The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1947
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN: Forrest City Man Accuses Officers Arkanson Arrested For Drunkenness Says He is Out $1,600 ' MEMPHIS. Tcnn.. A;:ril 3D. (UPl —Fred J. Davis, a Forrest City, Ark., hardware store niul cafe operator, charged today that two Memphis police officers took $1,61.0 in cash from him when he was arrested and then failed to return Ihe nione;,- when he was freed. Davis charged through his attorney, \V. A. MoTiglie, that the two arresting officers picked him >'P for being drunk while parked in his car In front of the home ol relatives. "I had several drinks." Davis said, "but I was not drunk." JudRC Perry Sellers refused lo . issue warrants for the arrest "f th c 'wo officers on -.'rounds th:ti the evidence asrunsl Ihejn "is not sufficient." •McTipho sain no would take HP Ihe matter later with District Attorney General Will Gorier. Meanwhile, rolli-e Commissions Joe Boyle said he had no comment to make, lie was in conference with Davis ana hi s attorney earlier. Davis sair! S22.50 was relnrneil to him when he left the jail. "Dm this money was taken from me after I arrived there."' He ais,> charged that officers would not let him contact relatives or Lin attorney while in jaii. BLYTIIEVILI.K (ARK.) COUIUKR NEWS Y; APKII, ::0. 1317- Bulldozer Blazes Trail Through Ruins iSX?i&^ ruined wurchouso on Tixii.s CUV:; w:\terlrmil. It look six Inillctu/.crs o le day to cut a roiwl Ihrouish Monsanto plum ruins ',o remove hmlies. cKKCL'.'.SlVt: NI:A |i!w>v> tal-.i n in ivslririrxl area.) •i II x*-; \ W/T-/SK' 7)lW lJ> ^&f<W,/fW \ [. \~<x**.-^ ( . fa} '^^^^•^W^- . W." ••£&- ™> ^^IK 1 - h -~ 1\ 1 VI *?*\ ^ - ; ' $s& w^r ^prii ;/( ^ M, o' r ''H"" ^*-"' M/ MtSli -,.raJSK"'""'' x '-' ^' -' €£: ., Vv V- --. *V-° «y& tft^rMz New Zealand ami the Azires. like Ireland, have no snakes. Now Cabinet Post Plan Endorsed by Truman WASHINGTON, April !!0 mP>—i C<1 thc \VHfm-r. This was (lisclnsnd by Mrs. Eu- BOMC IMcyc-r. wifr of the owner or hhc Wnshinnion l>osL Hhc ' hns hccn " in .srcHiur tuc r.stiiblislimcnl When urunium, thc: atom bomb j;um:!ii yi-.-.vMuy t-.u.ui^- . ^ , ( ,. (lp;u , lU . urpuvtinrtu for health rlrmom.s. fusions it can «ivn blrlh ..staUlishmrni ;is j.ooii i»s | ,. t!ll( ., llinn -nd srcuii:y. ! <° t-rlpk-Us anil C|ua<lrui>U'ts as \voil po-Mblc' CM -, nrw c:Lbin<" po'l.Uu^ Mrs. Mryrr rotilrnTd with thv a.s Uic ronventiminl twin.-, of ihc Si'i"'ol:ny of Ueal:h K(!w:iti"n ;m<l ' President locUiy and .said aftei- hcnrls of other liiilucr clrmcms. wur<j that lio fell that (.ho nov: cabinet should Iju rsiublishcd as soon as possible. Copyright by G-.vcn Davenport; Dislfibuled by NEA SERVICE, INC. Tlin STOHYi llnsll. n former Murll 1£ Godfrey. XVI "\7If7KY Iny acrosj ihc % forward * fleck of Sally's sloop and squinted over thc sun-struck wa- ler. Salty was sprawled at the UUnr looking like n young viking, with thc wind racitig through his stiff blond