Bennington Banner from Bennington, Vermont on December 26, 1917 · Page 3
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Bennington Banner from Bennington, Vermont · Page 3

Bennington, Vermont
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1917
Page 3
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What Is the Halter with the Mill Store? r Have you lost the habit of patronizing it? Come in ar d see what we have at the very lowest I ric :r. Everybxly welcome. Help the ones who want to help you. We wil please you or return your morey. Do not forge: to stop as we are op o -x every hour any time at your disposition. JOSEPH MARCOUX Fits in Anywhere. IVcplt shy on punctuation Needn't ro to smugh. You ran save the situation Always with a dash. A Joyful Event. "There's one tiling I'll suy for the kaiser: His funeral would break the world's record for attendance." "That so:" "It's n cinch, Think of the million 1 of people in the world who would like ; to go to It right now." Sympathy. Husband tgroaningf ?Fhe rheiima tlsm in my leg is ruining again. Wife (with SJ input hy) Oil. I atn j so sorry, John ! I wanted to do some shopping today, and Unit Is a sure sign ' of rala. i ; i Remember the Fighters Whether in the Trench, Training Camp, or on the High Seas. Every So'dier. or Sailor, or Red Cross Nurse, should receive the utmost respect on the part of their families, who shouM display the Service Flag as per illustration. This Flag may be displayed with the U. S. Flag or placed in a window in your home. Now that: your boys have gone, show your honor for them by displaying this Flag at your home, and keep it flying until they return. This paper has been successful in securiiga limited number of these flags, which may be had for one coupon and 85 cents. Remember these flags are made of strong cotton cloth, and are sold to us as fast colors. If vou want one of these flags call at the Banner office at once as we have only a few. The Banner BENNINGTON - i Plenty in Stock. "I have been trying for three weeks to have n b'ttsszer fur my ilesk." "('unit' out home with me, dear hoy. There are huz.ers enough tliere to supply your whole bfflce." The Only Chance. "Does BUgglns ever tell the exnet truth p "l don't know. Mayhe he does sometimes. I never had a chance to hear him talk in his bleep." Only One "BROMO QUININE" To set tho i genuine, call for full liame i.axativk hkomo qui-xixi: Look for signature of E. w. f!l.'M'l. Cncitu 0 fold ill (Inp DnV 30A VERMONT ! THE EVENINO BANNER 8KNX1NQTON - VERMONT Wedne8dey, December 26, 1917. BENNINGTON BRIEFS News of the Town sitf Vlliaf Ttf Vrlefly fr Busy K-aaers Bert Stockwoll of Seymour, Conn., is visiting Culvia JEudress. Charles H. Sibley of Hooslck Kalis was a Christinas day guest of .Mr. ami Mrs. C. J. Kinsley. Mrs. Maude J. Gregg of .Albany was the Christmas day guest of her mother. Mrs. William E. Frost. Mr. and Mrs, Frank McGurk of Providence, R. 1., were Christmas guests at Mr. Mctiurk's former home. Mr. and Mrs. t'onley of Schenectady were Christinas guests at the home of Mrs. Conley's father, Martin Coyle. Mr. and Mrs. V. I). I'elley have returned from a three weeks trip to some of the winter resorts of eastern Klorida. Carl White and Miss Julia A.White 01 New York kere Christmas visi-ors at the home of their father, .fumes li. White. Clifford Aldrich of Rotterdam Junction, N. Y-. and Amos Aldrich or Northampton. .Mass., were Christmas guests of their mother, Mrs. Carrie Aldrich. John .1 Hayes of the Charles Cooper Estate machine shops, who lias been at the Samaritan hospital lor treatment for a number of weeks has returned home. Harold W. Cole, a former Benning-1011 druggist but now in the federal service with headquarters in Boston, has been visiting here and at his former home. Shuftsbury. Edward" Thomas, who is stationed at Fort Jefferson and who is employed in the shipyard there, has been v init-ing at his home here. He expects to l;e transferred to Newport News, Va., after the first of tho year. Supreme court at Montpeller will open as usual on the first day of the term, but Tuesday being New Year- day an adjournment will be taken to Wednesday morning at 9 o'ejock. No business will be transacted on Tuesday. Miss Hilda Folland, who has been Biting at her home here has returned to Attleboro, Mass. She wos accompanied by her sister, Miss Edith Folland. supervisor of schools at Whitehall, N. Y., who will pass the remainder or her vacation at Attle-bore . Residents of Kennington wbb 'itfcxe in Troy Tuesday visited L. H N-1-tnn fwewiffor the Mack Cat Textiles company who is at the Samaritan hospital recovering from blood- oiiiiing resulting, a'p up an .vuury yiflfj found hiug making' ijOOd '.protfit-ss bwanl recovery. 