrangements for both teams, including accommodations and food. Illinois coach John Mackovic and USC coach Larry Smith visited Moscow last week to check out the facilities. No detail is too small, as company officials will ship in astroturf for the field. "We're even ordering goalposts," said Raycom spokesman Rick Redding. About 2,500 tickets — which can be obtained only through Raycom — are available to U.S. fans. Ray and his wife, Dee, Raycom's president, plan to spend about one week a month in Moscow until the game is played. So far, he said, the Soviet people have shown an interest in the upcoming game. "They're curious," Ray said. "I think they'll enjoy the game." Soviet leader Mikhail Gor- bachev will be invited to attend the game. To help educate the Soviet people on the rules of football, Raycom is producing a series of video packages. In addition, an hourlong special on the Glasnost Bowl will air in the Soviet Union before the kickoff. As for the American players, traveling to Moscow promises to be an educational and cultural experience they'll never forget. That's why Raycom wants the Glasnost Bowl to become an annual affair. "Just think of the recruiting value when a coach tells an incoming freshman his first game is in Moscow," Ray said. Thursday, May 4, 1989 Kokomo (Indi) Tribune 19 Gossage proves arm is still alive GREEN ACRES GOLF CLUB COUPON • 2 golfers • 18 holes • Electric cart 4 $1600 Per Person PUBLIC WELCOME Coupon Valid All Day Mon.-Fri. AFTER 12 P.M. ON WEEKENDS (Excluding Holidays & Special Eventsl 883-5771 9 Miles W. of Kokomo on 22 Expires Dec, 31, 1989 . SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Rich Gossage had something to prove to his former Chicago teammates — and to himself. Gossage, who has been pitching for 17 years, entered Tuesday night's game against the Cubs with the game on the line. The Cubs cut him in spring training because they thought he was at the end of the line. But the San Francisco Giants decided there were still a few saves left in his 37-year-old arm. This little war was won by Gossage, who worked out of a one-out, bases-loaded jam in the eighth inning and struck out Andre Dawson with two on in the ninth to preserve a combined 4-0 shutout with Rick Reuschel. "I have a lot of friends on that ballclub," said Gossage, "but in the heat of the battle, I'm out there to do my job, and they're out there to do their job. "I'm going to try to stick it (to them), and they're going to try to stick it (tome)." He stopped short of admitting it, but Gossage probably took special satisfaction in getting his first save of the year and 303rd of his career against the Cubs. Shawon Dunston, who grounded out with the bases loaded against him, certainly thinks so. "I knew he'd be up for us," Dunston said. "I really respect him. The man can pitch. He's one of the best I've ever seen. He's a sure Hall of Famer." Chicago's Mitch Webster agreed. "He threw the ball tonight as hard as I've ever seen," Webster said. Chicago manager Don Zimmer has closed the book on Gossage, in case anyone asks him why the Cubs let him go. "He had a chance to do something over here, but he ain't on my team anymore," Zimmer said. "I don't know anything about him anymore. I've got ten pitchers of my own to worry about." Gossage said he's still waiting for someone to tell him why he was cut. After a disappointing 4-4 with a 4.33 earned run average for the Cubs in 1988, Gossage said he worked hard to improve in spring training. The work apparently paid off when he posted a 1-1 record an 0.82 ERA in 11 spring innings. "No one really told me." Gossage said, "but the one reason I heard was that I was walking too many people or something. But that's fine. I don't hold any grudges. If they don't want me, I don't want them. "I'm just glad the Giants wanted me. And holding grudges isn't going to help me at all. Getling released was a positive thing for me, and a positive thing for them." The Giants signed Gossage on April 14. Manager Roger Craig said he didn't plan to give him his first save opportunity against his former team. KOKOMO MARINE Factory OUTBOARDS] Trained Mechanics MERCURY SALES ft SERVICE & ACC. BOATS: Winner - Sylvan • Monte Carlo TRAILERS: EZ-Loader - Trailmaster 457-2202 _.-.____ 2000 N. Phillips 457-2224 HIHUU ffO 7 Kokomft IN 46901 ENTER IH DieHard Gold SWEEPSTAKES! 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