hair. "Salty!" "Uh-huh." "I expect yon like this bttnt him. "Perhaps we won't sen each other any more. After this Dimmer, I mean." "Why not? Didn't your Grandmother buy Hie place'.'" "Oh, yes." "Then jitter this summer we'll see each other every day." He learned forward and lonkecl at her earnestly. "You want to, don't yon 1 .'" "Oh, yes." "Well, after I fjel out of uniform I'm goiny to settle down. I want you to b a hero." She avoided lo<>UinK at him. i; H might bo a h mnnrtrcl Salty. "Why in the wrtrld c'ouldu't you hnve lot me know? Wo v.-oron't dointf ;i tliiiig, ,'just tackiiiS !;nck nnd forth in Ihclb-s^ I'd have taken you for a saiU" Nell w:u hnldfnj; his lumifl TIB* duly IOMK, it sceinucl to Vicky. 'Ill go with you tomorrow," shciprom- i.- : fcL ''I'm ojily here fot' a ;weck. H A \vnclv is seven days loo lonK, though I Vicky, oxpi^rienciai; for the tiv^t time in her life Hie ajjonics of jenlonsy, "You hnvcti'L heard Nell's thrilling IICWK," said Mrs. 15ngot, layitig down her needle point. "Tell pretty nearly hotter than anything in Ihe world, don't you?" "IVe had her since I was 12," he said. "I don't believe, 11 said Vicky. "that I have nnytr.^ig I've had since I \vns 12." "You poor, lit tic thing-" His voice throbbed \vitS feeling. "I can't see \vhy," she said, sharply defensive, sensing that pity \va^ ,no foundation for love in the case,of SnUy Bagot, who would>vant' fnr himself none but the bell. "I've had plenty of other advantages. You never lived on the south con?t of France. It's more beautiful thcrs than here." "Nobody lives there exeept pco- p\i who don't belong somewhcic else/* 'said Salty. "And it's not more beautiful to me. My mother's mother came from Portland, end my mother's grandfather ran a fleet of merchantmen. My grcnt- unclc Adam worked for him in his office in Portland when he was first out at Harvard. Mother has spent every summer at Goose Keel since she \vas three." "Well, I 'wouldn't boast abon thu," Vicky sakiV f; !f you've neve been anywhere else—" "Oh, we go abrond every thro £* tour years,'' he said. "Or die VJiui the \var. :j Yicky moved aft to sit nca n^. Ion;; timr. Yen have to go to work. I dim't think I'll just- .jit here— all tlio.-w years." "Vipky, look nl me." She lifted her heaj. Their glances met and ioincr.l. "Oh, Vicky--" "Salty!" "I wi^h — I wish I were free ght now. 1 know what I'd do." "What would you do?" "I'd kiss you." "You don't have to be a civilian o <lo thai." He kissed her. And for the rst time Vicky tlumked hv,ivcn lat she had waited for someone kc Salty. II U -*--*- 1 UNGEH drove them home early in the afternoon. 