The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1945 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 8, 1945
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VOL XLI—NO. 248 ' ' BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEW :• ~ ™ E DOMINANT NKWSPAPEK OK NORT™*,. ^.^J^^- 1 --* A * ± ^ JLJ * ? BlythevUle Herald Blvthnliu rv^H ciyvnevuie Herald _Byhe7Ule Courier Mississippi valley YANKS SCORE GAINS jjeport Invasion ^YTHBVILLIS, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JANUARY 8, Luzon Claimed Under Sea-Air Assault By U.S. Yanks Preparing To Land From Lingaycn' Gulf, Enemy Predicts By United 1'rcss The Japs have been giving us a Wow-by-blow account 01 what u,ey admit'Is the prelude to an Aineri- the Philippines." For hours this afternoon the loky.j radio 'had been broadcasting a running description of a furious American se a- nnd air assault on h!T? en Guir ' thc invasion route n;ore (han Ihree years ago enemy tells of nn American fleet lining up in single Helldiver Pilot Has Cause To Be Thankful He Was Part Of Luckiest Outfit In Pacific naval file and steaming across the Gulf firing broadside utter broadside of heavy shells into a 27-mile stretch 01 Japanese shore defenses Lingnyen. Of American planes fighters and streaming in from the . parade, strafing a Ion" carrier bombers. sea in -i and dive- bombing Japanes positions from tree-top levels. Here's one sentence from a Japanese broadcast, • U> five n 'good idea of the picture the enemy is drawing. An announcer said: "pvir land batteries retaliated with heavy fire and the whole Gulf roars with the blasts of gun- lire Irom both sides." No Confirmation ,All these delails nre from the Japanese radio. coming So far, American officials have not Issued a single word about any such attack on Luzon Island. But the Japs nre holding nothing back in their accounts. They're giving a. wealth of.detail on a prelude ta-Invasions-Ami 'itTall makes sense up .to the point where tlie enemy starts telling about the Huge.damage his side has inflicted on us. There, the Japs trip themselves Tlie enemy radio accounts tell of great numbers of : our ships being sun'k by tlieir shore batteries .But m the ncxl breath, the Jap announcer gives the tip-off that they don't even hope to hold off lhe, Americans. As the Jap announcer puls it: ;."It is anticipated that a 'great enemy . annihilation battle ' will be unrolled as soon as the enemy steps on thc soil of Luzon Island " -The Japanese, accounts estimate that about a division of invasion Iroops are with HID bombardment .orccs in Lingnyen Gulf. Oilier Convoys Reported But the enemy reports also tell of at lenst Ihrec other American convoys on the move in the waters r-rouncl thc Philippines and profess bewilderment as to just where these forces may strike. Tlie Japs pince one or Ihc other convoys .steaming west from the Mindanao Sea, presumably into the Sulu Sen Another is located just south of Ncgros Island, and a third, with at least two divisions of troops heading west below Mindoro ' Island winch we have already invaded Tlie Japs figure they're all headed for Luzon Island,- but they warn that thc American'maneuvers arc -so complicated Ihnf it would be to draw false' conclusions All of these convoys, according to Tokyo, are under heavy attack by Jnpnnesc planes. : As we said before, American sources so far have made no mention of any invasion attack on Luzon Island. Our latest official accounts tell only of neutralization jnids against Luzon, and the capture of Paluan, a town in the southwest corner of Mindoro Island, 87 miles southwest of Manila. Carrier's Bike Demolished By Auto Saturday Jimmic Lowe, 13-year-old son ol Mr. and Mrs. J. c. Lowe, narrowly escaped serious injury or possible death Saturday when struck