'i.H foftliliiou v., . at one time considered serious but lie Is now able to walk about the cor-indHl of file hospital. Mrs. George A. Millar lias received a letter from her sua Uarwld. .Millar, purchasing agent for the converted yacht Vieaee which lias tmeti aetmv as convoy for merchant ships and transports. He was hiire oil Thanks-giving day but no word had previously bi)eu heard from him. The Vivace, 4ie writes, has since made-a long trip for the purpose of testing new devices and has been to Washington with the board of officers detailed to make tho tests. Michael Madden, a v eUrap . of. .the civil war, died at ,the Vermont soldiers' home on Christmas day. Last summer he suffered a stroke of imralysis and hail since, been in infirm healtli. The funeral will be held from the home or his only sister, Mrs. Anna Moony, at North Bennington and from the St. John the Baptist church at ! o'clock. He was born in Ireland August ti, 1S44. enlisted in company G, first Vermont cavalry, from Arlington Dec. L'4. 1R63, was taken prisoner. .March S. 184, paroled April 30, 1864, end was discharged for disability Oct. ti. 1864. He had lived the larger portion of Ids life since the close of the civil war in California, coming east about two years ago. WOULD CONNECT CHICAGO WITH NEW YORK The Type Used in One Year to Publish Endorsements of Doan's Kidney Pills. Of tho many kidney remedies on the market today, none other is recommended like Doan's Kidney Pills. Fifty thousand benefited people gladly testlty In the newspapers of their own towns. Fortyfive hundred American newspapers publish this home proof or Doan's merit. The typo used in one year to tell this wonderful story would make a solid column of metal twice as high as the world's highest mountain. Placed end to end the lines of type would reach from New York to Chicago. Thoso miles of good words told by 50,000 tongues sound glad tidings to any Bennington sufferer who wants relief from kidney and bladder ills. Here's a Bennington case. Don't experiment. Use the remedy endorsed by people you know, .Mrs. M. A. Barber. 612 Gage Bt., says: "My kidneys acted irregularly and I had backache. I also had dizzy spell? aiid black spots and fiery flashes came before my eyes. Mornings I felt tired, worn-out and miserable, I used Doan's Kidney Pills and several boxes gave mo re lief. I have had, hut , little, trouble since." Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't simply ask lor a kidney remedy got Doan's Kidney Pills the same that Mrs. Barber had. Koster-Milbnrn Co., Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. V. THE STATE'S WORK It Summaries of November Reports of State Departments to Board of Control Financial Summary. Cash balance. October 31, 1017 $1,227,296.96 Receipts for October r,1fi,4S1.44 1,74:!.77K.40 Auditor's vi'dcm paid in October :',00,007.47 Cash balance. November 30, 1917 1,443,770.93 $1,743,778.40 Batik Commissioner. In addition (r the regular work of Inspection the, report of the bank commissioner Aallfi parttrular attention to the operation' or the law relating to investments arwi Issues the following warribayr relative ' to the many worthless Neurit ies offered to the public: "There is a heavy penalty for selling or negotiating for sale in Vermont, without a license from the bank commissioner of any lands situated outside the slate, any stocks, bonds o- piher securities of any kind or character except the following'. "Bonds or the United States, state of Vermont, muiiicapallties of the ."tate. notes secured by mortgages of real estate in tin staie, oougaaiona given by individtittfs who are citizens or legal residents of this state, bonds. stocks or notes of corporations which have bfen approved by the. public service commission, or other govern- mental authority of any stale or or the I'nlted States. "Do not buy any or the securities which require a license for their sale, or any one wno is not i dtice a certificate f.'om the bank com mi.