The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1931
Page 3
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1931 (ARK.V COUKIEU NEWS PAOfl THRKK [pay (he full faco value) at this lime. The immediate cost would de- iwnil, first, on the ninounl Congress decided to pay the Individual vet- cian for Ills ailju!:. c-inwisailan I ! certificate, which now lias nu av- jc-inije value In 1945 of $1000. H Mould depend, secondly, on the iiro- pciticn of the 3.400,000 veterans holding certlficntcs who GEFQRE SEMITE in clubs con be safely led from dummy, \vlivvh leaves South svltlv live fjcod queen of clubs, Declarer vc- tuvn.s the ilcm'c of hearts from dummy, trumping In his own hand wllti the five of diamonds, then l.tnds the nine of clubs, In dummy with (lie four The senate banking nnd currency commtUn; today volcil 12 to a la :naXe 11 fnvomble report on the iiomlimiion of EiiKi'iie Meyer. Jr.. to be B«V.:I nor of the k'ikral K-serve board. iof preferred i Marraret Saucer Aunearsl The declarer has th« Souili Hand the cash to conihunng the 20-year! ,«>?,, „*" ^ , i richly markvd with (he king o! Ccmpromise lo Loans Seems Likely * ution of Controversy. KDITOR'S NOTK: This Is the, ll'M ilory I" a "'ties of four e lv- 1 iriK Hit- A B C of the bonus row i iu.« before Congress. Today. KJ:l- ] my nuti'lier iUs<-ii«*s Uic ••--'•-'•'- i endowment Insurance policy which i Hie certificates represent. ' Increase' T ' IC eslciu to which veterani! wmlM depend both on the cxteir. Of their imniedlats needs and 0:1 1 the liberality of the terms on which Congress decided to cash ths certificates. The lace value of the certificates ,is atom $3.40Q.CK)Q.(jOQ and Uie £3. cci nert c;lsh Qr |Jrcsent daj . va ' )ue is about $1,150,003,000. the latter iig- III Behalf of Measure by grades lo lustily Ilie orUliml BW c ,-,-n ' ^' "i"' "° li'iiinp. It nlso looks ai Senator blllett. • though N.-n-th wljlniilly held st\ ! IvaHs anil five spades. The <le \VASHINOTON. Feb. 13. (UP)—, clarcr proi-eecis lo execute tin Infi'iiiilmal" | l >! ">' knov ™ " s llu; Clld l ' 1 " y ' m " U1C i| ic i uc ii, lg the earned i»rllon o'- _ - I-I.A at the compromise plan by(n )e ^5 | Wr cent credit erar.lKl by Klilch It is sujsrsled increasing: the I congress in addition to basic ad- Itau value uf tlie \ derails' adjust- h U5tet i compensation. Tmis, to cash cU cmuprnsallon ci-rllllcati-s from -m t i le certificates at face value us 2:> (D 50 iwr InslraiJ of llic: |,, G v!ded in the Patninn— or crlginal ]ilaiJ tur_ naylns Uu> eutlr. 1 1 man-Brookharl— bill would ' ........ "•"••'•• ' I" BV WUTCHEK Nt'A Service Writer (Copyright. 1931. NEA Service. Inc.) WASHINGTON.— Trie outcome of Maigarel Sanger. known birth control advcciic, tolJ e senate Judiciary sub-commlttcs today the present federal ban on birth control advice was Impairing | ° h mothers' ncalth, fnmlly and social welfare. llead Courier N'ewj Want Ans leads the six ol c ; leading his last trump, tlu? seven diamonds, throwing South In the lend with the queen ol dla- Ghe urjj^tl favorable* action en I fi-om Pat- cost twice as much as to cash them all at prescnl day value. II the certificates \vere cashed at face value there uuiild be an ob- vicn.-, incentive for all veterans tc cash in nt oticc and tlio cost would, run above $3.000,000,000 to a pos- bonus certificates is likely to be an [ ;>ible maximum of more than S3r 400,000,000. '1'hc treasury \vould ave to raise all the cash. The veterans would gel thai cash excep: for some $300,000.000 which (hey lave borrowed on Iheir certificates and would be reimbursed to the jovernmenl and to banks. The reserve thus far accumulated loi payment of the certificates on ma- the cnmpiign for cashing soldier arrangement under which, the government will lend up to half a