by a hit nnd run driver while delivering his Courier News copies. ! Thc carrier's bicycle wns struck by a youth driving an old model car which came out from behind a truck on West Walnut street nnd Tlie Jap aircraft carrier plowed throiitfh the Philip. pme Sen, its sprawling flight deck a fat target for planes of Hnlsey's Task Force 38 tearing j n to challenge the powerful enemy fleet steaming- southward last Oct. 25 to flank MacArtluu-'s flotilla at Lcyte. With the cunning of a tox beset Ijy hounds, the Jap commander maneuvered his ship beneath a gwil cloud that partially screened it Irom the view of U S Navy pilots overhead. ra L n UU ,, (Jg) B " tlcl Barksdale of Blylhevillc was at the controls of one of the six aUncJiin B Navy Hell- divers in his mg i u alsb0 wer * ™ torpedo panes nnd several fighters Take that carrier," [he air group ' , commander ordered. Instantly, big Navv - Dives On Warship Barksdale plunged his 13-ton plane downward at a 350-n l e clip. He got the car rier'o fantail most vital spot of the shio "ght in his sights and cut loose with 10CO pounds of explosive., Tiie cloud was a great deal deeper than I realized » h e „« for when I got through it i W as dangerously low. I yanked back on the stick and leveled off fust in Unie^ My altimeter showed I was just 250 .feet above the water. My rf r K W ? S P ractica % standing oil end. but when I looked up and saw lhe outline of a Jap Zero zoom was really right in front of me I ,, 00 ,„„, scared. The Zero pilot was getting ready to hop me. but I came out of the dive too low for him to complete hts run. ' •• -"I guess my'gunner in the back m\ !iJP.Pk -lO'Keefe from Mcnd- nnin, N. J., was every bit as scared ns i was. We had been through lots .together, but we never before tieul. Ilarksdalc had looked over our nose mid seen o much ship looming right up In front of us." This experience bore out the reputation of Air Group 13 as the .ucklest outfit in the Pacific. Good luck seemed always to hover over the fellows of "Lucky 13," whose 3xploits under Commander Richard ». Kibbe of New Orleans during five eventful months aboard an Essex class carrier cover an excit- "B phase of the campaign in the Pacific. Luck was certainly wllh Lieutenant Barksilale nnd-his gun- *ier that day just ns It had been many times' before when the group roamed; Ihc farthest reaches of the Pacific almost to (lie very shores of Japan. • ' . Carrier Is gent Down The,. ..enemy carrier . Lieutenant. Barksdale and. Ills fellow fliers left nelpless in the sen was sent to the bottom day. The Bly- Ihovillc Hie,- officially was credited with an assist in Its destruction. lie also was credited wllli the destruction of a Jap cargo vfssul during a bold raid on Manila Day one of tin; s« strikes lie flew with A Is- Group 13. lie wears lhe Atv Medal ami hns been recommended for two Distinguished Flying Crosses and Air Mednl. . Now at home visiting his mother, Mrs. J. ix Bnrkwlnle, nml his bro- tncr. James Uiu-ksilnlc, he prefers to lalk about the teals of com- mamler Klbbc. rather thnn his own experiences. '•Thntls really the greatest thing lliiu happened to me," he ,salj. Serving under Commander Klbbe : s something any Navy pilot would JC proud of. He Is easily one of l)e .greatest Navy combat leaders jn he sen-Ice. I believe lie wns the first to fly two different types of Planes in the same period of com».U. Me flew a dive bomber In one engagement, relumed to the ship' ."HI then went back into the fight little later flying ,, i J 1 , 10 !! ' E '•" Highlight O f record wns t n flghtor," f t i, c group.., CV( ,, ltfu , he action against Hie mtilti i j B p task force off Luzon Oct i M after the previous day Irad umil P ,m f llll( t»»S .strikes ncrnss the PlilUpUlnes to wtslwnrd agolnst u Jap force In the Sibuyan Sea. Al- inoiigli opposition from enemy aircraft was only moderate, none of them hnd ever experienced the Kind of ack-ack thnt wns tossed. 