The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1939
Page 6
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BLYTHEyiLLB; (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Figures Behind Armament Production Guns Move Out Of, Munitions Factories In Steam Streams B!> WILXJS THORNTOS KEA 'Smite. Stiff Writer The men now locked in bittte in Euiope fight with the glo« of great (crges behind them. The munitions plants of Britain, France and Oej- raarii are \iorklng 24 homs a day to provide the guns and ainmunl- tloh for the:holocaust. SD vital.Is.tills stream of shells, guns and cannon that nlready in Germany! ' women have been ordered .into Uie munitions factories to take the place ox men, Just as was ' done by all countries sooner or later during Hie WoiUI War. The Krupp works, centeilng on Essen, Is piobably the world's greatest munitions establishment. Always the key point of German armament and German world trade in arms, the Krupp works have been expanded since Hitler took; power, and now employs at . least•' 130,000 workers. • So vital is this vast organization to the German, wnr economy thnt appeals to Geiman workers, from pie time of the Kaiser on doi\n truvugh the Republic and even today Bunder Hitler, are oftenest mnde, at the Krupp^ plants at Essen * The owner of the Krupp works is Guslave Krupp von Bohlcn und Holbach, together with Ms wife, JUEtSM HOLD EVERYTHING". By Clyde Lewis MONDAY, SEPTEMBER is, 1939 l WaS h ° Survey Shows Natural Resources Vital In Event Of War MONTGOMERY, A!n. (UP) _ Alnbama will J;e one of the nation's key military and economic areas In event of any wnr. A survey of Hie stste's vast wartime j»tentlalitlcs disclosed that Ihcre la (ui abundance of everything calculated lo strengtlien the j sinews of war — iron, coal, elcc- I tricity, food, cattle, minerals, navf- rivers. Guns /low from Europe/.,i BImoment plants in a Meady stream, like those shown warty to •leave Britain's Vlckers *orks. Outstanding figures behind the streams.of French and Germa Eugene Schneider, left, of the nench Schncidcr-Creusot Interests, Bertha amous German munitions family sir Hnrry Mcuo,,,,, ,,,,«, , !lCild of Judustiles. , , , - ----- holding companies mat thread wcrks from her fam- through all British Industry s< the win* dimomat MaMglus d!recto , of ^ ^^ von Bohlen imd Holbach who marrleTher' and" looter nime '"« * Sir Charles Craven, together with a guiding p: £ itlon " e ru ! lcllo " s , fr01 " n "'<*l-and- In her business I clTrom ! u "i' P nl «ce nt Vickers House, In her business. Tlie Krupp and allied business interests were influential in bringing Hitter to power In 1933, bnt Ihe precise ^relations!!Ip between : the . -.-- , nnd still ro- proudly the days when he commanded a British submarine. precise '-relationship between the s ! r Harry Mcpowan, head ot Industrial barony luni the National Imperial Chemical Industries, Ihe Socialist government today is not Msgest c-I all British Industrial , concerns, started as a youth in the Nobcr Explosive factories in Swe- . //The Krupp works also takes n Nobcr Explosive factories in Swe- large' part in the conversion of den - Hc is wcl! acquainted In tiic coal into fuel oil and gasoline, Unlt «' States, having: made some vital to the Hitler war machine. 'CZECH ARMS WORKS FALLS TO HITLER old The arms-making bulwark of the empire is to- other country. TKe PAYOFF 90 crqssjngs, and has owiicd important Interests m. General Motors anil International Nickel of Canada. Both . these vast: British firms um muuu-xiuugiiiiiui empire is 10- h?™ ' on £ " s te °f subsidiaries, day also m Hitler's hands. This is criss-crossing through- Ihe whole the Skoda works at Pilsen, Brunn, cl British indlislrlnl production in and ether cities of what was Czechoslovakia, At one time alter the World War, this organization fen Into French control, then that cf the Czech government. Tsday, of course, it is In Hltlei's hands, but how effective it Is in equipping the Reich armies Is not certain It is known that Hitler tried to palm off on Italy much cf the Skoda equipment which 'had been furnished the Czech army, leading to a presumption that it was not -sell-geared to the rest of Hitler's war machine. A man more than 70 years old is at the nominal headship of the French muniticns industry. He Is Charles Prosper Eugene Schneider, descendant of on Immigrant German family. The principal Schneider works at Le Creusot, the" artillery factories at Harfieur, Le Havre, Le, Hoc, and the torpedo works at Le Lcnde were taken over by the i French government HRO years ago, and nationalized. It is at Le Creusot that the famous French la was built during the World War. j Schneider is the complete cynic, and fo him Is attrlbulcd the nitty if sardonic definition of peace: "A period of cheating between two : periods of fighting!" —BUT JOEUX WASN'T BOMBED Francois de Wendel heads the famous clan which through its primacy In the Comile des Forges (steel cartel), is In a key position In the French steel and arms industry. Their mines, many o£ them, are in: the Briey Basin, around Joeux, which was captured by