Owosso Times from Owosso, Michigan on December 2, 1892 · Page 1
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Owosso Times from Owosso, Michigan · Page 1

Owosso, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1892
Page 1
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1 I H THE TIMES THE TIMES HAS TUB LARGEST CIRCULATION and Is the best advertising medium in the county. AND NEW YORK WEEKLY .TR1BUKE ONE YEAR FOR $1. VOL.'XIII.NO 38 0W0SS0. MICH.. DECEMBER 2, 1892. WHOLE NO. 662 mi IFr IN THE FIRST PLAGE You want a Piano or Organ that suits you. In our large wnrerooms you can certainly find such an instrument for we have many makes and styles. 13 ri ..uu..ut! IN THE tsuSL You want to get it as low as possible. Here we can serve you well. Many years experience in buying for ready cash enables us to place instruments on the market at very low rates. With our low prices and easy terms you can secure an instrument flow, if you want to. Come and see us. WALL PAPER Just as You See it is true, there is a combination of Wall Paper manufacturers which will raise the price of Wall Paper Tn munv nonlprcs whn M HAPPEN TO BE It takes time, trouble and money to get there, but it pays in the end, on account of the bargains we are thus able to give our customers by selling them cheap as Dealers not in the lrust can sell old goods. Very respectfully, C. W. Our Stock is We have laid in a very We bought cheap and we sell -quicK at a ciose margin is plenty goou enougn tor us. iow is the time to buy A No. 1 goods (none better on earth) at i i e -i. i : iir .i i ! j. i: very ciose w imuiunict-iuers prices. ve uo uusmcss w live, we live to do business, and the way to do it is to offer the very best grades of goods at prices that make them jump. Commencing right now we are going to give bargains to all comers until the goods are gone. Where uo you come in on j.1 l." 1 o rru . i i.i ' i tuis uig ciiiuitc xueru must ue sumeiuiug yuu iieeum our line, there can't be a better time or4 place to buy it. D. R. SALISBURY, : : BOOTS AND SHOES ' Slippers, Rubbers, Overshoes, Etc. OPERA HOUSE BLOCK, Washington St., It takes Time and Money to get BUT 1 GET THERE i l I can save you WALL - of 1893 stock and . H. W. HIS n PER GENT HOWL 18 All ID. 1 12 MAIN STREET, DT PLACE r it Advertised ? CENT nro nnt in thp TYiiq-K IN THE TRUST ! new goods and new styles as LORING, OWOSSO, MICH. Bound To Go ! large stock of seasonable goods. cheap. A lot of goods turned Owosso, Mien. there says my competitors, JUST THE SAME. money on. PAPER no humbug either. MANN, H H una B ilild 1 1 OWOSSO, MICH. SlUel at Gaines. Mrs. Knight, an old lady 88 years of age, was struck and Instantly killed at Gaines this afternoon by the No. 16 passenger train on the Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee Kail row 1. She resided about forty rods west of the village and started for the town on the track Just as the train was due. Fatal Accllcnt at Lcnncn , C. Hughes, a son of William Hughes, of Lennon, while hunting on Saturday afternoon was shot by the accidental discharge of his brother's gun. The whole charge struck his leg behind the knee and tore away the muscles to the bone. He lived about 14 hours dying early Sunday morning. He was only 11 years of age. Laingstoursr. - The funeral of Geo. Hewitt was held at the Congregational church, on Friday, Nov. 25th, Mr. Hewitt was one of Sclota's pioneers; he was also a veteran and was buried by the Post. Mrs. Henry Hart-well is visiting friends and relatives In town. Joseph Watters our hustling grocery-man returned on Saturday from a hunting trip in Northern Michigan well loaded with bear and bear stories. It. Frederick's livery barn and Wm. Sowersby's blacksmith shop are nearly completed. W. J. Tillotson will soon move Into his fine new house. The Methodists are placing a new heater in their church. llev. II. VanOmmeran read his resignation on Sunday as pastor of the Congregational church. Nelson Sleight started the machinery in his new stave mill this morning. Mr. Sleight is a young man and a hustler and employs about 40 men. The Hurt and McCarty saw-mill will run as usual during the coming winter. SMawassco. The paper mill is rnnning full time, night and day Mr. Davis, of Pittsburg, Pa., gave the paper mill a short call Tuesday and Thursday Mrs. Wm. Wallace slipped anil fell on the ice last week hur.ing her self quite badly Daniel Liudleyfdl and hurt his shoulder, Monday Chas. Lind- ley returned from Chesaning, Thursday, where he has been visiting friends J as. Galloway has bought a very line, running horse. He was shipped from Kentucky Richard Steele has