The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SIX CLYTHBVILLE COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JANUARY 6, 19-15 Hew Performer On Arena Card Stanley Buresch Will ' Team with Buddy Knox Vs. Roberts, Wisbar .The rollicking, rough and tumble, kcibck-do\vn-and-drrig-out style of wrestling, vhlcli rates No. 1 with local fancten, returns to the American Legion arena Monday night on Promoter Mike ring show, The promoter Mcroney's weekly Is bringing In a newcomer, an old favorite who'has been n«ay for some time;, and two popular meanles for this program which calls for another tag match and two single fall preliminaries. vThc newcomer is Stanley Buresh, •described as a top night villainous type who dotes on I he wide open, nfodern kind'of, grappling that features everything from eye gouging and choking to tlic less harmful just plain socking. Buddy Comes Back ^Returning after an,extended absence Is Buddj Kuox, the elon : gated former football star.and one of the big .toughies along'cauli- flower row because lie knows what the customers want here and can deliver the .goods. Ike DOPE BUCKET n i. r. ACE GIVES OUT Evidently, good friend dipt. James Ace PUckett can't make too much of this Blytheville news. It affects him in a peculiar way. He wants to dish out too many bouquets. The other day I bundled up about three months supply of the Courier News, containing the accounts of the Blytheville Chick football games, and sent them 10 the former tribal and Papoose mentor. My, my, what superlatives were contained In the letter of thanks, which was entirely uncalled for. I was tempted to Ignore using the letter for that reason. But he paid the Infantry a deserved compliment and passed on some other news bits. So, Just pay no attention to what lie said about this column, and look for the foot soldier boost, piili-lecze: Wed. 20 Dec. '1044, Ft. George Meade, Mel. Dear J. P.: Maybe you think I haven't, been Jackpot when a guy receives as much news as I did In one package. Say, do you realize thai you sent me practically all daily Issues of the Blylhei'llle Cornier for Oct. Nov. and 12 days of December? Golly, you don't know what a Xmts present you sent me. J. P., clue to thr fact that I might the time I gel back from my next trip to thank you, I Just can't resist the temptation now Thanks a million and one times And, too, 1 have' passed them on to Col. ivy W.'"Crawford to read Matchmaker Merbney'Is learning' cll j oy i nB the ncws for (he pasl fc .. v these two for one unit which he • believes rates 'favorably frith nhy lie lias used here In some time. • had.better be good for in the opposite corner will be a couple of other, guys who also know their way around tlie squared circles, 'Rough Red" Roberts, Ihe; LiUlc Rock undertaker, and G us Wisbar, the clever, but lough German. j^They 'will work over the usual two best:falls of three roiltcj with a'f90-mlnute time limit; In tlie feature event. 'Buresh is slated to gel his local baptism of fire early/ For thc matchmaker has booked him against Roberts in one preliminary, while Wis- bar and Knox will carry''on iu the other. Both will have .the customary half hour time .limit apiece and limited to a single fall. Brawls Arc 'Likely In sharp contrast to last week's scientific and not-too-exclling show, this program promises to. explode everything in the wrestling category from soup to nuts. With possible exception of Wlsbar, who is fast beginning lo take oil inennlc flays, ever) member of the quartet is a full fledged ring'riot squad member capable of entertaining the fans in their main grappling dish. And there is no' end to what this show 1 mas develop into before it is all 01 er .No. l : instigator is "Red 1 - Roberts, of _ course Now there; is n fellow who is'ilable to .pulf.'ahythlng inside the ring even \tlie-referee's pants rte has done it on several occasions, once, here, and .may. go berserk and do it again just any time. That is one ..of thc reasons 'why Referee Meroney. has to be or the double alert whenever Roberts of the principals.