The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1930
Page 3
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TUESDAY, OCTOBKU 21, 19,10 BIA'TIIEVIU.K. (ARK,) COURIER NEWS •IPICTURE ORD I Report 600 Chinese Dead | as Fire Sweeps Riverfront: SHANGHAI. China, Ocl. 21. <W> \ —Six tuindrtxl Chinese were ic|»rt- ! «l burned lo dpatli or drowned In •a fire on the Wuchow river fionl today, accorilinfi 16 dispsu-lii'.-i fruin (Continued from page one) books was approximaloly $464,000. according 10 figures presenlrx.! lc (hd council last night <vl)ile on tbe new books the total assessed b:m- frllts are $552.000. •;Th« statement of law by lilt corhmiMiorier.s' counsel came nfltr a'strips of protests against the readjustment had been presented to the council by P. C. Douglas. Cecil $ruuie ar.d Loon Smith, attorneys for a number of taxpayers In th° district';. Mr. Duck's declaration provklr-d the climax of the se.ssiuu abd provoked a general le't-ilof.i! or enthusiasm on (Ire part of l! rjroteslirig parlies as they sal si lehtly by while the council ai*VL-?d wl{h Mr. Buck that' It had no an i)iorily to acl. A complete victory fcur tlie re-adjustment in Hie district was assured when attorney.-; discovered thai the tune limit fo- pfowsls on the re-adjustments to diaivcery court had expired. ;.O. G. Caudill and Zeph O'Erien of the board of assessors of the dis- \Kcts were present un:l txjilaine:' the various re-adjustments as pro- lests of approximately 35 taxpayers, were presented• to the council. The assessor's ,admitted that tlK general trend of the re-ndjv.5tmem v,-as upward, stating that,they lun! beth told it would be uece&ary lo provide sufficient income at the .bT rat*, but contended that (he readjustment was equitable and had ' oVfrcome radical inequalities in D.e old assessment. They.'decluretl that most of Ihe opposition to the r2 *ssessjnent cmliiated from property o'imers who were under-assessed on the old baolis of Ihe districts or had Improved Ilieir properly con^ider- aifcly since the assessments were The fire started in a rlver.-ide restaurant nml spread rapidly, destroying scores of boats and btiild- i«US, the reports said. Wuchow is an inditilrial :uicl shipping center on the 31 Klaus liver in Kwangsl province, .southern China, 180 miles west of Can- toh. It has a population o< aboiii 100,000. Osccola Society—Personal PACE THRBR. w6n low !... o«,i high score, n dainty Mrs. H. A. JHn'dis wm ., i,!x of hiindkiM'Ohlcrs IIM ,- mid ihi> hnnorrc »:i-: pfcsonii-.i ;l ,,;,!,- O r silk Mis. . llwton. TIIEKIIL GOES IB (Continued from pa?e one) siiperlnlcndenl.s association of Ar- ; k]insas, saying Ihnt st-lnle Uiefij i.sclinol men had Ihe lit In. of all •citizens lo tuke whatever position ; they corisidtml proper. iu- : y were 1 wrotiK in assuming to speak for nil • the educational Intercuts in the istiii'.'. Hi- siiid (hill II:? amend-I ) menls iverc not designed lo hniidi-1 'cap the schools, ami Hint they. ! ttould deny Ihe schools of Hie sUil: i no revenues the people of Arkansas j were willing to volu ih'.-m. ' He partieulaily apiwnUvd for .sup.- ...... ( port of Amendment 21, which puts I Mrs. Emma 'a check on the power of the l:ifls-1 Mrs. W. E. dl Ihe Christian i-ii-r-l Christian Church, ot a meet- I In* held ill 'he home of Mis. Frank ICoiiway here Monday afternoon., i Mrs. C. II- Aslimorc ot Oliver was5 cycled vice president, Mrs. Prank; Ci:mv;is re elccli'd secrelary, and! Mrs Scmlock. treasurer. The next! HK'ttli"! wns announced for Nov-1' unber'x to IK held at tlie '"••-•'- sco " l.