Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 9, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1896
Page 6
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The 5 cent piece is almost as large as the g . _ ' .. f .< 4 t 1. _„.-. J-. t*.i4 A ,*-*.4^ lira JO cent piece of other high grade brands. £EgESKEiKEi?<i ROACHES * BEDBUGS MOTHS* ANTS+ETC» IITATIONS* STITUTE* BISHOP EARfc. CRANSTON. S«rred for Three Voiir* in tlio Kn.nh» of t.ho UP.IUII Army. Kcv. Dr. Eaj'l Cranston. tJ>o solclicr- Txricsl who 1ms \xxv. clo.va-tcci to the dignity o£ a bishop of the jSfotlioclist cluu-cb by iho Clov-olanrt conf«rcncc, h-ns lived a life o-: lntcnKC7ciift-io')M worka'nd has ti-arelccl widely ns a dispenser of the Gospel. • Uo is 56 ycoJs old fund in .t!ie T*ry pvimo of Ills inlcl'i-sotuo.1 vigor and ma'rarity. It vras at Uic te-ndcr &gv> o'l 12 that ae ielt impelled toward Methodism, and from the momsn't of bis conversion be set to work to fi t l-.ijnsclT 'for the purpose of which'his lite has been imdi- Tidedly devoted. In 1SB1 ho had jii.it come "out o£ Hie Obio university with his first *£frce when President Lin- President Will Undoubtedly Sign It- Work of Both Branches of Congress. CRANSTON. coin's call to nr.ius made him a volurateer DISEASES OF THE SIUN. The intense itching nni\ smurlinp; inci dent tu eczema, tetter, salt-rheum, ami cthei diseases of tho skin ifl instantly allayed by applying Chamberlain's Eye nnd Skin Ointment. Many very bad cases have been permanently cured'by it. It is equally Efficient for itc'fainc pile* mid a favorite remedy for sore nipple*; chapped Imnda, chjl- blaini-, frost bites, and chronic sore eyes. For aalc by drupgists at 20 cents per box. Try Dr. Cndy's Condition Powders, they are just what a horse needs when in bad condition- Tonic, blood purifieriindjcrmifuge^ Washington,. JUIIH S.—A message from the house announced the passage of the ucv,- deficiency bill nnd made requests for further conferences on the Indian, post office, District of Columbia, naval aud sundry civil appropriation bills. The new deficiency bill was laid before the senate and further conference was ordered on the appropriation bills. Senator \Yolcott (rep., Col.) offered a resolution instructing the committee on the library to ijiquiru into nil the facVi and oirctiinstaiie.cs connected with thi! late award of a contract, for 1 he erection tit \Yashiiifrlon »r an oqiii'striaii i-iatuo of Gen. AVilliam T. Sherman and requesting Hie secretary of war '.o suspend the execution of the eoni.nuit until a report, is received by the senale :it tho next session. )-H- asked for its immediate consideration. Senator Allison (rep., la.) objected nnd the resolution went over until Tnes- clav. The new deficiency l: ; il was read. Aiiuiiulmnut Ofrcroil iiurt V-!v,l Uovii. Senator Han-is (dem., T- IT..) moved to amend the bill by ineoi \> .rating i" it the decrue.s of the court <•!' claims under the .liowmun acl, agv.• Citing- about half a million dollars. Senator Hale (re])., Me.), i" chm-gc ol the bill, made a point of order ajra'iist the amendment. The point of order was sustained, thus excluding the amendment. The deficiency bill was then passed wiihont in the'army ol his conntrry. i'rom private he rose by gallant and meritorious work on the field of. battle to the rank of captain. In 1S64 he returned to the university to have conferred upon him tho degree o£ master of arts, ur-d two years later he was preaching to a Methodist charge at MicldJoport, O. Until 1870 Dr. Cranston served the Ohio conference, preaching to many congregations. In that yetw he was transferred to Whiona, Minn., and there he built a church, which vos left behind him as a iriounmcut to his energy when, •it his own request, he