The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1949
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY 13, 1949 BI.YTOEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE mm THE NATION TODAY Truman's Democratic Congress Accomplishes Less Than Did Maligned GOP Bossed Session \f By .lames Marlow WASHINGTON, May 13. </l>j— This is a goorl time to call the roll on Comiress. It's mid-May, with this year's regular session of Congress more than half over. Except lor renewing rent control, this Democratic Congress hasn't finished any major item in President Truman's promised program. And yesterday Senator Tail of Ohio, one of the jockeys of the Republicans in Congress, predicted defeat for a large part of the program. At this jwint there seems a bet-*-—— — • • ter chance for his prediction to come true that) for a large part of the Truman program. Take a look at the score: Homing— (lie Senate has passed a bill to provide government housing for low income groups. The House is expected to do the same. So this probably will become law. Labor Bill Dormant Labor—The ITouse tarmptcd the new labor bill which Mr. Tnunan and organized labor wanted to replace the Tuft-Hartley act. Neither house has passed a new hill yel \Tpvbe neiiher will. If Congress does act. It almost certainly produce a new labor !mv lc,U different from the one Mr. Truman asVfd. Medical Insrrance—In spite ol € 1 the hullabaloo about compnl- ry medical insurance, and Mr 'Truman's prodding of Con'^ this srems to have no chance o Minimum wage—Mr. Tinman anc his lieutenants wanted Congress tc raise the minimum wacic from 4 1 cents an hour to 75, besides tnak ing some other changes in the minimum wage law. If Congress aeLs on this, it probably will raise Ihc wa?,c io less than ID cents. lUnclor tne law an employer I product crosses slate lines must not pay his employes less than 40 cents an hour. That minimum wns set back in 1940 when living wa.s a lot cheaper than now.) Civil Richts Bill Sidetracked Social Security — Mr. Truman wanted social security pay raised and more people aiven the benefit of social security. This is still buried In the works In Congress. You'll have to whether anything will be done about it at all. Civil Rights—This seem like a gone goose. The Senate wrangled over it lor weeks early this session and never sot further than preliminaries. In effect, the Southern (•Democrats won in their • effort to .sidetrack it. Farming—Secretary of Agriculture Brannan came up with a ne'V farm program. This has received praise and criticism. Its chances lock chilly. Taxes—Mr. Tmman wanted about » S4.000.0flfl.000 tax raise, mostly on business, to help meet government costs. He still 1 wants this and said so again yesterday. Republicans and some of Mr. Truman's mnst dependable allies in Cons;i-s are against it. They say "cut ex'- -uses, this is no time to raise taxes." After reading this you're probably snyinir "the President's program is beginning to look raggedy." It sure Is. •tate Hospital Lacks '•unds to Make Wards "or Felons Escape-Proof LITTLE ROCK. May 13. OP)—It impossible to make Ihe criminal wards at the slate hospital "escape n'oof" under present conditions, ;}r. George w. Jackson, hospital superintendent, said yesterday. He said, however, that steps are ins taken to make the wards as secure as possible with "all the money we can allocate for this pur- pn.sf at this time." Hus stitlement was made in com- menlims on recommendations made vrstcrday by Stale Police Director I'eimr.n LhH'srv. At the request of Governor McMatll. Lindsey and othn 1 officials .inspected the hospital as Ihe result of the escape <it Ptovd R. Reed. Reed. deranged gunman who Wednesday confessed a slaying here last June, fled from the hospital by a lire escape. Neqro Deaths Funernl services will be conducted for Patrick Henry Whltehend. TG, Sunrtnv at 11,00 a.m. at the