named his boy, that was born election day, drover Geo. Spears, thy young man supposed to have been drowned, returned home last week safe Miss Lizzie I Ieltz is a new cutter hand in the paper mill llichard Steele lost from 50 to 100 bushels of potatoes by freezing Herman Dodge who has been quite sick with lung fever for some time, Is able to be on the streets again Frank Spears who has been on the hikes during the sum mer returned home. Monday The paper mill keeps locked doors alter six o clock p. m. No visitors allowed. Burton. School will open next Monday. Miss Mamie A ten teacher. J. K. Van Hoten is in Detroit, called thete !y the illness of his son s wife, Mrs. '. . anlloteu. Mrs, EmmaCooley, of C.i: 1 s visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. . Windrum. Kev. Dinwood. of Hrandt Is visiting n- K. W. Mason's. The president of the .' P. Conference, Kev Trover, and wife an- visiting friends in this vicinity. P. II Wilkin and family were guests' of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gibson, Thanksgiving Day. Mrs. P. II. Wilkin spent last Tuesday at fr-t. Johns, the guest of Mrs. Knapp. Hurt Nye, of Owosso, Is visiting his sister, Mi s l. Kossa. Mrs. S. Randall left last week Monday for Kalamazoo to attend . j wedding of lux grand daughter, Miss Minnie Vosburg. Miss Ilattie Hunt, of u.vosso, was the guest of Miss Kittie Green, last Thursday. Hurt Cummings left for Montrose last week to make a short stay. Hosa Williams, of Corunna, spent Thanksgiving with her father, Mr. II. Williams. llev. Cran- dell, of Clio, was In town last Saturday. Several from here attended the dedication of the new M. P. Church, north of Owosso. Mrs. Jane Fons worth and son Warren, of Medina, have been spending sometime with tl elr cousins, Mr. and Mrs. S- Hailey. The Y. P. S. C. E. held a corn social at the residence of G. T. Mason, Tuesday evening. D. H. Green and Wm. Stiff spent Wednesday In St. Johns. Nettie Glazier, of Owosso is visiting her brother, A. H. Glazier. Officer High, of St. Johns was in town Tuesday evening on official business.- Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Vincent spent last Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. A. Cadz. Pansy. Byron. Mrs. F. S. Buggies was In Saginaw, Wednesday Kev. C. W. Harnum visited at Fenton, Tuesday Mrs. A. Lemon, of Corunna, spent Sunday at E. H. Welch's M. H. Redmond, of Toledo, visited his parents here over Sunday Jerod Cook, of Fowlervllle, called on Hyron friend Friday last The Epworth League will hold a story telling social at the M. E. parsonage on Friday evening Misses Lucy Hunt and Annis Pel ton, of Hancioft, visited Hyron, Wednesday Mrs. Aliber, of Saline, Is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. L. F. Lut z A donation for the Kev. Osborn will Ihi held at the Hapllst church on Tuesday evening next Mrs: W. H. Schad and little daughter Catherine are quite sick with scarlet fever Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Goir, of Vernon, a"d Mrs. A. Schenck, of Elsie, were the guests of Mrs. G. Goff over. Sun day Harmon Hoice, of Ann Arlnr, spent Thanksgiving with his parents in Hums Miss Smith, of Ann Arbor, was the guest of Miss Winnie Orr over Sunday- Win. Walker, of Rochester, N. Y., Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. N. Gulick W. A. Savage and sister, Maud, spent Tuesday and Wednesday of this week in Detroit Mrs. A. Morse, of Durand, is visiting friends here At the residence of the bride's parents In Hums, on Wednesday at 2 p. m., Miss Clara Schwelkert was Joined In marriage to Mr. Henry Umberhaun. Ceremony performed by Rev. Rumberger Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Hrandt attended the lecture here on Monday evening Dr. Stevens, of Defiance, Ohio, a former resident of this place, shook hands with old friends here Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. O'Uearn, of Drayton Plains, are the guests of J no. Shouts and wife The lecture given by Stanley Kenton, Monday evening, was excellent. It was very pleasing and Instructive. Col. Copeland will bo the next on the course, Monday evening, December 12. His subject Is "Seeing the Elephant." Anyone who has not heard the Col. should not miss this opportunity The funeral of Mrs. May, of this place, was held at the M. E. church, Wednesday afternoon. Her death occurred at Hattle Creek, where she had gone for treatment. Vernon. S. Sheldon spent Sunday at Ann Arbiir Crls Gansley was at Owosso Saturday Hert Nichols spent Sunday with his parents, at Rrighton G. Faxon and wife visited at G. GolTs the last of the week Geo. Clark enjoyed a visit from his mother