The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1930
Page 5
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1930 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.)1.COUR1ER NEWS. PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS xw« ami » wort for first In- prtioo Md aMCMt • wort lot Men wkMQutot tarn' tor l«t ttuui Wo, : Count UN word* tod •end UN vwb. FOR SALE Eat FISHER'S FROSTY DONUTS—Fresh Dally. tf. APPLES—Just arrived. Good grade orchard run, For sale cneap. Fisher'6, across from city hall. 16ck31. FOR SALE—Hupp coupe, $100 cash Apply Broadway Barber shop. 11p-fc22. FOR SALE — Good gentle young isaddlo horse. 1907 Sycamore, W. E. Miller. 18P-KK FOR RENT FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street. Telephone 197 and 571. 1511. FOR RENT—Two room house on East Cherry. Phone 888 o r 450J. 9-CK-TF FOR RENT — Light housekeeping rooms, furnished. 700 West Walnut, Phone 878. 13C-TF FOR RENT—My home on South Elm St. Mrs, Ed Hardln. Phone ID?:-'. '- ... 16pk23 FOR 'RENT—Two to eight room residences $8 to $30 per month. Dr.;j.'A.-Saliba..Phone 410 I7ck24 FOR 5ENT—2 room furnished ' apirtnie'nt. Stesm heated. 201 S. Like St. -Phone 443. 17P-22 FOR RENT: Furnace heated bod- robm.:Call 645. 1116 Chickasawba. FOR : RENT: Four room apartment completely furnished. Call 650 or S68. L. L. Ward. 21ctf FOH RENT: Nice bedroom for two men or two light housekeeping rooms for couple. Miss Minnie Lee Jones, 516 Chickasawba ave pk27 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed *nfl Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 & Lake at. 17ck-tl Eat FISHER'S CAKES AND PIES—Fresh Daily. tf. .WANTED—Man to take care of an established business in the sale of our products in the north- cast part ot Mississippi county. No investment necessary and selling experience not required. McConnoii k Company, Special 403, Memphis, Term. AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OR ONITED STATES. Permanent positions; clerical, mechanical,salesmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries 1 $26.^100. weekly, transportation furnished. BOX 1175, CHICAGO, ILL. WANTED-Two men with car to take- over established territory wifh: Fuller Brush Co., in Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas. $22.50 per week while learning. Opportunity for advancement. Apply or write D. E. Pascur, Hotel Glencoe, Blytheville, Ark. 21p-k24. LOST AND FOUND Eat FISHER'S BREAD—Fine for Sandwiches. tf. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE JONESBORO DIVISION OF THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS. IN THE MATTER OF PETER B. TILLMAN, BANKRUPT NO. 1506. Notice is hereby given that petition-for discharge of the bankrupt has been filed, and same will be heard in-the United States Court Rooms, at Little Rock, Arkansas, on the 28th day of November, A. D. 1930, at 9:30 a. ra. SID B. REDDING, Clerk, By Bess Mathes, D. C. A device for police Tias been in- yented to hold a revolver on a dashboard or at any other convenient place in an automobile. NOTICE With oar recent partnership with Mr. Geo. Carney, we now hare the best equipped Independent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pfckwkk Bnilding "We.know we know how" BKfilN HEHK TOIJ.tV Adrcaorr riCrn <ht lite ot CK1.IA MITCHELL, IT. nh» «ke lr>rn> Ikr talker nke fcrin i.uvfnrt drnd l» »Hve and wealthy. Sfcu lravr» kcr uMyrrImttoUN komr !• UddMorr «u lire In Xcw York wiifc k«r fnlker. JOHN MITtlll-, >nd fc«r RrUlocradc vrand- mioltttr. MAHGARI-rr ROr.KHS, t>lta'« ni'Ufcfr, l« nii<v M nliloiv, having dLvcrocd SlltokrU and Inter rr- uinrrlfj. 1IAHNEY SHIKI.OS. romff nen'ipniirr In love ^\llli 'the cfrl and kefora Irnvlnic Rnllimnre Cclla vrewliei fo l>e loT»l 10 h!» lOTe. Mltckpll n«t. EVKI.YN 1'AII- SOXS, hrnnrfrul wldo\v, 10 Inlro- dm-5 Ike Blrl lit younur iJcn|ile. Mm. r«r«o». UKreei, cn,,ldrrliir CeUn it iiienMH fo wfM MIKkell'ii • neetloDH tkoKSEk »ke In JenlouA Mud Ht once fceplNH Brlirmliix 1* EC-I rid ot Ike Kit). (»Ur fKUoduce.1 Olfn to TOR JdllllAX. In.clnnlir.r. lull of riuTiliHiH chnmeler. and dieji all • ke ean In enrour**? ike mnlrk. I.I'll DUNCAN. BMlnlly |tto»1- vent t iM'foHirft C'<Mn'« loynl friend, MIfchrll lenrn* Jordan In ynr- Infr bU dnnRliler allrnllnpn und fnrTilils her lo Krc klni. Olln nf- frnil* her nrnniliiiolkfr nnd Ihe rldoHy Mr.. Milrkrll fvlcn. III- ni'Mi anil depart* for n rrj<(. 