The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 12, 1934
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Served by the United I'ren* rr»irt> i*w\if Tltf Altirn vtc*iuoi * 11 >-i LI .,,,.. ..,m.....« * ^•'^^^t•^^^••^B n^B« ^B* THE DOMINANT NEWBPAPKK OK NORTHKA BT ARKAN8A8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO. 48 •thf>vllle Daily Newn niyihevllle Courier Vtiltey Leader lllylht'Vllle Hei-ald _m.YTIIKVll.l.R. ARKANSAS. SATURDAY. MAY 12, 19IM GETS SEPfflE FDR ^ Pit King F : '//.sU.S. Ban! Confusion Follows Conflicting Messages from Purported Kidnapers I.OS ANGELES. May 12. iUl') —A series of anonymous telephone calls, pnrpui-iedlv- from (lie kidnapers of William r. Genie. Hevi'iley Hills millionaire, and two cpnlltLt- ing ransom demands, UuliLy ihrew iiuo confusion efforts If- t^in ")''• abduction victim's rckjsi. j Ernest E. Noon, attorney and in- j termcdiary rcprtscniin^ the Get- j tie family, said i-an.--«n n.goiia-i lions were ID a tuimoil us a r<-- sUt of conHicling demands fur $40,000 and S75.WO lamum. Neon remained m liis oilier Ihroughout tlio night hi ;\ \\,,\r.- iliat the real kidnap?! s would clarify the confusion. Demands Oinfliil Five anonymous klcphone calls came to Noon's olficc yesterday and last night while lie was out. Each Mine the caller insisted un talking only with Noon. When his secretary replied that he was not in the convcisaiion iva.s abruptly ended. Noon bclirv.s that at least tome of the calls ivcrc authentic. The conllictiu-j ramoin demands came by telephone and letter. A lew hours after an anonymous caller had keen assured Hint S75.- FOG URGE S1NG[;R COPIES FIVE CENTS jSlumi Clouds Gnlher Over I'M relied Fields ,of Mid- • Wcsl I'arm Bell I ranii CIllf.'ACiO, May 12 lUI'i- Kklis lilli-i! uith lain hini" r.Vi-r Hi,- m- lai;d slali-.i U;ii;;y wilh a promise «.I irlk-1 lui i^iri'hi'd limns a'ut idii-ly cili-H .sulfi-iiiv; frnni it, Do'.iilfVii.r.s win 1 prrdli:U-d lor alliu;-! li:i|f I!K- urea W!I:IT tin: rlrolltll K tiikin ua £!U.bU.UU'J dally ICl! uf crops. l-unm-is. who liavi watched jnoulii'-g crops Ijnrn in iln- b.ik- mg truund and fi.rtllc lopsoll whir] awny in rhukln ndnM t-ioitiK ^ict-ivi-d Jo:' Ihe Ilisi lime in 45 CuueiL, [days a '.vi.allici bureau prmnlu- to ajj- ; of rain. in bis What a .soakiiu i"iiit\ would mean will Eight to the wcrld'.s richest farm lerri- grain market icry was iirdicaiLd cranuitlcally as sp.'ciilainis scrambled to cov- r ji-M< i-ilay al (I:.. lust inliiualion tin i:m end ol tin; diiiiiili was L-lly, ftlK-rv l,-Ui]]:t Mlfc'il .,f trading [invit^i'S Charge ot violation ot llit^ i^raici TuMmiS act ba* tieim maile agaltibi Cm. ten. kluu' of stii'i-nlaliiin for -JC in sight. j-i-ai-H. \Uiu t.a.s mriuS millions ii j a third of the country giaiu- i nous of ttie spreading .storm area — jbiuuglu joy in isolated homes i where a resigned despair had tc- n r nTi comt '""' <io " iim " :| rti-ni^. TO III H I t]x <vllcat ''"Si 0 " ° r Kansas. Ne- U L U I I tl:lsk 'i. and the nakotas, ilu- corn -- ... ...... v.o.- Lelt of Towa and Illinois, anci llu- COO would lit paid over for the 1)11 ID I Nil I I 11 R' <1llll ' y t -' clions of Wisconsin and', millionaire's freedom. posiollice; K I [ I IKh fjlll I / f 11 i Indiana, the promise of rain meant ai.thoritier, Intercepted a letter that | U ILL L ! U L II HL IL L U i succor from Uirealened ruin. Consent of Only 2-3 ' of Cou " t y Ba i 3tisf Executive Bondholders Needed to! Boar<1 {o Maet Monday lhat j demanded S40.000 ransom. Of the two communications Noon and authorities believed the first was authentic. "There is so much confusion between Ihe various messages lhai 1 am asking ihe kidnapers to g« in touch with me again." Noon saw in a public statement. "I shall bej Force Sclflement Drainage, levee- and irrigation • Tlic executive board of the Mississippi County Baptist association will meet in this city Monday af- Krnoon. 