The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 27, 1986 · Page 317
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 317

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1986
Page 317
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8 I'urt VI Thursday, November 27, 1986 floaAtiflele Sftmea POP MUSIC REVIEW CHICAGO RESOUNDS WITH MORE VOICE, LESS HORN By DON HECKMAN It's no news that Chicago made it into the mid-'80s with a hot album, four chart singles and a refurbished pop authenticity. But going Into Tuesday night's show at the Universal Amphitheatre, the real question about the group's current Incarnation was how they would sound, look and feel after the departure of Peter Cetera. The answers came fast, furious and positive mostly In three parts. More than ever before, Chicago has become a voice-oriented band, with a troika of first-rate lead singers dependable Robert Lamm, blues-Inflected Bill Cliam-plin and sweet-voiced Jason Scheff. By using the horn section more sparingly and enriching the vocal harmonies, arranger James Pan-kow has shaped a sound that's both traditional and contemporary, a virtual summing-up of rock styles. And the addition of fleet-fingered guitarist Dawayne Bailey to the current tour adds a density that plays nicely against the three horns. Liberally sprinkling the nearly 2b hour show with such oldies as "A Saturday In the Park" and "25 or 6 to 4" ( which is revived on their current album), the group took full advantage of wireless amplification to bounce around four or five different stage levels in a kaleidoscope of nonstop activity. On the current single, "Will You Still Love Me," rookie member Scheff whose voice has overtones of both the smooth and the rough Paul McCartney signaled his growing importance to Chicago! for his singing, his first-rate bass playing and his youthful Image. But Champlin Is still the gutsiest vocalist In the group, a solid blues performer who brings life to every song he touches. Chicago concludes Its three-night Amphitheatre engagement Friday . GELDOF GETS 2ND CHANCE AT NOBEL From Reuters LONDON Bob Geldof, the rock star given an honorary knighthood by Queen Elizabeth after he spearheaded the massive charity campaign to ease famine in Africa, has been nominated for the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize. The Band Aid founder, who narrowly missed this year's award, was nominated by Greville Janner, a member of Parliament from Britain's opposition Labor Party. Janner, a member of the group which nominated the 1986 winner. Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, said, "Bob Geldof is important not only for what he has done but as a symbol of that which we should all be doing." 111 111 I lit I I E oh -- i i1 1 !' til 1 1 I iii iii tod 1 1 M ii' i in $iijii in n WW i -fri s I ROYAL 11523 Santa Monica Blvd. Waal LA. 477-3611 MON-WED SaOafcODa 1030 THUfl-FH-SAT a SUN tta00&aMOtt30 NEWPORT Exclinh Oranoa County Mwponctnlw 70n8tridtMby 714644-0760 TH MSinaiPO) I120-210-420-710-910 70mm 8 trick Dotty STU TtH IVi M V0YA61 nowim) tHO-tOO-MO-MO-M-JO I LIDO I mm-uu 1 Today 8250 until SOOpnt TOWN CENTER jrS S.D.Fnry.-6rlatol STU TIB Pi Tat i m voyam hobbifo ran 7H751-4184 220-800-720-KHXI Todiy 6280 una 3:00pm Exdualva Oranoa County aWCOUIIPG-llI I2:45-2:45.4:45.710-9:15 Today $2.80 unM 3JOpm -..---. 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Today 8280 una 1-OOpm I HUNTINGTON omnoiom I Baadi-Btaai USIB GOOjl) 1 714648-0369 1:30.4:15-7.-0O-i3o today 8280 una 5:00pm Today 82.50 una 510pm a&rray.iz:io-z:43-5:ou-7:3U-luio 11-0567 Today 8280 una 5.G0pm okxomi twaeira-iii 1:lS3:30-5..4o-10:l4 Today 82.50 una 510pm 12:45-2:S0-5:OO-7':15-:l5 Today 82.50 untu 500pm 11:45.1:40.3:35.5:30.7., Today 82.50 ana 5:00pm Today 82.50 una 5.110pm CINEMA WE8T cwcoiti vwwuirv.iai K-.ia 1714691-3935 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm soununiPG-ii) 12-2KX)-4l-6.OO.B:00-10:06 Today 82.50 una 5:00pm TOP GWIPO) 3:40-7:48 MOOT SW GOI Atttt(ro-ll) 1:40-8:48-1:56 Today 82.50 una 500pm mwAuaiPoi 12:45-3m-5:15-1'80..4i Today 8280 una 800pm FT. VALLEY "-n""?;? I BroBaAurii SONO Of TNI SOIffHjO I EM. 1200.2:00-410.610.610-9:45 7M1. 500 Today 82.50 una 500pm Stavan SpMtwro'a 11:30-120-320.S20-720-8: 13 Today 82.50 una 800pm 12:00.05.446-8:15. Today 8280 una 310pm Fraa Fitting-Bay "Emurda Uovata" aamni ""Amur .. 1l-3fl-6m-HI0-flM wuag-rw Today 12.50 una 3,-oapm MfESTMOOK mwiAniP.i WMMrntw 1:30.t-fcM TOP OOHIPO) 380-610 ajaw Jjl hasbibi 1:48-600-10:00 1-15.3:44.8:15.120. Today 8280 una 300pm 35mm4IWCll stu nniTin vena hum 12-3n.310.5-tt.Blo. Today $280 untl 100pm tlWcv m SOUTH COAST wtouociiigi BrlBUrSwifKMar 1205-210-4.10 714546-2711 100-IOJ.H5 Today 82.50 una 310pm Ftia Partlng-aay "Edwantt Movlaa" 12:10-2:40-5.-00- Today 1280 una 310pm Fin Paridng-aay "Edward Movlaa" WaHDtanay'a song na sotirnioi 11:45-1:45-3:40-535-720-9:15 Today 8280 una 310pm Stavan SVWbarg'a a abibcui tuioi t210-2:00-410-600-6.