The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1938
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 19, 1928 El Y Z. I l'!lI I L LE Trotsky's Homo In Mexico Russian Is Strange 1'jgiirn, 1 . Who Is Many Things To j Many Men HV WILLIS THORNTON' NKA Service stall' OoiTcspoiiilnnl MEXICO, 1). R, M:if It!.—Mexican housewives in sunnv, slivpy Coyoncuji pause on their way to id Irani market as Ihey p;',s-> u plain blur-painted ph'iln 1 1n:is. with faded red trim, 'liiey loft ,,• ihe bailed wiiu!ii*s. Die closed Kales, the police i-jiard, the uji- ftccustomed ilooulisht:. v.-iih a mi::- tiuc of curiosity and apprehension. They know tlint inside the elosely- guaidcd h(juse is leun Ti-it.-^;; •.,,, ice eoniinanded Russia's Hod Army and .sat ai Ihe m|n hand nl U'tiiu. and who now winks and writes mid dreams inside the blue house, onee more the ex:L> he wa> before his ineleorle career in revo- hiltmi. Suffering from a ton:;-i;laiwUnj. illness which has bettered on' silently in the healthful climate of Ihe Mexican plateau, Trotsky keeps the rigorous schedule of a semi-invalid who must, make every minute count. He cannot go to the United States (or the clinical trealmonl he. needs. Them is no present indication that, he is jjoin', anywhere, and police are repine ing their ramshackle ivunden sentry boxes with permanent brkl- .structures. Always a Revolutionary Trotsky himself is :in erect, nlrit vhitc-hair'xl man wlio helped inaU rtiw great revolution and spends ill his waking hours in planning and >i'king for ILs extension through- oul the world. With his pen, his only reinainin weapon, he works methodically no A for Ihe revolutionary cause tint, has been his almost .since he w is born Lev liioiistcin in 187'J. lie i.s in constant touch with friends am. supporters in many countries. I i works regularly at a new biography of Lenin, dictating, and then nuii hi;; meticulous corrections in the typed copy. It sounds like a pleasant rcthid life. But not entirely. That daik. heavy objecl weighting down tin pile of papers on his desk is pistol. Trotsky always carries it and he can use it (pdckly and accurately, as befits a former in , Iturisl and a confirmed hunter an i Bui there is no more duel shooting mid almost no more attr noon :ai{Eo" rides. Callers approach the dpot only tinder iiolice esco When it-opens a crack, the hi aiilomatic of the inside guard is I In first thing seen. All TroUsfcv's si i ictaries go constantly armed. * Klalorale Precautions From the Trotsky house 1m, come recent stories of threatened assassination that would curl tin hair. There is a mysterious Gieoi<,< Mink and a sinister Roland Abb atle, one hears, who are both pio fcssional cul-lhroal.s in the pav i>' Stalin's GHU and have been "unleashed in Mexico to shed Trolskv blood. Hence the elaborale electric alarm system, the guns, and !;unnJ the floodlights that make the for mer home of Mrs. Diego Kivt-n stiind out like a prize-riim in Yankee Stadium tin a July night. Trotsky, hiding thus in his Mexican exile, is many things lo many men. To Ills devoted followers, he is a figure of heroism, persecuted, menaced, but indomitable. To the adherents of the Stalin brand of Communism, lie is about what, Clarence Darrow was lo William Jennings Bryan, a heretic. i R s|X)il-s|ioi't, and a, gnnwing menace. (itiveriniu'iil I'rolccls Him To the Cardenas government, which must furnish the police and lake the constant risk of some sort o( an incident, he Is exhibit No 1 in their denial that the Cardenas regime is Communist. "If we were Communist," government spokesmen ask. "do you think we would give asylum to this arch-enemy of the Stalinist variety of Communism?" 