2:30 o'clock. In the office in my office al! day, wailing for ! ;li "' ricls «''" b( .' permitted to re ,™ :/ wrn- any message." 1 linance tlieir Indebtedness upon] • """ains. . |aprcr>m"nt of Iwn-lhlrds of the!.,,," 01 ' J - ''• ? Aftt-nts Withdrawn . TUCSON. Ariz.. May 12. (UP) — The kidnapers.of June nobles. 0, were given a 'freer hand to negotiate with her distracted family today by the withdrawal ol all but two department of justice agents an dthe diminution of ull police activity. Tfn federal agents were ordered back to Los Angeles to take up a new hunt In tracking down the " pn;1 1 i«. aprepm°nl of Iwn-lhlrds of ihe I ' bondholders II the conference re-1 1 ' "* port on the Smr.ncrs municipal U '" 1U "' bankruptcy bill receives the expected approval of both houses of congress, the Courier News was informed In a-telegram late yes- wom, paslor of cliurch, is mml- kidnapers of William P. Gettb.' ™ f ' e committee considering the Pence ofTicers returned to their regular duties. The almost complete Band To Give Concert on Methodist Church Lawn Ulra» iof the National drainage, I The Blythevllle band.- sponsored levee /and Irrigation association.! by Hie Woman's Missionary «ociet- fvho is In Washington v/atchins ics of the First Methodist ' ar.d First Baptift churches, will yive it.') third Sunday afterncon con- ecrl of thus year Sunday after- . rerday f-om Clifton H. Scott, pre.s- i of the measure. "The senate and house confer. municipal bankruptcy; noon, 4 o'clock, on the lawn of i Mil" Mr. Srotl wired, "loilav ex- levee and irriga- cf polic? activity inspired Fernan-. °" <" str ' c ts from the McCarran do Robles to new hope that the |J mo ndmcnt. passed by the senate kidnapers of his daughter would answer his plea for them to accept Mnv '• ' " mller words drainage, levee, thi! First MeiliotllFi church. tll McDowell is director. IWc's Dust In Your Eye Pedestrians and aiuolsu fled for shelter, blinded .and choking, as a dust storm swept across Chicago from Ihe drouth-slricken western prairies and raged far to the cost. Above Is shown Michigan avt-nue during the gale, with only a tow of the braver Chicaeoans icntiiriiig cm in ihe clouds of dust that hid the skyscrapers. Fin TO mm Announcement o( l.onoke Man's Candidacy Is F.x- |:ectcd Tomorrow urn.K DOCK. Mar. 12 mi')— Dlmrk-s A. Walls nl Lotiokc, m 1 - ihew of U. S. Senator Joseph T. liiiblnsnn, will iw a candidate for Governor of Aikaiifius. Unlli-d Press learned this iifti-rntxm from an authoritative source. When telephoned by United Press, Walls, u former slate sen--, a tor. said: "I urn not ready to maki' anv uiniuinireincnl. 1 have u tfrral number uf su|)|xirters throughout Ihe Male but 1 am walling to tear from' llu-m Ijffove I decldi' w'-nt T will do." He Indicated he hus been thinking of entering the KUberimiorial nice for some time. It was believed here lhat Wulls was holding the announcement for the I.lttle Rock Sunday papers and thai tomorrow a full rlaie- ment will be 'printed. Rumors In the capita! Mils nf- lernoon were that Harvey C, Couch, director of Hie H. P. C. and friend of the Arkansas senator, will be Wall's backer. Walls said he hail nol seen Couch