The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1936
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JULY .'M, MM*' (Continued From Page 1) money to elieck fo see whether applicants were still available. . Furthermore, t'here wns tremendous pressure on' the Democratic Congress as a result of unprecedented unemployment. Accounts differ as to whether the spoils- men's rampage of 1933 was as bad as that of 1921, when Harding came »). but the onslaught of job-seekers was greater. At least 4000 civil service em- ployes were dropped In washing- Ion— nobody knows how many limes that number In the 'field— as Part of the RooscvcH economy, program. Emergency agencies were bcfng created rapidly, with congressional provision lhal personnel be chosen "without regard to the civil service laws -or classification aiV" (Tnp Commission of Inquiry on Public Service Personnel says the emergency justified the departure from cls-ll service.) Nearly all the 4000 eventually landed jobs with new aseneles. minus civil service status ABLE MEN HIRED At Hie same time, chief posts in New Deal ngdnctcs were filled with many brilliant, able; non-partisan - experls, whose appointments sllll briahtei! t'he picture. These officials often ignored politicians' causing much rage. Jim Farley publicly boasted of 150.000 Jobs to nil, "one of Hie chief assets of n parly in office." Ha enumerated three job tests: 1. Is applicant qualified? 2. Is. he loyal to the party and sympathetic to the, Roosevelt program? ' 3. Was 'ne "for Roosevelt before Chicago"? The Reform League says he removed about 80 'per cent of "service postmasters, 11 presumably nicitiiinsr Republican veterans, but that "Parley has only done his work a little more' thoroughly than INS predecessors." 'Big Jim did his best to reward lh"! faithful jn other agencies He did nothing to take anybody ; but of civil service, however. And his record in i,j s own Postoffice Department here is amazingly good About 75 p?r cent of its bk jobs are Held by career men. Farley Placed smart postal Inspectors. In important, posts which is why the Postal department is saving money SOME BAD SPOTS Opd-llne departments withstood the pressure fairly well. Notable • exceptions were, the Justice Dc- ••partment, under Homer dimming;.the Commerce Department; , under Dan Roper; : a nd the RFC,' 1 under Hesse Jones. • I3ig diplomatic posts went to hi* campaign contributors, l'no«»h Roosevelt appr>mtr,i s ,| C f, a ],i c non . politieos ns Bullitl and Dodd to Moscow and Berlin and the foreign career service remained unscathed. Wallace, Ickes, Hopkins, PerkinT ami Tiigwell— after creation of RA —insisted on merit. So did other . chiefs to greater or lesser desree rncy never let Parley prevent them from hiring able men Emil Hurja, Parley's right-'nand ' General .Johnson's friends, ffiehcls of General Johnson's political ami other friends, friends of Industrial and labor leaders. TVA'and Rural Electrification developed their own excellent'civil services. AAA early • tried'to take most employes from civil, service-and ifound It couldn't •get'good ones; now'all AAA em- ployes under $2500 must come from civil service rolls. RA gives examinations. .', • In most New Deal:agencies today political endorsements ore likely to be vnJiraMc, but not essential. Recent tendency has been to put new, permanent agencies under civil servlciv The. Social Security Board. Railroad Retirement Hoard,-National Bituminous Coal Commission, Soil Conservation service; and the ICC - bus section lire completely under civil service. So is Securities &• Exchange Commission, except for attorneys, examiners, experts,, and certain officials and Federal Communications