1 Civic Qi J i;am'/alioiis Muko Vigorous Caii)|);iit;n i ; or roject ti». Trolskys _Mi.xk-an S ,u,:tuaiy.. a hlue-p.intcd l^ Me. can pohee. three of ,vho,,i me .siunvn in the uf the uiie-tune r^ht-liand man of Lenin. ,,im. n ; ,r s me on a,l I cuutant ,,,ard around * — DemoDstrniion Clul) N(nvs Notes JiAlif,. May 1!) --A vii'.uunis nuiviiss of dll/ciis und civic uiranl/utuin* ol this dl., luc; "wauii iH'rc, Mai (inn (his week, by :)>iniMns ul a Nniioilill (illind Af- nuiy uikl L'Diniiiimlly Hume bulUI- iH 1 ,. in an ciluit lo luither the IM'OjKI lillKlll;. local I'l-sldl'llls, Illld piu.irulaily l In., iniiyur and eltv iiui.iil. The .hnilnr Chamber of Cuin- ueivr liiiaidimiutjy indorsed (he lirojivt ul its uvular iiicctm:; M<iiiii.:y in,hi. ,ui,i ui,y W. Harper, JliKu- |,i'e.,ldi'iil, Lai Li|ipuiiUed lo 1 nj|ii:iiit:ci> iiii- .ne liiriiini!! In :in I'uiv lir.mui^e iieui:a liom :i ;n.:l mayiir. '••'la; nltiht, Hi,. Huiary Chili .•'<* the projert. and SVi'.hu-s- m-'hl il ini-i, wjlli Uie ijji'tm11111111: appinuil uf ih. Ainerii'iin l.'.'iiuiii. CHI lliil iiimmillre MpoiiMHintf the PIIIJM'I II IT <':.|ll. ,|, 1.1. C.dllKUl, M.-t'ol. >•-. '/.. ur;iel and |,t.-(jol. W. II. lllichcnek. dipt. Cannon said lixlay ihi.s vl;;,)runs (^tl.-en- iiiinv.-iss ii.-is l«.|i|./ uifide In or.-lir to keep Ihe Nallonal (iimrd unll.s in ihl-i city. Unless iidninale Armory hiciinies me coiistrurli'd, he said, the city .sloikl a very slum... chanre nl tiishi;. thi> ([mini unll;. mid the uttendiinf $-l!i,iHID umiiud Kcece Mrs. W. iIJ. Dieksun was ho.'iles^ (i) the Heete Home Demonstration Club : \ hiir.sday afleriKKin. Mi's, coi.iu The Armory, which would cost approximately $(i,0!W. iwmld l;e u.'.ed txli'iislvely as a euimiiiinlly house, dipt. Cikiinun i.aiil. He poinli'd oul thiil il i'iiiiclii:dve a:'llon v.n:; luUen l:.*aril .siriiriMft Ihi.s slriicturc. Ihe stale uiinid pa,, uppioxlmalely $10,(K)ll ni Ihe luiid idiisliucllon u:I. and Wl'A would p.iy hum ^"iiu . IK.i.^dn j' ai let noun. uirs. [ >'-''--i)')" h> \>'f. [ »,f)()0. 'I lie reiiKiiudi!!', Clara Jordan conducted the devo- illl °" t $15.Ml,, will lui\e lo conn: lioiml atler which a general <Us-''""" ""'''lly Ihi'uugh n liimil Ismie. cussion of liome conveniences was rtl llu ' l'".'l- uu'clins "1 the cilv coimril. Mayor t). I). I'inii.n and tin: aUlri'ini.n declined hi lake m:- timi in bi'linlf nl Ihe armiiry. and Ihu.s sva:; be^uii MIC city-wide eiin- viiss.ol civic ( wi'mil/allotis mid leading, ciliwiisi In un effort lo litisli the prujccl. svlilch likely will be brought before (In: iituyur and held und nuiny .suggestions for improving the comfort and appearance of the home were made. During (h« social hour the hostess served ice cream and enke. The next jneeting will lie with Mrs. Ksale I.eiuleiinic 11:1 Thur.sdny, May W. Enrly Aiiiericiin c.iual packets had travel tickets which included meals and sleeping hunk: at 5 cents |ier mile. The opportunist, by hoarding the boat at dinnertime and ridhij; one inite, then gelling oil, l>ot his dinner for a nickel. ij.iin »t 11;, nexl Keiiil Co'.nler News Wnnt ids. A visitor calls on Trot sky-and like all others who see the exiled Russian, is carefully searched by police before entering: Trotsky's unpretentious Mexican home. find n qualified secretary with n J largest in the nation, thorough knowledge of Russian Tne state game and fish com- v.iio was not cilhur a White RIK- mission at Little Rock lias endowed siau or a Btnlinist. was difllcuh. I the plnn, and (ho Federal govcrn- Eo Miss Spiegel set to work anil ' ' learned Russian find stenography bolli in one year, filling tho bill. Trotsky is austere with his assistants, as with himself. His phenomenal meniovy makes him at once a trial and a delight to assistants, ftecenlly there wa.s nrrasion to Careful inquiry seems to henr out that Trotsky has .strictly adhered to the promise , he made irJicn lie came to Mexico—to keep entirely out of .Mexican politici. His secretaries insist he .sees no one active in such alTnirs. and will not even discuss the local situation . translate a speech Trotsky made in 1025. fn Iranslating, a Kintence war, omitted, Checking