was transferred to Jacksonville. In that, city his wife died Ifr. Cranston stayed a full terra 'there, and Jaclcsonville has Grace church as a result of his labors. Evans- villc, Ind., had him n short time, and then his duties.called him to Cincinnati and later to Denver, Col. For four years he was presiding- elder of the Southern Colorado conference, and his energetic work in that district won. for him the admiration of all who saw it. In 1S34 he WILS sent, to Cincinnati as the representative of the'Western Boole concern, a. position he held when he went to the conference at Cleveland rtia.t widened the scope of his work by making him a bishop. I2otv to Revive Bl»ck Luce. Black lace which looks shabby can be revived by "being washed in strong: tea, which should be tepid; squeeze the Iseo well- in the tea, then rinse it with fresh tea, and let it remain for about an hour; then removST ar,d carefully squeeze the lace; spread it evenly on, n cloth and beat it between the bandit to abstract the moisture. Spread the lace out, rig-htsidc downward, on a sheet of common foolscap paper, placed on the iron- 'ing- sheet; carefully pull out the points. A resolution concnrriiiff ' n the withdrawal from the mist fund of th; 1 Chicknsaw Indians of $100,000, to bi- .sirjjeet to wan-ants driiwn upor. K b\ the treasurer of the tribe, V.MS o'l-tM'ed by Senator Jones (dem., Ark.) and npreefl to. "On mot ion ol' Senal.nr I'erkiim (rep., Cal.) .senate bill apiiropii.Mtiiiif'iMW for a public Uuildii-.^ a! Ua!-:l:n:cl. Cal.. vastaicen from 11'.f calendar-ind jjassud Senate bill autlioriv/iii!; tlu- ii!-c-,idcn to appoint Lieut. Uob-rt 1'latt. l.'nite.'l Stales navy, tn :!if rank 01" romniaiider. was taken from t.U- calendar-and passed. Also senate bill ext.cndin;,' relief to Indian eiti/.rns (in i-.-yard t;i uixus <n! thviv Innd-.i held in severalry). At two ]). in. the iniiiiijfralion ij:ll wa- Taken np and .M". MuV£f:'.n (livin.. Ala.'l ofl'ered an aninrclincnt providiiiff thai thi- bill sliiill not apjily to pert.-ons coni- inf! 1 1'roni C.'i:ba; and inlfiresKcd t hi'sen- ate in support. 01' it—saying that, these Cubans canii; to ihis country in order to escape from the persecutions of Spain to live under fre>- institutions. l>ri)Ci:C(lln:r« of t'"' IIOIIKC. Washington. June S.—The house reassembled M.onday at ten o'clock in continuation of Sa't iirday's session, about 60 r.ii-mbers then bpinsf present. Ifr. Sherman (rep., >*. Y.) pvesentefl a report from the committee on Indian affairs, recommending that a resolution of inquiry accompanying it be passed. It called upor. the secretary of the treasury to inform the house what,IE any,ste>; had bceu taken under the provisions of the Indian bill for the current, year to collect from West Vir- "•inia the amount One upon the proportion of certain fmlian bonds it assumed to pay when set oil from old Virginia. After considerable debate 'over the lack of a quorum and much time had been wasted the necessary number of members put in an appearance and the resolution reported by Mr. Sherman was agreed to, Mr. Cannon (rep.. 111.) moved to suspend the rules nnd pass a deficiency bill appropriating SS.'.OOO for pay and mile- ;igcof membersof ihe house of representatives- $12,000 (or oxyicnsi-'s of special and select committees; $i)00 to put the capitol R-roimd* in condition after the recent storm, and S20.0CO for the Behr!)!