1'lie fltl fov* lo Mr*, rnrxorrt* 1'iinr; fxlMnd • ante for it ItnKlhy vlxlt. There Jordav entU freqacMtly, He nnO <'i-1in tea In n RUT'IKT eluh in ^l^l!re iitii) tkere enfnunler K\*I-: imoOKS. tvLajir mrurlncc dflr» not (nlerfere »ltb kcr flirtation*. Kve nhnini Cclln it dlnmond lirare- let iTtilrli nhe ita^ii Jnrilnn enve Iter. The* man denim thin. After tnkta? (Vtrn home ke enlTa on Mr*. llrc,.U«. "Well, If you must know, tnj but-' nanU g>ve It to me!" She TBS looklnf »t- him Not angrily—almost «pp«»l[!is. Jordan grinneti. "Oh, 'jour bus- hand! But ot court*—the mode) wlte!" "Counuey did glv» It to me!" Eve Insisted hoarlcdly. "It was last spring. After he'd lost so uch at the races, 1 found out, nd lie knew I'd be'furloui. That's he nay he always gives m« pres- nls—when tic's done souctlilug e's asliameil ot." "Muet bo profitable! But what lade you tbluk I really car«d here you got the thing?" The womim cycil him entreat' nsly. Tod—darling—any you're : not nery with me?" : , 'Angry? I suppose, you tlit'nlc I njoy Buch a fracas, as you started cniglit. Oh, yes! It's so pleasant lion two women begin brawling, 'cry eoosiderato, yoU'were. I ap- rcciate Iliat! Allow me to tell you rankly. Eve, that I am quite ca- Table of talcing care ol my priTate ffairs nnd that I intend to do BO. That being settled, may ! bid you good evening?" - . .\o\v <;o ON WITH TIIK s CllAPTKU XXXIV rn'E BROOKS stood with her •*-' bad; to tlie llvinn room table both hands braced against It. Sli faced Jordan directly. Eve was palor than usual and her eye flashed dangerously. "Well, what it I tlo tell tales? 1 she demanded. Her voice wa high anil sharp. "What right hav you to flaunt that \lttle brat in m face? Your darling Cella!—sim perlng fool! Do yon think I'm qo Ing to stand for a thins lik that?" She stopped for breath. Jorda bad approached to wltliln ft yar of where Eve stood. He waited un til she hud finished. He was smt ing. but it was not - a plcasao cmile. ."My dear Mrs. Brooks," he said coldly, ''since when has it been your duty to decide with whom I may and may not be seen In public?" "Tixl, 1 tell you 1 won't stand Jor lliis!" Their eyes met in a silent duel. The woman was breathing heavily. Her chest rose and fell and in every line of her pose anger was written. Gradually the fire ot her glance smoldered. She turned away, covered her ' face with ' her hands. "Plow—how could you! words came chokingly. "I tieg your pardon? What have I to. do with the situation? -I dou't seem to recall asking -for- the pleasure of your company this, eve ning. . Did I Invite you to join Miss Mitchell and myself? By I lie way, who tlie devil did give yoi that bracelet?" •VHKOUGHOUT J or d a n; had • spoken in a cool, detached man- icr. He seemed to take a malicious lelight In the situation. Now' Ere Brooks threw herself forward, "Don't go!"-the begged.'""Oh, Tod. plcace—rl'm sorry!" landing obedience, The liurrtel e»t of the room. At tbe'unh be were ilioroufbly >t home, Tod Jordan strode to * email table on .which there wn« a bright lico.uer box, opaned it anil helped hlimelf to a di»rel. Wlwu ET« re-entcreJ tbe room he was smoking peacefully. All (ho tracei ol her tears were erased. Kre was again tbe fragile gold and white .ehtga.fl«urlne. Eho cam* toward >irm ( «lowly, smiling. "How'j- "03 big boy noifT" Eve asked In a low voice. Jordan diingarded tho question. He Bcrulinlnd ber carefully. "That'e .better," he drawleiV "Eve, you 'to look like the devil when you get emotional," "Like mo better • this way honey?" % "Much helter!" • Sho emllcd happily. "Wait—I know what lh« big boy needs to make him comfortable Just one minute and I'll be back! 1 live returned with a tray bear ins bottles, glasses and a bowl o Ice. She placed it on the coffe table and handed a glass to Jordan "Ah! That's the girl!" raised the glass and drank. Evo helped bertelt and sat be She had taken--ioid; of. both of hip arms. Eve was a tragic figure. Her black nnd scarlet/gown etaphe.