this week II. Pinney has rented his farm two miles north of here to Nelson Spaulding Mrs. John Harris entertained Vernon and Clarkston friends Thanksgiving Mrs. R. Westcott visited her son Frank, of this place, the first of the week Mrs. Elwell and two daughters, of Flint, visited at J.,Empies, this week Hlanchu Cole returned from Ithaca Monday Hell Sheldon. of .Ann Arbor, Is visiting here Maud Martin, of Alma, spent Sunday at home Miss Mary Dyer is much better at this writing II. McLaughlin has been on the sick list for a few days Kena Smedley Is spending a few days with Martha Van Alstine, of this place Horn to Mr. and Mrs. James Curtis a son on Saturday last Mrs. H. Martin and daughter Myrtie were in Owosso. .Saturday Flora Jones clerked at McLaughlin's last week Duane Martin spent Thanksgiving atCapac, instead of Detroit, as reported. Capac has more attractions for Duane. Tlio Columbus Canard. The wide-spread interest which has crop ped out recently relative to the late Christo pher Columbus deserves more than a passing notice. There is a pievailing opinion among well informed people that this noted navigator discovered Xorth America in 1402, and some even think it was he who landed on Ply mouth Rock. All these people claim him as the discoverer or this glorious country. Thev havt recently been celebrating the four hundredth centennial of that event, and of late some excellent people want to claim first mortgage on him on account of his religion. It does not transpire, however. that the immortal Christopher had any more religion of any kind than he needed for his own use, a1id that, he was not a character worthy of special imitation save as a navi gator. Misinformed school children, when asked who discovered America, will repeat the rhyme, "In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." Now the fact is, that there is no proof that Columbus ever set foot on North American soil. In the year 1492 he dis covered the Island of Sn Salvador, and by so doing discovered a small portion of the western he nisphere. He landed on this Island Oct. 2 1st, 1402. after which he sailed around and discovered some of the other West India Islands, Including Cuba. On March 15th, 1403. he returned to Spain and In September of the same year ho sailed again and this tune he discovered theCarlb bee Islands and Jamaca, but there was trouble at home and so ho returned in 1400 where he had a deal of trouble In proving to old King Ferdinand that lie had done a good thing. In 140S he made another ex pedition, sailing farther south and landed at Trinidad, from whence ho discovered the Orinoco river and South America. He was compelled to return however by Jealousies at home and was rewarded by being loaded with chains ami cast into prison. He how ever cleared himself up with the old mutton head of a monarch, and linally sailed again on May 9th, 1502, but the voyage was dis' astrous and he returned in 1504, only to die of heart failure in Valladolid and in poverty juay 20ih, 1500. This disposes of the Columbus canard, for he never set foot upon North American soil, and neither did his illustrious country man Americus Vespuclus. He voyaged In 1400, and after stopping at Trinidad, he sailed along the coast of South America ami discovered some small islands In the Gulf of Mexico. He succeeded however In getting his name attached to both continents, whereas In fact ho never saw but one of them. The Cabots discovered Newfoundland in 1407 on England's account and after them came other discoverers, but 500 years before Columbus was lorn, North America was discovered by Norsemen, and peopled by those sturdy ocean bandits all along down the New England coast as far south as Martha's Vineyard. There Is standing to day an old stone tower at Newport, Rhode Island, supposed to have been built by them, but that is all or nearly all that they left to posterity and the natives. Everything else lias been swept away and forgotten In the canturies which elapsed before the puritans landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620. Previous to this, however, an English colony had been established in Virginia In 1607. Now this sums up the whole history of the discovery of America according to best authorities and will bo a surprise I know to a great many people but I have been worrying about this matter long enough and pro-lose to set the rising generation right about facta In the case and get It otlfrom my mind. Of course everybody can obtain this Information for themselves, but everybody don't try to. They take Tom, Dick or Harry's statement that on October 21st, 1402 Columbus discovered North America when in fact he did nothing of the kind on that date or any other and then they proceed to celebrate the anniversary of an occurrence that never transpired. Now I hope that school children will cut this out and paste it In their geographies for constant reference, and further, that grown people who have had Christopher Columbus standing on Plymouth Rock, In their minds, will take him down, dust him off and throw him away, for he never was there. Ward. Laingsburg, Nov. 23, 1802. Until further notice we will furnish Tub Times and Michigan Farmer one year for $1.60. Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report Fenton has a gold cine institute. If you anything to sell advertise In The Times. Ethel Garrison, of Vernon, has secured a desirable position in the St. Paul, Minn., schools. The get of Louis Napoleon won 811, 542.52 In race purses the past season, being larger than that of any other Michigan sire except Pilot Medium. Judge Woolsey, a full brother to Col. Mapes 2:35, recently won a race in straight heats. Rest time 2:30. Both of these horses are sure to make fast ones. Rockbridge by Nutwood 2:18., dam Rapidan by Dictator, obtained a record of 2:20 at Nashville, Tenn., on the 21st. trotting the last quarter In 34 seconds. The horse is owned by T. W.. Whitney, of St. Louis. Nichols' hall at Vernon has been thoiough-ly renovated, painted and put in fust-class shape. A truss has been put in to support the roof and the old pouts taken out. The rear half of the hall has a raised tloor and the front half is seated with opera chairs. Mdhan Laiy Quartette. London Daily Free Press: "The Mehan Lady Quartet, of Detroit, on this occasion made their first bow before a London audience, and although a great deal was looked for, expectation was mote than met, for one could scarcely wish to hear anything more exquisite than the blending of their voices, ei'ch of their concerted numbers being given with a purity ot tone and a delicacy of shading which captivated their hearers and brought them round after round of au-plause." At the Congregational church, Wednesday evening, Dec. 7th. The Mehan Quartet will sing at the Congregational church, Dec. 7. The Detroit Tribune says, "They are one of the finest quartets in this part of the country." Plymouth News: We would not wish to criticise a quartet thus capable of calling together and voicing (rod's wonderful melodies witli such artistic power and effect. Many present were heard to'say they had received their money's worth after the opening number. The admission price to this entertainment will be 2; cents, 15 cents for children. A Featncry Business. S. D. Emory, representing Harrison Swan & Co., of Hoston, Mass., has done quite a large business in Owosso for the past few weeks without making much noise about it. It will be remembered that last year Mr. Emory purchased poultry for a few weeks in Owosso, creating quite a flurry among the local dealers by the price he paid. This year he returned to Owosso determined to give the farmers the best poultry market they ever had and to show them that there was big money In this branch of farming If they would give It proper care and a rttle more attention. This Mr. Emory thinks they intend to do as he will give them a good market here every year. Up to date he has purchased 30,000 pounds of chickens and turkeys, paying for the same about 84,000. Employment has been given to an average of twenty women, to whom 8500 has been paid for picking. Most of the poultry is shipped by express, the charges on which have reached 8400. The feathers are all carefully saved. The quills are sent to Warren Featherbone Co., of Three Oaks, and the feathers to New York selling at from 15 to 35 cents per pound. Mr. Emory estimates that he will have about two tons of feathers at the end of the season. The farmers for twenty miles around Owosso are here dally with large loads of poultry, realizing six cents a pound live weight for chickens and ten to twelve for turkeys. Owosso Is the best poultry market In Cen tral Michigan. A Second Locturp Course Fir anrnn Hmn thn Ruhiect of a Docular course of lectures and entertainments has been discussed In the factories and various places of business. As an outcome or the iniornuf nurnkonpd. fifteen Breiitlemen met bv appointment In the parlors of the Owosso Savings Hank Monday evening anu arier a mitimimniKj (wieliision on tlio matter or- iranWoH wiih an executive c immittee to carry out the plan of at least six lectures or enter tainments, mostly lectures on travel or nis-torical subjects. The tickets aro to be issued at once each ticket having numbers for