-00-9:40 Today 8280 una 3:00pm SOH aUIPO-11) 120-4.10-615-820-1028 Today 8280 una 310pm UNIVERSITY Paattaman otm m cot oi of aoartii opponoct 1215-2:45-5:00-720-1000 714654-6B11 Today 8280 una 310pm aoconu Dvraira-iii 1210-215-4: 10-6: 15-830-1020 Today 82.80 unai-OOpm TMIUMIOf T8II05II8) 1:45-4: 15-71O-0-J6 Today 82.80 unM 3.00pm TOP GW(PG) t3O-5:40-:45 Picoy SIX GOT lalawol JJOlj Today 82.50 una aoopm l:15.3:3O.5:.:O0.W:li Today 82.50 una 310pm law Ua FUS8II) 410-8:15 soatrmiG rui) i:io-6i5-io:io Today $280 una 310pm WOODIR DOE C. Thonii HOWM aarraKaPrnry. 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Today 82.50 una 310pm VIEJOMALL STumiv,m 60. Fray, at VOTUI nWIPG) 12:30 JJ,!!B, 310.5:30-81(1-1030 714364-6220 Today 8250 una MOpm aocottl MaMIK-l 1210-210-410-6:15-8-1020 Today 82,50 una 3-OOpm EDWARDS CINEMA SiCil CINEMAS onri)i:i5 "PiFnry... 3:40-6:10-86-10:45 HDD-DD11 sat, 5ua 6 Honda ut daya $2.Sa nataaiG) I.O0-310-510-710-M0 Sat, Sun. tHoWayalat Stow 8280 TOPGWIPG) 0-3:45-610-e: 15-1010 Sat, Son. 1 HoHaya lal Snow 82.50 SADDLEBACK wancwi S.O.Fiw.-CITon SOatGOf nSOOTNIO) at Rodiflaad Rd. 1210-210-416 714581-5860 6D5.MI0.ft45 Today 8280 un 310pm Of USia 600(8) 1:45-4: 19-flu-v-ju Today 82.50 anW3rOOpm IX WimmiFO.ll) 380-7:48 warn ua rusa it tAS-SM-tx Today C80 una 3:00pm 12: 15-2:15.4:15.830. Today $2.50 una MOpm Stavan SpWbaro'a 11:45-1:45-3-45-5:45.7:30-9:15 Today $2.50 unM 310pm 12:15-2:15-4:15.8:15.8: 1 Today $280 una 310pm stu rtn ivi na ELTOROS Mo eanjaln MaOnaaa raiwAUHFo) 12:15.2:30-4:45-7:00-9:15 o Banjaai Hatlnaaa SOU aUWFG-ll) 1210.3: 15-5:15-730-9:45 Ho eafgain HattnaM 12:45-2:40-430-6a0-t. 10:15 No Bargain MatMaa SOUTHCOAST ohxow TlfiTlMSolSilS.mio unoiawipm I Stavan &av4rg'a UUMOUilTUlO) 11:45-1:45-3:4S.S:45-7:4O.920 Today $280 una 310pm CnHUUScL WallDkmay'a uaa e. vim ptirv. iflattofmuunlal 6194-4666 11:30-120-3:15 5:10-710-8:45 Today 82.50 una MOpm IB 1:50.5:48.9:30 si na-upii) 3:40.710 Today 82.50 una SlOpm miUMIWIIPG) 128-3:30 Saparaa Admlaalon juanr Mtii fusiii) 7:45 ABOOTUSTMGnia) 5:40-9:40 Today 82.50 una MOpm 12:48-300-520-7:30-9:35 Today 82.50 una MOpm CMtMU Of MSB OOOI8I 1:15-3JS-850-8:l5-1020 Today $2.50 una 510pm 1210-210-4ia.8in.8a. Today $250 una 5:00pm VINEYARDTWIN iBttsBuusri Eaitvaaryptmy. VAT nf tro.iai tnaaa 12HH.4:10.8:1& 619743-1222 TBI BOY WHO COIM KTtrB) 2:05.6:10.1trl0 11:45-3:45-7:45 la TO somtjpa-iij 180-580-8-.48 HE FLOWER HILL stu na mm 5 Fray, at V0TA04 aoaa FO) WOlUVJto . 