bil- fci;) dollars more lo World War veterans on theii' adjusted compensation certificates. Instead of paying about seven times as much willi the proceeds of a huge bond Issue for redemption of certificates at their face value, the treasury will, it is believed, be called on only to lend on tlie certificates to the extent of about 5'J per cent of face valus which would give the average certificate a loan value of about, $500 instead of less than $220 as at present. Money Available Socn After If. this course is adopted loans under the ne\v system will be made (he bill Introduced by Senator ciil- lell. Republican. Mawa;-hu<eHs, tc penult (he distribution of such in-1 formation by physicians, clinics and 1 medical schools. Her appearance with a' group of -scientists, doctors, colle-jc professors raid clergymen mnrked (he second assault In 58 years 0:1 (he l.uv which classifies such advice with indecency. The law was sponsored by Anthony Comstock. Nc'.v England puritanic proiwncnt. Mr.T. Sangcr described the GlUcll bill as (h» foundation of a mother's bill ol rights. j in' nds. As South has nothing but ! ...n,in b . IK, is forced lo lenil a'.vny his kins, the declarer allows ;t to rid? to his queen, which wins, and the hist two tricks arc (jowl in As m-nher !.lde were vulnerable the declarer scores five diamonds doubled, which is 200. SO for ranking hs contract, and If he were pluy.iig rubber bridge, his side '.vuiikl bccop.-.e vulnerable. H playing progressive or duplicate, he would ;-<;ic 30J points for n.nklni; same in one hand. lurity amounts to about, $150.000,003 but It, has been invested in government securities, which securities the treasury would have to sell fo: cash along with the proposed bond issue. It would be drawn upon in proportion to the amount of ca=h demanded by holders of certificates. Cash Payment Would Boast Debt Secretary of the Treasury Mel- Eugene Meyer Given Committee Approval WASHINGTON. Feb. 13 (UP) — Eat Everything without Fear of Indigestion ( Arc there lots of foods you cau'l eat—for fun- of «»s, bkiatlnir,. I pains in tlie stomach nml bowels?'! Do you Lave lo pass up,favorite'I dishes—while, the u'sl enjoy them) I ^That's a sign you need Tniibcl'l r'or more (him 10 years Tnnlni; tea' restored to vigorous henllh thousands who denied themselves their: favorite foods Jual as you huvc tu. ! Mrs. Arvona Bowers, of 1230 ji Jackson St., Toueku, Runs., sayaiil "Five years I was troubled with j | jas, bloating and dizzy spells, lint • Tanlac toned up my whole system . and mcrniscd my weight 10 Ibs." ', If you suffer from Indigestion, 8«3, dizziness, Hcadnehes, constipation or torpid liver—give Tanlnc u ! chnncc lo help you! The first bot- : tie. often bring! the neetied relief. '. - Tanlac is a good, pure iiicilk'ine, ; made of roots, barks, and herhn \ that are recognized by the United j States Pharmacopoeia. Gel il from j your iliugcist today. Your money I back if il doesn't hell) YOU. < Phone 159 Kef/iiininf/Saturday night, Feb. I Hit, this store will dose promptly ai U:M p. ft- i mi! cad of 10:30. ttcginn'mg Monday, Feb. Ifilh we will cloiw at HM />. m. instead of 6:30. Tim will be permanent, Bargains for Saturday and Monday I'liilo of Illinois (i.imii) C:in BANANAS (Jriffon IOC No. 2'/ 2 Can 10 Cris[) Florida 71C 12 available almost, immediately otter I Ion-says that payment of the $3.