'nl them ihm d ny. Still lucky, thc- group lost but three pilots nnd air-' crewmen in -that buttle In whlc'- U'cy sank one destroyer, assisted in Lt. Dick White In Prison Camp Blytheviile Airman Sends Radio Message To Parents Here J White since Nov' Second Lieut, 'bick- missing over Germany 21, is alive. a short wave radio broadcast l° r ,i 1 ! S - parenls ' Mr - nnd Mrs. Flovd A. White, Lieutenant White Friday sent this message: "I am safe, well and uninjured and n prisoner of the Germans." Mr. and Mrs. White received Iwo messages at the same time tellin^ lhe good news. One was a card from a woman In Birmingham, Ala., saying she had heard the short wave broadcast by Lieutenant White and the olhcr wns an official message from the short wave radio company, signed by Sanford Lowe, saying the message was re- ceiveo! New said by the radio company in York city. Eotli messages Lieutenant While's message was broadcast Friday. Tlie 21-year-old officer was on his ninth mission when his plane was shot down after having gone overseas last Spring. He was av/nrded the Air Medal for accomplishments in his first eight missions. Camp Officials Deny Prisoners Have Made Break Rumors of prison breaks al Uie Blythcville nnd Luxora Gcrmai Prisoner of War camps over the weekend were denied todny bv ton- rnnking officials of the camps " Stones that 30 prisoners from tlie local cnmp nnd 20 from thc Luxora camp hnd successfully escaped wen, prevalent throughout the county. News of previous escapes lien, nave been announced by c.ipt Kenneth C. Coffman, commnmli- officer, who lias enlisted public in watcliin, oners. aid o for escaped pris- Deferred Farm Workers Called County Draft Boards Awair Orders Abouf Future Of 4-F Men struck Jimmie brake in effort car's path. Although the as he applied to get out of Claxton Named Chief Deputy For Pe mi scot E. S. "Jake" Claxton, special agdnt for tbc Frisco Railroad for tne past eight yenrs, has been named chief deputy sheriff in Pemiscol County, Mo., by Sheriff Hosier who assumed office bicycle- was demolished, the nej-sbo.v escaped injury, but the driver didn't wait to learn extent of the accident. Backing the car from off the wheel of the bicycle, he sped on tbrough the rain before the llcensi number could be obtained by the Lowe youth. N. 0. Cotton Mar. .. 2222 May .. 2215 Oct-. .. 2099 2224 2220 2108 2232 2215 2099 " 2224 2219 2007 2100 2218 2214 2007 JOljn last 'week. d Mrs - Claxton and three will occupy the apartment lhe jail at Caruthersville where Mr. Claxlon also will serve as jail- A former deputy sheriff of Laclede County, Mo., he became spe- agent of the railroad at cial Springfield, MO., and later was transferred to St. Louis before being sent to Chaffee and Hayll, Mo., where he lived for Uie past four .\ ears. He assisted on cases of l!ie county during those four years. In addition to his usual duties he nsslsts in finger printing and photography. Their children are Marjorie Frances, 15; Annel Jean, 13, and Billy Joe, 11. Chicago Rye opeiv high low close Hieir future us the Selective Service boards went IJicir work of notifying young workers classed as 2-C's to for nrclndiiction physical cx- 'inalon and awaited orders, cx- T ' lcrc ar e approximately ° f thCSc ascs '" dcfcrrerf far 230 of " lcm , announced. - u " dcrs ° 0<1 there ar IS e 185 of lower" Uian <icr, although it had loT'ii,,!™""" 1 * that Deferments f,, 1 ±. r f a ' S0 1 ".ave not been ov- v,M,,.~ "B h» ycars. '' A " h!> * approximately «4 , rom 18 " llas H ° f thMC Bro "P 26 to 38 New York Cotton Mai'. May July open high . 2200 2223 . 