The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1946
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 194G BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE,FITS MacArthur Aide I Blasts Russian May Day Rioting Charged to Influence Of Red Propagandists Labor Unions All Training Guns On President's Legislative Plan WASHINGTON. May 29. (UV» The nation's top labor leaders lo<luy charged that President Truman's \ request for labor legislation was hys- rical, ill-considered and sinister. They promised to remember his Mny 20. (UP)—George Jr., Gen. Douglas MacArthur's personal representative, traded barbed retorts willi Sovicl Lt. Gen. Kuzma Oerevyanko today when Atcheson lol<l tlie allied council nil iv/r^jTSSive minority co'uglit to .sabotage democracy in Japan. Atcheson did not specify by name the leadership of the -minority. He made llic charges, however, while attacking tlie Communist-led May Day demonstrations nnd (mwiion- I»B the extent of the following claimed hy the Communist leaders. Derevyanko aiinoitnccd that the •Soviet government could not acceol an American rfport on alleged "ir- rcEitlaritics" in the occupation. Hi tried lo establish :i four-power commission to in\'e.sU^:ile the "irrcgu laritifs," bill \v:is defeated l>y : 3-to-I vote. Britain and Chinr voted with t!in United Stales. The aiijM'y and often sarcasti exchanges bctv.'ren Alchcson an Derovyanko kc-pl thp .session on 111 smhc plane of Soviet-Amerlc.T wran&linjj as earlier ini;etings. It had "started on a conciliatory noie. Anonymous filler Causes Wrangle Arguments centered around the "May Day Letter." mi anonymous document submitted to the council early this month which Ateheson 'previously called Communist prop- Drrcvya'.iko said he thought At- j jclicson liad cone too tar "in a previous council slalcment wliieh irot into the ttoi-lti press and (lave the impression Russia had nspircd tlie May Day letter." r "Weil, (ho Russians placed the letter on the council's agenda and supported it," AU'heson said. "If anything is on! of line, it is the ^lieutenant general's fault." ^ Obviously displra.sed by the conn, 'ell's rejection of his inv'c.sti^aling iiiiiission plan, nerovyr-nko snid lie was ready to drop the \vholc Issue. , • Atcheson said he doubted that all the May liny demonstrators outside Die. imperial palfu'O, said to puinhcr Wlfl.OQH, had bfcn Communist supporters, lie snifl it seemed clear that, an a!?fii'essivc minority wns tryintj lo influence the Japanese mas-ses "tlinmali the customary tneties employed in cither countries with the view of expanding power iilonir lolalilnrinn lines." "What is souuhl. In- siieh actlvi- tic.s is tlie -same decree if not exactly (he same l:ind of rcRimcn- talion i'rom ~\hieU \ve are freclni?; tlie Jnpnuftia people," Atcheson I ?alil. ccommendnttons when the next residential election rolls around. New attacks on the President's eqnest for broad powers to deal vllh labor disputes were spear- eadcd by CIO President Philip Murray. Iiv telegrams to all memlxn's of the Senate, Murray said the President's anti-labor and anti-democratic pro losal" coupled with the Case anil strike bill "constitutes a beachheac for those sinister forces in America! ife which seek to use military pow er as a means of crushing labor." "In a moment of wild hysteria a attempt is being made to slampi'J Ihrotiah Congress legislation whlc has as Us sole aim the dc&lrticttu of the labor movement in this n: 1 tion," Murray declared. "The Senate cannot and must no permit the fruits ol years of strut, f;te lo be snatched away and dt* strayed through hnsly and ill-eon- .sldered action." President Harvey \V. Brown of the International Association of Machinists (AFI-ii said in a statement that "mass hysteria lias blind many congressmen." He said the President's program was t?c- slgncd to put labor "under the yoke of militarism." "Our 700,000 members will do MV- erythhiK we can to prevent his reelection." Brown declared. "And you API, President William Grtwn clicked the President's proposal t>i raft striking workers and to uourt- lui-tlal them If they refuse to work Is slave labor under Fascism." "If it is put into effect." Green ald In ti statement, "Fascism may I to collect from the meters imd turn over to another eily employe, cits Commissioner Joe lioyle said. Chief of detectives M. A. Html said Wilson, who hns been work Temptations of City Life Too Much tor Farmer Collecting Parking Fees MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 29. (UP) —The temptations of city life wero loo much for wlUlnm K.'Wilson. 64-year-old ex-farmer, who faced charges today for pilfering nickels from the elly's parking meters. Wilson admitted pocketing some of the coins which lie is employed will begin nt the Newport I to prevent their being gainfully cm- j t-h School »l 11 o'clock Krkluy l>loy«l, ore eligible for free diagnosis and possibly free treatment, jrl|> America unawares." Chairman Prank Klngdon of the National Citlams Political Action can't make strong.''' that statement too Committee declared the twin pro- josals "would suspend our constl- utional guarantees of freedom," President James G. Patton of the National Farmers Union denounciKl the President's labor plan as "naked, oi>en Fascism." Chairman Robert E. Kannegtm of the Democratic National Committee was quick to go to the President's aid. "The Democratic parly and labor have fought long and hard together to remove Inequities In our economic life." Hanncgan said. "The record of President Truman In that long fight needs no defense. "No amount of money can shake Hie Democratic party or the force of labor which supports It from the resolve to place the safety of this nation before any other objective.' Secrelary