The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Blytlieville School News 'HIGH SCHOOL 'NEWS ".'Cohen Leads Honor Roll Jpny leads ttc honor roll for tlic second emde period of Hie second semester 15. points. a .score ot bofe making tlw honor roU-and thfir , averages are: Jerry Cohen, IS; Maj-Uyn Jackson, 13; Ritssctl Fa/r/JZ'.s; Vcm Ooodrlch, 12^; Ijay Grpnt, 12 Vi; W*ry 'Helen Moore, IJVi; Hiu^ef Sims, J2V4; J.Iar)an TompkUns, J2Vi-, Bill .Clvnniblin, ii'A; Winifred Crawford, H'i; Billie Wggett, 11 'i; Mary D. Fitv.- gerald,;ilVi; Patricia Wood, II 1 .:; Warjorlc Warren. 1114; Kuf nanicy, lif Thomas' Seat, 11; Betty Dodson, 10; Pill Murdaugh, It); Betty Eterdt, 0=!1; 'Klva Michael, 0; Engene Hood, 8Vi; Juanlta White, 8 1 :; Mfd,(!ie Brown, 8; Bonnie Jeanne Biiclianan, 8; Sata Ei-rard, 8; Kathleen' Ashley, 7',t; Molly Guard, T,i; Phe Mai-ie Koonce, th: KaUi- Icen Baker, 1V-; W. R. Cannady, 7; "Augustus Crowe, 1U; Marie Hop- nor, 7; Joj'ce Somers. 7; J. W. Mcl> T cill. CM; Odessa McGhee, C; Mav- tlia Moore, C. . Those receiving honorable meii- tlou for -the second grade period of this semester are: Virglc Mac Abbott. Elizabeth 'BP.xlcr. Necira Bor- r,v{nati, Mary Jo 13«cliannn, Peggy Burks. Allie !3. Csssidy, Kunonla Crawford, Mary Francis Davis. Esrlcne -Damon, 'Gooksey Dodson, Bob Douglas. Lorclt* Eubanks, Millard Evans. Mary Frances Fields. Betty -Jean Hill, Era Jordan, Aniy Riitii Morris, Henry Meury, Mary Nell' Patterson, Blllic Payne, Tom Ecedcr. Oclie Rice, Mary Adah Roijinson, Harold Nathan Hoscn- llial, Alice Saliba, Claude Stewart, Gerald Snthon, Mary K. Thompson, Tliurman Tinker, Llovd Ward, and Dick While. Jones, vice president; Blossom Graham, secretary and treasurer; Raymond Crawford, reporter. The charter members of the club nrc: Frances C»r)e\j', Rnymond Crawford, Mary Frances Davis, Wlll.ird Evans, Naomi Jean Berry- Blossom Smith, Hetty Jones, Rosle (Jcurin, .Clam Graham, Wanda Wallace, Peggy Siillba, Wjjllnjii Jenn Moslcy, Er- ncstiiie Sinitli. Lucille McDermott, Mary Cntterine Lane, Vivian Viek- crs, Maiy Jo J'isber, Elvn Micjiael. Alice Jo MuFall and lone Meury. Red Raw.oos J'.leet The Rod K;i2/nos selected (Jar- lor 1038-:iO, MIYTBEVILLE (ARK,) COUUIE* NEWS p;,._- Ci..J« t U/'U ridno JtUQelttS Win AppCjr J forward to a picnic at WaJkcr Park one day before school closes. L Tho Central fourth erade Jjivjlod the fourth grades of Umee and I Surtbury to observe with thorn ' klx ^ m W«l piano students and "Chtlcl 'Health IMy". A (nick meet. u ' rcc Oswola student/, ivill be p ,- e . was held on the playground. Central KL '"l«i l» a recital at 8:00 o'clock school \vo»i NIC cii|i and Unigo ">'•««•«>»• night al the First Melho- ' school received a placard tor second place, -riils mi (rack meet followed prograiQ ol readings aauj songs wjitcji had been worked out 4»trlne the. health unit ' TO' lliclr Instructor, "»*• Donald Wcrtx, of Osccol*. '''I'ose who will appear on the "'oeramtire-.Mlldrcd WcaO.iera, «'lio iDOvfil lo Oklahoma iiflcr itav xarcl CaiKllll for their 1 ln B been with this .group through (lie regular club scveni1 B r «dcs. A new girl, Marijie. , "Stand- i l ' c 'W While, Frances Shouse, Mary 'i'.ill /uomid (lie World". IKmmi' J "°" Joyntr, SyJvla ijcldman, Mary Wuudej'llub not) Chesler C.ildwcll