The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLITHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NO11THTABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 28:? Blytneviiie courier, Blylhevuie uany r.e«, m YTIH'VIM l<" ARKANSAS 1'MflHAY liVHRHAHY r< 10'U BlStheylJlR_ Herald. MUsfelppl Valley Uader. lil,l llll.Ml.U., AKKrtP«a<vin, i mimi, lM,m(U/\ui i,i, l.>.U They'll Entertain Prince ~* sura, von 111 BELIEF Oklahoma*! Delivers Long Speech on Needs of His State's Indians. I Siloam Springs Youth ' Admits Killing Officer- TULSA., I->b. 12 (UP)—! jli Sheriff Charles Prlt« aniiouiicod [ today iluil Gene Elms has cnnfetw- cd I 1 .? wtis the .slayer cf Detectives I James Woolli'y and has named '• Conv.'ell Hedges us His accomplice. I thus wrv. returned l)y officers | from St. Paul, Minn., nml tlu-'i confession came lalo Wednesday. Fascist Militia Reviewed by Mussolini according ?,Iosi cn\-:ec: girls hi South America, no doubt, lire these three P:ru- vian beau'.lcs. For they're to te hor>Usscs to the Prince of Wales and Ms brother, Prince Giorgc, when the two royal good-will tourisls n-five in Llnsii. Smiling Elvira Mho Quesada Garland (left) daughter of a Limp publisher. Delfino Mho Quesada Laos r-b 13 IUT>)- Acdro,' relief™,,- I l>rcmb:e was delayed in the senate- Uxlay when Senator Thomas, Democrat, Oklahoma, launched into a lengthy address on Die ner Oklahoma Indians. Thomas who was desirous tering the interior department'. supply bill to provide bolter care of these Indians tegan his speech late yesterday but desisted alter .* j short time at the instance ot Senator Smoot. Republican. Utah. Today after three hours Thoma? was still going strong and there to Price. Both Elms| were held on murder' Eltiu-. a Siloam Springs. Ark,, I vori'.h. tcld oflicers Hint tia.| "° rt R ra a "<' wl " E1|>1S - Irollicr ot I of January 21 took place. when the slayl i! ::C.OFH. L appeared little doubt but wlnl the senate would continue into a night '•session to dispose of the drouth re- 11 ' compromise. Endorses Plan to Make $5 Do .Work of $50; Successful Elsewhere. is a daughter of Antonio Gr.crra, Editor of HI Comercio. Is a Ic-der In Limn society, and Ines Loas Lomer (lower righu TI ~ " , le : ,Di>laucleil ,. hcn s=1 , "Prosperity checks,' Mil en musi „ „„„.,., , ,„.„..;„ \._ „ * Mlm „, ra „„.„„,.,.„, .."",?*.f, r A a R p .*".^/.^ n _. b .-.!.'!bc used at least ten limes for the purchase of merchandise or the payment of debts before they can fce redeemed for cash, will be put In circulation by the Blylhevllle Superstitious About Friday, 13th? Cheer Up--A Lot of Others Are Too ator Wheeler. Democrat. Montana, asserted that congress had appropriated money to build n. road "to Ihc president's summer home in or- BY BKRYL MILLER NK.V Service Wriler Superstitious? No! | Dartmouth, always played without '• stockings, never shaved until after | a game, wore a charm.and bad an Then you'll not watch your step ace of clubs se\vn on the back of today bocai]&2 it is Friday the 13th.; his Jersey. "Just superstitious." he Now, honeit, will you not feel a ! said. wee bit nervous if you are the I3tli • A noted English producer believes guest a- dinner today of all days . - j plays with "Rome" in their titles Or cross your fingers H a black j are doomed to failure, and a famous der that he niHrht go one way and fc ^ lm , , da come back another" He said this Ad lon 0 , lhc , a > hcre Rs a road cost more .than a proposed { stlmulatlnK bus i nes s was road lo a Montana Indian rescrva- L ugBCslcd by L L Ward who found lion costing $40,000 which