The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY 11, 1934 (AWL); POUMB* JPAGE FIV SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D*Uy rate per >ux tor consecutive taaerUoot: (Five avertgt lieias to a lint) One time per lint: 13c T%'o times per line per day .. 08c Three Umei per lloi per <Ujr .. oec Eii time* per line per dv .. otc Voath rate per Un* We i eh*rge Ho FEEDS FOR SALE; HAY and COHN HI a bargain. S. 11. Uozelle, Mix- cm, Ark. aip-k5-24 AUTOMOTIVE Ad« ordered lo* mree or si* time* and stopped before expira- t'oc will be diar^ofl {or the Dumber of Una the ad appeared ana adjustment ol bill mad*. All Classified Advertising copy nubtnltted by persons residing outside of toe city iru*t be aceom- panled by cash. Bates may be cafily computed from above table • no rtsponslMUty will be tal lor more than one Incorrect in- KiUon ol any clarified ad. Advertising onwica tor irreBU- «r Insertions lake the one time rate. Auto GUss All Kinds Installed The Ark-Ma Lumber Co. lOc kO-lu Start A Saviiits Account With Us On veijrihliiK tor llie Automobile Hubburd Hdw., Autoiuutive Dept. Fhone «(J rhone SEEDS & I'LANfS Soy Beans and Peas will b« hard to find next month. Buy now from Hubbar* Hardware Co. 12ck5-12 i but up will sell iiml convey us Irus-1 NOTIl'i: I notice i tee only. | Annual mrcluiK nf kiiH-kliulili.-l.ij j Tins April !Mt!i. 103-1. "1 lIlMhi-vilU' Cutlou Oil Mill will ' COMPANY. Tiuslee |M ' l "' 1 ' 1 ll1 )u:;iu A. M.. Tiu-sduy, I All rijjlit and cijulty "Of ivdemp-l llj- John Henry Suiltli. Jl11 "' '-• !u34 - "' ullltL1 "' w '^; lion. homi'Strad, dower and ap-JKANKAS CITY T1T1.V; A: TliUKT (f'-'H' 1 ^ Company, l-'alls. llnlldint;,! . Tonn Among nthiT j CJiiiiitor of Section Thirty-six, To-.Mi.jlH]> j-ift'.vii North, Thing" 1 Eight K:iit. I'on'.ililllng 80 urres, muv or lobs. 1. II. l-'lvmiii!!. Tlrctl uf Town's Niuuc 1MNKVU.!.!•:, W. Vil. lUI'J-Ulli- i>l Ui-vil.sfoik. WyoinliiK Cuun- miL-,.il waived in said di'iM of Irnsc. bin tlH 1 s:ile will be made after due uppnilsal us piovxled by tr.e "iws of Hie State of Arkansas. T.> title is lx.'lii'V«l lo iie tou.l, CITV T1T1.1-; A: TliUKT I f';' President. ClHirc;: .t Giinnaw.iy. Altys., Mnnplns, Rend Cii'.nii-r Ni- 1M5-3-10-17 i ID ixr considered will In 1 imi* I ,, v,t Hums, ,.r Hy-law ,,n,vl!li,ui iimeiHlmnils of llv-l,-.iw.s "VI OUKHOARDING HOUSE Cow 15;lji Callstrd Kil-ks rOCATELLO. Ilia. (UPJ— r-'ifly- llirtL' persons protested when Ctmrles A. Drowu IJCKOII eily ordinance proliib- wlllilii the elty limits. 'I'lwl Offu-r Di'iiiU-linenl lia.s i:r.ini- i Mayor Drown ilisri'tjnvded the pro- pli-inu-'ui llu-in ix-viniMilon lo i-lmuRf tlic j li'^W nnii resicli-nts have [i|ipealcd i-.ip.u-- naiiii- (if tin 1 I own to HU'phcmmi.-l" Hw uoujicll lo reiwul tile ordln- ,111111- 1. .mice. Hanilin ll '•"'""n". -[y, nrc ivi'aiy of hn\iiiB thilr mull I Muyov Cliai AsMslimi ••^'•i 1 ''laiy|' !11 [,(,,. w ,.i| ui iiwin under tin- Mil- li-nfoix-liiK a Si- k()-i-1 .,,.,. ,.. lhH . ( , lvilll | hl . iv vnini;,. 'i-he'llinu cows \ .ill Peas for Sale Drive across (be rirer for the finest Wliippoonvill Peas in West Tennessee. Trices Reasonable. William Tucker & Co., Riptey, Trim. 28-rk5-23 TRUCK BARGAINS •3Z VORD l!i Ton, Dual Whffls, 6 Guod Tirrs, Hans Good 529* '32 CHEVROLET VA Ton, 6 New Tires, Molor A-l ?348 '30 G. SL C. I foil. Molor A-l, Good Kubher USD <M FOKD PICKUr. Uood R"b- btr, New Paici. Motor A-l. A k*iU Baj S>83 •t» CHEVROLET CC PICKUP Track, 6 Ply Tires LJkc Ntw. Bare»i» * H * Man/ Others To Cboes* Frum. PHILLIPS MOTOR COAL & WOOD FOR SALE—100 ricks good COOK WOOD at C. E. Billion's, Viek- burg, Mo., near Stcele. Good roads. REAL ESTATE Farms for sale—20% down Balance like rent Ethel Thompson, Canuiicrsville, Mo. ll-pk-5-11 FOR SALE OK TRADE National Cas^ Register. New Deal Trading Post. 120 W. Main. He k2!