£• sen patrol. The rule was passed. • The rules wore suspended and.thc following measures passed: On motion by Mr. Broderiok (rep, Kan.) houae bill directing the construction o a fnltea States prison at Fort Lcavenworth, Kan , to cost J150.0CO. . On motion of Mr. Dlngley (rep., Me.) senate Joint resolutlon.dlroctlng the secretary o£ the treasury to cauoo to bo made a scicntiflc investigation of the condition of the tur seals on the Pribylov islands. On motion of Mr. Knox (rop...Mass.). senate bill amending and reenactlns the lav*- of liBD lor the protection of the salmon nsh- erlo3 of Alaska. Mr. Aldrich (rep., 111.) m° v e«l the passage of senate bill appropriating $15,845 to pay the claims found by a military commission due on account ol the explosion of a caisson on Grand . of the lace with a pin. then cover With more paper, and iron xin-tiJ perfectly smooth and dry. If it is necessary that the, lace should be slightly stiffened, add a little gtim arable, which has been previously cTissoJvoa, 'to the tea.—Chicago Tribivoe. ' . —West was only is wnen ne snowed bis marked artistio talent. What Zoa , Phofa won't do for WOMANKIND no medicine will. For sale by B. F. Seeding and B« boulevard, Chicago, while Battery F, Second artillery, was on a practice march through the streets of that city, J uly Iti, IS'J-i. The motion was defeated, Sti to IDG. Mr. Daniels (rep., Me.) called up the contested- election case of Aldrich (rep.) versus Underwood (dem.), from th<j Ninth Alabama district, and asked that it be disposed of. Mr. aicSlilk-n (dem., Tenn.) raised the question oE consideration, and the house, 5.'1 to (VI, refused to consider the election ease. Mr. Payne (rep., >'. Y.) moved, to suspend the rules and pass the bill reported from the committee on merchant marine and .fisheries amending: the ship- piny laws. Mr. 1'ayne's statement in explanation of the provisions of the bill was interrupted to receive a message from the senate announcing that it had pafefed without amendment the new general deficiency bill passed by the house Saturday afternoon. The message was received with applause. The bill wa.s passed. It abolishes imprisonment for violation of contract to serve on a voyage; abolishes the system of allotments of wages, except in cas<- oJ: father, mother or other dependent relatives; revises the rations to be furnished the sailor. Mr. Loud (rep., Cal.) submitted the final report of the conferees on tho post, office appropriation bill and it wa.s rig-reed to. ' DEATH ENDS HIS SUFFERING. M. Jules Simon, Colcbnitvil French Sliitcs- innn, riwuoH Aw»y. Piiris, June S. — M. Jules Francois Simon, the celebrated statesman, life member of the French senate, member of the French academy, perpetual secretary of the Academy of Moral and political Seienr.es and formerly prime minister o£ Frnncc, died Mondny. M, Simon had been ill fora fortnight with neurosis of the stomach. [Jules l-'rimcots Simon Sulsseivas born at Lorier.t (llorblhan), on December 31, ]SM. Ho renounced his patronymic in 5S3S at the instance of Victor Cousin, who said to him: "Leave off that frightful Sulas". A mnn can't become famous with a name Uk \fie" Hludvlnp at small colleges In Ma native tows hr.d at Vannes, he became ns- slstant toachor at the normal school at Vie rrnked high as an orator and was the chief of the republican party. He made himself prominent as ar. advocate of free trade" lie had the post of minister of public Instruction, public worship and line arts In tin- government of national defense. Having failed of election In Paris, he sot himself ulcered to the national assembly In i'TJ from the department of the Marne. He classed Ulmseir among the members of tho loft and received from Theirs, on I-uD- ru-u-v lii. 1.ST1, the portfolio ol public, in- "{,'uetion In the eablnot of conciliation. i| B retained it until May, 1S73, when ho resumed his seat in the assembly, becoming the chief of the left. ]-lc was elected a senator for life on De- cembfcr ]ti. JST5. He became premier of the new mir.lstry which was formed' In Re- cembcr JS77, holding with the presidency