congress I tnaf^WynnerHelena and eke- where It has been tried It has been very successful. Mr. Ward explained Ihe proposition to the local banks and they have endorsed It and :ant road, he said, would have em-1 ployed hundreds of hungry Indi-1 ins. cat crosses your path cringe - when you pas^ beneath ladder? ! No. .13 .is the monarch of boo-j doss. Tha superstition, some peo- '•ple'feiterer.'origir.ated-Bt- the "IAS:. Suupir." alien-Jed by 13 p>rs:ns. of' which Judas, the traitor, was the 13th. However, it is pointed out tint ancient Babylon astrologers he!d 13 to 1)3 unlucky. Others seek to divive the belief from old Ncrs3 mythology, according to v.-hich Baldur, the sun god. had to die tce:ius? there were 13 gKls in the circle in Valhalla. ' Or; author in Boston insists upon re- iL_J Bonus Loans Approved WASHINGTON, Feb. 13. (UP)The house ways and means co:n- mitlee today formally ordered a favorable report to the house on the- bill to increase the limit of loans on adjusted service certificates for World War veterans to 53 per cent. L/t'lHJi The vote was. 13 to.4.. .. °L,^.,^, I '.'Crlarrrnan Ha"wfey. ; 6f-t!is"commit- tee voted against the hill. The. committee instructed representative Bacharach, Republican. New Jersey, sponsor of the meas- the house where the bill will 'o; taken up under suspension of rules an expected quick promised their cooperation. Joe Isaacs outlined the proposal at Ihe meeting of directors of the chamber of commerce last night, and that organization went on record as approving the plan and pledging cooperation, j The plan calls for the issuance checks In de- nomlnatlons-oT $5,.on the .face..of Tradition says that Adam and Eve v.ere expeliccl en Friday; it r\-as , i;n a Friday morning that Cain! ceiving a penny every time 'h3 killed AbJl, ar:d Ihe beheading 'ofi mccts a new friend co that thsir John t'u" 1 Baptist as well as the! friendship will not be broken, crucifixion took place on Friday, j Breaking ot mirrors Is one of Ar.;l si Fiiday the 13th has be-' ti:e lncs - common superstitions which have ccme dov:n from cen- i turlcs past. Napoleon Bonapsrt-3, J I'tis said, believed the story that -j ! creaking of a mirror means that I one's best friend will die. I A mirror at his headquarters was | bioken \vii=n Napoleon was conj dcclhjz l:is campaign in Italy. He Chigger Ridge Farmers hreatened Negroes, Fir- Info House, Charge. . . . - —, prelmnary hearing for Murlin inimeriialely d.ispatched a mounted j Ray. Clear Lake farmer, on charges which ^ a note explaining that they are ^ for me '; chan[iilsf or tl payment of debts , burt cannov Mmed ta c ^ unU1 the y havc r( , celved ten CI1(10 rsDtnent3 *"' "e put to circulation by business men and others who may buy them from the banks and use as full or part payment of any obligation. Thc person or firm who receives them will keep them mov ing, and this will continue un(i they have been used In ten trans, actions, when they may be redeem ed for cash. The idea is make $5 do the work o[ $50, and according to those wh have investigated results attainec with them elsewhere they arc ef fective in getting old bills paid u and new merchandise moved. The chamber of commerce las night also went on record In oppo sition to a proposal now before th legislature for a tax of one cent bottle on five-cent bottled drinks 1 i courier to France and held lip his i i")i;re rompalan until the messen- ! ser returned with the information "I : th.