- the passage of the ict 400,000,000 now would Increase the Pace value of the cerlificates is ^^»»% £* £& nean payment to veterans of some Sl,G40,OOO.COO more than the present value of the certificates. House Minority Leader Jack Garner of Texas would give the veteran the basic compensation plus the 25 per cent credit plus 4 per cen! interest from the date of the certificate. That would ccal 52,120.000,000 and would exceed the so-called cash value by about $375.000,000 Gamer estimales Ihat about 60 cent of the veterans might take advantage of this, bringing the cos down to about $1,300,000,000. Treas- try officials believe the offer would such a "good thing" that thei would all come In. is about $3,400.000.000 and 50 per cent, of that is $1.700,000,000. But somewhat less Ihr.n half of the veterans have borrowed and. assuming that few new iCerliSeaMs would h: pledged -about 3350.000.000—may be taken as a rough estimate of the maximum likely lo be lent to vel : erans. Nearly $300,000,000 of thai, however, has already been borrowed under the old loan values, which would leave $550,000.000 available lo borrowers. Because no one can foretell how extensively veterans would take advantage of extension oi loan privileges It is perhaps safest to yuess that the amount of cash paid out, would run somewhere between ^4W,poO,0000 and $600,000.000. Lirh- flP£t'On of loans to cases of proven neer/, or an arbitrary gross limit O'i the; : tptal loaned cm any certificate would keep "the "Iof a! 'down, "while low. Interest rates presumably wciild tend to enlarge it. Thrto anil IteH Per Cent interest Seen' Congress seems likely to adopl the figure of 3!i per cent suggested by ".Owen D. Young as the future rale of interest on veterans' loans Rates on the loans have varied be- caiise they are required to be 2 p;r cant abDve the 'rediscount rate charged on 90-day paper by the Federal Resrve bank of (he Reserve bank district where the Veterans' Bureau office making the loan is located. In most instances, the rate on veteran loans is now 5'.1> psr cent, but it has been running as low as 4 per cent in the New York district. The Veterans' Bureau has been making loans from the U. S. government insurance fund. If !ca:i values were raised by law, another hundred million or more might be raised from that source and th3 bureau could begin lending from it on the new basis at once. Tlie sinking fund for Ihe compensation certificates will amount to- nearly $900,000,000 after this Congress has made ths annual appropriation for it and if 50 p?r cent of. Ihat were made available fo: loans the amount would cover th probable requirements ol tbe pro- t '.ed loan value extension. The iking fund is not in cash, how ever, and its use would involve the sale of £overmri;nt securities fc; the treasury. Sayi 200,000 lo 300,000 Vets In Need General Frank T. Hines, director of-'veterans' affairs, has estimated that only between 200,000 and 300.- OOQ veterans arc In distress or nee:!. How many veterans would ever pay back the enlarged loans anJ realize eventually the full face value on their bonus certificates is problematical, but to dale l^ss than 5 per cent of borrowers have done so. No one knows how much it would cost W cash the bonus certificates 1IY WM. K. McKrNXJiV SctrcUiry American Bridge League The declarer in today's hand iiMitsa a harmless overcall, but his partner jumps him into a game contract which Is doubled. However, j by clever card rending and skilful lay he makes his contract of five I dd doubled. •ORTH S—108-7-6-4 H—K-MO-8-7-4 D—None C—5-4 ELOTE GROCERY and MARKET Fioridas, Sweet Peck 25c and Juicy, Like _ 1A Those Last Sat. UOZ. IOC WEST S-A-9 H-A-3-2 D—J-IO- 8-6-4 C—K-IO- 2 EAST S-Q-3-2 H—6 0-A-K- 7-5-3 C-l-9- S-6 The plan to pay on the presen value basis, allowing the earned portion of the 25 per cent and 4 por cent interest, would cost about Sl.7W.COO,OOO.J and- the veterans' would set Sl,-i35,000,000. As in the other cases, the treasury xvould have to raise all but a very few millions of the cost. General nines estimates that all veterans would promptly take advantage of an opportunity to cash bonus certificates at face value, that about 50 per cent would cash at present