Pilgrim Rrst Church. Burial in Pilqviin Rest cemetery. He was bom in Toxns 1 had lived in O.srcola Ihc past years where he WHS ciiKnRcd in farming. He is survived by ono daughter, Annan Pifnc Siiiiniotis of Os- coola and .several grandchildren. Swift funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Sixty-one Seniors At Caruthersville To Get Diplomas Sixty-one seniors will be graduated from Hie Canitliersvllle, Mo., High School at commencement exercises next Thursday, and baccalaureate services will be conducted Sunday night at the high school auditorium. Jcnn Alfonl. Jolin Cravens. I'L'R- gy Pox. Dorothy King, Clyde Johnston. Wayne Morris, Oliver Parkinson and Betty Jo Prichnrd have been named as the honor students. There are 35 boys and 26 girls In tlie graduating class at CanUlicrs- ville Hits year. The Rev. Bill Smith, pastor of the Church of Christ In Carutlicrs- ville. will deliver the baccalaureate address Sunday. Tlie list of Rradiiates follows: James Abbott. Pay Abcrnethy, Willard Adams. Shirley Atnsworth, Jean Alford. Doris Belch. Bill HPII- nelt. Bob Bennett. Jarm Burgess. Jnne Cain, Ann I,ols Coble. Mari- ivn Connor. Juanlta Couch. Don Crnbtrcc, Joan Cravens. Wlltoid Crawford. Wendoll Crows. Clyde Culp. Billy Jack Davis, Marie Dobhs. Virginia Dimavanl. Betty Hue Edney. PCURV Fox. Jolm GriRory. Steve Humlett. Donna Faye Hamra. June Ilankins, Tom Uaydcn. Clnrine Ilepler, l.i>ona Hiuton. Clyde J-'lin- ston. Dorothy King. Martha Knotl, Joe I.ertford. Billy I.ynn. Jewelene Maitin. Ora Wayne Meadows, Wayne Mori-is. Ruby Murrell. Alice Nails, Billy Joe Ncely, Marilyn Nc ely. Donald O'Keane, Hainona Osborn. Oliver Parkinson, Edmund Pool. Betty Jo Pritchnid. Charlie Rlcketl. Blanch Roberts, Wanda Shands. Maicelie Shcrrill. Bill Simmons. Carl Stinc. James H. Taylor. Marthn Tiirnbow, Emma Statcn VanAusdiill, Jean Ann Walker, Pern Walpole Margaret Watt, Woody Wilson. James Wyalt. Osceo/a Plans Graduation Exercises New Lighting, Traffic Signals to Be Used on Approach to Bridge MEMPHIS. May 13. fJPi—The newest types of lighting and traffic signals will be used on the Tennessee approach to the new Mississippi River bridge here. City Engineer William B. FViwler said yesterday that all telephone an<j electric wires would be placed underground, and about 80 concrete standards erected to accommodate street lights. The approach. E. H. Crump Boulevard, will have "Traffic actuated" sicnals at 11 key points, the engi- ^neer said. " The special signals, he explained, were especially designed to give the green light continuously to throuch traffic unless cars approach on the side streets. NOTICE Notice Ls hereby given that the. imricrs'>ned has liled with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as 359 S. Division, Blytheville, Mississippi county The undersigned states that lie is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude: that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted ol violating the laws of this slate, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be issued foi operation beginning on tnc 1st day of July, 1949, and to expire on the 30 day of June. 1950. Susan Moore, Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this 12 day of May, 1940. Mrs. Marshall Blackard i'nl) Notary Public. My Commission expires: 3i9|'53. University Seefcs Renewal Of Lease on Hospital HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. May '3- (Ffi— The University of Arkansas trustees yesterday authorized a committee io confer with Little Rock city officials on renewal of the lease on the University Medical School Hospital. The hospital, operated in con ncction witli the medical school, is owned by the City of Uttle Pick The university's to-year lease on the hospital expires next June 30 Chairman Herbert Thomas said a committee composed of T. C. Carlon. Fayettcville. D. H. Clay Chen nit. Hot Springs, and