Commission, except for a very few ] t'hiefs and assistants. The bulk of POA has been placed under civil service. • KOOSHVKI/r RECORD FAIR Rccscvclt, simultaneously compelled to try (o run the government efficiently and to holster party power by filling as many offices as possible with loyal party members, has a good civil service record In many respects. He appointed a commission which nearly ail critics agree Is high grade. In 1934 the commission asfccet for and promptly received more funds. Roosevelt asked the commission to submit an amendment to pt't administrations handling the $4880,000,000 relief fund:' under civil service, although that one'died in committee. At the end of the session' he .pushed the O'Mahoney bill to place the' 15,000 first, second and third-class postmasters under civil service, ami the bill failed in the house by but, six votes. Concerning the merit system, lie once wrote Senator George Norris: "I know I'm not moving as fast as you want, me to, but I'm movlner as fast as I can." EUGIIILES ARE HIGH GRADE The existing civil service system leaves much to be desired, although the depression and the commission's recent work have given it 'the most high-grade eligibility rolls ever. Although no stronj and effective merit system has been developed, the present commission is making strides. Its Improvements of examination technique and studies of employe training facilities and service ratings have been commended widely. Every, expert agrees the government needs' a career service of disinterested, . impartial em utoyes; which will.' produce able, non-policy making admiiii tia' tors, such as UMJ' ! .lfpw Deal has so .sadly lacked. .'These employes, Idfallsflcally, 'would be 'Impervious to politicians and to private Interests, ... , ,; . Under ..the old •' civil service. system, administrators were brought up by seniority mid might be good or bad, .but were nearly always old and, unimaginative. When the pace became fast and furious nml government stepped Into untrod- den paths, the old system didn't work—and the result- lias often been messy, H u a W >Iicn »ts- Brilliant and nb e himself, he stressed ability as well as political bnckln- He un loaded a liberal sprmkfin. of competent where he thought they would do i«e least harm, but '. ],i and Farley were out to make Roosevelt's program succeed as well to re-elect him. SI ESS IN HOLC HOLC soon became a stench in the national nostrils under Chairman "Seaboard Bill" Stevenson Chairman John p,,l,cy succeeded Him, cleaned out many of llic worst, and later singed still another purge. NRA became a hodgepodge, of Thursday HOUR SALE FROM 3 TO .1 I'. M. Thursday for one hour inly we place on sale from 3 to 4 o'clock, two groups of Dresses. Now on sale at $2.95 and $395 at 51,98 ami $2.93. These are our regular S5.S5 lo $8.75 values in Crepes, Sheers, Laces Prints nut! Polta D O | S Light and (lark colors Do not miss this buy Only two dresses to a customer. $198 & $2.98 50,000 Free Voles given with encli dress. New Economy Shop- BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK,)'COURIER' NEWS ' . '! ; :; - ' ' '<^ ' ' Realty Transfers .Huff man ' Mrs. E. N. Henson and children were puests Sunday of Mrs. Aubrey Merrill, Misses Maxlne Copeland and Florence stokes left Monday for an extended visit In Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Union Holmes and daughter, lilllle Jean, of. Osccola, were week-end guests of relatives and friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Sayre and daughter, Yvoimc, ( cf the Crockett vicinity, drove io'bsceola Si'mlay for a vlsil 'with' Mr. Sayre's sister,- Mrs. Gladys .Wnde and Mr. Wade. . .