The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Declaration Of War ces Bright Future Foi Young. Catcher Despite . Weak Hitting IIV GEORGE KIRKSKY Uniteil Press -Stuff Carrcsuomlenl NEW YOKK IU, I'.)—There's i\ young, red-headed ball player with a squenky voice who's going to be around the major leagues a long .time, so you should gel ar<|iin!ntc(] : v.'itli lilm now. Ills name is George (Birdie) Tebbetts. catcher for the 'Detroit Tiger.s. i He liar, two rtradvnntnjirs. Hr'.s a weak liitter and he plays on Hie same chili with Rudy York, the ••Tiger's murderous light-homlcd sliigner. But TeWwlts is u hustler, n scrapper and a team 111:01. Furthermore, lie is one of the Kiuartost youiiK players who have come into the American League the past two years. He had lo stick around Inst year with a bailing averaire of ,191. . Tpbbolts won't hil thai low- again. He'll improve. He won't ever lie a .300 hitter, but he'll keep working lo Improve Ills hiding im- t.ll he gels rid of lils reputation ns n cinch oul. , Tlie first, time TcbbeU'i: name broke into Ihe headlines (his year .'W'fis Hie result of a fist fight he had wllh Hen Chapman, Roston Red Sox outfielder. There was one punch in. the fight, and Tcbbclls lanu'eii it. Then Chapman clinched, Tlie incidents londlni; up to Hie fight furnished some sharp repartee ami show what kind of a Jel- Jpw Tol&iUs is. With the bases loaded aWl two out. Chapman came to tot in tho first inning. 1 "took who's up," Tcbbctls said, as lie saw Chapman coming up. .''This is a great break for us." "Shut up, you fresh Inishcv," Chapman cracked. "I'm no bushcr," replied T<-!> betts. "I've been up three years" , Tcbbelts kept talking and pretty soon the umpire yelled, "Strike three!" Chapman was furious. The "fresh bnslier" had out-talked him. Chapman came tip Inter during a Red Sox rally and Tebbelts said, "Well, Ben, here yon are to get ns out of the hole again." TelilreUs kept' up his running fire of conversation, making Chapman madder nnd mncldcr. "I ought, to punch you In the . nose, you fresh bushcr," growled Chapman. The count worked to 3 nnd 2, and Uicn Tebtictts said "Ben, I'm coins:, to give you a break. Here comes a Inst ball right over the middle." Tebetts didn't fool Chapman but the strike did, and Den went down swinging. He ivns rngiiifr mad. "I 'ought to punch you," yelled Chapman. "You won't punch me either" relorted Tcbbctls. "I'll punch you just as soon as you're ready," yelled Chapman. Tcbbctls lof.wd oil his mask and mitt, and said, "I'm ready now" lie walked up to Chapman and Hopped him. Tin,,, c i mptnan c inched, and they were separated, uut tne fight goes on to show the type of ball player Tcbbelts is. I have no grudge against Cliaii- man," Tcbbetts said later. "I tnlfc- "' . t ,°., 1 ' lm lo t"T to get his mind off hitting, nut I think he overstepped the bounds of decencv in Mine of the tilings he .said to'me.' rnals why j accepted his challenge." About York, whose' ixiweriiu hitting casts a shadow over TebbelK smarter .catching. Birdie says "I hops York is a bi B success. I'm' al! for him. Of course, I hate to be a second string catcher and the onlv ining that will keep me in the No 'the aitl,-l,«, of war were olUcially 11( :i-e|ited by Joe'Louis, shown pulling his sl s i,,,i, ln , „„ the con- trad, nnd Max Schmolin,;, as the I wo henvywolKlils s! : ;nod for Ihfir rkuuplonshlp tonic |,, y nllk ,, ( . Sludliim. June 22. Max peers over at Ihe jirowvdlntis us his future foe lakes pen in hand while Oen. .lolnnj. I'hclan. chairman of the New York noxiiiR Commission, smlle.s his satisfaction 2 role is because \ haven't the ability to be the No. 1 man. Hut I'll keep (ryliiB." And lie will. Trite Is will be- around a long lime, even though he' may not be a murderous liHlci', because he lias his wits about him and can Ihltifc fast. Bobo Is In Hospital At Batesville Willi Mutineer Hei'schel' Bobo ii|)|)nri.'iitly ini'npacitalcd the lily- thovllle CJinnii; will probably meet. Ibe Batesviile While Sns in two lianics at Datesville today since yesterclay's sclicdultxl yamc was rained out a.s were all oilier games in the Northeast Arkansas league. Bobo was admitted to Gmy'.s hospital