- slzed the pallor ot her distorted face. Her painted, crimson mouth was grotesque. Her two eyes were wells of emotion. : . • "Please, Tod," Sho murmured, "stay with me!" ', . ' The man looked'.down at her, unmoved. "Do you expect "me ;to listen to you after what; yrfu'H. done to night?" ha asked coldly. Now the'woman was clinging to him. ' ..'.•'. :.-.'; She was. half sobbing, qne. ; avm about his shoulder,"'"her-; head pressed close'to h'ls'breast Jordan reacheS for.'her arms drew lliem away. His law *a« set "Slop It. Eve!" h*'*Rld harshly. Don't be so meloilra'mntie. . My lod, but you're ""What do I care?'* the woman began I'll—" side him. She louched-her glass to Jordan's lip«, then to her own Her air of sophistication had re turned. "Talk to m«, darling,". »he sal S9ftly. "I want to forget there anyone In the world except you an ine." Eve Wretched back cat-likf • Jordan surreyed her ; ''^ood'tri tureiily. "You're alj fight. Eve! he said. The smoke.ot'battle ha cleared. . .... . rptJESDAY morning Ceila Mltrt table, arrived at the breakfa to find Mrs. Persons bus with ll:e mail. She had sorted tl letters before her Into 'two piles. morning!" Cella saifl "Nothing for me, I 'sup- "Good briskly, pose?" Mrs. Parsons looked up smiling. "Ob, gootl I'm separating 'the pleasant .fcom the unpleasant. Mcy Square flrel, Cilia," thq older 'man said. "I hare to go farther IBr « town. When !'T« (ln!eh,«d at c iMvver'B HI tejephotie niiil^we »' luro lunch.",,;, Cella sal* "tbat'Va» agreeable, hc'il find torn*' wajr to iimusc licr- It «as nearly 10:30 when the car nlieil In trout ot'the >Iitchell res- tewe. Celta wavtd ' Ioodby and >ti up the B\CIH. Sho r.ilig tilt *H and walled. . ' j . t'or a long wliilo r/p t ono an- wercd. cilia mng tUe^bfll a sec' Mine, she was .llslcnlns nni 9"fly ir\\A .-she heard, the lock urn anil Mil.rtliti'i) sroy tiijjyl peered /'Why, .Miss.Cellar, ila'rllia ex- laliucil, "( wnsn't expeetlni; yon. Conic in." ' . ; The girl cxplnlnel her' errand atllia noiltlcil nml led Ilia way .'"nlra to Cella'8 loom. Slid «;ncd iiltHseil «t Ibo fight ot company. pOIl j moment Cella stood nr- re-sled In tho doorway o! her lovely coral bedroom. It hail boon risilcly changed. Ugly while slips tucked the furniture. The beil was nollilng bul a rolled up nmt- tress mounted on a frame of wood. "We keep it this way whenno- Ixiily'B iiflng .the room," Marthix 'M. "I'va'gbt tbe whole lioune like this •• .«xcept -Mr. Mltcliell's room-and-the dining room aitd ll« binry. Tliat's where bo sits moElly when lies home—In tho library." I Bee." ta|d Cullti. She cro?.wd .to.(h'e closet where her clothing, tihilfhunE. From a dark corner sill b'riught out the bluo sweater. Tficn she rnlsed the cover from the desk ar searched through several dr.iwi'i'o. From one of them she took a letter. " "Thal't 'everylhiiig," she salil as )UR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahem • / A U>M<* CHA.-T MR. CrMPMAM, OUR BaARp£R T Bu-f COLIUD A UlORD OUT* OF rllM. coMMo^R-Ace REMARKS; So , EGAP ~ ErfrfcR THERE is' MtfiHwia SUSPICIOUS ABofj-r" HIM OR ELSE: Me HAS A PAST, A Mi UMCERTAIM TirriJRE • GOOSE GREASE '.m HIM A -To WE-f Mis LIP; **• AU- *^&J pip WAS POWER ABotiT BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES SHOO!!! By Martin COMjnSSIOXER'S SALE PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S F1VE-AND-TEN CENT STORE —Auto Parts- Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO PARTS Main it Zl.t Call 6« WERT Makes 'Em See V. B. WASHAM—Traiufer Dally irlps to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and ,idCKtmt'& anywhere. Special •ates on carload lou. Local Phone 851 Memuhls Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping system] Phrae 52 [u;ram Bldg. Blytiuillle, Aik GOOD HOME MADE PIES 10c Per Sllre. All Kinds. TOM'S CAFE 105 N. Second SI. Phone 17 OliR PREMIUM Is goods lo suit your taste and the best workmanship. We deliver promptly. You pay for what you jet and set what you pay for. Bljlhevillc Upholstery tc Repair Shop .1. II. Jenkins, Mgr Phone 4(>9 117 S. 