Ij >' l)n anu - Ku( -h J'addison, Mary a,s Queen and Kini; of i ''' lith Puckclt, Anell Jlccd, Philip ' "' " Jiccd ' George Reed, Harry Ray Hiook-s, nl) of Jra-c, and Betty Sue Mastln, Shirley Masth), and Barbara Banks, of Osceola. An Invitation to thc public to ut- (fiid Hie program has been extended by Mrs. Weil;;. , May. The class selected tlicscHwo because of their good Jicalth and )iporl*iiwu5l)li). The sixth' (snide boys and yirls are sorry to lose Harold Thompson /netting. Tuesday. OUier ottos- Merrll liom Harrison, Ark., has cn- lenxi, These chikhcu are working hard to cover the work outlined and to complete llieir unit of work on alcohol nnd tobacco before the term ends, Tliey have been having tests weekly. \ riectt'j were: 'I honing 'Sony, vice pi tTJdcnl; Howard Frlsby, secretary-treasurer. Five new members were accepted in (he or^inr'nilon. They arc: HtniU'r Sims, Mrlvin Kalsell, W. R. Cnnaiiy, Tom Dewier, mid Millard Edd The Jontz, pre.sident; Todd r;cc •pi'esj.'Uyil, Colrninu , , i At the meeting of (he JJuok cluh are: Kpberl' j. MciRV ,„,, Boy Scollls took chll ,. go Harrison,! 0( thc pl - ogl - iu ,, Bm i lhc rollowing ?> Clafs lilcctidns Held Electioii of officers for the sopli- oiuorc, junior, and senior classes of 1938 Biicl -39 was held Wednesday at the nosembly period. The following were elected: Seniors—president, Thomas Stay; vice president. Biliie Legg^tt. jyniors—president, HnroJd Do?.ier, T^CC 'president, \Cooksey Dedson; secretf.ry, '.•on Jo Hargctt; treasurer, Raymond. Baxe; reporter, Don wniJt'lin. Eophojrioies — preiirient, Chnrles Caldwsli; vice prejiclent. J. W. McNeil; sctnelavy, AiiRiistiis Crow; (rcasvircr. i'eggy Junes. Because of lack of time the present junior class wa.s imablc lo finish it's election but will do so at a later dale. Emm ScheiljilNl Aniioimccil 'Hie Kchcrtiile for iltml exnmina- tionsjias Iwen announced by Miss Posa' M. Hardy. (Senior hir/jjln will be given Frid f a.y and Monday. ^For-all-other classes (he exam- ination.s will Iregin u(. one o'clock Tuesday, May 2<l, and will contiinie until Thursday morning. MHJ- 2(5. Tuesday, U.e examinations will he given for classes reciting at tlic pkth neriod and the seventh.. Wednesday moruing the examinations wjll Ijc for the first and second periods; while, Wednesday after- npon, the tbird and fourth period classes vyill fnl;e their finals. Then Tlmrsday morning the last ex- aininatipu will be for tlie Ilftl period classes. Colien X.inm) I'rcsiiiont •Jer,rj- Cohen was named by the ;Nalional Honor society as its" president for the school term of 10383.9.'At. an earlier election Tlwmas Seay had besn selected, but later •Scay was elected lo tlie iireMdency of the senior class for th ensuing )'ear. arid resigned his office in liie National Honor society to accept that of senior president. Stevens, secretary; Tom Simon, Ire-usurer. Do.dsun i:icctod PriisUlenl Cookscy Dodson was eleclejl president of the I'VlloH-s Fonini club for the coming year when the club net Turscluy night. May 12. Joe liiini'oltc is lhc rcllrlng piesldcnt of (lie l-'oj-iiin. Other ollicers elected woe: Joe Billy Mclfaney, vice president; Hunter Sims, .secretory: William Qcurin. Ireasiircr; diaries Mardn, ,nibllclt.v agent. Ueliiint; olflcers >rc: Don Wilbclm, vice president; John Chnrles Bright, secretary; Uen SniKlcrs, publicity agent. 