-ltvr .-Miteiialnr-d Woik- ; ul '" 1 "'' 1 " l ' l:! ' t'Oinilry home Of O;.u.i'..i. U| t i |[i|e..:ls indlKllll:: besldr. hb mnnlv'is. MeMlumc:; I-'. 1>. Jiuc.u. Cluis. Coleman. A W. Bcwen. <i K. MnssciiBllI of Osceola. Miss M.i\ii-.r Hi-own nf Uixom mid Mrs, n. K. Wilson Jr. of Wynne. Arl:. Jr.. i^llu wns before her ninvrlage I sarnh CovliiRtort and her sisler-ln-1 In fitlliiB tip one of the present!:M ' tvivk, Miss Ma'vy Utilise | Imv. Mrs. .lolin I!. C'nvlniUon. both ! (lay Blnnl liners, 4GM .matin-taps (if Nashville, 'IVim. ' luiv reiiulrrd. .•--_•?' Tom lllaylixl; H l.nvoru mill!'—: Miss Kula Hiv Ik'llbanks ol Keller were nulled in iiifiril.w here. Jus-' ili-r (I. I,. Wadck'll ;.:iymi> the c;re- i l"i . Mi-!i i hi'i-."\\(>iv> lionorfes ill « .•Jiow- *:'-:jj'r uhi'ii ini'iiilx-rs or the Wotnaiis Missionary Union iif UlQ F'l'Sl li:l l >! ll-n Cliiin-li, whfro bolh brides ui.j Hi,,. ni-tivi- in Sunday School work', wen- 666 Mr.< ';".''. Flli*. home i Browi; ;l Mr.i. J. T. Coston. Mrs. W. L. .Segais lead n pro-1 , ne nam on inter-uxdnl reunions fromj The Missionary Voice" al ll'.c | niL-etlni; of the M:-lhodist Wonicns Miivlonaiy society here 'Monday afternoon, tvilh Mrs- Howes and Brooks inking pnrl on the program. T:)e devotional scr- "- S'.ey won hlijli 'scosi 1 -!i.-:. Chas. CuL?innn hiiih ''•'•"l IHSZC and Miss Maxim; IM i-un-'alutloii. A dellclou • Tin- ifcolvniK 'vocms -of MIT. :t!otu::\ ivw Inline were- nrllsii'iilly I iliTiiMic-ii i n lainbou 1 rolors 11 pro' in- inn vi In (.hades oi yd- 1 lo« aiul lose lojiciher wllll roses. I'l.ii - :.!i<l i;iimes WPIV fMiJoyfcl I thiniiviinui ilu> ovfiili<4, near tin- cl'i" (if wlik-li dip hvldes »'L'itf In| viti-il ID lolKnv n cre|)0 pfijier raln- Ho'.i ID the |lf,l i)f Hold nt IhO ClKl, wl.ii-h pio\cd lo li? Iwo liiiiiu hain- |;<-i' !il!i-ii Midi niiniljc-rs of nillii- Jii'illLT r.. 1, W^ldrll sniil lho[li> 3t mlMta, eh«ki » CeU UM mcrnnny unitiin! In mnrrlatie Miss • Urst d»r, and rhrtkt Mmlaria In I'Vccly Ik-asl^y and Albert fhirns.' thr«« t*}*. bom or o.s«o!;i. j 6fi6 also in Tabltls HORLICKS \V HALTED HIIK was scivecl tollowini!; 1:i ' s' 11 '' '>'«!" 11 if InnovOM' ftlcmls. i A drlu-ious ice conrsp In pink \ anil while colors was .vrvcd. Mrs. K ! i. Quinii was hosles.s lo ,1 Evil One On Job Seeking lo » Hinder Work of Godia projxjsiil fur eiKllng" judicial |U-' r . i. r> I 'jacking" of bosines 1 ; concirni; hyangelisl Ueciares. ..,ihroii S h : ihu nnngot suits, defense; ;of which would Involve such ex- inci-eate-'laxes, nnd foi-j v \ n «•«:. le.\d liy Mis. J. T. Wilcox- t 27, Ihe "buck tax"[ SO n. Twenty members were 'lircf- l. which he described tis'j-,.,,. Mi;. S. Oladibh eniertalncd W. W.'Rivfrs, evange-||, en5e t liul tlvi compcinit-s Involved ! ,e First .Uapllst Church , !SU:l ||y prefer to make a comiirom- ^u- In nrnyrt'SS lined for ' ip/* ,...t.i^.,. u .,i The Kev. W. W. lisl fur tin m«;i»!J llow ln progress used for'| se his .Mibjecl Ian night. "Why the The other aniendin.?ms lo be vot- Devll Goes lo Church." «1 on are Number 19, which would j The preacher said in parl: lake away from Ihe leglslalure the •The devil hales every -church, lusnt- toieslnbllih- row state owned; Bible preacher • revival" moling. ; slate operiled nrid^,sUle supported Blylhtvllle.' schools, and Nujinbcf •• '20. which \ was 1 commission of sev.jn members i ' for Ihe present appointive commii- | Mr. Cunningham said that hii ----- - - •'.