1 They mooted ihe hnat and went ip to thc Bngnt house In r;iid thc ccbox. Mrs. ila^ot was t-iMi:u; nn lie porch v.'ith a rtirl Vi' - t;y had icvcr seen. As they came -,ip the them snyini*. "Nell, this is r.Tm'l.itno van Eyek's grntuldattLihUM'," ;i^ if Supliic had been imdor disriu ^ion. "Victoria, this is NnH Cli.vite. 1 ' Vicky noted ([iiit tcly thai the girl was about S:itly's a in- and plain. She had n substantial iiiinro and the kind of curly hair that in I hope it's thai she lias HocJg- kin'rf cli-xMse, Vicky thought. Null \v:is smiling nt Salty,'hec face crinkling pleasantly, and Vichy was : ; o sure thai in other rirrunistanres she \vtudd like this that she disliked her harder tbrm ever. "You aren't the only traveler around these parts," s:i:d Nell. "I've not a job with thc Tied Cross, I'm yimni to be ECfit Lo Europe!" The very place for her t decided Vicky. TlHire's a i;irl just buUl iVir :i unifnnn if I ever saw one! "We're all delighted about Nell," Mrs. U;ij;«)t explained to Vieky, ''as sho'.s rlmost like n daughter. Hhc and fi^Uy ^rew up to^cUier, and I was a bridesmaid at her umtluT's wedding. 1 ' "Come out to the kitchen with Vicky and mo while we see if we up something to cat," Sally invited. FsVll rose happily and they began talking about inuUial friends, alxml wlio was married and \vho had a job and who had been de- mobilised. Mrs. Hngot folded her needle point and sluITcd it into a HuiitecE bafi v.'ith wuodcn handles. "I'll come nUmy and see that you Met ^nmething n little more sub stanlial than a Iler^hcy bar. Come. Victoria. You must be ton." "Thank you," snid Vicky, feeling a:; if i;hc would choke, "LUiL I— , Tm exiHicted at home." j She (led oown thc broad slcpi ! and across the meadow in tin idirt'ciuin of Cray Shingles, nui- For Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On medium si/n :ind liirsc tracts. No extras. I'nll i-i'iKiynienl priviyf.i: us roit Qt'icK SKIIVICIO ON FHA LOANS l-'nr Building or Ilciiairin^. Also A n to TriiL-k ami Ti'iictnr I,o;ms. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guard's Jewelry Store Illyllicvillc, Arlc. olhc» t'irl cnvicil. Sully prcjU-cl I »i»H f<«' liw Brnnclmotliev like her with obvious plmsuvc. I l»»'l dli|11 i:1 suarc-h of comlort. "JVhon did you get here?" cfc- I .(To l!c ConliTiiira), ..-. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb IIwy 01 ;it Stale Line Phone nivtiieville 714 Just Arrived! 1 New 12-fr. Double Dufy Meat Case For t T-^ [ > = 3 3 Dtll i'iiotio ? y « I ,j Xv" B c 2250 Lawnmowers . . . 'Expertly sharpened and repaired. V/c pick up and deliver. Immediate service; and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L. Wicker Machine Shop "Who'i you get tired, just visualize how grant! the yard will lock blooming v/ith gorgeous flowers—and you liiO creator of all that beauty!" "KKCK1.HS & II1S FRIENDS By MKKHILL BJ.OPSKP. Run, You Duiuniy HER. ^ ITS FCOT A PRACTi- "CAME OFF/ \ CALUV . : SEEir,uur JMURDER! I DOt-JT , , BELIEVE IT/ P^vff ^h.-^Vl H MILD.VS , FA1MTED / I DOWT BLAME I "THll-JK i WILL, TCJ; STUFFLE- BEWA SAY? •:'-Vy^ > '.l',V •,»! ^ "U^-1 Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week * Pontiacs 0 Fords • Chevrolet's ® Plymouths and others I'lfiec j'our ovflcr Now for Iinmediale Delivery We 1'ay Top Dollar Tor Clean Late Mode! Car:-; rhone 20.'