The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1931
Page 8
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President Dictates Modern I Reforms In Land o( Sultans and Caliphs. BY MJI.TON HHONNKK XEA Service Writ.T LONDON. — Mustapln Keanl President and bcfs of the Turkis:- ' republic, has Jiisl. done p.n Ilnr;tn al liaschirt trip of his counlrv am the result Is the common (oik am; the merchants nnd business m? • ' expect, remedial legislation wh!;V tt'lll help them in their pres;:)' hard ' : '" Hsrpuri, Ihe famcus Caliph </ Bagdad who flourished "me Itn"- years ago, according to the leyfiii used to prowl s:oi:nd (it nisht \~ disguise to;hear what the commas people were saying about his government. In this way he ler.nis:' whit the courtiers retrained fro:r telling him and was able lo ivmo !• many abuses, punish 'inifalihtu' ser\-ants and reward llio fnithlul. „ Kemal did not go around In disguise. He went around T\:rk:y openlv, aecompanled by some o" 'his officials, but he let it be knnv.-j> "that hit trip was not a joy rid; siv that lie wished no public demon' (rations, as he desired to see th- nation engaged, .In its ovovydn" work. Neveftlwiess. wherever Ir werit, the peasant folk crn-.vde-' into . the towns,'often walking c- riding 50 miles to fee (heir her; Found Wide I'nre'l . He first visited Kalsarleh, Tokal 'Amasla, Sivas and oilier towns air' villages In the great central Anatolian plain. Then he visited 111 shores of the Black sei, eiprctall 1 the cities of S.imsim and Trel:! zond, and from thence went t- Constantinople. Before he left Ills capital of Angora, Kemal realized that his pea pie were prowint! incrrnsln^lv res ttvc and dissatisfied, owing lo to- financial and economic condition 1 " but\he wanted .lo learn tlielr trait bles'at, first hand. And he heaf.-- plenty. : 'In Somsun he . visited HID far . tories where Bafra tobacco is manipulated before It is exported t the markets of the United State- arid lie heard how the Americr.- high tariff aftecUHl the trade. Ir .Treblzond, once a flourishing port lie heard how. the merchants wer "crippled because transit trade wit' Persia had almost stopped. He a' .once promised that- a decent mil;road wculd b2 ccnstructed frcr*- Treblzond to the. Persian frontle- en route to Tabriz. This \vi!l en able Trebizond inerchnr.iilSD to on ter Northern Persia bv means o' Turkish'. motors instead of havlir to go around lo Persia thrcu'f Soviet • Russian territory. In Co-! stantinople he' Rot an earful Everybody - told him the samp story—the .Russians were dumnln wheat, coal, cement find wcod int 1 'the country at a price th? Turk , could not compete with. .' . . Will Dictate Reforms . .As a result of his Investigation' Kemal has already decided uo:> some reforms which he will hav Parliament adopt: FIRST—A law mcre^n" cas toms duties, .designed lo keen ot> Russian dumped gccds and en courage Turkish home industries SECOND—a ' decided mcrilfl." tion of the government's atlitiid ' towards foreign Investors. Evsrv where lie heird. that if trade. Industry and agriculture were t have the life . tlood'of bus:n° c s- ready cash. Ismcl P.isha. th? Pr; mier, has. heretofore, rather frown ed down upon foreign capital. Kern al will seek to interest foreign In - vcslors, wbo wish lo place Iher money in Iccal Turkish industries ' THIRr>—He is now in favor o' a policy of dcc-3ntrali7aticn. HUh- erto the Turkish republic has !•• many ways resembled Hie French Just as in France all Ihe p-xvc- i centralized in Paris ond all order radiate frcm there, so in Tinto 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS Cure Colds. Headaches, FCVP . . 