} Guild at her •uuiitiv hom; west of Osceola Mon•lay udcrnoun when Hev. C. C. Biirl-ri o! Marlinirm, who has re; at tenth- ri.-^umed the pastorales ni. lilvtlu'vllle anil Q;ceoln was a guest. [ The Womaiis Missionary Union cr the Firr-l liaplisl Church met , ml). iDlnhiu bf-.-iides the members. Mes- j pnieius of ,1 daushler, Mniihn dame.- Milton Pope. Jolm Kdrina-1 .lane. lm:n at iheir hmne here ton, fii,). Abrey. J. S. Dlllaiuin'.y miiiii'iia. and V I.. Phipp.s of Osceola. Mrs.. M:s. I'n-.'.ui Hemmcs of l):tnilt W. 1'. Quinn of Hot Splines. Ark.,j uirivrd Prlday. spending n few days and M:\ n, r i Abrey of- Cninilin,] «;tli ri'laliviv. and frionds here !«• N. J.. uiio are vi'ltliiK relatives !,(oi.? ruurahij] lo her liome this ' lere ' . , nioiniii!! -.icccmpanicd by her mollt- A ilelirioui course was serv- cr. Mi.-. Ji;s;lce Unnehower, who ed follouiug iiu- game and h!(!h.has spent Hie past summer wilh tcor.i- [,rix- awarded Mrs. J. L. Her ;un. CliPMcr Dniuliawcr, near Ward Mrs. J. H. Lovewell cut l.u.xoni. On Sunday Mrs. Ri-mmes consoiatioii. an:I Mrs. Guy Hrynnt of Osccola ' * ' 'were BKCM.S of Mrs U.C. Dcnl jr, in Mis Andrew 1'lorida who was be- Ulydievillc. fore >:f:- iccenl inairliiBJ 1 . Miss I,cn- Mrs H. 11. CronMsr has as her »ie WMch. nml Mrs. stove lialpii gm.-is tlik week her sister, Miss Her c.s a new and better confection Our delicious malted milk tablets :ue more than just sweets. Concentrated food, tbey bring quick relief from fatigue, to golfers,' shoppers, travelers and children. Sold at better drug stores everywhere. JH OR LICK' RACINE. WISCONSIN "Your Slale and N! ne". lead by Mrs. Frank Ship-. pen. Twelve members were present! fni'i i ;fii<hr.)«Hs were served fol-: lowing the te.-..son. mo. t of the people who lire saved we saved in revival meetings. ?on- S ^mJeTtobr"a^m e o7hinte was" noT'esScialty interested iS j Tim Presbyterian Auxiliary met, !h, ,w^rp« nf -i "rpvlvnl"' Tlie "'*- proposals,! but-indicated thnt, | Moiidny attr-rnoon al the home -of • e C a ^further stated "hat ttarc he favored-Number IB and oppo.^ ; Mr ., Ceo. Doyle with 20 inemtos | is only one uood tlnnu about Ul . ? . N'""ber m . . . , im> m-,-Ms pvesent. »» "-- r ''devil. and thai is lie is always on the job. One reason why the devil goes lo olmrch is to do all the mischief he can. H.?-knows that he •jan't touch the soul of a saved person, hut he Iry.vto kee|> them from being of real servic.-; so that they will meeti the Lord empty handed. Another reason why tlie dBvll is on the job at church', he- said, is to yet j^ople lo be critical in their iittilude toward Ihe preacri- er and the service, and to i;-eep Ihe lost from taking a stand for God. j .WASHINGTON, Oct. 21. concluded his ines- [ Rehearing ,in the grain and graft it Mrs. ;GfO E<1 At the election 1 the people o( Ar- i rlniflon oiK-ned the meeting with 'kansas will also. vote.on two pro- j nraver ar.d Mrs. R. H. Cmmer'leadj Ipo^ed acts. The firbt. an initiated i (he devotional service- Plans. \v.;re measure, provides for reading of made for tervlng the next. Civic the'Bible in all l!ie schools of the, ciuh luncheon on Thursday of next! slate. Tin second is a referendum ( a -eek. and a sr.--cial ofrcring for i on the Hull income lux net, passed | Hie Momkf-lto Orphans Home was} by the 1929 legislature. | taken. ! State Grain Exchanges Petition Rate Rehearing Pine Bluff Slightly Ahead •:.for Week but Blytheville '[} Tops State for-Season. '/Blytheville again fell a lew bales behind. Plne'BluH In compress re- ciMpU last week, but continues to hold a. very snbtantial lead, in r2 -'Crtpts for the season. It is shown by t!ie weekly compress report of the Arkansas cotlon trade association: .'