in a vcar and lhat Ihe rumor was "news" to him. Governor J. Marlon Futrell already has announced he will be i candidate for reelection. Ills only opponent today Is W. P. (Whin- nnorwlll Pcasl Wilson, Little Rock, unsuccessful candidate for governor In 1932. All candidates must flic their corrupt practice pledges wllh the secretary' °f slate before midnight, May 15. The primary election- will be held August IS. Poll taxes must lie. paltl Ijefore June 15 to entllle holders lo vole In the Democratic primary or In Ihe November general election. Bill Ward ST | T[ to Run for Congress MTT1.R HOOK. May 12 IUP>- lale Senator Hill Ward of Marlanna, !.«• comity, will announce nmcjirow as a uindldiile for con- Bii'Mi fiom thr- l-'irst ccncrcMlnnal illflrk-t. He will oppose Congressman W. J. Driver uf Osceola. Ward has .served six years u:; cp.-csonlulive in UK; stule leijls- alure [mm I ee cinnity and ten i FILE mm. ON ,1 .xpenses xceec' Revenue in ,1932; Situation Was Reversed in 1933 Mississippi county's c.xpens'r, exceeded revr-ni'f by S3H,'J15.71 In (he. H munllis fiscal year ending December 31. 1032. it was revealed today In Ihe annual audit report filed A llli Cirlllln Smith, state cnniRtroller, by J. Bryan Slm-i, chief county auditor. A general .supplemental rciwrl covering the 12 months period ending Dccera- I""- HI, l!)3:t, shows n marked Improvement in the county's fimnclal | condition during the tatter, period, i rhowiiw revenue exceeding cxrwns- ,. , , v [~ ... . . | t s by $l2,Ofll.CO. which was applied I Wild <>l Oil and Munitions | 10 reducing Ihe county's nesting i.debt dnc-F4. The M-monlhs period of the : 9:1!-32 fiscal year resulted from, he clinn-e In the fiscal year, £ vhlch In (he past always ended on ;, Nov. 1, to coincide with the calen- i; vi'ars as state senatoi 1 from Ixv mil 1'hllllps cwintli'S. Ward has [trucllrcd law at MiiiLanna since JUNGLE 1RFARE Interests Seen in South American Struggle AIRra. May 12 tUP) — nollvla and Parnstiav prepared today to wacc Ihelr Gran Clmco war with a feroeltv unapnroached ili-co the iluvs of the world war. Airplane bombing of defenseless ••Hlxs. use of nolson ?as. and re- nrlsals on prisoners of war were reiitencd ns the coutendlni! arms mafsed iniinUions and men for winter campaign In the pungles Thi Chaco. l^caxiie of Nations officials, try- H vulnlv t« halt the war. chnrq- I that back of it lay an ugly oud of Internn'ionni trirl">"; ( n- wlilch entered a n«lit for mn- IMons business and for the sup- " ilrenm-likc oil wealth of V-e terrllnrv, dotted now with rnchltK twncs of 45,000 men. A Oermau world war general is o'linmnder-In-chlef of the Boll- Inn armies. American and other vMo'5 are In IxHh armies. Mn- Klons makers nf many countries re doing business with botli sides. Bend Issue Needed to Re.-jjud^e Martineau Orders pair or Replace An li- quated Structures BY RICHARD K HARKNESS Verdict for Defense After Hearing Evidence JONESBORO, Ark. — A verdict Bandits Trade Shots With Officer, Escape RUSSELLVILLE, Ark., May 12 (UP)—Two bandits, believed to have taken pan. In a series o burglaries here last night, escapet today following an exchange of shots with Deputy Sheriff I. Hoffman In the southeastern part of Knoxvilie Firm Ousted 510,000 instead of $15.000 ransom |" ml lrr 'S I " ! ' > n districts will 1» m'r- monpy. |tultted 10 refinanct 1 iheir indebled- ni-s.s after bondholders of ^o i«?r I cent of I lie bonded Indebtedness j have petition federal court to from Curb Membership [bondholders of CU 2-3 \m- cent "of jnnt't.indinic