- r . . Misses Essie"; Mac' Blokes and Willie II. Ray were uuesls Sunday; of Mrs. Mason York of the Croc- ••<ll community. : «|gB ' ' " Warranty I)e«ds •'American Security company, to, H. Coving-ton, lots 12 iiiul north 'i of lot 11, block-If, Ban-on nml Ully adilition, Dlylhevllje.' 1' P. Simon' to Ki : cil S. 'stilita, cast hnlf of lot 8 nml nil of. lot 0, block 5, Davis llilrd million lo Blylhcvlllc. • "..''• J. Jackson to J. \V. ,Cox nml Tina Cos, lot 5, block 3, Hci'i) n)i(l Perry- addition to Ulylhevllle. J. W. Scrape cmd'Anum'da ' Eliza Scrape to Kdna Nommii, west Imll of northwest quarter of souUiciibt quarter of section 29,' township 15 north, nuiee 11 cast. Henry Spain nml nillft S]«iln to Ellen Wright, lot 105' ffct by SO feet near southeast, corner of lot 3, Cook ami Wilson addition'to Blytlici'illo. . , ! eagfam's Soft- Stilled Your Collins "Alive!" A ci.wtrink killed by mcllin.; KING ARTHUR GIN Dmillcd from m%Amer,canGran:N?Mrd Spirits 11 t,l!i [v t_ ln rcncelrars Itiil FwmlneOfure N'cwYiwl. You need all these modern features to £et complete motoring satisfaction <c> You need NEW PERFECTED 'IIYDRAUTUT HKAKES fo? your own eafety'aiid llic safely of others, imitcr today's driving conditions. These brakes arc tlie iujvft, smixxhtsl, anil most dependable lirakcs ever built. You need . SOUD STEEL one TUBHET joFiSr; protection, {, x , a od m car •tyling, for thegreatwt <] cg r« o/coolneaain summer and warmth in winter. You nee< j KNEE-ACTION 5UEEI^ for iiiajii, snfclj- n» well Hi niaxiininn ri.ling comfort, liccausc Knce-Aclioii gives llic Id's fafcat, 6inootlifc)t ride. pr • . f ' wo ' lli 8 fafcat, emootliiut ride. Lhevrolet « the only low-priced car rhat \iw fftem «i// Yoa ntfi GENUINE FISHEft correct air conditioning in all weather. U "ecoojis in" Lr««* on hot ilayi — prevent* drafts— diminitu clouding of the wind- sntcw — and gives ench pawcnger Individ u alljr conlrollcd vfnlilalion. Ym w«d « IHGH-COMPRES- SjON VALVE-'lN-HEAT)i KNGTNE for the nno»l combinaliou of per- •"nnanct , n j economy. This anirdy Cherrolet valve-m-nrid engine ci- cel» in all-roiind telion, and giro economy uithoiti equal in a full«ii« car. '495 YounetdSligCKPROOFSTEErt- INGr for real drivijig MM on iliow. long tnps you are planning this •unuMr. It eliminates «tecrin» ivJitel unration and hi.lcca driving moro nearly efforllcjj t| un ym , cvcr thought it cnuld he.. «lfn«. Vrthn inlf .'7J':* '«#• '*« "«>'•» i- HOaaillinJ. i*M, «KJ5.EJ,,' " r ,y < *<* «-'.'-, l» <AiV.noI.rrfm mutt rJ .wWhSliTw.'''' ni "jj, i 'W»'». •""> •"*;«' »•»«"«• '•priced? cafo CHEVROLET TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Illylhcville, Ark. 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'MailertrarY ELECTRIC IRON ^^•'212 Ntw Atttdcltvt Rubber Bathing Caps 19' Olh.r. 29cto49c 25c Slie . • : SALTS' A. •BJ'S' ..;:• T X7, J9 •'•• n(\t .51.00 Size ....... *" J'SYLLIUM. SKEI) o n c .' I'ouhi] ........ £J REMEDIES ,MI»(j[,'. :50o Size CAMt'HO- 1 : OAC Norwich Sun Tan Oil Don't iiiir'n— .'fan -Evuily. 39° CAMt'IIO- : nfr !l > nENIQUE.''30p'sliC'"W I.YSOI/ 51.00 Size : YEAST 3s IRON 'TABLETS ......... : RAI/IIEPATI.CA .51.20 She Lew Price* on PICNIC SUPPLIES l«Pip«rPf.l«, V • Lily Hot Cupi 100 Ptpcr Napkin. , ' 90 GUiiip Sipptrs Your chalet ...... Shower Sprays 39cto$l , Bath Brushes < _J^ Geldtn Crown TENNIS BALLS . 'Modtrniitk' ALARM CLOCK .:•••>««, Cumrant»t4 J J 98* Motnrnuie at* with c(o[»onn« Hit dU. Accw .tt !ira,k_o_. !65c BISODOL Powder 49c AbtorbihCf Jr. 4 01. Bottk 89c I* INCH WHIKOSO ZIPPER BAG i. Box of 18 MODESS *" ,'Cert«/ n Sth' 19c Kcw Improved Supir-Juict Juice Extractor , fki' «|98 Lommcjcia) lypc for liome uae. 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