Pred I ircnvn, Little Rock, was named to onfcr with Little Rock officials t is to report back to the boarc ,t its next meeting in Fayettevlll iune 3. O.sccola High School seniors who will graduate In exercises nl the school auditorium at 8 p.m. Mny 20. and the principal speaker were an nouuccd lodny by C. Franklin Sund ers, su|KTlnlendcnt of schools. There nre 25 In graduating clnss. James McDanlel, attorney of Joncsboro. will deliver Ihe commencement address. The baccalaureate sermon will be delivered by the Rev. L H. SI III. Jr., pastor of the Firsl Christian Church and president of the Osceola Ministerial Alliance. The sermon will be delivered at the First Baptist Church at 8 p.m. May 15. Lola Moore will be the valedictorian of the class and Ray Wootcn has been named as the salutntor- iun, Louise Uagland and Peggie Lou Chiles tied for the third honors. Mr. Sanders will present the awards. Peggie Lou Chiles will be presented the D. A. R. Good CtliMm- shlp award by Mrs. Madeline Campbell, regent of the William Strong Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and Ihe P. K. O. award winner, who has not been named, will be presented by president, Mrs. Kriwnvd Scgraws. lien F. Duller Sr.. president of llu: Osccnla Board, will present the diplomas. Members of the class Include: Catherine Boothe, Mury Ann Brad- slmw. Nancy Caldwell. Peggie Chiles, Wllmu Lou Clinton. Peggie Douglass, Ava Nell Langston, EIvi Bell Lnnnum, Loin Moore. Louise Hagland. Bllllc Sue Schoolar. Judj Thompson. Billy Barber, Henry Couchnuin Joe Espino/.a, Dick Fletcher, Hoyc lendiix. David Hisiiw. Hilly Ker ey. David Pendergrnst, Steve Rnlpl r., Robert H. Richards. Jamc Stewart. Charlei Wllks and Ra Ashes of Unknown Citiien Buried in File Drawer of Washington State House OLYMPIA. Wnsh.. M»y 13 W'l — There's a WoshlnRton citizen burled In Ihe state tuTluvrs. A former cltiion thut Is. His ashes, In a urn, are neatly filed awny In one of Ihe 12,000 drawers of slate records maintained in the archives. The supervisor, J. A. Dagne. 69. Tucomn. says "we HIT keeping Ihe gentleman for the stale bunking division." Old llmcr.s In Die banking division say Ihe urn was in Ihe safe keeping of H Seattle bank which lliei tool! over utter it failed uboul 19 No one claimed It so the state been taking care of It, Although R man's name nnd date Is written on > piece of papet attached to the turn, members o the banking division snld they line not been nble to trace down tin l>erson who had placed it In tin- Seattle bank. Records normally nve kept from wo to 15 years, he said, depending on the type of material Involved. tov. McMath Receives .egion of Merit for Performance as Marine WASHINGTON. May 13. W) Clov. Sidney McMath ol Arkansas, lieutenant coluurl In Ihe Marino Corps reserve, yesterday received .he lA'Klun of Merit for his out- 'linutliiK perforinnncc.s in Murln itlucks In the Solomon IMuiuls^ 19-t'J. Oen. Clifton n. Gates, Miulnr commandant, presented the tic-c- oi'uiion at a ceremony al Mturliu heuilquarters. The novernor's citation suld Me Mulh was operations officer ol IU< 'I'hli'd Marines. Third Mnrlne Ulvl sum, before and during opi'rnllon* iiKuinM Japanese forces on llou- Kiilnville from Sept. 15 thrutinb DC- remlHT. tOI'.l. "Workiim tlroU'ssly wllh superlo Read Courier Ne.\v.s Want Ads TAKIN1H. II that The ill fitting, loose oxford docs not "hug tbe ankle" Is mad snug ant) comtortable here. Fin esl work at reasonable cost. HflLTCRS QuquiTY SHOC SHO "~M W M f> I SJ ST. Voolcn. Dne Killed, 22 Injured fn Auto-Streetcar Wreck CHICAGO, May 13— Wi—One of 22 persons injured in a collision of a streetcar anrl two automobiles on the northwest side died eary today. He was Edwin A. Harynek, 21, driver of one of the automobiles. Also critically Injured was Scolt Voss. 44, streetcar motormnn who suffered multiple fractures. Police said witnesses told them that the