'hi. Kt she strclglitentd un. oo, I guess, but go downstairs nnd wait." Martha delayer! to lock the tleor Tlie room looked just as 'Sho Eat fiov.'n ba- finger tip on the pile it tie left, fore a sliclf of books. into loirn tliis rnornins. must attend lo. to come along!" "Love to. Do yon suppose I'd appeared carrying 'Thought vou mlBlit like some cold buttcrmilttl" tho .woman- salil. have time to stop at 'grandmotli- Slie set tlie tray down. i packed in such .a. liurry i tall wliitt tumbler wns about anything If you don't love eft my blue sreater. some booky, too, I'd like to get." "why—this is. wonderful!" Celia took a long drink of tho buttermilk. Tlicu slio 'Eel ;down the glass. .. - . "Martha," tbe girl «slil earnestly,, "you've liecn hero a long, long time, liaveu't you? Do -you re- "Vou'll do holhing/br'lhe sort. Lawyers are always W Wow I told :you' hysterics males bore me 'H distraction? pect I'll be tied up for a -couple into the bedroom and clean your start at once after That black stuff you put un your eyelashes is riinnfng down TIic meal was quictrr over. '. rt 6 OOVWi OM VOO)B\& , member when my father! nnd molli- lla was not hungry and Mrs. Par ever watchful of her wnlst- Then you'll wait?" Eve asked, line, breakfasted .on fruit juice.and The servant nodded. . "Tell me," the girl went on more smiling and dabbing nt her eyei. Both hurried away to dress "Go gel your face clean!" Jordan «&s the authorltatlr* male now. issulne order* an* it- and .40 minutes lat?r they v>ere in tb» car oiiviug toward the city. (To Be Con(lnqcfl)' think I'll droo you at with 10 per cent July 20, 1930. THE purchaser at .said sale will New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 21. (UP)— New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 21. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. Open High Oct. old 1032 1031 Oct. new 1028 1031 Dec. old 1050 1055 1048 1051 1061 1065 1064 1088 Cotton closed steady. to execute'bond -with Open High 1027 1033 1048 1052 1064 1064 1085 1089 1105 1108 1125 1127 Low 1027 1046 1059 1084 1104 1123 Close 1029 1049 1062 1084 1105 1125 lien will be retained said property as additional security for the payment of such purchase Dec. new Jan. old Jan. new 1061 Mar. ____ 10B5 of said Court, on this, the 14th day of October, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Commissioner in Chancery Spots closed steady at 102a, up :>. May ____ 1108 July .... 1127 Tq aid in flying and landing at night, n German aviator has In- Spots closed quiet at 1050, up 5. stalled powerful headlights on tlie Read Courier News Want Afls front of his airplane luselnge. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS vjjiw. 1 THE ev; L HA.O A UOT OF I'D Soa£ CRIMP THEIR. F£ATH£RS eoB.TUCWv....I OWC SHOT UEFr..-.^VlAT VOO B6ITER. TELL OS ^HAT W ABOUT THIS WO, 660DISJ(S GRAB *«-0 &• TWT ENO-WL B6EH HEARD OP OMCL£ , VJJHO TKS Cope A>J' THAT TREE OP -DJSR6. ? •*r£LL...TUey VOOQK I'LL;CIRCLE THAT VOLSSEVF A Lor Ritey, \«uo HAS H6AW5 Of THIS AFFAIR-, Scouns YA CAN'T FOOL HENRY VES.BOT WVAO PAX'S CLEANER \yOOLO tx cwe-spcrr, Bar VJE. VOU HX-- *. NE.VJ >wrtnoorr THE ' EFFOOTl «UT WE je«r>W THING N* VT'S VjlTHOOT WE. » 'TOJ. WE. DON'T GET TWS KS BUG CSJAHKO P<te NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in com. be required ph'ance with the terms of: a L de-1 approved security, to s( crec rendered by the Chancery ', payment of the v pu«n^ Court for the Chickasawba Dis- ' trict of Mississippi County. Arkansas, on the 23 day of September, 1930 wherein Mary E. Wells Cady,, money. and C A. Gibson, as Trustees was WITNESS my hand and the seal No. 4784 "' """ """" ™ - Plaintiff, ard Langdan L. McKay,! et al.. were defendants, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, on a credit of three (3) months, at the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law. in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, on the 8th day of November, 1930, the following real estate, to-wit: The West half of the fractional Northwest- Quarter and the West half of the East :iall of the fractional Northwest Quarter, Section five (5), Township Fifteen (15) North, Range eight <8) East, containing 130 acres, more or less, in Mississippi County, Arkansas. SAID sale will be had to satisfy said decree in Ihs sum of S3.000.00.

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