The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on February 3, 1938 · Page 13
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 13

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1938
Page 13
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THURSDAY, Feb. 3, 1938 THE CHILLICOTHE C 0 N S T I T U T I 0 N-T R I B UN E , CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI PAGE FIVB SWJAPANMUST V CONSIDER PROGRAM OF AMERICAN NAVY situation," he replied. In parliament, Gen. Gen Sugi- or death but to others only a question of special interests." He said that the Japanese blockade of the Chinese coast would be /more intensive in the future. He that in several instances yama, urged immediate enactment I of a general mobilization act. j Prince Mumimaro Konoye saidj i that a mobilization bill was being j . drafted. This bill was expected toi Chlnese were usmg forelgn flagsfor Rear "Admiral Kiyoshi Noda j intensify central control of all ac- their Studies Whether the Navy ! tivities on a war basis. FIGHT TO PREVENT EXTRADITION BACK TO NEWYORK CITY He 'saiTThat suspicious ships' J ' Richard (Dixie) Davis Is 1 1 Building Is a Menace. URGE MOBILIZATION ACT It Is Said Such a Bill Now Being- Drafted In Japan. ficial should have made such state• ments as those with which Leahy i was credited. He referred particu- | larly to the linking by Admiral Leahy of the Japanese, German and | Italian navies as being stronger, 1 combined, than the United States ineet. TOKYO, Feb. 3— (UP)—Rear Ad- Great Britain and America, -Admiral Kiyoshi Noda, chief of the I miral Noda said, mi^ht possibly be information bureau, said to-j contemplating a police force withj 'day that Japan must "seriously con- which to preserve world peace. | sider" whether the American navy | "But their building program! building program is a menace to' I would be investigated regardless of ] i their flags but if their professed', reason why such a responsible of- j nationality was confirmed the Ja- Admiral Noda said that he saw no Ready for the Toughest Fight of His Career. panese would not molest them. END SEARCH OF MONTHS REBELS CAPTURE TWO STEAMSHIPS The British Ships Were Carrying Coal, According' to Reports. j Hearing on the Extradition Probably Will Not Be Held Before Friday. Japan. Admiral Noda was discusssing statements of admiral William D. Leahy, chief of operations of the TJ. S. Navy, before the house naval affairs committee. He was asked whether the American program menaced Japan. "We must seriously consider that BARCELONA, Feb. 3—(UP)— A would be an incentive to an arms! reliable source asserted today that race .instead of a promotion of peace," he commended. two British steamships carrying coal has been captured by Spanish Admiral Yonai denied that Japan j nationalist cruisers and taken to PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 3—(UP)— J. Richard (Dixie) Davis, one-time church violinist who interited Dutch Schultz' $100,000,000 policy racket, j was ready today for the toughest fight of his career as a money- hungry lawyer—a fight to prevent extradition to New York City, where! he might be jailed for 25 years. exchanged building plans with Italy. "Some powers are using the Far Eastern situation as a pretext for building programs," he said. "That is unwarranted because the Chinese affair is to Japan a matter of life Temple Stephens Stores Specials Friday, Saturday, Monday MORE GROCERIES FOR LESS DOLLARS. SVe are now manufacturing our own baking pow- ler. The first baking powder from our new factory is ,now on sale. Country Ham Brand Baking Powder 32Oz.22c This is marvelous baking powder and we would like to have you try a can. Each can has a money back guarantee. T. S. Dutch Maid Bread, large loaf 2 for I5c T. S. Best Brand Flour, 24 Ibs. 75c; 48 Ibs. $1.45 T. S. 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I (The only islands off Barcelona are the Balearics, lying to the Extradition papers were prepared by District Attorney Thomas E. Dewey of New York, whose staff spent months tracing tips and i searching for the fugitive lawyer, southeast The United Press Barcel-i , ... .,. , , ... , , and probably will be submitted to ona bureau, in sending its dispatch, indicated that it was strictly limited for the present to the report cited. The admiralty at London, asked about the report, said that it had no knowledge of the capture of any British ships.—Ed.) A rumor circulated in Barcelona last night that the British steamship Endymion had been sunk by a mine and was not torpedoed. Stanley Thomas, mate of the Endymion and one of the four survivors, told the United Press by telephone from Cartagena that he noticed a movement, in the water 100 j yards from the ship before it was; sunk. He scouted the suggestion j that the Endymion struck a mine. LONDON, Feb. %•-( OP)—The loyalist Spanish press agency asserted today in a dispatch from Barcelona that Chief Engineer William Wood, one of four survivors' of the British steamship Endymion, said that the first warning of approaching disaster was the wake, evidentally of a sub-| : merged submarine, about 300 feet from, the Endymion. Soon afterward, he was quoted as saying, a torpedo hit the Endymion's starboard bow. Gov. Herbert H. Lehman at Ali bany, N. Y., today. Lehman will send them to Governor George H. Earle at Harrisburg, Pa., who will forward them to Philadelphia authorities. Thus it was expected that an extradition hearing could not be held before tomorrow. Dewey's assistants, who arrested Davis, his beautiful red-haired girl friend and a Schultz henchman yesterday, zealously guarded the name of the informant who "put the finger" on' the dapper disbarred "mouthpiece," r e p u t e dly the "brains" of the Schultz racket. In New York, Dewey said that the $5,000 reward for Davis' capture. would be split "among persons! whose identities I will make every! effort,to keep secret." I The red-haired girl, Rose Rickert, 25, a former show girl known as Hope Dare, told ' police she knew "who ratted on Dixie," and claimed that "the dough already has been split with the New York cops." •Free under $2,500 bail for a further hearing Feb. 9, she said that I she would "go whereever Dixie goes, j because I love' him." Davis, companion in Jail was George Weinberg, also a fugitive from New York, a brother of Abe (Bo) - Weinberg, a Schultz lieutenant, who supposedly was "taken for a ride" and thrown in a barrel of concrete into the East River in New York. ' Magistrate Nathan Reifel set bail at $300,000 for each of the men. Davis and Weinberg fled from an indictment charging 12 counts of operating a policy game lottery and a 13th conspiracy. Conviction on all counts would bring a maximum sentence of 251-2 years. Schultz was "rubbed out" by gangster machine guns in a Newark, N. J., tavern in October, 1935. Appointed by Governor Lehman as a special prosecutor, Dewey moved in on the racket in January, 1937. Davis fled from New York 10 days before a special grand jury handed up an indictment naming him, Weinberg and 13 others as operators of the racket. His wife, Mrs. Martha Delaneyi Davis, who had once shared a pent- i house with him, faced eviction from' a modest apartment today for non- J payment of rent. i "I haven't heard from Dixie since | he walked out on July 4 and said | he would see me later," Mrs. Davis | said. "I never even saw that woman I who is supposed to be with him." j The word "clover" comes from the Latin word for "club," and i-efers to the three-headed club of Hercules, i The clubs of playing cards are in imitation of a three-iuafed clover. CA'!! 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