-u N.ipMeon's canjo:!, Josephine, ^j 1 was in p-:rf,:ct health. -• ' Charles Dickens ierosed to " of night riding and shotting with In:ent to kill was underway bsfors Justice Ed Walker this afternoon. Dan Akers, charged with night rid- Ir.s and assault, was granted = • t,--it'.nuance until Monday. Nebraska Man Sought 'in Case Involving !7-Year- Old Girl's Disappearance KANSAS CITY, Feb. 13 (UP)—_ A story of being kidnaped and taken across three states was told here today by Verda M. Marshall; 28. a Gindualj of Denver. The woman wac detained whllo police officers checked her story nnd n suurch was Instituted for. Eugene Lloyd, 30, McCrck. Nebraska, named by the woman as rror abductcr. . . The case of Miss Marshall b«7-- cairo more complicated today when poilce received instructions, from McCook to search for Lloyd who Is vraiitecl In McCoak en chrgcs of kidnaping Elsie Mltchem, 17, who disappeared from her 11 Ihe military pomp, of "new Italy" was on display nt colorful ceremonies marking the elghl-h aniu- ersary of Ihc foundation of the Fascist militia. Premier Bcnlto Mussolini nnd members of his official aff are shown here as they reviewed the Fascist warriors In Home. Thousands of civilians gat-lured to witness the demonstration of of the nation's military strength. DELIVERS 1,111 BHLE5TO -uxora Man's Contract Police Baffled by Pino Bluffs Elderly -Prowler PINE BLUFF, Ark., Feb. 13. (UP) • - u Jl J L I —The curiosity of an elderly man Largest Handled by Lo- who has been surprised In many - - homes, but who 1s loo elusive to be caught, has residents of Pine Bluff constantly in fear and police b«f- V. H. Meadows, Luxora, has con- flej. The prowler, described as a gray cal Cooperative, Office. racted with the local office of the Widr.South Cotton Growers associa- ion lm the delivery of 1,101 bales >f 1928 arid 1930 crop cotion. -•-Mr.' Kfeadows' cotton Ls the largest jingle list lo be delivered to the association's Blytheville office, It is stated by Ben Phillips, classer In charge of the office, and brings the volume oi cotton handled through ;he office since its establishment last September to nearly 20,000 sales. Some cotton Is still coming from day to day and Mr. Phll- Jpa says that the 20,000 mark will be passed. Mr. Meadows is making delivery of his cotton now. Most of it averages strict middling to strict lo» middling, fifteen-sixteenths, with some Delfos running up to an Inch and one-eighth. Settlement lor nbout 16,800 bales of. cotton has been made through the Blytheville office. In addition the local office has classed about 3,000 bales of cotton fcr which checks were Issued through the Memphis office. lolred man, entered ten homes las! night within .four hours, ^ ^_^ the number of visits since Tucs* day to nearly 20. Police reparted the wanderer does not molest, anyone but merely stroll: through the nouses. The night police force was kept busy last nlghl from 8:45 until 10 o'clock answer- Ing calls from Ihe ten dlffercn homes the prowler Is said to have visited. PDSI OFFICE FOR GIN TO 1 , $100',000,000 Fund, Up to Hoover, Will Provide horn.? ten days ago. - The compliment mnde by the girl's parents named Miss Marshall as Lloyd's accomplice In the kid- naping. Miss Marshall said" Lloyd • etn- nlTcti her to drive him to Mc« • Cook, Nc-br, but forced lur to : go to St. Louis Instead. She was; re?;;. leased there she .wld, and started back to Denver and when 9ha ar-' rived in Kansas City today she-.told the story of the kidnaping in/ response to questioning hv..noliee, Bread for Blytheville. WASHINGTON, Feb. 13. <UP>The house today approved the conference report on the bill autho'rlz- for 'public building throughout'tha try. ""•" ! , ; 'Futreijliuie8. ; Chancellor '!'