-sioner showing that be has a II- eenne to sell them. department has placed insurance on "Inform ttie bank commissioner Of i all of the sfattt property except such any canes coming to, your attention afi wafi insured under separate poli-of attempts to sel snch securities by -ies and in which others are Interested unlicensed people. (the amount of the insuranoe placed "Study investments yourseir. Do i being $2,587,500, at a rate materially not take the chance of losing your iPS!, (ban what was formerly paid. hard earned money hv investing m some scheme which looks good on j paper or " promises large diyidends. "Deal only with resjonslhle people who are authorised to do business in Vermont." Commissioner of Education. A considerable part of the time of the commissioner of education has homi devoted dnrine the present r.iontb in the orzanlzfl Mon of the work rvf vni-ntlnnal education nrovided for by Federal aid.. Under the act of Congress. Vermont receives $500u from the Federal Government for agricultural education, a like amount for domestic science and trade educa- ion. and the same sum for training teachers for these three subjects. The oayment of these sums tomliuoned upon equal appropriations by the state. Plans and wurses of study made by ftie, state for these subject have been an hnui nv ne n e i enai cent ro approval to the FVdrraJ "Board or Tocatiotial BducatJon. ii xlwJil I 11 H i Commissioner of Aflriculture. "At bearings In NW York City the rnumlsfcloner nresonted evidence be fore the New York City Committee j and returned 6 paroled prisoners who on: milk production relative to the were on probation, to confinement, rout of producing milk. Work has also I THE WEIGHTS AND MEASURES I n done in preparing plans for milk : DEPARTMENT has made :!lg4 ln- Kblttes and the remodeling of dairy ; spections at 35.1 stores located in 22 bams til the work of creamery In- different towns. speciion 63 dairy plants and 129 THE COMMISSIONER OF IN-farnii; were I m-peeled in November, i DUSTBIES re.,-ivod during Novem-The live stock inspecHon work eon- j ))Pr rt,p0rts of 670 accidents of which sisfed largely in giving the tubercu- two WPIP fatal, has allowed compen-lin test to cattle. 46J1 head having I sat ton in 129 cases and has finallv been tested hy the state veterinarian ; disposed or and closed 984 rases and 250 bead by the federal veteri- j There have been 22 hearings held MIIf?; , , , ' THE AUTOMOBILE DEPART There are at present 2 creameries I meNT of the office of the Secietan under ontrac. with the -tate depart- of s,ate (!!,UPd dtlri Noyembef 212 mem or agriculture to receive the U,.(omnhtlo dairy- manufacturing and marketing service which the department furnish es. This work is carried ca in co-otieralion with the federal department of agriculture and secures to creameries availing tbemselvett of it the service of the dairy' manufacturing expert employed and of the marketing agent of the department. The creameries are required to follow out the suggestions and instructions relative to Improved methods of manufacture and grading of products given hy the creamery expert and are required to make prompt shipments and keep proper accounting systems approved by the agents cf the department. The marketing agent endeavors to find a market for all products produced ir of satisfactory frade. and a far as possible to see that the customers secured have satisfactory financial standing although the slate assumes no liability In this regard. The department also fur- j nlshes at least twice each vesr an , Inspection of the premises of the pa-Irons of the creameries under contract PURE WATER FOR EMPLOYEES. with it. the product of which is not np to a medium standard and issues such orders to the patrons as will Insure sanitary conditions in their dairy plants. The work of the forester during the month has largely concerned Itself with an effort to Increase the corx! wood production or the state. State Board or Health. The report or the secretary of the state board of health reviews the vital statistics of the slate for the year, giving partlotilar attention to the prevalence of communicable diseases. During the past two rears special attention has been given (o typhoid fever with the result that the typhoid fever problem is almost solved In Vermont. Similar gains have been shown In the treatment of diphtheria. Scarlet fever has been prevalent to an tmusnal extent, there having been reported tp dale this year ?94 cases, and the death mtlo Is in ahont the proportion or one to twenty-five cases. In 1915, deaths from scarlet fever were only one to one hundred cases. With reference to measles the report says: "An example of disease still uncontrolled U found In measles. There have been reported 8. 