of the council tho portfolio of the inK-nur. He- was forced out of the cabinet by- Marshal MacMahon in May, Ibn. M. Simon was fleeted a member of the French arademy In 3S.7C and the acadomy elected •ilm ir. 1SSO to the nev' supr<--mo oducatlonal council. Ho was cl^cteu permanent secre- ta-T ol' L!I- Academy of Moral and Political Science InJH'i' His last uppcanince In po- Ulical lire v,-;ia when lie aclvocatMl lixe i ado I o DO pin-pose !n November, 'mM- i ™ ,• o M. S'.rnoirs v,'0rl:s is a long one •lo%t 01 tlv !» are on lioUUco-economira and hlstork-al subj.icts. He coiurlbutcd lareuly to thi; reviews.] BOLD BRIGANDS. Wealthy I.udlc.-i S<--Iai.-(l Xoar C'unslaiitlno- plu itnil lloUl fur Kunsowi. Constaiitonciple, June S.—A startling cose of brijraiidage occurred Sunday almost within the precincts of the cap>- lal of the Turkish umpire. .Two carriages, one containing Mme. nran- a vcalthy Freueh lady, and the other bearing' ".Mme. l>anigainUin and her daughter, the wife and child of a rich Armenian residing in this city, ,,-cre attacked by brigands at Yalove, :|i/ miles from the city, and the.occupant of the vehicles were earned oft. -Monday their captors caused to be conveyed to Constantinople tho information that the ladies will be held ujitil the demand o£ the bri^vnds for £2,000 ransom M complied with. A»rui~VVurJi nl 1111 jsxpioalon. Kingston, X. V., June S.-A telephone mcssag-e to the Freeman states that at 1:30 o'clock- MonOny afternoon a horrible accident occurred at the Horton cement works. a.t Binnewatcr,,a small hnmlct about Jive miles from, this city. A. blast exploded prenintin-ely and instantly killed 1-hiw and badly injured one. The dead nii-n wore all married. Their bodies were horribly mangled by the explosion. The hamlet is wild with excitement over the unfortunate accident. ._ To Dofelop Canadian Minos, Toronto, Got., June S.—A special from Ottawa says: Cecil Rhodes and Barney Barnato are turning their attention to the mining: regions of British Columbia, and have now nn expert at Kossland, who says there is ten times more wealth in the trail district than South Africa ever saw. Barney Barnato alone has expended $lfi,0«W>00 in developing mines in the Transvaal, and ?1 he comes to Canada a biff boom may bo looked for._ ; Two Apea Men I>oad. Valparaiso, Tml., June S.-Frcderick Burstrom, aged 70 years, of Chesterton, died suddenly. Tie was a prominent republican-politician, and held many offices of public trust. William Caldwell, nged 08, a resident of this county for 68 years, is also dead. •Woodmen Dedicate a Monnmcnt. Elkhart,. Ind., June S.— Several hundred Woodmen of the World fro.m La •Porte, South Bend, Miles, Mishavaka, Gosh'en and this city united here in the dedication of a monument to the memory of John A. Matthews, in Grncelawn retnetery. ' Two Boy« Drowned. North Vernon, Ind., June 8.—The two boys of J. E. Jones, a mail clerk, were drowned \vhile bathing. • American Salmon In England. A recent consignment of frozen salmon from-Vancouver sold in London weighed HO, tons. FI.OBENCE_NIGHTINGALE. gbc Is Still tlio Mo»t Ponnlar Woman l» the Cnlted Klneduiu. Florence Nightingale, the famous Crimean nurse, was congratulated the other day by her many friends, includ- up the queen, on having reached her 76th birthday. Florence Nighting-a.lt-, although she has lived, nn absolutely retired life during the post 20 or 30 years, it still perhaps the most popular woman in England. No one has ever taken her place in the hearts of the British people. She had already received.