the trnns- Intion, mid without a copy of the original speech at hand. Trotsky supplied the mining sentence. Ui- (er comparison with the original speech .showed his intcrpol.ilion accurate to the comma. Mrs. Trotsky, though a constant companion of her husband in the blue nt Coyoaenn. is not well either. The" death of their last son. Leon SedolV. in 1'aris in February, was a shock which hit both ihe e.vile.s. but left esiweially severe marks with the mother. Arkansas Area Marked For Vast Game Refuge with them. His friend J)ies;i> Rivera, the painler, calls often and writes pieces in the local papers containing his own somewhat individualistic communist views. Bu- inor.s that'Rivera and Trotsky have tooled in DiDir ardor for eacli other are emphatically denied by Trotsky's aides. MENA. Ark. iljf')— A SO.OOfl-acrn Leads (Jnict Life C 11 " 1 ' 1 "'fuw. (o \K totaled north Trotsky's rcjiinen is .something tt ' c;;l of Mena, probably will like Hits: He rises at around 7:30' rre:ltr<1 '» ll!l - Oiucliila mtlonal and takes a long walk within the lorcsl .1. E. Bishop, one of the sponsors of (he move, has expressed belief that Ihe new rcfu;;e would lie the walls of the house, which enclose a large and sunny palio. He breakfasts about 9, then works and reads, or dictates until lunch at about l. Ills research is made possible by uooks sent in from outside libraries, and by a stream of papers and magazines from many countries. His private secretary, Mac Spiegel of New York, was a hapiiy .lolution to a difficult problem. To Reduce Sensibly! t Go to Klrby Bros. Drug Store and iget a box of famous ROCK-A- 3-WAY Tablets. Reduce efficiently. ^Fifteen days' treatment only $2.00. Diet list of famous physician included free. Satisfaction guaranteed ov money refunded, For tlijcoslililo, tastier fried foods The Dainty Cooking Fat "It's Wonderful" mcnt is cxpcctexl to lake action on setting aside the area for tho pres- ervalion of wildlife. 'Ihe proposed refuge is localed in Ihe area where Scott. Yell and Montgomery. Ark., comities meet. It would include the present Muddy Creirk refuge. According to present plans, (he new refuge would be known as the Ouacliita refuge, and it would be under federal .snjioi vision. In BiMnish-speaRlnj; countries, C]irlslo|itier Cohunbus is known as C'ristolral Colon. M^Cormieks Pure Vanilla because it i makes better cakes Remember— A^'c CIiecl( Your Brakes Hall cry IVJioel FREE MOTOR CO. Sth K. Walnut t'linno H10 IIIST THE WHOLl WHEAT CEREAL YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED Here's n ccacly-to-cnc cereal wiili a brnnd-new, delicious flavor nutlc by a new, exclusive patented process. AiM Shrccld"ed K.i'slon 10 your shopping list and watch your fjniily ask for more. PAGE THREE !ii(ii-:it s'l'om: mi. Slim I." I' I'arlu-i, slid. riruji,v wi<;<;j,y J'jll'lid' (,'; llulifi't Mcfj. HdlllilKI Cloth ltll<;s ID His. r,;i,. :i. r » His. 81.2ft '"••»'• i ""'tVBtmmraiifMi l.'al mure. liiiinil ound C'oiinlry (,'nuiili'y (,'lnl> Nn. '1 (.'ans, k kciffcr Ni). '£\' t ('; STICKS 0. & ('. (,'nn No. 2 ('tins ISc CliftonTissue or Hem 1 6 for 25c Citns ORANGE JUICE '"" « SALT ""'"•• CRACKERS Wosco -I PC 2 Hnx 19 Clooli BREAD IS ()/. Loaves 2 for 15c •HMMMMMM ICinbassy Marshmallows ' II). (,'cl!opfiuue 6 Ib. Can 99c Bananas F 15c 10c I'l'L'Kll .'! lll'ilK. Green Beans SALAD DRESSING Kinbnssv Quart' 25c . Potatoes ',,: F 51C *** 17c Lettuce n Ik'ads Ha. Pineapple Milk Country Club I'«. or (i Sin. 19c Peanut Butter In Snow Whili! and Seven Dwarfs Glasses 181 Oz. Glasses lOc BEANS (ireal Nnrllicrn Hi. f>c H.'tliy Lima J,|). r, c 1'inlo l.b. R'^e Kite l,l). ;{i/ 2l . (Itiilk Only) Twinkle Ciclatin Dessert 6 Pkgs. 25c I Tomatoes st 2 4 for 25c Beef Roast «¥ : 20c Dl'isJiCl I'ntintl Shoulder Chops or Roast, Lb, J50 Pure or Compound, Lb. lOc For Boiling, Lb. 9c No. 1 Grade, Lb. 15c Sliced Bacon 25c

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