The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 12, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MAY 12, 1934 BLYTBKVILLB, (A1K.)] ||fni CL4SSIII it* SECTION- s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»Uy rate per one tor consegu- Uve insertions: (Five average voroj to » IIM> One tlou pet lice ...... i . . . I* Tvq times per line per day . . We Three tlmei pet llni per day .. We Ox time* per lin« pet day . Voatb rate pet Urn .... Mlrilmiim <;U*rge We Ads. ordered lo r uiree or U* times arid stopped before explxa- t'on will be charjco for the number of times UKL ad appeared aoo adjustment of bLU made. All Classified Advei Using copy submitted by persons residing out- aide ol the city n ust be accompanied by cash. Rates may be computed 1mm above table. FOR SALE: HAY and CORN at a bargain. S. D. Kpnellc, Lux- oru, Ark;. 24|)- 06c AUTOMOTIVE Aato Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Ma Lumber Co. IQc kC-10 Start A Saving) Account With Us On verydiiuc for Uie Autoinubllc Untili-iid Hdw., Automotive Uuul. Phone «6 Phone ivo.lcl ivL'iml us .stiwi denniM. llo j purlanl impVmem ivus the MiavH..hcl|H!d put in ni'iifly every scw«r i-.^Hiiutcs Unit his li-iivi'lliiB "I' 1 When Iw beunn ihl'iv \v«s no i|» s nmn has, uud is otlen' con' down another, n | NUA code which cinployevs lind Milled when OIK; ol thmi sets out, Bv Aheu 1 OUR BOARDING HOUSE no responsibility will be 101 inore Uian one Incorrect inter Uon of any classified ad. Advertising oraeitd lor irregu- iar Insertions take tbc one time tale. Real Bargains in Used Cars Cars are up in (rood condi Lieu and ready to go. '33 FORD DELUXE FORDOK SEDAN, Looks and runs like new. Bar&tin at ... •34 CHEVROLET COACH. 5 (Jood Tires, Good Motor Must drive this car. to appreciate, it $ 3li3 "13 DODGE SEDAN. New. pilnl Cflod. R,ut)ber. A real buy for someote" ' '30 FORD go ... COACH, ready to i - - - ' pigeon lound out The- last MHVC In llu- Mult- of Ivorncoli pipes In [ho world, worked whore llo was. biillt n nest outside cw York wus Mm->;uivi I'nii 1 , uhu I u noniuil (OKO diivlni; the past tile window, and In due time prc- | four years. \ scnte<l two mile pigeons. 'Jit in iliooklyn in 1857. ALLEY 001" (Vft COIN' T WOOIU.!OOI'b( SLUM' /«, IIQVJ WE . PACHV ims ArTi-Ry.-'Bctn coRoiftixv NOON? WHATCHA,/ COMMANDI ; D. I GUESS I COMMA 6'Vt'R / GOTTft (50 -COT 1 DON'T WOOTIK KHKiNS AT THE SHOWUK By HamUn I'H MOT PUWIN6 HARD j I ATE At HOME ,10 BESURE OF TOPAY-WtlOEVCR WINS j IT-UMPA'S A ROTTtH COOK, W,U, HftFTft,'— -" "-V AN 1 PRINCESS FEATHERWEIGHT GIVE II TO / DID VOU X CAN'T FAT AM 1 /' •>--«-... Til 1 (IOVAL/ SAV 'PRIZE'? \ WEEP liER/'HUH.' D'VA l- BABV- / HUH, ALL Wt'LL \ ROGER.' /KNOW WHAT MV HUSBAND SfWS l ABOUT A 9AG Of , LIKE HER Others to Choose From PHILUPS MOTOR V'sed Car Lot Corner First & Walnut Sis. BUSINESS iJIHECTORY FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W. Walnut, Mrs. Ed Hardin, after 5 P M lc ktf rimitwe Kepairing—Upholstering Also automomlc upliolstcrinE. We will be