•Receipts for the slate as a whole- shtivt'ed .^me increase over the Vrevious. but '.coniinued tar r Jast seasoii. Total Arkansas icelpts for the wer-k were C0.221 Hales, as against 70.023'the week before and. • 123,092 the same week a;.year ago. Receipts-for this cea- spn'.Hp lo last TYirtay. : were 337.334, 'compared wilh 656,009 lo the s^me .dala la-sl season. . • " '.Shipnienls conlinue relatively ll|ht. aaid despite the bi» dro;> in receipts 'stocks on hand in Arkan- sis; compresses are .within . 50.01T b^ies of the same date a year ago. Shipmeijt-i. list, week w?re .45,505 oaiej cdmparwl to'-82jkil the same li'eek .a' year ago, and. stocks ,.ou haiid-ara 2M.055 corarrdred lo SlG.- (J57 a year ago. ; PoUovt-ing; are receipts last week and for the season, at leading Ar- luUas compresses Since Aug. 1. 32,331 46.417 23.137 29,621 13.088 18.B51 13.715 1T.657 8,101 13.85S 12.991 11,575 8.960 9.896 10.232 9,008 .-age uj admonishing'the people lp: products rate - vos' asked „. hee.l not th,-. voice of the devil who' (nf ; i u i e - rstate - comln erce commlsi is c-vei- alert, but to h;ed the voice ril j n loday ^ , ho LUUe Rot . ki ^ of tlie Lord. : 8Taln exc | mllgc , lllc P i lle Blulf, The district prnver meetings will!Art gra i,j ci^hange. and the I* resumed tliis afternoon, th.? men southern Feed'aiid I-lour compaii^ and young people of the . church . O f Helena, Ark. will iiho have prayer meetings j The- petitioners contend lilt com- eat-h -;vn!in<t al 7:10. Services con- -mission erred ui fixing the new rate Umie throughout (his. week lit 10 A.-'on-.mixed feeds and declared "it Itf. and 7:30 p. m. \\ouia oe exiremely di£astrcus The music is a very ' attractive : should the order be'entorced as rr-?.t;-rs i:f i-vtry_servU.-.-.' W. Hines now issued." Sims,.. dirmor, is. not only an ex-i • cellc-nt soloist, but' is an artist ot whiiJtniijrX.'MT. 'Sims anist and will pi tonight. Mrs. J. T. Hall and Mrs. Lf,? Medlin ure the piunisis for the ml-etlng. 1 ' ' - • Mrs. Earl Abrey of Camden, N. J. wh- is visiting relaiives here, was it-.- 1 lionorcc nt two delightful bridge'parlies last, week when her mother. Mis. J. S. Dillahunty and her motlier-hi-law. Mrs Geo Abrey. enl attained jointly for her, and when her aunt, .Mrs. C. E. Sitlleu- i Btr. war. hostess. I Mrs. Abrey • and Mrs.. Dillahunty »ni.erla!ncd al Mrs. Dillahuntv's home, which wa r j made festive for i\:c cccasi"n wilh Hallowe'en dcc- crfillntls and tally cards and favors •n .the same. motif. were used. A deliciciLs salad courr.i was served follo'.vlny (he afternoon at auction i brinue and hltjh scirc prize, a oair I cf silk' hose, 'was • awarded- Mrs. I Dyess. -Miss Blanche Cleen; won ' ;ecoyd-,score, a conlract bridge set, has ts' n'sb a pi- Postal Worker Kills Fivfi". Mr ^ !tnr « Dr,ver..wss.awar^d tov pluv the offertory I » , 'if' n t •' ' score ^r° r ! , a b ? ud " lr PU "' A a " d a Before Taking Own Lite '. "«"»"«' l« lr °< ^^ b ^ vnses ' ' I wa' Last Week 8.782 fl,379 7.088 G.798 ' 4,!85 "3.753 3.503 ^'Kne BkrI ;_BlytlievUle ... "Little Bock .. f ; !(Vest Memphis Z Texarkarui ... •; Fort' Smith .. 'Hope ' Eudora 3.482 '•Wilnut Ridge. .... 3.026 ;' Jonesboro ... 2.975 •i.Forrest City 2.660 -Helena 2.404 '_ Newport 2.414 L Marked Tree .... 