. 'M. Fulrjli : has.-' handed down a Decision holing thp.:^ ''breed ordinance" ;,p^sse4 • V}_- \ tJJ8''v BlyU>eyl!ie' city council f void'.Bad * Illegal.' ' V ' ' .';'-•':"'."• ^; I ordinance tried before 'film at . . . - | UIUU1UHVC I*U» k-t 11,14 wv^w w •§•»•• ••- Thfl measure Is n lump sum fiu-, p omd recen tly; At that Urn*- . lorlzatlon with no projects spec!- th , "u.nn.itr.f ' r«»rtr.rt - SiL? - deil- - Blaine Refuses Answer to Postmaster General i WASHINGTON, Feb. 13. (UP)— j Senator Blaine, Republican. Wis- Today will bo a shivery cne for | of 11! omen for some people, but your box." The n-tice e!so bore a seeking to deceivb the American public into th= belief that there superstitious nouioles, and there are • America, at least, ought to regard many of them . . . Al Jolson. of since and screen, has a mortal te of walking under n ladder . . Winston Churchill, tiie British Ray and Akors are also alleged has been widespread - r raud i mr.nb:r 13. either together or (o have fired several shots into the nectlon with pcstoffice leases. Ilchardson. white 'Postmaster General Brown af- nr.rl in the c^un'ry's his-tory. «.-*., .. |>. u^/... -- - utulJLVrtlU rt cy about trad: prospects you can! was introduced en Friday. Corn- Raj , flnd Ake rest, assured he will touch wood . . wrflis surrendered on Friday. Richardson . . . Poll Ncgri would rathsr face a holdup man than a black cat There were 13 colonle: jtiLii[<>u.; v >i and a guest at his ttt ' , house tcstined that when his house time- of t!;: revolution There are i was shot lnto T ,, DSdl ,j, n , ght that And Jniu- Cow! always touches'a 13 le:t;:s in the word revolution.!^, doll pivcn her by David Belasco be- The American uag has 13 stripes cha.'-'d two men from to the . of Hay the and office leases. Investigating post Rex Pharmacy Entered MOTHER the ' reserved " ftls • decl : ' fled. Adoption of the conference report completed" congressional action on the measure and It goes now tj the White House for the president's approval. . . J. Mcll Brooks,.scoretary of the BlytlwvlUe chamber of commerce, lias received letters from Representative W. J. Driver and from the postofflco department, both of which give assurance thai a federal cl ^ C0 un<el f6r' local bakeries buildlne for this city will be pro-1 wn i ch SIX , ns ored the ordinance, and vidcd out of the new $100,000,0001 Capt Jv ... w Crawford represent*! appropriation, now awaiting slgna- the clly at tne hearing 'and C,":£. slbn for further study but indicated lie would rule against It. ', In holding the ordinance void, ; Judge Putrell ruled that there was no basis for the classification pi bakeries selling their own products and wholesale Jobbers' selling bread. manufactured by others as con_i" ' tended by the sponsors of the .ori dlnance. E VI - ar( j an d Henderson, ture of President Hoover. According to the letter from the postoflice department a supplc- I mental survey of federal- building Huffman Man, and Steele School Girl Most Serious- | requirements has resulted in a iy Injured. . Cunningham the Memphis les which contested the ordinance placing a $250 privilege tax.Jan salesmen for bakeries and- $25-on bakeries which sell then- own prod[ ommendalion that Blytheville be; uc t s . I taken care of. The need of building I activity to relieve the unemploy- STEELE, Mo.—Ray Kirk of Huff-! menl situation here Is recognized, man, Ark., sustained severe scalp j the letter said, and work will be wounds nnd Miss Harper. Steete! started as early as possible, school girl, was knocked unconscl-, Mr. Driver pointed out that I ,„.