> FOR RENT 2 room FUHNISHED and garage. Cool, 1601 W. AtJi. Used Car Lot first £ Walnut Sts. BUSINESS DIRECTORY F»r»iture Kefairtnj—Upholstering Also automobile upholstering. W Mill be glad to refer you to cus tomers as to quality and workmanship. Complete line samples. New Location 118 No. Second JfcNKlNS * SON 5-ck-6-5 Nicely furnislied cool 3-rooui APARTMENT. Mrs. Duncan. 'US Chickasavba. IO-ck-17 I'M GOING OVtU 10 KINGSTON TO SPtND THt WtEK-END WITH SISTER LISTEN 1 DON'T WANT I TURN THE CORUtR, TO T3.USH THE PHONE. AND \NVlTt K LOAD OF 'L fy\y eoUL WITH r-'ANGrOVERS TUOM THt ) OWLS CLUB TO TLKT-T-OOT GOETHE AND Nicely furnished cool BEDROOM. Bess "null, Gil W. Main. Call 280. Ic ktl FURNISHED house for summer. Mrs. Gco. Cross, 300 Lake. klfi 2 story well furnished HOUSE. Frigldairc. electric stove. Immediate possession. Very reasonable. 801 W. Walnut. Call 451. Nicely furnished Ward aparlment on W. Ash St., 4 rooms and ballv Call 650 or 903. Sckif FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W. Walnut, Mrs. Ed Hnrdln, after 5 M. lc ktl Aak ake»t Uie linen Honey Center Golf Balls. They're Bet ier. Hnbbard Bardvrare Co. 5ck6-J "WHEN you are fish hungry come to McFall Fish Market, 415 W. 'Ash. Fresh Fish At All Times, lc k6-l COUNTY WORKERS UNION Cwt House Monday, 1:30 pjii. For men, womeo over 16 $1 per year HIGHEST Cash Prices paid for brass, aluminum, copper, zinc. New Deal Trading Post, 120 W. Main. 8c k6-8 HOME B£ntIKS: Steps, floors, ttrans, wall piper, paint, etc. ANTIMITF. f«r Termite control E. C. KOWNSON LUMBER CO. FHONE IM A{ain Burke Sets the Price Linseed Oil Nicely Furnished Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Wahiut. 3Cc UNFURNISHF,D 5 room nparimcnt 1013 W. Walnut. Call G73. 30c k-ti NICELY furnished apartment, 20! W. Kentucky. Apply allcr C P. M 14c k5-l- FOUR room FURNLSHED apartment.. 700 W. Walnut. ID-ck-tl ROOM & BOARD WANTED TO BUY 35« gal We huj- Cliickcns and Kjp, liiB' 1- csl [Mites raid. Rite Trice Grocery, Phorr- 231. Ill AUdden Lamp Parts 30c each BURKE HARDWARE CO. The one price store 28ck5-28 421 Mrs. J. J. Davis. Phone Spencer Conetiere 26c ka-26 EXPERT Typevrriter and Addins Machine Kepairins. U. S. Blank- cnship, 116 E. Kow, Call 165-J. 22c k5-22 CLEANERS, TAILOKS We clean and slorr winter clothes and bed covers. Moth-proof, fireproof vaults. Pay next fall. Unique Cleaning Service FOR SALE CANARIES—Perfect Mother's Da> Rm>ms with or without bfurd,stean heat, hot water, reasonable rate* I'hone 231, Kite 1'ricc Gro. LOST Will iKrson who Canady Switch aflor accident M:u please call 170, Blylhcville. 9c kll LEGAL NOTICES gift. S'2 to Call 269 or Mrs. Joe M«7all. 9c kH 60 barrels e o'd yellow CORN. J. B. Scott, covington. Ttnn., R.F.D.4. I0p-kl2 LARCiE Iron Sate, Good as new. lor Cash or on easy terms. Rex Hotel Phone 204, H. C. Campbell. 