668 SALVE Cures Haby's Cold mm THEATRE Last Time Today SEE if "Marriage Kills Love In Gets Facts from People »'• VTMI-:VjLjjK-JA<:IU I'liUltl KIJ_NI'T/S THURSDAY, Vi ienna's Queen of Beauty Nearly a Billion Dolbre Scheduled for Various For.'fls of Help. KDITOR'S XOTK: This Is UK srrorul nf :i wife; i:f four'slrivSci liy Koilnry Dull her, Wasl'-'u-jlun cotj.-i; iciiilml for Tlie Couriir N'ev.:: :iii:] !,'1-:A Service, U n ivlrr- aiii' relief. BY HODN'KV IIUTCIIKR NBA Service Wrllcr WAbiilNG'ION.—In one fr-rm nr! another. Unrle SMI will spend 530! mlllkn dii!l:in. this year for vet:i-; mis' rcl'af of various kinds, acocrd-1 ln!( to the most recent esllinai.-s.i Th«" conslum tendency of C::n-' gross ever Unce ll:e World War hits! l'-:en' to liberalize veteran ]cgM:i-' lien, R.S shown \>v th? disability! t'C,nsirin hill and free hcspitiili?.'!- ci'-n for all v=f>ians win need >!. I'.'ijarrtlp's of whether llirir tlh-'ss or disability arose from a war! cause. From $12 (o $40 n month is! new paid to disabled men. ' About 325,000 veterans have a]i-plied frr this l-fflp.i ri is cstlintH'.'rl' (hut 1SO.OM will beuetit Ihis ycir nnd that by 1935 the number 1 v.ill' have, increased to 380.QCO nt annual' cost' of SHO.OCO.CCO. There Is iinw l'*ndSnii le^lyjatlen to ninke t!: • urcsent pavments larger, nnd mer---; mcr> for Increased hospital fnr;]i-i tics since .the prrariH hosph.i!-! have been overtaxed since Congr-.«; C'stcncicd tu al! vetovnns the pnv-; lUrvp f.t ho.spital care. Adjusted compensntion certifi ^ i.atfs. which it Is now proposed to: | cash for World War veterans CMI OIM basis or another, represent :i '. fdrni of eticloujiienl insurance ley which Conyrer;s yave to Die veterans in 1S2! in lieu of a ea~'i bonu^. ficates is taken by some advocate--, of cash payments ns'evidence of grcal n;:d amc:ig them. The vct- Iran's average KBC- is about 37 and the majority cf them have (amil- :c': v. jiy MOW enjoy somL 1 protection I frc:.: the certi!iL-a'.-?s. •'!'.:•• :r:in value Increases each c-ar until It readies 90 per ceir. n ..I- :nni.eiui: year. Congifssman |Patman of Ijxas has veterans more 'J- ^.~ Hcnidts Ina:-.:." * 'iirly r million a 1 ."/ ih'j have spent :i •jo-.:]'--:i'nii-;n. -i:i n-^ S1.7C5.000.tno :T; The <•<'I ( ••jrljr dip lean certillc-utes hr.Viiii ic-t-eivec! S475.72 in • ', i;-«.: nnd pr.iti 5-173W in interest; ' at Ln r.r:i']r>ird r?.c? cf 0 per cent. Oliier things the government has : , uciie for thf vc6?r.iii, -In. addition' , LO f.'.L> compensation certificates.! | r.r; lieinj mentioned. General; ,,,,, l r ran'.c r. Ilir,.'S, administrator of " .\ett:.ni5' affairs. w!io fears tliat' PARTS. (UP)—T'-o large fecieiai expenditures at this preino coijrt rc-CLMitlv 1'. lime might prejudice the public:"" imnortant rieci<icu. nr:i"r:u? i>i5 1 agnlnst islici" measures, says that: ! Bnviupnt of French invc>'-;:< inth™ Disability Payments ; Citv of Toklo 5 p?r rnit Iru^ of v?-luu of the Fi:-nr'.i St!l!-!ii-l?fl paid from $3 1312 In nonnds stcrliiu; m-'e 11 '! if • disauilltv frnncf - This decision K <-!i= : (!;>">:l inneiit in'-! ''npcrtant became of BiH'Oi il»- Shr is romantic Vienna's channin» contribution lo Hie year's beauty lists. I 7 i'au Martha Sfeiner's dark, demure beauty has been hatlert as "typically Viennese" by European artists and critics. For several years she has been acknowledged leader of society in the Austrian capital. ' i iliie to brief sen ice. received small i tcut of t!v> loans have been repaid, cnsh pnyments cr v.eie dead. Thus. On Jan. 1, the Veterans' Bureau all but about 150.0GO eligible.veter-| esllmatfd, about 1.600,000 veterans for and received cer-. htid borrowed sonic 