The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 12, 1934
Page 2
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SATURDAY, MAY It, 1034 1LTTEIVTLH (Ally COURIElt N1WS /V.U T O O I L E •> and Motes for the fttotorists World's Largest Electric Sign Completed Some Portrnits of Mother (WITH NO APOMKillvX TO WHISTI.Kin Presitlcnl of Pontiac Company Declares Depression Can Re Forgot Icn I'ONTJAC. Midi. - Continued j iinprovt-meiit iluo!i'.;imul, [he 1111- tloii. with business definitely on llu? I'li-yri'ih' nnd widespread benefits loi nil lesuUiiii!. is the way II. J. Klhplcr. pivsidein and general manager o! Ponliac Molur Company chniacUTlxed llie economic .situation lodav LI." lie compared the pTsenl v.iiii ihc determining lac- U-vs ot previous months anil pievi- f.i"-: vear.s. "Without much doubt nlmusl r-icrv Ilii" or UiiMiiess is far ahead of Irist year, with tb.e direction poinliny upv;.lrd." he said. "As far :i.s 1 c:ui M-e is nothing ill the picture to p;e\'enl a conliiui- iition of this welcome development. "Hn.sie. faeiors which govern r:omnu-rce and industry are sound. | That buynljoo of fear has gone fiflin ihe'Illinium; of the mass of llie ix-oule. Eighteen monihs if a man bad a job he was afraid i ho would lose ii. If he didn't have one he was .afraid lie would not World's laryest electric .sign as it t;el one. That feeling is disan- ]>e,iring rapidly with the result thai money is circulating faster end the volume of all trade is j mounting steadily. Business men \ have regained their courage, and ii££jiin are displaying theii 1 old-time American fight and daring that have been the forerunner of evcrv advance this country lias made." B:iMiig his opinion on informa- lion gained from personal observation and an analysi.s of widespread reports. Mr. Klingler believes that \\-i : have passed out of lhat cycle of our experience when people would not accept a bargain if one knocked ihem do'.vn in the street. In its stead has come an era of leplarcnicnt. "When things arc exhausted." he paid, "they mnsL be replaced. And that apnlies to business of nil kinds. Just as an example of what I mean, there must be a million or more homes in this country [he carpel on the stairs is \vrrn out. Think whnt that would mean nnd actually will mean to tlie carpet manufacturers. The i v:nrn out carpel on the stairs.can- t- multiplied to include furniture, j clothirm. lumdehold conveniences, motor C:TS nnri hundreds of otrier !. commodities. F "It. is evident now that people ! no longer are bragging about be- Ine extremely close. They are nol arjologizinij about buying a new automobile or new clothes and many other things to which they richtfnllv were entitled, but for which they would nol spend money because they thought it wouldn't, look right. People thought they were belli'; patriotic by refusing to make nny purchase except for the barest necessities, whereas they were their country's own worst enemy, as well as their own. "Now. with a ilew buying spirit in the air. people are doing thein- wives and business a great favor. 1 he increase in spending that is beiiiK engaged in by wise men is a nrcttv conclusive indication that all rates and charges must advance I sometime in the future. "To hasten the buying spirit nnd the replacement era. we should clear our minds of any thought that we nrc in a depression. For. one of Ihese days, our grandchildren are eo'mt; to look back on us as old fogeys. They will .wonder how we could be so shortsighted as to imagine thai the orogrcss of this country wilh its va'st anil almost limitless resources could be imi:eclrd because of our shortcomings." Hashed "Clievrolei" in 14-loot leittrs of light, across Grand Park. Chicago, and out Into the darkness for miles, as Mayer Edward !