the Germans during the World War, but which remained mjsteriously immune to bcmbing for many months, even while its sinews were turned to:help the Germans. Two great companies supply rnost of the British arms, the Vickers- Armslrong, Ltd., combine, and'the Imperial Chemical Industries. Each is a vast Industrial ccmbiue of servers as Kid McCoy, trickiest, of nil fighting men, and Jack Kearns, who brought out Jack Dempsey, Into ecstasies. McCoy and Kcariis give him n great chance provided he survives Louis' early, (Ire. A Pastor victory would lie a richly deserved reward for James J. Johnston, lias .scare-lied for a heavyweight champion for 40 years. Jimmy Johnston, 64 now, has hud five world champions, but never, has come down in front with (he'big apple. , Bold: Mike 'McTigue twice held Iho 175-ppund leadership under the Old Boy Bandit's .guidance. James j;.handled welter-rulers in Ted Ktd Lewis and Pete Livtw>, Lewis enjoying two terms. James J. had Harry Oreb ns. theV 180— i ^—•— -•- pound king, and Johnny Dundee r — or war time, and both" siir.- as feather foreman. He managed Shed a drive several years ago to•<the brilliant British champion, place British arms manufacture Jem Drlscoll, and Owen Moron, under the'' goernnicnt. The Brit- He made n fortune with'PhnitiC- ish arms manufacturers are the ing Phil Scott, the Swooning only'• ones ..who -'weathered this Swan. ' storm, and Britain depends en , * • * " private arms-makers ns does no WHITE HOrE AKMY CAUSIvl) BY HARRY GRAYSO.V NBA Service Sports Editor BRIGHTON, , Mich., Sept. 15.— Kpbert Pastor has come through 25 college football games as a blocking back nnd 46 professional, prize fights without a mark. ,The dent In Joe Louis' challenger's nose Is a momenta of an automobile .accident -when he was five years old. •' His only scar Is ah ugly one above Ihe ankle of his left''leg ... a souvenir of his amateurishness as a woodsman last fall/ Pastor, has never been cut in a fight . . . never bled. There Isn't the slightest trace of a cauliflower ear. The kid must.have somettiincr. Abe Attell was most concerned about an unmarked opponent. The famous featherweight chain- Dion believed In signs . . . signs that told him he was bumping into someone hard to hit. , Pastor has trained for his 20- rounder with Louis at Briggs Stadium, Detroit, Sept. 20, in the good old-fashioned way. PASTOR'S 1'ILOT HAS TRIED FOR -10 YEARS His assortment of punches, blocking, slipping of blows and footwork against sparring partners of the highest type, and his condition have whirled such keen ob- THE HUNTER PACKING COMPANY EAST ST. LOUIS, ILL. Cordially Invites You To Inspect Their DISPLAY TRAILER A complete line of the finest meat specialties ..and canned meats will be oh display in a miniature grocery store on wheels. You will be invited to sample many of the fine foods prepared • under the Hunter Label. Make it a point to see , this display at corner of Main and Second Tuesday, September 19, 1939. A-lillOADWAY .TRAFFIC JAM During the-, height o[ the Jack j In addition,, the U. S. Army has its acrlnl tactical school here, an infantry fcrt, in the northern part. ot the ttate and Is projecting an Sil.OOO.COO air depot at (lie iwrt of Mobile. Also, Alnbama Jias a splendid National Gunrd of 4,000-0(!il men, extensive officer training in high schools and • one of Hie t'rande.'st military traditions In America as "the Cradle at the Confederacy." Active in-World War Alabama's wnr potency was realized 20 years ago— when the United States entered the World War — with establishment, of a huge military (raining camp, Fort Sheridan, at Montgomery. The survey listed the following "sinews of war": A great supply of iron and coal in ^lie Birmingham nnd Oadsden areas. Some state military observers believe if war comes nn army arsenal would be set up there. Unlimited store of electricity in Tennessee Valley section ot stale, for use in munitions manufacture. Muscle . ShoaLs has n World War nitrate plant' — : now in use as a Tennessee Valley Authority fertilizer laboratory. Maxwell Field, nt Montgomery- die army's tactical school. It probably would be greatly expanded to prepare, for. the latest in air maneuvers, - tactics and experiments. Fort McClellin Is Base Port McClellan, in the northern part of Alabama near Anniston, n large infantry base now undergoing expansion. '- II :unrtoubled!y would become one of the nation's greatest troop training centers if war should come. Mobile, large Gulf Coast seaport which already has been a\varded a new $8,0000,000 federal aerial base. With -war raging in Europe, -™ i"7" • "V "" ••*—•>• it- is expected to be rushed toward why he has remained at' completion. -' •' " or near the top'iii the profession U-'THe- V '-Black Belt,- . : rich fertile ... as . fighter, manager, mutch- black land of south Alabama maker, awl promoter ... for nil whicli .grows luxuriant Uicse years. A , rCBdy it has bccom ' Johnson white hope era, 'Johnston Inserted ads hi New York dailies Inlvllng young men 'of considerable size, to participate . in n tournament after a period of free schooling. More than 5000 applicants created u traffic join In front of his Broadway office. The winner of • the tournament' quit cold In his first fight out of It. When he believed . he saw heavyweight possibilities in. one Jim Sigma n, Johnston spent $5000 in his development which - failed to materialize.