glad to refer you to customers as to. quality arid workmanship. Complete line samples. Neur Location US NQ, Secon4 JKNKINS & SON 5-ck-Q-5 Ask us about the Ilajen Honey Center Golf. Balls. They're Btt- ler. Hub'bard Hardware Co, 5ck6-5 CICELY furnislied apartmcni, 205 W. Kentucky. Apply aller 0 P. M He k5-l- FOUR room FURNISHED a|mt- WHEN you arc ftsh hungry come to Mcfall Fisli Market, 415 W. Ash. Fresh Pish At All Times, lc M-l COUNTY WORKERS UNION' Court House Monday, 7:30 p.m. For men, women over 16 $i per yew HI.GHEST Cash Prices paid tor brass, aluminum, copper, zinc, New Deal Trading Post, 120 W Main. ' «c k6-8 Rii>*I KS : Steps, ' doors, scieens, wall paper, paint, etc. ANTLHITE tai Termite control E. C. ROBINSON LliSlBEK. CO. PHONE UQ Again Burke Sets the Price Boiled Linseed Oil 95c ga! Turpentine .. '. 75c jaL ' Almdden Lamp Parts 30c each BUKKE HARDWARE CO. The one price store 23ck5-28 Mrs. J. J. Davis, Phone *21 Spencer C'orsetiere 26c k5-2C EXPERT Typewriter and Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Blank- enihip, 116 E. Rose, Call 165-J. CLEANERS, TAILORS i We clean and siore winter clothes and bed covers. Mnlh-prnof, fireproof vaults. Pay ne\t fall. Unique Cleaning Service FOB SALE CANARIES- Perfect Mother's Day gift, S2 to $4. .Mrs. Joe M*t^ali. Catl~269 or 756. 3c kH 60 barrels go:d yellow CORN. J. B. Scott, Covinglon, Tcnn., H.P.D. 4. 10p-kl2 LAilGE Iron Sate. Good as new, lor Cash or on easy Ujrms. IWx Hotel, 1'hone 204, H. C. Campbell. 28c-ktf Cottnn Seed: Kowden Bin Boll No. 2880 fnr thin land; also Stonc- villc No. 1. S130 per hundred. .Marvin Kobiison, 310 E. Main. 18-pk-5-13 retds. Flour, Groceries & Meats il Best Prices. We Deliver. Phone 234, Kile Price Grocery. For Sale — Last year's crop Virginia soybeans.' hay.' and corn. See or phone •'. M. Steward, Mgr. U S DeMoulln's farm, Herjson, MO. SAY.YOIJ 175 TOUR OCLOCK, S -I wow UMPT t CAN rwe ron I A PRESENT -UK IS OfF V W GUZ AN' Til 1 AUl-vV, V SEEDS & 1'LANTS AA\LK WA.60N WILL 'BE <SO',H6 PAST IH A ftW MINUTES/ ITS STILL -BUT I'LL LOAN YOU A PLASVALKSHT TOR YOUR THUMBS/, HOME WHlLfc TH COPS KR GET VROM UMPft N VJILL Bf: Til 1 GUW IIAKO/ Soy Beans and Peas will be lutril (roci lliibbard Hardwire Co. Wiiiypoorwill Pcxs for Drive across the river for the Ihi- cst Whippooruill Teas in West ( L\KE TVAEY WtRE > LtFT OVER TfRONN ( I'rkes Kcasonablc. William Tucker & Ripley, Tenn. WHY, WWMS ^^^"fTER -WAVE COAL & n r oon FOR SALE—100 ricks eoocl COOK WOOD at C. E. Bnuon's, burg, Mo., near Siccle. Oood I'on klli .... , WE'RE OF YOU ASK ME -; YOU'RE LOOKING BEAUTIFUL WOOTiE, \TEEHEE-VjeTHIN DARLING - I GIRL":) OO WE A3 OOQ ClOTHCS, DONiT WE? LOOHIT ftU. fAV REAL ESTATE THRIU-- iQ FOR YOU-VOU D1VJINE.' EVIER Farms for sale— 2X1% aown Balance like renl Ethel Thompson, Cnruuiersvillc, Mo. ll-p!i-5-ll FOR SALE (Mmv DE , Register. Ne\v Deal Trading Post, 120 W. Mnin. 2 room FURNISHED and yurage. Cool, 1601 W. Ash. Nicely furnished cool 3-room APARTMENT. Mrs. Duncan. 719 Chickasawba. 