•'. Kelly deft!, and President Rufiis Duwcs of "A Century of Progress", threw switches officially lighting the sign. They were guests of M. E. Coyle i right i. president and general manager of Chevrolet. The display is 280 feet high and 158 feel long is illuminated with 17.240 electric globes and 1.100 feel of neon tubing. It has the largest electric clock in the world. The minute hand of the clock alone is 11 feet tons weiglis 1.200 pounds Makes Production History Wm. R. Tracy, sales manager, (left) and Chester G. Abbott, general sales manager. Tight) of the Hudson Motor Car Company, see the car lhat passed all of last year's production schedule installed in a freight, car bound for Las Angeles. The car was shipped Wednesday. April 18. Incidentally, this is car number 2.IG0.3M produced since the founding of Hudson in 190!). SIBTEftUDITDliS FILE REPORT ON F Dodge Retail Sales Finish One, Two Three in 250-Mile Speedway Event at Oakland, Cal. OAKLAND. Calif. — Battlin" for cash prize of 51,500. Lou Meyer, leading contender for the 500- mi!e swce|istakes SrJfs for Aunl Set Highest Record for Any Maker in Three Years DETROIT. Mich.—For thr first lime in three years, sales of nn automobile manufacturer for Indianapolis single month topped the one hun- (Conllnned from Page 1) general floating debt was S65.183.8G and Ihe road districts floating debt was S7.832.18. The county general floating debt included a county general treasurer's overdraft, accumulated over tome time, of S39.184.U6, outstanding counly general warrants of $18,970.20, and unpaid county general claims of 310.475.59. Tnis to- talled Sfa.630.45 and less amounts due from county officials of $3,4.46.60 resulted in n net. figure ol The road district flouting, debt I included a treasurer's road district I load warrants ol $5,940.05 and unpaid road claims ol Sljin.05. counly general warrants Issued for 1931-32 fiscal year totalled j $102,350.35, net revenue tor the sum period being only Sl«.3C3.5<i. Quorum coin appropriations lor the same ]K-rlo<t were SHD.SUJ. According to slate auditors ii is unlawful for counly oilicials to allow cmrem expenses to exceed current revenue. As to the excess of e\|XMiscs over quorum court appiop:.,n:on.-,, authorities arc not in accuru. n is staled. In commenting upon the financial anairs 01 the county, Juu^e ;°i ii. unni.s.,11 said in a letter W April 30. 10J4 to me suite ci/im.- troller: "Mr. Windsor (J. G. Windsor, assistant, auditor) was here Saturday and 1 discussal wun nun ul some length jour audit 01 .iujs:i- bippi county iur lo'.irteun iimntns, fxneinlicr I, liUJ to IX-c-jmot-r 31. ia.v. \vnile a is line unit, ine up proved county general mums lor mat ix.-riod wen: c-uiisicicnitiiy 1:1 excess 01 UK •f-... \ <& HtvyilniM gnvc money, oilier* gave fairly jirvscnlnble old clothes, otlii'rs KUVO food. Hiiytlaiis, like otlu-r Mlttmir- li'iis, niv fntr-jiiliulid mill no true iliurlty HIM- hen- Is :iJI<i..«l t) CO \vilhuiii siilllcli'iit lu'l[). Inn. on tin' other luliii Iliiyiiiins ar- cullllik'. A truiip of iajf'/Kt ! dnldieii. hmvL'vcr. ur.ln^ a Illmi iimi triitjHd ii]i]x.'ii>, can .(WIT llie town In :i day 1 .-: l.iu.' 'illlll I'OJIII' tilll Ullll 1-imiHl tdid. iu:<i m.jiii-y Ui ij.'t iilcn-; loi .' ilavs. uf. N'^-a. 'I'll'. 1 a |,n.le: .sioiri! ii'I 1. I.nnlly u • i ui,- very I in- iH'lll 1 ! - II.,ul llu: !hui; al- i,l I\-M.:' ,«tio ;>ivi'. lu Clifi-k TrxCIrs UI'1 — A STli-ntllls -Ii M:I.|) ol w:n|) K./IIIB of cottorj ind i-jyiiiis. u.lli ji.ivll.'iilai- aUun- i:on lo the ii])]i!a'ailin uf rect.-i,t .dL' in colliiidal itiul iiliy.slcul cliviiiLlry will f-.'iiliiro nil confCTtncj lo b.- lield by Uio UniUil Suilcs Institute for Tcxlilc lic.