indebtedness have NEW YORK. May 12 (UP)—The New York curb exchange todav suspended from associate mr-mber- division of the R. p. C.. then the ship the firm of V. E. Fisher and cilnnrltv nf 33 1-3 per cent must company of Knoxvillel Tenn., fur -cr^ot same. failure to meet its •judgements. ' "The MuCaiTan amcndrr.cnt re- 'tinned 51 per cent of bondholders "The Blai-!: Prince" march; "Oar- den of rden" overture: "Twilight Thoughts" >[-miadc: "Little Rastus" one-step: • Our Diicctor" man-h: "Hei.' They Come" march: "Tin- Little 1 Wonder" novelette; "Qi:ern City" march. A movement is afoot to obtain uniforms for the baud. United Press Staff CorrespoinlrnI j for the defendant, directed by I the city. | _ JEFFERSON CITY. Mo. IUP>— I Judge John E. Martineau, was re- Loot was taken from the Henry ramlln; wholrsnle grocery com any. The burglars broke n loci The program will include these j The women's state penitentiary : sections: ••Jolly Sailors" march: (here, advocates of the SlO.OOaoOO bond Issue say. Is an outstanding 'xauipie of the state's need of mod- hren and will be approved through I c ! r nu n 11 Ihe drainage, levee and irrigation | ljearc ' 1 ^OT Uld bold Reveals Huge Supply NEW YORK (UP)—The search for old pold In the form of out- l<> petition federal court and .75 ™ ttl(i J° lvi ' i ''. v °»d odds ai Cash Pri/es for Twins j per cent to force acceptance by' of atl killcls throughout the coiin- CASSVICLB, Wis. (UP) -- Cash i:ii"irity of 25 per cent lry "* brinijiiig to light vast |>rires will be given for the olilosl I "This concession will greatly as- iilil>s of lh(> P r «lous metal. Iwins. li:e youngest twins aii'.Hsist in ex|)L'diling reriiiancinn" I T ''° Treasury has bomrht throinh . many other clis?incat:ons at the annual picnic ol Ihe Soiilliivestern Drainage District n ot" thisl 1 .' 10 niints and assay offices In the county has already been granted June 10. Wisconsin Twins Association here, .in R'. P. C. loan sufficient to re| lire ius bonded debt at approxitn- I nlelv 30 rents on the dollar. En| aclment of the Simmer. 1 ; bill in the • form approved in conference Chicano Wheat '"trst ihree and a half months ot H-3-1 a loial of S-5S.297.7I2 worth of scrap gold, which is equal to the ciitpul of the gold mines of the turned In federal district court here yesterday In the case of Roy -Nelson, receiver for the Agricultural Finance Corporation oi Elyrn penal Institutions. theville. against the Fidelity mid The prison building, wriere some | Casualty of New York and Sam 80 Inmates are kepi, is a frame structure. Tn winter it cannol be Iwatcd and the wind blous between the cracks in the walls, theyfery from the Fidelity and Casual- soy. In slimmer the bed bugs makfiriy. in which Thomas was bonded, the lives of the wcmen miserable, of $2,503 allegedly overdrawn by And the pcnil boird hasn't even Thomas on his salarv account, and funds for bus; powder. There !s no of approximately $2,000 In stock Thomas, former secretary' of the finance company. Nelson, as receiver, sought recov- adeQitale fire protecllon. ! sales allegedly unaccounted for by Nfembers of the penal board say,Thomas. passage of the bonds will provide i After the testimony was com- funds for a new Institution, which pletert Judge Martineau took the could be erected on l!ie present case from the Jury, saying that site, high above (!