300,000.000 cf ans applied tificates. was a iwrsonal Investleiitlon that, President Mustapha Kemal ol irkcy conducted wht-n he desired to know how his country's busies* and country folk wer; faring. The upper picture shows him in jiivorcailon with the patilaich of one of the villages he visited. Behe is shown, left, with Chnkry Knya Bey, Minister of th3 Interior, ns they Interviewed inhabitants of Amasia. \ 1 power has b?en lodged in An-jed orn. The Turkish -Vails and Prc-1 to Miid hardly act without receiving! have MCI'I him Coivjrcr.s vo'fd to r.djiist tV.e, cninp^ns: 1 .! :r.;i o: vcr.?rans for ti'^iv, war srrvlcf.. I! sr.mtcd S1.25 a day for r,vc:3ens service and $1 ri i day for service in the Unil-d Slates. Tl-n crislnal SCO bonus w.t-, deducted irnin the total for ea'ii man nnd if the balance exceeded S50, the credit v.'n. 1 ; used lo buy a paid-up eni!o\v]r.:nt policy to n:a- lur-^ at tiio cut] of 20 veai's i .. Either bfcaira this'b-nus Had' lc S ovcmm ™'. would depend in been deiaycd cr bccnusc no ca<-.'^ ^ as ij f " Ch l5 T L ' ° f V™ f ? s ? 1 settlement was made—the intcm cf Congress now is a matter of about SfSS.OOO.OCO available fr.r Varin'ur, legislntivc proposals for! loam on CErtlficates. Tra average cash settlement of the! 3;:1 °-"t of indebtedncfE on cerli- ' " 5181 • ceL'Unciites rent of the on whether cash would pay the vetr-r-l fan\t'- pledged for loans v:as i- from 50 I" ICO )i?rj °» ;l Io:ln value 0[ 5217. face voltie.depcndingj Average Age Is 37 The larf.1 percentage ol veteran: value, present value or another method is j who have~borrowed o"n their certi- nrprt a-> a basis. The amount re-i i-tived n;:gr(?^ate. . as ately by veterans, in v;ell as the cost to Kemal to the people. Before. I argument—the veteran \vas credii- .-- thousands, he was but :i name, eel with an additional 2i> per cen:. c(s had jobs but no power. They I Now he 1> a personality. Farmers | More thtin $100,000,003 finnnr.;;v ftrucllons from the capital. To Decentralize I'CM'rr Kemal nmv tlilnks of rediie 1C administrative "uultd from 10. pach will tc in charge of inspector-general, who will have deiKiidenl powers and who will able to act promptly upon his vn decisions. It will be the job of :ese officials to study carefully on their farms; i mediants. In their counting . cs: peasants, at their wedding military cadets, lit their 00, lectures. Jieforc. lie ruled by |xw- . Nnw he is apt to nnd personal ,-.opuhrilv 1!M -cr. ' llnhed up with IT WASN'T SUCH A BAD JAII. ic needs of their tcrrltury. They DANBURY, Conn. (UP)—It was 11! thus have a more intimat.' n goln diy for Joe arid Dan tiva icwledge of thi problenu than! genllemen of the o;:en roaJ u!n cabinet jftlcer or admhiL'-t-.i-! came into lown cu the ralle, wl«»n head In Ansora can posiibly. they were locked up ii avc and can remedy nny nouses or. jnll. Next to their cell t 1 oubles much thicker than in ti= ered a stock of confiscated liquor d cumbersome method at present ; They dislodged a few Jugs so tho'- Tvo °''-- „ (crashed on the Hoor, then thev Incidentally if the trip has Riven! sopped up the strcsm which ran emal a more intimate knowledge' into their cell f the country and people overi „.., I'.om lie rules, It has also reveal-' ' c-.i the percentaje of veterans tak- inq advantage of Ihe chnncc to cash their c-'itiflcates This im- l>crtiuit phase will be considered in ^ subsequent artiele. fxian Value Grows Af;?r Ihe first two years, the :c;-i value of eacli certificate has per cent. Thu to be; paid from the treasury into n special fnnil to pay Ihe cii- tificates whrn due. It- was nr£t;i-d that the pbu wruld prrvny. ar:'mcTr::-='d inmiediatc liuy^ drain op. t!io ti:as-j present loan value is 22'.