The Seattle Star from Seattle, Washington on July 1, 1922 · Page 16
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The Seattle Star from Seattle, Washington · Page 16

Seattle, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 1, 1922
Page 16
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"Dr." 0. E. Miller Admits Serving Term for Manslaughter ..... » j - ~i_i.l «i.. (rial i i ',. i« rxt u»ii YTr«tiHa<«n. wan nrM' ■ ■ 1 ' 1 ■" ■ ■- Candidly admitting, when fared With llie facta, thai In October. 1911, he waa i*on\tried and artv teni'i-d b) a l*>ml<>n court for manslaughter. Or. Orlando Kdgar Miller, wlt>|yH "Affirmative Apontle of Inlcnae Individuality," ' Waa put thru a rigid rri»a evami nalhin h> Ihe Heller Huaineaa hn re*ii. Friday, and immediately afterward left hj airplane f»r Cortland. wlure he 1» lecturing Saturday, In anavrer to question b>" 11. Jacob •on. manager, and Geoi-ge Knhln. athnr) for Ih* bureau. Dr. Miller corroborated In substance hla rworil «' published by th* American Medk al ■oclety In Ita volume exposing quack* and noatrums. TOO Ml <ll U|tRGS KIIR.FD WOMAN Evidence In the London trial waa to the effect that a woman patient Drug Concern Pays Half Year Dividend For th* Slat consecutive time. Ihe financial dlvlaion of th* Owl Dm* Co. ha* aent out the company'* aeml annual dividend check* to holdera of ft* I per cent preferred mock on nchedul* time. This Intel eat dintrlbutton provide" for th* al* month* •nding June JO, l»!i. • Th* report* from thla company lutv* been consistently optlmlatlc thruout the period of depression from Which the country la now emerging. It la pointed out. Three new *tore.a (lave been ln*talled »lnc« th* firat of <»ie year. Real Estate Market Called Good in City Pointing out that 60 per cent of Its •ale* In the last 3# day* were of v* •ant property In Settle, and declaring that "this tndlcAtrii» determination on the part of many buyer* to build ." Carter. McDonald* A Miller'* monthly report of real estate call* the Seattle market "good." The re pori (ays: "We look for a short and tictlve period of low prlrf* and a return of sharper value* when the fall rental season open*." Mr C 5? P nm " H WILLIAM FARNUM ShacWes Gold J At the PALACE HIP Today Together Wilh NEW Vaudeville "Around The Clock" OTHER FINE ACTS Price*: Children, l#c any time. Adult*. Afternoons, ?oc. <•>'" . Hun and Holiday*, 3»c R tlloon* Frre for Kiddle* Kvery Saturday Afternoon IPANTAGES MATINEES 2.30 p. m. NIGHTS 7 and » p. m AM, NEXT WEEK BEGINNING MONDAY MATINEE | Thh Knperlur Vaudeville Bill | ► uri>p»'» l«ite«| Sensation ■ 808 PENDER TROUPE Ten Amazlnf, Eccentric and Acrobatic .Dancer* and (Stilt Walker* j f OSUA A VEKDI f I'ETTIT TItOITE *) J '•'•(rln.lni, « aaedy" I I Rlaley ftenautlona j Beaaon'a Art Kite Dance spectacle ■ O'HANLON, ZAMBOVNIS AND ELVIRA presenting "IN HR^'ILLK" PANTAGESCOPE Offering New Comedy feature Film Vaudeville'* I'opular (nmedian ■ JAMES THORNTON |H[ •' 11 ST A .IEHTK.It" General Admission: MATINEES. 565 da.; NIGHTS, 40 ct*. under Or. Miller's rat* died from *n ovrpjiw* Of Ul'Uga. "Hut I only eerved <• day* In prls on," I>r Miller uilil, "lU would not Irevc been sentenced 11T #ll except thrtt a era*v woman follower of mine trrVt* a lelter to th* Judge about TO" Hie |m,irhiilii|l>t, who l< niJ <n limn taken from He mile during Ilia lllll* wecka of Irrllirlllg. sl«<> iilrlllifir*l it pliolo graph of himaelf In prison curb from the roeur'. gallery nl l.eavriiworth federal prlxn. Ilr *»« a«-nl to prion In IM.t for * Iwiik, fraud, of which ho was (mulcted In Denver. "The Jmlge was prejudiced mo." Miller declared, "b* rau»e of a financial deal Miller .aid Uml check* whoa* face value aggregated mm. loaned hjr himaelt In a "|>lliiu" acheme, were Intra- FOREST FIRE PERIL GREAT Supervisor Says Great Care Must Be Exercised "While none of the exlatlng fire* In thla district are completely out of 'control, condition* are critical In the extreme and, unle*a rare and cau I turn ara exerted, destructive flrea inay t>reak out at any moment," W. O. weigle supervisor of the snoqualmie National forest aald Katurday. Th« cedarr River Maxe. which roaa ' to sueh a dangerous pitch a few ■ weeks ago. la at ill smouldering. alt ho under control, and North Bend and , (he region surrounding ths Hno(lualmie lagging Co. are dangerous ' areas, the suivrvisor said. - Reports of fire* In Wash Ington have been exaggerated, in ths | opinion of Welgle. Me reienlly returned from a trip over ths Hunast i highway and reports thst to all apj penrances ths region west of tIM . mountains i* In greater danger "Th« unusual dryness of the sum ! mer I* responsible. Karly In May. I the winter snows had >iot meltvd ; from the mountain tops, and this ! aided In checking biases, but the for: est* at# now dry to ths mountain I peaks and a fire, ones out of control might provs to be the moat ! destructive In history st this stage 'of ths summer," sutd ths superj visor. * The department Is bending every effort to catch all ftraa In their Inclptency. As many men are on patrol now as In August, ml. Couldn't Arrest Him, but He's in Cell Now No county officer wsa going to srrest him. by Jlng! He was responsible only to tha stata depart ®ent of public wrorks. So declared James O. O'Hara. driver of a Sea ttle-Du vail siage when Deputy Sheriff William Sears attempted to arrest him Friday afternoon for speeding &0 an hour. Saturday, however. O'Hara was In th» county Jail, held on t«00 bond*, snd faced charge* of reck lea* driving and of resist tug an officer. Will Demand Return of German Patents WASHINGTON. July I. Fre*| dent Harding today directed Allen Property Custodian Miller to demand the return from tha Chemical Foundation. Inc., a large amount of valuable German patents, copyrights, tracts and other properties sold to It by the government during the Wilson administration. Divorced, Sues Wife for Cash but Loses Norman F. Bates, on an answer and cross complaint in a divorce : proceeding, sought to secure $20,000 from his wife, Neil E. Hates Superior Judge A. W. Frater , granted the divorce to the wife and denied Bales the money. George ( crouch r«. «. waa recorerlnir at hla home at «22 Third a**. V. W, Saturday, after helnir at ruck I l>y an auto owned l>y E. J. beardsley. 273* 3tth ave. H. W, dureri a* evidence at llie trial At the (irwwnt time Dr Miller! atated thnl ha la pfttnottnf a film ; concern, Ilia ftelllmeo Co., to pro 1 .line psychological motion picture*, and that he la planning to aatahllah , n great educational involution In > i Mexico. "I started out by nelllng a nip- ] j tura rum," aaid Millar, "and at on* i ! time my (tic* wa* on* of the thre*| iwM familiar In the I'nlted Wat**."; later Dr. Miller sained notoriety ' | with a proposed cur* fur eonwump , lion I'rea.ed for W« niedlral rec- Old. Miller »M he liad «t lulled Willi lib. family pity .Irian and later had attended a school. hut thai lie did not revlii Ilia de Itree Hecauae he refused to sign Ihe code of medical eOilca, which prohibited prramial ad vert lain*. I>r. Miller'a attoraay'. Walter I) AWARDS SCHOOL NEAT CONTRACT Board Also Gives Approval to Purchase Report Installation of heating and plumbing equipment In Ihe Oeorgetown M-hool waa awarded Ihe Dupnr IMyttie ■-omiwny on their bid of |l«.l»n at the school buaid'a