2211 2216 • 2181 2189 low close pr. cl 2219 2233 2218 2211 2215 2209 2181 2186 2180 2090 2097 2090 three curriers and damaged left sinking n destroyer, two i cdm,,, earners and two battleships of 35,000 and 45,000 tons Group 13 was a cocky outfit that i y soon after coming out to the Jclflc when they joined their unit Tok-o cc 58 ""'I. headed for ''We were, « little,nervous.-to be' sure, but firmly confident that w could lick anybody anywhere-'- u>i>nunuert on ru«e 3) Adkins Offers 13 Suggestions Delivers Farewell Address To Senate And House Members ^ TODAY'S WAR ANAL1T8IH Lingayen Gulf Logical Place For Landings Ky DAVID WKEKS Dulled I'rts? Staff Writer The Japs say the war In Uie for Pacific has rcluvncd lo Us slai-llnr point. . b According to the Tokyo radio, American Invasion forces »ro following the' samu route' of Invasion al Luzon In the Philippines) tlml lhe Japs did more limn lliree years ago Tokyo says a big American "eel, Including warshilis- Adolf Views German Wreckage ' .crafl carriers, is lnmbn >il>s- nnd nlr- . . . .listing Ihc IAI- <•«" shoreline around Llngnyen Gulf niul thai American troop? nre'lrylng' lo effect a landing against Japanese const defenders.. . Turn this aronnil. hcverso Ihc Japanese and American pos'Illons mid you. Imvo nn exact duiillcalo of whnt hnpixincd in tho early days of December, 1941. . ' As yet,'there Is no official con- nrinallon of the Ja|m'nuse claims Which have been broadcast rcp'cal- cdly since- Friday. Bui II the Jnps are .pipe-dreaming, they're certainly lilttlng u, e mill on the head, tor it's (i 10-to-l •shot thai the American invasion of Luzon will tnkc plucc almost exaclly according lo Ihc picture the eiioinv •ww is drawing. ' Familiar T 0 Jnps Of course, It's not hard for the Jnps lo draw such ii picture. They drew II once-before, for themselves only three years' neo. The reason is BO. simple. ' . Lingaycn Gulf is the gateway to 'Luzon Island. U Is lhe co'muln'nl'lbn to tlie safe of Manila nnd Manila Day the ' 11 '^'" 1 I "'' WS '"' ' h ° P1 ' U ' !|1 - LITTLE HOCK, JAN. 8 (UP)Homer M. Adkins, bowing chief executive of out a Arknnsas, ha the 55th Arkansas Gene/a Assombly to carry out a- 13-polt. woeram advocated by him during his four-year administration In his farewell spcccli before a joint session of the Arkansas House and Senate this afternoon, Adkins urged repeal of the state's flD-rtn'} divorce law and recommended tha Uie legislators keep the state of the retail liquor business out Here are the suggestions offered — "Olj^-iviuiio vi to the legislature by Adkins- First, that neither the sources of revenue for the Welfare Department nor its reserve be turbcd. Second, dis- construction of fireproof dormilories al lhe two state ienafarms. TJiird, that n portion of the severance lax be set aside for the operation and expansion of the Geology Department. mirth, that ample funds be irovided for making the Arkansas Livestock Show a permanent institution. Fifth, conslruction of a new state on the capital 'fflce building {rounds. Sixth, continuation ol Ihc hot uncli programs in the schools. Seveiilh, purchase or construction of a governor's mansion. Eighth, . necessary facilities to handle the problem of delinquent Negro girls. Ninth, acquiring ol certain lands n front of the capital building or a long-range 'beautifying pro gram. Tenth, a four-year term for the lovernor and other stale officials. Eleventh, overhauling of the tele's assessment an<l tax struc- ure. Twclflh, employment of a service nircnu representative for every county. And thirteenth, rcorganlzalion nf he stale government according lo i plan siibmllted by the Bureau of Municipal Research of New York 3lly. Wafer High At Big Lake Walcr Is rising al Big Lake, 12 nilcs west of Blythcville, but no and inside the levee yet Is Hooded nd no danger of flood is In sight, t was announced today. Although water from Missouri las caused such a rise, as to make' water nm over the dam al Iho 'ridge, nn alnrm will be felt nn- ess there Is much more rnln, it out. Luadii island Is almost completely Ingcd with mountains.