-: per cent with proceccled to; ury nnd st.ind as n form c:T rro-;tir a little mor.-> than $225 on the lection for veterans and '.heirj C'.vcin;!? certilicate. Interest has families. varied frcm -1 (o C per cent, c-r 2 :t500,000 Vtfs Accnit , ; '"r r-?nt r.!;cve the rediscount rates The Vele.T.ns' Bureau ha:; is~ui:djm the rcipcetive Fedsral Reserve Ci^rtiricates to just about 3.50;.C<X)' districts. Some proposals in Con- velcrans which have n face voluej 3I **$ v.,:tj!d automatically raise the of ;,nnie S.1.528,000.000. Sc:v.e 3,-{ ICMI value as high as 50 per cent. •100.COO, fnce valued at S3,-I2S.'.-"0,- j eliminating the cash settlement OtO. are outstanding. The svrrasal .fcn .ii'-d making the amount the !., r ','. f face valuo (amount payable en ma- ( vfcrr.:: r^^icl borrov.- on an avcr- ^,.-' f turity, in most cases in 104ri! isjae.? ceriincr.'.e mere than S5CO. $1010, but the face values vary- Ab-.ut half the veterans -18 iier from $125 tc {1500. About cao-1 cent—have boirov.'cd money on fourth ore for more than S15C1 r.nd | 'heir certincates. Less than 5 per slightly more than that proportion' run b?ln\v $750. Of approxini..t?3y -t.500.COO men enlisted in i]-? '.sp.r. Kidneys Disordered? Act Promptly When Warned By Kidney Irregularities. When bladder irritations, getting up at night and constant bsckachikccpyou miserable, don't take chances! Help your kidneys at the first sign of disorder. Use Dorm's Pills. Successful for more than 50 years. Endorsed by hundreds of thousands of grateful users. Sold by dealers everywhere. PoanS Veterans arc belli; to SlSfl per nvnth for compensaticii. plus goven surance—if tliey huve full inaiir-"" 311 ' 13 lnst BiHlsH ho!: K -s of am.:— of $57.60 a month. Suclr T"" 0 lnvar lc " ns should b' ]iii:l ccmpemElion is bcui™ paid lo '" SO'.rl Instead cf pap:-; francs. 475,101 • veterans, veterans' wives Fiance insists dial l:cr v.'.r bi'-is and children or dependeiit parents- • sl:;1 'l be paij 0:1 the pre.-f-:)'. val 1 .!? Death comj-^nsati-ns at $30 ai°' " lc franc. month are being paid to 140.C03J ' • pmcns. Congress last year grant- MONKS OWN OL!) RIBI.I-; 'ed disability nlowance of S12 to $40 , WAUSAU. Wis. CUP)—A Bibl- month for disabilities uncomiect- printed In Nuremberg, Germany by ed with service and about li5,CO> Anton Kobergcr. In °1482[ is a p—-eh iriain.. have .since been al- session of the Copuchln monks r.f lowed, more.than half of them be- st. Anthony's monastery al M"i- ms for only Ihe .minimum of 25.thon. The book is printed in Ger- per cent disability. This Is a per- ;,„.,„, boun[i ln wcod wlth a ,„„, mantnt iwnsion for permanent cr back . u was printed in ,., 2 ^ disability.- . - | let | Cr tj , p( , xvju , in llimnatefl c ,.,,. Hlnes has estimated that un- tals and colored ivoDtl cut illu.sti">- der this new law 380.000 veterans tipns. It is said to be matchless ai will be receiving $80.000,000 in 1935. a specimen of typography of' ill" About 50 per cent, of applications I5ti> century, are being allowed. The old war risk insurance, issued at low rates nnd officially j dubbed a substitute for the old pension system, was- made con-1 vertibte into U. S. government life 1 insurance which is still held by | about. 675,000 of the 4,500.000 who originally held policies face valued at 40 billion dollars. 40 Amendments Mad2 The lasi session of Congress: rr.ade 40 amendments to existing; ! ing Out I am closing cut .this week the' Full Stock of Purina Feed & Mills Peed. Reason, changing location! if you are looking for-, bargains come. in. 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