weakly aeaalon Friday afternoon. Anions the oilier bu*lnert» Iran* | urted at tlie brief meeting waa ap proval of the purchasing committee's report on supplies totaling M.036 »: for the coming year. Superintendent T. R. Cole reported that «0* peraon* are In attendance at | the vacation schools thla year, aa jugmnsl 57* laat year. "Tin* will nave the district 131.000 In extra credlta earned." he said. Secrelarv Reuben Jones told the board I hat between 10 and 00 per cent of (he grade teacher*' contract* for next year had haen received by htm. ilpied. and that high school contract* are coming In rapidly. All from l.lncoln and franklin have been received, he naht. Recommendation of the buildings and grounds committee I hat the Rob ert Fulton school bo closed and the pupils transferred to the Beacon Hill M-hoolSas approved It was stated jthat this will save 11,060 a year In -Janltocs' services snd upkeep Young Mountaineers Climb Mt. Constance Robert schellin. SI. of Seattle, and : A. V. Smith, of Bremerton, have sue | <-ee<le<l in reaching ths summit of Mount Constance. 7.T1! feet, never befora attained by western mountain climbers. Mount Cbnstanc* Is ths second highest pesk In Ihe Olympic*, Ths young men are both members of ! the Mountaineers' club. They do not , advtas others to seek the summit, j saving that the climb la hard and dangerous. Recruiting Stopped for Training Camp Dlacontirtuance »f re. rulting attiv- Itlea In connreturn with the Cltlzena' Military Trainln* camp «u oM*r«J by the war department Kitnnhy In a telegram to Col Oarar J. CtmrlM. <-nmmanitlnc offit»r at Tort lawtnn The question a« to whether future Application* may I# acecpted waa not covered in the me>«i it». Seattle Woman Dies From Auto Accident Mr* daisy Ruff, wife of George K. Huff, buyer for JFrederlcfc A Nelnon'a, died at llolllater, Cal, Friday from Injuries received when another automobile crashed Into their oar from behind. Mr* Huff waa on a vacation trip wwh her buehnnd and three children Bh» Waa prominent In war work and known for her phltan thropy. TRAVEL BY AUTO to PORTLAND FARE fte.OO ICs-rry r4«*»4a y ftn4 Krf^nr—4l a. an. CO.. «*»•«• If* 4 fcerr y fit. K.lllatt l*T» AMUSEMENTS - —PANTAGES Malln*#. JiMi Makl. T »a< • '•» rtarlea. ~TM»: I.ovk *k»i~ vtllr. Hfcra A < a.i *rklrh(l'a vtarlnnrl tr n | Hrltl U<»<li « air Jokanai I'HIII I rnupri l'anf*a*a*'**p*- lirnrrHl AllmUalaai Mala. Uri Makl. «*r !Ihnnn b n n p : ; ; BATTLESHIPS jj * • mi n fast •leamtra at m Colman Dock j n REGULAR SCHEDULE U * Laav* beattla dally t •*» - 711 • •»«#- io-jo - >lJia.n». 1 1.45 • S:tS -SIS p. m r% * *K«capt lunlay U! " SPECIAL NIGHT SERVICE n m Prwi Imiil* «• If A _ Saturdar and Hundar 9 » p. m. i Wodn*adar, Friday, Saturday and n lundaf SIJO p. m. 4 H fraai IrtaartM I* Imiilo N * Saturday and Sunday .10.30 p. m. A n AUTOMOBILE FF.itR V n a Connecting with Olympic Hljh" a way the ehert route to Hood Ca-1 nal and Olympic Paninaula pointa. n 1 Immlo «a BiaatttM Dally + 7IS - II V) a. m 3IS p m. Katra trip Saturday and Sunday 0 .10 p. m. Inaama «e SaattU Dally py 943 a. rn IJO - 300 pm. E«tra , trip Saturday and Sunday 10J0 pm. „ Visiters acrempaeiad hj Rremrtaa r a Ckaaiker el Ceomerce GaUe per- M ■tiled la Nivy Ytr4 at I A 3 p. m. n v » Paataagar (ara lOt raaad trip. la 2 NAVY YARD ROUTE r Calm«a Dacb M*ia III) THE SEATTLE STAR C<*le, of San Fr*nrl*eo. waa pre* , ent. ami arranged to aubmlt a writ len atatem»nt of hla i iient'a v*ralon , of hla criminal record to Hi* buteau. The meeting waa called al th* request of Dr. Miller, who aald h*! wanted to vlndbut* hlmarlf oiu* (or all. Winners Announced at Colored Meeting! Priae winner" In the art exhibition held al Ih* convention of the Htat* ! , Federation of Colored Women'* clulw | at th* Mount Zlon Haptlat church In- , eluded Mr*. eula Coleman, Mr* A i penn ami Mra. N. Williams A #*m- i onat rat lon of modern culinary math- , Oda wa* held by Mra. Anna It. jeans ' it waa voted at the i-loalng aeaalon of ih* convention Friday lo hold the < 1111 convention Hi spokane Among Fi-Mfcy* *peak*r* waa Mr* Louis F. . 