-! very thorough training a.s a, nurse, and hod managed with admirable' wisdom a small, sanitarium in London, Ftarted and financed by herself, when, the year 1S54 saw the outbreak of the Crimean war. Lord Herbert,, the secretary of war, aid an old friend of the Nightingale family, wrote and n.skcd his young friend if she '* THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE IS JIAPPV, FRUITFUL r.l.\RKIA«E." Every ?Ir-:i Vt'uo V.'or.V. Know the Grand Triu'js, :^= Plain V.icts. ilie New Dltcovericti ef "Iixl'.cal Science a.* Aji?i:cd lo niarrifi! I.iJei Who WonM Alone for I'nM Erro:i r.iid Avoid r-.!!ul-e P:ifillls, ShOKhl Scrnr? ifcc V/€jii<!rrfnl Liiilc j:oo!c CallJ<l " C'mr.pIclO UliuiUooil, n.-.i<l IIo"' lo Att»:ii it." "Hers r.i]a;tis inforninjlnn frcm a tlrt jr.cdiciil .source thut must \vorkvondcrs %vitJ this tcuuruiion of rocc." ... .... Tliu book fully describes n mcthorl by which •toeataiu rnllviRoraadmanly WAvur. A mdhort by which to cnJ «!1 unnatural •'rair.s ou 11:c bysti'&i. KE.or.EXCE X would consent to take charge of the hu.iul of trained nurses who were being sent out to Scutari by the Patriotic fm:c1. Curiously enough, his missive .-•rossed a letter in which Miss Nightingale offered to go: so only wa.itingan order to procure absolute necessaries, she and iicr band of 37 devoted helpers btarted on their way. At that time slie was described as being "a tail and cr:ic<;CAil-lool\ii}£ \voraau, with small, well-shaped head, soft, sympathetic brown eyes, and with a firm, courageous expression of countenance.* 1 She. had enormous influence both with the men and at 'headquarters, and her energy and intelligence saved thousands aad thciiEands of lives. The. strain and terrible effort undergone by her during tho two years that she .remained in ilie east told upon her health, and she has been ir.ore or less of a confirmed invalid ever since. Still'from her sick-room she labored on unceasingly, and it is undoubtedly due to her that the present English system of trained nurses was established. The £50,000 which, the nation subscribed to her in gratitude for her great services was entirely devoted by her to 'the formation of an institution for the training and employ- mem of nurses, and she has always taken the most vivid interest ia all that concerns her beloved profession. Whenever a new sanitary army reform, is contemplated her advice is always asked bv the authorities at the war office, and gruat deference is paid to her judgment. ^^^_ Brooklyn, Juno 3.—Walter T. Hatch, head of the well-known Wall street Arm of W. r. ITalch & Sons, bankers and brokers, died Monday morning at his n;sicJeiieo in Brooklyn. Actor Mayo Reported Oiiiul. Omaha, Neb.,. June'S.—The Union Pacific railway has a dispatch stating that Frank Mayo, tht actor, died on route to this city from Denver Monday morning• THE MAliKETS. C.rnin. Provision*. Etc. Chicago. June S FLOUR-'WMs n-Jlet and firm. Q" 01 "^? n= fn'low«- VlrAttv — Pfitenls, 5J.W' r u.J.5v, £tWlchts \«.»'=."'°: clears - K-SOf- 3 - 1 " 1 s . ec- emr<nc. ' M • '° c, No. ', s. S3.COS«.(5: straights. J-.Co M • iors $!.]0«?-=.S5: low B radus, H.GO Sl'7° : lied DOS. $l.k.'MO: Rye, ?2.:OSS.SO. WHEAT- Active and unsettled. June. CflM'SVic: July, MM-63V4c; September. ultt & CORN-\Vcak. >To. 2. 27»4iff-«ic: No. 2 Yeifow. ssisssKc; July. swsfKo ™* 2S%c; August, 29C, and September, ^»«i> ^OATS-Quiot, with moderate trading J,° e. 17*c': July, JWMSUc; fcptcrowr ISV4 @1S%C. Samples steady. No. 3 Ko 3 Whlte,'JSUCjl3%o; No. 2, l, 3 White, J3%S:20c. •R MIL.EY— Very woaK. Buyers care to uScB^Uy only at bargain prices Thin nvmtablc at 23V-«;24c; fair weight, but oft 2olor 4(^7c Good color, fair to good wdffht' 275!:23c; choice. 30©32c; fancy .a shade over. . ui,_,.i MESS rOKIv-OftcrhiBS rather liberal 7 4'2'f. for September. LARD-Dcmand moderate and oflcrincs ^ AJi: si r ,-p. oreauy Quotations ranged at for casb; ?4.20S!4.23 for June; $4.25 July, and J4.«@4.