at iiatesvllle last night, suri'cring Irani an infected ri'clii ankle which physicians said re- suitccl fioui being blistered by n heating pad during the trainim. season. Accunllng to Hatesville dis- pale.he.s n bfeli fever last night would probahly, jircvcnl nnbo'K ap- IK-arance in |;anies today. If the fiiants and While Sox play n doiiblHie.iiliir Clonnaii nnd Mey- IAII will likely imrl (or the UiiiJils. lieed and Peldmau will lie el^ibio for service nl Newport 'Ihursday mill Friday. Yesterday's Results iVlirllieasl Arkansas League Blylhcvlllc al Batesviilc. rain. Newport nl Joneslioro. rain. Caruthcrsvllle. al. Paiatioulil, rain. Sonllteni League Allanta at. iMein))hls, rain. Birmingham 7. Knoxville ii. Nashville 10. New Orleans 0. Chattannoja at Kittle Rocl;. rnin. Nalinnxl League New York 6, Chicai;o 5 (11 innings). St. Louis :;. iirooklyn 1. Ciuciniv.ili 13, Philadelphia 1. Boslon I, I'itt.sburgh 0. Atnerirau League Cleveland ft. Philadelphia 1. Boston at, Chicago, rain. Washington at Detroit, rain. New York nl S(. Louis, rain. Read Co'.mor News Wanl Worth of Pleasure FROM A 1934 Chevrolet H ton Truik Closed Cah. Dual Wlu-els. Overload A « *& «l &pnn K s. Slake limly. Motor & Tiros <L 1 j["J A -'- o»fr •- *pll%>3 New pain! &- seal covers. Color ma- Sec (his car today. Only 1S32 Hudson Fordor Sedan Bfolor & (ires in Rood comlilion. Runs nne. A Sfcal for only PHIL! IPS USED CAR LOT ROY CALVIN, Mgr. SHh & Walnut 810 Northeast Ailinnsas J.cafjiie W. I,. Pet. Caruthmvllle in ,j /n-l I'aniRouiti 10 5 W? Hlyllii'dlle ' s (! .371 JOLlCSljOVO Jj t| ^r ( ^ Ne\vporl ;j 12 OQII Mltlc Rock Atlanta .... MpnipJii.s ....... .. BirminRhain New Orlciins Naslivillo Knoxt'Hlc: W.. I,. PC.).. .... 20 10 .CC7 .... 13 M .no:! ... is 12 Jirit; .... M 13 .fil'J American Hrxstnn New York Washington ... Uelroil SI. I.oula ......... League W, i, .... 10 11 .... IG !l .... 14 S) ... IIS la .... 10 13 ... 8 11 .... 7 15 .-138 .•l-lll .8:13 Pel. .GOT .040 .COil .571 .•wr> .'12 J .;m Nalioual League Nr.v York . Pittsburgh . Chicago .. . Cincinnati . SI. Louis ., Boston .. .. Hrooklyn .. I'liilaiiclphlu W. T.. Ifl -I ia in 1-1 12 n 1:1 ti 12 10 n 10 17 S Hi Pel. .820 '.MS .SOU ,•178 ,•171! .1170 Today's Games N'ordirasf Aihansas Lcanie CanitliiM-sviHe at P.irngpiiW. Newport al Joneshoro. UlyllicviHc lit Hatcsvillc. Snutlicrii league Atianla at. Memphis. Chattanooga al Millie Rock (t-uo saint's). Knoxvillo at' Blnnlnehnm. Nnsliville at New Orleans, Nalmiial Lcaciie PittshurKh at Uoston. Clilcaeo at, New York, Ciiicinnali al Philadelphia. St. Louis at Brooklyn, American League Washington at Dclro'il. I'hlhulcJphJn at Clecelnml. New York al SI. Louis. Doston at Chicago. The new tyjic of camouflage adopted by Hrilatu's Royal Air Force has Ihe pioiicllcrs palmed n. dull black lo yvcvenl glint o! any kiiul. The wings and body of Hie irtiuie are painled iii ir- icsular .shn|jc(l pnlchc.s of dm* tireen and dark brown. C'ourl Hecessfs Vat Cii|iiil MARVV1I.LK. Cnl. .(UI')-Tn Hie mldsl. of nil iiisuranii cnst 1 . Jiidgc )-. J. Alith'iiiwy hapiicncd • (<> .sec i\vo anxious faces iierlnj; through the window of I he court room, in- :.llactivcly knou'ini; whnl lhal, meant, he adjourned courl anil married N. J. MrNnir and Adelc Walt-oil, both of Fresno, usinit tlic Iwn o]>i)osini: attorneys in the suit as witnesses. GOOD RADIO SERVICE com letj TRAINED EXPERTS' ; " • i COMPLETE fwtos EQUIPMENT %QW PRICES rtift^AND HOME SETS i f REPAIRED TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. The United .States is the world's I( - «- * Walnul aiijesl jiroilurer of collonsecd cjl. Pimm- IF YOU £!t£ THIS TYPE YOULL IIKE THIS BOURBON THAT'S (A] Kttn eyes Hint nr kciit "on the Ml Keen eyes? Alert ears? You'll soon find the "Double-Rich" Kentucky straight Bourbon. The score? More than 100 million hollies sold! Try HI PINT $1.OO | QUART $1.85 HftLFPINTSOc Completion Of Baseball Fund^Jrged An in-Brut, npijoul for completion of the drive for Ihe $1.250, wlilcti with incnme from grandstand concessions will co)j)|jrise llio $2000 Biiamntcc iniulc hy Blylhovillc olll- znns to the New York Ciinnt-ownr-d niytlicvillR hasetall club was issued loiiay I)/ the committee In chateo of iho fund raising campaign Morn than $900 of the Sl,2. r ,0 ncrdi'il is yi-t to he lnrnedc over lo (lie fund sollchuiflii "conimitlce In cash and Dm immodliitc i)o,st- iHK of Hit- full giinrnnlrn lias Iwen rM|iiesU!