!7 Alain SI. C j- t'K&v'.'SED it) TAKE GOOD . v- -^ CACE OF HIS WJMMY.AND NOWLOOK! I DlD lie Surd INSURE With'the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 10S Norlh Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. 1S1TTNKK F iPH E >i c? ril ' i »a a 'L, is Seed LP.LNo.14 New Sac UK Arkansas jfPP'l i • State 'LrfEliK t Grade 'A' D. Cleaned Treated Purify 99.5 LIMITED ClQfl PER SUPPLY 410x1 TOM Also Ogdcn find Royal Soy Bemis $4.50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dcii, Arkansas , WASH TLIRRS litil How? HV NO CHiWCE Ta GET OUT O HEKE... MO Vf.'S TOO OVJTIOiJS FOE. f.\E TO GK&9 HIS GUN BEFORE HE COUit) SHCO f! I'OE GOT TO LOCATE PALE AND AH.EM,,. -. OUTO'DiMGSE- \ BEFORE I RIS1C EhSV E.X Ti(6 PC'Ol \\HNOOIV O THE I.DW. GWht "3V BUV HOW CAM I DO TK.XT WHILE J'W A PS'.fCNE WS3ELF? VOU :L1" *r UNLt^^—• rjur.i.^^: .v.r.>i3V: ; CAN HEU' Wfc'i KltTf !!,..IF 1 CAM J O, pt9/ ^'>. ^e4^4'-l /^ ' M^'^M-r^ KMV<!» flWPi>T-;- ,»;•«,.•:;•••••. , .-.•: mi^m^iKi ^fetEitaiE^l.:^ Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way \,'W-'-i' -i, ••> i:;::.r FCV] ) 0> v..v.-.:.,;.-'-- ByJ.R. WiHeams U'JvN, [st^OSlY' lr |rtOQPLE. f lTS|> |S\J X T -' ,1 ^VV V (StAUTlFUL. \ SECONiD- '\ OP AN ( D IT'S A (lPv:JOED ) ! i\\A3OR .' \ IJOST ^Ui\T )[ I'LL P-&1 (, • READ !T.- mi. O'JT Jtl VASS, , AW i sj'-vt-W CA^ r e WrOC-. /V. IDEMTlFY ,''•". /' P.e { / 6OTTLES ' ; / Shl\'TC\AED \ ( \^JlTl400T A^ x.''' ( ATUONVe.. 1 )/ GLASSES' !//|\ ji C,,. • ,M i^r^- i 10 ("' TtAE GASCV.rVCK'aOi^ | ^M TILL VOL) WHY rorO'T YOU TAKE TH' STUFF CUT ? IROWIM' AKCLtND TH' POCKETS LEAPS TO MOWIN' •NKCUMD TH' HCSE OS) 1H V LAWM — AMP^COM THAT TD FAILURE IM LIPE.' GH. 1 tX'.'NJ'T THIMt- Till RICH c-uvs DID MUCH >J OS) TH-XT \ G'l KETCH .' i \-J T;ED RYIIKR m{ mJWit ^N^^^T^-^ / -ACT "-?° ^•'•WlLUV'.i ''i li;ul Neww ;-j^:-;^_; v I. 5!AMl.! T -> OliTOF ALLF.Y OOP ll's naii.scroiis. Oscnr VIC FLINT restauTant Cy Vernon iooVt rie to "I was a short Wairi. frq.'n niy hptef. j Think Hani. Nifty & 1 HY MK'HAKI, O'MAl.l.KY and HAT.IMT I.ANB THAT BLOND GUY--WHERE DID I SE6 HI BEFORE? MHt INTERESTED. WE'RE INTERESTED IX WHAT YOU'VE GOITOSAYV.'HEN YOU 6ET TO MY PLACE. WHAT ARE YOU WAITiri' FO3.1IMY? fORC-ET SOV.tTHING? THIS PIACE l56fniNG EK> PtRY RIGHT NOW. YOU'LL PROBABIY SEE A DOZEN WORTS CEIEBRITIES f WANT TO SEE. AND LITERARY LIGHTS. I IS A STEAK-THICK I JUST SAW A f AC£ THAT LOOKED FAMILIAR. Th^-SE; 1^ Tii r^LI BE.H ND ALL V;-EM EN GET AT IT T ,i®**4 '•^vv.^.' : : I' •'''. '.. r /py '•'/! • j, ^t'^fS J - -- • -i .' ,-. •--'.-:-&» j^:'>-r f '"1 :.-' • ''. ^i-' \Sb v '. \ ;,: ^ \< ^^ : , • k «:; i ;: 1 r 1^ Fv:' A .,^-^^p.j.:'": I^^^^L^f NJTS: THSM SCZC= XV^-JLO SPOT U-3 IN A\ HOLJ71.' 5 * JU --4C.J5 *r s\.xv.v >; 3V_ "••• J--T :-i^:^:l El?Vv\ I - .-XT ThW -;- .^ ,xj. .' p^ r ^ip« ^Srf^t^'-^I '.•—-\ ":L'-: V , -i r BOOTS AND HER BUDDTI-XS "Oui'li!" /KI^ X - ^« L'iS V 'St in r K(;r.'\R MARTI^ ar\o, ecote '- « WV. P.^> If \*JVK HOW TO lit ^'L' 1^1 t^^L v'n' '"'•'

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