1 he forum Kill concludi! Us nct- vitie.s of the year with a banquet u the Glcncoe Hotel, Thursday liglil. W. D, McClurkln, suiicrin- cleni of odiool, and B. A. Lynch, i local hanker, will be guest spcnk- >rs at (lie banquet. McCJurkln will :ak on the subject "fjhcmcrelc", '.;:-;l iVfr. Lyncli will speak on 'The Inleiiwtlonnl Aspects of niuikliig." Mrs. Russell 1'arr nnd son, Rus"ell, jr.. will entertain the mem- s of (lie Foruin club ami their guests with ,1 dance at (lie Woman's club, Friday nighl. boys took part: Steve IJrooks, Jou Liiilzpnlfh, Harry Hulncs, Billy Wilaon, Jioss Hughes, and Byron Doss. 'Ihe Girl Kcouls will have charge of tlie next incctiiig. Sonic new books liuvc been) bought wiUi tile lunds of tills club. 'Ihe sixth grade- children arc planning a picnic .with tile sixth gj-arlei; of the oilier school; before thc close of school. OJM; of used by a Ilic transjwrl major airline inay fcc readily converted Into a bomber In time of -war. The fillip, as a rasseiiger |jlniie, «-fll curry 14 pcr- ECIIH, as a bomber it would carry a crew of four. '/lie LZ-J30, (he slslcr ship of .Die Hiudw.ibuj'ft Is %H feet Jons and has a helium capacity of more than 1,000,000 cubic feet. Its flying range will be approximately 7000 flillos. The zc|)j)0lln will carry 40 passengers, HELP 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES J}(tclof?MJ F yoyr kidncyBCDlitoJn )H t>lilcf i\oy tubt£ or Jlitefa KljLcl) litLp lu ]>'jrify 1 " ' - 4 Jt«V/ouiwlthy. Meat [«."j|ile|i [tint* e day or about 3 pounds pf \vu* fr/*^U6nt or ccanly pwtnKW "icJi imimli »nd b\U(ilnjt onowa llierc inny lio AiiuicLli: «IOD£ Wl^h your kidneys or litniMcc. AD «ictM ol octda or noiwiw in your tjly. wLnn CU9 to functional J<i<[]LDy (iiKonlciB. in be the beginning t to' (or o v ill he , i tlie*>'W, hwlactic-a nu«J di Don't jv-nit! A*k ,voyr d y\]\f, cseq eucCi-saJuliy liy i j-Mrt. Titft/iivcJi 76 ^lile« of kUlnc THURSDAY, MAY 19, 1933 f kUlncy lubca (lustt oul |»o your blood, Get Bonn's J'tlh The nniuml Junior Senior picnic '.v«:: held tost Wednesday 'at JrcuV.rri Lake at Arinorel. Sponsors for Ihe junior class arc ". O. McKcc ami Mis:; Ccc-il Cns- irl.v, and sponsors for the seniors .re Miss Luna B. Wllliclm and Norman C. Gnico. CKNTKAl. SCHOOL NUWSi i iTJMiJ^oUov.'in-r pupils O f first enule iaVC,h!Ul pijMccl nttciulnncc dur- 'Jiy, HID (last month: Davis Mary yrHitces Cinmcs, Jioiililc Mi- Jhael, Sully Travis. Ami Worn! Scniielh ~ ' Coleman. Bennie Genlrv Deniile Geuti-y. Franklin >lunV Howard nobiiuan, Don Smart, and The llfth grade boys and (jirls are . taking Ihoir closing test in reading sent out by, llielr newspaper, "My Weekly Header"? They are anxious to see how much improvement has been made since tjio tests in I-obruary. The arithauilie tc;Us have been completed with the following children making highest scores; Shirley Irene Jack Burliiim. Jl») Smart, J'teBcriiW, Jackie McGhce, Sinilh, Mamie Young. After studying Wild Life Conservation these children enjoyed sec- 1% pictures brought here by the enine warden, Otto Cummings, These children will have a picnic al Walker Pnrk'iiexl week. Local School 1$ On North Centra] "List" Word was received licrc today Hint (lie Hlylhcvillc high school is cm (he list of sccondaiy schools niijirevcr! by lhc MorMi .Central ,is- Kocinllu'ii which held Us 13rd unnual meeting lu Chlcugo April li through the 3Ui. Ants become -addicted lo the h\- toxicalmu juice wliicli exude.