„„.'-., ™<^~i; ,. „ ,^~. ?. u ;._1. n . d .^ frcl ? d ._ p ':^ blc ,J, nt ."". a !l h <'l' e <° r a floral building here In T ^ |ed £ta\WOO.qOO cSh Red Cross Relief Fund at Three Quarter Mark Little Rock Patrolman's Son .Victim of Tragic Accident Yesterday. LITTLS ROCK, Feb. 13 (UP)— day for Little Joe Bert Henson, 7, son of Patrolman and Mrs. Oeorge Hcr.son. wh^ was accldent- ly shot and killed almost instantly by his brother, George.Jr., 12, here last, night The children were playing In a . uLti. iiiiu^.iL^ii tjiu department ""•would have nil preliminaries co:n- U11V1CU |JI..UI*ull IIIICIILIU. flOl] . injuries, when wo cars, driven at tnc ncnr fulurc rcst ed with the fatp fast rato of spied, dashed | of t}lc $100,000,000 appropriation I here late yesterday afternoon.. wh!ch now ap!)nr( ,| U i y ^ nbout to ' Three school companions of Miss g 0 | nlo effect He slid that he had Harper sustilned minor injuries as b , en i n f orm ', r | i>, p dill five oth'r occupants of the car I:i which Kirk was riding. According to reports both cars weri traveling about 50 miles an hour when the collision occurred ion Highway C. curve In »^ Uollot Khcn MS tte'drlvcr of lfictcd an( l one car. His companions were Homer Campbell. Mildred Over- relief campaign had passed the three-fourths mark today with'ST,' 716,000. In addition to the fuiid."$.Q carloads of food have been donated. to a minimum. Neither letter TEXARKANA, Tex., Feb. 13. (UP Will Rogers obtained $3.800 hers last night for drouth relief In the final appearance of the tri-state , started. actual i teen business m;n gave $20 each | and Rcgeri contributed $71 to mak Huffman car. and otrer occupants were Harvey McKay. Charles Mc- turntng around George said lhe| is ' . ., f^ lt r . >rtlu lu l'l- ii'.t.ii- • vi LV^J OLlu There are 13 letters in \\ash-l Richardson idcn t!ned the pair as " ' Ci TI • ' » »!• i . I turning arotinu ueor&je sum me . — :~" ,,„,_,_ ...„, rnrr ud t o By TJlieves Last Night g«n wc-nt off. "Joe Bert fell and «'« Jff f' *"?' c ?"' Cr ,,d rest- ! hotel room ferc last B " home where she was lepor.d rest . - I Financial ^roubles ]. Rogers' tour has netted approxl- IJT , , o • -i 1 mutely $220,000 for drouth suffer- Dlamed tOr SUIClde; ers. Oklahoma contributed $100,000, I Tsxas $80,000 and Arkansas $40,000. BATE3VILLE, Ark., Feb. 13 (UP) ] ' "-' -Financial troubles were blamed Walter Hnn»Ra«ianc I today lor the death of Ira Fair, walter nOpe KBSlgnS 1.28, who committed suicide in a everything turned red to me. while Kirk was] the" Blytheville hospital.! Ingtc-n. th: way the revolutionary Tn Paris there are many streets comma „ , nder cust-martly signed his KnTy f' 1 ' 1 Rex Pharmacy, Main and Dlvls- The cmla'smotherw.s In an- L. Leon Smith, special prosecutor,! Ion strtots, was visited by burglars tome time last where no house bears No. 13 . as Treasury Assistant Feb. 13. (UP)— of Assistant Treasurer law practice In announced today by cniUes in piane No. 13, his license Is N. R. 1313 and r.e is complying his 13th year of fiy- Br.b'iy Jones, the golf wizard, also thinks 13 is a lucky nurnbir, ]]Rv:ni nnd; some of his b?r;t •Oin!-011 ho'? N'o. 13 with caddy Mo. 13 slnr.rlhiz r.oarty. No: so with another Ocnrjlau. New Earth Shocks door and turning the lock from | Judicial District .Bill ! victorious In Its greatest war, had; 13 letters in his name. General; MELBOURNE. Australia, Feb. 13. John J. Pershln?. commander-in-• ( ijp)_violent earth shocks bccur- chicf of the farthne forcos. was| rcd , n tne Ha ^ DS b »y rw | on 0 T born -n Friday lhc 13th and there: Nor[h Ij]and New z^^nd. todiv are 13 letters In his namr. And, vvh(lr( , sovcva , t( . Tns were virtually Or/Martln reported, that he had not discovered If any merchandise had been removed. Bandit Suspects Seized Introduced by Nehoni Another Oklahoma Gity Oil Well Bursts Bounds OKLAHOMA CITY. Feb. 13. (UP) LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Among the!