2.183 , .Tx-achville 2.005 Seventy Pangburn Children Freed 6f Tonsili at Clinic BEABCY,' Ark.. Oct, '-'i\. (tjp)_ One of .the'greatest day program', of county health work'was held in Pangburn (his week in the consolidated school : building of White. | county a.-i 70 school children were , relieved or bad'tonsils:••• '•'• '•••\ - This 'free clinic. wa4 .directed by 1 County .Health Officer Dr.--OHia Piifcer.'It"was put-on by the Whit; comity health unit,, aided by the Cross county health . unit and skilled, surgeons a'nd doctorj. The contribution by the community consisted of the high school building, tedding supplies feed, etc., for the medical corps and assistants. Tiie building was converted into a hospital by removing the seats and installing equipment and supplies. The Searcy national guard undar ' the direction of Captain Charles Andrews, furnished cots. V- presented the hanoree. •WAwniipv wie n,,i •>! MIPI i A P' ofllsiol > of rose s decorated -^^^r^-Ji^' ^vr^,^ 1 ^ rooms or master of'Washburn tor M years, I Mrs ' C ' E ' s " 11<!n S cl ' s murdered his wife and four chil-1 dren and Mien committed suicid?. The bodies were discovered siiort- ly'-beforc noon today by Postmaster W. A. RoLinson who went to tho ForscLh home when the man lail- ed to ihow up for work. Four Saved Wlien Flames' 5 Raze Blind Man's Home "Bound Over to Jury ; j On Liquor Charge [•John Scamore was uounci over by •lustlce R. L. McKnight yesterday tfi valt the action of the grand Jury on a chnrg; of selling liquor. '. He was amslei^ uy Patrolman Jack O-anent. The officer claimed t?) liave witnessed Ihe transnction which he baj»d Ihe charge. MEMPHJS, Ocl. 21. (UP)--Trc lives of four persons were saved here, today when fire swept tht home of Robert Hendricks. 61-year old blhid man. Hendilcks was led to safety by his girl wife. Mrs. Robert Hendricks, 19. Two women and a fourteen months old baby were taken o!f t h second story roof by Ed Waite. n hospital employe', who was passing by when the fire broke out. Cause of. the fire uas net determined. The Jiome was an entire loss. • .. • '• ';•';< home when ie entertained 'fov Mrs -Abrey, and itnicn-j tlie twenty-four guests who 'enjoyed-the afternoon at auction bridge, were the following out of town guests: Mcsdanies Cabc Enoclis nrid Sam Dillahunty of Wli- s^n, Mrs. A.S. Catchlngs of Busseti nn'd Miss .Mary Moiby Crcnshaw ot Cratviordsville, the latter the house tiiesl of Mrs. W. C. Pace. A d-licjou.s plate, lunch was serv- cf, following the same and liigh scoi-e. prize, silk hose, awarded Mrs. Mrt..'0. E. Massensill SORE THROAT Rub on Vicks; also •veryfew hours melt Q tittle in the mouth end let trickle slowly down throat. MILES 1 Anti-Pain Pills When you are suffering DANISHED by happy, snappy color for floors, furniture, woodwork- motor cars — anything HKADACHX NEURALGU Vet Dr. Milts' Anti - P«in Pills for prompt relief. MMCilcr P*in •Bd thoM 10 that ttt*r •rv alfUken for Bheomatiim, Sd- atict, Lumb*fo— »r* relieved quickly by Dr. Hilet' PUlt. You want prompt relief. Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills relieve the pains for which we recommend them. They do not upset the stomach, cause constipation, or leave •unpleasant after effects. A package in your medicine cab- utet, pocket, or handbag, means fewer aches and pains, greater enjoyment, more efficient work, lea* loss of time. Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills have been used with success for thirty years. Foil-drying, fiowless enamel. . lacquerlhar"driesinnotime". .Vornish thai even hot wafer can't harm. 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