-.Almost, lls entire northern half is packed wllh peaks nmniilg as hlelvnS^.GOO'feel. The Sion-n Afntjre range extends Ike a wall down almost the full length of lhe Liiam oast const, mak- ng Invasion from that side almost Impossible. ' . . The west •coast,, loo, is pretty well studded with.mountains; but there s one big brenk In'this range. And that is nt Lliignyen Oulf. impoHnnt railroad line on .Luam island has Its northern terminus at Dugupnri, the port of Ltngnyen Gulf. It.runs from there down :through. Manila,' iiiid thence through the narrow lail of Ihc Island to Lcgaspl: ' . It's quite likely thai General MacArthur will-inyadc Luzpn nt several olhcr points,, possibly at both'ends of tlie• Island, .just as the,Jnps did. Rl " Us- almost> : a' foregone', conclu- unknown. (Sijjnnl Corps Telophoto.) «,ui,oteI C|J l:,W f,om NRA Watch For Buzz Bomb Attacks, Admiral Warns foste^n C/t/es ' Ma the It's well known.. to them. They've already done it themselves, and mmlc II work with outstanding suc- The Jap.s poured through Un- Sayen Gulf with such power that In less thnn n month they had captured the burning capital of Manila, and forced General MncAr- Uuirs brave band of American and Filipino fighters into Hainan Peninsula,'for Ihclr Anal, heartbreaking •stand. It's a distance of 100 nlrllne nllcs from Lingnyen Gulf to nila, yet thc Japs completed Irlp in n little over three weeks. U. S. Dclcnilcrs Oulnumbcred I hey accomplished It by pouring more than 200,000 men onto Luzon igahisl some 50.000 Americans and Filipinos. They did it by first wlp- ng out a pitifully weak American ilr force lhat consisted of exactly i07 usable planes, including 72 fighters rtnd 35 heavy bomlwrs. The Yank airmen fought valiantly, but hey were overpowered by sheer vclght of numbers. It's not hard for lhe j a p or anyone else, for that matter to call nearly every turn on the Am- -rlcan Invasion of Luzon. Many •ears ago, the Lingaycn Gulf route was recognized by American strale- gists as the clnssic invasion pnth ind our defense of lhe Island was iulll with that in mind. Thc Japs an recognize every symptom of Its development, for they were Ihc nrst o pul the pattern into operation UncArthur can improve thc details' but because of geographical limits-' Ions, there's little latitude for hanging the bnslc fundamentals Balaan is headed for a repeat icrformancc, with only the actors n reverse roles. Bui there Is one important difference. The American imelnblc may be longer. General MacArthur Is ujj against formidable defender who has lore power than MacArthur had when he wns fighting a lost cause The Japs have more men on Luzon han the valiant 50,000 who fought o thc bitter end three years ago These Jnps have plenty of fighting xperlcncc under Ihclr belt. They're eterans who know whnl the score s. Don't look for n short, war on Luzon. iSi" 1 !*. ", V 0 ™ confcrpnooi. bormt his flagship off nn East ^-"'•°iV I»Erairi sny« the huw, will lie smaller or V-two used . "«J)bs' probably, Ihni) ..-the v-ope £ B 'f C ', l< ; sL <la '"8er. will' come from £ ' : ' i 10 mir 'V i "'«<• Wile coiilrt . J'AP.'In'flnBe. So, in effect, Iho n<mjni! believes the host thing Ciiiin i" ^ ° r ' 1 '" ""I 61 ' k ' : '' Kci! P «it_ . iiurain warns: "The next ten will be the real. McCoy." • 'The admiral plainly thinks the grcalcst threat |I PS In siibm«flne- Inunclicd bombs. He snys Uie Navy can slop any. surface ship nn ( | h, thinks we have lilenly of air cov er j-o stop the long range planes. liinnrinc.s', nl least,' ami il" possible they might sl | p throl , „ Perlinps. ns he put it, standing off Montaiik Point, tl,e easternmost, tip of Long Islnnd-to hurl bombs i the city. riigrnm snys the N,n,is probably would need six or eight subs to bomb New York and he bclicv-s Ihey could Jje tlenlt. with before they accomplished a grcnt deal of dnm- Ingiam snys the only German U-boat apiwnrance off tlie Arn-rl- can coast recently was one report"In ,,'ii i Mal "° C0!ist . iwsslbly the " c " " ' al)( l tlie two captured The admiral says: "German submarines arc ,,„ ongcr n menace, but they arc not In,,11- .