day value—at a • cost of bout 3850,000,000 -and that be- ween 50 and 15 per cent would ac- epl a proposal for basic compen- u-.ion plus the 25 per cenl cr3d1l NEXT:: More about the bonus now in Congress. Woman Arrests Policeman Who, Broke Traffic Law EVANSTON. III., Feb. 13. (UP)- The traffic light of an Evanston street intersection glowed red as a wlicc auto streaked past regard- rss. while Mrs. Allen R. Frey of Glencoc, crossing with the green light, fought at the wheel of her motor car to avert an accident. Her husband and two children were in the machine. She turned to the pursuit of the police car, slanted across its path and stopjKd Patrolmen Henry Engstrom and Henry Dricker. "You are under arrest," she cried as the two Henrys gasped and fingered their stars, but meekly wen' along to the station mumbling they were after .t spseder, Chlel of Police W. O. Freeman ndicated (hey would bs suspended for three days and Mrs. Frey drove off triumphantly. SOUTH—DEALER S-K-l-5 H-C-g.5 0—a-9-2 C—A-Q-7-3 The Kidding TlK hand was played at contract and South, the dealer, having a count of H, opened with one no trump. This suited West very well and he passed. North, however, has a distribution Iriat will nst stand no trump and takes out with two hearts. East puts in an overcall ol three diamonds. Sou[h goes lo three hearts and West jumps to five diamonds, which South doubled. South's daub!c is rather dangerous, due to the fact that West, after passing his one no trump, jumped his partner to flve. This would show that West held some good tickets and was satisfied to see South -attempt to play th? hand at no trump. South shculrt have been salisfied to defeat the- contract if possible. The Play South's opening was the queen of hearts, the top of his partner's suit, which the dummy won with the ace. The jack of diamonds was led from dummy and when North showed out by discarding a heart, the declarer went up with the ace. South's no trump has spotted most of the missing high cards for the declarer. His next play is the jack, of clubs which S-uth wins with, the ace and returns the nine of hearts. North covers with the ten in order to be in the lead In case the declarer has another heart, but (he declarer trumps with the three of diamonds. The six of clubs is led by declarer and the ten spot finesse taken, which holds The king oJ WILLS HUSBAND KINO ALBANY, N. 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ApprovetJby i iliucir^u. In ioc.4oc.6oc Iwiilfs. Or by Ihe ; Jojcalfoda fountains. Tryi:! Bccjrclosiy \ "Smile at the Ache- Ordinary pains— headache and neuralgia,'muscular pains, functional pains, the headache and congested feeling of a 'cold in the head—how quickly they disappear when you take a tablet or two of DR.MILES' Cbbir-mint Dr. Miles' Aspir-Mint is the new, stable, mint-flavored tablet that is making people, nil over the country "Smile at the Ache" 15e and 25c nt your drug store VOULL &ET RELIEF-. OW VOUP MOMEY RACK SUGAR ,,, ^H49 C I GRAPEFRUIT u Tr.rlO c ONIONS Swrc( Sl T'u, If I APPLES ," ome Hc;u !\b, 25 C I'hnne 177 We Deliver BANANAS Large Yellow Fruit 1'ound LETTUCE Heads, Eitth 5c 6 Pound Pail Each 89c CELERY Large Jumbo Kach lOc CABBBAGE Tcxns (!r u" 48*9. CO Each a MUSTARD GREENS Home Grown I'ound CAULIFLOWER ,,,lf I HOMINY No. 21/2 Can 9° POTATOES No. 1 Red Triumphs Pound 2c Idaho Pearl. 15-Lb. Cloth Hag. 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Stick, <k Pound 22 c FRESH TOMATOES Pound 15c Pound 22c FISH s "™"°" u.25 c l BEEF STEW K ' c 'u.]2 1C 2 . C. ICC 8 DAffW "lackhawk, Sliced OCC "i.b. 13 I MIAMI Lb. L-3 Sides Best Grade Streak-0-Lean (b. Ikllies u,W\ HAMS BACON NECK BONES L, 4 C I BRAINS Picnic 17 1C Lb. It 2 Pork 101C Lb. ausage Ib. 12!c

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