122O.3:0O-62O-MO-10:30 610755-5511 Today 83.00 una 3:00pm Pad Hooan aOXOOU OtAtWIFO-l)) 1210-2:00-410-6: 15-8:30-10:15 Today 83.00 una 100pm 18110141148 sow 01 na sovraiG) 1110-120.3:15-5: Today 63.00 una MOpm RANCHO CUCAMONOA stuthk HamAmatFaoMM. tViTJI 714969.6697 VOVAGI KMN(PO) t2M.M0.510.B10.1ftaO Bargain Mallnaaa WanOtanav'a SONG Of TBI SOVTIIO) 1l30-120-3:10-MO-710-8:45 eargaln Uattnm Stavan spWbarg'a AaBKAjfTUlO) OrKOMI MMalPG-ll) l2:45-2:454:45-e:45-S:45-10:40 6argaki MatMta 1:45-410-R:1S.A30.H Bargain HalmM maim am TEMHE .... JS""1"?.?! Today 8280 una 310pm aocoeu MaaaipG-111 t:30.3:30.840.rJO-JO Today 8280 una 3D0pm 1 souunuisipo-ii) 12:45-2.40-4-B.aJO.1lD Today 8280 una 310pm 12:15.20.4:45.710:9 Today 82.50 una 310pm W 12JO.MO-5'-810-Ul 8165711-1026 Today 8280 una 310pm soaauntM-m 12:15-2:15-4:15-6:15.80-1035 Today 82.50 una 310pm Today $280 una 310pm ALHAM1M PLACE men Bkh-Oanwd ofaoanti) onJWStall 12:1S-2:45-8-tl0.7a0-1(tt0 819281-0960 Today 82.50 una 310pm aocotai 00JMIPG-13) 1I10.2flO.).5:15.:M. 10-30 Today 8280 una 310pm t210.2:M-4:W.Bln.alO.B:, Today 82.50 Una 310 pm Wall Dauiav'a scan w na sownioi I 11:45-1:45-3:45-545-7:45-9:40 I Today $280 una 300pm I Stavan SgMbaro'a I aii AaanuYTUil) I 1110-l28-320-5:15-710-aV4S I Today $269 unMKOpm I uaunna wnJ I nknniaiarwi nnTfAUUHlpei yaa,.anne i..3.M.n-u.nn.VHn 616269-3861 Today 8280 una 310pm I PIGGT SW GOT 8UUDtBDF0-l)l IdPGiaiiral EL HEY Ui-ain 616262-6404 220.8 siMot-wiri 12:18-416-810 FOOTHILL CENTER Hm, w ina auvia Walt Otanayja I 1:18-3:15-5:is-710-91t I I69-9632 Today 82.50 unB 310pm I 12:40.2:40.4: Today 82.50 una 310pm I Today 82.50 unM 310pm I i? Today 82.80 Una 3.10 pm I na 310-710-1025 1 STAND IT MA) 1:45-5:15.8:43 Today 82.50 una 310pm I Valky at V0YA04 WMUIPG) 6:30-10:40 W."Sf.. ItVAMS HON 118261-5502 aUISIFG) ISO CnllnTm undar 18 Fm AZUSAD.I. nacototof mmyibi FoomH 820 I WotCmu IOgiaFO.Il) ":3O.O.40 I 8 1334-0263 Swap tkal Sunday I bmrafMi umw u uta 1 EDWARDS 0.1. MuwiAq UvaOakal RANltRl 6:X.1K10 I pSaurlai siAksir will sio EAreadtt. . .. Clna-Fl Sound tindar 12 fraaJ BOYAL 1IC HALL Tha.-lm M5-4:ts n-cn-10:19 AcadOjuat Trat-am. tJO laUTT tfai m a toot TUB INE ARTS t4 DiMfNN bi 1 ntrttnua 1 i.'i.ini'.'i.i.i.r n LIZ maa aaM..yaH. raw-RTI Tlm.aaK 220-t48-710-8: 18 Acaa. oaat aum df fach Fft-8at.8n. IK-1116pm MONICA I itna af UMn. Mon.-WM. 710-1:15 394 974 1 THura.-6un. 210-4:46.7.00-8:19 Tlwa-Sun. W30 am IK algae nun MONICA auavavn II ThurA-Sun. 4:10-810 Thura-Sun. Ham JAWS JOTOn WOAW MONICA raauaof niioti I I alon.-M 7.M-U6 "' TIWA-Sun. tJ0-4:l3.7.m TnurA.Sun. W am SAtT Of TIB IA1T8 MONICA IV laWilaToaiV' nun vai ar ,uani av I aTWIBI HOTtl (i 80WBAXI I GRANDE I FUjaama WaamKialn at,H8t taaMn of a una oof 17-0266 Hon.. Wad. 620-8:10 Thwa..Sun. tlO ISO 630 0:10 ouiiflr II Oavtd tyncti'l MB VHVTT pw Aa ram IANDE M(Taa Cruha akn..wad. 710 -820 TlWl-Sun. 220-4:40.710-120 17200 Vtnturi Hon -Wfd. 5:45-8 00-10: 15 in-Bj-5:s.crim. ions UlTIWTH Th.