-_ , ' __ "' *"'C «*'~ Home Destroyed By Fire Sunday Occupomfs Of Me Fall Residence Lose Most Of Their Belongings '."w!" b ," 01 ovcr ' Wc must kccn alert ^ and Wc ar( , eoll]g , 0 kcc -, One Ihing Ingram Is certain of, (ho German bombs won't come from Europe. As he puls If "I'll ralcji everything here from Europe without a glove. 1 In nn aside concerning the Records show no nirplnnc casu- Itles defbiilcly due to lightning, prowess of the Atlantic fleet In- grnm revealed thai "not one troop transport has been lost due to enemy acllon In the Allnnlic" But getting back to the robot-s, the admiral reveals lhat he will stay In thc danger area, a 300 mtla ire from which the enemy could jornb cither New York or Wnshlng- ton, .mill Wednesday. By that time, lie says, protection against attack shape" * C8lls " col "P Icte Siimnilng up h c saj , s . TI »nn /or i Ahnlc , fleet accepts Hers latest challenge (o cut thc of . si'PPllcs from the United ;; to the western front." Chicago Wheaf Mn y July open 166 !J 159 » high low close pr.el. 1C«« 185 ',4 166S 166 159-4 15854 15DK ISSTi Fire destroyed Mrs. J. E. residence of , „ , , .200 South Lake, jes crciay morning when the family and a houscguest, B Marine re' turned from overseas, lost practically all of their clothing •mid other possessions. Origin or t.), c [| r(! ls , mkllowl , flames originated in a room vnctit- ed by Mrs. heater which - Icnnnis Snlurdny night but ' mld t | lc kcros( , n( , was in lhe room had lurncd out after tlieir depar- Awakciictl nliotit 7 a. m. by smoke, Mrs. Mcl-nll awakened Her daugh- cr, Ml.w Alice Jfcfall, and Ihclr loiiscgiicsl. Tech. scrgt. Charles Pacif" rCCC " Uy rchlrllcd lro '» tllc The smnll amount of furniture removed from one part of thc house was badly damaged by svaler and most of tlieir clolhes lost. Sergeant Vickcrs, who saved his official papers, since has seeking a Marine uniform. 'Hie six-room house crcri a complete loss. been was consid- Power Company' Local Managers Meeting At at general staff of Arkknsas- Missourl Power Corporation break- m 5 .' ,'"" ll "S Saturday In lhe Coo i al Room of Noble Hotel, James i!! ;' A' rc5fdenl ' announced pur- ose of the meeting was to make Hans for the annual Local Managers Meeting to be held here .Jan. ^£ flii{j 23. The morning W as devoted to discussion of war time problems con- ronting the various Electric Utility Depnrtmenl Heads and lhe field cninroypps In maintaining the hlgh- •st of customer service standards, "any solutions to the problems •ere solved, which will be prcsent- TO to lhe local managers for Ihelr consideration and execution, The meeting, the first of.its kind, .'as so successful an<J .worthwhile nat it wns unanimously agreed to loid one such meeting each month, t was announced. Allied Columns Swing To Attack In Two Sectors Germans Forced Back Along Belgium Bulge And In Alsace Area PARIS, Jan. 3 (U.P.)