-.tarcli, Inc. GOODBYE FLAT TIRES Looking On In Missouri iFldi- Slants on the News Originating in tin: Heel Country ul the Show-Mi- Slate. HV JIAX STL'KM = HAYTI, Mo. — Pemiseot county will be blessed again this sum- :ncr with a large stale highway road project which w|ll give employment to between 250 and 300 M- 1 of Hie bond Issue means that. the federal government will miike then circulated lhrouj?h the . .*topping al homes, tiislru'.sx e.siab- illshmenis and olllces as'Kiin; for money, food, 'old clolhe.s or ivliiit- 'havc-yoii. They had the .snm? oltl slury which wns usrd here | luM year about tills [line—"Our ] home burned two weeks aijo and ivi-rythlng we had was destroyed. We can't find work " Some an n'.urlghl grain of approxlnml'.'- ; ly Sfi.COO to be used in the work men _ Although s ' relief nr»aiilwitious " Flayed 0:1 the job. helping. fair-sized numbers, suite highway | lnc work has been a great factor in'l'iy kecpiny the "big bad wolf" frum the {loors of many homes in this '" j part of the Show-Sfc state. lc I^ist, year over $^0.000 was sjK'iit Decoration day. took first place in rtred thousand mark. This i am suit. you understand that this woucl nark. This was i natiinuly be true lor tne re.;.sui. •i Ford v-8 in the 250-mi!e stock brought out today in a .statement l!1! ' 1 t'ii-rc is vciy littl_- ince>:nu! rni race at Ihe Oakland Speedway issued by William E. Holler, gen- '-luring .\ovember anil Dcc;'i.u«-r. Irsf Sundav aflernoon from a field leial sales manager of Chevrolet u- hile the expenses tor iiios. 1 if 20 entries. | Motor Company, announcing re- ' '"onths would be heavy on acco;u.: in Pemiscol county on various road ccnstruclion projects. Ri^ht now almost S40Q is being SIK-III every week for mfilnlnlnanc? alone on a .section of Highway 01 from Porlngcville south to Sleele. Of the S90.0DO spent in Pemis- coi counly lasl year. $74.000 wenl for farm-lo-rnaikcl ronds. The vcniaininy S1G.OOO was sj>ent on a liaving project on Highway 84 lliroiigh Tlayli. The new work, lo starl probably next week, will be a paving project 11.53 miles .long wesi from Hayli lo the Pemlscot-nunklln counly line, and will cosi about S15S.OOO. It is to bo built by Ihe Skratnka CoiiMructton company of St. Louis. Completed, it. will afford motorists a full-widih concreted highivay from llnytl west to the county iinr. Another project, already promised by the highway department, will include the completion of the conctete west from (he county line to Ken- nctt in Uiuiklin county. Almost nine miles of the pro-! ject is under N'RH direction. The j eonlraet specifically sets out that : in addition lo the S17.000 bonds. Wilh the rtty water plant 0:1 a r.rtyini.' basis. II Is I'vprcled Hint revenue from the plant will the bonds—so thai prop?rly yers will not i-e reriulred to carry the load. This work, to !'tan us early us ixj,sslhle and to 1 several rnoullLH. will afford mployment for lnHwi-en 3D nnd •0 Hayllans. This writer is as much In favor of helping true jxiverly anil cliar- ,ly cases as anyone, but like most people we hale lo give an leged unfortunate n piece of money or someihing else, then learn later we have been subjected to a cheap .swindle. Wednesday, a family of—ap- parently—cigtu or ten members arrived in Hayli ami ihe chll- Windstorms Strike Quickly Windstorms are uiercilcs-s. They strike without warning. You can guard against fire or thieves, but you arc helpless to protect your piop- erly ngalnsl, lornado dama^ir cxcenl with Insurance In a yoad company. Kcc us about windstorm insurance for all property. First National Insurance Agency Grnrnil Insurance I'ln.ii,- the next four places in the event. Chevrolet's April relail sales rec- ns 17 weeks of IfM in which deliveries amounled lo 30.384 pas- gain in deliveries of Dodse com- cars and trucks that has fo'lo-ACd the introduction of a line- iheri in the i ord Ls considered significant, in 20 entries! view of tlie fact that this company were Fords, the other 12 being of has suffered an acute car sliort- our other makes. Uge. practically since Ihe new 1934 1 {models were Introduced and only now is catching up in a small measure wilh the thousands of unfilled order on its books. Retail ales were higher than for nny .similar period in 35 months, since The delivery of two Plymotiths, April. 