-"Ren" has no'particular love .for'Mike, anyway, and makes life'miserable for him on every occasion. And do the fans here go for that sort of stuff! Roberts Tests Newcomer ; While the.main event reeks .with prospects of a first class, extendet brawl little short of a typical movie liar-room scrap in which everyone wrticipates, the preliminaries blc f ,'ourlcr, then J. p. Friend. Just for example, the letter of Major Dick (Screwy) Tlpton thnl recently np- irarccl in the Bucket, Boy, Unit carried me back for a visit almost us real as If I had been back thcrs. Actually, l hnve read thc darn hlng three times nnd will rend it some more. It Is a masterpiece in itself and, In addition, It stimulates a whole raft of pleasant thoughts of Dlytlicville and nil the fellows. And your column actually Is responsible for such letters. Now, will you do me a favor, atxl \'".'}' ' put this (n your column, (Here It c "" lc comes, boys and girls, so get set), .'^l 1 ; 1 fin going to check to see if you do, and let me warn you now if you don't I slinll write Mrs, Samuel Morris and she will print, it. Sever- ill of us fellow's in the service are more than willing 'to send stamps lo pay postage, but you, J. p., simply laugh at the mention of it. Well, Pnl, I happen to know that It lakes money 16 buy stamps. And even though you work In the post office I'm sure that Postmaster Ross Stevens makes you pay for all those stamps, or docs he know you arc getting them? (He gives me a special "cash" price.) So, to keep tlie post office records balanced, and also to keep R. A. and Mrs. Friend healtliyand ealing well, may 1 ask Hint the good people of Hlytlievllle buy you n few stumps oceosion- nlly. We fellows will square the bl!l when we get back. Really this is ti serious matter—this stamp business —for one man to buy as'many stamps ns I'm sure you buy. J. P., I'm sure if you will just let this meager attempt, of-inlne appear in boys. It has been noted that occasionally some fellow makes a erne); about some other fellows branch of service, but don't forget that we arc all lighting on the same side and for the same cause. Any ot the fellows, whether Air Corps, Artillery, Infantry, Navy, Marines, Medics, M.P., or even a convoy officer like myself, has a Job to do. Mine, of course, Is not Important or dangerous. However, It Is Important to my education, I'm seeing same of the world, only after the enemy has been pushed b.ick. Still I'm in anil maybe fortunate, but nevertheless I'm doing a Job that takes somo,- onc to do. I'm not apologizing for the duty I perform, only letting you know I'm not a combat soldier. I'm In the C.A.C. (AA) and proud of It. But, brother, my hat Is still off to the Infantry foot soldier. He Is the fellow who Is really taking a beating. He fights until ho is completely exhausted, but still lie must curl up in a foxhole In mud and water and try to rest or sleep, and yet exposed to rifle and machine gun fire, artillery shells, dcs, mid bayonet, hand-to- fighllng. This goes on for lays and nights with 10 In 1, or K atlons. Oh, I could go on for pager, lescribing an infantryman. There ire these, things I'd like to offer: ell me any man or branch of the icrvlce who went, through more tell, or faced certain death move han the Infantrymen who lan-iori it Salerno, Anzlo, Naples and Tne torninmly Coast. Also the ones who vent in and took Ciisslno. Well, Tt las been my fortune, or misfortune, to see (lie above named places and to know a little about the Jvcs we paid for them. No, my friend, I .don't think any branch of service him anything to brag about when they toast about 'what so and so did. Yes, and lliere were other soltiicrs of many different, branches who helped drive out the Germans, but don't forget the bulk, of the tough fighting was done by Yep, he was tickled pink to get I your column that we fellows have them. Listen, J. P.