-, from (lie hairs of the curious beetle, coeloxenus C.uentlier, of Sonlli America, and they neglect Uic-ir own broods to feed the beetles. The ,,„..,„„„,„.., • ----- ; latter 'arc 'ungrateful parasites, Mai Ion smith. | However, and sometimes eat, the Die second grade children have i young nnts. md a tunic race. The following 1 ' )oy:; entered turtles: Max Duncan, jerry Harbour. Clyde Quails. Kob- •Jrt MaGhcE anil c. G. Redman •Jerry Harbour's turtle won first place. 'ihs srcond .gra'Je children with .•erfcel iiltendancc for tlie month ire: Kyby Anderson, .Julie IHich- Jn:ui, Catherine Grainmi, Joyce .<citli. Ullie McDeinioU, Marie '(V.vrrs, Mary Pncketl, JUldrcd :iicrt, Detl/. Snider, Basil Bmiis. VUx Uraham. Larry Jlcarn, Charles icno'erson. Bennin .Johnson. ' Jamrs Klllebrew Is Guest Speaker .Students of the high school had : &s their guesl. at the assembly htnir JWonrtay, J. E. Moody, a returned missionary from Central India. Mr Moody, whs has lived in India 23 years,'spoke on the customs of the people of India and their crude v.'ays of living. As he talked, he displayed curious • from thc country of India. .When Mr. Moody told nliout lhc seclusion or tlic woman, he showed a typical castume that v;as worn b> the women in' public nnd also one oT thc bright colcred suits ivorn bv the men. According lo Mr. Moody, animals that are, sacred to these people may not be killed by tbcm. but tboy .rail in an outsider to kill tlic animal. In the display there were hides of animals nnd reptiles that ho had been called to^MH. I.ibt.iry Club Organized " A Library club has been cirs^n- it-Cil in rciutir ]>iyi\ fchaol for the piu-p5.-e ol inipfovinj Jltjr.iry Mr- trice. . Olficsrs which were .elected at tile time ol the rorwatton will r,on- .tlivie In .their rcspccllvc positions tljroughoiit the a-.liool year of 1938-39. The olficcrs elccc'd.vers: .Mary rraiiccs Davb, pjeadent; George -No Longer : Drinks Whiskey Billy . Billy Mc- r.irlnnd. Thomas Smith. Jiu-k' Wig;an:;, Jcc Wimberle.y. Robert Me- 3rliec, Chnrtes Crisjger, Billy enell :nd Opal MeDi-rmott. Ilic (Jiird Krade pupils have completed their unit of work on ^he iibrnry. They invited their parents to their clo.jiij program an:i were delighted to have 35 visitors. This croup also had u treasure limit, r.tarliiif; from schoul and ciul- "»K at Robln:,on'3 clriiu store wlierc ihey v.crc .-.crrerl !;•(• crcnui cones. On thc Friday aiu-nioon before Mother's my the third grade children broadcast a program over KLCN honoring ;ill mothers. They i,Te,illy appreciated lhc many nice acknowledgments they receivrrf ;rom listeners. These children :1 ) w r.iatle attractive boohlc-ta lor Mmii- cr's Day gilts for tiicir -mothers. JyOiina L«» Glazier ir, moving; (o Ukblionin after having >xcn with these children thromjh' two grades Ihey rc'iret lo \iv<? tier. Tlie;g Ixq-s ami p fa-Is are looking OUREI Bco Brand Insect Spray costs R little more. BUT—it rcolly •—flics; mosquitoes and many other flying insects. Get Bcc Drnnd nn you get results. Ask (or it by name. "Today our Quins Itail says Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe, their famous Guardl- Him Hate Liquor Mctlidne .Giycu Secretly JVbUo Ribbon KeoKMly- can IK: el>»i In eolTEc, ,5ca or' rnlll: anrt) )«15 <Jon» much co sl')> ilriu.1 rn- ni-a Our vornan (tured i uiuu\- nrj <il 2p mUi one hex Uhe B^iqc h to$b opd i> for sale j< Kirov Brothers. 