streetcar wns traveling at full speed when It hit an open switch and careened into opposing lines of traffic. McCietion Asks $64 Question on Spending: Where's It Coming From? WASHINGTON, May 111. W) - Sennlor McClcllan (I)-Ark) wanis to know where Ihe money's coining from. He raised that point yesterday In a Sennte address in which he urged that Ihe country go slow on easily welfare programs which h<" snld might knd to nnllonnl Insolvency, McClellnn advised agalnsl extravagance bnl tirce-d Hint the country keep strong In the face of world conditions. He approved of only those social pnlns "as we can afford ivnd pay McClcllan pointed out that the budget for the 1950 fiscal year "which we arc ridding it impossible to reduce" exceeds expected revcn- "Where Is this new tax money GUARANTEED SERVICE ON Household — CummiTcinl » • * • Air Comlif iouin^ • • • • Itiidios—llccnrd Pliiyors * * * • Washers • OUR ICn^ines We Pick U|> K Deliver ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. iOli-MH \\. Main riiiuic 'l»i itelllgcnce and outstanding luitia- ve." It continued, he "rendered niihuible assistance" In oiniini/.- )g and training the Third Marines Ho an efficient combat train. Keud Courier New* Want Ads. The SUCUKT of Rothrock's EXPERT Prescript ion Service ROTHROCKDRUGCO Full Stock 12-Ft. Armstrong LINOLEUM By the Roll And in Sizes 12x12,12x15 * • • Armstrong LINOLEUM RUGS • • • Hubbard & Son Furniture Phone •MO!) Bljthevill SHEET METAL WORK On. I \iink, Itliiwplpes, Kuttrr .all ty|i». For txpert WMfc call Tajliu l.aylon, KS. 112 North Klr>l. Blytheville Tin Shop Read Courier News Want Adi. coinln; from?" he demanded. WAC to Celebrate Seventh Anniversary WASHINGTON, May 13. <A'j The Women's Army Corps will i serve Its seventh anniversary Sunday. There will IK receptions nnd s 1 cinl ceremonies at posts Ihroueh- ovit the country and overseas wherever WACs are slatloned. Tlie WAC was first set up as ai Army auxiliary in 1B42. EXPERT SERVICE Laundry & Dry Cleaning • Cold Storage Furs, Woolens, lilnnkels and Drapes NU-WA Laundry Cleaners Phone .H74 '•9 Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawba SWIFT'S PREMIUM •' BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space When You BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME HERE'S THE EASY WAY TO CHOOSE HIS PRESENT THE FOR YOURSELF... VALUE CONVENIENCE OF INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER REFRIGERATORS and FREEZERS SUPIR DI LUX! REFRIGERATOR Ixlr* Room! lutri r»tiir>il Ixtrn duclUyl At last you on pack stack* of food into a refrigerator thai'i built to bold it! 5p»- ' cially III designed for extra itorage jp*c% iafe food preservation, greater kitchen cfiicicncy, a place for everything, for long dcpcmliiVtle service. See this wonderful Sujxjr De Luxe today! "or. Ikor iquort at K>nvirtl ln « "Siowaway" fr..i.r | oc k«r »K>rM 3S KM, of frozvn food. "Fi! 8 idraw«r" btcpi 33 pounds »f m»«f (/•*h«r fongtr, Hfirmtfically wol.d "Tiflht-Wod" un^ wifh fi-y*ar wor/anly. 1S.8 CUBIC FOOT HEAVY DUTY Martin & Boydston Has the Clothing Sizes of All the Senior Boys of Blytheville High School. So, J.ust Stop In, Give His Name, and We'll Tell You His Correct Size. Call D. C. FREEMAN 3^ Year* Experience • OuPont Paints • Impenal Wallpaper Phone 4291 SHIRTS BELTS SUITS TIES SLACKS HATS SHOES MARTIN & BOYDSTON "Everything for Men & Boys" FREEZER A real Hercules holding 553 pomulj of frozen food! It enables you io buy food in liirge (|unntitic5, in season, at barj-nm prices—or freeze and store the meat, vegc- t.iblcs and fruit you rnise for laicr use. Conic in — see special "Frocz-Arca," "Lid- Lamp" and "Zero-Larm" features! BETTER MEALS, LESS WORK, REAL KITCHEN HELP! • 11.1 CUBIC FOOT III ROOMY FREEZER You've an cndles* variety of dc lie tout food on hand all year 'round with this food- hank! 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