723 eased of this disease this year, and the deaths will show a higher point than ever reached before. This Is, of course, pai Uy due to more complete reporting or cases and to the fact that deaths Troni measles are now attributed to the disease instead or being listed as broncho-pneumonia or some other cause as formerly." WTiooping cough is still one of the most prevalent of communicable diseases, the difficulty of quarantine being much greater in this than in most oilier diseases. The tuberculosis record will be slight Iv better this year than in 1916. There were made at the slate laboratory during November, 1117 examinations, nearly half or 520 being diphtheria examinations. 120 tuberculosis examinations. ?:! syphilis examinations, "4 sanitary water examinations. 51. milk examinations and lesser numbers of examinations ror other purposes. Insuranoe Commissioner. The Insurance commissioner has, during the month, completed arrangements with nil li.ihililv cnmininlpK hv , whion they navp agd to change i tne m-,ucy Tmm in inH,,rinir ulnmn- biles to conform to certain new re quirements. Agents of foreign fire i nna- oasualtv companies not author- (o tlo business in this country i m,der the provisions of the "trading v.-ith the enemy act" recently enacted j by ''ongress have been notified to write no rtirther business for these companies. The insurance los.s hy , nre on the Darn at the state prison ; farm at Windsor has been adjusted a( $6,252.30. During the month the Fish and Game Commissioner. The reports of deer killed during the open season, which was rrom November 10th to 20th. inclusive, show that throughout the state there were 981 deer killed of a total weight of 168,671 pounds or an average weight of 172 pounds. The department has received a report from t ,hp T'nited States Bureau of Diologl i "al Survey relative to. the survey j made by that bureau of the Downer , w mrcst si nnron and certain portions of Lake Champlala. This 1 report recommends the establishment i of lw" fr,w' reservations on the "l"""": , " " " '"""t"""1 and that the Downer state forest he used s a reservation for . ruffed grouse and ''Woodcock. The deput meni has under consideration this BW rpcommendajiions of the " THE BOARD OF CHARITIES AND PROBATION has impeded 7 poor-houses, attended to 43 child cases, investigated1 10 ritmilles where the surroundings were immoral or degrading fo,lrs. cen8 and 25P, operators' 11- ense for which there was received in fee $1025.89. There were two licenses suspended during the month. THE COMMISSIONER OF TAXES has been preparing during the month a bulletin In the form of questions and answers covering the general tax law for the usa of listers and other officials. Attention has bean given to the collection of overdue corporate taxes. THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMIS-SOIN has held 11 public hearings during the month relating to various matters concerned with the administration of public untilities in Ihe state and has investigated R accidents. The commission participated In a Joint hearing with the Interstate Commerce Commission and the New England Commissions at Boston relating to the proposed increases of freight sad passenger rates on steam railways operating In New Bngland. River water Is filtered, refrigerated and sterilized, then circulated through 12,000 feet of one-inch pipe to 35 sanitary drinking fountains In a manufacturing plant at Hannibal, Mo., by a supply system reoeotly Installed at an expense less than the old system of supplying the workmen with cooled water in barrels. TREA8URE TROVE. A veritable treasure trove was unearthed the other day by a Marcellne woman who runs a restaurant. When she was ransacking her desk she found $62 In change and a check for $0. all of wfaloh had been there since goodness knows when. The money bad slipped unnoticed through a hole In the back of tho desk and never hd been missed. 'Kansas City Times. AND PAWG8 OP INDIGESTION. The tendency to abandon public dinners In the interests of food economy will be gratefnlly wekomed by t hose who have .'ong suffered I lie of after-dinner oratory.