^this Is my per- 1 hundreds of friends there who will sonal expression from one irnl 10 gladly supply you with stamps And another, but you will see days In ; I do know that you would say years to come that you will receive | "never mind" and that you would , ir, for s much action; too. Especially does the Ro*rts-Bure>!i.iriatch;i6pk inviting fora busy'.scsslon:'-K;Stan IrVes up lo^his* past 1 fepuia'tiorTas"a sslug artist, and there is little reason to assume he won't, this match mn rock the rafters. Both tire -big rough, and double-tough and go about their business with little re gard for life or limb. Wisbar will give away sonic weigh and size to Knox, ; but is much fast er, perhaps more skilled, and jus as aggressive and resourceful whlcl ought to even the score. This matcl has every indication of dcvelopln more personal satisfaction from tlie time and sweat yon are nutting in for the Dope Bucket than your fondest dreams ever can realize. Now don't get excited, Pal, for I hnvc thought you a regular guy, or as we say "n regular Joe" for a long time. But I think I'm speaking for us all. G. I. Joes and Janes, •hen I tell you your column is ap- reciatcd by all of us. Frankly, J. I'm telling you this because the ast time I talked lo yon it secm- d that you doubted the actual ap- reclatlon that we gnys have for ou, aside from actual friendship or you. Now don't get me wrong. 3ub, I'm not Intimating that I hink you would become discourag- d or quit. Pal, If no one ever told ou may I say that all of us Bly- hcvlllc fellows know there Is not in ounce of give-up or quitter In he veins of our trlend and pal, J. P. 'Friend. It so happens that know you and feel as well qualified :o' pass on your living, working nnd inbils as any person in Blytheville. So, I'm choosing you us the No. 1 na'n In Mississippi County as contributing most to the war effort And let me tell you again ami again that all the fellows and Rirl-s appreciate your work In the Dope Bucket more than anything els2 short of coming home to Blytheville after this war is over. Yes it Is nlmost'n, visit back home. (I don't .believe it) but say II again.) , .'..•.,-.' , , , B.r>Tfs,i>RAisf:; COURIER ; ' J, P.V I h'a've'nm across several fellows from Blytheville in the pasl four years. Without exception thej always say something about the into a battle to the finish it both boys elect lo swap it out. In recent months Wisbar has shifted some of the scientific to the more modern which features plenty of biffing. He may need nil he has against Knox who is far from a setup. Starting time Is 8:15. Reply To Ruling Against Hamline AAU Ban Because Of Schultz' Pro Status Brings Up Argument By United I'rcss Hamline University fo St. Paul Minn., is stirring up quite- an argument over Howie Schultz, basketball player and first baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Secretary Ferris of tlie Amateur Athletic Union says any school that plays'against Hamline In . basketball while Schultz is a member of Ihe team Is liable to lose its amateur ranking. And Hamline officials have charged Ferris with singling out the Minnesota school for special criticism when other colleges are guilty McSpaden And Byrd In Lead At Los Angeles LOS ANGELES, Jan. G (U.P.)- Defcndln? champion Harold (Jug) McSjiadcn, Philadelphia's gift UJ professional golf, mid Sammy Byrd of Detroit, lead the first round of I lie Los Angeles open tournament:. With practically all the field of 132 club swingers back at the Riviera Country Clut) locker room, McSpruleu and BynJ topped Uie list with 70's, one stroke under par. Six other professionals and one amateur tied for second with par Vl's. The second placers Included the two tourney favorites, Byron Nelson of Toledo, Ohio, and Slam- mln' Sammy Snetul of Hot' Springs, Va. McSpaden put together rounds of 34 and 36 that included four birdies and three bogies. Byrd's of the .same offense. Conch Joe Hulton of Hamline the common doughboy known as efuse any money. 1 ilo know lliat on don't and won't refuse lo send inpers, letters, and clippings niu .(Idresscs to any an,; all Bljrtlie- •illc and Mississippi County boyt, and girls In the service anywhere and at any lime. Send him a slami: wee In n while nnd I assure you hat the stamps will never be usec 'or nny other pmpose. Now, r hnvc .hat off my chest. (Too late, Pnl nit the ihnnks should go to Harry riaines, the Courier publisher. HI furnishes the stamps.) It will only be u short time unti ;'m snlliiii; again, so I shall. try to tell you something interesting about ny last trip. You see, I had Thanksgiving dinner oii' the .Mcditerran- enn, so 1 don't know where my Xmas dinner will find me. At least, I'm postlve it won't be here. OIVKS "I'OI 1 " A PLUG : Say, I would like to put In a plug for "Pop" Moslcy nnd his Papooses. Congratulations to "Pop" nncl all his boys. They