-Sun. 1:15 iwii cnue Hoffis II II UaHnVaUatia BtSMI-Mtl Mon.-Wtd. 5:15-7:30-9:45 IT III DmniormiiuM won,. LkHQ IE 6rltlah Suioanaa Cdoraaa DatiaKf na tibi atai M 616793-6149 Mon.-Wad. 7:00-900 WBd-sun. l:0O-3O0-S:0O-7.O0-9:0O lULUIUUU AultralanComadyHIt 25H E. Cat ailCOt ' 015799.9704 Mon.-Wad. 720-930 TIIUII.-SIM. 1:30.3:30-520-720-9:30 MCMM MATMCM DAILY AT ALL THCATMI EGYPTIAN Uwlraaaat 206-4575 Sums Of GOUIli ' K45.316.5:30 CORONET stjminaw wuiii Waatwaol a. 12:45.316.5:30 IBB. 8a. WML 810.10:30 475.9444 THX Dolby Slarao 1:OQ.3:M.610.630. 10:45 12:15-1:15-4:15-0:15-8:15-1 CINEMA 43S66IMCBI 822-2960 320-7 npia-upi i:i5-5--g J22M10-6-30-6.O0-1 S29 IFtaaj OI0C0M1 DUataiPG-ISI 1:45-410-6:15-620-10:46 1 210.2: JO. 510-7:45. 20 Dolby Staroo U.A. THEATRE stutibivipgi PX.Hwy.fa 10:15-12:45.3:15 gfnaaaw 5:45-8:20-10:45 325-4232 Potty starao DEL AMO FaaWon 2:40-620- I TO SOOlfO-ll 1025-12:50-3: 15-5:45-8:15-10:30 na cnoi of awiarjii 10:25-140-3:00. S25-llQ.Kt36 PIGGV SIX GOT BUmiFO.Il) 10:50. W0.320.5:50.62Q. 10:35 TIB BOY WHO COULO RY(FO) 1210-410.610 nmiT of na uvwAToaiFO) 2:10-6:10-10:10 11:45-385-8:10 HI WlArmlFG-18) 2:00-8:1Q.10:30 MOVIES anaAOBtG) iuu-w-a.uu 5:55-7:45-9:45 OolnySlarao fnOGMral 714621-5027 81 PKI.OPIII 1:15-580-1025 8tl VaVTH 320-615 top oua(PO) 12:15-420-6:48 T0U08I MIYSIFG) 225-6:40-10:45 1:45-410.6:15-620-1 l220-225-4:40-6:45-8:45-1 tUYIWlllPG) 120-340 E8YPTIAN DoftySI npio7-ui wanr Ma fumjii STAND IT Mil) 4:35-6:.:30-1lb5 luyumiiFOi 1220-220 VALLEY PLAZA Vfctev attauril 766-4317 latWAUtatFOI tl-3:15-5:30-7:45-1010 na wiAtniFO-ii 12:45.4:40-8:30 Floor sub got bah(fo-ii) 2:40-820-1025 CIOrjBl OtABMIFO.Ill o:iu-B20-ip:j3 1:40-3:60-8:11 12:20-2:10-410.5: uaiuiGi :45.720-i:15 WARNER CTR toaoof awtaaoaaAva. Tat SOVtllG) 999-2130 120.t30.5:0-;:45.p45 ah iacncAn tug) 120-320-520-720-920 OOW Starao ratWAUtaiFOi 12:50-3:15. 5:40.620.10:31 ,.WftSW oniFO-ii) 0-81O"lO:15 si na-upji) 1:15-526-9:50 SOlBlTfM W1BIII 325-7:45 MOVIES na wiamtiFo-iii rS 2:45-8-1026 scan of na sounioi 12:15-Z30-4-710-9:15 PIGGY SW GOT aAtnaipG-ii) 110-3: 15-520-7:46-1016 UOBJVSWW na cotoa ot anayji) 12: 15-2:45-5: 15-7:45-lotli Oolbv Starao 110-320-610-82b-n:40 Oomv Starao MOVIES WTouaaio) TDaOakaShep.Ctr. 1:15-325-525 8BW.HBkriatDr. 7:45-980 805497-6701 Dotov Starao 5:40-6-0! na wtAttiiFo-i! 12:15.4:10.A-a TOUGH OOTSlPO) 215-580-9:45 soao of iia utan-Biai 12:30-2J5-58.7: 15-925 1210-1:55-3:45-835-720-l LUY88fT)l(FGt 12:45-310 MOVIES ratwAuniFG) 11:10-125-3:40-5:55.620' 10:25 AH AMBtKAN TUIO) 1115. 