•<> M'SSOIIH riv" there was no evidence that the — ' the bluffs overlooking Jefferson Sli.500 salary money wns not prop- City. ] erly dnwn by Thomas or that any Besides tVe inadequate housing accounting of the stock sale pro- conditions supplied by the present (reds was necessary. Thomas had building b5tler barriers are needed testified lhai the flock In question lo prevent smuggling of liquor and, had been his personal property narcotics 'b the Inmates. Recent- not that of the company, that a: ly a second airbed wire entangle- secretary of Ihe company he hac '''"'re country last year. It Is es- " cnt ™ s stn ' n K about the sro'.Hids | he d it as collateral for :none> ui, . - , will I '""»'«! hat gold to the value of » *** the bes the penal board by the purchasers of the May July O]ien nigh 87 3-4 89 1-2 Ofi 3--I 88 low close eO 7-8 87 1-2 85 3-8 85 5-8 Chicago Corn open high low close Mny 47 1-8 47 1-4 45 1-8 41! 7-8 .July 49 1-4 49 7-8 48 5-3 40 1-4 • mill iijjjjiui s U til vuililll III, I, \\lll | ..... s-"i i" i»»x, •!».,.i, u. i - r-tn^lf J tl » i_ mean thai (his settlement will K o SI.OOO.COO. is bcin- bought every co "! (i do wll!l o.xisting funds. It wis stock and that he was prepared through if acceptable to two-1 1 ' thirds of the bondholders. ?k. or more lhan twice as much is mined, ft is estimated that Conrtltlons of the physical upwards of a billion 'dollars worth 'J]?" 1 al lllc Industrial Home for of old gold still lies idle or for- in American homes. The to deliver It to the purchasers up on proper application. Atty. Mav B. Reid of Blythe Girls at Cl:llllcothc are as bnd as' >'Hlc handled trial of the case fo morale at the Institution Is high, the Fidelity and Casualty, whlcl Kndio lo Aid Foresters firsi A iim«' l«'o ll r-itl[o 0 broidci< > iii»' l ' 11>J '" ic Ls rauiioiini'"to "se'lfits 'old m-<>l»nciiUs of the bond measure was »!» represented hv Alvl sta b w,!! i?d foVsters to tra ' - w'« '" X'wlers of sland.ii* m I "'»''^ln. Only two buildings are niisby of Lilt e Rock. Ally. P. C I.JN-, inn am 10 uai.s ., . ' nrcproof and fire protection Is in-|D<'nglas of Dlythevilje rcpresentc adequate. It would be more eco-| Ne! son. structure mil infonntion a00:11 lorest fi-« in outlying districts t'rls year. Supervisor noinn-eil. „ „„ .„... „„ S. neiirrtirl. an- issllccl "• CH;>CI dealer licenses in the NNcw Ycrk district alone to buy New York Cotton NEW YORK. Nfay 12. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. op-n high low close 1100 nnb 1124 1128 1118 1128 1140 1144 1134 1143 1152 1155 114C 1155 1157 11CO 1151 11GO 1108 1170 11G3 1170 Spols closed quiet at 1145. unchanged. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mnr Stock Prices New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 12. (UP) - After selling off around 50 cents a bale cotton futures rallied and closed the short week end session loilav at yesterday's final prices on the local exchange. The close was' very strong. open high low close May .... 1110 1110 1109 llHb July .... 1120 1128 1117 1127 Oct 113C 1143 1130 1141 Dec 1149 1154 1142 1154 Jan .... 1152 nrjob Mar .... UK) ncsb Spots closed steady at 1138, up 2. NF.W YORK. May 12. (UP' — Shorts covered Just before the close on Ihe slock exchange today, arresting another wide break in prices that carried the lift to new IM4 lows. Wheat rallied nfler a «ide break hut turird down ngalr. on lain predictions for Ihe droiilh area. A. T. and T ..... Anacond.i Copper Delh. Steel ...... 110 3-4 13 5-8 33 Chrysler 38 1-8 Cllles Sen-ice 25-3 Coca Cola 114 1-2 Oen. Am. Tank 31 1-2 On. Eicclric 19 1-8 On. Motors 30 7-8 Int Harvester 33 1-4 Monlgrmur- Ward " ! '••"• N. Y. Central 24 1-2 Packard -, Phillips Pet 1C 1-2 Radio 71-4 Simmons Beds 15 3-4 St. Louis-San Fran. ... 