all are a swell bunch. The only thing is that "Pop" got credit for something this year that he as been doing for 12 years without plaudits. Yep, we olc timers know and appreciate the coaching ;'Pop" has done all thc time. Whenever I coach when this war is over I certainly would like lo have him with me, not as my assistant, but to be, his assistant. That, man has shown me plenty about; coaching.. and \ how ,'to handle the INFANTRYMAN." So, lets not ask, Pvt. so and so why he was only n private, and why he didn't get into tlie glamorous branch ofr service. Hundreds of thousands of our fellows were put into the Infantry because tile Army needed them mast. In (lint brunch. Also, the backbone of the Infantry Is the private, and the backbone of the Army Is the infantry. To my personal knowledge four of the best friends of mine were ordinary infantry privates, but they pale! the supreme sacrifice. Whut else greater can a man do? Now, pal, this is not trying to rap anyone or any branch for they are all important. However, : will take issue with anyone who tries to tell me that anyone or any brunch has done anymore fighting, any tougher fighting, or has gone ' through more Hell than the infantry. Anyone who doubts my observation let him join them and see for himself. As for me, I'll stay In the CAC if Uncle ivfll let me. The Infantry is too rough for olc Ace, unless I have to go into it. Sincerely a pal, says IJick Furey, captain of the St. Thomas team In St. Paul, played professional baseball last summer and that the University of Minnesota is also using two professional baseball players. The Minnesota players named' by Hutton arc Klegsie llcrmsen and fiuiz Lchrman. • Meanwhile, the ,AAU ban against Mainline is beginning to lake effect H'HIi «n announcement from Wcst- mlstcr College in Pennsylvania Dial It would not play Hamline in Boston on February Sth if the status of the Westminster players will be endangered. ^ Athletic Director O rover Washa- l>augh says his team will not go through with the game if either Sclmllz or Rollie Scltz, another professional baseball player, are in the Hamline lineup. The Westminster athletic direc- (or says his team will meet another outfit or will drop the game altogether If necessary. baseball." An ( i ho adds: "They popped questions at Merry Xmas! Ace. The United 345 consulates tries in normal times. States . maintains in foreign coun- right and left. Once we landed a* i camp we had a tough lime getting away from the island again Those boys certainly haven't forgotten their baseball while they'v. been down there." ;olf was more consistent. The for- Sept. 15, 1941 He now is serving nor major league baseball player as squad leader in his company" Josied the first hole. Then ho • ' out in par except for birdies Karry A. Haincs, sen of Mr. and on the loth and 18th holes. . Mrs. Harry W. Halnes of Blythe- Bruce McConnlck, Los Angeles. ville, has been promoted to the unatcur, missed u six-foot putt on ' he 18th hole to miss the top rung, liut his 11 was the toj) amateur round of the opening day by two irokcs, The freak shot of the day came from the iron of George Mclner- ncy, Huntliigton Park, California, professional. He got a hole-in-one on the 180-yard, par three 14th hole. Mildred (Bubo) Zanarlas. of Beverly Hills, the only woman qualifier, finished far back with a 3337—76. rank of private first class. He was transferred from Bu6k- nglitiin Field, R>rt Myers, FJa., on Wednesday lo the Central Inslruc- or's School at Laredo, Texas. Men |n Service Sergt. Barney L. Swift, son of James R. Swift of 2011 West Ash, Blytheville, has been awarded the combat infantryman's badge, Headquarters of the 14th Infantry Division somewhere in France has announced. Sergeant Swift arrived in France Morale Builder After War Tour CLEVELAND, Jan. 0 (UP) — Manager Steve O'Neill of the Detroit. Tigers is just hack from a (our of the Southwest Pacific and says he Is convinced baseball belongs at (lie top of the morale list for servicemen. / O'Neill says it was tile greatest experience of his life to have been n member of the baseball nni sponsored by the uSO-Camp Shows that spent six weeks in the South Pacific under the supervision of the Army's Special Services divi sion. The unit travelled nearly 30,000 miles by air to entertain thousands of servicemen in the Southwest Pacific theater of action. Says O'Neill: "We ate with them, slept with them and talked with them all the time we were clown there. We arranged a little program of entertainment for them, but tlie thinj they were most interested in was AETNA LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. E. H. FORD, Representative ZOfi Lynch WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, Jan, 8, 8.