of Commerce Henry A Wallace, when asked for comment on the President's proposals, referred reporters to n speech he mtidt Friday nlyhl to the American Labor Party convention in New York In it. he said "We must take cure as we put our will Into leglslatlv form not to take headlong step along the road to national social ism." He declined to state flatly that he was referring directly t Mr. Truman's bill. Ing for the city for a year since he retired from farm life, woui be chnrgril with grand larceny. "I was taking money out of on f the meters one day which fatlet o go In one of the tubes when ian passed by and stop]X.'d," 111 xjjfnrmer said, "He said, 'You are nol urn all (hat money in, are you said to myself, 'Maybe he's 8 something.' That wns my downfall Wilson estimated he had taki more than $100 Irom the cits >ark!ni; slot machines. "If I hud stayed on (he far never would have stalled i;c Ing my inonoy mixed up wi someone e|KI -'V he lamented. Dachau Killers Pay With Lives On the Gallows Newport Arranges Clint For Crippled Children NEWPORT. Ark., May 20. (U —The Jackson County Medical S ciety ttxlay prepared to eondiicl clinic for crippled children In. Friday, May 30. According to Dr. John T. Gray, medical director of the crippled children's division of the State Department of Public Welfare, the NeU Firemen ruing. Alt children under 21 crippled lo such an Dr. Gray pointed out. UURLINQTON. Vt. (UP)—Au- fwcrlnif an alarm; firemen raced I to Jmne« Doll n'» home, laid aw ted of how siul quickly exlln- ' ride with him near here. Late yesterday afternoon, Van Landingham entered a plea ol "No guilty" to first degree murder before Judge Ted p. Coxscy. Prosecutor Jeff Duty of Rogers said he would ask the death penalty.' i LANDSBERG, Germany, May 29. (UP) -The? last of 28 Dachau concentration camp officials sentenced to death for atrocities were hanged today within sight of the fortress prison where Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kanipf. Two at a time, the last fourteen 'condemned Naici lough men mount,, e<j the gallows, beginning at f! a.m. The first, group of H were executed yesterday. All the condemned men were convicted of killing, beating and otherwise torturing Inmates of the Uachau camp and its satellites be- Iwcen January, 1942 rmd April, , 1G45. ' ' An Amerjian Army executioner. Master Sgt. John Woods Of San Antonio. Tex., and a German hangman worked side by side as the victims walked in pairs to the gallows. 1 Glass worms are the larvae of a fly and may be collected in many Ku Klux \Runs Into Tax Difficulties ! ATLANTA. On., Mny 23. (U.P.) —yi'lic Alliiulii Constilutioii n 'J*clny Hint Hio Collector of Jn- *Hr^Jial novonue plannrcl to filo t | gens against Ku Klnx Klnn proii- crty in an elfnrt to collect some $385355.03 back taxo.s. Tbe taxes nllo;;odly wore due foi tile .VRars I921-2rt. oxclllrHng 1925 T\it> liens nrc fileil in GroiRia us tlln slnlc of the- KKK cliarlcr Curing I In; years o f iii, ; Klan's heyday, Allantr. national licncl- qnnrters ot lh ( . organiKation rc- porlrdly handle,-] ns niiich as $100.- OOO.CCO. Tlie order's iirnpcrty iil- cliule-cl pi-intini; prossrs. garment fac'orir.s nnd office buildings. Colli!clor Marion Allen; of Atlan(:i, <Iecliii!'d comment on (he action, lit. paid inConnatinn \voukl lia\-e lo come from Hie records of Fulton Superior Court. lakes and ponds In midwinter breaking through the Ice. by Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main Rend courl'f Ne*'s Wiint Adi Wrought Bran NoiiU 45c from heavy stream to ivi« spray. Ruilproof nozzle with ciryo waterway. Buy U ti 14 straight iteel toelh. Head fc nches 5*fooT imoothly sanded handle. gul&hed » fire In a bird's r*«c OB the Jxirch. , v > Due to Remodeling and Redecorating Operations The Blue Room Will Be Closed Until Further Notice HOTEL NOBLE Burglar Suspect Faces Charge Following Attack HENTONVILLE, Ark., May 29. (UP)—Charley Mnthcws of Siloam Springs was held in Bcnton county jail here today on a chaj'Bc ol assault with intent, to kill and burglary. Police chief William Gamble of Siloani Springs sairt Matliews Is charged with entering the home of Mis. Ada Lamnnt of Siloam Springs and striking her with a club as she lay asleep in bed with her 16- ycar-old daughter. Head Courier News Want Ads. Phillips County Lake May Be Rest Camp Site J1KLKNA. Ark.. Mny 2!). (UP) - fwni Creek Lnke. north of here, was considered as n possible I site for a rest camp for the U. S. | Army. U. Col. Lawrence Gil vert, com[ tunneling officer of the 4th Ferry- I uig Group at. Memphis, said here yesterday that I he Army had nsked | permission of the Soil Conservation Service to set tip the recreation and rest facilities, Co). Gilbert estimated that about 9(1 officers nnd enlisted men would be housed at the proposed camp. 1 in addition to a staff of about ICM service men maintained at all times as cooks. The colo-.icl expressed the idea that the camp \\oiiUI be an ideal spot for short loaves and furloughs for men of the -Ifh Ferrying division and of the continental division of (he Air Transport Command. ial 474 and We'll Pick up. Your • DRY CLEANING • LAUNDRY NU-WA LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS 218-20 No. Second The Integrity of the Jeweler is your Guarantee of Quality Whether you wish to pay a little or a lot for your diamond ring, Wards big Catalog is the place to look for it. There you find a price range of thousands of dollars, and a correspondingly wide selection in size and quality of diamonds. 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Open 7; Starts 7:3* p.m. AIR Wednesday & Thursday 'San Fernando Valley' Roy Rogers, Dale Emu News of the Da; ANo Slwrts ;

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