23-4 Standard of N. J 41 3-4 Texas Co 22 5-8 1-'. S. Kkvl 4;! 1-8 II. S. Smelting 115 Three Killed, Nine Hurt as Cars Pile Up in Fog MICHIGAN CITY. Ind.. May 12 UP)—Three Arsons were killed ir.d nine Injured near here today nn five trucks and four auto- mo'jiles collided in a dense fog lhat was intensified by smoke from j i fiush lire nearby. The deda are Harold Rasmussen, 21. ClUcaao. Mrs. Helen Johnson •^. Kalatmroo. Mich., Tliclnn Miilono. 22, Mich. nninica] to wreck one than attempi to rebuild It. Young girls are committed lo tre Chllllcothe Institution frcm circuit and Juvenile courts, where t!:ev are Placed under the supen-lslon of Mrs. Dorothy Craig Shlnn. "Our chief needs." Mrs. Shinn n ihe side'door and escaped with n amount estimated undred dollars. • The bandits battered a safe li le store bill it was not know; hether they opened It since It L jolni held by olflcers for flnge irlnls. The Tim Rye Motor compan ailldlng was entered and a sma .mount of money was stolen. A , filling station n number of too vere ie]H>rted missing following isit by the burglars. at St. Louis, Denies He Plans Flight PT. 1.OUIS.' May'12 (UP)—Col. find Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh, who left Newa r k airport this morning, landed here at 1:35 p. m. fxlay.' Tliev denied any knowledge of a rumored rlaii to seek a new lur year. The fiscal year and calendar year ru" '•oncurrently from December 31. 1932. Owes Drainage Dlstrkts The loni nwalted 1331-32 audit euort. altho«»h showing that tlw •ounty violated a constitutional .incrdmeiit renulrln? expenses to is kept within revenues, reveals no natcrlal discrepancies In the accounts of Various county officials as far as their accounts with th« lute or countv tire concerned. W. W. Shaver, sheriff and collector .luring the audit period. Is shown, however, as owln? Improvement districts $30,331.89 on December 31, 1032. und a disputed item of $1,Oin 80 to certain drainage districts. The amount of $30,331.89 represents, the sndlt reveals, tax collections by Shaver during ihe years of 1931 and 1932 not turned over to Improvement districts. At a, conference with state auditors the amount owed was agreed ucon and. Mr. Shaver agreed to pledge personal prooerty to secure payment of the obligations, it was stated. On March IB. 1934, Mr. Shaver i met with auditors and presented - ; ' receipts from Improvement districts I aggregating $16.301.12,_reducin? .the . amount owed these districts" to $14.030.77. Mr. Shaver also showed a balance of slightly more. than . ihe J14.000 owed thesa districts to have been on denoslt to his account as collector in the two.Osce- ola banks when they became Insolvent. l.'wrl Personal Funds The banks were closed prior to ' Ihe .collection ol taxes In 1931 and 1032 and the shortape for the two years WRS not directly attributable lo bank failures. It was stated, however, that Mr. Shaver cxplalu- Irans-conlincntal ttl"ht record, ed that lw used personal funds to They will remain here overnight, they said. RcfiirU INDIANAPOLIS. Ind,. May 12 Cigar Store Indian Must Observe Curfew NOHWALK, O. (UP) — Chief Ogont?. a wooden cigar-store Indian, who has been a senllnet on said, "are building improvements Main street' here for .,„ le and additional acreage to gro-.v air i must observe the curlew now. Small Ohio College Seeks Recognition Again ASHLAND, O. (UP)—Little Ash- .and college, fighting for reinstatement In th° No:t:; Central Association of Cot!e7cs and Secondary schools, anticipates recognition ag,il» by lhat ?rour) bv March. 