-J5 p. m. Ixmest Admission of any Wrestling Arena In America. Adults, J6c, Tax So-Total, «5c. Reserved Seats, 12c, Tax 3c-To- Ul, 15c. Children's Stats IZc, Tix 3c, Total, 15c, Reserved Seats On Sale at the Legion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. m. on TAG MATCH Buresh & Knox VS. Roberts & Wisbar 2 30-Minute Preliminaries Stan Buresh Buddy Knox Red Roberts Gus Wisbar Recapping and Vulcanizing * * ADD LIFE TO TOTJB TIKES MODINGER-POETzWcO. THE SHIPMENT THAT HELD UP THE SHIP Men at tlie front depend on that ship ... on that waiting convoy. If it is delayed those lives may be lost! All for lack of waste paper to make the cartons, boxes and wrappings of practically every item of cargo. Waste paper is desperately needed today by our fighting men. Two million extra tons of paper must be gathered for over 700,000 vital war.uses ... supply parachutes, airplane parts, blood plasma containers ... • Be sure that you don't hold up the ship. Save waste paper. Get your children, neighbors, club members to collect waste paper... bundle it and turn it in ... now/ Save a bundle a week—save some boy's life! U. S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Sul. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 0:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. ' WEEK-DAY NIOHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show Start at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Cox OfHce Opens 1 Rhovt Btarti 1:15 Last Time Today Double feature. "RIDERS OF THE TIMBERL1NE" with Hopatong Cassidy ' a"iid "THE FIGHTING DEVILDOGS" with Lee I'mvell Serial: "The Batman" Cartoon Sunday and Monday "MY FRIEND FLICKA (In Technicolor) '"'.'x with Roddy McDowell * Prcsion Fosler Universal News Short I Work shim repairs are made here with the same medcn- car* used for" most expensive shoes. Our leathers are long wearing and the best available for this char- actor work. If you waul wear and •omfort try us. Saturday "ALONG THE RIO GRANDE" with Tim Holt 13ih Chapter at "Iron Clair" Poiicye Comedy Saturday Only OWL SHOW "ARE HUSBANDS NECESSARY?" with Betty Field nnd Hay Milland Comedy Sunday and Monday "I LOVE A SOLDIER" with Paulcllc Cioilclarcl, Sunny Tuffs KKO Xews and Comedy Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Lust Time Today 'Pirates of the Prairie' wllh Tim Holt Serial: "Adventures of the Flying Cadets" ; Short • .. WANT Saturday Midnight Show Starts 10:45 ; The Mummy's Ghost 7 Lew Cliuncy \vith & John Carradine Selected Shorls URGENTI^Y NEEDED NOW TO HELP NAVAL ORD AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS Sunday & Monday; THE MUSICAL THflT GOES PLACES! "V **®s BY Winston, Haglin, Missouri Valley and Sollitt (Prim* Contractor*) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for workers at $1.00 per day. Excellent working conditions . . . Help build this plant so vitally needed by our fighting forces. Hiring On The Spot and Free Transportation Furnished At Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS If you arc now engaged in an essential activity at your highest skill, do not apply. AH hiring; done In accordance with War Manpower Commission Regulations. Men under 21 anil iconien under 18 must have minor's release form signed by parents wlileh can be obtained at Employment Office, Paramount News Short New Theater Manila's Finest Wlial Iwc you done today that sonic mother's son should die for you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS-r- n our lobby. No waiting. We are issuing agents. Saturday 'LAND BEYOND THE LAW" with Dick I'oran Serial & Short Saturday OWL SHOW 'MAZIE GOES TO RENO' with Ann Solhcrn Selected Shorls Sunday and Monday "SEVENTH CROSS" with Spencer Tracy Fox- \f.«5 .t Short

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