(l by the purcnt club.. 'Jlifi fund, It, was asrroed, would !)<• locally lo "underwrite" i lie Nniv York club to the cxlonl Dial it would not incur a loss of more than $2,500 here this summer. l.ast year the Ciiants lost aixmt {•1,000 In operating Ihe Mylheville club, It was claimed. Commillces which liave not completed (heir canvas for runcis are lemicstrd to do so hy the rominil- t«- chnlrmnn and immedlato pny- inent of pledges nlreatly ninde is ulso rcquestc<i. Moxarl, the er«U oomnoscr. riled ill the :i[je of :i(J, nftcr having <;o;ii- j IJk'ted BOO compositions. AHB SME! I/. S. Offers You Three Great Tires 1. THE ROYAL MASTK|{ A Deluxe Premium Tire 2. THE U. S. ROYAL. More New Cars com 1 ; equln- rcd with tliis fnraoiK Tire than with miy other kind. •'i. A NEW II. S. TIRE 'Ciiiard Stnndardl. Yon will have to fee ihh new tire lo nnprorhite (lip nigged construction, Uio beauty, the extra mileage . . . n ,,,i (llo price I-, FO low you will bo astonished. AH, TlinPTT ADR BACKED PV TOE NEW 11. S T.TPB- TIME CfU/mAN'TEE (without limit ns to time or mil<>n»e) *sk m about it. 'nils is National Tire S.ifety Month . . special prices on •complrle ?iHs. Station Never Closes TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. COPR. 1938, SCHUNLICY DISTKIRUTOUS, INC.. N.V.C. I''rom Mend's aj-raj 1 of pi-adieii) gifts, yo,,' cnn )) c s 11 r o o f si>Jcctiiij>- so m e I h i n «• jiw-fectly siiitet! lo his lasle. Anil he'll certainly (.'»j»y i- c - ceiving somcthinjr '\ v i(h l!ie Mead label.on it... a R.vmhnl of ( j 11 a 1 i t y, fasfe and «ood j\u]" K - niciit! Palm Beach TIES n A Derfcel gift sflccllcm lhal will he enjoyoll for many months. \Vc have just (he paltern you'll want. ARROW SOFT-TON^ SHIRTS Nnl jusl e I o I U and lilldoiis I] 111 shirts widi -sl>lc ami disrriruiira- lion that make them ideal Rifts. We'll jiroli- al'ly know his si/e. McGregor Sport SHIRTS iV P v c r has Mcfirpffor fiivpii us siirh vuliifs i\m\ styling in spurt sliirts at tliis nominally low pricp. Hickok Belt Sets n 50 (Jnld or in n I r h i n jr buckles, nn these leather anil wnvcn hells make (hem dislinclivc ASCOT TIE GUARDS n As usual the best is always at MEAD'S Graduation Gift Headquarters in Hlvthcville •WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 193£| Si {I Read what Mr. n. N. Patnoe writes about hin Thrifty "60" Ford V-8~ "I usa my Ford V-8 "60" in a country without modern road improvements. After 10,000 miles, much of it through mud and tough going, I brought it in for a check-up ... "Hot a thing had to be done to it. This-car to date has not cost me ono penny for repairs or replacements..., not once have I had to add oil between changes. "Alileage has ranged from about 23. miles per gallon over bad roads to'• several wife's- more on good roads. From my experience, I cannot recommend the Ford V-8 "60" too highly." THE QUALITY CAR IN THE LOW-PRICE FIELD! BOOIBY bodies, on 112-Inch wheel- Generous luqgaqo »pac» wlih oul- base, 123-Inch uprtnsbase. «|de opening ... In all modal.. Seal tacks lhal swing inward a. "Soil." powerful braV»>. w ||l» woll as lorwaid tot ansy onlrance In Tudor Sedan, safety ol steel from pedal to l and 4-wheel e • Smooth, quiet V-fl engine, B lleni Low prlc* thaMncluciMadT«rt(««d helical gears In all epoedg. equlpmonJ. Low operating col^ DELIVERED IN (NAME OF TOWN) $L A M 00 EQUIPMENT INCLUDED ^ JJ U jU, _ (FEDERAL AND STATE TAXES EXTRA) ^^ •" II Price is for Tudor Scclnit illustrated anil includes a/1 tlia following: ;' 2 bumpers, with 4 bumper guards.. Spare wheel, ti're, tube and lock • 2 electric Iwrns • Cigar lighter and'nth tray Heal indicator • Speedometer with trip odomclcr . Headlight beam indicator . Built-in luggage compartment • Silent helical gears in all speeds, 'The Thriity "60" FORD V-8 ¥ You are invited lo call us today for a Demons! rat ion Phillips Motor Co. Authorized Ford Dealers 1>hnne > s '0 Rlythevillo, Ark.

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