1!)35. according lo Dr. Edwin E. Jacobs, college president. The institution was one ot seven schools of higher learning recently deleted from the association's accredited list. Ashland was dropped, according lo the report, because of insufficient faculty members. Dr. .Jacobs, noinllng out that steps already were lying t-iken to remedy asserted faults, said that two (acultv members wno nearly have completed their requirements, will have doctor's degrees bv Ml Persons In the city of Ashland, on» of l'~e wealthiest smaller cities of ncrtt-ern Ohio, will be asked lo contrilni'c $5000 to a fund for maintaining a'l enlarged faculty, the presldoni said. (UPl-Col. Charles A. Lindbergh made n brief refueling slon at 'niiulc.lml nlrnort Iwre shortly 1 before noon [odav and denarted for St. Louis. Purpose of his trip was not announced. NEW YOP.K. May 12. (UP)— Col. nnd Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh. nc wrslward to nn unannounced d°Ft!nallon. mav participate In an attempt to set a n°w c r oss- pay Improvement districts In 1930 and desired to take credit In the 1931-32 settlement 1 for funds tied up In the banks. There Is no ati-. thority, ttie. audit report states,for auditors to give Mr. Shaver credit for funds In the closed banks and a shortage of $14,140,£1 on his settlement with Improvement districts must be shown. The disputed Item of Sl.016.88 In Shaver's accounts represents money due drainage district 1 to 12,on 1030 tax collections. State auditors say that Shaver reports this figure lo represent receipts Issued, for taxes which were later can- eontlnent record on a fli'ht. f rom . celled when payment failed or was Los Angeles lo New York. It was ri'morecl today. The l-indterehs left Newark airport this morning, half-d for breakfast at Pittsburgh, and continued westward. Tt was said they ml?ht return tomorrow In a special Trans-continental and Western Air plane which will try lo set a mark from Los Aneeles to Newark. The Trans-continental plane Is due to arrive, at Newark about Sunday after a 2,609 mile from the west coast. It had been hinted previously own foodstuffs. We trv lo produce ns much of our own food as pissl- 30 years. Actually protected by police order, the chief can't stn'y out at ;n'io Y 0 , to ; CPd , ,'° pay r °' U °"; nl 8 ht ' "»>• mor «- Kidnapers be- ome land to do it." ] Il1g whnt they are and so many Buildings at the Industrial Home Ohio collegians zipping along U. s. I for Negro Girls at Tipton are fire-' Route 20 through here, the chief proof but trie Institution, according has been accorded an Indoor PI inhi™ proof bllt tn " ""tltutlon. according has been accorded an and Miss lo D3nlcl w - Bowles. Is In .=ore standing si»t overnights. . p. ' ' I need of modern cnulpment. Too. I So every evening, when u.uaie.j j, c 5n y ^p co i orK j gj r ; s ) inve tacco store closes, alon: overcrowded the physical faci:;tI"S. PatrolmBti Fred the to- along conies BaldufT, Ihe Bowles pointed out that. If the [chief's bodyguard, and trundles i negro Inmates were to be reform-! him Indoors. The "chief". was Blood Transfusion for |ed,: the state should teach them a j carved from a Lake "Eric ' vessel Mrs fnnnedtTP Ordrrpd i lrn(1c thcy can follow and c;irn |fpar nt Sandl «fcy. O., so years nirs. ^oppeage uraerea l!:clr ,, V | ng honesUv af(er ^ n , ago. discharged, Four Killed When Train Hits Car at TOLEDO, O. May 12 (UP) — Two men ar.d two women. Includ- Im a nurse and nn attendant at Mic Toledo state hospital, were klll- todav whe their car was struck by an c.istbound New York f:•>•'- tral train at a crossing eight ml'cs south of Toledo. The accident occurred shortly after midnight. that the Ltndbcrglis were for St. Louis. bound - 'con" ;!c° r who ^M f^ i ™™'^£^te^-^ \ **> PASO. Tex. fw,-^.