- Plilladelnlm ledger. J RtMEHBER THE SOLDIERS Join the Red Cross Buy Your Christmas Gifts - - AT MULLIGAN & ROCHE Useful Christmas Gifts for JEWELRY, BELTS SUSPENDERS PAJAMAS NIGHT ROBES Mulligan & Roche OPEN EVERY EVENING UNTIL CHRISTMAS Needed. Friend Why do you maintain such B large "tliee force? Financier To prevent outsiders from Bothering me. 'Hut 1 thought that was what your exdettive Si-eretary was for." " h n. Ilii'is lmr' to pretent the ! oflictafotvo froia'tmthorini: me." Life T ol JREAL POEAR WEATHER. LadjC (out of sight) bal if the woman next door refused to give you n bite, and set the dog on on. it Is strange you wear SUCU a benevolent smile. The liobo Ah, mum, dat Ii a malic of expectancy dot settled on me fnec before I went dere. an' il Is so cold outside do smile froze on lue face ami won't come off,. DON'T BE BALD How to Make Hair Grow Strong, Thick and Lustrous on Thin Spots If your hair is foiling out don't wait auother day but get from your druggist a package of Parisian Sage, the really efficient hair Invigorator Don't Bay "It's the same old story I have heard it before," but try e bottle without risking a penny. Parisian sago Is guaranteed to grow hair, to stop falling hair, cure dandruff and scalp itch or money refunded. It's a scientific preparation that supplies all hair needs. There is nothing better. Parisian sago is in great demand by discriminating women because It! is delicately perfumed, not sticky or greasy, and makes the hair soft, lustrous and seem twlee as heavy and attractive. If you want to save your hair and beautify it by all means use Parisian sage you will not be disappointed. W. L. Gokay will supply you and guaranteo money refunded If not sat isfied. H It I "i ii-s , foil Christmas Shoppers NECKWEAR MUFFU RS BATH ROBES HOSIERY GLOVES HATS', CAPS SHIRTS, SWEATERS UNDERWEAR UMBRELLAS CAKES. TOQUES HANDERCH1EFS SILK HANDKERCH'FS FUR LINED GLOVES COLLARS TRAVELING BAGS SUIT CASES AVIATION CAPS . LADIES' GAUNTLET WOOL GLOVES Style Shop NOTICE. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the First National Dank of North Bennington, Vt., will be held at their banking-house on Tuesday, the first day of January, 1918, at ten o'clock A. M for the purpose of electing a Hoard of Directors' for tho ensuing year and for any other proper and necessary business. f; Ralph A. Jones. Casjjler. North Bonnington, Vt..' December 1st, 'aj ; ... - ;'l ANNUAL BANK ME ING QiUi 'December. TSh, 1917. The annuel meeting of tjio shareholders of the First National. Bank of Bennington, Vt , for tho eO(.'tion of directors and transaction ofafy other hnsihess which may Aljor:bro9ght be lore said meeting will be held at the banking house or said Association on Tuosday. January, 8ti, 191. at ten o'cloek a. :n. L. A. Graves, Cashier. The annual meeting of the Stockholders of the Bennington County National Bank, of Bennington, Vt, will bo hold in their banking rooms on Tuesday the 1st day of January, 1918, at 10 o'clocx a. m.. ror the pur-post z'. electing a Board of Directors for the ensuing year and to transact such other business as may properly come before it. Howard A. Wilson. Cashier December 1, 1917. Bennington County Savings Bank The annual meeting or the corporators of tho Hennlngton County Savings bank will he !.e'.d at the office of said hank in its oank building In Bennington, Vt., on the first Wednesday, 2nd day of January. A. D.. 191S at 2 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing a board of trustees for the year ensping and the transaction of any other business found necessary when met especially to fill vacancies in the number ot corporators and to alter and revise the bylaws. Charles H. uewey. Secretary. Dated at Bennington, Vt., Nov. 30, 1917. GEORGE H. THOMPSON. M. B. PKACTICK LIMITED TO EYE, EAR, NOSE upland AND THROAT Street OMMM NORTH ADAMS - Man HOTEL WEBSTER rortr-nrth Street br Fifth Aveune 40 WKsr 4Kth STBEET NEW YORK (Jimt off Fifth Avenue on one of city's quietest gtrcot) .j v. York's most beautiful hotels. Much favored In" women traveling without escort. Within four in mutes walk of forty theatres. Center of sboppiog district. Rooms private bath - - - $2 SO and uo Sitting room, bed room and bath $5.00 and up Send fjr booklet. W. Johnson Quinn Prop

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