'tan! /•amottstSwfers, now in 4thyear, fArrV- »'nj/ on Breakfast of Greet Americaml " 1 tore, m<i?,Scrs, is the greatest brc^k- fastlur^aia ever! A whole serving of Quaker Oats—rich jn food-energy, rich io fk.-or-costs.onJj 1 Vi ccntl No other clinical Jjkeit! It's jtlic main- suy of millions. And gives everyone a tidi supply of NatutcWiuniiii D _ ilic vitamin you^aced dailj' lo toiiibat vantage of your Rtocet's prices lodayl iicj:vou4oess,soastipatiOD, poor appetite! Take ad- Summer Footwear as presented in While with Mesh Inlay Italian Tan Pig Grain Patent Kid 1 7-8 Jr. Spike AAAA-C $ £85 '5 The Public Invited to Boy Scout Camp Fire Walker Park 7:30 P.M. Friday Night W F « , < RITE PRICE GROCERY & MARKET FOR •FRIUAV/.S^niRDAY & MONDAY Pliunc 234 HV Deliver Anywhere Sec Us "Oirr Prices Arc Iiigl;( Krcrytlny on all Your Needs" VEAL CHOPS, Nice Meaty Cuts ............... Lb. VEAL BREAST, Choice Milk-Fed ........................ Lb. le SLICED BACON, Sugar Cured .............................. Lb. 15c SLICED BACON, Cudahy's Fancy ............... Lb. 25c SALT MEAT, Streak- 0-Lc'an Shoulder Plates SALT MEAT, Fine to Boil Lb. 9% PURE HOC LARD Lb. NECK BONES Lb. 05c SAUSAGE, Mixed ................................. Lb. 10c Lb. 15c Lb. 28c Lb. 25c SAUSAGE, AH Meat All Pork SLICED HAM, Tender Made End Cuts HENS, Fat and Tender, Fu)l pressed BEEF, Krey's Fancy Branded Shoulder Roast 2Sc; Rjb 25cj Chuck Lb. 17% BABY BEEF, Nice and Tender ShouJder Roast 19c; Rib Iflc; Chucks ...... Lb. 15c STEAKS, Krey's Francy Beci Round Lb. 30c; Loin Lb. 30c; Chuck Lb. lOc PURE LARD ......................................................... CORN GRITS .................................... ' Lb.OSc PRIDE OF ILLINOIS CORN ...... Ca» 8'/;c FLOUR CRY WHITE 24 Lbs. 83c CREAM MEAL ......................... 1 ........................ 24 Lbs, 39c SUGAR, Pure Cane ............... . ........................... 10 Lbs. 50c VINEGAR, Gallon Jugs . ..... . ..... Z5c SALT, 25 Lb. Bags . ........... 29c BABY CHICK PULLETS ................... Each lOc A50TOROM HEALTH SOAP MACARONI OK SPAGHETTI'.'... TOMATO PASTE FLOUR, Plain or S. R. CAMPBELL'S TOMATO JUICE P. & G. SOAP PALACE LOAF SYRUP, Pcnick PIE PEACHES -JELLO OR ROYAL COFFEE, Pwe and Frcsl, 2 Gals. 83c 3 Bars lOc Bos 48 Lbs. $1.15 ....... 50 oz. 19c 4 Bars 15c ........ Can "7% Gal. 54c .. Can '7% Box OSc Lb. lOc LIBERTY Frt&Sat. GROCERS . Dollars Co of Fri. & Sat. Libby's Peaches Deluxe ZVi Can 4 JJmit 175c While or Yellow 3]c|Apples VYiitcsap LKC. Size 19c GELATIN All Flavors c .'J I'ackagw No. 2"/, Me No. I Can 'Jc IHC i-»w I. 1 .- Iwt.Snjiill Ca CHOPS Lb. ISc ROAST Lb. 15c STEAKS Lb. 25c THICK RIB Lb. 18t SHOULDER CLOD Lb. 22c STEAKS Lb. 35c Black Hawk Pound Fancy Sliced Pound 4 ib. Carton 45c 8 ib. Carton 89c UPTON'S 14 Ib. TEfl 1-2 Lb. Ajti))0y •'! Large Cans or 6 .Siiinll Cans Pt - 14c Juice Qt. 25c ffoino Like T0WATO SOUP

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