the several lectures of the entire course. Tin tipL-et will b sold at 50 cents and each ticket will bear the nama of the purchaser, and will constitute the holder a member of the "People's Lecture course Amivlntlnii." Tim ticket held bv the mem ber will admit two of the family to the en tire course. The arrangements are ucing made so that provided six hundred tickets are sold it will cover the expense of the course and twelve hundred persons have the privilege of the lectures. This could not be possible If by special arrangement good rates were not secured for the talent In the course. The following gentlemen were present at the meeting and entered heartily Into the project, from any one of whom all desired Information can be obtained: E. Wykes, VV. 8. Hunt, A. 8. Bliss, II. D. Swayze, F. 11. Ewer, W. F. Bradley. F. M. Marsh, Frank Woodard, L. Fl!ck!nt,er, A. M. Bentley, Rev. J. R. Reitzel, M. Miner. E. E. Bentley, J. L. Lock, Wm. Jopllng. The State Grange will meet in Lansing, December 13, 14 and 15. Every farmer In the state should be a subscriber to the Michigan Farmer. The Times is beyond question the best advertising medium in the county. The annual convention of the Michigan Federation of Labor will be held Jan. 10 In Muskegon. The circulation of The Times Is growing nicely, thank you; we expect to see it reach close to 3.000 byj-'eb. 1st. Dr. Ilolinan S. Humphrey's next visit to Owosso will he Friday Dec. 0 at the Wilder-muth House. Consultation free to all. Cadillac News-Express: TlieT. & A. officials have expressed their approval of the scheme of making Lake George the division on the Toledo, Ann Arbor A North Michigan railroad, where they will probably erect round houses and other buildings. Cured cough after lung fever, with two bottles. Mrs. Lizzie Burns. Barclay, Sangamon Co., III., writes as follows "I think Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup is truly an excellent remedy for coughs left from lung fever, as two bottles entirely cured my daughter." Ovid Register: J. C. Farrell sold from 161 square rods of ground 200 bushels of potatoes for which he received 50 cents per bushel and Mid has 55 bushels of culls for the same price on hand. On a trillo less than three acres he raised 500 bushels this year. Tlio members of Crystal Fount Lodge at Hartwellville will hold a millinery social at their hall, Saturday evening, Dec. 10. Each lady Is ex peeled to bring an un-trimmed hat with trimmings for the same, also sandwiches. Gentlemen required to pay 10 cents each and trim said hats for fie ladies. Hot coffee lunch. Com. For perfect digestion use tutt's pills. Letters remaining uncalled for at the Owosso postotlice for the week ending Nov. 26, ISO.: Wm. Devan, Mrs. Clara Fritsch, Lev. R. T. Binns, Henry Byerlv, Walter S. Burge, M. Bresnah.ui, Chas. Bedell. Elvira Benson, Mrs. Conners, Frank R. Theis, Mrs. Stella SwCfzey, S. C. Safford. M. J. Rich, John J. Brown, Mrs. Mamie Pierson, August Uassee, Clements Gaul, Mrs. Mary Marsh, Mrs. Edgar B. Burke, Mrs. Eugene La Buff, Einina Schnuberger. Drops. A. U. Ford, L. Buyea. Dr. llolman S. Humphrey. Third class matter, Llllie Sipley. Charming people, these exceptional people! Here's a medicine Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery for instance, and its cured hundreds-, thousands that're known, thousands that are unknown, and yet yours Is an exceptional case! Do you think that that bit of human nature which you call "1" Is different from the other parcels of human nature? "But you don't know my case." Good friend, Inninty-nine out of a hundred cases, the causes are the same Impure blood and that's why "Golden Medical Discovery" cures ninety-nine out of every hundred. You may be the exception. And you may not. But would you rather be the exception.or would you rather be well? If you're the exception it costs you nothing, you get your money back but suppose it cures you? Let the "Golden Medina! I)Isrnvrv tnlr the risk. TELEGRAPHY I The City Telegraph Co. will locate offices in any part of, or between both cities, Corunna and Owosso, for teaching Telegraphy. Only plant of city lines in the U. S. built for teaching this trade quickly and correctly and assisting stud ents to secure paying situations without having to learn the business all over again at some office or station. Call on or address, C. A. SHARP. Supt. City Telegraph Co., corner Main and Washing ton Sts., Owosso, Mich. we do the rest." i A KODAK, ALU SIZICS and PRICKS. SOLD DY PARKILL & SON, DRUGGISTS & CHEMISTS, OWOSSO, MIC EL J "j "You IP touoh Button, I BEST IIS PRESEM

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