- : l?ol) Pnslor .turned to. Johnston when • Joe Welling, the one-time lightweight crack, died. ,It was Welling who developed t'he New York University lad as n sinum- "Are y<Ju sure Ihe rope won'i break, dear? I've got (he giggles," Johnston is supremely 'confident that he has attained his goal in Pastor. He will be bltlerly disappointed if. the .'.New York-bred ..warrior fails, but will continue the search. Jimmy Johnston will never ' lie ruled .out for not Iryta BUY THIS NtW DUO JHERM MATER NOW ...AND KEEP COOL ALL SUMMER LONG! JACK ! <r's THE SHADE I TURN ON THE HIATER. WILL VOll? A. 'ftollnfl breeze In summer! Amazing Duo-Therm Power-Air blows n brisk refreshing breeze to help keep you cool. cattle area. In time of stress its production of beef for American doughb:ys could be tremendously increased. Viial Waterways E\ist A , series of splendid waterways exist— the Tennessee, the Alabama, the Tombigbee—and a projected Tombigbee-Tennessee Canal which has been approved by Congress. Mobile, with Us superb bay, one of the finest and m-:st thriving seaports In the United Stales. It* fleet of American merchantmen could speedily be converted into troop transports and munitions carriers. ' Alabama's rich agricultural lands cculd—and do — produce cotton, com, and many other vegetables vital to the stamina or the gigantic fighting machines of modern warfare. British Queen Diets To Keep Slimmer Line LONDON (UP)—Although Queen Elizabeth has entered her fortieth year, every one is remarking how mcch slimmer, gayer and prettier she has become' recently. She is eager'"to retain the slim-, nier line which she attained on the strenuoa 1 ; American tour. A modified slimming diet has been largely responsible for that. It consists of plenty of salads, green vegetables and fresh fruit, As a result the queen's skin is the envy of debutantes. She has a perfect mllk-anil- roses complexion which she . does not allow to acquire even .tlv slightest tan. She uses ihe faintest suggestion of natural colored rouge and lipstick, and a light powder carefully blended to 'match her fair coloring. Since her return from Canada. The Morning AfterTaking Carters Little Liver Pills the (iticen has ordered lighter menus at-the palace. Meals hsve been reduced by one course, five courses Instead of six no-,v arc served for dinner. • Sweets have to contain fruit in some form. During her holiday In Scotland —ic'ndherod to her recent plan of having smaller teas. Although a Ecot herself she' realizes thnt Scot teas can be too bountiful. ONLY ONK OF ITS KIXD NORTHEAST, Md'., Sept. 12.— Sandy Cove Yacht Club claims to be the only one of its kind In the country. All Its members ave women. • A WORD to the WISE. I JUST DONT KNOWWHAT TO DO, HELCN. SOMETIMES l « f REASON HE ^FORGETS ME . • w r\ Kcn*VJI , MENOONUIKE < ( WOKEN WHOHAVEH 1 ! ^.PfPANDtttERQY.) Helen is right. Men don't like women who are dull and listless, who look as tired and worn out as they say they are. Sometimes the lack of sparkling pep and energy, which is so attractive to others, is due to simple anemia, a condition brought on by a deficiency of iron in the blood. Men and women Who are overworked, spend long hours indoors and lack sufficient sunshine .and exercise, often find that it Is this condition which is sapping their pep and energy. Sargon, the famous tonic with iron, is helpful in overcoming iron deficiency m the blood, tending to aid nature in building red blood cells and hemoglobin. This accomplished, you feel like a new person, with new pep and vitality and a better appetite. , ' _. Get a bottle of Sargon today at onr risk. If you irre not entirely satisfied, after taking according to directions, the full purchase price will be returned without question. Kirby Drug Co. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Servic* Plenty of Htal In wtnUrl Duo- Therm Power-Air drives heat lo every come r... gives even "IJoor- to-ceiling" heat I Power-Air blows a 27-mile-an-hour breeze! The new "year-round" Duo-Therm is today's greatest development, in fuel oil heaters 1 Clean . . , silent . . . trouble-free ... dirt-free I i Only Duo-Therm has the patented Bios- Baffle Burner far regulated heat... more heat per gallon.' Greater comfort with greater economy 1 Offers every heating advantage PLUS SENSATIONAL NEW POWER-AIR! This brand-new feature gives you the comfort of a 27-mile-an-hour breeze on hot summer days. In winter, it circulates heat faster, better, all through your house I Costs no more than other healers 1 Start enjoying Duo-Therm's year-round comfort now. Come in and see the many handsome models today. •».'. As Low As OU Convenient Terms r | Liberal Trade-In 5lh and Main J. W. ADAMS, M gr . .Open Evenings till 8:30 Phone 233 New 1940 Chevrolets FIRST Again /"

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