1931, to be exact, and this n*?er cars nad trucks. Live .sprin? buying is indicated bv Hie tabulation of Dixl"c deal- A^if ™,^ fcTLoTpas 8 ^Tn RfP ° r V :d *l , n sei'-er rars and W2 irucks. , W. 1. Bamett Autfl SalCS s Worthy of special note is the: Judge Harrison also told o! a $7,li> prolit on Ine county larm in l«aa, including part of the 1SW colton crop but. not, all ol ine I'JJi crop, and predicted greatir economics in 1934 because of removal ol the pauper's home ;j the county farm. _ _, Lo * " OU5C R Wls. (UP)— The "Long , . , , . Ihrrc 'Oldsmobilcs. one Chrysler tremendous retail volume, accord- , iousc ' ' bunt 91 years ago as p.irl of models running practically ]«Tck and one Dodge during the past ing to Mr. Holler, is the direct re-1°', a " cx l«ri">ent, in community the entire transrwrtalion gamut. To I>fldtre is saici to belong Ihe fivdn of beiuc first lo add to rnium'Tclal vehicle ilesijn the dis- linciiou of attractive appearance was announced bv the W. suit of the modern features nnd, ; many unusual improvements in- T. liarnell Auto Sales Co. Al!nn HuddleMon has Oldsmobile cou|)e hoiiRht . 1-lm-d Slickmon. An bldsmobilej "dan was delivered lo J. IS. »/il-1 , lcd has o" 1 ' completely reiuoj- OWA workmen and will new corpora led In'the new 1934 knee-! 1101150 slx loca l families, from , action models. four months to complete. Before any one can be employed on Ihe project, he nnust lirst register at the counly prob.ile judge's private office In the court hotw at Caruthersvllie. needed, he office be called When to the and will' receive a card whlci, will permit him to go to (he Job and get work. The citi7er.s ol Hayti revealed fine spirit Tuesday when llun voted almost, unanimously in favor of a $17.000 bond "issue for Improving and reconslrncting Hie cily water system. Only five dis- icnling were cast. Passage I . . and. 10 a considerable extern, (he 'Mams of I.uxora by T T Seav and ! Ellron « and Asia have a species lcim'nt of streamlinine finding ex- I) L. Fisher of Holland Mo alsoi of Ilo " sc mouse which is said (o ' ' ~'"~ '" prrsMon in the iwnular ty|ies of trucks manufaclured by (he company. has a new Oldsmobile Ixiuphl from I s1 "* llkc a canarj-. I French I luined out in 1032. .4J7.000.000 Slirkmon. Plvmoulh sedans were delivered i has a new Airflow Chrysler sedan I to C. C. Edwards and T. P. Flor-! bought from Mr. Darnett and a factories Ida. nne by H. nurton nnd Ihe Dodge commercial express tnick cisarels oDier by Mr. Darnell. |was delivered to the Hlehfill Tm- Sleve Oraham of Tnckerman i plement Co. JOYNKR & BONIFIKLD you're set. Kxpcrii'tut'il .Mcchanirs Phillips Hrakcs linikes Relined Fenders Str;iij;hli'nctl Motor Tiine-iips .Minor ((epnirs Washinij Sliinclard (i:is & Oil Firr-'lone Tiros l-'onl IJattcrics Radio Rc|inirs OneStopServiceStation Hi'rnard (ioorh, Al Corner Wnlnnl & Fifth NEW-TYPE INNER TUBE Self-Seals Punctures INSTANTLY! Imagine n luhe Hire thist You can plugii full of holes. Hammer niulsmioany lire equipped with it. Yet u-hcu you pullthcni out; IhcpuncLuiciscal thtmselves— \r///iou( losing the air! LOW IN COST! E:op worrying about ."flats". Save lire nn<l tube repair bills, AvDili road delays. Thcrcmark- oblc new Goodrich Senl-o-matic Sjfcty Tube is much tougher— ' specially i c-itiforccUtorcsist rim chafing- Yet it cost son \ys!i&htty inorc tliaa culinary tubes. Let i.j I--.; a ict in your lircs today. G<30 (S^ea^-o-Jticitlc Safety Tube \\. .1. \\'nmicrlirh's MAIN SlilWICE I'hone 711

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