1:00-2:45-4:30-6: 15-8: 10-1018 Ooltiy Starao MOVIES irnonTIMUal 714952-4993 STA1 11(1 tVIFG) 10-.I5-12:45-3: 15 10:15-12:15. 2:l5.4:l5.5:l5.:l5.0:lS 11:45-315-655-10:4! 10:45-1.00-3: t5-6.10-6:3l lUYUmi(FOI 10: 15-12:15-2: Mffcla'HJ CITY CINEMA CttyCantar 714634-3911 TAI PAHIII 12:35-310-25 7:50-1020 TMWtATnilFO-ll iyi of na noam 225-6:15:9:50 FlttWAUttllPG) 12:45-2:45-4:45-6:45-6:45-10:48 nn vnvniij 12U-0:45-10:15 52 PKl-UPII) 3:351.15 12:30-4:30. 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FRI & SAT X LATE SHOW-12:00 LAKEW00D Pacific's Lakewood Center 531-9580 LONG BEACH AMC Marina Pacirica 493-5521 ANAHEIM Pacific's Anaheim Drive-In (714)879-9850 CANOGA PARK Mann Fox Fallbrook (8t8)B83-4ZlZ CHmmtm Pacific's Wlnnetka Drive-In (818) 34aV6B06 NORTrlBlSGE " ' Pacific's Northridge Cinemas (818) 993-1711 it TARZAN A Mann Valley West (HlB)U!fB-13UU VALENCIA Mann to (805) 255-3966 VAN NUYS Pacific's Van Nuys Drive-In (818)788-3500 r ARCADIA CCC Santa Anita (818)445-6200 AZUSA Edwards Foothill Center (818)969-9632 WCOVINA Mann Fox Covlna (818) 332-0050 LA PUENTE Pacific's Vlneland Drive-In (818) 96 1 -9262 TEMPLE ClTY Edwards Temple (818)286-3179 LONG BEACH Pacific's Los Altos Drive-In 421-8831 HrLA MIRADA Pacific's Gateway (714)523-1611 COLTON GCC Rancho (714)370-2085 CUCAMONOA Edwards Rancho Cucamonga (714)989-6697 SAN BERNARDINO Pacific's Mt. Vernon Drlve-ln (714)884405 UPLAND Mann Mountain Green4l(7l4) 982-7851 COSTA MESA Edwards Harbor Twin (714)631-3501 EL TWO Edwards Saddleback (714)581-5880 SANTA ANA Edwards Bristol (714)540-7444 STANTON Edwards Village Center (714)891-0567 WESTMINSTER Edwards Cinema West (714)891-3935 TORRANCE Mann Old Towne 371-1221 MJiLllhWJ.fc SIMI VALLEY Mann 6 (805)583-0711 VENTURA Mann Ventura Twin (805) 644-7776 VENTURA Pacific's 101 Drlve-ln (805) 644-5595 PARAMOUNT Pacific's Rosecrans Drlve-ln 634-41S1 PICO RIVERA Pacific's Fiesta Drlve-ln 948-3671 l:HIIJ:UJIJI, BAKERSFIELD AMCStockdale (80S) 324-6778 NO PASSES ACCEPTED FOB THIS ENGAGEMENT ) ARLINGTON Van Buren Drive-In (714)688-2360 ARROYO GRANDE Festival (805)481-7553 CARSON Southbay 6 Drlve-ln 532-881 1 Edwards Carousel (819)4804666 OCEANSIDE Mann (619)439-7008 ORANGE City Center (714)634-9505 PALM SPRINGS Cameiot (619)327-1273 PALOS VERGES Peninsula 544-3456 SANTA BARBARA Plaza De Oro (805) 682-4936 ( PRESENTED IN 1 I 35fTMTi miooura 11011

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