™ er Coopcd^c, who is in a «>ious; vv( , havc no cml!pm( ,, u , vltl , McK students of the Texas College of n \JZii ^\ w, , T i 10 t - 9cn iVm ccokin; and caring! Mines here are receiving an aver- 'n Memphis. Frank Whltworth was | ,„, „ >.„„„.. J age of S15 a month for work at the college from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration fo- a louse' I Mrs. Coppodgc today. It Li understood here lhat Mr. Whilworlh's blood proved the necessary typo for the transfusion, slates. Kentucky ranks second In Ihe use I Thcy are employed as Janitj-s of lime on farm lands In the I assistant libvjrians. clerks tvi>' tlotne i.i_ < . _^. .' J ' lits, and general oflice work. Roosevelt Promised Support on Silver WASHINGTON. May 12 (UP) — President -loosevelt emerged to- dav In command of the silver situation with assurances of Democratic congressional leaders that they can crush any silver rebellion. Western senators appeared to have been claiming more than really was won In bargaining con- 'crences with Secretary of Tress- Corey. Former Steel Company Head, Dies NEW YORK. May 12 (UP)— William Tills Corey, former president of the United states Steel company, died today of pneumonia In his Fifth avenue home. He recently celebrated Ills 68th birthday. ury Menrv Morgenthau Jr. The westerners are Mare, 33, a Mother SPOKANE, Wash., May 12 (UP) -Veterinarians said It couldn't be done, but Molly, a 33-year-old mare, gave birth to a colt and survived the ordeal today on Ihe Bar 3-J ranch smith of Spokane. Molly's first colt was born laat year when the mare was 32. not made. The auditors report that they have not been able lo locate the cancelled receipts and consequently can give no credit on the item. It Is understood from reliable local sources that Mr. Shaver has, since his last conference with the auditors, settled with Improvement districts for approximately S8.0CO In one of the closed Osceola banks, leaving about $6.000 due. A~15 per cent dividend Is due on this omount, It Li stated. It Is said to be Ihe position of Mr. Shaver that funds on deposit tn the banks were protected by surety tond, approved by the county court, and that he does not feel lhat funds tied up In the bonk sho'.ild be entirely his personal responsibility. As regards funds in closed banks the report jhows that for the fiscal year 1931-32 small amounts of other officials tied up are still due. Included is a balance of 5191.22 in the funds of Mrs. John Long, former county clerk, and f 39.50 out of S 109.15 owed by her former deputy at Osceola In closed banks. The schedule of collections of R. L. Gaines, circuit and chancery court clerk, shows that he has 8194.15 he owes the county tied up tn closed banks. IXavjr Floating Debt n «r« "";"""" , ""r ™" n «™ Mlsslsslnol county had a floatln? "neress will enact stiver legisla- debt of , 73 . 0 16.03 at th= close of ! the 1931-32 year, Ihe nudtt shows. Of this amount the net county (Continued on Paire 1) WEATHER Arkansas—Increasing dourtlncss, warmer in north portion tonight, Sunday unsettled, thur.dcrshowcrs tnd cooler In northwest portion. Memphis and vicinity—Fair to- ntglit, Sunday partly cloudy, little change In-temperature:

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