—Thq im picture on thc western front wns a little blighter this afternoon. The American armies both in thc Ardennes salient and in t|, e Alsace sector fur to' the south have pne over to the attack, and' nave scored small, but -important gains. A dlspalch announces that GCIK- oral Patch's .Seventh Army men have Belted the initiatee north of Strasbourg, and that they have advanced about half t. mile along n Ihrco mile front facing the Nazi bridgehead across the,Rhine Thus, the German threat lo Strasbourg has be«n stalled, at least temporarily. N'aiU, Hold Bridgeheads Earlier In the day reports from this Strasbourg area hinted that lhe mg My wni In danger. Tho Germain hnd, and slUMiave, two sUc- ablo bridgeheads acioss tlie Rhine both to the north and the south of Uie Alsatian caplfal And Paris sources cla.imcd that French clU/ons lying In and near the ! town Ind begun fleclhg back Into France The now 1 ! Irom (lie Belgian bulge U even better, reporting, new gains almosl cicry.hour American armies, who Imvo been pressing against lhe noithcrn (Innk of the bulge for days suddenly have caved in the German defenses all, along a 15 mile,line Arid tneyve advanced a mile to a mile, and a half from one end o? lhe riowly acllve .battle line to the other - , ,, ', Some 10 American dUlsloni and an undisclosed number of British units get the credit foi cracking the Nail line, alter five days pf bloody uphill fighting,,, "„-,'<„ >' ' Dcsplle ii heuvy %nowrall,< which IKIS cut ylsabillty down to less than' 100 feet, Hie Allies have thrown blocks across the Si Vith La Rpche hBhv,ay,-bne of the t,«o lifelines ' of Marshal von Rimdsledt's do-or- dle Iroops, And it Idoks as If those wedges will hold Tlie Germans have been cleared from a wooded ridge coinmnhdirig almost the entire 15 mile length of the road 'Allies Closing In And Tommies nnd Doughboys are pushing In op La'Roche from tlnee directions The lead column Is about two miles from thnt road center Meanwhile, another American unit has pilsh-cj down to within seven miles of Houdallzo, Ihc town which stands almost in'the rear tentei of thc Germah pocket Together; with the news of the Allied advances come both American and British reports that the Germans arc beginning to pull in their horn* In Belgium The Nazis nre ssid ta be dropping back to the center of the pocket for a last ditch light with the United states troops driving In from the north and the south An American radio correspondent says that Nazi armor Is being withdrawn from tho south of the bulge that the Germans are relying more and more on strong points on high ground,.with Infantry units bearin» the brunt of the Allied blows If von Rundsledt is planning to pull back-his defenses: into a hard core It's.believed,•he'll concentrate them west of tho highway which runs from-Houffalfzc to Bastogne to the south and Liege to the north. . ; '.-• .V. S. PUnes Up American, planes were over the western froht ;agatn today, backin" up.Ihc Allied Iroops on the ground. More than 600 American heavy bombers raided rail and road lines from Franlc/urt to the western front in Germany and struck at Nazi positions inside the Belgian bulge.' Then, the ,big heavies swung to the south to.yittacfc rail centers supplying Nazi troops on the Saar front Incidentally, the United States . Strategic, Air Force discloses that six bombers previously reported missing from Sunday's operations have been found safe. That cuts Sundays losses down lo three bombers and one fighter. Flames Destroy House .On Fred Warren Farm The modem residence on the Fred warren farm, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Royal Sanders, was destroyed by fire this morning with only a small amount of furnishings nnd clothing saved Flames, which broke out about 8 o'clock, were believed to have originated in the flue. Tlie six-room house, with bafh was located on the Warrens' second farm on the Number Nine road. VVeather ;, ARKANSAS: ij*ir "this afternoon . partly cloudy and continued wol tonight Tuesday partly cloudy and much colder. Fresh to occasionally strong winds, : •',

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