« for September. t and steady, rather WHISKY-Steudy on for hlghwlnes. the basis o£ $1.23 FLOUR - Quiet, _ New York, June 8. steady for State and o 2 red active and irregular. over Saturday. July, 67%@<B '- No. 2, -No 2 moderately active. July. 3«ic: September, State. 24Vi@ A du.l, .teady. - w wtern. 23®2Sc ; July. HEEF-Dull. steady. Extra mess, Ne, Me S .. "sUTTER-Fancy steady; fair dema«^ %™n da!,,, WUK^ SSSMJ Livo Stocli. Chicago. June 8. et steady to lower. Fair 3 r o - Tcxa ... 'p'OGS-Markct opened steady to "C ; ™- rioscd weak, advance mostly lost. Light, M"-D«M«O- rough packing, $2.83®3.15: mixed .Sia*buwh^. W.1SOMI: heavy pacing """ shlWJlnp, $3.2t®3.«; P'SS. $2.006)3.00. ;;TS ^rrousness, lack •' scif-co-trcl. •>•• .:•.:'•.-,«:<•. , . ,., yr:!:nr,pe :% jr.'lcsl o^rl -\vftru nr.t^rc .,.r -ri;.-l:t,:iW.s, bnoynacynn-l jic-.-.-c:-. '.v.'ciorcvu- ctlotl'jcl c-cos£os,ovvr-.v-r... V.i-^ull strmcth, ilovolopmont -".r.;l t==c ••-.- v«>riion nal crr;m of Oie !»•! V, ••o Inrricr. Failure iBipo»sJS)lo. Two 17.'! r-f<-'i'cncc>". , .„ b'jsX is purelyiscSic.-.l sTi-i^cies'.i^. .•!:o need it. •••>:;ii >: n^c man, who Jinu r.^l>.JC- to —>, te^cu that f:«* «!r.v i* «cni ";.-:-rri. 'I just bcbUcrl v.-i-,h 1oy. I •I 1-j ].-.;<? cvcrybortynad Idl tJiemiDT ( had i!:cd yesterday, n'ni ::-.>• nuwsclt ••:) to-Oa'-. YThy dita't you tcl'. raa I ;;:-st wrote llaut 1 v.-ci:.:, :.rsrt it t.r.3. i ir -or d-j-j^ic'l a cart losrt cf : :i i/<n::-l i:*" t, brinp such clailn ' boot -..'I! M-\MI001)." Keferw vpr, audihe <'/>mpu«y promises to send '.'k i': fcalC'l envelope, \yithont any r -Jdoafrelvfrcc, uaiil it is wcliiatro- The COAST LINE to MACKINAC —H^-HTAKE TH £-«—«-— W MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers ThcOrente^t Perfection yet attained In Bo«t Contraction—Luxurious Equipment, Artistic Furnishing, Decorttloo md EHicient Service. Insuring tlic highest degree ol ___. COHFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TniPS PCR WEEK BrnvctN Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac LOW RATES to Picturesque Mackmac Mid Rciurn. induding nea'* "> d . B f rth8 :, f™" Cleveland. $181 from Toled», $15 : '">m Detroit, *' 3 ' S °' EVERY EVENINQ Between Detroit end Cleveland CotiHect:uj* at Cles-claad -with Earliest Trains for a?l ^iits^East. South and Soutlmest and at Dclroit for all points North and Northwest. Sunday Trip* Jun», July, Hujust and Septtmtatr Onlj. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay / Toledo Scud for Illustrated Pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, a. ••. «.. DETHO1T, MICH. i? Detroit and Cleveland Steam Hav. Go. ONE-HALF SHE OF B°* POZZONF5 COMPLEXION POWDER; I bus been the stondnn! for fortj- yenrs uod' ' lo rooro popular toslar tliun ever bcioro. | POZZOM'S I Is ije Ideal comMciion powder—bo»utlf;-ln(f,| * rcfrcBL'.ng, clunnly, hsnllMul and Birmlen» | A d«;ica:o, HiTlslblo protection y Uio fuco. With e»ery box: ol Itl nincent Sfcortll'n . BOX tit ffnvn tree of • „ ' AT DBUGGISTS AND FANCY STORES. Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully, onjoy all of Its dollchtt If you take ono of too r 4KE MICHIGAN AHD LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Silling* between Ch!c« jo »nd Mmckinac island Joiir tlmei evtry week. "wrfto for our loadable reading matter, free, OP ask your nearest agent. i Address Jos. Berolzhttlm,. LAKE Roih»ndN.W«terSt.. r^DHFlT' »1W6WJI lunnu^ u> uriotuu. medy for • tion, irritation' or ulcers tion of m u c o u a men- MnL U> ttriotnr*!. -JWU, Jj'.n.v.v- «. « »rnrt»u coni«l«i!. tion of m,«cona. |TNEE«ISONtlK«A| b ^- b ; 0 ^"" "or sent in plain wrapper, by oxprut;a. prupai.1, for 1, or 3 bottlM, |2.7».. ;ular H-ut on r — IT. 8-A.'

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