1 hart wife of governor [Urt : I ) FIRST OF ALL— I Executive Committee J A MITW/ LJA' I 'L'f I p Chairman I I V# V# V V I I ■ aj MA. Arnold, Hmt National lunk I Mt JRh A JlLmdt w w JKL Jfc JL JKm4JLh4 9 Jj MK. larkiia. I'rw, Natl of Cnmm»if« I | V c B- Biethen, VM pTM, The T'maa I lUnn- Brodtrtek. I'raa, Henry Hiudrrlck Inr. Judft Thntnaa fturka, Rurka Dulldlnf J II Carter, Pr®a, Cartar. Mac Donald'A I, I Coin. in. J M C "'man Cn The building of Seattle's New Hotel marks v 1 J I iHMlfflaa. Se< Mgr . Metropolitan Bldg Co. I , K H K^rj..^r r ::i'XZ:Ts c r Ufa the beginning of the new community effort in W 0 r!' i Fi.«h»r n«.rin. urn. our city. With the* successful conclusion of the A J rukan. Hoc* Bid* 1 a 1 • »ll • • .... M h a * N>toon hotel campaign will come new visions, new miti- t ative, new spirit. Our city will but haye realized r« Ni.rtha" uX."' co its own tremendous power of accomplishment. ( < A H Harry. V Prea, Central Cotl Co. I f A \V Barnard, Praa, I' H Power A Ught Co. J ♦ J, . J. T. MeVay. V Pmi, M'lropoltian Natt Bank I For long we have preached community co- ! J t W 11. Paraona. V I'raa., D"*ter Horlnn StIL I , • XT xl . 1 I . m II ,| I »««"< - operation. Now, then, the time for further ' II A « lOrnfrld, V Pr*a , Standard I#/nltura I , c j r ; m uh. im7 Harvard Norn, words is past. The time for ACTION is here. A. B. 8t»«»it, I'raa . Stewart I llDlinn Drue During the week of July 17th to 25th Seattle J !i Vp. will be put to the test. We will be given the op' portunity to show whether we are really for Wo*rail WilMKh. Seattle Till* Truat Co. | . . - _ . Adviaory Committee community co-operation, for the erection of ST" Seattle's New Hotel will, in the strictest sense, j * " Baraona. |K*'er Ilorton National Bank I Up n OAmnilinifv If Janrtr p Hoge. fnlon National Bank [ tl LUIIIIII Li 111 Lj tTIIUII. A llamharh, Nnr Tork Block I I K A. fttuart. Carnation Milk ProdurU Cn. I I A. ft Burwell. B»«ltla tlardwara Co , • . i • ,1 i ■ i M 1 Llu\Z"r.'i" ™VT«" r InT Co The purchase of bonds and stock in the hotel, I | Cn ' under the plan approved by the Executive Com- I K. ('. War*!. Pacific C*w*t Co. j •, . • * -i l«ii ■ r a i„v, A1...H mittee, is recommended as a good investment. I C J Hm'th. Attorn*)'. I.yon Bide. ° H D K Kre-lerlrk. Kr«>dVrlrk A N'laon. nr This Committee, charged with the financing of ] 1. C tjllman. Great Northern Railway , l . , . ~ n (!• • , p.. . , . , 1 KJ. Mutheiaa, Danny Renton Clay A Coal Co. the project, in its Official Statement, points I C VV, Wiley, Todd Dry Dnrka. Inr. W l| MrKwan. Drvmmond I.lsh'eni** Co. out: "The bonds are 25-year 7% first mortgage fc Roy D Plnkern n. Star I'uMlahlng bonds. The sinking fund, as compared with most & t, J.Clarke Boat !nte||t|renrer . > a »•»«" ** v, nra * ixian hotel enterprises, while extremely moderate, is u sufficient to retire the entire investment with- BSa Z£Z£L | in the life of the bonds. The earnings of modern I J t". Duthle. J. r. Dili hie A Co." I hotels justify the belief that the investor should f, ' I receive not only the 7% returns on the bonds, jj Charlea R. Miller, Kalrbanka. Mors* A Co. but a substantial dividend on his stock." 