28c-kU Cotton Seed: Rowden Big Boll No. M80 for tote l»nd; also Stone- villc No. 1- S 1 - 5 * Marvin Robinaw, 31* hntdret. t. Main. 18-pk-5-18 Freds. Hour, Groceries Meats .it llcst Triers. We Deliver. I'honc ^1 Kile Trice Grocery 9c kO-9 For Sale — Last year's crop Virginia soybeans, liny and corn See or phono J. M. Steward. Mgr. DeMoulin's farm, HCIIEOH ll-ck-13 U. S. Mo. POULTKY « EGGS We will pay 10e per ponnij for l»e»vy HENS. B. T. Worthy, 315 E. Main Kck5-H NOTICE OF TKUSTKF.'S SAl.K Default having necn marie payment of Ihe debts ami ohiica- .;ons sccuWd by that certain cicer; of IrusL cxecued on June IBlli. 19-0 by William B. Ambcrg and wife Charlolle H. Anibcri;. to the unrier- iigned, as Trustee, as the same appears of record in Book "Z". 3*5. of the records of Mississipp: Bounty. Arkansas, at u;yt,-.evil!r <aud assigned lo Joiin Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company bv n-stniineiH- of record in Hook >age «9. the indebtfdnr'S.s >y said trust deed having bocn ex- cndcd uy inslriuneiH dated cembcr 2nd. 1832. and o[ Record in Book 64. page 615. ol 'he records of saici Mississippi County, at nly- theville. and the owner of the indebtedness secured having requested he undersigned to advertise and sell the property descnocd in said trust deed, all of said indebtedness (as extended) having matured by default in the payment of a part thereof at the option of Ihe owner, this Is to give notice that we will on SATURDAY, ' "" within legal lions, nl the front door of tire Court House in the Town of BlyLheville. Mississippi County. Arkansas, proceed to sell at public outcry to the highest ami best bidder for cash, the following described property situated In tV.e Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, to-wlt: South Half of southea MAKINt; \VOOTIU l.OOli T11K PART! I IIOPU T'TCLL YA IT HER ROVAL •you RE A\WkVTOUkTWO-{ VISIT"? CSOOD j HOYLt-MUS PAVOP.ttE /XU'rHOR / BEFORE CV.ICK OF HER UtitLS \\feS FADED WE WILL HOIST TH' SI&N/XL THAT WILL BE A GOOD CHAKlCt TOR tv\t TO PILL LIP HERE FOR IX A "POKER. PARTY 1 ERE, I'M RfAOV.'jSWELLf OW DO I LOOKVl w LIL VJOOTl / IS GONNA K V Ott«ll-3N«r-Srli|-F_, - i/,irAm..w/,j ' ) UIA^W' VOU'RE A PfWCtiO W,./ JEWELS, WETHER VOU LIKE « OR HOI, YOU'IJE 6ONNM LOOK UUC - BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Sl'KNCK HAS THK ANSWKR! VO 'XRfcO "VO M . ' WVUSW VO OOMt By Cran V<Jcll,MANE6 VOU'CAM eR.MfT US SOME LOCK). V'C NfcEP IT. A»JD, 8V '11 Ili WftV.CALL ME DETW. IF ANVBOW ASK.S,VDU'RE MV fOUSlMS, AMD YOU'RE Vi51TIN6 ME. WASH TUBBS COIINTKY COUSINS! -S=?-_^^-^t VOU UARLlNClS.' AW, Wti HOSE VJ,-TTCC:i OUTLAWS, I'VE .ILKt LUCKY, \V-D TREMENDOU'J t-Z*IFIDEMCE /I M1SSLAHE-. UK KYKK (JIIKSS i I': SALESMAN SAiM SLSEP ABOUT THAT POS>STORE, ' ROUT IT, P':f IT'S snLL HEY, CHIEF, THERESA 6O7.O OUT HERE WHO CLfMMS ' HB'S A DETecriv/E.piM 1 «e VO^XNTS Tft GIT SOME FROM OS 1 , FlY- 'irA UP 1 . V /OU MM PETECTlUE UPS BEEN FLOppv/l I'LL 3fJST DUCX DO'OK! TOTH 1 ; POLICE STATION CAN GET SOME LITTLE TIPS FROM SOME Or TH' DICKS! JOST ft PLWN OP MOT', US UL I. Til' B If IT.!'STOP!:, ALOMf:' UJftL 1 ' ED !!>! Pi Hi'.'.l TMfM IH.r.V TH' t/Al-E! LEFT MO CLUEO I co EVER! uow,imif\T DO sou FRECKLKS AM/ HISJ; «IENDS EOY! ivx OOT A If DOWT - UT ML W!IL STiST E>/ERY TiS'CjE I'J T h (IS V, TOVvN V s .K THI-: IKON is HOT: VVHATS ::" RUSM, FSECKLES YES, AMD US V/AS TRYING TO =ES^- THA1 RiKG HE 3OJGHT PROM YOD ? UALF V;UAT Ht PAID FO3 IT! NO.'.' T A P^'.SS, OS A2E .-.r uuiinn COMTiM'JE WRAPPING ~\ A V/eE^LV INSU'.T IN A PAY ENVELOPE ' 8A5BEG S'^OP AUD CCT A YoULL FISJO H M Ay U£S A 6'G STEAL FCCM SI KG Hoomcrs ard Hiiarorrs—Homc-likt j atmosphere. Trices reasonable Mis. J. F. Sanders, 510 W. Main. Cull 238-J. 7c M-'-

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