10-ck-n Nicely furnished cool BEDROOM. Bess Hall, 611 W. Main. Call 280. le kit BOOTS AN!) HKR RUDDIES HABL: KNOWS 1 UKt ASOUT '1M HE'S SO COURTtOU FURNISHED house (or summer. Mrs. Gco. Cross, 300 Lake. 3c kir, Nicely furnished Ward aiiarimcnt on W. Ash St., 4 vooms and Ixuh. Call C50 or %B. 5ckU Nicely Fiiriaihcd BED ROOM Mrs. Nolfii. 310 West Walnut. - UNFURNISHED 5 room apartment 1013 W. Walnut. Call 678. 30c k-t! I-;ASY WONUKUS; WASH TUHIiS HUM* UTS BANK IKJ 6COD SHAPE? /VOU '56E, DAD AMD 1. LIVti HERE ALL ALO-JF. IATELS', HE'S BEEM TERRlBLV UPSKT ftMD WORRIED, BUT HE WONT TEU WtlM'S THE CAUSE. NICE PtMC-. WHM- POf-S V Ht'S r-«ESID6MTOF VCLIR P/>0 CO, UETTVJ A A BANK, HERE IN •SPLENDID. SAVS IT IS. I'M NOT SURC, 8Ut I THIMV^ KEIMfl -3 V R6ALLV. E KNCWi. IT SOLIWDS. SIU.Y, BUT 1 HAVE A ROOM & 30Alt!) -- -•'""" ''"'''T'~V:- ; TO civi-: e:r: TH'STORE is oirr ^a^ooo-AN' I'M PRCB'LV cor OF JOB 1 BETTER SAVE MV) PENMIES AM' HITCH BACK TO TH' STORE \ 5> SALESMAN SAA1 HUH 1 . SMPRTOSTGCWol IMr.C!!!E|[R.vrs! l'*'E SOME T!«-\V £,OI TELLIN' C y ,G THAT "IfI 1 T L ''MCi ( M'.(jHT Jl'.^T AS WELL OO PLP.IW CA5o OF RoBfiCP.'/l I MAD FRECKLES AM/ HIS FRIENDS O4.ROUCULY SPE . ABO-JT TEfJ V.W3EM, DO YOU HfAR TH 0 M^J OFFER TO SELL. THAT Go AHEAD ..-YELL V<X;R. BLOOMiM' H5AD or= SUT IF K'O CMS PAYS A^Y /7TEH" TOM TO YOU, I H^PE Y<HJ WONT PEEL HURT ' V.'HAT YOU \VAMT IS AS JA'L. I'M •; j -;i.[. [<y MEAD :' 11 . : GET SOME• 7 C.'-N EAT// ment. 700 W. Konmcrs and B<>arocrs~ll"nic-lik( atjuosphcre. Prices rra Mrs. J. f. SaiiUcrs, 510 W. Slain, ll 2J.8-J. I WANTKU TO BUY We buy Chickens and Eggs, highest prices paid. Kile Price Grocery, Phore 234. Ill E. Main. • " Be- M-i Rooms with or without board, steair., hot water, reasonable rates, Phor.e 23», Kile Price Gro. Will iwrson who found notebook \vith names and atidrcsse-s ai Canarty switch utter accident. Mai 1 nlcase call l"G, Blytheville. 9c kl! TOULTKY K. EGGS We nill pay l&c per puund fur hc;ivj HENS. B. T. Worthy, J15 E. Main WANTED AT OXCK Small Horse or large pony. Wi.l buy or trade Pontinc coupf Write P. O. tax 873 or come 1221 Hollv St. >^P k11 WARNING ORDER i the Chancery Court. Chicka- sxwbn District. Mississippi County. Arkansas. Berlha Leslie. Plaintiff. vs. No. 5C09 | Walter Leslie. Defendant. The defendant, Waller I,cs]ir is' vanicd to appear within thirty days in the court, named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Bertha -Cslie. Dated this 13 d^y of April. 1931. R. L. Oaines, Cierh. ny Elliott Sarlain. D. C. Shelly & Stiles. Ally. 9c k6-9 51 "*- 13 NOTICE imitinl meeting of sloctholdcr.s of niylhcvlllo Cotton Oil Mill will he held at 10:M A. M.. Tuesday, June 12, 1!)34. at office of W. A. Gage & company. 1-Vlls null Memphis. Teiin. Amonj other mat- ler.s lo be considered will be proposed chaiiEC of By-Law providing for anicndmeiils of Dy-L.i«s eliminating therefiom necessity for notice of proposed cnangc. W. E. Gage, President I. H. Fleming, Assistant Secretary. 8c ke-12

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