1 j Mia A. 11. Anderaon I M I C H Clarke, KelleyClarka Co. ml C.eo. R. Miller, lawman A llnnfnrd Co I T i 1 ~ i . .1 p 11 * ' " - A.mnne Co Let us be united in the common cause of J , W. T>. Wm. I) Parkin* A (Y>. ' ... • • ! 1 X. S Krnnk MeDermott, The Bon ~;r rrlm j Seattle —united in making a bona fide business ~ ' 1} im i n U M' k • investment which will greatly aid in promoting I K. ITyatanl. Mltaul A Co - i i X' ( HonZ" Yu ~" Kal " h ' l Un * | the advancement and welfare of Seattle. * .lud«e Alfred Hatll*, Alaakn Rid*. • n. I. C. Barton, ltnrton A Co. [j I l>f vld Whltromh. Reehe A Wliltromh ■ IJ- R Krarler. Wnahlnrton Mutual Hav Rjink [ 1 Capl. J. H. Olhaon, Internutlonnl Stevedoring j 1 |1 '' 11 Bloeilel, I!loede|. Donovan I.umber Co. WW V A « » II Worrsll Wllaon, Heattle Title Trust Co. ■ W t W MM MM M W i cimu tee Help' Boos | Vk . L. Rhode*. Chairman lj w f| Pliny JJ. Allen. Dlvlalon "A" II ' ■ M C. B. Analey, Division "R" II 9 ' jl M L. linker, Dlvlalon "C" II |» | St». E. Maine, Dlvlalon "D" II * jl Otto F. Kegel, Divlalon "K" U B V *. I. Jnhnaon. Dlvlalon ''F" \\ B » T" E. Handfl, Dlvlalon "(5" |1 M V W. U. Itilger, Dlvlalon "H" \\ |M ' A A ■ '• A» - | " j 30-10 Initiative Drive to Continue Altho mora than to,ooo algnalurea t hav* been gained thruout the alate for Ilia "30-10" Initiative petition*. I ilia drive for more namea will con tlnua over until Monday. The "30 10" 1 | plan la dealgited to e<|uallwi *rhool i tax**. Th* algnalurea inu»t Iw . checked and filed In Olyivp l * by [ July 7. , I ■■ '■ 1 Evans and Von Elm in Golfing Contest KANHAH CITY, July I.—-Chick I I Rvan*, prevent champion, and tieorg* Von Flm of Malt lj«k* City, trana Mlaalaalppl litla holder, fought today for honor* in the Weatern amateur golf l«nirnume>it here | Woman Absolved of Blackmail Charges AI a hearing before Justice of the Peace (', (' dalton flmrgea of black mail brought agalnat ella ft. Tray nor by Dr. J. A ghent i-uun(y Jail phyai< lan, were dlamlaned. ! The chargea were laiaed on a lei ; ter written by the woman to Mherlff Matt starwich in which she urged j that Dr. Client lie removed. Hugo teller it, n, * laborer, . taken 1,, t|,, I, (Jfjiei ji I h»,f. | pllul Haturday after gvttlng one of tils fiiircere rut off l<y a tiund w* at ; 1231 Weal lake N. Tim \ KH who th# honT* of I*, C. gaikum 80J0 Murk# nvf, Krldnf nlfht itol* »m«l nom# efolhln#. Th# prowl«r ffuim-U entrant# thru an op#n wlnrtow Major General Here on Honeymon Trip • MaJ. Oen, Charlea tl. Mortorv and - hla bridge arrived In Heat lie Haturday morning on board the transport I Buford. They are eti rout* to Alaaka, where on their honeymoon trip they will travel overland 1,000 r miles to Fairbanks and Fort Keward. I They are accompanied by Mr*. Mor| ton's daughter, Miss Kllxabeth Huff. Tacoma Shopmen Join in Walkout TACOMA, July 1. — Shopmen employed In Ihe Milwaukee and Northern I'actflc shop* her* walked out at 10 o'clock thla mdrnlng In response to the strike order. The ttrlk* Is 100 per cent. More than Z.MO men laid down their tool. New Record Set for Building Activities Building f/ermlta laarted during tha lial alx rnontha have broken tha rae. ord for any Ilka pe4>'"i ainea tha vnu-. " w *» announee/4 Maturday. til" total of bulldlnV- |ennH« la atjed rea.had the «um tjt Tha aummary for Jum* ah«we«! tha iota! value of building •trattoria authorised In the laat M •"ya "• hava .been 92.992,030, a gain 11J49.0M . ver the prevloua month fc»rid , :»0 over June of 1921. \ 3 Women and 23 Men Admitted to the Bar OLMPIA. July Three won** and 22 men hava paaaed tlfre Juna liar examlnatlona and bay* h**n ; .worn In by the nuprema court. ' Korty-two applieatlona war^

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