—The shadow of snothcrwlld gush- bills Introduced In the senate yes-1 or was cast upon Oklahoma City . ,'terday was ono by Senator R. A.;today, Friday tr.c 13th. When AufO Is Wrecked Kelson of Blytheville which would j Thc ten-months-old Mary Unssl , 3lh who said It was an unlucky day? •• "T..U ji..« .. j werf felt create a Nineteenth Judicial circuit I we i! of the Indian Territory Illum- 13. (UPS—! composed of Mississippi county. j inataz Oil company company _... r . ere captured i The bill provides that Judge O. E. Blasted Its connections last nlaht today when the Iraulo wrecte-11 Keck of the Second Judicial dls- and sent streams of crude oil over NKVTTON. nm Rcb'.nsvllle. 111., several hours hrlct shall bo Judge of the circuit surrounding residences. a f tcr a N ew i on banker and his wife ; court In the proposed circuit until j Thick gas clouds hung to _., reported he was about to Ics3' Mellon said when Hope was aphis Interest in a local sandwich pointed In 1929 he did not plan to shop. A few days ago his antomo- remain for any extendsd period bile was burned and he received and now felt he must return to his notice from th- Insurance company . law practice, the loss would not be paid for, Iti was said. WEATHER ARKANSAS— Ckudy with rain Plan Further Probe ....... „! l! n ; n ».:^ n^'nblirt in the east portion. Colder tonight Of University Unnkhlg SflUird ay partly cloudy and co!d*r : in southeastern portion. ANN ARBOR, Mich., Fob. 13. (UP i —In order to parmlt further In-' It raln?d .97 of an inch hsre list vestlgation of the lio.uor raid Wed-!night and to^ay, according to Ua nesday at five fraternity houses on official weather cturver, Charte! Ihe University of Michigan campus. Phillips. The minimum tempera- i> M.I con buMness man, who onj But. If you are lucky todny." cheer' out >N"ort!) and South fcur consecutive Fridays tha Ul'-.. up—there'll be another Friday casualties were reported. broke an arm, lost an eye. b:ok-.-> i 13th next month! ; Reports reaching here said th;ihad- been gagged and robbed Injhlj successor" U selected at ncxtj h;? les and smashed 1 his foot. l : — quake was felt as far north RS Hsrr- i their home. I regular election. onu mm. ovui^ ^i n.^-..^ ......»,,.. .... . ... Camphor Is found in Borneo on j nton, north of Hawkes bay 01! T\vo of the men escaped with j The circuit would be" compDsed of | from their homes although the well poned until next week. Tlie pDSt-, fame day a ' the ground because of heavy clouds appearance of 83 students In Just- ture was 50 degrees and the max!'and rain. Scores of persons moved ice cf peace court today was post-.,mum 62 degrees; cloudy. On;th< Allen K. Marsters. one of the certain trees, either in little crys- North Island, and as far south as ivmbc-rs of a sheriff's posse In pur- j the Oseeola and Chlcklsawba dls- as yet presents no Immediate men- halfbacks ;vcr developed nt| tals, like sugar, or in masses. I the southern lip of South LMand. suit. |tricts of Mississippi county. ace. themtaln;\irr ponement n^ at the request, ot 'temperature was 37 degrees and tri< the prosecuting attorney. maximum £2 degrees'; partly cloudy

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